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How To get Legendary Weapons
This tells you how to get them and what type of weapon they are
UnlockableHow to unlock
Solice GreatswordShop at Bowerstone North 60k-80k Great Sword
Sword of AeonsKill your sister Long Sword
Avo's TearDon't kill your sister Great Sword
SentinusYou get it by donating 30k-100k when you are bad Club
Wellow's PickhammerEat 5-10 chicks in front of the Demon Door in Greatwood Pickaxe
Skorm's BowSacrifice a bandit at 12:00 am Long Bow
Orken's ClubNear Archon's Shrine Club
BereaverGive all of your keys to the Demon Door in Necropolis Sword
The HarbingerMax out all of your strength skills and pull the sword out of the pedistal near Avo's Temple Longsword
Arken's BowIn a blue treasure chest in Dark Wood Swamp Crossbow
Cutlass BluetaneGet your combar multiplier up to 14 and talk to the Demon Door at GreatWood Caves Sword
Dollmaster's MaceWear Brightplate, Dark Robes, and the bandit outfit in front of the Demon Door at the Abandoned Road Mace
Murren GreataxeThe Silver chest in the lighthouse in ook Coast
Ronok the Axeget married to lady grey then go to the demon door by the Grey House-Axe
Murren GreathammerSilver Key Chest at Heroes Guild, requires 20 silver keys
the avengeruse 30 keys in a chest at necropilis
The avengeruse 30 keys in lost bay chest
The Katana Hiryubower stone north, lady grey manor, bedroom, 15 silver key chest, open it
Other Unlockables
Follow these rules to get these items
*This only works in The Lost Chapters*
UnlockableHow to unlock
Pimp's HatGo to the brothel in Darkwood and spend the night there about 7-10 times, and talk to the Demon Door
Fishermen's HatGo to Greatwood and go to the Fishermen's house. After you save him, wait a day and go back there. He has a contest.If you win 1st,2nd, and 3rd place, you get The Champion's Rod, Fishermen's Hat and a silver key
Champions RodGo to Greatwood and go to the Fishermen's house. After you save him, wait a day and go back there. He has a contest.If you win 1st,2nd, and 3rd place, you get The Champion's Rod, Fishermen's Hat and a silver key
Chicken HatTalk to the guy in Oakvale by the ocean. He will ask you to make the ghost go away. If you finish the quest, he will open a contest too. If you win, you get the hat
ARCHONS BATTLE ARMORgo to necropilis, then find the 25 silver key chest, then open it


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Alot of people have/had no idea that there is a doll quest, me included.
after alot of searching i found out the proper way how to get all 8:
1) Briar Rose- bowerstone tavern,Win Card Pairs In Under 30 Seconds
2) Whisper- oakvale tavern,Win Coin Golf In 11 Strokes Or Less
3) Twinblade- twinblades camp,Win Memory Game In Under 20 Seconds.
4) Scarlet Robe- Knothole Glade,Win Card Ordering In Under 20 Seconds.
5i) Thunder- The Arena Anteroom,Purchase From Merchant.
5ii)Thunder- Bowerston North,Purchase From Merchant.
6i)You**- Witchwood Lake,Kill First Assassin.
6ii)You**- Bowerston North,Purchase From Merchant.
7)Maze- Hook Coast,Score 30 Or More In Shove Ha'Penny.
8)Scythe- Snowspire Village,Win Coin Golf In 11 Strokes Or Less.

**the doll of You is irrelevant to this quest. It is not needed to complete the
quest, however was added since it is one of the dolls that you do collect.

now that you have all 8/7 dolls take them to the school teacher at bowerstone south and he will swap all of your dolls for an ULTRA-RARE jack of blades doll !!!
there is no money or renown awarded for this quest...

hope this helps !!!
A better way to get experience & gold
Ok... this is what you do;
once you reach the arena quest don't finish it... instead after killing the 8th round (rock golems) leave and go back to the preparation lobby and hero save then load the hero save and repeat.
If done right you can average about 75,000 general exp. and depending on what attacks you use (whether it be magic, melee, or ranged) you can max out everything doing this in about 10-12 hours I think haven't actually checked on how long it actualy takes but you can get everything maxed and get rich enough to buy anything at all (18600 gold per load)
just remember that you *MUST* leave the arena after the rock golems and hero save or you wont get the gold.

