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Transfer cheat in Manager Mode

OK. We all know that we want all the best players in our team, but some of the best players are not for sale. But there is a glitch in which you can get any player you want (if you have the money) only in the transfer period though. Go to transfer market, then click the black button (search) and this page should come out. If your looking for a goalkeeper but don't know which one, just put "Any" in league, and "Any" in the transfer status, so, in short, leave everything the way it is except put GK in the role and Any in everything else except the Skill and the attribute and such...
anyway click it and all the GK from the game will come out, so scout around and take your pick!
If you are looking for a specific player, do the same thing except put the league and the team. If you do not know what role he plays, then just put ATT, MID, DEF. Then they come out. Even if they are not available in the transfer market, you can buy them! Oh, and before you start manager mode, put your favorite players age 16 and make them Elite Fast Growth. That will make them grow faster if your the type of person that doesn't like all his players at 99 by cheating...

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: thierryhenry14 on June 14, 2007