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skull quikies
blind skull- on outskirts go through the first door then jump on to the lights, then crouch jump up to the roof. turn and walk down the dark alley to find a scope, a pile of grenades, and the blind skull! Effect- HUD disapears and so does your gun.

sputnik- go to quarentine zone and walk back through the tunnel behind you walk straght towards what looks like a ledge jutting out from the wall. walk along it until you come to see the sputnik skull floating in the air. Effect- melees become stronger and so do grenade explosions.
2 Faces in the Halo of Containment.
This isn't a cheat and it's incredibly easy to do. All you do is go to the very center of the map with the rocket launcher ammo. It's easier to see with either a sniper rifle or beam rifle. Zoom up to the point of the Halo where it's half dark, half light on either side of the Halo because it on both sides. And you should see a smiling face. I read on another site that it's the face of Chris Carney, one of Bungies developers.
[Glitch] Sword Flying
To do this glitch, you'll need a Warthog, an Energy Sword, and 2 people on different teams. The person with the Energy Sword get in the Passenger Seat of the Warthog. Have the other person stand next to the Passenger side. Now, have the person in the Warthog put the reticle on the opponent and do the Lunge attack. Now wherever the opponent goes, the person in the Warthog will fly to him/her when he/she exits the Warthog.
Allied Weapons
Always equip your allies with the best weapons. How do you this is:

1. pick up the weapon you want them to have

2. Go up to them where it says "hold x to take allies gun"

3. Hold x

You will switched weapons with them. For humans I recommend sniper rifles and battle rifles. NEVER GIVE THEM ROCKET LAUNCHERS.

For grunts and jackals I recommend needlers

For elites swords. nothing else than sword.

That's it have fun
Always try and protect your allies as they can help you while on a level. Let them get in a vehicle with you, and watch their backs.
Ally weapons
You can give allies certain weapons. Here are some recommended weapons and restrictions-
HUMAN-Recommended weapons-Rocket Launchers, Sniper, Shotgun.Restrictions-Sword
COVENANT-Recommended weapons-Sword, Plasma Rifle, Needler, Shotgun, Brute Shots.Restrictions-None.
GRUNTS-Recommended weapons-Needler, Plasma Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon.Restrictions-Rocket Launcher, Sword, Sniper, SMG, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Brute Shots, Shotgun.
NOTE-When having Elites on your team NEVER, I said NEVER give them all swords. The Elites will try to kill Sentinels. When the Sentinels die, they explode, causing damage to your Elites.
NOTE 2-With Marines, NEVER give them all Rocket Launchers. Some Marines have bad aim, and will absent-mindly shoot at walls hoping to kill enemies. I had to revert to the last checkpoint a lot of times in the Highway tunnel.
Angry Mode
When you are the Master Chief trying to recover the index from the Prophet of Truth on the Covenant Holy City go until you reach the first outdoor area with dirt and vegetation. Take a right as you enter this room and run up to the wall past the gravity lift that leads up to the sniper point. Get on top of the wall by going up the dirt mound on your left. Follow the wall until you reach the floating skull called "Angry".
Another 2 Carbines on the level Regret
Ok.When you start the level, Go outside kill every one.Go to the next room and kill every one so they don't bother you.(You don't hav to kill your friends).You will see a lot of broken rock.There's a litte opening if you jump on it crouch and go in.There will be 2 Carbines and I think 2 Plasma Grenades.
Banshee Double Back
If someone is trying to steal your shee do a loop you will go strait up and when you go back down you can take your shee back.
Banshee In The Control Room
To get a Banshee inside the room where you fight Tartarus first get a Banshee. After the Scarab destroys the front door fly inside and go straight up as soon as you enter. It's easy to navigate to the next door, get out of your Banshee and make the door open, then get back in your Banshee and fly through. Once the Brutes come through the next door you can kill them or fly past them, but it is important that you are not in your Banshee when the cut scene starts to make sure it is there when you walk back.
Banshee Jump
You can jump really far in coagulation if you get a rocket launcher and then get in a banshee, then you get out of the banshee and melee it till it is standing on the upside down, then jump on the very tip of the wing that is on the ground and aim the rocket launcher at the other wing so that just the bottom of the aimer is on the wing then you shoot and you should fly really high, if not then you blow the banshee up and kill your self.

Banshee Launch
First go to any map that has a banshee. Then fly it into the ground head first. Next flip it with a sword (so there is much damage). Then stand on one of the pod things at eh end of the wings then pull out a rocket lsuncher and shoot the other pod and you should go flying into the air. If you need help send me a party invite to the gamer tag silentpig.
Beat Tautarus easily
When you first start the fight, make sure Tautarus' attention is on another NPC and not you. Grab the energy sword from one of the bodies lying around and wait for his back to face you. When he does, dash behind his back and rapidly tap R, It will hurt him and not allow him to react and attack you. About 30 seconds of this kills him.
Best Sniper Spot
If you go to accension in multiplayer make sure you have a sniper rifle and a beam rifle or a rocket. Go get the banshiee and fly up to the top of the building with 2 towers. There will be a platform to land your banshiee on. Jump up onto either the left or the right tower and go to the top of the tower and snipe away. Beware the banshiee will eventually disappear. Suggestion: You will want a rocket for protection against the banshiee.
Best Weapon Combos Maps
The best weapons on the map to have are: the shotgun/ needler/ energy sword/ sniper rifle depending on your preferences. Shotgun and energy sword are good for behind the back attacks, because they have a one-hit kill when you're close enough. The needler is a mid-range weapon, not good for hand to hand, but the sniper rifle is the best for a head shot. A good arsenal for the job makes it easier. I always carry a shotgun or an energy because it's a small arena and when you're on split screen it's difficult to kill with a rocket launcher.

The plain map, I can't remember the name, but this is a terrible map to play slayer on, more suited to capture the flag. Anyway, there is a rocket launcher, that is good for taking down the scorpion, banshee and the other vehicles. Dual SMG's are perfect for taking down any capture the flag enemies who want your flag, but so is the Magnum/SMG combo. A little tip for the capture the flag, get the banshee to protect your base as well as a player on foot, if the banshee goes down, you run to you base. The Dual SMG combo works well on any map, but this is a cause for concern, because you lack firepower for vehicles. Stick with a single SMG and the rocket launcher if you can get it, otherwise stock up on frag grenades.

If you have any questions about dual weapons, just e-mail me and I promise to send a reply as quick as I can.
Big Crazy Tank Glitch!!
Ok, go to the level Delta Halo on any difficulty. Play until you reach the tank. Hop in and drive back the way you came. When you get to the part where there are the two sniper jackals (probably dead) go to the little and big rocks in your tank. Ok, drive right at them without slowing down or anything. You will drive straight up them. Now drive onto the big hillside. you will not slide downward. You can travel around the WHOLE lake,up the mountains, down the hills, and get a good view of the dam thats off in the distance. I didnt travel the whole way because it takes a while but i went about three quarters of it. If you brought a sniper or something this is a very good time to use it. Try to spot any covenant. One thing to do is not kill all the covenant before you get the tank. Leave them to be sniped.

It looks like there is an X on the dam made of rust or something. Is this just rust or could it be something else?
Black Eye Mode
In the level "The Great Journey"

It is on top of the contol room where Johnson blows up the door.

Shield won't regenarate if picked up.
blind skull
no one get this skull but verify this cheat for me uhhhh go to outskirts wait til the guy(black)and take his sniper trade for the smg that gun sucks then go to the light get on top of it then throw a grenade at the tip of the light next to you then jump fast go to the darkness if your a chicken theres nothin in there but a skull 4 grenades and a stand hold x on it then you will be blind your not invisible you cant see your aim and it sucks!! hold up ill give cheats for roof tops
Blind Skull at Outskirts
On legendary, go to the outskirts to the very first doorway you see when you start the level. Jump on the lights that are next to you, then to the next ledge by grenade jumping or crouch jumping. The skull is in an alcove to your left when you get to the top. Blind mode is now activated.
Break a certan Boundry on Zanzibar
Amount of people needed: 3-4. Ok this is very hard and dificult one your first attempt but it gets easier with every try. Everyone must be equiped with a energysword and a RL (rocket Luancher) for this and you need overshields. First you have someone go into the building and they must have at least one plasma grenade. Once in the building have that person go to the roof right in front of where you find the RL (but don't get it make sure your equiped with it and the sword before the match starts.)Then turn to the right and get on the miniature roof looking thing. Then you throw the Plasma Grenade on it and jump before it explodes to luanch you onto the roof. (Make sure you have good timing for this.)
Ok once on the roof go to the area with the three plasma grenades are at on the little platform leading into the building(but don't fall off.) Stand by the edge the mountin and the roof(but be on the mountin part), this is where the sword comes in and is the tricky part. Have everyone go to that spot and jump until the thing that alows you to lunge by pressing the R trigger turns red then pull it and press the X button at the same time so you'll do the lunge cancel. (But do it one at a time and leave one person remaining on the ground, P.S. the if you do the Lunge cancel correctly it won't cause damage)Ok Now comes the Hardest part. Once the last person dose the lunge cancel have someone jump up after him/her and do another lunge cancel once he/she dose it pull out your RL and shoot him/her and have them keep moving forward at the same time and they should go over the boundrys once over get up on the ledge that is behind the boundrys and go to the boundry marker that won't let you go further and throw a grenade on the ground and jump before it explodes then lunge cancel at the person on the ledge and you should go over the boundrys as well. (and again you must have good timeing and you must do this one at a time) Keep doing this until everyone is over and then you'll have some fun exploring the forbiden areas. but there are certan boundrys you can't breack by doing this trick. You can also get up on other roofs in that area by doing the lunge cancel but you don't have to use any grenades or shoot to get up in those areas.
(One last peace of advice) You won't breack the boundrys one your first try or get up on the roof to breack them but you'll gain more knoledge and get better at doing it also.
Feel free to email me if you have any questins of any concerns about this cheat. And by all means have fun with this cheat and killing everyone who hasn't read this cheat yet with a sniper rifle.
P.S. Sorry this cheat is so long but it is worth it once you do it
Breathing Oxygen in Outer Space!
Go to the first level on !!!EASY!!! play through the level all the way until you reach the part where the drones come up and then the elites and grunts on the big elevator come up after. get a battle rifle. Run and jump all the way down to the bottom of the big elevator right away. There are no covenant. make sure you dont kill any drones when you jump off as they will trigger the elites and grunts to run out from the door at the other end of the elevator. Go to that door and look at the very edges of the door. There is a bit of wall before it goes to a 90 degree angle. Put your back AGAINST the wall, crouch, and shoot drones. Count how many you kill. Once FOUR!!! FOUURR!! FOUR!!! are dead, QUICKLY turn and run into the door as it opens. Jump around and stuff on the inside and DONOT!!! shoot any covenant. They will of course, shoot at you, so keep jumping for a few seconds then keep trying to walk backwards against the door that you DIDNT come in through. Dont shoot ANY COVENANT!! NOT EVEN A SINGLE BULLET!!. when you go through the door behind you turn around. Your shield is probably low and there are ranger elites ahead shooting, and the covies behind you shooting. When looking away from the door, turn right and run around the corner. Run up the ramp A LITTLE BIT so that you cant see the Ranger Elites. The Covenant in the room will sometimes run out and run around, but that barely ever happens. Once your shield recharges, kill the ranger elites and look at the two elites in the room. They are breathing although there is no air. Make sure this is on EASY DIFFICULTY!! as you may even die in the room with the covies on easy.
Brute slayer
Use a carbine rifle or sniper on a brute to take him out in a couple of hits. Also, get the sputnik skull to kill him quicker with a melee attack with the sword.
ok all u need to do is in like multiplayer or something get a banshee and have rockets. then tip the banshee over so its on its side and 1 wing is up and the other is down (you will need to hit the banshee to do this). and then stand on the very tip of the wing of the banshee and shoot the rocket at the other wing up in the air. after doing that u should be flying really high in the air.
campaign elites
for an easy and fast way to take down elites have duals with the plaasma pistol and smg, charge up plasma pistol and fire at them and unload with the smg
Catch Mode
Right after u get out of the sewers (Tunnel), there is a big area and 2 ghosts, kill every thing first, then go to the middle of it where u see a arc that leads up onto a building, throw a grenade down and jump by it to get enough height to start climbing it. When you get to the top take a left and hug the wall around the structure and the skull will be there.

It says Catch
Changing Split Screen Type
The multiplayer split screen type is determined by the video settings on the Xbox dashboard. For Horizontal split screen, the Xbox must be in fullscreen mode. For Vertical split screen, the Xbox must be in widescreen mode.
Clear out before you go in
For this you will need a beam rifle (there's one at the site). In Delta Halo, when you get to the platform that has a bridge leading to the building where the next level begins (the one where you get attacked by drones), kill all enemies attacking you,and then get your beam rifle out. Look at the surrounding structures with your scope. There should be covenant roaming around. Kill all Covenant in your sight and move on to the next level. There will be less enemies. Hope this makes life easier.
Crazy Flying Fun!
Ok this tip is kinda hard. First On the Level Metropolis you are on the bridge. Make sure you destroy every Marine you have. When you get to the Middle of the Bridge there are two marines (sniper and Rocket launcher). Kill them both and then there should be some banshees coming. Get to the very end of the bridge and when a banshee comes Jack it. Once youve Jacken that Banshee There should be a covenant ship where you are at. To spot this ship look on the left side of the bridge when your coming from the begining. As you can see the ship has a covenant vehicle under it. Wait a while till the ship leaves. When the ship is going straight you think its gonna leave. Its not its gotta drop the covenant vehicle off. So this is what you do: When it stops to drop the vehicle off get on top of the ship, get out of the banshee and land on the ship. Be careful not fall off. And dont shoot any banshees that follow you. Trust me your gonna need them. Now the Ship should take you to where you are not supposed to go on the other side of the map. Once you get there your gonna think that level is crazy! When you travel In the ship MAKE SURE YOU DONT GO ALLLLLL THE WAY TILL the ship dissappears!!!. Trust me its like a 1000 mile walk to get back where you were. When your still on the ship and your over the tunnel get off asap. Then some banshees should still be around. Quickly travel near the edge on top of the tunnel entrance note:top not bottom and when a banshee arrives jack it and when you do all of a sudden YOUR FREAKIN FLYING ACROSS THE BRIDGE LIKE 1000 MPH ROFL. Let me Guess your gonna say well why do all those steps when i can just simply jack a banshee and fly on top of the tunnel entrance. Thing is, you can't!
When you jump, you can press the crouth botton in mid air and you will go a bit higher than normal
dead blink
go on any level with a marine on it, go up to the marine and kill it. zoom in on its eyes and wait for about 10-30 seconds. if you look at the right time the dead marine should continue to blink even though its dead!
Defeat Tartarus with a Banshee!
Once you get to the part where you get a Banshee and escort the Scarab to blow open the door, get a Banshee and snap off the two wings. Fly the Banshee through the door and under the first obsticle. The second one you might have to turn the Banshee around a bit to get through but its possible. The third one is a pillar that is leaning on the other side of the wall. Struggle through that one and goto the door with the big Brute battle. Get off your Banshee to open the door. Get back in and either kill the Brutes or skip pass them (if you know how to do that). You must enter the chamber WITHOUT the Banshee, leave it in the room. Once it brings you to the start of the battle, go back to the room that you fought the Brutes in. The banshee should still be there and (if it hasn't been destroyed) you can pilot it. Fly it back to the Tartarus fight and there you have it! I have tested this about 6-7 times and it has worked for me. Makes Tartarus a piece of cake.
Defeating the Final boss-Tautarus
When all your little alien friends start jumping off the edge and try killing tautarus, they'll all die. pick up a energy sword and wait until tautarus (final boss)doesnt have a shield on him. hit him once. jump out of his way until the shield is down again, if you dont he will kill you in one hit. Then attack him again with an energy sword from a distance. This only takes like 2 or 3 hits. Goodluck!
Delta Halo Tip
If you are stuck on trying to kill all the guys on delta halo when you get to activate the bridge. Then dont go inside the actual building you can go on the roof were there is 4 Frags there then throw them in the hole were you can see the covenant (Or any plasmas you get in the level) and they should clear out the Grunts and sometimes the Elite but if they dont kill the elite irt will be critcally damaged.
Delta Halo Top Side Ride
In the Delta Halo level after you take the bridge wait for the tank. Drive it across the bridge through the first ruins. When you come out the pool is in the center turn right travel around just as you start to turn to the left drive up to the low spot on the ledge you will see a large tree you can drive right up when on the first flat spot get out of the tank go behind the tree you will find rockets. get back into the tank and continue to drive up the hill you are now on top of the level from here you can shoot into the temple. I have taken the tank into the next level with the water fall from here. But this should be done with two players as you need someone to activate the levels as they do not activate if you skip over checkpoints. You can also get up top by jumping on top of the pelican when they drop off men and arms but this is tricky. Try both its fun running around on top of the level you can even travel underwater. you can do this with all the vehicles.
Destroying ghosts easy
No matter what weapon you are using, always aim at the lower back of a ghost.
Die by gaurdians
On multiplayer, go to Caugulation. make sure you have tanks on this level. On one of the walls near one of the bases, drive your tank up the wall. If it doesn't work, your at the wrong wall. When you're at the right wall, keep driving all the way up. Soon you will flip over and the tank will fall on you. It should say crushed by the gaurdian.
Different Subtitles
During Heroic and legendary modes you will have different subtitles than Easy and normal modes.
Example-Level:Metropilis, first cutscene-
SGT. Johnson-"We didn't have any fancy-shcmanzy tanks. We had two sticks, and a rock, and we had to share the rock! Pull yourself together, cause you're one very lucky marine!"(HEROIC AND LEGENDARY)
SGT. Johnson-"The Chief is going to roll across this bridge, blowing up any inhuman son-of-a-***** that stands between him and the Prophet of Regret!"
dive in water and live
At Metropilis when on the bridge skip all the enemies when at the end you will see two bnshees Cortana will state :" Quite the welcome party' THE BANSHEEs will get close tyo shoot you (this is also a cheat to get the banshee early)when they are close look up the steal icon will aappear you will steal the banshee now take off back towards the arches (do not go towards the tunnel because this will hurt the banshee and also won't let you past)when at the arch head down you will see the bridge support in the water land on the small space provided the banshee will start to slide into the water let it then when it is in the water jump on it and you can now also jump into the water and walk because the game has to know you're falling to belive that you are in the water.
Dodging Rocketlaunchers
When you're inside the banshee and someone locks on and fires tap A while moving to the side. If you don't want to get shot at all fly in a circle while boosting.
Drop out of the Ivory Tower Map WITHOUT DYING
This glitch requires two people, and isn't meant to be a cheating glitch, just a fun one. Get into a custom game on Ivory Tower, that has Overshields enabled, and your starting weapon is the Rocket Launcher. Go over to where the overshield respawns. Have one of the players jump onto the ledge to the left of the overshield (facing out of the map). Have that player turn around and face the other player. The other player should crouch, and line themselves up so they are facing the first player, and are directly in front of them. Aim at the first player and slowly walk forward, just before you get in front of the ledge, melee at the first player, you should hit the ledge. keep crouching, turn right and slowly walk up. You should fall through a invisible hole to the bottom of the map.
drunk driver
Play the last level. When you get to the part where the 2 elites come up with banshees and u have to destroy all the wraiths and stuff along with johnson(whos in the scarab) go toward the edge at the end of the scarab. a Third banshee will fly up close to the ground, run into the scarabs leg, unhook itself, and land. Its a drunkard elite!
Easier way to get to the assasin skull
All you halo fans out there who want to get the assasin skull here is a easier way to get it. When you get to the building with the first water elavator don't do a grenade jump to the platform with the turrets. Go inside to the first room. The one before the room with the elevator. In there should be a big box. Jump on it and look up. You shoouls see a platform jump on it and there should be a door. Walk through and you should end up on the platform with the turrets. EASY
easy as jump and kill
In versus mode, get a plasma sword (depends on weapon choices.) After that, jump up and right when you land press the shoot button. You should kill them in one hit.
Easy Flood Kill
Instead of waisting all of your ammo on the Flood, pick an Energy Sword up and kill them with it. The sword will only use 3 ammo on each Flood instead of 10, and it will come very useful on levels where you will fight many Flood.
Easy Hunter Kill
Everyone already knows the basic way of killing a hunter, shoot them in the exposed orange spot. An easy way to do this is to let them attack you with their shield. Dodge the first strike by quickly moving to the side. Then, you should have 1-2 chances of hitting the hunter in the exposed area. When doing this, be careful of the other hunter, because they come out in duos.

