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1 shot kill
In multi-player, if you shoot any other player in the visor, your opponent will die automatically. This will work with most guns.
3 Guns
All I did is when the captian said i dont keep it loaded I ran out when i got to the corridor the Grunts was not there so i went to the Cantian got a alian gun then went back where i saw the Captian then left there was the Grunts and this is when i got my pistol which now make 3 GUNS!!!
6 weapons
All you have to do is when you emerge from the higher rooms in two betrayles get the banshee and fly stright not changing altitude to above the under ground entrance let go of all buttons and let the banshee crash to the ground get out and run down the left hand side untill the bottom. no aliens will attack you and the flood member with a rocket launcher is facing the crashed banshee, smack him in the back so that he dies and you get 6 weapons the one you had equiped and 5 rpg's have fun. dont email me.
a really neat trick with a tank and a ghost
on blood gulch park a tank in front of one of the bases but in bettween the post things and then get out get into the ghost and drive at the tank full speed,you will do a front flip onto the roof of the base leaving you a fantastic gun turret to blast those arms and legs off
A Very Easy Way to Kill Elites
Elites are a pain in the ass. They've always have been, no matter what difficulty level you play on. I'm here to tell you about an anti-elite method to use whenever you encounter one.
Just simply charge up your plasma pistol and shoot the overcharged bolt at the elite. He should be prone to attack for about a second or so. Use this time to throw a plasma grenade onto him for an instant kill. Note: Although this method is highly effective at close range, at long range it is very difficult to initiate this tactic simply because the plasma bolt travels slow enough for the elite to dodge it. Even if you do hit him with the overcharged bolt of plasma, it will be very difficult to attach a plasma grenade onto him at long range.
active camouflague in a funny place
on 343 guilty spark, throw a lot of gernades when your in the pelican so that you don't get out. stay in there until the pelican lands. get out and walk to the right and border the clif edge. bordering the clif edge stil, walk to the right without falling off of the clif and you should see a medal tube below you. walk around it and jump down so that you are to the right of the tube. the active camouflague should be down there.
Alternate Ending Sequence:
Complete the game in campaign mode on the legendary difficulty setting to view a different and longer ending sequence.
An Easy Way To Kill Anyone!
Okay, get any vehicle, Warthogs are the best, and drive fast. Go slightly to the side of an enemy and quickly spin when you're almost beside them. You will run them down and kill them. Works on any one, even Hunters and Jackals.
P.S. Even works on Gold Elites!
AOTCR Save Lots Of Time!
When you come out onto the frozen ledge (you should be able to see the CR building) You will see a banshee. Get all covenant away from it and hop in. You can stay and kill all the covenant but it takes a bit of time or you could go straight to the building. When you get to the building get out of the banshee then open the door then quickly get back in the banshee and aim slightly to the right of the door. when it opens adjust your aim so your aiming at the gold elite then bomb him and shoot until he dies then kill everything else. Also keep using the banshee then open the last door into the CR and quickly get back in and drive. when the cut scene comes you will see the banshee sliding across the ground.
AotCR skip to the CR
Fight through the level then as the cross the land bridge right above the CR battle ground (IF I ONLY HAD A SUPERWEAPON) about mid way look towards the CR, there is a part of the CR that angles from the ground below the bridge up towards the peak of the CR. walk of the bridge and land on it and walk upwards. before u get to the skinny part of the walkway. walk off one side just enough so u will land on the slope of the walkway and safely land ont he winding path that goes to the CR theres no enemies until u open the giant door. this just saves a lot of time and effort.
AOTCR: Get to the bottom of the huge tunnel at the very begining
Do multiplayer coop on AOTCR.

In the begining of the level watch the movie. Immediately after the Grunt sees you guys in the Pellican, rapidly start pressing X. If you do this right you should still be in the Pelican instead of getting dropped off at the begining. Don't worry about the guys, because after the Pellican gets off the ground with you in it, the guys can't shoot you anymore. After the Pellican passes the first gold and silver spinning ring in the huge tunnel, Player two: rapidly press X. If you did this right, when player two jumped out he should have flipped the Pellican. Now the Pellican will be going strait down, and if it was correctly flipped, player one shouldn't fall out of the Pellican. When player two comes back, try to stay away from the Pellican, just die again, but don't press x. In time the Pellican should land on the bottom. The blue fog is natural. Player one can get out of the Pellican when you are sure it is to a complete stop, by pressing X. Player two should regenerate near you at the bottom of the tunnel. This tip takes a while to complete, so be patient. Have fun exploring down there.
Assault On the Control Room..Is empty!
AOTCR or the one where you are dropped off in a pelican. It has to be two players. Go through the level until you get to the part with the bridge and you can see a pelican dropping off troops. Player one jumps off the bridge near the shade and the sleeping grunt. Then you jump off. Make sure you are right up against the wall. Another player jumps off and kills himself. The other player jumps off close to the wall, a few seconds after the first. When you hit another ledge, you'll die but the other player will respawn on the ledge. You'll come back. Run along the edge until you get to a place with rocks below. Jump off(you won't die). Then if you're quick enough you can get in the pelican. If you don't its okay because there will be no enemies on the whole level.
Battle Creek Hiding Spot
In the middle, in the creek, look on both sides, there are ladders, climb up and you will have an excellent sniping spot.
best multiplayer combo
on multiplayer get a plasma pistol and a human pistol and charge it up when a player is in front of you,then shoot him in the head.also called (nOOb combo)
big battles
whenever you get into a big battle with covenant and flood jsut let them fight it out until they kill eachother
Blood Gulch Base Turret
In Blood Gulch, go to your base and find a gap between the pillars on the top of your base. Get a ghost a park it facing the gap a little bit away. Get in a warthog and drive as fast as you can straight at the ghost. If done correctly, the warthog should launch onto the base, although you may have to do this a couple of times. I recommend getting a flat area to drive your warthog and also immediately stopping once your on the building, otherwise, you\'ll go in. Luckily it\'s easy to get out. But if you do succeed, now you have a turret on your base!
Bloodgultch Sniper heaven
There's a nice "ramp" which is v difficult to see on this map, and is perfect for sniping from. You can see pretty much the whole map, and yet it's fairly difficult for people to see you.

I can't remember which fort to start from, but if you leave the fort and hug the cliffs to the right, there will eventually be a triangular shaped pathway, going upwards on the cliff face. Walk up it, right as far as you can go, and you have an awesome sniper position!
Bottom of assault in control room
When you're on the assault on the control room you can get to the very last brige before you go to the bottom. If you want to get to the bottom then jump on the left hand corner then you'll slide off the barrier.
bridge jump
To win Assult in the control room quick and easy you then need to perfom the bridge jump. To do this, you fist need to be on a bridge. Make sure that there is another bidge to the side of the bridge that your on. There should be a thin sheet of glass to your right hand side when you first enter onto the bridge. Get to where the glass ends and jump up onto the ledge right to the side of the ending glass. make sure your up close to the glass. When your on the ledge, you must perform the crouch jump (at the top of your jump press down on the left control stick so you crouch.) It may take you a few tries but eventualy you will be on top of the glass. You then slowly walk to the glass that is closest to the wall. Make you walk very slow otherwise youll fall. Then turn and jump to the other bridge. You then wont have to go into that annoying circle room. Once your on just turn to the door on your right and go in. You have now succefully done the wall jump. ;-)
bye bye gold elete (without using grenades!!!)
On the level THE SILENT CARTOGROPHER and go the way you usually go. Then let them lock the doors. Then walk up to the door and jump. You should be able to see the elete, pull out your pistol and shoot the elete. He'll just stand there. don't worry if you don't kill him the first jump, you can always jump multiple times
Dead Captain Keyes
You can do this either co-op or single player.

On T+R, get to the part where you are about to free the captain and those Marines, but make sure you still have a sniper rifle. Kill all the Covenants in the room and go up to the panel that opens the cells, but don't push it! Get out your sniper rifle and take aim on the captain, or a Marine's head, zoom out and open the cells, you will see the shield fading. Fire like hell before the cut scene and you will kill the captain/marine (this might take a few times to get the timing right). The cut scene will kick in anyway, and when you look at the captain/marines cell, there will be blood where ever they were, but the captain/marine will be running around with a bullet in his forehead!
dead elite, no harm done
ok... on the assault on the control room you have to open a door the covenant locked right? well if you've already beaten the game you know there's an elite with an energy sword behind the door. here's one way to kill him without him hurting you. first drive a warthog down to the locked door and park right in front of it, you should be able to see the elite behind the door. simply get on the warthog and shoot at the elites head a couple of times with m6d pistol, he should die, and you won't get hurt.
deadly glass
ok anywere that theres a crashed life pod jump up on it and shoot the glass while standing on the glass shoot it and try shooting in diffrent spots on it and you should eventually die
Die, Covanants, Die!
Having trouble shooting your enemies? Losing your zoom when you get shot at while using the Sniper Rifle? There is a way - it works with Grunts, Jackles, Elietes & Hunters - just sneak up behind them & melee them in the head. Also a direct shot to the head with a pistol will kill them instantly. Neat, huh?
don't risk it
in the Maw right after you have to get through the small tunnels, you will meet the covenant battling the flying enemies that were with the orb in the level before it, take a right when you come see a open door ahead, you should be looking at a closed door, but its unlocked, go through it, to your right there is a blast door that has a flaming pod blocking it, if all goes well the bottom right window pane of the door will be shatterd, the enemies can't get through but you can shoot them, you can do the same for the rest
Early extra ending scene
Completing the whole game on Legendary just to see the extra ending may be a Hard. But if you really want to see it all you have to do is comlete one level on Legendary!! Completing the level "The Maw" on Legendary allows you to see the extra ending! B.T.W I expected way more to the extra ending then people told me about youll c what i mean! Have fun
Easier Vent Core Destruction
In the part of The Maw where you have to destroy the vent cores, once you hit the switch to open the vent jump onto the pipe that covered it. Once you have a good shot with a grenade/rocket of the core, hit it. The pipe will close and when it gets next to the platform with the switches on it, use the crouch jump to get back on and open the next one. This way you don\'t have to fight through flood to destroy each core.
Easier Way To Kill In "All Snipers"
Just go really close to them, don't zoom in or you will die immediately.
Go behind and shoot or just go really close and shoot a lot. Alternatively just zoom in to the 2x or use a pistol.
Easy Blood Gultch Kills
Go to their roof on any modded map and there should be a rocket launcher, or just get a fuel cannon or launcher from the middle, go to their roof and just jump and shoot i got tons of kills.
Easy Bridge Work
You have to have the game on multiplayer for this to work. Just walk along the bridge and only melee the covadent. You have to be stealthy though for this to work. Some covedent will be guarding the passage so don't let them see you.
Easy Killing
I've found a way to kill Flood and Covenant easily. When fighting Flood, have an assault rifle and a shotgun when available. The shotgun should kill any possessed Flood(big ones with legs and guns) in one hit. The assault rifle kills the small Flood easily, especially large swarms. If no shotgun is available, get a plasma weapon (NO NEEDELERS!!! THEY SUCK AGAINST FLOOD!!!) Preferably a plasma rifle because you can kill both types of Flood easily, but they both work fine.