Just know that, if you hero save too often, you can corrupt your Autosave, which can't be fixed. So, if you use this tip, use it sparingly.
a good way to rean money and exp =p
start the arena and beat the whole dang thing but!... dont walk out or kill whisper hero save it and star the whole thing again. ull get more exp and moneythat way. i hope it works
aan easy way of gettin money
now u need about over 1000 gold or more

1. go to the bowerstone south trader at the gate bit
2. talk to him and buy all apples if the writin is green
3.then sell them and you get about 200 pounds back more!!


you can do this with any item but do not if the writin is red
Alot of money/Max out all abilites
<the max="max" out="out" all="all" abilities="abilities">OK for this to work you have to have an ages of **** potion(replace *** with skill, will, and might). once you have those go to cliftside path which you go through while dooing the quest where you have to rescue your mother. (Physical shield needed (maxed out prefered) and Enflame maxed out(prefered but not needed.)this will require mana potion. ok for those of you that have enflame maxed out once you get there Undead, 2 at a time, will come out of the ground. after you kill them 2 more will come out. Put on PS(physical shield) and use enflame constantly. use mana potions AS SOON AS YOUR MANA GETS LOW. keep doing that untill your combat multiplyer gets 150 or 200 and use the ages of **** potions. keep PS on and mana potions at your side cause right after that use summon untill your combat multiplyer gets low.(<15_at the least). that will give you alot of will expirience since will needs the most to max out. once finished go to hero's guild and max out. now for some spells you need to be good or evil.
-------------------------------------------------OK now for those of you that need money dont let anyone tell you different. first of all the house that is always for sale in oakvale, get it. upgrade it completely. now i prefer you beat the game before this so you have 2 trophies that are worth 2500. break down the door, set your trophies up (assign them to the D-pad for quick put-ups) then after that sell the house. go back in since the door is down and get your trophies and then buy the house. Notice that you get 5,000 gold for doing this and it takes 10 seconds once you get used to it. thats 30,000 gold in a minute!!. lather rinse and repeat. --------<money continued="continued">ok now that you have over 1,000,000 gold(i hope you like evil) go and kill every town and make every house for sell then buy them all. after that is done put all fo them up for rent. then every once and a while go collect the rent.(its usually 10-25k gold per town). Hope you like my guide. ------------------------------------------------ send me an email at arodfayrod@hotmail.com and the tip you need if you need anything else</money></the>
Avos Tear
You people that are looking for a little help on Fable then this type of sword will help you.

After you have beaten Jack of Blades you have a choice of keeping the Mystic Sword or throughing the sword in the portal.
through it into the portal and you will have the chance of getting the Avos Tear.
You have to get the Fire Heart out of the DEMON DOOR after the guild master says that MAZE was interested in a sword , after that he says to go to MAZES Headquarters but dont if you near it there is 4 gravestones go to the 0ne that has no one on it and click the A button near the tomb and then there will be a dead hero talking to you and then you get the AVOS TEAR.
Beginning Bonus
Once you are being tested, repeat the melee combat over and over to earn 15 physical exp.