Easy way of getting the flag outside the base on Burial Mounds
It's kinda hard to explain but stand on the flag facing the turret. Look in the left corner. You should see a crack in the wall. You can throw the flag out there, and it will bounce quite a lot. So try throwing it outside a few times before doing it in matchmaking. It's not a cheat and you cannot get banned.
Easy ways to kill the enemy
Grunts: Any rifle to the head

Elites: Blue: any and all duels
Red: plasma pistal w/ smg/magnum
white: rockets/fuel rod cannon or sword

Jackels: Any rifle to the head

Hunters: A sniper to the gut or you can be suicidal and use a shotty

Brutes: any weapean to the head

Drones: any weapeon

Flood: swords, sentenal beams or shotty

Lfe is hopefully easier
Envy Mode
On the level "Delta Halo" on Legendary Difficulty, Progress until you reach the area during the "Push through the covenant held ruins" where you have to clear a Landing Zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. You will know you are in the right area when cortana says "they're pouring out of the center building". Anyway that area has Plasma turrets along its borders. A little bit after the left side turret you will see the outline of a door in a wall, but the door has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. Jump on the rock then jump to the ledge above the door then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto the building with the sealed door using grenades. Atop the building you will find two dancing elites and the "Envy Skull". Pick up the envy skull and you will be able to use Active Camoflage like the Arbiter.
Evading the 2nd-to-last sequence
In the final Arbiter mission, you'll eventually have to fight against a heckuva lot of Brutes before going up against Tartarus... if you don't follow this tip:

*When you get to the room, turn-on your active camouflage just before the brutes flood the room.
*When the door opens, just sneak past the first few and duck into the door.

Now that that little nuisance is out of the way, enjoy beating the crap our of Tartarus (easiest boss ever).
Exploding Ghost in One Shot
When sniping a ghost, aim for the small cylinder on the side of it. It's sorta like a Covenant fuel tank and will explode with one sniper shot.
Extra Ammo
On The First Level Go To Those Automatic Gun Holders And They Will Open And You Can Refill Your SMG And Battle Rifle Ammo.
Face in the ring
On containment (multiplayer or Xbox live) go to the middle of the level, like where the bridge is at in the middle, bring a sniper as well, look at the sk and yu will see the halo ring, theres a piece that is lighter then the rest towards the lowest spot on the ring you can seem, zoom in and you'll see a face.

NOTE: it is on both sides of the ring, you do not need a sniper to see it,but you may want to see it closer
In outskirts, there are vehicles in the tunnel called shadows. The shadows have plasma turrets that shoot plasma balls a million times faster then just a regular turret.

(I'm sure everyone already knows that already though.)
Fake swing
When using a melee attack hold the X button as soon as you swing your weapon. The blow will not inflict damage. It also works with the plasma swords lock on attack.
Falling Up Forever
On the Oracle level, you will come to a point where you have to cut the cable holding up the station to force the Hereitic leader out of his room. Once you cut the final cable, you will here a creaking noise. The station is about to fall. Make sure you are at the higher level of the room and crouch-jump right before the top tears off. If you were at the top of your jump when the station starts falling, you will fall up forever... and die!
Famine Skull
After you get off of the slowly decending elevator in "The Oracle", you will come to a hallway where you see a handful of dead bodies. Continue into the next room, and you will be on the second floor of a room that has windows. When you enter this room, look to the right, and find the third pane of glass. It should be to the right of a wall that has some flood guts splattered on it. Shoot out this window, and either window directly across the room. If you look below you will see a platform that has four tall posts. On the far side of the room there is a column that is right in between the two windows, on the far side of the room. Turn on your active camo, and jump to the center platform. Jump on either of the posts on the far side of the platform and jump to the column between the windows. Make another jump through the window you shot out and make a left. Walk all the way to the end and you'll find four flood elites convulsing on the floor, with the Famine skull in the middle of them. When you have this skull all weapons will have less ammo.
fast grenade throw
first charge up a plasma pistol, second fire, third wait until the plasma pistol is about half way done over heating, fourth quckly tap the grnade trigger you should throw 2 grenades faster than it would normally take you.
To float as I like to call it, all you have to do it just do the crouch jump but while you are in the air you just keep hitting the crouch button over and over again as fast as you can and you will stay in the air for about 2-3 seconds.
Floating Hat
To find the Floating Hat, start on Cairo Station. You can probably do it on any difficulty level, but I am positive you can do it on easy. When you start, go down to where you get your first Battle Rifle. To your immediate right,you will see a bin with a sailor hat/cap thing on it. Melee attack the bin the cap is on for a while. Eventually, the cap will be floating. The cap is by no means fragile, and you can shoot at it and walk into it and it will not fall down. Try walking right into it and looking down. If you spin around, it will look like you are inside it. Additionally, take a look at the bin it was on. The bin contains human turrets.
flying chief in council chamber
Start at the level where you're put in the covenent base with nothing but a needler. when the floor at the back of the room starts to retract into the wall, watch for the floor thing to go all the way in, then jump in to the pit. (falling doesn't work, you must jump.) If you timed it right, you will go flying into the air, and will die before you hit the ground. If you have really good timing, you can die as soon as you touch the ground.
Flying Tank
In the world DELTA HALO, when you have the tank, there will be a moment when you will see about 1o shields on your path (just before they send you your backup weapons and new marines). Blow the shields and go over with your tank. When the shields will come back, your tank will go flying in the air. Mot necesserly useful, bu fun.
Flying Tank on Zanzibar
Make sure you have overshields scorpion tanks on. When you load the level go to the tank and from the opposite side of the beach drive into the circling thing no turning or anything. Then when the beam comes to pick you up drive forward then you should get stuck in between the beam and the platform above. Wait two seconds and you should fly off somewhere. (you can try going up the other way its the same consept) Try it numerous times until you srart pulling off high jumps and possibly getting ontop of the roof of the house like I did maybe you can go some place different.
Forever Burning Plasma Grenade
In the level Foundation, go to the center where the Energy Sword usually spawns. Throw a plasma grenade into one of the corners, and it won\'t explode! If you throw a second PG or a Frag Grenade, it will explode, meaning you\'ll get x2 the explosive power, which can make the difference in a match.
Foundation multiplayer map
# Foundation multi-player map

Successfully complete single player mode on any difficulty setting to unlock the Foundation multi-player map. Note: There is a glitch that prevents some people from unlocking the map as it was originally intended. The way it has been done successfully is as follows: Successfully complete single player mode on any difficulty setting. Create a new profile. Begin a co-op game on the last level with the newly-created profile with the second player. When you reach a section where you fly a Banshee, the new profile must perform a barrel roll and a loop-the-loop. Finish the campaign and the new profile can access the Foundation map when hosting split-screen, System Link, or Xbox Live games. Alternately, if you have Xbox Live, go to the Microsoft Content download menu. Then, download all recently updated content. Go to a game menu. Go to change the options, then change the map. It should be at the very bottom.
Freeze a hunter
Hit the hunter with an explosive (Brute shot, plasma grenade, and frag grenade) But NOT a rocket launcher! It will freeze. It works any level, any difficulty!
Fun with the Elite Captain
At the very beginning of the Oracle, go into the room where you meet the flood for the first time. Kill the rest of your elites and grunts to make the captain your enemy. Then, take down his shields for when the infector forms come. (Make sure to destroy the bodies of flood on the ground so they do not interfere). Eventually after beign swarmed by infector because he is invincible, he will float upward at random intervals. If he gets stuck on his way upwards or at the ceiling he simply disappears.
funny stuff
in any level shoot a marine in the head and his helmet will fall all BUT if you shoot more then it looks like his head is dancing
Genitalia Rock
When on Coagulation, get in a Ghost or a Spectre near the Red Base, and drive at an angle up the wall. It's the Right wall, if you're facing Blue Base. There, you can get on Genital Rock, which is perfect for Snipers. You can also get up there with a Banshee, but Ghosts are less conspicuous.
Get a ghost out of the map on delta halo.
First you need to get a ghost on Delta Halo. You can get one by the building where you hit the button to lower the bridge. There should be a wraith on the other side so you know your in the right place. Once your in the ghost you should be facing with your back is to the building. Once your situated drive to the left and get on a 3ft ledge with your ghost and drive up the wall while using boost and holding A. Once your on top you can roam where ever and even under the lake.
Get a Scarab Gun
This is done on the level Metropolis and is easiest when done on Co-op. When you start out, cross the bridge. Take out every enemy and even your marines. When you're near the end, Cortana will say something about a "Welcome Party". Three Banshees and a few ghosts will appear. Take them all out. Then 2 Wraiths and 2 Banshees will appear. Take out both Wraiths, and only one Banshee. Have Player 1 continue through the tunnel, but have Player 2 stay outside and distract the Banshee. Once Player 1 reaches the area with the circular opening (a Jackal with a Beam rifle is present), take out the Jackal and head back to where Player 2 is.

Here is the hard part. Get the Banshee to follow both players into the tunnel. Do not board it yet! The first few times it will come at you and fly back out, but stay where you are. It should come back after you. (If it doesn't, go back outside and try again). Eventually, you'll have to get it over two road blocks. Once it is past the second one, have both players stand near the entrance of the room where Player 1 took out the Jackal. It should fly at you and get stuck. Shoot off both of its wings so it can fit thru. Have Player 1 walk slowly in front of the Banshee, making it follow him. Player 2 should be behind it, gently pushing it. Take it to the left and get ready to board it. As soon as you hit the checkpoint, the Elite in the Banshee will disappear. You only have about a second to get in before the Banshee also disappears. Both players should press X quickly. If done right, one of the players will be driving the Banshee!

Take it outside and directly up. Very high in the sky are two skyscrapers with two bridges connecting them. In the middle of the bridge closest to you, there is something that looks like a plasma rifle. It's actually a Scarab gun! It has infinite ammo, so have fun. Just don't aim at the ground.....
Get Blind Skull
To get this skull, highlight the "Outskirts" level and start a game on any difficulty. At the beginning, your Pelican crashes, and your vision is blurred temporarily. At it clears, look straight to see a hallway with a flashing light. Go into the hallway and turn around. You should see a horizontal light fixture. Jump on it and turn right. There should be a wall that has a roof on top. Crouch-jump onto the roof and turn left into a dim hallway. At the end of the hallway, there should be the blind skull. To pick it up, hold down the X button.

You should now have activated Blind Mode. Your weapon and HUD are now invisible, but you are not. This mode is only good for messing around or making movies.
Get on the roof of one building in Regret.
Go all the way to where the jackals and the grunts are in that little circular room towards the beginning of the level. You can kill everyone in the room if you want. You don't need to, but I would recommend killing them. Then to the left of the entrance of the room, there's a bunch of debris of a bridge or something. Climb up onto it. Heres another thing that might come in handy, there are 2 carbines and 2 plasma grenades if you go through the rubble. Now this can be a little tricky. Go to a rock that landed kind-of diagonal and look up. There should be a narrow ledge. Jump up and to the right a little bit and you should be up on the roof. Makes a great sniping place for the enemy's that just came off of the Gondola.
Get on the Rooftops in Outskirts
To get onto the rooftops, start Outskirts. You can do it on any difficulty level, But I am positive you can do it on easy. Go to Sniper Alley where the sniper Jackals and Drones attack you. Go on the raised platform with the crate and the other weird thing. Melee attack the tall crate until you get it close to the protrusion from the roof. Jump onto the tall crate and then *crouch jump onto the protrusion. You will see something poking out from the wall to your right. Jump on it. From there, jump onto the roof across the street. From here, feel free to jump around and explore. *A crouch jump is a jump that you crouch in when you get to the top of the jump.
get on top of building in regret.
play regret co-op. Kill the covies. Go to the door and turn around. There is a big pillar and a block. jump on the block and jump on top of the pillar that doesnt have and plants on it. turn and jump to the platform on your left. kill player two. He will respawn next to you. Get in front of one of the slanted pillars and run at it. Time your jump and jump at the right moment. if you do it right youll be on top of the slanted pillar. kill player two. If he respawns on top of you have him quickly jump onto the ledge above. If he respawns next to you and falls, kill him again till he is on top of you.
Now have p2 kill p1 and theyll both be on top of the building. Explore around. This is a sweet!! sniping spot.
Get on top of Containment
This is a little glitch i found while exploring on Containment. This can only be done in the red base of containment. Have spectres on and get in one. Goto where they spawn. Back up a little but have a view of the ramp (the one that goes up to the area with the brute shot). Make sure you see the ramp is like this: < or going upwards. Boost at full speed straight towards the wall and let the spectre hit the edge of the ramp just enough to tip it forward a little bit. If done correctly, you should be able to drive up the wall! Nudge your way towards the left until you pass the invisible boundaries. Congratulations, you just made it on top on Containment! From here, you have a view of the whole map and you can even drive on top of the red base. Be sure that you have grenades or something that you can commit suicide with because the boundaries keep you from going back down. Good luck!
Get on top of the tower on Zanzibar easy
While your on the Zanzibar map, go in between the middle where, so you'll just be right near the tower. When the little "crane" comes, quickly jump onto it, and it should take you halfway up there. Then, while your almost up there, walk a bit forward on the crane so you won't fall off it. When you are near a platform, jump onto it to find a power sword.

This is a good spot for sniping and blasting rockets from a bazooka.
Get Past the boundries in Zanzibar
Ok, first of all, the requirements are: 2 players with over shields, rocket lauchers, and sords. Then, you need to get on top of the roof that has a jailbar on it. Once up there, run to where you can get on the mountain region. Run up to the corner with the wall and boundries. One person keeps jumping and the other stand behind him looking up. Then, you lunge cancel ( Press "R" and "X" at the same time with the sword) and when in the air (if you did the lunge right) and keep pressing forwoard. Once done right, youll be over the boundries. Now to get player two over, theres a little ledge, you need to get on it and run to the end near the invisable wall, and have the other guy lunge at you. If done correctly, youll both, and maybe more than you want, just do the same routine with that we used on the second player, will be able to explore all over, the outside.
Get tank on Red Base
Go to coagulation. Get the scorpion and park it up at the red base where the ground is highest. Have it facing the base between a pillar and the teleporter. Drive up onto the wall and get out. Dont drive it so much that it flips backward. The tanks treads will slide down ALMOST all the way. Go get another tank and drive it up on the right side of the first tank. Turn and drive up the treads and up the remaining bit of wall. You are now on the Red team base.
Get the "Assassin" skull
To get the assassin skull you have to follow all of the instuctions that the guy who submitted "Campaign melee skull" told you except that you have to play that level on Legendary mode. If you do this you should see two invisible elites shouting their battle crys(where you get the skull). Once you pick up the skull all your enemies will now become invisible.

I recommend this for players who like a challenge because this will make enemies difficult to see for you,and impossible to see for your allies unless you attack them.

Get to top of Containment
Get a spectre and bring it to the red base or use the one there. Where the vehicles are parked there is a ramp. Go up the ramp and to the left so you hit the rock. Hit it in boost right on the little hill part on rock. You should go up and once up top go to the other side and you should see a identical ramp from when you came up. Boost up the one that doesn't have a hill (the one you see when you come up)and hopefully you go up. Once at top it is a sort of good sniing spot. Really high and really fun! Hope you enjoy!
Get Underground
Go to a corner in Multiplayer Mode and have a opponent/teammate shoot you with a rocket. It will then send you underground.
Gettin' Around w/ a Flag, or Bomb.
If you have played multiplayer you will have figured out by now that you can no longer drive with the flag, or now even the bomb. However you can ride shotgun in the warthog. But since the implementation of vehicle hijacking you can be on vehicles while they are moving.

