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Gun cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Gun Tips

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Completion Bonuses
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Reed's armored horse, Magruder's seven barrel Nock gun, and the Cannon Nock gun.
Submitted by: tyranitar24 on January 15, 2006
easy way to winb a showdown (mexico city)
when you start a showdown go to hoodoos casino when the peaple waik in shoot the lights shoot the one over the door first and the place will start to catch on fire and so will they and you wont onlyif stay away from the fire
Submitted by: anonymous on February 08, 2009
Faster Horses
While on a horse, hold the dash button while repeatedly jumping. If you time it right, you should go at about double the speed of a normal horse.
Submitted by: Imagination on December 18, 2005
The Nock Gun
After defeating Magruder in the final battle, you recieve his gun. Its called the Nock Gun and its classified as a shotgun, its really good for dismembering people.
Submitted by: Fireworks4ever on November 13, 2005
Unlock These Items
To get the .69 Ferguson Rifle, you must defeat Hollister.

To get the Apache Shirt, you must successfully complete the Hunting missions.

To get the Cavalry Sword, you must defeat Reed.

To get the Silver Spurs, you must successfully complete the Pony Express missions.
Submitted by: Jax06 on January 10, 2006

Gun Cheats

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ammo stash
go to the house where you lived as a baby(near doge city), near there shold be a mine. go into the mine and grab a barrle of tnt and take it to the house.then put it near the chimely on the outside(it may take a few attempts toi find the exact spot) destroy the barrel and their will be a stash of infinite ammo for every gun and thrown weapon
Submitted by: sprites of justice on February 11, 2007
infinite whiskey stash
you know the bridge to Dodge. Underneath it there is a cave and in it there is a clump of gold and it will look like three whiskey bottles in the center of it and if you run into it it will refill your whiskey bottle but it will still be there though.
Submitted by: tyler on February 13, 2007