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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (Xbox) Cheats

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Another Way
The 1 similiar to other cheat code that I used to use the tiger potion and stuff... I found a way that was even easier. Drink a Iron Skin Potion (If you have 1 like I always say) and drink the tiger potion the good thing about the iron potion is that it doesn't wear down like the tiger potion does. It only wears down if you get hit. If you got but you used it then Indy's health will only drop to only like 1%!
Avoid Damage From Falling
To avoid damage from falling, enter Combat Mode just before you hit the deck, and you won't incur any harm.
Defeating the girls easier
Drink the tiger strength potion (If you have at least 1) then you will be 2x stronger than normal. If you run out then drink another one. I one time did it all in 1 potion!
Unlockable: Art Gallery
To unlock the Art Gallery, find all of the artifacts in the game.


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2 coins
The 2 coins in the sunken city are, the Trident is behind the broken wall. The seahorse is underwater beside a cliff. I dont know where the other two are.
All Artifact locations At Ceylon:
Idol Of Ramba Vihara=Gates Of The Lost City
Mahavatu Mask=The Hunter's camp
Port Negombo Relic=The Palace Of Forgotten Kings.
Cheat Mode
Hold L+R press up(2),down,up,A,X,A,B,UP,DOWN,Y,START.
Do this at the main options screen.)
Extra Ammo
If you find Indy low on ammo, or out all together, just let a bad guy knock the gun from your hands, then pick it up.

Once he grabs it, kick it out of his hands and pick it up.

You will find anywhere between 2 and 6 bullets back in your gun.
God Mode
At the Screen Hod L and R Trigger. Then on the d-pad press up, up, down, up, A, X, A, B, up, down, Y, Start. A sound will conform the code entry.
Hold 3 Grenades At a Time
You can only hold two grenades at a time. If you need to hold one more, do this: make sure you have two grenades in your satchel. Grab a third one; it will not let you put it in. Instead, he will drop it. Hold it in your hand and jump into water deep enough for you to swim. When you get out of the water, check your inventory. Under grenades, it will say 3/2.
Infinite Grenade Capacity
Obtain two grenades, which is the max. number you can hold in your pack.
However, if you jump into water while holding a third grenade, you can place it into your pack.

Repeat, as much as you like to obtain the number of grenades.
At the title screen, simultaneously press and hold L and R, and then press Up, Up, Down, Up, A, X, A, B, Up, Down, Y, Start.
If entered correctly, you'll hear a confirming sound and Indy will be invincible when you start the game.
Missing Hat
Whenever you pause the game, check out Indy's head. You'll notice his hat disappears.
Pistol Whip
Press X button to pistol whip your adversary. Note: This works for all guns, not just the pistols.
Skip All Poachers
In the level where you start out in a room enclosed by a vine door, cut the door and walk forward. It should start a short intermission sequence of Indy running towards a little window. Skip through it and when it is over, select the whip and jump. While in the air press A. If done correctly, you should now be swinging above a courtyard. Swing to the other side and continue the mission.