*Works on system link, split screen, and XBox Live.

**Best done with a friend on the same box if you have no headset, or even if you do but do not want to give away what you are doing.

***Same box team is best so you do not have to deal with lag.


Grab a ghost or a banshee. One of you will be the driver and the other will be the passenger. First get the driver in and ready to go. Next let the passenger hop on top of you. If you're in the ghost the best place I seem to find is right on top of the driver. If you're in the banshee it is in the little dent on the top, you can also do it on the wing while moving sideways to stay on. Start moving slowly but you can gradually speed up and go at top speed. It takes some practice to get it down great. If you get it down good enough to try the boost modes all the passenger has to do is run on top of it to keep up. Turning with the ghost will be very hard at all times so take the turns slow.
Getting Spectre on bases
First, go to coagulation. Make sure there are the spectre things (the covenant warthog-like vehicles) and HUMAN tanks. To get a spectre on the Red Base, park the tank up backwards on the side where theres a hill. Then, boost on spectre and ramp off tank. If done correctly, youll land on the top of the base. This can probably be done by ghosts too.

Getting a spectre on the blue base is kinda hard. First, look at the front of the base (the red base behind you) and find the little walkway sticking out on the right. Go to it and REVERSE up it. The treads will go off the walkway. Jump out onto the ground. Now, get a Spectre and boost ramp the Scorpion. It may take a few trys. Once up there, you can blast up ppl with the mounted gun. This was done on the right side of the building (i dont remember if theres a ramp like that on the other side. If so, thatll work too)
Ghost Mode
After the outdoor area with all the ghosts and grunts, there is an 'L' shaped room that is seen throughout the level. It is right after the armory room that is full of covenant and human weapons. Grenade jump using a jacked ghost up to the rafters and it's up there.
Ghost Trap
To do this hi-jack a ghost on the level "metropolis" very early in the level. Once you reach the part where you board the scarab, drive the ghost onto it with you. Next make sure you have a sniper rifle with you. When you go to the hall that brings you down in the scarab get off the ghost(park it near the edge of the scrab so it's ready to fall) and fire your sniper rifle at the wall you see at the end of the hall. Go run somewhere and hide. After a while some elites will see the ghost and ride it. If you want you can kill the elite right away or hit the ghost off the edge with a heavy weapon(rocket launcher will do just fine). Warning: Sometimes if you fire the sniper rifle on a steep hill it will hurt you so be carefull when you fire.
Ghost's weak spot
Go to any level that has a ghost.Turn to the left and you will see a gas tank.Shoot the gas tank once with any gun and it will blow up!

Note:I would get back then shoot the gas tank so your shields won't go down.
Give your squadmates better weapons
Once you have almost used up your sniper rifle, beam rifle, or rocket launcher (with 1 shot left ), trade with your squadmate. Once they have that weapon, they have limitless ammo for it and can help you out immensely with the more powerful weapons. There are two points to note: if you try and trade your weapon back from them, it will still have the same amount of ammo that it had when you gave it to them and the energy sword cannot be traded with human squadmates.
Give your team better weapons
If you have a rocket launcher with one shot left or a similar gnius weapon with low ammo, give it to your CPU team members. Your allies have unlimited ammo.

Having a sniper and rocket man on your side is better than almost any other combo.
I found a really fun glitch that can only be done in a zombie game. I call it the guardian glitch! The power of the guardians are at your fingers. When playin zomie hold a pistol (just 1) and a sword, then press Y, Y, Trigger all in a row. If done correctly it will tell the person you shoot that they have been killed by the guardians. It freeks people out, and its most affective on Foundation.
Glitch: Floating Guns in Quarantine Zone
Floating Guns in Quarantine Zone

In the level Quarantine Zone, after the gondola ride ends and the chapter 'That Old, Familiar Feeling' begins you might hear an Elite (if you have one or more remaining and remain on the gondola for a moment) say that he hears something. You might also hear some faint static-like noise – this is the sound of two SMG's firing (either that Keyes has, that McKenzie and Perez have, or… ). To get to the source you need simply to get to the gondola the Humans were riding. The easiest way I found is to go to the end of 'your' gondola nearest the gondola the Humans rode, and grenade jump from the rail to get on the structure in which some of your elites stand. Now, jump off this structure towards the part of 'your' gondola that is nearest to the 'human' gondola; be forewarned that the wall toward which you are jumping is fake, and you will pass through it. Make your way from the beam of 'your' gondola to the beam of the other gondola via a jump. Now you need to grenade jump over a wall to be on the main part of the 'human' gondola. As you near the exit of the gondola, and begin to enter the Library where you find a dead human you hear the static sound – the sound of SMG's firing. As you walk toward epicenter of the sound – the door leading toward the centre of the Library where the Index/Sacred Icon is found – you will see two SMG's floating in midair and firing – does this remind anyone of the level 343 Guilty Spark in Halo? You can 'Hold X to swap' and the gun(s) will continue to fire in your hand. It only has one clip, so after a few seconds of it firing you just hear the trigger being pulled. You can also juggle the weapon toward/through the door and have it shoot at you in the cut scene if you so choose. The gun fires throughout the entire length of the cut scene. Your previous weapon(s) will not, however, hover and shoot like the SMG(s) you swap. Straight from the mouth of the OniKidLink who wanders GameFAQS.
Go behind control room
go to the last level and go to the part where you get the banshees. Fly ahead to the control room. Turn RIGHT of the door. There is a big horizontal thing that has i think two big parts that are like blocks. Fly past the last block and you will be pushed back by an invisible force. face the block and push down. Then get out. Run across thewalkwayish thing to where it starts meeting the giant hill behind the control room. You can run up the hill, amazingly enough, and explore thehills beyond!!
On Zanzibar there is a type of brige(by the wind mill)now if you now how to make it fall by shooting the box thing (leading to the plasma soward)dont do it.Go down to ware the windmil blades skim the ground get right infront of one and jump on it.As you get close to the brige witch should still be suspended in the air try to jump on it (NOTE:this may take some practice)try to stay as balenced as posible while you are up there thoe it is not that hard to do.Thus you have a great sniper spot. Have fun and good luck - CAT 1 OVER AND OUT.
Grenade Jump
Throw a grenade under you and time your jump (Practice on your own if you need to) and it will allow you to jump higher while only losing about a third or a half of your shield.

Works well on getting up the front of burial grounds base for a quick flag capture.
Grenades are your best friend
When you have got a bit futher into the game you will realize that there are indeed different Covanent forces out there, and they are much harder to take down. Do when you are in a tight spot and you come in contact with them, Grenades are an essential thing to have!
Grunts Birthday Party Mode
In the level Arbiter on Legendary. Once you get to the first banshee section, fly immediately straight down all the way to the bottom of the map. In one of the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station. There will be a circle of grunts dancing around a skull. When you pick up the skull; it will say Grunt Birthday Party on the screen. Now when you kill a enemy with a projectile weapon, they will blow up like a plasma grenade was stuck to them.

To get rid of this feature use the same method as the blind mode.
guardian glitch
You need a magnum and a secondary weapon. all you have to do is use the magnum and shoot a teamate in the head 1 or 2 times. NOTE:THIS MUST BE ON FRIENDLY FIRE. After you shoot the elite or spartan in the head you have to know how to do the sword and rocket launcher cancel, after you do that you must fire the magnum while still doing the sword and rocket launcher cancel and for the teamate it should say you were killed by the guardians.
Guardians 2
On Xbox live, download all possible maps. Create a game with the level of a super fast monorail train( I forget what level its called. ) When you spawn in, jump to where you get the oversheild by the monorail track, await the train. just before hit passes by, JUMP INTO THE FRONT of the train. otherwise it will say you committed suicide. it will say "****** was killed by the Guardians"
Halo 2 updates
IF and only IF you have xboxlive you recently received an update. it doesnt say what it is or what it does. Im going to tell you that, The Weapon Launching Glitches no longer work (you take any weapon and lock on to an enemy and press y and r.) Also some of the wall glitches have been repaired like grabbing the flag through some levels. BUT the elevator sword glitch continues to work (have someone jump on your head as you quickly press b and x repeatedly.)
Too bad for those with xboxlive. hey you can still do this offline.
Note; sniper jumping has also been removed!
Have the same primary and secondary weapon while not dual wielding
This trick can only be applied to weapons that can be dual wielded. For this trick to work, you need four dual wielding weapons in one place. Two or three weapons of the total four weapons must be the same, but remember a minimum of two of same weapon is necessary in order to have same weapon for both primary and secondary slot. For example, have two needlers, an SMG and a plasma rifle. To get two needlers, carry one needler as your primary weapon then select anything else but the needler (such as the SMG gun) as your secondary weapon. Note: You cannot select the same weapon as your secondary any way. Dual wield plasma rifle with the SMG then go to the needler that is on the ground, hold X, and substitute the second needler with the SMG gun. Then, throw the plasma rifle away by pressing B. You are left with the Needler as both your primary and secondary weapon.
Head Long Crane Cheat/ Break the boundries
First, you need to get a Banshee and a Rocket Launcher. Then, go behind the building where the two warthogs should be and go up till theres a ledge for you to get on. Make the Banshee upside down, and have one of the wings on the ground, the other facing up. Make the one on the ground face the crane. Stand on the wings little ball shaped thing, and look straight at the other wing in the air (makesure its the ballish thing). Look at it the right way, shoot, and you should be in midair past the boundries and falling twoards the crane. Theres a metal rope thing on it, if you hit it, you will fall. Me and my friend tried this, its really works if you do it correctly. And youll be past the boundries. (NOTE: Once up, you cannot fly up there with a banshee, you can only do certain jumpes with explosions to certain building)

P.S. Sorry its so long, but its worth it.
Heretic banshee on Great Journey
After you fly through the cannon in the banshee, go to the Cliff where you first start the level, fly down to the bottom if the cliff. There should be a Heretic banshee. Note:This can only be done on "Legendary"! This can be very useful if you are in need of another ride.
Hidden Sniper Rifle
On the level Delta Halo, after you get past the waterfall area, you go on and there is a bunch of gun capsules. However, there is no sniper rifle. Kill the drones. Jump back onto the ledge that you came from and turn left. There will be a rock and a caved in tunnel entrance. Jump onto the rock, then onto the top of the tunnel entrance. Go along it to the other side and you will see another ledge in front of some bushes. Jump onto it and look in the bushes. There will be a dead ODST and a sniper here. Also, look at the building that you go into and kill the honor guards at. Turn right, and youll see another building with a destroyed bridge. Zoom in on your sniper. There are two sleeping grunts and a patrolling Elite. Also, on the main building there are two sniper Jackals.
Hidden Sword in Delta Halo
In the chapter "Off the Rock, Through the Bush, Nothing but Jackal" a sword is at the end of the creek at the bottom of the area.
Hiding & Sniping Spots
Hiding/sniping spot in Lockout
To get to a good hiding/sniping spot in Lockout go to the bottom of the blue portal and walk out of the doorway striaght across from the portal and as soon as you get out of the door jump up on the ledge and look down step off of the ledge onto the ledge under you just stay on that ledge and snipe people when you see them. This spot is more of a hiding spot than a sniping spot. You can jump off of either side of the walkway either the left or the right your choice.

Sniping spot in Beaver Creek
If you are at the blue base then go up the side of the cliff on the right side of the base and when you get to the top jump to your left onto the ledge with the big rock on it and try not to knock off the biggest rock because you need to hide behind it so you are less visible to everyone running around on the ground getting sniped by you up on your purch. Crouch behind the rock and you are just about hidden from everyone untill you pop out to fire.
Hijack Vehicles.
When playing a multi-player map with vehicles, you can steal vehicles such as the Wraith from your opponent. Approach the vehicle while holding X. Note: This removes your opponent from the vehicle only; you must press X a second time to board the vehicle.

To hijack a Wraith, you must get up close to it by first destroying the side guns. You will get a message to press X. Do so, and you will be hanging on the side of it. Then, tap B to punch the door in. Next, press L and throw a grenade in. Jump off and go back in by pressing X, and you will now be driving the Wraith.

Use the following trick to knock enemies out of vehicle safely. Note: This only works with a fast moving, non-flying vehicle. First, stand by a wall or something that they can crash into. Try to get the opponent to run you over, then jump out of the way after about a second of contact. He should then crash into the wall. When he does, go directly next to it and hold X. You should now be in the vehicle.

First you start on the second city level.(The level with the huge bridge). You then kill all of your guys, after killing them hop in the warthog and drive down the bridge till you get past the large hole. It should say that you passed a checkpoint. Get out of the warthog and kill your guys up on the side of the bridge, then wait for a banshee to come after you. Let the banshee shoot at you while you dodge the bullets, then steal it. Once you steal the banshee drive it over to one of the Phantoms. One of the phantoms will stop to drop off a wraith, while it is dropping it off fly to the top of the phantom and jump on to it. If you stay on it it will take you to places you normaly cant go. If you ride it long enough it will eventualy dissapear from underneath you.
On regret level after you've just smashed the elites, go to the next bit then you will see a pile of rubble with big pengalomes. Jump and crouch and go out on platform and you will see 2 covenant carbines and 2 plasma grenades.
Rocket jump across long distances with a human sniper (it also takes a sword). Zoom in x10 and slide your thumb from Y to B and hit trigger all in a row.
How to beat Tartarus REALLY easily
OK this makes the final boss easy and is easy to do too

Firststart a game on co-op go throuh the level untill the Scarab starts destoying the door then when the door is gone land your banshee and shoot of its wings(you dont need to do this but it helps)Then fly the banshee in to the building and with enough pushing shoveing and boosting you will come to another door get your co-op buddy to stand beside the door to open itthen fly though after that use the banshee to kill the brute and continue on to tartarus after the cut scene go back and the banshee will be there after that just use it to kill him he will try to hit you so just keep away and youll win

How To Get On Top of the Wind Mill on Zanzibar
Start the game out by setting the settings to have an overshield and rockets on the map Zanzibar. Make sure you don't knok over the walkway leading to where the sword would be. Go down to the bottom of the wind mill where it picks you up. When it gets to the point to where you can jump off and land on the top of the walkway jump off on to it. Once you are on it take out your rocket launcher and do the rocket jump on to the top of the wind mill.
How to do the Rocket Jump:
Aim straight down at the ground and jump. As soon as you jump shoot at the ground with the rocket launcher you should go higher than normal.
How to get rid of Hitchikers
When on a level that there are ledges you can fall off of, and an enemy boards your Warthog/Spectre, drive toward the ledge, and jump out right before it goes over.

Some people are smart enough to figure it out beforehand, but there are those careless ones that can give you an extra Kill.
How To Kill Your Enemies
Here are the GREATEST Tips on how to kill Grunts, Elites, and Jackals on !LEGENDARY!


Battle Rifle: 1 shot directly to head (all ranges)
SMG: 10-20 rounds (mid range)
Shotgun: 1 shot (close range)
Pistol: 1-4 rounds (mid-close)
Sniper Rifle: 1 shot (all ranges)
Rocket launcher: ...Just don't kill yourself...
Frag Grenade: Like i said, don't kill youself
Plasma Pistol:14-21 rounds (mid-close)
Plasma Rifle:7-14 rounds (Mid-close)
Needler:9-23 rounds (Mid-close)
Carbine:1-4 rounds in the head (all ranges)
Beam Rifle:1-2 rounds (all ranges)
Brute Shot:1-2 rounds (Mid-long)
Energy Sword:1-2 Lunges (Combat range)
Fuel Rod Gun:1 round (Mid-long)
Plasma Grenade: 1 Plasma (all ranges)


Battle Rifle: 26-36 rounds (all ranges)
SMG: 50-60 rounds(1clip)(mid-close)
Shotgun :1-3 rounds(close)
Pistol: 24-48 rounds(4clips)(mid-close)
Human Sniper Rifle:1-3 rounds (all ranges)
Rocket launcher: 1-2 rounds (1case) (all ranges)
Frag Grenade:1-2 grenades (all ranges)
Plasma Pistol: Overcharge 2-3 shots (all ranges)
Plasma Rifle: 20-34 (Mid-close)
Needler: 25-30 rounds (1clip) (all ranges)
Carbine:11-20 rounds (all rnges)
Beam Rifle:2-3 rounds (all ranges)
Brute Shot:3-6 rounds (all ranges)
Energy Sword:3 Lunges (combat range)
Fuel Rod Gun:2-3 rounds (all ranges)
Plasma Grenade: 1-2 grenades (all ranges)


Battle Rifle: 1-3 bursts (all ranges)
SMG: 20-40 rounds (Mid-close)
Shotgun :1 round (close range)
Pistol: 8-14 rounds (1 clip) (Mid-close)
Human Sniper Rifle:1-2 rounds (Mid-close)
Rocket launcher: 1 round (all ranges)
Frag Grenade: 1 Grenade (all ranges)
Plasma Pistol:19-28 shots(Mid-close)
Plasma Rifle:8-16 rounds (Mid-close)
Needler: Not Affective (N/A)
Carbine:5-10 rounds (all ranges)
Beam Rifle:1-2 rounds (all ranges)
Brute Shot:1-2 rounds (all ranges)
Energy Sword:1-2 Lunges (Combat range)
Fuel Rod Gun:1 shot (all ranges)
Plasma Grenade: 1 Grenade (all ranges)

How to skip a swarm of brutes in the final level
When you pass the flying part you will find a big door. When you enter run straight to the left where another big door is when you are more then half way turn invisible. When you do there will be a huge swarm of brutes and quickly run in the door before it close, and then your fighting the brute leader.
Hunter Strategy
A hunter's melee damage can be dropped by considerably , creating an opening with the folowing strategy -

If there is an energy sword handy , take it , and a sniper weapon(if not human , beam rifle , and carbine is good too) if possible.Run with sniper and shoot above hunter shield at head , and if beam is raised , pull out your sword and strafe.Use a popular strategy and let him charge.Side step and empty a few rounds into the orange skin between the armor on his back(beam sword does no damage).If you fail to sidestep , the damage taken with the energy sword out will amount to about on 1/8 of your shields!!!
I Found a Secret Skull!
Go to Regret on any difficulty. Play until you ride the gondolas to the halfway building. When you get there, a pelican will drop off marines. Go inside. There is a block shaped thing in the middle of this room, and a platform that the marines jump down from. Jump onto the block then onto the platform and go outside. Turn around and jump on top of the doorway. Go to the opposite end of it and there will be a bunch of little platform things. Jump across them all the way to the back of the building. There will be another doorway but its a dead end right away. In front of the doorway there is a skull. I dont no what it does. You may need to grenade jump onto the things and you probly will fall off at least once.
infinite jumping
Get energy swords on any level on multiplayer then jump on an ally's head. Then have the person on bottom look up and have the person on top jump, then the person on bottom lounges with his sword but cancels it before he kills his ally and then the top guy jumps again and you just keep repeating then after a while look down and you will be very high up.
Infinte Camo
After getting the envy skull go through a checkpoint while in active cammo mode. To be safe use "reset to last checkpoint" so you can check if you did it right. Save and quit; then turn off the xbox to remove the envy mode. When you reload your file you will find yourself with unlimited camo.
Iron Mode
On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must start holding X a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you grab the Iron Skull, Iron Mode will be activated.
On Delta Halo lvl, look up in the sky for a red spot. If you look carefully, its actually a veteran elite fighting a shark, or being eaten by a shark. In front of the shark is a silouette or sumthin wit red eyes.