When fighting Hunters, there's no need to waste any grenades. all you need is either a shotgun, plasma rifle, plasma pistol, assault rifle (not as good) or a sniper rifle. What you do is you wait for it to charge at you. When it does his melee attack, it exposes his right side without the shield thing. Just charge up the plasma pistol or fire away with other weapons. Also, if available, use a rocket launcher. Instant kill (most of the time).
Easy Kills
Okay, you know it is a PAIN IN THE ASS trying to take out hordes of Covenant assholes with a low-ammo pistol and a flimsy assault rifle. Well, Master Chief is a SPARTAN, part of the old secret plan to create supersoldiers. That plan was codenamed SPARTAN II. Chief is a highly dangerous and devastatingly strong warrior, intended for assassination. You simply go behind an enemy and melee them to instantly kill. Easy on The Pillar of Autumn as heaps of grunts run away from you. Be careful, these are the places to melee each Covenant fighter:
GRUNTS-Anywhere, even the front of them.
ELITES-Back of their head or top of their back.
HUNTERS-Look at their baack. Their is a circular-shaped spot (flashing orange in colour). Sneak up and melee that spot. Kills 'em instantly.
P.S. Melee kills don't work instantly on vehicles or Gold and Silver Elites. Now go kick Covenant ass!
in Halo 1 in one of the first levels there is an elevator go to the edge of it and then you will get stuck in the side until you get to the bottom and then your body will split in half and you will die.

P.S it's funny
Extra Ride
Start assault on the control room. After the cinematic, when you are almost about to disembark get ready. Press x just before you are just about to disembark. You will know because it quickly says press x to board pelican although you will not have time to board it. It will take you for a good ride.
Fighting Flood
When you are fighting flood, never stay in one spot. I found a highly useful tactic against them. Here are two spots where it works best.

The Library: When a large group of flood charge, either throw a frag in FRONT of them, or fire into the mob while backpedaling. Turn around and run forward when you have to reload, or switch weapons. One thing to do is stick a plasma grenade to a flood form that is !!!DEAD!!! or throw one and !!!KILL IT IMMEDIATLY!!! It will explode and blow most of them up. Or just constantly backpedal and fire.

Two Betrayals: Again, backpedal and try to throw a !!FRAG!! grenade in FRONT of them. One thing to do is to backpedal, shoot clip, drop grenade, turn around and reload, repeat. Use this for enormous groups of flood. This works insanely good in hallways.

Always make sure they dont come up behind you or youre toast. Running through hallways youve already been through works really good.
Find Mendoza on 343 Guilty Spark
As soon as you can, start throwing grenades to stay on the ship. It'll fly for awhile then land. All of the trees wtll be 2-D. Go in the direction the dropship landed. You'll eventually come to a large open area. Keep walking and suddenly out of nowhere, a figure will appear. Walk closer and you'll find that its CPO Mendez! He dies and Talks just like any other Marine, but he wont go anywhere. Go back to the Dropship and pick your way along the ledge and find the place where you go in a structure and eventually meet the flood. Go in there and you'll find the Marines! Only not....
Fire team Zulu Early on Assult on the Control Room
Play in co-op. When you get to the first bridge, kill all the covenant. Go to the bottom part of the bridge. If you look towards the way that you came, it looks like black with stars. Jump towards the black part and try to stay against the wall. You should land on the ledge of rock. If you land on a gray metal support for the bridge, jump further. You should land on a gray ledge next to the black wall. Both you and your partner should do this. Have your partner stay on the ledge while you keep jumping off to look for a place on the ledge below which you ramp off ofby hitting the ledge, but falling all the way to the ground. Once you have, kill your partner. When your partner's screen says "Waiting to respawn", jump to the place you "ramped" off of. If done correctly, your partner will respawn on the next ledge down. You will respawn on the ledge with him. Now kill your partner and jump to a small ledge that is about three feet above the ground. If it is the right one, you will "ramp" off it and get killed when you hit the ground. Now your partner will respawn on the ground and so will you. There is fire team zulu, with a lot more than 3 men. You can bring them further in your wart hog, but they will not follow you. There will be no covenant for the rest of the level. It is not that complicated, but it seems like it because I explained every detail. This is good for beating it on legendary.
Fire through energy barriers
once you get a needle gun walk up to any energy barrier aim at its centre and shoot (note the enemies won't see you as your firing at them. also this glitch works the best on the two betrayals on legendary)
Floating Tree and Ride
To see a floating tree, start Assault on the control room, after you rescue the second group of marines near the downed pelican, with sargeant johnson, get a sniper rifle and rocket launcher. Follow the river, do not go through the tunnel, and look up, you will see a platform from later in the level and another level, Use the sniper and find the spot between the arm and front, and fire a rocket at it 4 times. a bansee will come down. Get that, and use it to fly over the wall on top of the hole with the hunters and kill the wraith there. get out and walk over to the middle tree, and there will be a tree without a bottom!!!!! Congrats, you just beat the system and saw a glitch!!!!!
Flying master cheif
OK GUYS. On The silent cartographer get as many PLASMA grenades and go to the bit with the donut loopy thing and throw them on to it. After a long time the donut thing should exploce and faal to the ground. Believe me it does work and i think it is the coolest thing!!!
Flying Spartan
This is a cool thing to try out. When you play multiplayer on a map that supports vehicles, get 2 players in both of the scorpion tanks. Crash into each other until one tank flips over. Get 1 player out of the tank and put him at the belly of the flipped over tank. A sign on your HUD will say "press x to flip scorpion". Press x and you will see that the Master Chief will go flying up way in the air and fall to his eventual death. It's hilarious to see especially from the other player's point of view.

Note: certain positions on the tank will allow Master Chief to fly further and/or higher. Experiment with that and see what works best.
freeze your allies
This is amazing! Grab a ghost, warthog, or banshee on the control room level and run right through the level without stopping. After picking-up a bunch of checkpts. and "loadings" go back to your marines. they should be frozen. You can throw plasma grenades on them and the grenades will take forever to blow-up, when they do your men will fly so high that they don't come down (literally). If you shoot them they'll bleed and stuff but will still remain standing.
Freeze/fight Elite earlier
First, go to the first mission and do everything you need to in Campaign. When you go into the maintennence hall with the Elite fighting the two Marines, run in and go left through the two doors that the Elite would go through if you stood there. Go all the way back and stay there, he will fight the Marines and never die, nor will they. You can get hurt if you go too close, but its fun to hear what the guys say about getting shot at. When you get bored of watching the Elite and Marines bleed over the hallway and adjoining one, go forward until the checkpoint comes up, the Elite will freeze, because he's not supposed to be there, but the Marines will not.
Frozen Covenant on AOTCR
If you hate the gold elite and his "army" after the ground wraith you can have fun with them frozen,or just get them off your mind.At the end of AOTCR (where you open the door and a gold elite with an energy sword and his army comes out),don't open the door until you get a ghost.Drive the ghost to the door and turn so the right side is facing it (where you get out.)Drive towards the door and get out just before you hit the door.If done right,the ghost will push you through the door with all the Covenant in it.Now you can do whatever you want with them!No matter what they will not wake up!You can find out what they do when not in combat,hit them all in their backs and even shoot rockets!They still won't wake up!Note:If you open the door,they will wake up and start attacking you.This can be done on any difficulty and you can do this a lot of places!This isn't so much a cheat,than a glitch.
Frozen Flood
When playing the level, two betrayals you have to enter rooms with pulse generators in the middle and destroy them by nearing them. Usually afterwards the flood poor out the doors in order to kill you. For the glich to work you need to be in co-op mode. Before one player destroys the generater the other should run into either the passage that you entered the room or the one you will exit and stand near the second bend in the passage but dont teleport the other player.
The player near the pulse generator must then activate it and cause an explosion. Immediatly afterward the player in the passage should teleport the other player into the passage with him. If done correctly there would be a large group of frozen flood.
Fun Stuff to Do
On the first level shoot the captain and marines will attack you.
Try to pick up guys on a warthog and drive off a cliff or get up and trow a grenade and knock them off a cliff. Run over grunts on the second levvel underground and hear them yell. Shoot the monitor on the Library to hear him yell. On the start of the Assult to the Control Room press x (e for pc) rapidly and you would get back on the ship and ride out till you fall
FUN WITH A WARTHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recomend to do this cheat in the level silent cartographer but it works in any level. Do this in co-op because it's easier. Anyway the two players has to get 4 plasma gernades and 4 frag gernades. Get a warthog and go to an open area. Get of the warthog and kil player one or two close to the hog and make sure the gernades are also close to the hog. Do the samething with the other player then get one of the gernades on the ground that were from the player when you killed him. Throw the gernade at the other ones and the gernades will explode sending the warthog high in the air. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Funny Marines!
Heres a fun way to mess with your Marines when you're bored. Stick one of them with a Plasma Grenade on the head. They will usually run around like an idiot and even sometimes blow up other surrounding Marines. Another funny thing is on Truth and Reconciliation. After freeing Captian Keyes from the prison cells, kill him in whatever way. "Bad" music will play and sometimes your Marines will shoot you and say things like, "What was that for?!?" Don't worry, you'll just respawn like if you died and Keyes will be alive again.
get banshi in level 2
I got a banshi in level 2.It never happened before with me so you have to have perfect aming.In level 2 (HALO) when the 2 banshis come out take out you pistol.Shoot the first banshi untill it blows up in the air.Shoot the second banshi untill smoke starts to come out.Then shoot it on the part that is sheilding the guy and shoot it twice.The banshi should not blow up but it will fall to the ground and you can get in!You may have to try it more than once.I also found out that if you blow it up when it's falling go under it and for a split second it says press x to fly the banshi!

note: if you go in the blown up one when it's falling you will probobly die.
Get ghost on buildings in Blood Gulch
Easy. In Blood Gulch (multiplayer) Just drive the ghost straight through the opening/ramp leading to the roof in the building. Make sure it is the opening on the RIGHT (facing the buildings from the centre of the arena)
Get More Magnum Ammo
On the first level where you meet the flood, don't kill the crazy marine that keeps shooting you right away. Go to the door on the upper level before jumping down and shooting him. He will give you more ammo. I have tried it four times and every time it worked.
Get the Warthog in the Map room
To get the worthog in the map room in the Slient Patagerpher after you open the door where you needed to find the over drive for frist take the warthog and put it in front of the door and then go out there should be another warthog near near the water somewhere so after you find it take it to the room where you left the other warthog and ram the warthog you left there with the one you just got keep doing it untill it is in i suggest you find the other warthog and ram it in again cuse you need to do it again in there. If you need more help E-mail me or im me at MinhG4
get through door to control room w/ unactive enimies on other side
When your playing assault on the control room get a ghost and drive it all the way to the top of the pyrimid structure when up top face the right side of the ghost toward the giant door. fly sideways towards the door before you hit the door jump off. the ghost should push you through the door . on the other side there are many covvi's but none of them have been activated yet. Easy Kill huh.
Get to a secret room in The Maw
At the very end of the Maw, you have to make a rather insane jump in your Warthog... the trick is keeping the hog from flipping as you plummet to the tunnel below. If you make it, there's a shorter jump immediately following, as you exit the tunnel...

After you watch as Foe Hammer goes down you continue forward as usual and soon approach that huge jump that takes you down a few stories. Well, when you're plummeting down towards the landing area, another big ramp, you'll notice there's a sort of bridge over it, with several containers and two open doors on either side. If you prop your jeep on the far ledge with the front wheels hanging over, you should be able to jump on the structure and walk along it to the bridge.

