FlatOut Cheats

FlatOut cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

FlatOut Tips

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A Little Bit of Help
If you have nitro hit it and slam some car in the back.
It should cause he/she to fly out the front of their car window.
Submitted by: anonymous on May 25, 2006
Aquire More Nitrous
To aquire more nitrous, try crashing things like running into other cars and hitting the walls, scenery, etc. You will get more nitrous for doing things like these. The bigger the damage you caused, the more nitrous you get.
Submitted by: Jax06 on December 26, 2005
Save up your money
You may find it helpful to save up your money early in the game. Why? The farther you get in the game, the more cars you are able to buy. These cars are much better and stronger than the earlier cars of which you had to choose from.
Submitted by: Jax06 on December 27, 2005

FlatOut Cheats

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GIVECASH Easy money

GIVEALL Everything unlocked

RAGDOLL Use gear up button to launch ragdoll
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on March 17, 2005
Unlock all
To get everything to begin with, create a new game and enter your name as Giveall. after you enter the second l, the name will clear, allowing you to put in your own name. everything will be unlocked and ready for use!
Submitted by: Wyraachur on January 07, 2005