Someone please confirm this
Jump tips
There are som places that you just can't jump to reach.

-You can rocket jump. Jump and shoot a rocket at your feet. Over shield is extremely helpful.

-Grenade jump. Same as rocket jump but with a grenade. Works best with plasma grenades as they are easier to control than the bounce happy frags.

-Crouch jump. If you crouch while jumping you will get an extra bit of elevation.

-If you are playing with the crazy overshields on then you can combine all the jumps. Now all your frinds will call you air master chief.
Kill a Hunter easily
To take down a Hunter as quickly as possible, get a weapon with a scope and snipe from a distance at the Hunters exposed skin. This is easily reconised by the orange patches.
Kill a main character
I'm not sure if you have to do anything special or anything and this was on medium difficulty. Go to the level where you rescue the marines from the cell blocks and are chasing truth. I think it is called High Charity, but i'll classify it as the high charity level WITHOUT! the flood in it. Go to the very last fight where cortana says "u might wanna sit this one out." Kill all the guys and hunters and stuff and an elite with an energy sword will come out along with two invis elites. Kill them. The sword elite will either have the HUGE helmet or the red helmet. If its the red one, look at his face. He is the main character (the white elite). with the destroyed two left mandibles and the green eye.
Kill The Heritic Early
On the first level where you can play as the arbitor, play the game as normal (but make sure you have a sword) until you get to the bit where you have to fly a banshee around the base to find the heritic. When you eneter the room just before the area with the banshee's, take out yur sword and lunge at the heritic through the glass untill you get through the glass. You can then push the heritic off the ledge, however, you will not complete the level this way. You can take the heritics banshee from there, however you may not be able to continue with the level unless you are in a normal banshee.
Killing Flood
If you're smart, you may have figured this out already. An easy way to kill the Flood is no doubt the Energy Sword. It kills all Flood in one hit. For the smaller ones, use plasma rifle, Battle Rifle or SMG. In the first Halo, the shotgun was effectve too; one hit KO one big Flood. Now it takes 2 shots, but if you're lucky, you can kill it in one hit.
Leopard banshee
on the level where u r the arbiter and the guy in the wraith almost runs u over next to ahuge cliff you can get a leopard banshee like on heretic level.later on in the level go to the bottom of the cliff or next to a tower thingy[sometimes cliff sometimes tower].It can b done on any difficulty, although im not entirely positive how to get it but if any one finds out, E-mail me at scruffinca2@yahoo.com
Make Spectre Doors
Go to coagulation. Make sure there are spectres and scorpions. First, park a scorpion (BACKWARDS) up on the ramp at the blue base and boost ramp the spectre on it. You might not land on the building, if not try again. Now, reverse towards the pillars between either walkways. If done right, the front of the spectre will dip down and the *door* will be closed. When you wanna get through, run up the walkway and when it blocks you, melee it once. Its nose will be pushed up for a second. Run through then.
Marines Status,Them Being Better or Worse
Look,I`m not sure if this is copying or not but anyways,some guy said marine behavier changes depending on you.Meaning if you never miss they`ll never miss(good 4 sniperz battle rifles and sometimes that mounted machine gun).If you always hit vitals they`ll hit heads chests and others.Also if you look at them when they are talking to you and other stuff they will become all around better marines.NOTEOES NOT ALWAYS WORK Like when I went to my friend`s house it didn`t work.He has Halo2 but 4 some reason it did NOT work. But,when I did it,it worked almost imediately.And if you never miss don`t give `em Launchers.
Marines won't fire the scarab gun
The marines won't fire the scarab gun! I gave the gun to all of the marines, and they all acted like dumb asses with it! First they would run, then crouch and aim, then run then aim, crouch, etc... What dumb asses!!
melee skull in campian
In the regret level when you get on the first gondala. when you get to the tower kill the enemies or don't it's up to you soon as you enter the building you will see a stone block jump up onto it then jump up onto the ledge above go through the open door way if there are any grunts on the guns kill them, next is the tricky bit if your not good at jumping. jump on top of the roof of the building you just came out of(it's easier if you do a crouch at the top of your jump or you could jump on top of the gun and do it) now jump down to the ledge below continue on until you reach the other side which should look exactly the same as the one you just came from now do the crouchjump onto the roof now you should see a grassy area jump down and look around you should see a human skull on the ground even through it doesn't say any thing hold X you should pick it up. all you can do is melee attack with it I think thats all it does, now proceed the way back you came doing the crouchjump, which is the key if you want to make it back without falling. when back safely go back inside the building and punch the shit outta some covenent ass unless your mates have killed them first - if any body finds out what its really for email me guys (thats right australia got there first)
Metropolis Wraith hint
Ok wen you are in the scorpion tank going down the bridge they are two phantoms that go down each side. theres one on the right then one on the left. Wen the one on the left passes by slowly look under it and it will be carrying an wraith shoot the wriath with the cannon of the tank so you stop having some covenant backup on your hands so watch that if you dont hit it you will have to face two Wraiths on the bridge insted of one enjoy
Mini - Master Chief action figure
In Delta Halo, when you get to that "staircased" waterfall that you must climb up, then jump onto what appears to be a sniper rifle case, then a quick jump to land - as you turn that bend past that cave where the covenant snipers were - head into that cave - it is a dead end... Take a look at the floor - with a scoping weapon... A golden mini-Chief action fugure will be there. If you shoot it, it will also bleed.
if someone is in a turret and you are in a banshee, get out of there fast, if they have a rocket launcher, have no fear, dodge the missle
Multiplayer Map- Foundation via Xbox Live
Bungie has decided to give the multiplayer map to anyone who signs on via Xbox Live. You will be prompted with an update as soon as you try to sign on. The update will unlock the map, improve support for 480p resolution display's, and speed up wait times in matchmaking.
Mythic Mode
In "Sacred Icon" there is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area right next to it. There is a large sentinal in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a vary dark and dank flood infested area. There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on your right hand side. The skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human flood. When you are in this mode flood are invincible when driving vehicles.
Nearly impossible to beat level
Follow the "walk on top of Delta Halo!" tip. Take the mountain to the left to continue the level. Like what the tip said, there will be no enemies. But when you get to the end where the honor guards are supposed to be, you will not be able to beat the level.
Never Kill Your Team
If you are playing as the Master Chief, never kill your teammates, cause if you kill more than three while other marines are watching, they will shoot you and kill you in about 13 seconds, unless you throw a grenade. Seargeant Johnson will kill you in like 7 seconds and you can't kill him because he is a main character.
Nice hair
In story mode when you're with a COM (non-playing character), get a soft gun ( one that won't do much damage, like a SMG ), and shoot the guy's helmet/hat once.The hat will fall off, and let you see the guy's hair.I know it's stupid, but there.

P.S.-it hurts the guy a little bit too.
Nice Tip for CTF on Zanzibar
Get the flag and run towards the gate, most likely it's locked. Jump towards it and let go of the flag. It should go through the gate. Tell a teammate and have him stand there waiting for the flag.
Oddball hiding spot on ascention
ON Ascension there is a large tower thing with a turret on it with a bridge going from the dish to it. facing the tower there is a sniper rifle to the left go to there jump on to the wall on the side of the path and face the tower. under the bridge you should see a sloped ledge. run and crouch jump to that ledge. then face away DROP DON'T JUMP off the ledge but stay close to the wall. you should land on a beam connecting the tower to the land. you have made it. but do not walk to far from the tower or you will die in slow-mo. this is really help-full in Oddball.
One-Hit Melée Kills
Melée an enemy's back for an easy one-hit kill. Obviously, this only mainly works on smaller enemies, like Grunts and Jackals; but it's effective in multiplayer, too.
Open the Gates... OF HELL!! Not really. Just Zanzibar.
In Zanzibar, you can go up to the Second floor of the Red Base(The actual building) and you'll find a computer. Press X, and the Gate will open, allowing easy access to the vehicle outside, or for a Ghost/'Hog/Spectre to get in during CTF.
Perfect Jump ( Warthog Spectre and Ghost)
When going on ramps, and you always flip, and stuff. Everybody hates that because someone can shoot you. I've got a solution. When going on the ramp or something relative, look down. You will get a perfect jump. It works for me all the time!!
Posters at the Old Mambassa Crash landing *after Cairo*
After you crash land on Old Mambassa, you can see posters all around with the Master Chief from the demo and some grunt posters.
To power slide left, hold the left trigger button and turn. To power slide right, hold the right trigger button and turn.
Pretend Your Damn Dead
While a multiplayer game, take a rocket launcher then take a Banshee and fly up to the sky. Very high. When you get to the highest point, and someone's shooting at you (without a rocket, of course), jump out and fire a rocket at the Banshee. It takes professionalism, and it's hard, but when you can do it, the enemy thinks your dead. So you can close up on them while they don't even think at you. And then... BANG!... they're dead. It works everytime for me.
quick flood fight
Alright, in the part where your hunting down the heretic leader, right after you land the banshee and kill the covenent outside, go inside past the area where the flood are fighting beneath you. Right after that part, you should be in a room where you have to jump down to a lower level. There should be some bodies down there. so imedeiatly START DESTROYING THEM. It takes 10 energy sword ammo, but it'll be worth it once the fight starts. so in short, go inside, ignore the heretic leader hologram, and destroy all the bodies you can find. That will make your life a lot easier, so that you don't have to kill them when they start springing to life.
Riding on Banshee
Its like this: first play co-op on any level that has banshees that you can ride on.
First you or your friend climbs on top of the banshee and position yourself or himself so that he is steady on the banshee when flying. Then the next person will ride the banshee. Slowly climb into the air and you may see a nice view from the sky.
Becareful not to make too sharp turns or else the person riding on top will fall off.
Do not use boost too if both of you are too high in the sky. When you stop boosting, the other person will most likely fall off at a high speed.
roof tops
do my blind skull cheat accept this time dont get the skull go get the grenades cuz you will need um now here goes get to the part were you see that crack jump in it not the light hole the crack now grenade jump to the top were you see the red pipe things i dont giv a crud now if your up there go to the right instead uvv the left you will have to jump over the triangle you will fly dont worry it wont mess up your game get on the plane building and start sniping grunts first with your little gun istead of your real sniper i will submit another cheat tommorow
Scarab disappearing
If you get the banchee to do the scarab gun cheat, follow the scarab as it climbs over that wall. If you want, you can land on it and go inside, but there's nothing there!! If you wait a little bit, it will just disappear! If you are still in it, you will fall and still live, just as long as you are not up as high as you can go on the scarab.
Scorpion Pinball
On Zanziber multiplayer map, get a scorpion and drive it onto the windmill and hold froward when your about flat like on straight ground and you should (may take several attempts) go flying off to flips everywhere and bouncing off things. (it's more fun if you have a person hijacking it at that time, because you may go flying off into walls)
Secret Carbines
Go to the level Regret. The Carbines are in a room similar to the room you start in. Jump on top of the ruins to find a small hole on the ledge. Jump in it (don't worry, the hole is big enough). Drop down finding 2 Carbines, about half loaded each. How to get out? Go to past to the edge and there is a hole exactly where you came from.
Secret Carbines 2
On Regret and Delta Halo, there seems to be Carbines hidden throughout the levels. Here-
1.Level-Regret.# of Carbines-2. Get to the second room that is similar to the room you started in. Go to the ruins to find a small hole and a ledge. Go down the hole to get the Carbines. If you want to go up the ledge, you will find an awesome sniping spot. The sniping spot includes a Beam Rifle.
2.Level-Regret.# of Carbines-1. You start out in the middle. Go up the ramp and left to find ruins. Look through the hole to SEE the Carbine. Get outside and keep going. When you're supposed to go right, go forward instead to find the Carbine.
3.Level-Delta Halo.# of Carbines-1. Go in the submerged structures until you find a ramp with a large area on its left. Odd. Go into the area to find a space behind the ramp to find the Carbine.
BONUS-On Delta Halo, just before you take the lift, go up the ramp instead. Keep going to find a sleeping Grunt. Whack him, take his Fuel Rod Cannon with about 8 shots.
It is weird with all these secret Carbines.Maybe one of the designers likes Carbines, like the hippo on the shotgun shell. Those are the only ones I have found so far. Anyone know where more are?
Secret SKull
On the outskirts level there is a secret skull. In the beginning of the level go into the room that is in front of you right when you start and look up. There should be two lights that you can jump onto. Jump onto them. After that you will see a ledge. You have to CROUCH JUMP ( when you are in the air from jumping crouch) and you will be on the ledge. After that if you look to your left you will see a narrow alley. Go down it to the very end where you see a skull. Hold "X" and you should pick it up. Now your HUD will be gone and you should be invincible too. Have fun =D
Skip first and second part of outskirts
on the first part of outskirts kill the grunt and jump on the light lamp and onto the roof. dont go near the alley with the skull,but instead go behind you and jump onto the ledgethat if you look down you could see where you jumped up from. thenthere is a ledge above you. its easiest with two people, but a well timed crouch jump will get you up there. you should be able to see the pelican crash. now going the west direction from where you jumped up you should see power lines jump top of the roof and follow it to the highway jump down and jump off the ledge and it takes you to sniper alley, but your on the roof skipping alot of the level.good luck.
Skip half of the armory level.
When you come to the jet pack elites kill them us usual and then go forward from where you entered the area until you fall. You will see a ramp here so jump on it and walk up it then you will be on the roof of the Athens building. Walk around it and jump down the other side and you skip all the fighting.
skip parts of the last level
On the last level all you need to do is get a banshee and when he blasts the door open fly to the right ledge then land and jump to the ledge above this one. this should take you to the final part of the level.
Skip Sniper Alley!
Level: Outskirts
How To: Once you have killed The first hunter pair at the start of the level walk through the hole in the wall they created. walk through and look around. there should a destroyed wall to the left of you. jump on to it and make your way upward by carrying on jumping upwards, crouch jumping when nessasery. you should eventually reach the roof tops (it may take a while to find and/or reach). from here head toward the left hand side part of the roof tops. you should see part of the destroyed highway that the first pelican flys along once it has picked up the sgt. jump onto this highway and walk across it. at the other side you should see a slope and in the distance the hotel where the next group of marines are pinned down. jump off the hight way and walk up this slope to reach the hotel skipping the sniper alley.
Skip tough Brute battle before the end boss
When you are flying around in the Banshee during the final level when you are giving support to your ally. You can skip directly to the final boss sequence if you are still in the Banshee after te door gets blown open. Fly to the right of the control centre building and aim towards the bottom right and if you fly close enough you should get a white screen indicating that you have started the cutscene. When it's over you will be at the final boss without fighting your way to him.
Skipped Cutscene saying
During the second cutscene of the level The Arbiter, the Elites say, "We will grind them into dust." But if you have subtitles on, they say after, "We will grind them into dust," they say something about, "We will scrape their excravation from our boots." Something like that.
Unnamed Skullskulls
Level: Armory
Difficulty: Legendary
Text Display on the Screen: \" None \"
What it does: This skull makes enemies more aware of your location, it seems.
How to Find the Skull: You\'ll see Sarge show up in an elevator at the beginning of the level. Wait there until he starts dissing on you and saying you need to get in the elevator. Now you have to wait for him to say \"Would it help if I said please?\" and then get in the elevator and go down. Get on the tram and look inside of the building. Press up against the doors toward the inside of the building, and then hold the X button and tha tshould give you the skull. It\'s on the green crates toward the end of the ride.

Thunderstorm Skull
Level: Cairo Station
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: Thunderstorm
What the Skull Does: It makes all of the covenant become special ops.
How to Find the Skull: Kill the second room of covenant enemies boarding the ship and it\'ll say \"Priority Shift.\" Right after this you go into the armory. Kill those elites and enter the room that is Commons B.01. Kill those enemies on the ground floor and the grunts in the distance on their plasma turrets. Now look outside into space and you\'ll see dual tracks and there will be diagonal beams holding the tracks.They are in the center, and they\'re close together. One goes down the side of the wall where a glass railing is and you can jump on the post. Then jump up onto the diagonal railing. Now jump to the track and follow it toward the door you came in...there\'s a landing with a trash can and the skull is there.