It's a little tricky to get up the side (I dumped the Warthog over the edge more than once... more than twice, even, trying to get it close enough to the edge to climb up), but once you've figured it out, it's not too bad. Once up, it's easy to drop down onto the bridge... and if you look in the left-hand room (with respect to the way you're walking), you'll see that the wall has been 'tagged' by Tyson Green (aka 'Ferrex', aka 'rex') , level designer extraordinaire. Spectacular!

Another way to do this is like so. 2 players. get as much speed as you can going off the bridge, but go off it to the right. You have to time it just right, but if you do it, the warthog will land on a flat area. drive the Warthog forward, to the wall in front of you. Have one player stand on it while the other gets on top. Then Player 2 should get up. got to your left, and fid a small bridge with 2 rooms!
Get To top of Sidewinder
Get tank and take it to area with transport on the blue side. Park it on the wall with the needlers in it take a ghost and drive it off tank. This is most effective with a full amount of ammo for the rocket launcher and sniper rifle it is so easy to kill them because it is impossible for them to locate you
getting past the locked door in the silent cartographer
drive the warthog down into the place where the covenant lock the door. speed up, but slow down after, and swing the warthog around so you are right beside the door(paralell. mc has to be right beside the door.) get out, and you should bypass the door. the gold eilte will be there, but he won't do anything. also, if you get out a little behind the door, you will fall to the place with the silent cartographer, and there will be no covenant.
going down town with range
u know mutiplayer, well if u go on sidewinder or blood gulch 1*{{{{{there is a ledge witch takes u right up to near the cliffs it is also worth it if u grab a sniper and a shotgun brefore gonig up its realy usefull because u can see both sides of the map in one place!/ *note* this ones for sidewinder only!or wont work?}}}}}
2* also in blood gulch there is a is a dark ridge up in the hills when my friend first told me i couldnt find it but plz keep i look out for it its eally good for tanks and others things like
snipers note* plz dont get angry with me because it is very hard to find^^
Guide to killing elites in the fort
When you are in a warthog and on a hill about to run into one of the forts, get out, switch to sniper, zoom x8 and kill elites that you see only do this for the soldier rescue things because there is ammo everywhere for sniper rifles in that part
gun spining
get infront of a gun and shot it with the assult rifle and watch it spin.
Gunner Launch
When your the gunner in the warthog you can launch out of the gunner by turning backwards, try to face backwards perfectly and hit (x) and then (a) really fast. You can launch yourself onto the bases in blood gulch or sidewinder. It's easier when you are on flat ground.
HALO not so big!!!
On the second i think level at the last set of survivors there is a huge cliff park your warthog near the cliff so it is hanging off keep edging it forward until it falls then watch it fall you can see it stop on the ground!!!
Halo: Snipers and Rocket launchers
Ok so whenever there is a spacecraft that has crashed there is always a sniper or a rocket launcher next to it. If you are facing a gold elite or a hunter or whatever this rally comes in handy! If it dosen't work it's not a marine spacecraft. This totally works!
Having Fun with the Warthog
Go to any level in 2 player Co-op that contain a warthog and lots of frag and plasma grenades. Park the warthog and have one person stay there. The other person should go out killing enimied and marines untill they recieve eight grenades. Then make your way back to the warthog. Have your parner smakc you in the back so you drop your stuff. Do this as many times as possible untill there is one plasma grenade left. Park the warthog over them. Have the person without the grenade run away. Then have the person with the grenade throw it under the warthog. It should blow high. If you have a gun with zoom check it out.

Mick is the best!!!!!
on the level swamp when you are about to go to the building there is a huge pipe to the side if you run up the hill in the corner is a camo: behind a tree p.s dont email me
Hidden Spot in Battle Creek
In the map, Battle Creek, go down to the little creek in the middle. On the end with the active camo, crouch down and continue moving toward the end of the tunnel. When you get to the end, you will be completely under water and hidden a bit. Take whatever weapon you like and take them out without them knowing...unless they see you
Hints, Tips & Some Other Info
Sleeping Grunts can be found before Lv5

Killing Capt Keyes on Lv3 will provide you with a little scene.

Get a sniper rifle and zoom in on Capt Keyes chest, there's a name tag.

SPOILER- On Lv9 after you find FLood-Keyes if you look around his ugly mutated body you can find his pipe you see smoking at the first cutscene in the game.

Watch the cutscene at the start of Lv1 on different difficulties, each shows a different scene when the marines meet Johnson. NOTE: at the start of the bridge level in Halo 2 this also happens.

Halo: Combat Evolved® First came out on the Apple Mac before Xbox. In this game the Master Chief could carry a machine gun.

The Master Chief is NOT to be confused with the Master Chef.

Kittens are a delicacy in some parts of the internet.

SPOILER: The Master Chief and his pal Cortana beat Halo. We didn't see THAT coming!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves used to be Grow Ripe and 7 Pieces of floating fruit.

The last few hints have been stupid.

When choosing to edit gametypes you can see the Chief with words describing his features, sorry but my TV is so bad that its hard enough reading big writing.Looks like you have to do it yourself...

There are books about Halo. The Halo PC disc has a few chapters of one of those books if you look around the disc hard enough.

The Truth and Reconciliation is the name of a Covenant cruiser.

When you hit the master chief on the head the files in there get messed up. (Start of Lv9)

When you haven't unlocked a level of halo you see a padlock instead of the level picture. Look closely... the padlock wouldn't work IRL.

Think about this... How did the Master Chief: Eat/Drink/Smoke/Crap/Pee/Fart/Snack/Ect... While he was on Halo?

Cortana knows the answers to the last hint.

Cortana is a robot sorta thing that can be moved on a chip.

The AR is killed off and brought back.

30,533 People were playing Halo 3 on Xbox Live when this was made.

That's it for the tips.... for now!
How to beat invincible marines
In the first lvl after u get the guns you go back to keys and u fill his head with lead, hehe, but anyway the marines start coming in and u cant blow them up, or shoot em to death, so here it is you hit them one by one into that pit thing in front of the dead capitan, there is a ladder but they cant climb it. have fun and ...GIVE THEM HELL MARINES!!
how to destroy a banshee with plasma grenade
first get 2 plasma grenades when a banshee comes like medium height throw 2 plasma grenades on the ground (stay still) make the 2 plasma grenades land on each other if done right u should have made the plasma grenade fly in the air and on the banshee and (if you have halo 3 it will still work)
Human Mortar Cannon!!!
Okay, from time to time Halo can get a little boring after a while. Well, if you want to laugh to death and have a little fun, you can. On "Assault on the Control Room" you go down that big tunnel that leads you to a mortar tank and some ghosts. Cortana says "the covenant place their tanks to defend the entrance to the tunnel." After killing all ghosts, vehicles, & covenant(including hunters) you can start. As you know, when Sgt. Johnson gets blown up in some way, he screams like an elite (hilarious).
To launch him like mortar(or any other marine)you first get him to stand still. When he is, throw a plasma grenade ON HIS FOOT. Then quickly pull out a ROCKET LAUNCHER, and fire it at his FEET. When the rocket hits him, he is launched in the air really high, then the plasma grenade blows up, sending him higher, then his grenades explode, firing him across the snow like a drunk snowboarder!! He screams like a girl when this happens.
Hunter glitch
On the level where theres all of that snow and the big walk ways where you kill the grunts with melee when the hunters come out on the other side throw a plasma grenade at the hunters shield thats by the glass if done correctly the nade will bounce off the glass and the hunters sheild forever then you have an easy hunter omlet hehe.
If i had a super weapon...in a building
Well its not really a cheat or tip but more of something fun and challenging. This can be done on AOTCR or the two betrayals.(I think its easier on the two betrayals cous u get the Banshee earlier)You just take the banshee up to where one of those doors are in the mountain,to get it in the door you must quickly jump out then back in, the door will open and you can fly it in, however you have to sort of turn it diagnal then twist it a little to the side and back again simutainiously, this may take some time(and flight skill ) but in the end it helps a lot when you are being bombarded by flood covanant etc.Its best to do when youve beaten the game or are having trouble or unless you suck and got bored of it already, but anyway i hope you have fun with it and one more thing... GIVE THEM HELL MARINES!!
Infinite ammo glytch
First go on multyplayer and grab any gun instead of a plasma pistol or plasma rifle then get close to a gun an the ground then fire all your bullets. When you just start to reload trade your one on the ground. For the assult rifle the number counter goes back up; the needler neddles stick back on top; you can hear the shotgun reload and then it pumps itself etc. it wont work for the plasma rifle or plasma pistol becuase they dont reload. it also works on one player and coop.
Jumping over the Hole
On the Level named Keyes, on the part where you have to fall down in the hole inside the ship, there is a way to cross that hole and kill the Elites and the Flood on the other side. All you do is throw a plasma grneade on the edge of the hole and count to 3 and jump right before it explodes and it will only injure you but it will propel you so you can make it to the other side. There is nothing special on the other side, this is just in case you wanted to go on the ohter side.
In case some of you didn't notice, a very easy way to kill enemies is to hit them in the back. This will kill anything in one hit if you do it right. Grunts, Jackles, Elites, even other players (Apparently, Spartan II armor isn't that good at taking a blow in the back).

Keep this in mind next time your having trouble with a Elite, or if in multiplayer that crazy guy with the shotgun is coming close to you.
Kill Elites the EASY WAY
Ok, everyone talks about using 2 Plasma Grenades and all this other bull-crud to kill Elites when its really simple. All you need is a Plasma Pistol. When you enter a room that you think is occupied or know is occupied with Elites, charge your pistol to full cappacity before you enter. When you enter, aim at the Elite and let him have it. But make sure your not point blank range. He will yell out a large "ARGHH" and moan in pain. When hes doing so run twords him slowly firing your pistol (3 times every 2 seconds seems about right.) He will be overwhelmed and when your 2 feet from him melee him in the face to kill the witch.
Kill Jackals Easily
To do this you must have either the Pistol or the Sniper Rifle. On the shield there will be a little cut so the Jackal can stick his gun through and try to hit you. Zoom in (easier with sniper) and try to hit through the cut to hit his hand, he will either fall or lose balance then you could shoot his side because his shield won't be in your way anymore.
kill scorps
if some guy is being a pain in the ass because he just blows you up with a scorp when you attack there base, get a warthog, you dont need another person if you can do it well, speed right up to him and you can flip his scorp by going right under him. when he is out just run him over.
killer warthog
throw a plsama grenade an the back of a warthog
throw one on the front bout a second or two later
the warthog with blow and then in the air it will blow up again
this will cause it to launch with deadly force in the other direction
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Killing Covernant from a distance
If you are wanting to kill covernant from a distance without them knowing you are there (without Sniper rifle) have 2 Plasma grenades ready.

First throw one of the plasmas approximatly halfway between you and them and then throw the second plasma just a bit further than the first one and when the first plasma blows it will blast the second one towards them.
Mezdoza still alive!
In 343 guilty spark when you see youself in the pelican about jump out throw a grenade so you dont get of the pelican press x to get out of the pelican after it has landed again and just walk foward but careful of the cliffs (dont fall off)and after awhile you will a marine just standing still with no weapon but just choltes shooting him wont alter the story at all then go back to building go on the roof
jump off and you have covenant apper in front of you
and have AR's firing at the covenant which are floating!
More Reinforcements
On the level Assault on the Control Room,the part where you see the Hunters,the Elite and the Wraith (which you can't drive),go into that ilttle corner the Hunters came out of.Kill the Grunts & Jackals.Go down that hill and you'll find like 5 or 6 marines.

