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The Haunted Mansion Cheats

The Haunted Mansion cheats, and Codes for Xbox.

The Haunted Mansion Cheats

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Hold RIGHT TRIGGER then quickly press X, B, B, B, X, B, Y, A.

Nothing will confirim correct code entry.
Submitted by: MasterCheat on December 27, 2003
Level Select
Enter this code during the game while holding right on the D-pad.

B, B, X, Y, Y, X, B, A
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 17, 2005
Play as Skeleton Zeke
When the game's Legal Screen (copyright information) appears press and hold down A, B, X, Y
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 17, 2005
upgrade weapons
right d-pad; XX YY BBB A

repeat to upgrade level 2 weapon

repeat again to upgrade leavel 3 weapon
Submitted by: MyFavoriteLetterIsB on March 27, 2004