Angry Skull
Level: Gravemind
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Angry \"
What the Skull Does: You can use this skull as a third weapon, and it also makes grunts shoot a lot faster.
How to Find the Skull: Kill all the covenant on the level. You\'ll eventually reach the outside area. Turn right immediately and you\'ll see some crates (covenant) on the ldge...jump off of the crate and onto the ledge. Keep walking until you see a large girder and then jump onto it and go back toward the area you came from. There\'s an invisible grunt with a fuel rod cannon - kill him and keep walking to the end where you\'ll see the Angry skull above a small grav lift.

Blind Skull
Level: Outskirts
Difficulty: Any
Text on the Screen: \" Blind \"
What the Skull Does: This skull eliminates your hud and all on screen displays.
How to Find the Skull: This is the easiest skull to find - walk ahead of you where there is a hallway with a light. Walk in the hallway, turn around and look up where there is a flashing light. Jump onto it and then turn right and crouch jump to the roof....turn right again and follow the passageway which takes you to the ammunition and the Blind skull.

Catch Skull
Level: Metropolis
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Catch \"
What the Skull Does: Enemies toss a lot more grenades, including two plasma grenades in almost all instances.
How to Find the Skull: Exit the highway underground and once you see a circular room with jackals and elites, you can get in the Warthog and fly to the next checkpoint. Get out and go back to the circular room from before and clear that room by killing the enemies. There\'s a big beam from that goes from one of the platforms to the top of the two towers. Grenade jump at the base of this beam and walk to the top...now jump over the ledge of the left tower and walk to the end where you\'ll see the Catch skull.

Sputnik Skull
Level: Quarantine Zone
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Sputnik \"
What the Skull Does: Attacks are increased quite a bit...weapons are more powerful such as grenades, rockets, vehicles, melees, turrets, and more.The force of certain attacks and explosions is increased dramatically.
How to Find the Skull: Turn aroudn immediately and go into the tunnel you see until you come out the other end. Go across the area until you see a broken pipe tunnel to the right. There\'s a small ledge across the wall above a green pit. Walk across it to the end and you\'ll see the Sputnik skull.

Envy Skull
Level: Delta
Halo Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Envy \"
What the Skull Does: Instead of having a flashlight, you have active camo as Master Chief.
How to Find the Skull: Fight your way along until you find the place that has a big structure with lots of columns. Go left and you\'ll see a ramp that goes up and then back down. Walk up that and continue until you see plasma turrets. Go to the end and there is a door there\'s a big stone blocking a door. Get on that and then jump up onto the ledge. Now \'nade jump on top of that wall to the left and you\'ll notice that the right wall ends...jump onto the dirt and follow the stone wall to the top. Now when youre up top, you can see two invisible Elites looking at each other - the Envy skull is right there.

Ghost Skull
Level: Uprising
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Ghost \"
What the Skull Does: Not sure. If you know, contact us.
How to Find the Skull: There\'s an L shaped room after you pass the outside area that has ghosts and grunts. This is after the room that has covie and marine weapons. Now you need to grenade jump using a ghost (that you jack) up to the rafters. You\'ll see the skull above the door and if you hold X while jumping, you\'ll pick it up.

Mythic Skull
Level: Sacred Icon
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Mythic \"
What the Skull Does: The enemies seem to be harder to kill.
How to Find the Skull: When you get to the half-outside area that has sentinals in front of them, pass that up and go down the area where you eventually get in a dark area with flood. You will see 6 boxes when you enter the room...so use them to get on the landing above them and there are alcoves to the right. Check the third one and you\'ll find the Mythic skull.

Assassins Skull
Level: Regret
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Assassins \"
What the Skull Does: All enemies are cloaked.
How to Find the Skull: Right after the ride that is after the hunter fight, there\'s a building with turrets on it. Go inside and jump on the stone block that you\'ll see...then onto the ledge...this ledge takes you to where you saw the turrets, so you\'ll want to get on the roof from there.There\'s a broken pillar outisde of the door, so jump on and you\'ll be able to get up there using grenade and crouch jumps. Follow the right side of the building and you\'ll eventually come to a grassy area that has two invis elites and the skull.

Grunt Birthday Skull
Level: The Arbiter
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Grunt Birthday Party \"
What the Skull Does: Enemies explode when you get a headshot.
How to Find the Skull: As soon as youre able to get a banshee on the level, you can fly straight down to the bottom of the middle structure on this level...on the far side. When you see 2 circular beams and the connectio nbetween the two, you can land your banshee between them. There are dancing grunts there, which is obviously wher eyou will find the grunt birthday party skull.

Iron Skull
Level: High Charity
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Iron \"
What the Skull Does: When someone dies during co-op play, you get sent back to your last checkpoint like you do on Legendary.
How to Find the Skull: When you get to the last Gravity lift, just look up and a skull will pass by...hold X before it gets to you and you\'ll grab it.

Famine Skull
Level: The Oracle
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Famine \"
What the Skull Does: There is less ammo in all of the weapons you find laying around.
How to Find the Skull: Once you get off of the slow elevator, there is a hallway with dead bodies. Keep going and go to the right in the next room and find the third pane of glass. Shoot it out and also the windows directly across the room. Now you\'ll see a platform below with four posts. Turn on your active camo and jump to the center platform and then onto the column that is in the middle...now go through the window that you shot out and go left. Keep walking til you get to the end and there are four flood elites...with of course the Famine skull.

Level: Outskirts
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" I Would Have Been Your Daddy \"
What the Skull Does: It unlocks a bunch of dialogue throughout the game.
How to Find the Skull: You\'ll need to watch the video to get a better idea how to do this because explaining it is too complex.

Black Eye Skull
Level: Great Journey
Difficulty: Legendary
Text on the Screen: \" Black Eye \"
What the Skull Does: You must charge your shields by meleeing opponents. They don\'t charge normally..
How to Find the Skull: When you\'re taking Sarge somewhere (he\'s in a Scarab), follow him until there\'s a big compound. There\'s an angled support beam above the door that the Sarge blasts open...land your banshee on that and walk to the top. once you\'re up there, look down and then you\'ll see an angled wall to the left. Jump onto it and walk to the top. Now go straight along the right hand side of it and jump over the small beam you\'ll come to. Keep going straight until there\'s a grassy area where it becomes a hill....keep going until the angled support for the tower runs into the grass. Now jump onto the support and walk up it. Get off of it at the first landing and you\'ll see the Black Eye skull right there.
Slaughtering Humanoid Floods (with heads)
A funny way to slaughter these freaks is to shoot their heads off with a magnum. Magnums are very common, so just find one, pick it up(try duel wielding them or duel-wield a magnum with an SMG)and have fun blowing floods' heads off!(Note:SMG helps to hold 'em off to keep them still while you turn their faces into shrapnel.
Sniper Location,Refills, and Sniping Spot On Outskirts.
Your vision gets blurry. When your vision clears grab the sniper rifle from Sgt.Johnson, by switching your SMG with him. Go through the pathway. Kill the grunt. Go straight into the half blown up building. kill the elite, and grunt. Go up the stairs. Take the first left. When you go into the new room, take a left to see a dead marine on the ground. Pick up his sniper refills. Go back to the room where you killed your first grunt. There is a light to your left, jump on top of it. Crouch jump to reach the top of the wall. There will be a passageway to your left go in it. Pick up the grenades, if you need it. DO NOT PICK UP THE SKULL. your vision gets blind, weapons, health. Go to the edge where you can see your fellow marines dying. Snipe here.
Have fun.
Sniping on the beaches of Zanzibar
If you want to snipe on the beaches of Zanzibar all you have to do is go out to the beach and if you are looking towards the windmill thing go to your right all the way to the far side of the beach. There will be a rock wall that you run into just jump ontop of the rockwall and run up it there will be a tree in your way, just jump up around the tree and you will be in one of the best spots to snipe people on the beach of Zanzibar
Snobbish Elites
When playing as Arbiter, don't give elites human weapons. Elites are rather disdainful of human technology and this includes guns. When equipped with a human weapon, they will forget about the trigger and go on hand to hand, hence killing themselves.
Soccer ball w/o banshee
you must have sputnik, and a frag. go to metropolis and at the part where the huge waterfall is. stand in front of the waterfall faceing the way you are supose to go. then you will see this really tall window thats half broken, jump on the ledge next to the window and grenade jump, you should get over the top and just jump up the broken stuff to get up. oh ya and when you get to the top if there is plam tree everywhere you are in the right spot.
Some Good Tips
These are used highly on Xbox Live. The first tip is called BXR heres how to do it- get a battle rifle or a sniper or carbine. look at the enemys face get within melee reach then press B make sure it hits then press X Then R quickly. Now do that all quickly. practice this lots it is very usefull and will give you the edge. the next tip is BXB. use with any weapon. make sure you do not have a full clip(you can just fire one shot thats all thats needed) then get within melee range of the enemy press B then X you will start to reload but quickly press B again and you will hit him with 2 melees quickly and it will kill him right away without the wait of normal melee. another usefull tip, get a battle rifle and some grenades simply throw the FRAG grenades in front of the enemy his sheild will go down and give him a headshot and its done. one more very very very usefull tip (very very very hard also) it is called a double shot get a battle rifle Click RRX you will fire 2 shots rapidly like a machine gun BUT your weapon will automatically reload so have another one then press YY then finish off the enemy with another double shot. TAKES ALOT OF PRACTICE!! One last tip rapid fire without realoading get ANY weapon this takes some practice press R&X at the EXACT same time then let go of X and keep pressing R you should just keep firing those rounds without reloading. Have fun!! practice these lots and you become a better halo2 player!!!

Im a level 34 on Xbox Live because of these!!!

add my account RUNAWAY TUBE
Sputnik Mode
At the start of "Quarantine Zone" turn directly around, and you should see a tunnel. Head down the tunnel and go straight until you exit it. Go straight across the open area, and you'll come across a broken pipe tunnel on your right. Straight in front of you is a small ledge running across the wall, above the green pit. Carefully get onto that small ledge and walk all the way to the end of the ledge to find the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force and melee force is greater.

Start Flyin!
You ever wanted to fly in Halo 2? Well, this cheat gives you wings!

To start flying, here are the things you need:

2 people in Multiplayer
A multiplayer map with a Warthog and a Banshee

Now, Line the back end of the banshee with the passenger seat of the Warthog. Then, have Player 1 get in the passenger seat of the Warthog, and lock on to player 2. Then, player 2 gets in the Banshee and flays as far away as possible. Now, whenever player 1 gets out, they will instantly start flying towards the other player!

Happy Flyin'!

NOTE: Bungie is not responsible for any injuries that occur during flight.
this is a tip that my friend told me i havent tried it out yet but here it is.if you pass the first mission on halo 2 it should change the story mode because it makes you squad leader! thats all for now.
Super Jump On Coagulation
Go to a base, doesn't matter red or blue. Go to the back and go to the plasma pistol spawn. Now go off to the sides, and this big pillar like thing with a hole in it, crouch, and jump into the hole(make sure you are walking forward). Now let go of crouch(make sure you are still going forward) when you let go of crouch you should fall out, and hit the ground, then get immediantly sent up into the air.
Sword Advantage
This isnt really a cheat but it has something to do with what bungie says nots supposed to happen i dont know if its a glitch or not but, I was kicking my step-dads butt in Halo 2 with swords and he noticed that i could lunge before him so we did a test and found out that the spartans have a two step advantage over the elites in multiplayer games with swords. We have already posted this on g4 and we have gotten reports since then, but most say that bungie said they are exactly the same. X-box livers my gamertag is braindead1990 look me up
sword on outskirts
go on the second lvl outskirts past the part where the dude gets on the ship. Go to where the snipers start. there should bea vent thingy next to a building with a orange roof to the right. Jump on that then turn to the right and jump on the corner of the orange roof. Then turn to face the back wall and jump up there there should be two vent things there. Next turn to your left there should be four platforms go on the bottom left one and crouch jump on the black ramp thingy then take a right and there should be a hole in the wall of the building and there should be a sword upside down in there enjoy
Taking down elites very quickly
On legendary, elites can be unimaginably hard to kill when you don't use the proper techniques. But if you use a plasma pistol and a carbine/battle rifle, you can kill them instantly be charging up the plasma pistol, firing the overheated shot at the elite, and quickly pull out your carbine/battle rifle and shoot them in the head instantly killing them.
Another good way to kill them is to get close to them, charge up and fire the plasma pistol, which will parilize them for a second or so, giving you enough time to stick a plasma nade onto it. Note: this is only effective at close range, preferably using the other technique described above at long range.
Tanks a Flyin'
Start a multiplayer game. Go to Coagulation and make sure you have tanks as your Primary Heavy Vehicle. When you start playing, one player must get in the tank and flip it over on a rock (WARNING:Do NOT flip over the tank in a rocky spot or it will get stuck or won't work.)Make sure the tank is slopped so the other player's tank can get on. Get the other tank aligned with the flipped tank and get on. Do not get out or it won't work as well. Finally, the tankless player must get as far away as he can from the tank, but still be able to flip it. When you are, flip the tank and the one on top will go flying. The flip can range from a small throw against the wall, to a deadly breaking the boundries. Its extremely funny so try it out!
Team ball ascension hideout
If you want to cheat with team ball on ascenscion, or just wanna camp on head to head, there is a perfect spot. go to where the overshield is. stand on the overshield( the overshield does not need to be there) with your back to whre the banshee is. walk straight. the path should curve to the left. jump on the curved ledge. you should see a small ledge to your left. jump on it. then jump off it while hugging the wall. watch out for the death net!
The Real Scarab Gun Cheat:
Ok what you do is go to Metropolis and get a banshee to follow you and knock its wings off but don't blow it up then get it in the tunnel at the end of the level (be careful and this might be hard). Now here is the tricky part when it says level complete; at that exact moment get into the banshee. Now fly around on the roof tops until you see a plasma rifle gun on top of a building. Pick it up and it will use a scarab gun ray and it will also destroy anything in your way. There is the REAL scarab gun cheat. Thank you thank you! hintworks in co-op as well as single campaign)
The Unlimited Invisible Sword of DOOM!!!
When you play the level Arbiter, go through the level using up the sword. Once your sword energy is gone, get to the part where you get the banshee and go on to the next level with the flood(Oracle). Watch the cut scene and then take out your sword and try bashing the walls. If it makes the sword-hitting-the-wall noise, you did it right. You can only see your sword when you have active camo on (You can see the outlines) And since the sword has no energy to begin with, It has unlimited amount of energy. You can lunge and kill flood as if you still had the plasma blade on the sword.
They'll regret everything
On the level Regret, play until you reach the first two-storey bridge you have to cross (the one where the elite with the carbine probably is). Kill the enemies on the building on the other side and go back to the bridge. Walk across until you see the first rectangular boulderin the centre. Hop up onto this and face the building which you just cleaned out. There will be a pillar in front of you. Jump onto this pillar and then hop onto the awning of the building. Turn left and walk through the bushes to see a hidden walkway. Follow it and at the end will be a hidden sniper spot where you can see the entire platform below (the one where the Hunters are dropped off). A Beam rifle will be there for your convenience.

Thunderstorm Mode
In the large room after the armory, you need to use a duck-jump to get onto a light fixture on the right wall (right of the room when you enter) and then jump from there onto the higher area. There is a series of diagonal beams. Walk up one near to the end of it and use it to duck-jump onto one of the rails. You can fall between the rails, so be careful. Once on the rail, walk down it until you can jump onto the highest platform. Then bash the trashcan.

It says Thunderstorm when you pick it up.
Top of level in Zanzibar
When you start go to the building. Go up the hill where you can unlock the gate. There should be to wooden flaps of wood that if you hit go down (but don't). The way you came up: if you face right you should see them. jump on the closest one. Have there be 2 people and have energy swords. Once both players up; have one person jump on the other person's head. The person the the head can jump on the roof and the other person can sword cancel (R+x) and then you both can have fun up there! ENJOY PEOPLE!
Top of the world in containment
Now this is a kool trick especially if you do it in xboxlive. Go to the area where you get the spectre. The wall to the right is the one your gonna go up reverse as far back as you can. Now boost into the wall if you start going up it keep the boost on until you get on top of the mountain. Now remeber that there is only one base you can do it at. Once you get to the top there should be a big structure to right of you. go around it until you get to an area where you can go up the structure. Reverse like before and boost up it until you get to the top. Now enjoy, if your in xboxlive SNIPE AWAY.
Trash Talking Marines
There's nothing more funny than hearing your marines complain!! If you swap weapons with them and give them a crappy weapon they'll say something smart or rude. You can swap weapons over over again and they'll say something new each time.