*Tested on Normal,may work on other difficulties*
mortar tank manuever
This works for any difficulty, especially Legendary. The mortar tanks are a pain, and slow. So if you want to blow them up without dieing, here's what you do. Grab a ghost. Fly straight at the mortar tank and run into it. You will do a complete back flip over the tank landing behind him. Then you can blast him with a rocket or something when his back is turned.
Multiplayer- Out of arena- PERFECT SNIPING SPOT! IT WORkS
In sidewinder on multiplayer take a tank over where you can get RPGs [rocket launchers]. Not the place with the bridge thingy.
Note: it is hard at first but you get the hang of it.
Set the tank up against the wall as far as it can go
Note:not inside the room and the tank has to be sideways
Go back to a base and get a sniper and ghost. Take the ghost over to the tank.
[You can get a RPG if you want its more fun]
Ramp the ghost off the tank until it gets on the white. Drive the ghost until you find the red base. Get out and walk closer to the flashing light,notice there are rocks stand on the rocks in the MIDDLE [or else you will fall] take out your sniper and snipe away!! Note: DO NOT TRY THIS AT THE BLUE BASE-it has no rocks sticking out. AND ifthe other player fires back step into the white. They cant hit you but you have to be onthe rocks to hit them!
Multiplayer: Be completely invisible in map "Chill Out"
On the multiplayer map Chill Out, you can be completely invisible. First get the Active Camoflauge. Next go to the pink/light purple looking room. It is near the broken bridge in the level. While you still have the camoflauge jump in the transparent looking window near the stairs. (You should be standing on a little ledge near it) Now you'll be invisible until the camoflauge goes away.
Nice Ride
Right at the end of the level AOTCR, kill all enemies in your way and MAKE SURE that your Banshee is usable. Open the doors leading to the control room but DON'T open the final door. Go back and fly the banshee through the opened blast doors. When you reach the final door, get out and open the final door. Get back in the banshee as quickly as you can and stay there.

For the enduration of the cutscene you should be able to see the banshee in the doorway behind the MC. I think it works on Ghosts too.
No ammo needed to kill Carrier Flood
With the Carrier/Combat Flood, just bump into them and they will fall down and explode. If you jump backwards you can avoid the damage from the explosion.
No enemies on two betrayals
Play the level till u get to the part where the blast door doesn't open properly. You will need a ghost and a rocket launcher or vehicle. You park the Ghost so that the back end is sticking thru the opening. Get out and jump over the ghost to get thru the door. Get your rocket and blast it thru the opening or you can ram it thru using your vehicle. Once it is on the other side, you jump thru the opening and get straight into the ghost. This will trick the computer to thinking that you did not pass through the door and not activate the checkpoint that spawns the enemies. After doing all this, the only enemies in the level will be the Marine flood and infectous guys.
Howver, without the covenant, there will be no banshee to complete the level and you might have to restart level. This is quite difficult to do so don't expect it on your first few tries.
Not exactly cheats, But Interesting Tricks
If guy want to learn some tricks you will have to follow through.

First: Go to you r kazza or kazza lite.

Second:Go to search and click on video.

Third:Then type in Halo tricks.
Then you should get a list of different kinds of halo videos,Then pick the ones you want then download them and open them in (Windows Media Player) Or another program like (winamp)If theres any problem email me at >white_indian88@hotmail.com) ENJOY!
One hit KO
Melee them in behind This may not work with Hunters so shoot them with Pistol or Sniper Rifle in orange spot. One hit KO 2 shoot them with Shotgun up close or shoot them in the head with a Sniper Rifle
Pelican Ride (Only on Co-op mode)
On the level assault on the control room when you get outside to the first bridge as soon as you get out take a left and jump off the edge, then you'll be on a thin platform then one person jumps off the edge then as soon as they die the other person jumps off the edge, you should land on another platform and slide off but your partner teleported to the lower platform, keep going along the edge then hug the wall and jump off, when the pelican lands wait for the wart hog and the marines get off then jump on the pelican quickly and you will go for a ride and land next to the crashed pelican further in the game.
PS: It might take a few tries, it's verified and true.
perfect sniping spot
first creat your own game that has ghosts. after that go to blood gulch get on na ghost (make suure your at blue base) then if you look up you will see a big rock that looks like a finger sticking up out of the the mountains. thats it.
get in a ghost and go to a bush on the far right wall you will see something that is a partial ramp. get a good start and go uup it while holding a yo need to put your other finger on a because you have to hold a the whole time.
when your to the top of the ledge make a hard right (while still holding a) go up and you will se a dip like thing that below it gets steeper and above it gets easier. go above it and take a right (while still holding a) and go forward all the way to the big finger looking thing then there will be a little dip get out there and snipe if you get back in you can back up and out into the air it looks crazy! but stay in your ghost or you will plunge to your death. note: this whole sniping thing takes ALOT of practice so dont get mad when you dont get it the first time :-) have fun!
Perfect Views
I have two good places (maybe three) in BG. Go to the right of the red base I think, where there is a dark area, then you will see a SECRET CAVE! It kinda looks like a empty museum. But you will find goodies in there. Over sheld, and the pistol maybe camofluage if you get lucky. and the other one: get a sniper rifle (which is on the red and blue base) and go behind the red or blue base. You have found the perfect place to snipe!
Pillar of suiciders
This is a pretty funny thing to do. When you finish talking to the captain walk out and help your marines kill those covenants. When you are done walk out of the cafeteria room there are 2 killed marines and take their AR and pistol ammo. Now go back to the bridge and hit keyes with 1 ammo of assault rifle. Of course Cortana will call for the marines that will never get killed. Crouch down or stand beside the captain and soon the marines will hit and kill him be accident. D the same thing to all those other guys and when they get hit they'll yell "AAAH! Not me fool" and other funny stuff. If you play 1 player, when you have low shield hide down the bottom level where those 2 drivers are (careful not to make any marines go down there). Those 2 drivers will be a bit tricky. The best way i do it is crouch on them and when one of them is dead, go on to their seats and try moving. You wont really move as if you are them! When all of them die, one of those marines will start to get shot since he was the last to shoot any kill those people! HAVE FUN
Plasma Bomber
First, get a multiplayer setting and make it have infinite grenades. Go on a place and play that setting. Next, throw a plasma grenade(not next to you, but not too far away) and quickly make the Master Chief throw another plasma grenade in front or on the first one. If you threw it in front, the plasma grenade goes away from you exploding in the air or sticking to someone away fom you. If you threw it on the first plasma grenade the second one would fly up which could be used to signal teammates.(For best results, use tip on flat land.)
Plasma Flare
If done and timed correctly, you can make a flare out of two plasma grenades really easily. First, aim as straight upward as you can. Then throw one plasma grenade up, and then another. If timed correctly, one grenade should come down, bounce, then stop. Quickly afterward, the other one will come down and do the same as the first. The explosion of the first one should send the second grenade into the air and will explode. Strange thing is, when it explodes in the air, a bunch of dirt comes raining down. And just to say, I didn\'t get this on my first try, so be patient. Probably on your third you\'ll succeed.
plasma grenade really far
go to blood gulch(or any level with a warthog)
this is better if u have unlimited grenades, u can do this in the create a gametype menu
find a warthog
throw a plasma grenade on the back
then wait a bout a sec or so
then throw another one at the windshield
the nade wil bounce off
if timed correctly when the warthog blows up the other one will go flying
not really useful but fun
plasma pistol + certain buttons = MEGA GUN
to get a gun that kills an elite in , two marines(if you feel like taking your anger out on them), three grunts, or even a jackals shield and the jackal in 1 second then here is what you need to do!1.you need to have a controller with program and turbo and a plasma pistol.2. depending on the controller, turn on your turbo and put it on the fire button(works on halo 1+2 but better on 1)3.when you shoot a plasma pistol it will shoot extremely quickly and if every bullet hits, it can kill anything, And when it overheats it only takes 1 second to reload so you don't have to worry about overheating! Enjoy!
Quick way to kill the flood on level six
To kill them easily you just aim your shotgun in the middle of the pack and fire! It should make most of them pop and explode but use your assault rifle for any stragglers that survive.
Quicker Reloding & Other Tips!
In the middle of combat and you need to reload? In melee distance but a punch will restart reloading? No worries! Watch how you reload. As soon as the new clip enters the gun you can throw a melee attack at the enemy and start shooting again! (NOTE: Melee attacks are moronic on Hunters/Larger Flood Creatures

Some other tips-
In AOTCR(Lv5), the indoor parts can usually be stealthy kills for ammo saving(melee to the back).

When completing a level on Normal/Heroic/Legendary, you will get a badge. To see these badges go to campaign then select your profile.
Badges: Easy-Nothing,
Normal-A Diamond sort of shape with a machete through it,
Heroic- The Diamond again, this time with 2 machetes,
Legendary- The diamond, 2 machetes, and an awesome alien face.

AOTCR has 5 banshees!
1. When you get the Scorpion Tank you can shoot 1 down shortly after.
2. Another one when you have to get to the [Third?] Chasm.
3.Shortly after #2 another one will attack you(this is where you see the last marines of the level)
4.With good skill you can steal one from the bridge after If I Had A Super Weapon
5.Same bridge but further up, skilled Halo'ers can knock it down for later/ the 2nd player in Co-op.

If your finding heroic or legendary to hard on your own the this one might make it a bit easyer first put it on two players if you keep the other player out of danger then you should respawn at the other players place this way you can keep going at the enermy without going back to the cheackpoint and doing it all over again and this works with the other 1st person shooter halos
when playing the city level in halo 2 run into the opening in front of the building that has the chain gun. look for a ledge and a mound of rubble at its base. throw a gernade(dosent matter but frags work better) at the pile run and jump whale clicking L3 and moving forward. if done right you will be on the ledge. start jumping from roof to roof and have fun
Run Through A Locked Door
With co-op, yes, you can run through a door. On "the silent cartographer" kill all of the enemies in the small pit where they lock the doors. After the aliens are dead, have one person (with a pistol) stand next to the locked door. Have that person aim and zoom in at the door. Have the other person drive a warthog straight at the door. Normally the person would die, but they will go straight through the door.

