FIFA Soccer 2003 (Xbox) Cheats

FIFA Soccer 2003 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Change songs at any time
By pressing the right trigger at any time in the menu the song that is playing will automatically change


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David Beckham in a Monkey Suit
When you select your teams for a match, be or challenge Manchester United. When it is loading the match type in:R2 R2 L1 L2 L2 R1 R3 left down right up left down right up down right up left. You will then see pin point passes by a "Monkey".
Easy goals from half-way line!!!!!!!!
Go the other team from a kick-off and hold down 'L'. The keeper should come out his goal and come towards you. When he is in the screen shot, change to your team and shoot! Hey presto! An easy goal from the half-way line! Repeat it as many times as you want!
Soul Stadium
Complete "International Cup" with any team to unlock Soul Stadium
Unbeatable challenge- Win the World Tour tournament

Yokohama Stadium- Win the ECC trophy
Win a stadium
Win a stadium

All you have to do is win the championship club with a club and you will get a new stadium.

win stade de france stadium n seoul stadium
2 unlock da seoul stadium win the international cup. and 2 unlock da stade de france stadium win the club championship.