Two Hit kill
Note:You need to be very fast and have good aim!
This might not sound good, but if you like too
kill someone with the least amount of damage
this is they way too do it.(1) Take the convent plasma pistol and the human pistol and
dual-wield them.(2)Charge the plasma pistol.(3)
Fire your plasma pistol so it hits there body.(4)
As soon as it hits fire your human pistol Strait
at there head.(5) If you make these too hits
good, you will kill them in two hits fast(6)
You'll take no damage if you fire first.
(7)If your opponent does not have a one hit gun (sword or rocket) you will take about 1/4
the damage!!! Happy killing!!!
uhhh hay you guys look at this cheat
have you guys ever wanted to get on top of zanzibars building (split screen only)well go to were the ghost and the warthhog is then look up not to much but look to the right that part of the mountain is cracked go to that part jump on it then look to your right not the big mountain you will slide down trust me just go to the right and grenade jump there you go enjoy <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Unknown Skull
At the begining 'Armory' wait in the room until the Sarge starts telling you to get into the elevator. You MUST wait for him to say 'Would it help if I said please?' When he says this, get into the elevator and go down to the tram. Get on the tram and face towards the INSIDE of the building. Press up against the glass doors towards the inside of the building. You should hold 'X' down, and you should pick up the skull. It's on a stack of green crates, near the end of the tram ride.
Unlimited Sword Ammo
You can do this in any two-part Campaign missions (i.e. Outskirts and Metropolis). If you finish the first level of the two-part mission with a sword with no ammo, you'll start the next level with a sword that has unlimited ammo. Though the sword doesn't show up when you arm it, it still makes all of the sound effects and acts exactly like a normal sword.
Uprising Walkthrough
This tip will walk you through my favourite level, uprising. Ok you start on a cliff with only a plasma rifle. First start walking in to the creepy jungle. *Note* You will hear a boyanette shot go off and then see 5 plasma shots go off, don't worry they won't come for you yet. Once youre in the jungle you will see a energy sword, pick it up but don't go around the corner yet. First, put on youre camoflauge and wait for the brute to come close. Then go behind him hit him with youre rifle and run back. I call this the "hit and run manoever". Keep on doing this untill you reach the bayyonettes. This is where it would be good to use 2 plasma rifle's. Keep going up the cliff untill you reach the top. Put on youre camoflauge and the kill the 2 brutes. After that an elite with a sword will meet you followed by 4 others. Walk into the building. There you will see 2 grunts, don't worry about them. Keep going untill you see 3 brutes. Stick with youre team, if youre taking shots, find cover. Keep following youre team unitll you reach the top off the cliff. Take care of the enemies and then take a breather. This is youre chance to give youre grunts better weapons ( needlers, brute rifles, plasma rifles) then head to the next room. You will see 3 brutes and a couple of jackals. Take care of the brutes first and then let youre team take care of the jackals. *Note* If you jump down and walk backwards you will see a grunt, he can't follow you but listen to what he says. Continue to the next room. Here you will see youre team on a platform with 4 explosives hit the explosives to make them fall and kill the enemies below. Keep going down and kill the enemies. Go to the final room where there's just a platform and a turret. Use a grenade to kill the turret and kill the enemies below. *Note* Keep youre eyes peeled for a plasma laucher, this will be helpfull. Continue on untill you reach a door. Walk out the door and then you will be greeted by 2 brutes and 2 jackals. Kill them and continue. Now it gets tricky. You will see 4 burtes well armed and a jackal sniper. Be carefull, one of them has a shotgun. Take them out. *Note* Get the shotgun! It is very helpfull. Hop on the ghost and continue. This is where the REAL action starts. Start taking out the ghosts then the brutes then the jackals. *Note* There is a sniper on the cliff be carefull. Head to the next battle zone. It looks quiet but soon there will be a spectre. Take it out first! If you don't it will really be hard to continue. Kill the enemies and keep going till you reach a place with lots of explosives. *Note* Play this part like Half-Life 2, use the explosives to youre advantage. Keep going till you reach the checkpoint "Fight Club" this can get tricky too so pay attention. As soon as youre in the water, it's brute central. Don't worry about them, turn left where there's 2 wraiths. Take them out first. Then some elites will come,use them to youre advantage. Head up a hill with youre team. There will be some brutes but not many. Keep walking untill you reach the armory. Take some shotgun shells and rocket launcher ammo. Once you walk out there will be some jackals kill them and head to the temple-like place. There will be 2 ghosts, take them out with youre rocket launcher then keep going in the tunnel. Kill the enemies and head to the door and voila! Youre done the level. Hope this helped!
Using a destroyed machine gun
You can use a destroyed machine gun; for example, in Zanzibar after you fire a rocket to one of the turrets on the left and right on the main base. Just go back to them and the screen will prompt you to hold X to operate. This can be useful during heated sessions.
walk on top of delta halo!
In the beginning of delta halo, you walk up the path
where you see the first turret. when you stand next to the turret, face the mountain and go to the right. when you hawe walked right as far as you can, you crounch jump around the side of the mountain.
when you land on the other side you can walk up the side of the mountain. when your're up you can walk on top of the level, without meeting any enemies.
Warthog Glitch
First get on any type of multiplayer game.Then get your friends and play a CTF, go to Coagulation.Fill up the warthog and rush their base make sure you go in where the Banshee should be.Then tell the passenger to get out and get on top of the warthog and jump where the flag is above him.then tell him to get in and you guy's get the heck out of their.
Warthog Glitch
On the level known as zanzibar put in warthogs (any kind you like) then go to the beach, this glitch requires two or more people. go to the beach and get in them and have the second player get at the end of the beach (the water to be exact) nehoo line them up and hit the gas, wich ever one didnt have enough speed will get flipped again and again, you can also do the same thing but the difference is hit it from the side
What the Unkown Skull Really Does
The Unknown Skull actually brings up the artificial intelligence of the marines/covenent as an example if you are invisible they can see you about as well as humans can see you meaning they may use better tactics and etc...
You can skip part of the level so you dont have to fight
On the last level there is a part where Seargent Johnson takes control of the scarab and you are supposed to fly the banshee and cover him.
You do not have to cover him, because the scarab cannot be destroyed..if your playin on legendary..or even heroic, and you just cant get past this part, take the banshee and land it on the top of the scarab.....then jump off and ride the scarab all the way through....this will get boring, and will take a while..so if you want, take the arbiter..and go down the ramp until you get to the force field..then set down the controller and eat...or watch tv...etc.
Then when Seargent Johnson blasts the doors, either jump in your banshee if its still there, or slide off the scarab "you will not get hurt from the fall" and jump on another banshee.
This will help you get past a part that can get very hard in the game. Hope it will help you out, bye! spartan 116, over and out
Zanzibar Egg
In the multiplayer map Zanzibar, there should be a computer on the upper level on the defense side that opens up the main gate into the base. After you activate this, the screen goes blue with the infamous BSOD.
Zanzibar SuperBounce
This cheat can be done in a custom game or matchmaking, (but you can get banned for it). It requires on person, but is only useful if you're playing actually playing a game against other people. Start up the map Zanzibar, and make your way over to the base. Go up to the closed metal-barred gate, and walk up the ledge to the left of it. Turn right, and you should see a couple of glass windows looking into the base. Go up to the one with the Battle Rifle next to it, and shoot it untill the entire window is shot out. (there still should be a couple random shards sticking out the wall). See that one shard of glass, shaped like a triangle on the right side of the window? We're gonna be using that. Crouch and walk slowly into the window, and face the small shard of glass. Get onto the left side of it, and walk into the wall to the left of it. Slowly turn right, but not all the way right. Let go of crouch, but keep walking. You should still be crouching even though the button is released. Press A and continue to hold forward. You should hit the bottom of the base and bounce high into the air. Stick a landing ontop of the base, and you've got yourself one hell of a sniper spot.


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1-10 super jumps
This glitch is in outskirts (campain). You have to get ontop of the rooftops. Stand at a corner of a rooftop where the pelican appears, and when pelican gets down where it drops of the marines. When Sargent Johnson says " Cheif good luck." jump on its back wing and the you should fly (not that high).I did 4 but I think you could do more. Good luck!
Going Up?
On the map relic, make it so you have an overshield and rockets. Grab a warthog and push a shield thing to the front of the tower. Make sure the front of the shield faces the tower. Then back up and get out of the warthog. Get on the back part of the shield that looks like an upsidedown T, and shoot the middle of the top of the shield and you should go flying up above the top of the tower. It takes a few times but you sould eventually get on top of the tower. It is an exelent sniping spot.
How to float on multi-player map!
In the multi-player map, Lockout, go over to where there is the sniper rifle and there will be a spot down under and if you jump repeatedly you will end up floating in mid-air. Good Luck! And have fun. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Iron man
On the 2nd level before you go into the city area shoot all your allies and on will live He is industructable until you defeat the 2 big alien dudes
Kill 2 Enemies with one grenade
This is really hard to do. I've only been able to do it twice. When there are two enemies standing right next to each other with their feet touching, (I recommend being stealthy or activate camouflage, because they'll move a lot if they see you) throw a plasma grenade right between their feet (has to be perfect)and it should stick. But then they run around like idiots the plasma grenade is duplicated with one on each enemy's foot. Then you can watch them die. ><img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Plasma bombs stick to eachother!
If you throw two plasma bombs into the air directly at each other then they should stick to each other!

Halo guy 1 -> -> -> ->BOMB 1{{{STICK}}}BOMB 2<- <- <- <- Halo guy 2
The Girly Johnson - freaking funny
You will need the sputnik skull for this one (it's on quarantine zone, and extremely easy to get). On Great Journey, as soon as you come to the outside platform where johnson hops into the scarab, do a grenade jump onto the scarab or onto its leg. Walk inside the scarab, and you'll find seargent johnson. You'll have to slowly push him onto the top of the scarab by walking into him(you can't melee him out). Force him off the back end of the scarab, and he'll scream as he falls to the ground. Now, go down and get in a wraith from earlier in the level, and run into him. you'll hear him scream like a girl, and hear him say stuff like "I haven't made out my will yet" and other funny things that he doesn't say anywhere else in the game. Have fun and enjoy.
The Spinning Wraith
This cheat is very amusing and very simple, and is most easily done on co-op. On Great Journey (any difficulty), get to the part where you come outside and johnson hops into the scarab (righ before the cut-scene). DON'T kill every brute, leave at least one living. Have one player stay up on the platform, while the other jumps down. The one who jumps down goes and gets a wraith from earlier in the level (if you used one earlier, it should still be there), and put it under the raised foot of the scarab. Have the player on the platform kill the last brute, and the cut-scene will commence. As soon as it finishes, quickly look at the scarab's leg, and you'll see the wraith go flying, then start spinning like a top for about 15 seconds. Eventually it settles down and blows up. It is very funny. good luck!

Easter eggs

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Get into Control Tower on Uprising
Okay, this is tricky. You must be in Co-op. After coming into the outdoor area, hijack the spectre. Near where you jack it, there will be a small cliff you'll be able to drive up, that will bring you to a flat surface. You won't be able to get out of the level here, so bring a ghost up there too, and use it as a ramp to get to the top of the level. Have the second player wait behind. First player will drive the spectre all the way around the level, until he comes up right on top of the outcrop building thing that juts out of the huge ciff. Player 2 will walk forward in the level until he gets a checkpoint, then commit suicide to spawn next to player 1. player 2 gets into the spectre turret and player 1 into the driver seat, and you very slowly start driving down the slanted part of the structure. As soon as you go into freefall, player 2 hops out and lands on a platform. This may take several tries. Wait for player 1 to respawn, then take turns trying to hop down to the lower platform. Once you land on this platform, you are able to hop down to the ground. Hopefully your spectre is alive, at which point you can drive it into the water, and eventually enter the control tower. You will find a large wall where the door to the actual control room should be. Believe me, this isn't impossible, just tricky. I will soon add a youtube video. my username is clanofstupidvideos. Thanks for reading


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Gun of the Game
If you want the best gun in the game, I know how to get it. First, go to Metropolis get in the scorpian tank and blow up everyone you see(even your teammates). Get nto the end of the bridge and blow up the ghosts and banshees leaving only one of each vehicle. Take the ghost and lure the banshee into the tunnel by going in it and shooting the banshee occasionally to keep its attention on you. Once you get to the end, board the banshee(kill the guy first) before it disappeares.Go through the tiny tunnel and fly to the double bridges in the top left. Up there you will find the scarab gun. If you fly to the old jacked up building,(also to the far left)and you'll find a giant soccer ball! You can use that just as background fun.
2 stupid invisible Elites in Metropolis
First go to Metropolis and make the difficulty setting Legendary. Play through the level normally up until you get to where you have to get out of your vehicle because it won't fit. This will be easier if you kill all of your enemy's in the area, but you don't have to. Now I will explain this the best way I can. Walk to the second bridge, so that you are facing the red room where you have to go through. Turn directly around so that you are facing that narrow passageway to the left of that coloum. Go through that narrow space and keep walking. At the very end, there will be 2 Elites, both stealth, one holding just 1 plasma rifle, the other 2. You can walk up to them and they won't do anything to you UNLESS you bump into them, throw a grenade, shoot, or kill one or the other of the Elites. It's kind-of weird that they just stand there and ignore you. If you want a better explanation, send me a PM.
[Glitch] Flying Tank
Go to the level called, Delta Halo. There is a path that has a lot of shields on it. Just use the tank to blow out the shields and then park on top of them. It might take a few tries but when they come back, you will fly into the air and perhaps explode.
Assassins Mode
A skull similar to the one that activates blind mode can be found if you Start on "regret". After the first lift ride (before the first underwater elevator), grenade jump from the front awning of the lift to the ledge in front of you (the one with two turrets).

Grenade jump AGAIN onto the next ledge.

Make your way to the back of the building. On Easy, you'll only find the skull. On Legendary, however, 2 invisible Elites carrying swords just shake their heads wildly, ignoring you completely.
bouncy glich on zanzibar
On zanzibar go to the building an to the windows by the battle riffle and the shudders. if your looking at the windows its the one on left. shoot out the window. there shold be a shard of glass that is stiken out. Take a look at it (you should be lookin towards the rokets).croch and walk forward on the left side of the bottom shard. Once you get stucklet go of crouch and you should be stuck.press A and still hold forword. then you should bounce high.
Crazy ghost
In metropolis when you have to get onto the maskero(Spider Thingy) Make sure you bring a ghost with you. You'll probably have a hard time getting up to the area but once your up there it's easy. drive to the area where you get on the maskero. Boost into it, hopefully you should land on it. drive to the top of the maskero and go to the end of it. The ghost should stop moving and the only thing you can do is turn. When you get out of the ghost it should still be floating. Try hitting or shooting it, it should start doing flips and spinning like crazy. If you destroy it the front of the ghost should still be there and still be floating.

crazy ghost ride
here is something real cool to try!
in Metropolis, ride the ghost all the way to the scarab. Boost on to it. When you get on it, the ghost seems out of control and is very difficult to control and drive around. Its really fun to gun down all the poeple on the scarab though. Also bring the ghost to the top of the scarab where its like a little bridge. When you get out, the ghost seems to be going by itself and hovers without you in it!!!
Cursed Flying Sword of the Forerunners
Go to a sword match at any place with a banshee and have some one get in it then have him face the oppisite direction of you. Lock on to him and have him takeoff but while he's takeing off pull the trigger. If you did it right the cursed sword shoul drag you along trying to kill the person in the banshee.
Die By Gurdians
On Any multiplayer Level or area get in a BANSHEE and fly high and jump out "try to make it land on you" then it will say killed by gurdians SOME TIMES IT DOSN'T WORK!!
Easy kill on brute
When you are playing as the Arbiter, camouflage yourself and go behind a brute. Before you are seen, hit them in the back with a weapon. It is guaranteed to work. But it has to be straight in the back.
Elite in the arbitor
In legendary playing the arbiter, right after you clear the heretics in the hanger with the plane in it, go down the place where all of the heretic elites and grunts are. Kill all of them and go to the part where all the heritic elietes with sanintenial beams are. Open the door, then go back till it closes and wait a little bit. After a while, an elite that has dual plasma rifles on your side will come out of no where and start helping you. He is only killed by grunts with needlers. Later on, right after the part with the sword on the ground, open the door and go back for a little wile. After a minute or two, he will come again even though he was killed earlier and start helping again. He is still killed by the grunts with needlers. After that, he doesn't come again.

(This cheat takes awile to work.)
Escape station
This cheat requires 2 people on a co-op on the mission "Oracle". Do the mission on any difficulty setting. Get to the part when you go up the lift to the top of the station to cut the cables, but don't go up the lift. Get player 1 go go onto the lift, and start the lift. Then get player 2 to immediatley walk under the lift shaft, go up to the control panel, and it still says click x to start lift, so start the lift again. Then the lift checkpoint will come, so player 2 is teleported on to the lift with player 1. But after the checkpoint the lift starts going down again, and it drops out of the station entirely. You can't get back up and if you jump off you die. But it's cool so try it anyway.
Exploding Banshee
To get this cheat to work, go to Metropolis. Make your way and jack a banshee. Kill everything else and try flying towards the tunnel. You will hit an invisble wall. Knowing this, land. Melee your banshee towards the tunnel. The banshee will not be affected by the wall. When it is next to the tunnel, flip it and pilot it. As soon as you pilot it, the Banshee wil immediatly explode, killing you.
Extra Soldiers
On last level shoot the black box to free the Hunters and Elites to kill the Brutes for you.
F U Situation
On the level Zanibar in multiplayer, to to where you open the gate by hitting the switch. After you hit the switch, zoom in with any weapon and you should see a message that says: An F U situation has occurred in your area or something like that. very fun to read the whole text.
All you have to do for this cheat is go to any flat place in the game, (Multiplayer or campaign), and jump into the air 10-15 times and you should be floating. All you can do though is spin around and shoot, if you move, or someone moves you, you will fall back down. It can also be useful if you need to jump higher, you can jump twice as high!
Floating Atlantis
In the level when you're chasing the heritic and the place is in free-fall, grab a banshee and fly up into the sky for a while and then E-ject, you should fly into the sky and land on ancient ruins and still be alive.

P.S.-This may not allways work.
Floating Atlantis Two
Okay If You're Having A Hard Time With My "Floating Atlantis" Cheat, Then Do This.

Do Co-Op On The Level Where You're Chasing The Heritic And The Station Is In Free-Fall And You're In The Banshees. Then E-Ject (X-Button) From Your Banshee (Only 1st Player!) And 1st Player Will Die. Make 2nd Player Fly Over To Some Ground and Land (Hold-Down The A-Button) But DON'T have 2nd Player E-ject Or Else You'll Start Over. With 2nd Player On Land, 1st Player Will Re-Appear and Fly Into The Ruins. And All The Weapons From The Dead 1st Player From Before Will Be Floating Up There Too! When 1st Player's In The Floating Atlantis He Can't Be Killed. So To Finish The Level You'll Have To Go To The Pause Menu And Select Restart From Last Checkpoint Or Whatever. If 2nd Player Dies, Nothing Will Happen.