PLEASE NOTE: The person in the warthog will not go through the door, so this might be a good thing to do if you control both people.
save ammo vs. flood
Dont even bother killing the bugs because they barely do anything. but, if u are really obsessed with killing everything, use a melee and u can kill about 5 at once
Save time on The Maw
To save some time on the maw you just keep driving when Cortana says to stop and wait for echo 419. To save maximum time it should say: "This is Cortana to echo 419...ECHO 419!!! we lost them!"
Second Banshee in, attack on the control room.
You can get the first banshee by blowing it of a ledge with a rocket launcher after you fly through most of the level your banshee becomes weak, luckily when you come to the big tower thing you just fly up to the top with your damaged banshee and you can get a new one with full armour.
Secret area on maw
When you fist go on the maw your in an arch way that the in the video the banshee crashes into.There is anoughter arch way to the right if you face the outside were if you jump you die.Try to jump to the next arch as close as the side as possible then you fall if you do it precise you fall and land on the slope and skid to a halt at the bottom free to walk around sometimes you slide that fast you die at the bottom. Its frustating ive died many a time so good luck.
Secret cave on silent cartographer level
You can bypass the jackals and hunters guarding the entrance to the underground tunnel by going down the ramp when you come to the fork. Run over a few aliens in the warthog and drive up the hillside to right of the platform, you should see a small cave in the cliff. You'll be able to drive the warthog through (though it may get a bit cramped!) and you will come out facing an elite. Run him over and speed down the corridor, don't worry about the convenant because they'll just stay where they are and won't follow you but do try to splatter a few for the kick!
See Covenant stand still
on AotCR get a ghost on the pyramid at the top. Then turn the direction you get out at to face the door. Go towards the door and get out at the last second. The ghost willl ram you in and the Covenant will stand still. If a grunt sees you, don't worry. kill him. You can examine the gold elite and the other guys and they just stand there. HAPPY WATCHIN' COVENANT DO NUTHIN!!!!!!
Shields Got You Down?
Bulletproof shields can get really annoying. It's kind of obvious, but smacking them (using the B button) is much more effective than shooting at them if they're protecting themselves.
Shortcut assault on the control room
Near the end when you are on the land bridge and the pyramid control room is on your left, kill the Covenent on the bridge. Look at the middle of the control room pyramid and jump on the thin bar in the middle. Walk up it 'til it goes thin then walk as if you were still going up but over where it gets thin. If done right you should only have to empty the final room that contains enemies.
Shortcut on Two Betrayals
After getting out of the control room at the beginning, instead of walking all the way down the pyramid/maze, you can go to the far left and slide down a little chute of ice. You'll fall to the bottom without losing health. At most it'll take 6-8seconds. Good Luck!!
Sidestep Hunters
When Hunters come charging at you, just strafe out of the way and then fire into the patch of orange flesh on there back near the waist.
This is a simple and highly effective way to dispose of them,
Silent Cartographer
If you get bored got to the silent cartographer and kill a couple of marines. The other marines will turn on you and quickly throw grenades at them and watch them fly. Also throw grenades at their grenades and watch heaps of chain reactions. You can either do this or get a warthog and kill them and throw grenades at them and watch them fly then throw grenades at their grenades and watch heaps of chain reactions.
Skim through Silent Cartographer
From beginning. Drop ship drop off. Secure beach. Get Warthog. In warthog facing ocean, drive RIGHT towards next area that contains the building where you unlock the door leading to the cartographer. This will speed up the whole level...although you still get the conversations of the Captain and the A.I. unit talking about the door locked, etc.. fun.
Skip almost all of Assault on Control Room
Refer to the "Get Early Banshee" and fly straight through the level. Stop for nothing and pick-up tons of loadings and checkpoints. At some point the game loads too much at one time and there are no enemies to kill at all!! Then just walk through the rest of the level, your choice.
Skip part of AotCR
On the bridge over the valley in AotCR, kill all the guys on the bridge, and kill the guys in the banshees. Then, go to the middle of the bridge, and look left, walking sideways until you see this huge structural spar sticking out beneath you. Center your targeting reticle on it, and walk forward, off the bridge. Crouch just before you hit the spar, to avoid shield drainage. Turn around and walk straight down the spar, being careful to watch out for the tank, ghosts, elites, and other banshees, etc. Once you reach the bottom, go into the huge hole behind you in the ground, and pick up the awesome weapons of mass destruction! Then, once that is complete, kill the tank, and steal the banshee from next to it. Fly the banshee straight up to the top of the pyramid structure, get out, open the door, get back in, and fly away. Come back quickly, and use the banshee's weapons to kill the Covenant waiting inside for you. If the Banshee's about to blow up, get out fast, and use it for cover, instead. Now, you've skipped a large part of the level!
Congratulations, you beat the system!
You successfully assaulted the control room...
Skip Part of Assault On The Control Room
Follow The Level until the chapter -If I Had A Super Weapon-. When you get out onto the bridge thingy there are two banshees parked on it. You have to be quick though because Elites get in them. Before they do, run towards them, forgetting about the other covenant, and kill the elites (Or just one if you are on single player). Pilot the banshee(s) to the pyramid structure. The structure is the last part you have to go through on the level. If you can't even be bothered to fight the last group of enemies though do the following. Get a ghost (there should be one on the lanscape under the bridge near the wraith tank that is free)and go up to the top of the pyramid. Take a small run up and drive your ghost sideways towards the door. Get out when you are about to hit it and the ghost should push you through it. The covenant on the other side will not have loaded properly and will just stand and look around as if you are not there. kill them then finish then level.
Slow Motion
Note:Co-op only! On any level go to any alien except the Flood (jackel for best results) & as soon as u find the alien kill it. once u do that look at it's body and melee it until u get a HUGE pile of blood. Now stand on the pile until the level is over. And have player 1 or 2 move around & they will be moving in slow motion! HAVE FUN!
OK, ya know how on some levels you will come out a door and there will be a bunch of sleeping grunts and if you shoot 1 they wiil all wake up?Well to kill them all secretly walk up to them but don't touch them and press B to hit them.When you do this no other ones will wake up!
Have fun picking off grunts!!!!
Sniper Ammo
On the second mission where you have to save marines find a sniper and fill it with ammo.
Finish the mission and keep the sniper.
On the next mission you will have 64 spare ammo.
Sniper and RPG
If you have a sniper and RPG (rocket propelled grenade) you can do this tip. If you double zoom as far as you can on the sniper rifle point it to the spot in which you like to shoot. Now with out touching and other buttons switch to your RPG. With the rocket launcher the scope did not move and you will be able to shoot in the same area.
Strategies for Blood Gulch
Defending the base is sometimes hard.

When a vehicle enters a base through the doors, toss two frags under it and back away.

When sniping, never jump in one certain spot.

When being sniped at when at blue base from sniper in cave, hide behind the pillar closest to him. Same with vehicles. If you have a hog gunner shootin at you while the driver circles the base, either drop in or take cover. use PLASMA grenades.
Stuff to notice
At the very start of the level in Keyes, go forward until you reach the first locked doorway on your left. Look down and you will see a upright assualt rifle on the ground. You can't pick it up and you can't blast it away with grenades. I don't know what it is supposed to be, but next time you play, take a look at it.

In 343 Guilty spark, notice how the Marines fire assualt rifles in rapid single shots like the flood rather than the three round bursts in other levels.
Swimmin in Space
when you go to the boarding action map in multiplayer, fall down in the middle of the map and kill yourself. You will see that the Master Chief looks like hes swimming. This isnt really much of a tip, but i found it kinda humourous when i first saw it.(note: you must have the 10 sec penalty for the suicide death in order for this to work)
Switch Melee
Press X and Y at the same time to melee and switch your weapon at the same time. Kinda good for fast fire fight situations. And it looks kinda cool to (doing the switch melee with an assault rifle and plasma pistol looks kinda funny when you first do it).
Take Cover
on the last level when you get to he bridge a movie will come up, skip the movie and then sentinals will appear and you can take cover be hind a glass. but if you dont skip it glass will be shattered during the movie. this trick i found very useful on legendry
Talking Grunt - The Maw
While you are escaping the Pillar of Autumn with the warthog there is a secret room with a grunt that will talk to you but not hurt you. He is located after Echo419 is killed go down the hall until you get the first open door on the right, get out of your warthog and go in. When your in the hallway go down halfway and go in the door to the right and go up and he will say "Can't wait to get to the food nipple waiting for me on the starship, 'cause man have I worked up a big Grunty thirst!"
The Maw: Warthog
if you cant beat the maw warthog race thing then this is how you do it. Get the hog and race through the rooms as normal. Try going up onto the big ramps as much as possible to save time. When in the turning tunnels, turn into the side passages. Make sure its the right one.
In one there will be a turn you can take to a talking crazed grunt. Taking these tunnels helps save time.
Three Guns
On the first level of Halo Run as quickly to the bridge as possible. when on the bridge after Captian Keyes talks to you run quickly to were you meet the first 3 grunts if done fast enough you gun will not laod and the grunts wont be there.

from there run into the room were you fight off covenant picking up the assault rifle on you way kill any covenant and pick up there gun.

run back to the bridge and it should say checkpoint done. go back to were you first meet the grunts and they will be there and you gun will have loaded. you now have three guns
Tip on The Maw
After the first part , you will be caught in a fight between the sentinels and flood .Rush behind the controls and go through door marked Level 2 .There is a part here where you must jump on barrels then the walkway .Whip out your assualt rifle and destroy any sentinels that attack you . In my opinion , the AR is the best weapon for destroying sentinels , and theres plenty of ammo for it in the level.
tons of weapons at the assault on control room
when the "if I had a super weapon" pops up, go across the bridge to the center of it. there is a slope to your left, jump on it and walk all the way down the slope to a crevace or cave below it. there are snipers, rocket launchers and all kinds of guns down there!!
Truth and Reconciliation Ending
If your familiar with the Truth and Reconciliation level, read on.

You fight a bunch of Covenant alien and blah blah blah, continue through the level and save Captain Keyes.

Okay now listen, Right after you save Captain Keyes, keep him alive and continue through the corridors but stop at a checkpoint. This checkpoint should kick in BEFORE you enter the room (where Keyes turns into the a member of the flood)with invisible elites w/ plasma swords. Pause the game and SAVE AND QUIT.

Continue the game and enter the invisible elite room, kill all but one. You'll notice that as an elite runs by any of the red doors, they open. So, Lure that last cloaked elite by a door to open for you. Kill the weak invisible bstrd with his toy sword.

You will skip the whole part when a marine says something like "oh god, we're trapped in here, we're screwed, we're screwed man!" Keyes replies "Oh stop the belly-aching soldier, remember your a leatherneck, cortana..."

Go through the temporarily open doors and leave your men behind, they'll find you later. Continue through the corridors and school the last batch of covenant fiends and flip the final switch. Now the cut-scene shows master chief switching the switch and Keyes w/ fellow marines board the Dropship.

This is my tip: Now if you done everything i said earlier correctly, this should happen:

After Cortana Says "...HUNTERS!" you can press A and the cutscene will go back to where Captain Keyes says "Aww...THERE'S NO NEED, I'll FLY THIS BIRD OUT MYSELF"

I've tried this weird happening many times. It even works on 2 player Co-op. It should work on any disc of Halo. Try it out and get creative with that cut-scene. 10-26-04
Two betrayals
this is more of a way to piss off your frends than an actual cheat but what you have to do is start up a co-op two betrayals map start by killing all of the sentinals next have your frend and you rum to the middle of the long catwalk leading to the control room quickly jump off the edge and try to hit the ground next to the cat walk if all goes well when you hit the ground your frend will die at the same time as you even though he was safe on the bridge. (somtimes it requires more than one attempt to work)
Two Betrayals/Final Run
If you want to get a Ghost into the exploding door in Two Betrayals/Final Run I have the answer for you!
First you have to be in Co-op mode. One player has the Banshee and one has a Ghost. The one with the Ghost must back in inbetween the doors after the explosion. Keep the Ghost in reverse while the player in the Banshee pushes the Ghost slightly tilting the Ghost to one side while the player in the Ghost continues to keep the Ghost in reverse. Eventually, one wing of the Ghost will get inside, then the Banshee will push the other wing through.
Want to really defend that base of yours on Blood Gultch?
On the level Blood Gultch, go and grab at least one plasma grenade a rocket launcher (loaded) and a warthog. Position the warthog about a tanks length away from either one of the bases with the rear of the warthog facing away from the base. ***Make sure that it is alligned in between the obstructions protruding out of the top of the base*** (or else it will hit it and fall back to the ground). Now stand behind the warthog and throw one plasma grenade beneath the warthog's tail lights. Then scoot back a few feet (out of harm's way) and right when the grenade blows up, shoot the damn rocket at the warthog. This will flip the warthog onto the base. ***Note: This may take a few tries, but is easy to do so after some practice. So don't get discouraged*** This is very good for capture the flag if you have put both warthogs on the base. NOw go an plow those s-o-b's down to the ground with those 'hog's.