When you are doing your final test, and maze wants you to use lightning, get far enough away so you can't hear him talk the pull out your boy and shoot as fast as you can to rack up HELLA exp. (well...Hella for a starting char.)
My dad got 600+ Skill exp by doin' this and he told me to tell y'all
Billionare Party
Ok for all you guys with like what 100,000 gold or less listen up.Start in oakvale and buy heaps of beer [I usaully do 50.Reason coming up...] Then buy that small house of yours when you where a kid then check down at the shop [coin purse or yellow on map] and see how many days 'till the emeralds arrive.If there are there then buy max if not go to your home and sleep untill they arrive.Ok if you have high guile you want need much but if your 3ish well buy like 150 [over time] Then sell max then buy max,sell max,buy max.....you get the point.Do this 'till you have satisfied your self over the moon.Note:This is where the beer comes in!!OK now go to to the tavern that night and party 'till your hearts content!Share your beer or force push everyone else away and hog it all.It doesn't matter I mean you can come back the next day and buy 50 more beer bottle animal hide things!!Note:Must have from 25,000 gold+ or it might not work.
Blue Mushroom tip
There is a Blue Mushroom for sale for 1000 gold in Barrow fields. You can have it with 50% discount! Just steal it, and you will be fined 500 gold.
You still keep the Mushroom after that.
Buttload o' cash
This is a cheat to get lots of money by buying and selling a house. Go and buy a house, I did this in knothole glade, but you should probably go buy the most expensive house you can find. Improve the decoration if you can. Go in the house, mount your most valuble trophy on both trophy mounts, go sell the house. Your trophies will still be in the house. Break the door down and grab your trophies, then buy the house. Note that the house will be worth less than when you sold it. keep repeating this process of buying, mounting trophies, selling, and grabbing your trophies, and you'll make a fortune!
Buy Buildings without Becoming evil
Intresting little bit I came across while planting citizens in a new location...

Step 1 Beer... and Lots of it... I meant in the game so drop the case of Bud...

Step 2 Be Popular... you need to be able to talk people into following you out into the Wild...

First go to the shop/home owners close to time to hit the hay... get them to follow you out of town... once you are outside of town tell them to wait and load them all up with Beer Gifts... so they get drunk

Now go back into town and if you got the right people to follow you out there should be a for sale sign on the previous establishment...

SO you becoming a money whoring Landlord with out the horns and flies...

Commit a crime and dont have to pay!!!!
I cant believe no-one has found this out!!!

1. Get the 'sorry' expression

2. When a guard asks you if you are going to pay the fine say no

3. Use the sorry expression on the guard

4. He will say something like 'apology accepted mat'


1. You may get hit once or twice in the process

2. This doesnt work if you murdered or aggravated assaulted anyone
Defeating Jack **Dragon Form**
If you've beaten the game you probably have your own strategy for beating him but with this one i beat him in under a minute.

For magic have lvl 3 or 4 berserk *B*,physical shield *PS*, and multi strike *MS* (not needed but can help.

Next have lvl 6 or 7 on everything physical because u need it if u want to stay alive.

Lastly get about 20-30 health potions and 10-20 mana potions.

Now ur ready to kick his ass.

First use all skills and start whooping him and every time he smashes down use health potions and a mana potion or 2 until ur full.

Keep doing this until A) He dies or B) He flys.

If he Flys just wait and then whoop on him.

There your done you kicked his ass good for you.
easiest way to make alot of money.
tired of buying and selling your house to make a few thousand gold? Well I have a sure fire way to be make tens of twenties of thirties of thousands and the hardest part is getting your guille to level 7. First thing you need to do is get you guille maxed out. Then you need to find a trader who sells diamonds. Next start a quest that you can walk away from without quitting. now go and buy as many diamonds as you can from him (works best if you can buy all). Then hero save and load your game. next you must start the quest again, get to the trader and he will have the same amount of diamonds and becaus you have high guille you can buy and sell all them back for more money. just keep buying them and reloading and starting the quest till your out of money then just sell them all back for a huge profit. then buy them all again and sell back. do this for a while and you can make very very much money and its faster than the house thing. (I did this with the shop in north bowerstone when it had 48 diamonds in while doing the bandit spy extraction quest because its right above bowerstone, i made hundreds of thousand of gold really fast and easy and bought every item i could) GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE IM THE FIRST ONE TO BRING THIS TIP INTO THE LIGHT!!!!
Easy (sorta) stregnth XP.
so everyone has seen beardy baldy right?
So after you have done all of his embarissing hair treatment things or whatever, start punching him.
then once you get a flourish (where you press X and they get knocked down.)
Beardy will have the spinny thing over his head
start kicking him while he's on the ground (what an ass thing to do)
you can keep kicking him, and he won't get up (or die) and you can get all of the expierince you need.


