Hitman: Blood Money (Xbox) Cheats

Hitman: Blood Money cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Alternate Main Menu Screen
Complete the game once to unlock an alternate Main Menu Screen.
Dance Dance 47!
On the level murder of the crows. There are three bars. One salsa and so on. Just get into clothes that go with the bar and leave 47 at the dance floor. After a couple of minutes he'll start to dance with one of the women. You can pan the camera but don't touch the movement stick or he'll stop.
Unlimited Amount of Saves
Each difficulty has a limited amount of saves (excluding Rookie).

To have unlimited amount of saves, save your game and while the game is saving, repeatedly tap the START button. After the saving finishes, you will still have the same amount of saves that you had.

Note: Repeatedly tapping the START button is not necessary. Another way is to just press the START button once before the game finishes saving.