So That's It! I Hope I Helped!
Floating Green Ball of Plasma
Ok I'm surprised nobody has found this yet (or at least i didn't feel like going through the near unlimited list of cheats to find out) Anyway, on the level OUTSKIRTS first kill the grunt and take it's plasma pistol, then go to the blind skull and pick it up. Then drop the skull and back up so you're facing the end of the alley, charge up your plasma pistol and you should see a glowing orb in front of you. Fire your plasma pistol when fully charged and you see an effect similar to a plasma pistol overheating. Please contact me and tell me what you think.
Floating Missile Launcher
In Metropolis, after you go through the last door before you board the scarab, the first box on your left should have a missile launcher on top. Melee the box off the edge and into the water, but DO NOT TOUCH THE MISSILE LAUNCHER.If successful, it'll be floating in mid air!
Fly in the Sky
Look on the article called "Giant Masterchief or elite in the sky" and do the same thing it says to do in there and sometimes you will go super high super fast, or you will sky rocket very far sideways.
Fly Without A Banshee
Ok, this code is very cool but very hard to do.

Fly very high in a banshee and have someone shoot you down with a rocket and jump out just before the rocket hits. Then just as the rocket hits the banshee enter it (Note: the timing has to be perfect), you will then be flying without a banshee, you will be indestructible and still beable to shoot!
Go into the passenger seat of a worthog (have a energy sword out) have someone come close to you so that you can do a upper cut in the vehicle, you wont see anything happen, then have the other player get as far away fom you as possible and aim while in the warthog and get out. you should go flying into the air. how far you go determines on how far away the other player is from you.
Flying Scorpion
This isn't really a cheat, but more of a glitch. In coagulation in multiplayer, make two scorpions respond, and both players must have rocket launchers. Flip one of the tanks over and drive the other tank on top of the flipped-over one. Then either hit "X", or hit "X" and then immediately shoot he underbelly of the top scorpion. Either way, the top scorpion will fly around the map. It will eventually stop, but it's one of those kind-of fun things to do when your bored.
Flying shields
Go to the Map Relic on the expansion pack. If you go to the part where there is that ship that crashed, where you would find the warthog or the spectre, make a Gauss warthog respond there. Once you drive it out a little bit, there should be 3 shield-like things. If you shoot them with the Gauss cannon, Some will fly up into the air, some will Go spinning, some will just shake, others will fall into the ground. It's kind-of weird to me.
Flying spartans
This trick can be done on any level. You have to have a banshee and a rocket launcher. Make sure you also have over shield. Now flip the banshee over. Stand on one wing (make sure your standing on the end of it). Now aim at the other wing with your rocket launcher. Shoot it and you should go flying. This is useful if you want to get to high places.
Grunts: Any weapons with kill like : BR,Carbine,SMG,Sniper trought the head or Frag them.


Blue: Fully charge your PP then use the BR or SMG to finish them off, or stick them

Red: PPxSMG or stick them.

White: Sword or stick them.

Hunters: Fuel Rod Cannons/Rocket's or Human's main turret.Also Snipers work too.


With Shields: Use the PP to get rid of there shields and then use the BR you kill them

Snipers: Use the Sniper or BR, also works with the Plasma Grenade and Carbine

Drones: Head Shot them with the BR.

Brutes: Wack them on the head,stick them or sniper team down.

Flood: Use Sentinel Beams or Swords there the most usefull.

Sentinels: PP, fully charged it and be in a medium distance.

Free soilders
on the last level go to where all the elites and hunters are jailed kill all brutes go to one of the cells look down there should be a black box shoot it the person in it shoud be free this can be done on any difficulty
Get on top of Delta Halo
All you have to do is go through that tunnel thing just past where you can get the Envy Skull. If you go to that place Where the PLasma turrent, to your left there will be a wall. Take a ghost and stand on top of it. Then do a grenade jump onto the top ledge. You have to do this fast because you have to get on top of the Pelican that's dropping off the weapons. Once your on top of it, it'll eventually take off. Once it gets a little too high, you will slide off and fall on top of the map. This is a major waste of time though because nothing's up there. I timed it once and it took me 45 minutes to go around the whole place.
Get the Grunt B-Day Skull
To get this oddball skull in campaign mode, you first have to have gotten past the Arbiter level on any difficulty. Start a new game on Legendary (begin with this level) and work your way to the part where you get the Banshee to follow the Heretic. Instead of flying up, fly straight down to the bottom of the station, and look for three gigantic pillars that support the station. On the middle pillar, there is a crevice with about seven grunts dancing around in a circle (its pretty hard to find, but the grunts look like lights). Inside the circle is a skull. Hold down the X button, and you will pick the skull up.

Now everytime you shoot an enemy in the head, they will explode, and the damage is equivalent to a plasma grenade.
Get to the top of RELIC!!!
Now this is pretty simple. You need a warthog or spectre, a rocket launcher and make sure you have overshields. Now get into the warthog or spectre and go over to the small protection wall thingy next to the crashed ship. Move it until it is infront of the relic. Don't put it too far or too close. Now stand on the metal bit and aim with your rocket launcher at the top corner of the shield. Shoot it and you should go flying. If you miss the top of relic just try to adjust the pisition of the shield.
Giant Body in the Sky
This glitch is cool to look at once you have done it. To do it start a two-player AGAINST each other on the Acension level. Have player one get the banshee and have player two stand next to the tall tower in the middle of the level. Then get player one to fly straight into player two. Player two will die and when they respawn, get player two to get in the banshee. Once player two is in the banshee fly to the top of the tower you stood next to. Get player one to look right at player two using a Sniper Rifle, and then shoot at player two just once. If done correctly, you should see a massive player two suddenly appear on top of the tower! It will stay there as long as player two is in the banshee. Also, if you get player one to blow up player two whilst they are in the banshee, the massive body will blow up and fly into the sky!

Giant Master Chief or Elite in the sky
Go on the level burial mounds with wraiths on. near where the wraith is there will be a protruding black rock that looks kind of like there are red veins in it. It should have about 5 sides going around and one of them is best for this cheat. so, you get someone to stand up against one of the sides and you have a person get in the wraith and get infront of the person so that they are right in the middle of the front of the wraith. when you are all lined up the person in the wraith should pull the L trigger to boost into the person. Now three thing could happen here, the person will fall through the ground into nothingness and hit the floor, making and ENORMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! copy of him in the sky, you will fly straight up higher than you can imagine, or you will die, it takes some practice but it can be done over and over again. Also, if it is not working go to a different side on the rock.
  1. Go to the level oracle on any difficulty.
    When it starts kill all of your allies besides the white one and run from him as he will try to kill you! Now go to the part where the hologram is placed and keep runnin from the white one or hide.... Before the flood, come out start killing the white guy with your sword so his sheilds are gone and get back... now watch him fly as he gets hit by the little flood!!!

  2. Alright this glitch is on oracle too exept u don't have to kill any allies so u won't get chased around by the white aly.... Go to the part with the hologram again exept get on top of it. When he dissapears you will be floatin in the air!!!
Go anywhere on Metropolis
You will need a ghost to do this, and you must have some skills of maneuvering one.

On the level Metropolis at the end when the Scarab takes a sharp turn under the bridge, there should be three cubes on the edge of the bridge, well there bombs... pass them all then turn around and hit the bomb in the middle with your right wing of the Ghost. If done correctly you will fly all the way to the other side of the river below you go to the end where the Scarab stops and go on the thing that sort of looks like a dock, turn around hold A and boost up the steep ledge and you will be able to go to places that you never could of!
Go where no Spartan has gone before!
Here's something really cool to try on the Metropolis level.

Later on in the level where you have to get off you tank and get on the warthog, who said you have to leave the tank behind. Take the tank and kill your fellow marines because they'll just get in the way. take the tank and push the trucks and cars over to the small opening, then get out of the tank (or if you have co-op on tell them to do this) take the warthog and drive it so that it is longways (you need a ramp). then take the tank and drive up the cars. (it takes a little time to do it but worth the joy of killing random covenant).

This was enspired by my dad because he was getting ticked off at a sniper who kept shooting him.

Happy blasting! Dearly from the Black and White Magician, Jay Dreamer
Going under Ivory Tower and living
Start off by going to the ramp thats glassed in. Now go half way up the ramp, you should see a small ledge with grass jump on top of the ledge then go to the back corner of the ledge(if your facing the ledge then its the corner on the right).Now get a friend to go directly in front of you then get them to back all the way up until they hit the glass behind them .Now tell your friend to crouch( your friend should crouch through the intire glitch) and then point your guns torwards each other tell your friend walk half way forward torwards you then immediately press B your friend should zoom to you but be stopped by the ledge then your friend should walk up the ramp if done right he should fall through the ramp to the bottom of the tower and live.
grunt killing brutes
on the theerd last level go to where a fule rod cannon is pick it up continue until you see a grunt being held hostage by a jackel kill the jackel and the turret swap the rod cannon for the pistol with the grunt the grunt shold be killing all the brutes even the specre!
Halo 2 easter Eggs
Blind Mode
At the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down the long dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen will flash black for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or radar. To get rid of this feature use the following method: 1. Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit. 2. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station. 3. Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit. 4. Go Outskirt and your hud is back.

Assassins Mode
A skull similar to the one that activates blind mode can be found if you Start on "regret". After the first lift ride (before the first underwater elevator), grenade jump from the front awning of the lift to the ledge in front of you (the one with two turrets).Grenade jump AGAIN onto the next ledge. Make your way to the back of the building. On Easy, you'll only find the skull. On Legendary, however, 2 invisible Elites carrying swords just shake their heads wildly, ignoring you completely.

Posters at the Old Mambassa Crash landing *after Cairo*
After you crash land on Old Mambassa, you can see posters all around with the Master Chief from the demo and some grunt posters.

Grunts Birthday Party Mode
In the level Arbiter on Legendary. Once you get to the first banshee section, fly immediately straight down all the way to the bottom of the map. In one of the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station. There will be a circle of grunts dancing around a skull. When you pick up the skull; it will say Grunt Birthday Party on the screen. Now when you kill a enemy with a projectile weapon, they will blow up like a plasma grenade was stuck to them.To get rid of this feature use the same method as the blind mode.

Iron Mode
On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must start holding X a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you grab the Iron Skull, Iron Mode will be activated. This skull causes you to go back to the last checkpoint when you die in co-op mode.

Envy Mode
On the level "Delta Halo" on Legendary Difficulty, Progress until you reach the area during the "Push through the covenant held ruins" where you have to clear a Landing Zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. You will know you are in the right area when cortana says "they're pouring out of the center building". Anyway that area has Plasma turrets along its borders. A little bit after the left side turret you will see the outline of a door in a wall, but the door has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. Jump on the rock then jump to the ledge above the door then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto the building with the sealed door using grenades. Atop the building you will find two dancing elites and the "Envy Skull". Pick up the envy skull and you will be able to use Active Camoflage like the Arbiter.

Angry Mode
When you are the Master Chief trying to recover the index from the Prophet of Truth on the Covenant Holy City go until you reach the first outdoor area with dirt and vegetation. Take a right as you enter this room and run up to the wall past the gravity lift that leads up to the sniper point. Get on top of the wall by going up the dirt mound on your left. Follow the wall until you reach the floating skull called "Angry". This skull makes enemies fire at a faster rate.

Catch Mode
Right after u get out of the sewers (Tunnel), there is a big area and 2 ghosts, kill every thing first, then go to the middle of it where u see a arc that leads up onto a building, throw a grenade down and jump by it to get enough height to start climbing it. When you get to the top take a left and hug the wall around the structure and the skull will be there.It says Catch and causes enemies to throw more grenades.

Famine Skull
After you get off of the slowly decending elevator in "The Oracle", you will come to a hallway where you see a handful of dead bodies. Continue into the next room, and you will be on the second floor of a room that has windows. When you enter this room, look to the right, and find the third pane of glass. It should be to the right of a wall that has some flood guts splattered on it. Shoot out this window, and either window directly across the room. If you look below you will see a platform that has four tall posts. On the far side of the room there is a column that is right in between the two windows, on the far side of the room. Turn on your active camo, and jump to the center platform. Jump on either of the posts on the far side of the platform and jump to the column between the windows. Make another jump through the window you shot out and make a left. Walk all the way to the end and you'll find four flood elites convulsing on the floor, with the Famine skull in the middle of them. When you have this skull all weapons will have less ammo.

Mythic Mode
In "Sacred Icon" there is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area right next to it. There is a large sentinal in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a vary dark and dank flood infested area. There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on your right hand side. The skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human flood.

Sputnik Mode
At the start of "Quarantine Zone" turn directly around, and you should see a tunnel. Head down the tunnel and go straight until you exit it. Go straight across the open area, and you'll come across a broken pipe tunnel on your right. Straight in front of you is a small ledge running across the wall, above the green pit. Carefully get onto that small ledge and walk all the way to the end of the ledge to find the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force and melee force is greater.

Unknown Skull
At the begining "Armory" wait in the room until the Sarge starts telling you to get into the elevator. You MUST wait for him to say "Would it help if I said please?" When he says this, get into the elevator and go down to the tram. Get on the tram and face towards the INSIDE of the building. Press up against the glass doors towards the inside of the building. You should hold 'X' down, and you should pick up the skull. It's on a stack of green crates, near the end of the tram ride.

Hidden art gallery in the Limited Edition DVD
In the main menu of the bonus DVD, hold left for 10 seconds.Then you will be able to see the hidden art gallery.

Thunderstorm Mode
On the level "Cario Station" on legendary, make your way to the "Priority Shift" checkpoint. Progress until the room with mounted plasma turrets, right after the armory with the Elites. Clear out this room, and get on the raised area with the plasma turret that is on the side of the wall where the window curves. Look for two parallel beams on the ledge above. Climb up the supports for these beams and crouch jump up onto the upper ledge, then onto the beams themselves. Walk in the direction you came from and there will be a small ledge sticking out to the left, jump on it and pick up the Thunderstorm Skull from inside the trash container. This turns all Covenants into their spec ops rank.

Midship bunny
On the level Midship, go to the top where the sword spawns. Now walk to the doorway which doesnt have a big roof. Look up and you should see an outline of a bunny!

"Why am I here?" Message in Beaver Creek
This easter egg is very simple. Go to beaver creek. Run to where the sniper rifle spawns. Jump up on to the ledge in front of you and push all of the rocks down. When you push the big rock down loook at the wall that was behind of it. If you look carefully, you should see "Why am I here?" Scratched in to the wall. (Note: if you can not see it then back away from the wall some and it should look much clearer.)

"Not Sid was here" Message in Coagulation
In the multiplayer map Coagulation, go to the area with the three trees. Enter the cave, and there should be two paths into the area with the water. Walk down the path to the left, and before you fall into the water area, look at the wall to the left to find this text etched on the wall.

Sign on Zanzibar
On the beach on Zanzibar, you will see signs that say NO SWIMMING. Well, go to your xbox dashboard, go to the Settings, Clock, and change every number you can to 7 , then pop Halo 2 back into your xbox and load it up. WARNING: Do not sign into XBoxLive, it resets your clock. Now go to Split-Screen and start a game on Zanzibar. Go to the beach and look at the sign, it will mention something is missing, and there is a bloody dog's head.

Rex-In outskirts
First start going torwards the blind skull way but when you go up there take a left instead of a right and jump on the ledge, then crouch jump on top of another ledge (which would be right above the wreckage) then jump on the ledge across the wreckage then continue the pathway intill you reach the area with the sword sticking out of the ground (It's inside a broken rooftop), right next to it is a rock with the word REX written on it.

Giant Soccer Ball
It's on the level "Metropolis" on any difficulty I do believe. Use the same method to get a Banshee through the tunnels as you would if you were getting the Scarab Gun. (See the corresponding cheat for more details)Now take your Banshee away from that half-dome thing and fly through the level using the same path you would as if you were walking. Once you get to the highway where the Warthogs are fighting the Ghosts, keep flying straight toward the half-demolished building. Fly into it and go to the bottom level. Behold! A giant soccer ball! It's great fun to mess around with, especially if you have the Scarab gun.

Zanibar Computer Screen
On Zanzibar, after you open the gate the computer screen (used to open the gate) changes. When you zoom in on the words you can read how to fix your computer and some other gags
Have the background of outskirts and gravemined be in the corner of your screen through-out the game
Go to Outskirts. Right after Johnson gets picked up, clear the area with the jackals and buggers. Go down the alley way, jump up onto the garbage bin and jump into the arches. Turn around and crouch jump into the next room that's long and narrow. Jump onto an air conditioning unit or a window sill, I can't remember. Then jump onto some roof and look around in the sky, you should see buildings and a bridge move with your screen. then jump down and continue with the mission until you get to the part when you go through the hotel and the elites and grunts come. When you get there, right after the checkpoint, you should see the same buildings and the same bridge you saw up on the roof. This also worked in the level Gravemined, with the brutes and Master Chief. If you watch the intro clips, you should see jackals and grunts at the top of your screen.

(It may have been one of those only works once kind-of things though)
Helicopter Scorpion!
In this cheat... you will need two players willing to perform this cheat, a Wraith and a scorpion tank. Whoever wants to fly and go crazy must go into the scorpion, the other player in the wraith. Both tanks must go on collision front first and the player in the wraith will have to use the boost at the last second before collision. If the cheat works, the scorpion should end up in a helicopter twirl and explode. Results may vary for the wraith. TRY IT OUT!
homeing rocket
This works best in coagulation. All you have to do is get a warthog and a rocket launcher. Drive the warthog to the place by the cliff thats shaded and has a big hill. Drive the warthog onto that hill, get out and enter the passangers side of the warthog. Have another person lock onto the warthog with their rocket launcher. Now don't shoot the warthog, move the target to the right till it goes white again. Now fire a rocket. If you did it correctly, it should be flying around in a circle around the warthog. As long as you don't move the warthog, or get out, it will keep doing that until it eventually goes away. You can fire a maximum of 3 rockets at a time.
How to fly. (glitch)
To fly you need to get somebody on your head. try and find a corner in a building to do this in. because doing it when theres nothing infront or behind you is harder because the person jumping on your head flies everywhere.. nehoo.
One person stands on ur head and keeps pushing the A button. Never try and time it. Just keep bashing away at it. Then the person with the Sword pushes the X+B button . You'll get used to it with practice.. Try and make the game with Rockets and Swords and you can get literally anywhere.