Easy Cash
1:Get high Guile
2:Get access to Bowerstone North
3:Go to the shop keeper
4:Buy all the the gifts with the price highlighted in green
5:Sell it back
(I bought 65 diamonds for 230 gold each and each time I did it, I got about 50k)
Easy Experience
First go to the cliff-side path to fight the zombies. Do this for 5 minutes to get enough experience to max out all of your magic.
Easy Items/Equipment
An easy way to gear up with items and equipment (for an evil character who has his guile up enough to steal) is to simply buy as much beer as you can carry. go to whichever shop you choose, and give the shop-keeper five or six beers. He'll be stumbling around drunk now. Simply push up against him until he's out the front door of the shop, and give him another beer or two for good measure. He'll be so drunk, hew won't be able to find his way back into his own shop. That leaves you alone and inside to steal everything on his shelves.
Easy Kill
1:Upgrade your Multi Attack
2:Upgrade your Slow Time
3:Fight any monster and you will attack a couple times in 1 hit.
Easy magic exp
find a couple hard monsters switch to lightning hold down the casting button and just keep switching monsters as fast as you can i made 5000 exp in less than 3 minutes i bought every magic spell u could

p.s.works better if u have a bunch of magic potions
easy money
There are a few weapons that are wanted by the weapons vendor in Knothole Glade. Go to Hook Coast and buy them, then sell them back to the Knothole glade vendor. You can do this many times, the profit is something like 200000 gold. You do need some money to buy them in the first place as they are expensive master level weapons.
easy money and skill exp
to get lots of money and skill exp all you need to do is go to the bordello in darkwood give grope 6 beers, he will get drunk and tell you were the deed is. go to the pond and dig in front of the statue and talk to the mistress.
now that you own the bordello you will get a discount at the tavern so buy all the health and will potions in stock then sell all of your health and will potions, buy them back and keep doing this until you are satisfied with the amount you made or get bored, it is best to buy as many health and will potions as possible before you try to make huge amounts of money this way. doing this will also give you skill exp, if you want to master your skill then try and do this tip with a combat multiplier.
have fun
easy money and xp
ok first the easy money.once u beat the areana and get access to bowerstone north and muy all the diemonds in the shop andthem sell emoru can do what i didbuy the set of diemonds, sleepfor3 days and buy moreuntillu get about 200 and then seel and buy u should make like 100k each time like i did.

now the xp, save up your skill pots and get the shield spell, then go to the grave yard (the littlepathbefour ugo to kill all the zombies in the circle)then keep killing themuntilluget about 50 combot mutiplier of around 40 somethin (make sure u havetheshield on at all times (good to buy alot of mana pots first)and then use theskill pots i got over 200k in xp in all stats now. hope these work for u. and good luck.
Easy money at the guild
I am really surprised that I am the only one who has found this out! Ok first of all you need to get your guile skill up until you can use steal.
Either you are really nice and people will follow you or you need to give them a little beer. You go to the trader in the heroes guild. You get him to follow you. If he doesnt follow you then give him some beer. There is a demon door at one end of the guild. Have him follow you to that door. You will notice that he doesnt go across the little rock bridge to the door. So then all you have to do is go behind him and push him into the middle of the bridge. Then tell him to stop following you.

Now he is stuck! You run back to his shop and you get to steal anything on is desk or on his shelves. When you get all of the items run back to him and you will see he is still stuck by the door. Sell all the items back and get some money.
When you run back you will notice that the desk and shelves are full again. get them and sell them back again. You can keep doing this until you get bored because the trader cant get out.

