Hitman: Contracts (Xbox) Cheats

Hitman: Contracts cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Faster Reload.
Instead of Just shooting your bullets and waiting for him to reload the gun. Just take out the guns and put em back in your coat and take them back out and they are reloaded in an instant. Basically out,in,out, press X. X. X. This doesnt't work when your being shot at.
Few hints and cheats
Hitman: Contracts

Unlockable Weapons
Each weapon is unlocked by completing the corresponding mission and achieving the Silent Assassin rating.

CZ 2000 Dual Pistols Mission 1
Micro Uzi Dual Submachine Guns Mission 2
Silverballer Silenced Dual Pistols Mission 3
Magnum 500 Dual Pistols Mission 4
Sawed-Off Shotgun Dual Mission 5
M4 Carbine Silenced Assault Rifle Mission 6
SG220 .S Dual Pistols Mission 7
MP5 Silenced Submachine Gun Mission 8
AK 74 Silenced Assault Rifle Mission 9
GK 17 Dual Pistols Mission 10
Micro Uzi Silenced Dual Submachine Guns Mission 11
PGM Silenced Sniper Rifle Mission 12


Unlock Mini-gun and Dual Gold Desert Eagles
The guns are inside key card reader doors in Mission 1: Asylum Aftermath. The keycard that unlocks the doors can be found during Mission 9: The Wang Fou Incident. It is called Orthmeyer's Keycard and is on Lee Hong's desk in his office on the second floor of his mansion. After finding the card, finish the mission and save your progress. Quit to the main menu and replay the first mission.

Mini-gun: Find the first Key Card Reader Door and open it with Orthmeyer's Key Card, kill the patient and take the Mini-gun.

Dual Gold Desert Eagles: Find the second Key Card Reader Door and open it with Orthmeyer's Key Card. Take the Dual Desert Eagles on the floor.


Get Health
When your health bar reaches zero the game will enter a black and white death sequence. If you are able to get four consecutive head shots on four different enemies during this sequence you will receive a small amount of health and return to the game.

Open all Levels
Enter the following code at the main menu: X, Y, B, Left, Up, Right, L, R


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All Weapons.
Simply go to the "Training Area" and press R-Trigger, L-Trigger, Up, Down, X,A, Left Thumbstick Click, B,A,B,A. If entered correctly you should see a pop-up saying: 'you have completed this level with silent assassin you have been given the following bonus:' It will then quit to the main menu, go back in to training and all weapons will be on the boards.
Level Skip with SA
If you want to skip the level with SILENT ASSASIN rating, type while playing:

R-trigger, L-trigger, up, down, X, A,
L- thumstick click, B, A, B, A