**Have fun!!!
(Any questions or comments, e-mail me at trsalphaman@aol.com)
water fun
In the "silent cartographer" level, you can go in the water by foot or by warthog. not really much of a cheat, but it's fun to mess around with and blow up your own men. i dunno--just something to do when you have nothing else to do.
weapon choice
you should always have 1 human weapon and 1 covenant
Wraith Disposal
Yall probably know this trik, but on most levels where there are wraiths your also conviniantly provided with larger weapons "ie" Rpg's and sniper rifles. to take out a wraith simple and quikly all you need are two sniper bullets. As soon as you enter a checkpoint where there is a wraith you should have a split second to zoom in to see an elite enter it. simply pik him off before he gets in.
Zombie pets/zombie shields
Go to the level The Two Betrayals. Get to any part of the level when you are inside with flood. Make sure you have the assault rifle. Get close to any elite flood and carefully shoot off their arms. Now, you have zombie pets that follow you around wherever you go, but that cannot hurt you. Plus, if you run into any covenant, they will run towards them, becoming distractions and sheilds. If you are like me and like to use stealth, this is a good cheat because it allows you to sneak around while the flood has the covies distracted.


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2 mcgs!!!!!!!!!
1.get a mcg.
2.get a any other gun.
3.go to another mcg and hold x.
4. you will have two mcgs in youre hand.
5. take one of and enjoy!
Elit Frozen
On first lvl when you find an elite blocking your way run around it to the left and the elite should follow you and be frozen.
Escape the map!
On guilty spark 343, as you drop out of the palican quickly tap x ONCE
and you should hop back in and get flown to a different part of the map!<img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Hijak banchee
Before u get to if i only had a super weapon there are invisible elites kill them dont take the camo kill all enemies to you get to the super weapon part go back get camo go straight to bridge before camo runs out steal the banchee fly to the pyrimid there will g be no enemies till u open big door cuts level in half
Plasma Rifle Glitch
Okay in any level and in difficulty get a plasma rifle. Overcharge it and when it has the blue fire on your plasma rifle change your gun. Then change back, and if done right, the rifle will be stuck overcharged without the fire. For a few seconds it will stay like that then it will change back.


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'Early Banshee'
In the level Assault on the Control Room there is a Banshee that you can get earlier than you are supposed to be able to. When you come out of the main building and find the marines that are 'pinned down', kill the enemies and pick up the rocket launcher and the sniper rifle (not required but makes this a bit easier). Walk/Drive to the next area (the one with the pelican that has crashed) and kill the enemies. Keep going along the frozen river but before you start going down a slant, look up. You should see a platform. The banshee is on it. With the sniper rifle (if you brought it) aim roughly in the middle of the platform (between the support arm thingie and the front). Switch to your rocket launcher and fire. You should have hit the area that you were aiming at with your SR. Switch back to your SR and zoom in and look at the front of the platform. If you did this right you should see the banshee falling from the platform it should land somewhere near the rocks in the corner. If it doesn't fall, then go back and get the tank then go through the tunnel and go onto the elevated part of land just outside the exit with the shades on it. Park the tank on the right side and get out. If you fall off the elevated part, DON'T GO NEAR THE POND. If you do, you'll get a checkpoint and the elite guarding that banshee will fly off with it. Okay... so anyways, when you get out of the tank jump onto the top if you're having trouble jump onto the tread covers and then 'double jump' onto the top (jump and press in the left analog stick and the height of your jump). When you're on use your SR and look at the platform. If you see the top of the banshee, then that means you can go try to get it down again. If not then you must Revert to Saved and try again, if you want to. When you get it, you'll... er... have it. So uh.. yeah... congrats.
1 Way To Blow Across A Level
This one includes you playing in co-op(you can do it by yourself but its a little harder), dying, and its pretty fun to do. In the beginning of Truth and Reconciliation(the part where you snipe all of the covenant) kill all the enemies first without using any frag grenades. Once you and your friend have killed everyone stock up on plasma grenades and kill some marines if you have run dry of frags. Once you have gotten all your grenades, go to the place where you fight the jackals and grunts. kill them WITHOUT GRENADES!! and Cortana should say "Stop motion tracker shows movement around the next bend" and you will hit a checkpoint. This is where you start the fun! Go in a corner between a rock and the wall and either have both you and your friend throw grenades in the corner right in front of you(so the grenades will kill you) as fast as you can. The result should be the grenades you throw should kill at least one of you and you will drop all the grenades you stocked up on(as well as your guns etc.) and remaining ones that have been thrown but not exploded will explode and cause a chain reaction on the ones that you dropped when you died and the explosion will launch your dead body into the sky! WHEEEE!!! have fun
3 Weapons on The Pillar of Autumn
Once you get out of the case that you are in do everything that you are told to do as fast as possible. Once done so and the man training you tells you that you need to "get the hell out of there" then get the the door before him. He will walk up behind you and the door will open. Once it does run to the bridge dodging everything that is in your way as fast as you can. Skip the cutscene and when the captain hands you the pistol run to where you get the assult rifle. If done correctly then you wont get ammo for the pistol and you will pick up the assult rifle as you walk into the next room. Then wait for the marines to kill an elite and pick up his plasma rifle. Once you have an assultrifle and a covenant gun then go back to the captain. The game should bring you to a checkpoint. Just run past where the pistol ammo was and you will pick the pistol up, therefore giving you 3 weapons. You may have to do this a few times because you may be slow the first couple times. This can be done on any skill level.
Banshe Crashers
On The Mission "Assalt On The Controll Room"
When You Get To The Part "If I Had A Super Weapon..." Run Backwards Until You Get To A Hallway With A Corridor To Your Right. Look In That Corridor For A Active Cameo. Run Back To The Door And Run To The Closest Banshe. (I Would Melee Anyone In My Way And Throw A Plasma Grenade On To The Eleat.) Get In It. Jet Foreward. Then Turn Around, Go Towards The Big Bulding, And Land On It. VOLLA! You Just Bypassed A Bunch Of The Mission! Getting Through The Next Part Should Be Easy. (You Got A Banshe Dang It!)
to get the banshee in assault on the control room where you get the tank follow the path on the left, up there is a landing platform, aim in the upper left part where it looks like crosshairs, fire a rocket up their and it hsould come down
blood gulch ghost on building the right way
ok. i'm not sure why everyone needs to use other vehicles to get a ghost on a building, all you need is a ghost. if you search the area around
red base i think it is (the one that dose NOT have the nice little sniper hill behind it) their is a hill right behind the base and if you back up you will even notice a hole in the cliff to back up into. well start from as far in the hole as you can and gun it, then right before you hit the ramp press the button to pull your nose up and you should glide nicely onto the roof (no other vehicles required).
as for the blue base, start in the middle of the map between the bases but still semi-close to the cliff that doesn't have a shadow you will then go as fast as that ghost will take you to the middle (roughly) of the blue base when you do so you will notice you have to go down hill (use that nose pull up so your ghost doesn't hit the ground and loose speed
then hit the same hill you jest went down (but the part of it that curves right in your path)
use that nose pull again and you should sore perfectly.
one thing you need to remember is not to let the ghost drag or you will loose speed and not make it. another is you may want to practice this alone
and jest when you can do it flawlessly then try with firend's. for ex: i used to end up like a shark circling an enemy base weighting for them to jump down from its roof to make a break for it. then i learned this nifty cheat and they would be sitting up their feeling invincible against my running over attack (which work's way better than its weapons) when i would seemingly sprout wings and meet their "feeling invincible" smiles with the bumper of a ghost.
anyway good hunting
Bottom of the elevator shaft, AotCR
Take a Ghost to the part of level where there are bars that are supposed to block you from taking any big vehicles into the next area. With the ghost, drive through the bars and up the hill(Killing the enemies helps here, but you don't need to). When you're at the door that leads out of that area, get out of the ghost and hold the door open, then quickly get back into the ghost and go in. Drive the ghost until you get to the next door. Get out and hold the door open again and get back in to the ghost and drive it through. Maneuver around the obsticles until you get to the elevator. Park the ghost on it and hit the control panel. When the elevator starts to move, get in the ghost and you'll fall through the elevator. You should fall to the bottom of the shaft and not take any damage because you were in the ghost... and you'll be at the bottom of the shaft.
Bouncing Plasma Grenade
In the level 'assault on the control room', when you get to the first elevator, activate it, and throw a plasma grenade onto the center of the lift. if you do i right, it should start to bounce up and down.
catapult launch
In Halo 2 get a banshee and a rocket launcher and fly it really high. Get out and make sure it is flipped over. Stand on one side of the banshee's wing that is on the ground. The banshee should act like a catapult. Aim the RL at the other wing and shoot. you will fly really far. You won't die. Have fun!
disabled feelings
load the level aotcr in co-op. get a tank and a warthog full of allies. go past the big cave guarded by 2 hunters. then go past the 2 bridges. (1 should be broken down) one vehicle should lead with the other trailing. there should be a flash and bring the trailing vehicle\'s driver(either player 1 or 2) behind it. Now, go back where the trailing vehicle was last. the vehicle should dissapear leaving the allies standing. they should be still alive because of their blinking and panting. usually allies get on if you stop by them, but they just stay there. probably if you betray enough, they will not attack as the others will.
Easily skip about 2/4 of The Silent Cartographer
Okay, glitch not cheat, demo and full version.
Simply do this:
1)Start level by exiting Pelican.
2)Clear the landing beach (start area) of enemies*.
3)Wait for a bit and Foehammer/Echo 419 will drop a Warthog by the water.
4) Get in it, and wait for a gunner and a passenger.
5) Drive forward and take out the Jackals, Grunts and the Elite if you want.
6)You can now turn left or right. Go right and take out the Jackals on the beach.
7)Jump out of the Warthog and grab the over shield**.
8)Go back to the top of the hill and take left this time
9)Take out all the Grunts and Elites.
10) Go inside(take ol' Warty with you) and take out any remaining Covenant forces.
11) Cortana will say "The Covenant are putting up a real fight. The Cartographer must be here! Let's continue on." Here you go to the end of the hall.
12)Turn right, and you will see a tunnel.
13)Go down the tunnel and spin out the end, turning left.
14)Hold accelerate down and speed at the door( Cortana yells "Don't let them lock the doors!")
15)If you were fast enough, you would have jammed the Warthog in the dorr and will be half in, half out. Now make sure you can get out INSIDE the door.
Take out the Gold Elite if you want, he still respawns when you turn off the security panel.
CONGRATS!! You succesfully skipped having to go all the way round the island and you didn't have to fight the 2 Hunters, or the masses of Jackals, Elites and Grunts. Follow the objective compass (above the ammo counter on the assault rifle) and you will have skipped a lot of the level and will therefore finish it in double time! See ya!
Enemy Behaviour & Easy Combat
On The Maw when you are in the tunnels, there is an easier way of studying enemy behaviour without having to pull a trigger. When you get to the exit of the tunnels, you will notice a passage to the left. Go there & you will see a door guarded by a Grunt. Shoot him down & go through the unlocked door. There are no live enemies, but apparently there has been a war between two Elites & three Flood (or is it the other way round?) Anyway, they're all dead, and you can pick up some of the Elites plasma grenades. You can turn off your flashlight to save battery (plus it drains your shields strength) because there is already a light in there, and there is light coming from a fire that is blocking the glass blast door at the front of the room. Walk over to there & crouch beside the flames, but make sure you don't get to close or you'll hut yourself. If you look out the glass blast door you can see a fight between Flood & Covanant troops - There are two Hunters that are desperately trying to fight off those annoying plane-type things that shoot lasers at anything they see. There is also a purple (purple?) Elite shooting some flood members. Once you really think about it, it's acctually quite fun to see what happens when you're not involved in the battle. You can take any side - they're not really that bad, the Covanant, cause they're trying to defeat the Flood as well. Most of the time they will triumph; when they have killed everything in sight, you can see what they do out of combat. The Hunters practice they're battle stance by crouching & quivering their spines (did you know that the Hunters are approx. 12' tall, but when in combat they contract to about 8'?). The Elites just stand there & look around for any hiding enemies, checking their guns & shuffling they're feet. When you get bored, go out of the door & open the door that leads to where the Covanant are. If nothing happens, quickly one of the Hunters or the Elite & run back to the room you were just in. The Flood will come back, & the fight will be a lot more tense. If one of the enemies comes near the window, stand back - when a Hunter dies he will fall through the blast door if he is close enough & his gun & shield will be poking through (thank God he's dead!). But none of the enemies will know you are the, with the exception of some of the little Flood, & possibly the zombie Flood. When the next fight is over, if the Flood win, you can watch them instead - little Flood sucking on the walls, bigger Flood limping around, checking thier guns & talking to other Flood, zombie Flood standing there doing absolutley nothing. After everything in sight is dead (it might take a few bullets & grenades of your own to finish them off), you are free to continue of your journey.
Flare/Fake Plasma Grenade
First, throw a Plasma grenade on the ground. Second,throw a plasma grenade immedietly after the first one. The effect is the first grenade will send the second into the air and leving an imprint of it on the ground, which will not explode, but dissapear. The second grenade will blow up visibly in the air, givng a call to your buddies. "And rain a few rocks. You might be able to stick it to a Banshee, but I haven't tried it yet.
Good Luck!
Floating, Firing AR WIERD!
alrighty, start 343 Guilty Spark. when in Pelican, throw grenades as soon as you can to stay in the ship. it will take off. when it drops you off, head in the direction the nose is facing. walk along the 2 dimensional trees and to your left is a steep drop off. walk along this edge until you see the entrance to the underground area where you would normally enter. there should be two lights on top of the entrance. slide down the hill, landing on top with the lights. there shouldn't be anything going on yet. now walk forward and you will trigger the Covenant to run out of there because they are being shot at by "invisible" Flood. this is the clincher. as soon as you see and hear an AR firing, jump down and turn quickly facing the entrance. if you are quick enough, you will see 2 assault rifles floating and firing at the Covenant.
Flying ghost asault rifles
In the level 343 guilty spark when your still in the pelican just before you come out start throwing grenades. When your out of grenades just keep pressing it for a couple of seconds then stop. if you've done this correctly you should still be in the pelican. After a few seconds the pelican should fly of and you should still be in it. Wait for a few seconds, it will crash on a moutain you can now get out. Go to the right and keep walking until you get rto a mountain. follow the mountain until you get to the area just over the cave that leads you to the first elavator. If you have notice when you play that level normally you shoulds see rifle shots. Quickly run jump of the cliff and into the cave. Just as you touch the groung all the covenant that are in that area should start running out of the cave. Ignore them and should go in. If you look closly enough you should see floating assault rifles wich are shooting by themselves.