I must tell you that if you want to be good then dont do this because you get a ton of evil points. If you want to be evil you will be there incredibly quickly and make a ton of money at the same time!
Easy money without high guile
Just go to oakvale and buy the marital house and upgrade it until both trophy holders are in it, then break the door, then put your 2 most valuable trophies on the holders things, and then sell the house. Now go back inside (because you knocked the doors down) and take down the trophies, then buy the house back (it will be for less) then put then back up and sell for more, it gets kinda boring after a while, but hey I can get 4500 profit in less than 15 seconds so there, have fun!
Easy Points - Bad
1:Go to the temple of Skorm
2: "Donate" a villager or bandit
3: Once I got 358 bad points

*If you want to be really evil, "donate" a bandit at 12:00 am to get the evil bow:Skorm's Bow*
Easy Points-Good
1: First have a lot of cash
2: Go to the Temple of Avo
3: Follow the hint for Easy Cash
4: Donate 100k
*I got +758 good points and The Sentinus when I was bad*
Easy Renown - Evil
1:Get married (+1000 renown)
2:Kill your wife =(
Repeat steps until you the max
easy summon
note:if u have already done the arena quest this wont work

an easy way to get a good summon early on is to first get a bandit by lettin your summon creature kill it(if ur summon is not as strong as a bandit. if its stronger ignore that) then go to darkwood and get a balverine as your summon(again if you cant get it it mite be stronger) then go to knothole glade and if u havent the white balverine just get ur summon to kill it and you get the white balverine as ur summon. if u hav done the quest just go to the arena and in the balverine round hav ur summon kill the white one and its urs(i think the quest one is stronger though..)
Easy way to have good and evil characters on the same profile.
First, you must have a good character. This character must be at Archon's Shrine and right before you fight Jack in dragon form. World Save here. Then fight Jack. After you conquered him, wait till the credits are over. World Save again (NOT on the same save file you saved on earlier). Then load your saved file (before you fought Jack). Fight Jack again, but this time, TAKE THE MASK. After the credits, save on a different save file. Now you have both good and evil characters on the same profile.
Easy Will Exp
First you need to get the sheild spell. next buy some cheap house or use the one in oakvale on the beach. use the spell and click the same button again,and again, and again untill you have no more will. go to sleep and repeat.
Easy Will xp
The first way you have to have physical shield, about 20 mana potions and summon spell (the higher the betteR and preferably a weapon with a mana augmentaion) just go to the hobb cave, activate youR physical shield, and just get your combat mulitplyer up to about 10, but the higher the better, then once you killed all the hobs just activate summon over and over again as fast as you can; since it takes very little mana you don't have to worry about using alot of potions either, that's why you only need 20.
easy xp early in the game
the frist thing you have to do is a have a good weapon such as skorms bow or obsideon cleaver, longsword,axe etc...

Then get body sheild and multi arrow and multi strike. Do the quests up untill you reach the twinblade quest then go back to the ancient cullis gate in darkwood and there will be an earth troll. Kill it and then walk around the gate a few times and it will respawn and you can kill it again.

(note) if the troll does not re-appear then go to the top of the stairs and try agian or exit the area and try again.

you can get 2000 xp per kill(and gems)and if you only use sword,magic,bow then you can get specific experience for your skill as well. This cheat will also work with the rock troll outside knothole glade. the same principles apply there