(Edit You can also use the X and the right trigger to do this.)
how to get on roof of zanibar building
You need atleast two people for this cheat with swords and rockets. you need to go to the base of zanibar. you or someone else stand on one of the shudders without knocking it down. someone else get on top of the person on the shudder and crouch jump to the roof by holding the crouch button while jumping. then someone else can either do the rocket sword cheat to get up on the roof or someone can get on the shudder and fake slash them. and also if you would like to get past the barrier near the mountains then all you have to do is get someone to stand against the cliff going as far back as possible. get another person to get near the roof where you got up onto the roof and use the rocket sword cheat on the guy near the cliff. you should fly up and past the barrier.guys on xbox live my gamer tag is Linkin Park 12. look me up.
How to Use a Gun as a Flashlight
Get a Plasma Pistol and hold down the R trigger and it make light while you're flashlight is charging.
Infinate (sort of) Ammo!!!!!!!
After doing combat, walk up to an ally till it says " Hold X to take ally's ******". Aim away from him and use up the last of your ammo. IMMEDIATLY switch weapons with him, before you re load it. He will then use his own ammo to reload it. Once he is done, take the weapon back. You will have a full clip and will have lost none of your own ammo. I recommend this for weapons with hard-to-find ammo, such as the magnum, shotgun, and rocket launcher.
Just a tiny funny glitch.
Do multiplayer and have a banshee. Have one person get in it and the other try to jack it. Right when the person latches on to kick you off, get out and he will kick the air and make a funny noise. Also this gives you a chance to doublejack in the air.
Know thy Foe
Grunts: Anything will kill these quickly and they will soon run is you kill enough of them.

Jackals: Use a charged lasma pistol to take down the sheid then hit them with a human weapon, plasma grenades can also be used.

Flying Bug Things: Use a SMG at close range or when they land hit themm with a scope weapon. If having trouble shoot them with a sniper as covenant ones are usually found en masse.

Elites: Swords are amazing here. another good combo is either SMg/plasma rifle or plasma rifle/plasma rifle or plasma pistol/SMG use the covenant weapons to take down sheilds and human weapons for the kill.

Hunters: Either use a sniper/ scope weapon and hit them on their bright orange belly which will kill in one(not in legendary) or hit one and run while someone else kills them. Rockets like in the first game are good too.(i find hunters to be the weakest of enemys in the right situation.

Brutes: Either hit their helmets off and shoot them in the head with a scope weapon, hit them repeatedly with a sword or just plain shot them with anything nearby.

hope this helps
Last level skip a part
On the last level after Jacobs has blown up the door, head over towards one of the pillars (the one on the far right from the door)on the structure that holds the door. Do a nose dive using your banshee and it will immediately take you to the part of the level where you must fight Tartarus.
Levitation and make wrathog dissapear by sniper
Ok levitation the real way. Get Xbox live and make sure a guy joins ur party make the client (non host) get crouched like a super bounce and make host look. when the host sees the guy crouch standing up when on the guys screen thats crouch his stilled crouched now make the client jump over and over. To the host he will be levitatin upwards into the air. Now the client must gently. Push a direction and he will apear there on his screen. Tell me if ur confused.

Now the warthog glitch. U need xbox live and make a warthog go on a ledge so two wheels are sticking off and 2 are on when the client sees the warthog fall off which hasnt its just cloned he must push the warthog he sees with a wraith. To a good spot were the real hog is. Now shoot the warthog driver in the head he wont die he will dissapear back to the real spot. The host wont reckon anything has happend.
Make Homing Rockets miss
Ok, we all hate it when the other player launches a homing rocket at us. To avoid this simply wait until the missile is fairly close and jump out the vehicle.
If you are on foot then heres how you do it:
Run towards the missle and as soon as you can see it run backwards but making sure you can still see it. Then, just before it hits you, move to either the left or right. Simple!
New World
Go to the map Contaimment. Get in a specter. You know that place of the map where all the veichels respawn? Well, go there in your specter. (you should already be there.) There is a giant snow wall. Charge at that. If you start to go up it, continue. If you get up there, dont abandon your specter. If you do, and it goes away or gets destroyed, you cant get back down unless you kill your self, or press START on your controller and click on something that will kill you but will not stop the game. If you try to get down without your specter, it wont. This is more a glitch than a cheat. So have fun in your new snow world!
no swimming signs in zanzibar
You may have noticed this by now, but if you shoot the signs with a rocket launcher, the rocket will not blow up. It will make the sound of a rocket blowing up, but it will just vanish along with the sign.
No Weapon
Set the game on oddball any amount of balls. starting weapon plasma pistol. charge the plasma pistol then quickly grab the oddball while charged you should drop the pistol and then drop the oddball and you will have no weapons. but if you walk over a weapo it will automatically pick it up so be careful. add me on Xbox live!!
out side of level in ivory tower... truly
ok, first u need 2 people on different teams. both people go to the over shield walkway.person 1 goes up the walkway all the way without turning.turn right so your eye level with the other walkway. go up about 2 game feet and look right down a little u should see a small ledge.get on.then look through the glass and have the other person stand on the other side. then just keep sword lunging and eventually you will fall down through the level
pelian ride
on the outskirts go to where jhonson gets picked up go in front of pelican jump on it wait for it to leave it shoud disappear there you go [not much 2 do!]
Pelican ride to glitchland
In Metropolis, right after you kill the 3 wraiths in that street place, there will be 2 pelicans that come. One pelican has a scorpion, and the other drops off Marines. The one that drops off the Marines is the one you can ride. Right after it drops them off, jump up and hold X, even though it won't say to. If you did it right, you should be in the pelican. For a little while it will be flying, then your screen will start spinning around, (Simulateing a crash), and in a little while you should have crashed on the water. Now this is the weird part, there's some invisible shield that keeps you above the water. The pelican will just be spinning a little bit, and if you go up to it, it will say "Hold X to flip banchee". It's really weird! And if you kill any of the Marines that survived, their body's and their guns will just float in the air. The only bad part is that you can't get back; you'll have to kill yourself.
Ride a ghost up a cliff
In Blood gulch multiplayer level take a ghost and go to the side that does NOT have the sniper hill behind it's base. If you are facing the other base proceed to the left where there are all those trees and rocket ammo (note: the rockets depend on your weapon settings) and somewhere along the cliff wall you will be able to ride straight up. When you reach the top you start to fall but you can maintain a certain places on the wall.
ride the crazy pelican!
OK this glitch is ****ing hilarious!
Go to metropolis level and work your way to the part were you get off your gauss warthog. Instead of going into the building with a bunch of stairs go to the place outside were a pelican drops off some marines. Run under the pelican, jump from under the platform at the back of it. At the top of you're jump quickly hold X. If you did it right master chief should hop in the pelican. The pelican flies around the map and suddenly gos crazy. You are thrown out either on top of a large building or on an invisible platform type thing. The pelican is rolling halfway in the ground! Walk up to it and it says "flip banshee". When you press X it starts rolling like crazy. Have fun!

P.S. Sorry for making the cheat so long, but it's definitely worth it!
Robot Spider
When you make it to the robot spider at the end of the third level. Try jumping onto its nose and walking to the side up against it. You should fall down and sort of glitch being able to see the top deck and inside of the spider at the same time. You can now kill all of the enemies without them being able to shoot back at you. Makes it easy to beat for legendary mode.
Sargent Johnson Acts *bleep*ed
At the end of the elevator ride in The Armory and the gates open up, jump on-top of Sargent Johnsons head and he will walk every way besides the way to the gondola.
Sargent Johnson Jumps
On the level The Armory, Right after you get on the elevator, push Johnson as far as you can while keeping him on the shield. Once the gates close, he will jump backwards.
secret sunny face
ok,to do this cheat/easter egg you must blow up a tank so the head blows off.(I used the gauss warthog)If the head of the tank flips upside-down,look at the bottom.You should see a face/sun.If the head doesn\'t land upside-down,you must redo this unti it is upside-down.
Shoot an enemy high into the sky
For this, it can only be done in Metropolis. You need the scarab gun, (The way to get it should be the first cheat on this page), and plasma grenades. First stick something with a plasma grenade, step back, and shoot them with the scarab gun. The blast from the scarab gun should send the body up, and then the plasma grenade should blow up, making it go even higher. This may also work with just a rocket launcher too.
Shoot Backwards and Levitate
Ok havnt got much time and i know thousands of glitches so. One person will need halo 2 version 1.0 and the other person 1.1 then use system link. The person on vesion 1.1 needs to jump over and over everytime he hits the ground till he stays in mid air. The person on version 1.0 should see the other guy still on the ground so crouch and push the guy thats on 1.1 and push to the ground so u hav cloned him easy. Now the person on 1.1 should see the guy pushin nothing. So the guy on version 1.0 shoot the guy that u cloned to the spot u see him and shoot him in the shoulder the guy on 1.1 will see the bullet goin backwards if the guy on 1.0 is facing the other way.
Skull of blindness
On the second level, jump crouch on the light above the door, and then jump crouch again up onto the building. There's a little alley with a skull in it. Dont pick it up because It make's you unable to see weapons.
hey dudes! on level 7 when you are about to cut the cable, try to cut on the front side.remember, if you cut on the lined side, you will mess up! if you did it correctly, you should be able to reach the other side of the bilding. it's fun!!!
Sniping spot in containment
This cheat can be hard, but for the most part, it's pretty easy. First you select Containment on multiplayer and make the primary light vehicle a spectre. Then start the game and go to the red base, (it only works at the red base). Take the spectre and turn 180 degrees around. Directly behind you, there should be a ramp, drive all the way up that ramp and up the one that goes right a little bit, and turn around so that your facing the rock wall. Now press the left trigger to boost, but at the same time press A, and up on the left joystick so that you flip up a little bit. Now you should be on the rock wall. Do not take your finger off of the boost while your on the wall. Now start moving towards the top-left corner of your screen to avoid the invisible barrier. At the top of the rock cliff, there should be a dip that looks somewhat like a V, go into that V, (It might take awhile, but you should get past the shield). Now you should be looking at a snow-covered cliff. If you want, you can turn around and snipe there, but you can still go higher. If you look, there is a stone structure in the middle of that part of the map. Go towards it. Where you want to go though, is the side where there is a big ramp. That hill you saw when you first came up, back up on it till you are at the top, facing the ramp. Now do the same thing you did on the rock wall, hold the left trigger to boost, hold A and up on the left joystick to flip up a little bit and you should land on that ramp-like structure. Keep holding boost and you should go up the ramp. Once you get to the top, take a right and get out of the spectre. Go up on the rising part. When you get to the edge, you should see almost every part of the whole map! The best part is, no one can hit you, unless they come up too. Although it is a little hard to snipe someone on the blue base, and can be tricky on the red base, you can get them almost anywhere else they go. Also when your up there, it is very hard, probably impossible to get down, I've never tried it before, so I don't know. I always just jump off but there's a problem with doing that. What happens is if you jump off, you will get stuck on the shield, so you are just basically floating in the air. When your there, all you can hope for is either you have a rocket launcher, so you can kill yourself, or someone else comes and kills you.
Spider man
For this you need to play any multiplayer level. Make the primary light vehicle a spectre. Play the game and get into the spectre. Press the left trigger to boost it and drive at a wall. Press A and up on the left joystick. If you did this correctly, you should be scaling the walls, (Just don't take your finger off of the boost button).
Spot on zanibar
on outskirts get to the part were all teh building are there should be two big green boxes jump on them look right jump on the building there should be a hole walk through the hole you should see two gruuts shoot them you shoud have a good veiw of the zanibar
Super easy kills
In legendary, the Elites are cheap, run hide, then come out and blast the bejesus out of you. Well, simple technique. Grap a Plasma pistol and a magnum(or smg, pretty much any human weapon except the sniper rifle) Its better to dual weild, moving on. Put the plasma pistol as you left hand weapon, and then get the magnum as your right. Charge the plasma pistol fully, then let fire on the elite with it, then a quick shot to the head with the magnum, and the elite will die.

Note: If the elite turns his back after his sheilds are gone, dont bother shooting him because it has little effect on killing him. This trick is also handy in Xbox live

Submitted by an online gamer- Auto Nova
Super Ghost
Make sure you have rockets. Be beside the ghost so that you can get it, BUT DONT YET!!! Aim at the wing with the rockets and hold X. Right before you are in, shoot the wing. If it doesn't blow up and you are in it and it is bobbing up and down, you did it. Now no one can lock on to you, hijack you, and when they try to kill you, their aim won't turn red.
Super Jump
Go on Coagulation with a banshee. Go in the air anywhere and jump out. try to make the banshee land upside down with one wing on the ground and on wing in the air. Get on the wing on the ground. Get out your Rocketlauncher and shoot at the wing in the air. Before You know it you will be very high.

Note: This works on other maps to
Sword Grapple (glitch)
easy to do. all you need is a sword and two thumbs. You look at the enemy and uppercut him. but before you hit him you push the x button and hold it and you will go woosh.. Not as good as the rocket jump though.
The Guardians
Okay I was playing XboxLive with REDNECK and We were on a team. We used a wrath and we also made it so you can't kill your friends. We used swords and Rockets, and one of us used the wrath by the building near the Banshee on the west side and he went back and I went to the wall on the bottom and then when he went forward he use the boost (L trigger) and then I went flying into the wall and died and it said I was Killed by the Guardians. try it out if you want.
the long jump (little higher than normal jump)
First you need an overshield and a rocket.Take out your rocket,look down,jump and while you are heading up shoot.You should be in the air longer.
The ROCKET JUMP!! (glitch)
Hey dudes!! Get a Rocket launcher and a sword to start off with. The best level for this is headlong btw.. HEAD LONG! get it? you .. oh never mind.. nehoo. Empty out all your rockets and then make sure that your opponent is actually an enemy.. DONT KILL HIM!! lol . Look at him then start to push the fire button and the y button. Eventually you will Fly towards him. After some practice you will be able to reach the 2nd crane in the sky and then perhaps as i did. find the huge massive secret place.. The highest building actually lol. When you reach the highest building you will see no floor but a little grey statue thing infront of you. you can walk through it. its cool try it.
The Scarab gun.
Have you ever heard about the scareb gun but never knew how to get it well here it is. Ok what you have to do is go to ofline turf. Then when you get into the place where there are ghosts and banshees every where. What you have to do is make one of the stupid banshee pilots flie into the tunnel that you get out of and into the next lvl. When it gets stuck in there steal it and you will be able to fly around then go to the top of the lvl and look for a type of connecter. Then look for the scareb gun witch looks like a plasma rifle. When you get it save because when you shoot it it will blow away anything in it's path.
The valley of death (unknown)
This is a little place i like to call suacide valley.. its on headlong and pretty much every other level has one but headlong has about 5. The easiest one to get to is behind the building with the two worthogs. Picture this as i describe it. You get a banshee and you fly across to behind that warthog building. There's a ledge that you will land on thats pretty high up. Land in the banshee there and get your friend to fly up after you drop the banshee back down for him. (alternativley you can make him stand on ur banshee and give him a lift up. It works .Try boosting.. they go miles) Then when your both up i like to use a Banshee catapult which is when one person (in the banshee) shouts to his friend and says, GET ON MY WING! .. so the other guy jumps on his wing and then when the driver says jump. You jump directly forward and you will go flying forward when the person driving you does a side barrel roll.Then when your up at the Crane side your friend can do a rocket jump up and then You can walk just beside the crane and you will die. Takes a while to find. But there are loads of death places.

gamertag: hawkjnr
Ulta Slay
Ultas (white elites) as you know are extremely powerful on legendary. If you want them dead within less than 5 hits, this is what you do. Grab a plasma pistol, overcharge it, and blast him. Then quickly pull out your battle rifle and cap him in the head. Do it fast, and legendary will seem as easy as heroic.
Vent Jump
First you must go to the level Metropolis, then go through the level like normal. When you reach the end of the level where you board the scarab don't board and go to the very last bridge then turn left and you'll see three vents(they look like boxes). Go to the first vent and hit it in the left corner twice and it will explode. You'll fly backwards towards three pipes(turn Around)and you MUST land on at least one (try the right pipe its the first one). then walk up the pipe and grenade or run jump up to the platform above and you've completed this unbelievably hard to reach area glitch. THIS WILL BE A GREAT SPOT TO SNIPE PEOPLE IN THE SCARABS FINAL DESTINATION.
weird senential
if you play quarentine zone and get to the part where you have to get out of your vehical and walk continue as usual until you get to the area where the robots and flood host are fighting. when you get there look closely for a small floating robot with a needler! it the same as the regular kind except it fires needles, even when you kill it he drops a needler! weird glitch.
Weird Window Reflections on Headlong
In Headlong, grab a banshee and fly to the part of the level with water. On the same side as the Warthogs spawn, almost at the end of the level itself, there are some windows. Look closely at them, they aren't reflecting the other side of the level, but showing concept art for Halo 2. (A would-be human city at night)
What to use on the enemies
When your faced with enemies you find invincable, don't forget every enemy has a weakness. For example

Grunts are standard, but they lack pace. If your stuck with an elite leading them, get rid of it. They won't run, but the split up.

Elites are better than grunts, but I find melee attacks work best.

Jackals were the worst to fight in the old game and they live up to old reputation because of the shield but a grenade will blow their brains out.

Hunters are strong and they WILL kill you if your caught off guard but drawing one away works well, because they are almost always in pairs. So melee attack them then run for it.

Brutes work in packs so I tend to use what lions etc. use and pick the one thats moved away, but if you don't want to die, fire a grenade into the pack.

Drones are the worst to fight against now because, well they fly, but a good tactic is to overcharge a plasma pistol, when you've got a good shot, let rip because, I'm not sure if they wear armour, all I know is that's the quickest way I've discovered.