frozen eliete piller autem
in the part where u have no wepon after the man says "cut those blast doors" go where u would go when u see the eliete yell at u block his way to the door on the right for about 10 secs if done correctly he will run to a marine and start hiting him its okay if ONE marine dies run to the next part while the elite is fighting when it says loading done go back the marines are not there and the eliete is frozen!!!!
Frozen Grunt
In the level The Silent Cartographer, go to the part where the covenant lock the door with the gold elite. Kill everything except one grunt chase him up the inclined hallway once he gets to the top he should be frozen.
Get on Damnation by yourself
You need to play damnation with at least 150% health. Go get the rock launcher and make sure you have at least 2 fragmentation grenades. Get the oversheild and then go to the tube above the sniper rifle and health pack (the fastest way is through the teleporter). Look straight down (facing the wall) and throw a fragmentation grenade so that it is right below you. Time your jump right so that you are going up when the grenade explodes and then throw and shoot a rocket at the ground. Move forwards and you should land on a ledge. Jump/crouch (jump and then crouch in the air) to get on top of the two parallel tubes. Then go to the corner (where the sloped ramp is going up (don't worry about falling off the edge off the level because there is an invisble wall). Throw a fragmentation grenade at the ground and time the jump again. You are now on top of damnation. You can also get in the holes where water comes out with a timed jump and a plasma grenade on a tube.
Get On Top Of Cryo Bay.
Not A Cheat But Its A Little Fun Thing To Do:
Ok This MUST Be On Normal Or Easy Difficulty. (This Is On The Pillar Of Autumn BTW).After The Scene Where Chief Comes Out Of His Cryotube, Turn Around And Jump Into It. If You Did This Before It Closed, You Should End Up On Top Of The Cryo Bay. explore a bit up there but you will eventually step somewhere and you'll fall underneath the cryo bay and die. But,um,Yeah You Were On Top Of The Cryo Bay.(don't worry it should take a few times to get it right, And Apperantly You Could End Up Going Behind The Cryo Tubes, i did it my first try though, so it shouldn't be to hard).
Get on top of Damnation
First you will need to connect 2 xbox's on 2 tv's because you will need 5 poeple to get in the secret area and 6 to get on top of the level. After you do this go 2 Damnation. Now you will need 2 get all the players to "the pipe". To get to the pipe you need to find a room with a ramp and on the upper floor where the ramp leads there are green panels. Go up the ramp..make a right...then make yet another right and throught the door. If you look to your left, you should see the pipe. Now you need 2 make the Master chief Pyramid. Have one person crouch down on the pipe against the wall. Then have another person jump on top on the 1st person and crouch. Now take the third person and have him crouch in front of the first person..so now you made a sort of master chief staircase. Now take the 4th person and have him stand on the 3rd person. have the 4th person jump and then the 3rd person under you stand up. then jump on top of the 2nd person. now have everyone duck and have the 5th person do the same as the 4th and then jump onto the 4th person. Now if you can get the 5th person to jump and everyone under him to stand up you will have enought height to jump on top on the wall and find an area with a pipe and a few platforms.

Now here is where you need the 6th person if you want to venture around the level. Keep the pyramid and have the 6th person do the same as the 5th and climb onto the wall. Now head to your left over the pipe and go as far as you can till you hit the invisible wall. Have one player stand in the corner and crouch and have the other player jump on top of him. Now you should be able to get to the inclined area and walk around the level.

Please thank Monalumamonanana and his fellow monks for this cheat that has not been seen before.
Get out of the level for BG
Hey! To get out of the level for blood gulth you need to make sure you have gohst's (Vehicle) on the map.
Then the easiest way is to get in the gohst then drive to the red base.You will see on the far right side is real dark,but theres realy a ramp there.
What you do is turn side ways towards the way you get out to the dark side. Drive sideways then right before you get to the top of the ramp get out, then you should fly out the level seing everything.( You can die from the fall )
Get past a warthog jump on maw
Right first go on 2 player copertive and progress through the level till your in a warthog and near that very very big fall have your partner get a rocket lancher and just before the all get your partner to shoot the baricade blocking the path over the jump. If done correct you should land on the bridge and skip half the level.
Get to secret room and on top of Damnation
First you will need to connect 2 xbox's on 2 tv's because you will need 5 poeple to get in the secret area and 6 to get on top of the level. After you do this go 2 Damnation. Now you will need 2 get all the players to "the pipe". To get to the pipe you need to find a room with a ramp and on the upper floor where the ramp leads there are green panels. Go up the ramp..make a right...then make yet another right and throught the door. If you look to your left, you should see the pipe. Now you need 2 make the Master chief Pyramid. Have one person crouch down on the pipe against the wall. Then have another person jump on top on the 1st person and crouch. Now take the third person and have him crouch in front of the first person..so now you made a sort of master chief staircase. Now take the 4th person and have him stand on the 3rd person. have the 4th person jump and then the 3rd person under you stand up. then jump on top of the 2nd person. now have everyone duck and have the 5th person do the same as the 4th and then jump onto the 4th person. Now if you can get the 5th person to jump and everyone under him to stand up you will have enought height to jump on top on the wall and find an area with a pipe and a few platforms.

Now here is where you need the 6th person if you want to venture around the level. Keep the pyramid and have the 6th person do the same as the 5th and climb onto the wall. Now head to your left over the pipe and go as far as you can till you hit the invisible wall. Have one player stand in the corner and crouch and have the other player jump on top of him. Now you should be able to get to the inclined area and walk around the level.

Please thank Monalumamonanana and his fellow momks for this cheat that has not been seen before.

glitch out of graphics in blood gulch
get a rocket launcher, 1 plasma grenade, 1 fragmentation grenade, 400% health, and a warthog. Go to the red base and behind it should be a dark area and a hill with a rock. (good sniping area) drive the warthog on the hill behind the rock. Make sure it is lined up perfectly. get in the side seat and aim straight down. Now, throw a plasma, then frag, and shoot without moving your rectile. Try doing it fast. If done correctly, you should come out of your seat and fly backwards onto the top of the cliff. Keep walking backwards and blood gulch will get smaller and look like a perfect map. If you throw a grenade behind you and it sticks, you are as far as you can go. Nothing can kill you except a sniper or a person comes up there because a rocket or a grenade just sinks into nowhere. you may have to try this more than once to get it. for advantage, bring a sniper to kill more. So, wala!
Hi ho hi ho its down the mountain we go
Well so far im just a (fun game thing) dude, so here is another one, on the lvl the two betrayals fly the banshe to where the control room is but only the big entrance door there is that spiral twisty tower thing where you find the sniper(my fav) fly the banshee to the top of it then try to get down with out dieing its pretty tough but not impossible, have fun and goodluck....GIVE THEM HELL MARINES!!
Hidden BG ledge
You must have a Ghost for this cheat,and it's suggested to have a Sniper Rifle and many bullets.First at Blood Gulch,from red base go straight toward Blue and keep looking to your right as you go.After a few seconds you should get to a big slope in the rock formation to your right.This takes alot of time and patience,but go up the ledge and try to get on top of the next slope,from there go straight up until you cannot go any further.Finally move your right thumbstick right to move the ghost right and you can make it to the ledge to your right.This is a glitch,and it takes many attemps to get this.
Hidden Message
Go to the main menu, and select Settings. Create a new character and name it .fortune (case-sensitive). If done correctly, a message will appear near the top of the keypad. Some are kinda humorous, but others are just messages.
Hidden Music
Near the end of the 5th level (Assault on the Control Room), snag a Banshee in the open area and head up to the Control Center. There are three ledges that bracket the central pillar in front of the door; you want the middle one. You can land your Banshee parallel to the walkway, facing the left (with respect to the door), and hop out the back. Be careful - if you're not perfectly straight, you'll hop out to your death. Walk to the right end of the ledge... and stand still. You should hear this soft, sorrowful music playing.