hope this helps i know it helped me
Easy xp, gems, and reknown
Ok, every time you walk into Witchwood Lake, there is a rock troll that will usually come up around the center or on the way to Knothole Glade. When he comes up, slow time, use multi strike (optional for more dmg) and berserk (also optional) run up to him, keep slow time ready. Keep attacking him during slow time, when he looks around, he will jump in mid-air, as soon as he is about to land, immediately do a backroll, there is just enough time/room to dodge it. Then run back up to him (You may have to wait for the rocks that pop out to go away for a couple of seconds) I usually build up a combat multiplier of at least 15. They will always drop at least around 2000 xp and half of the time, they drop a gem (good to sell or use as a gift), if not a potion to continue this method (I usually run out of power quickly) You can also get around 100+ reknown every time and will bring up your goodness a little. After you have beaten the golem, quickly run to the arena entrance and run back into witchwood lake for the rock troll to come back. I usually get around 6k xp every five minutes!
Simply repeat as long as you want.
Experience points
I don't know if I heard about this one, or if I thought of it myself. Anyway, in the Greatwood Caves area there is an earth troll near the Hobbe cave. Use the Greatwood Cullis Gate, go down to the arch leading to Greatwood Caves, and walk through. Unless you are unlucky, the troll will emerge from the ground some distance from you, at which point you use your bow to defeat him. I only use a melee weapon if he pops up right in front of me, because you don't want to take any hits as they will reduce your combat multiplier. Once this is done, collect your experience points as well as whatever other reward you'll receive(typically a ruby), and then run back through the arch leading to the Greatwood Cullis Gate. Once you're on the other side, turn right around and run back through into the Greatwood caves area again. The troll will pop up again, in a different place, and you've got another chance to gain experience points. Using the magical multiarrow ability generally doesn't produce the same high results as firing off individual arrows. During this process, you'll repeatedly be required to dodge boulders the troll throws at you, not so much because they'll truly injure you, but because you don't want anything to interfere with your combat multiplier, which can get as high as 15 under the right circumstances. It is true that your combat multiplier will diminish when you pass to and fro under the arch, but starting the fight against the troll with a combat multiplier of 2 is better than nothing. And sometimes you can do better than that. This is a time-consuming way to gain experience points, but if you spend 12 hours(game time)or even 6, you'll be pleased with the results. Defeating the troll when your combat multiplier is at 10 or 12, say, will get you between 1500 and 2000 general experience points, I believe.
Extremely fast combat multiplier or skill exp.
Okay first you need to find a rock or earth troll( i found this cheat while doing the arena quest). I suggest you dont do this in the arena unless you have killed one of the trolls. When the troll throws a boulder at you simply attack when it almost hits you this will badly damage the troll and shoot your combat multiplier to about 6 or 7 with just one hit. This also gives you a ton of skill experience so by doing this more and more your combat multipler gets higher and higher and you get really easy exp.
Thanks for your time.
Financial Success
While many will tell you that using the trophy exploit or hero saves at the arena are the most successful ways to accrue gold,there are infinitely more rewarding means of building your capital. My methods include both for good and evil (though it is easier for good).

You think getting 200,000 in a couple hours is good? how bout a million in less than 10 minutes? This method is actually encouraged by the game through its coding of supply and demand. Here's what you do:

First off, you want to have a guile level of at least 2 (if your good) and 5 (if your bad). The reason is that merchants will give you better prices if they like you (which means having a high attraction rating and good alignment), they'll still trade with you if your bad but prices will jump, the higher guile skill should level that price jump off.

Here's the way to do it. Find a traveling merchant or go to the merchant in Oakvale. Buy all their emeralds. If you can't buy all the emeralds buy as many as you can. Then go to your sell menu and sell all the emeralds back. If your good and have that guile of roughly 3, you should make a return of at least a couple hundred gold. Repeat the process. As you begin to make more gold, eventually you'll be able to afford all the emeralds. Eventually, due to supply and demand, there will be a huge discrepancy between what your paid and what you sold, some where around 187 gold per emerald. Once you have something like 200 emeralds (waiting for the shops to restock then buying and selling till you have all their new emeralds as well), you'll be making upwards of 100k every time you buy and sell. You'll make just as much profit with diamonds but you have to wait till after the arena to buy these. As long as your money bag has more in it than before your trade was initiated, you'll also get a couple k of exp in skill. Then you can continue upgrading your guile. This doesn't work for just emeralds but also any object besides clothing and weapons. At the very start of the game you can make a couple hundred buying and selling apples.