Just so you know, the name of this masterpiece is called The Siege of Madrigal, and it can be found in Bungie's earlier game, Myth. It was written by Marty O'Donnell from Total Audio.
Infinite Invisibility and Ammo.
Okay, this cheat takes a little while to get to, but you can do it on any skill level, coop only. The Assault on the Control Room is the setting. First off, get to the part of the level where you start to go underground after the first large battle on the surface. There will be an active camoflauge to the right of the downslope before your descent. Leave it there and go underground. kill all enemies and cross the bridge like you were leaving. Out the next door in the big hall there is a loading/checkpoint that will drag the character who is lagging behind through. This is the glitch spot. Do not go through yet. One person needs to stand by this spot while another person goes back to the active camo. Make sure to pick up two good weapons on the way. My prefs are a Rocket and sniper. Equip the weapon you want to start with infinate ammo and stand next to the camo. The player back in the hall should get ready to pull you through. Pick up the camo, and have the other player pull you through the load point and then turn and pull you back through going the opposite direction. You should be pulled through twice. If don correctly, the second time through, you will see your head glitch a little. Now you are permanantly invisible and have infinate ammo. Be careful not to get on a vehicle, or the glitch will no longer work. Also, you can only switch weapons to secondary once. After switching back to your primary, you no longer have infinate ammo, so make sure you get as much use out of your primary weapon as you want before switching to secondary.
Inside the control room AOTCR!
This is more of a glitch than a cheat.
Well to get in the control room on assult of the control room you need a ghost. First take it up the pyrimid structure activate all the doors except the last door. Then drive the ghost sideways towards the door and get out about 1 second before you hit the door. If you did this precisely the ghost should push you through the door! then you can explore the maproom as you wish (as I said a bit of fun, but not really a cheat). But if you activate the door the cutscene will show up.
Invinceble master cheif
Go to boarding craft and get a rpg. get infront of a telepoter thing and aim at the oppisite one. As soon as you fire back into the teleporter and then the rocket will hit you. But you will not die and cannot be killed by explosives. This took alot of timing you have to do it at a percise moment.
When playing multiplayer-- if someone is hunting you, go to the overshield and wait until they can shoot you. Then just before they fire or as they fire, walk on it and while the shield is charging, you are invincible!
Invincible and Posessed Soldiers
Okay, same scenario as my other cheat, "Posessed Soldiers". Except this time, I realized that they are completely invincible to everything you can dish out to them while you're at the top of the ramp. Shoot them, grenade them, whatever. Just don't go down the ramp, and you can empty your whole arsenal into them. Also, if you throw a plasma grenade onto one of them, it never goes off, just sticks to him and sizzles, and you can go down the ramp without them flying away and screaming. The only thing that can break them out of their trances is a frag grenade.
Invincible turret
On The second mission (halo), on any difficulty rating, on co-operative,get the warthog, complete the underground part, and then once you are back out near the river, take the first left, to the base with the underground prison. Player 1 has to drive the warthog, and player 2 has to gun the warthog. Player 1 has to drive around the first big building, around the edge of the big cliff, and then drive the warthog through the big door. Turn left, down the passageway, but then stop. Player 1 has to get out, kill the marines, and come up the other side. Meanwhile, the warthog turret will have gone through the roof, and you will be able to shoot enemies. They cannot harm you, but you can shoot them up.
Marine Icy Pole (Funny)
Alrighty dudes, this is a goody, but it takes some patience, on the level Assault On The Control Room, make SURE your marines survive and lead them through to that tunnel thingy thats underground with the bridge (by the way if your low on ammo, when you enter the cave run directly to the right and there is tonnes of dead marines with pistols,rocketlaunchers and snipers) anyways, kill all the guys there and make sure some of your marines survive, then kill every covenant, look everywhere, they hide, when you are sure there are no more go to the big door and open it, run through and don't look at the marines, keep running untill you get to the place with the two elites and the ghosts where is says thunder roll, before they get in a ghost turn around and run to the marines, if you killed all the dudes in the cave, the marines will be frozen in the position they were in when it says Thunder roll, its great fun to stick plasma grenades to them and when they stick the grenades become inactive and wont explode, not really a cheat but something fun to do, i'll try to find more of these little cheaty like thingys cause being the halo freak i am i explore every nook and cranny of the game, if this cheat didn't work for you just email me at jjalsop@acay.com.au, thanx dudes
marine signal (dosent really work)
when you have two grenades throw one on the ground and another on top of eachother if done correctly a blue star thing will go flyimg up in the air and explode which is the flare whih is used to call matines (dosent call marines but its kool)
Massive explosion/ flying across level (kills you)
Start 343 guilty spark, and when the pelican drops you off turn around, jump back on and run towards the door in the back. (you cant move past the ledge at the entrance, but running keeps you onboard.)
In about 7 to 10 seconds, the pelican literaly speeds out from under you, and you start falling. As soon as you start to drop, look straight down and throw a plasma grenade. Then when you hit the groud, that grenade will go off, setting off a massive chain reaction that will launch you across the level, but the game resets before you hit the ground. Have fun
Missing Flood In Armory
When u come out from the bridge in the maw, stand next to the wall sticking out that hides u from the armory door and the flood inside. Toss a frag grenade at the wall onthe other side of the door so it bounces off it and into the armory and wait for it to blow, if it worked there shoud be no flood inside. Talk about saving ammo!
more health
you can get more helth sometimes it work sometimes it do it is X,A,R1,R1,L1,X,B,A
no flood in end of the maw
this has to be don with 2 players when ur just about to go in to the thiny where u shoot the roket or the grenade into the reactors 1 person stays waywaywaywyaywyawyawyy back and only 1 prsin goen in then there wil be only littly anoyanoid things that do no dammage and the big hodakies wont kum hope this helps.
Punch your Grenade
If ya wanna punch your grenade at enimies (or ur friends) press B+L at the same time, then you should punch ur grenade a people.
Shoot shutgun without pumping
To shoot ur shotgun without pumping, press B then hold R then u will shoot without pumping.
Shoot Yourself
Go To A Place With Water For Example 343 Guilty Spark. Go Into The Water And Take Out Your Assault Rifle. Hold The Left Anoalog Stick Down And Either Rotate The Right Analog Stick Clockwise Or Just Hold It Right And You Will Shoot Your Feet. Eventually You Will Have Shot And Killed Yourself.
Skip all assaults on the control room (only on CO-OP)
This makes all the enemies dissapear.
Fight through until you reach the first bridge. Make sure you both have full health(if you dont, kill each other so you respawn with full health)Near to the wall jump off to the left and click the left anologue stick at the same time as you land on the ledge. Follow the path to the right until you're above a mound on the floor. One person jump off and as soon as they die the other person should jump off. The player who jumped off first should respawn on a ledge. Do this until you reach the ground. Combine this with the "early banshee" cheat but use the scorpion instead of a rocket launcher. It may take a few tries.
Survive a direct rocket
To do this, Go to Two Betrayals, at that part where you get the banshee to destroy the generator, there will be a flood with a rocket launcher, let it shoot you directly under the chest and above the belly, you should survive the blow. This has to be on easy, (You still die automaticly from rockets in easy)
sweet ghost tricks
on any multiplayer level, with all vehicles, take a ghost and drive it up the side of a tank at full speed with the little crosshare thingy facing slightly upwards. the tank should act as a ramp and when you jump off of it the ghost should do alsorts of barrelrolls and flips and stuff.
to get out of the level on sidewinder
go to the blue side take the tank and bring it up the hill thing on your right. then take the gost and rap off of it out of the level where you can see them but they can't see you.

have fun killing your friends.
tracking bomb!
ok this works in almost anything and theres two ways to do this.... You can attach a plasma to a grunt in any levle and it will run back to his team(this can be used tacticly or just for fun i mean who dosnt like watchen a screaming grunt running back to his friends killen them all) but u can also take and if ur entering a room with alot of enimys tightly packed attach a plasma granade to your partner and let him run in there (him throwing some plasmas in first b4 he gose in and b4 you attach them to him) then it should be simple to take out the rest on your own your parnter will then respawn back next to you.
two betrayals/Final run
Want the ghost on final run?Its ez you could do it in 1 player mode or in co-op. you need an RPG and a banshee then ghost.when it says the tunnels below make sure you have a RPG.Take the banshee and go to the end of the dirt road(be careful though because the flood have RPG's)look around for a ghost.Take the ghost until you reach the blastdoor open the blastdoor.It should explode and not open completly BUT you will see a gap park the ghost between the gap.Switch to RPG and aim at the right wing fire.then quickly shoot the nose.If done correctly the ghost should be at the other side.Done you now have a ghost for the final run hope you don't lose good luck!
Unlimited Grenades!!!!!!!!
This can be done ANYWHERE on Halo 1. Get grenades and any weapon. Now press the left trigger to throw the grenade and the B button to punch at exactly the same moment. If you don't get it precisely spot on, then you will lose grenades. If you do it correctly, then there will be the throw/punch animation, explosions, etc, etc... BUT YOU WILL NOT LOSE GRENADES!!!! This glitch can be done as many times you like, do it for days if you want!
Warthog Door
When playing multiplayer on Blood Gulch take a Warthog and drive it to one of the bases so that its front is touching the wall of the base (the outside wall). Get out. Go to the back of the car and throw a plasma grenade and then quickly switch grenades and throw a frag in the same spot. They should explode at the same time and send the car up onto the top on the base (there are lots of ways to get it onto the top of the base). When its up get in and drive it so its above the back door of the base. Keep going and eventually the front wheels will squeeze through the two things that are shaped like triangles... sort of.
When you get the front wheels through press X so that you slow down and then your car will slide so that the back wheels get stuck where you drove the front wheels through. Get out of the car if you're still in. Now you have a door. Press X when is says "Press X to flip Warthog" and the 'door' will open! =)
warthog on the base
on blood gulch to get warthogs on the bases, start driving one up the ramp and get your friend to drive into the back of you in a tank but point the tankat a slight angle so the side of it hits the warthog. this may take a while but i assure you it is possible, happy playing.
Why walk when you can fly
Assult on the Control Room: About three quarters through the level you walk out of a corridor and are faced with a land bridge covered with covernent. The pyramid leading to the control room is on your left. Leave the corridor and quickly kill the three elites on the land bridge before they can get into the two banshee's (i use a snipers rifel but anything will do). Once covernent are dead, walk to the far banshee and make it fall over the edge, landing near the door below. This will still be there when you have progressed through the game and exit the door below. You can use it to kill everything right up to when you enter the control room. I think you will agree this is a lot earier than doing by foot. Meanwhile the other banshee is still on the bridge to be used as you please.