To continue making money, you'll need to make investments. If you want to go the evil way, kill an entire village and buy the buildings when their dead (this is the only way to gain real estate at Hook Coast). IF your good, use the FOLLOW expression to lure the villagers outside of towns. Then make them wait and go buy their real estate. (This is the only way to gain real estate in north bowerstone and south bowerstone minus the marital home). The real estate will give you a constant source of income and you can always sell more emeralds and diamonds and perfumes and such when you want a quick hundred thousand. Enjoy!
Carrots increase skill experience.(By 3)
Res meat increases strength experience.(By 3)
Get 100 Evil Quick!
Well, first things first you must have at least 1000 coins, you must be in Bowerstone south and it must be during the day. Next you have to flirt with one women consistently till the heart above her head is glowing pink, then when you are able to talk to her she\'ll ask for a wedding ring. Next go to the gates of bowerstone where you came in and there is a man on the left with a stall open trade with him and get a real wedding ring off him. Give it to the girl then she\'ll say (the next time you talk to her) we need a house.So get 1,500 coins and buy the house by the school at the top of Bowerstone south. Make her follow you to the house then talk to her outside she will say will you marry me you say yes then after that hit her a few times run out of the city from the guards then go back in, she\'ll then say were divorced and there you have it +100 evil!!
Get a lot of money fast
Save every augmentation that you find. Then go to either oakvale, knothole glade, or that other hook coast town and go to the weapons shop. Buy all of the type of augmentations you have the most of (you may have to sell all your other augmentations to do this). See when you buy all the item out there is a higher demand for it, therefore the price goes up and if you sell all the augmentations you have to him at once, youll get that elevated price for all of the augmentations. Then buy them back and since there are a lot now the price is low again because they are not as needed. Just sell and buy back the same augmentation over and over again. Then look for more of the same type at other shops. And when you get 30+ augmentations each time you sell and then buy them back you can make 30,000+ each time
First you need to get married, to do this buy heaps of gifts, keep on giving the gifts to some one (it works better if their a lady) then buy a house and get them to follow you buy a house and go inside it keep on flirting with her until she asks you to marry her then when your married keep on beating her up until you get a divorce and then your horns will be bigger.
Get Evil Quick
On the quest Attack Orchard farm tell the bandits to wait at the top of the hill and go down into the farm. Guards will come and keep Coming just kill them and your evil rating will go up when your evil rating is as high as it can go finish the quest. Now you'll be so evil that you cant get more evil
Get Skorm Bow Almost Every Time!!!
okay, i've tried tons of peoples skorm bow tips but i just use this one because it works every time for me. I'll explain this in steps...

1. Go to the Chapel of Skorm and world save.

2. Telaport to bowerstone south and higher the merenary.

3. Telaport back to the Chapel of Skorm. (recall)

4. Telaport to oakvale and higher the mercenary near the entrance to the oakvale graveyard.

5. Telaport Back to the Chapel of Skorm.

6. Wait until midnight. To see when it's midnight look at the top right corner of the screen and you should see a day and night circle.
When the night side reaches the top part and is parallel to the day, then it's midnight.

7. When it reaches midnight go talk to one of the Chapel of Skorm monk people and sacrifice one of your followers.

8. If it says "you will go far", then you get the bow. If it doesn't, then hurry back in and sacrifice the other dude following you.

9. If it still doesn't work then re-load the world save you did and try it again. (I always get it on my first try.)

10. When you finally get the Skorm bow, you can kill almost anything in one hit with it. This only works if you use multi-arrow on it. (spell)
Higher levels cast more arrows and do more damage with each arrow.HAVE FUN KILLING JACK OF BLADES IN ABOUT 5-10 MINUTES ONLY!!! (Jack's really really easy)
good starting weapon
get 3 guile then go to bowerstone south and steal obsidion cleaver(black one)you might need to break the 3 barrels next to it so u can go behind it
good xp, reknown, and good points
This is a cheat for you if you want to be pure good, get a 200+ combat multiplyer, and hell-uv-a 'lot expeience and reknown (got me to legendary, max good mortality, and 999,999 general xp. A Great way to get ready for the battle for jack)

Ok. so now for the cheat. When your trying to collect to souls to open the bronze gate, and are asked to collect Nostro's soul. After you get to the door and get to Nostro, he tells you to fight him, but you can only damage him when his freinds are dead, take advantage of this situation to avoid Nostro.(WARNING: KEEP THE PHYSICAL SHEILD SO YOU DONT TAKE DAMAGE!!!, Also keep at least 50 mana poions with you)

Now, when you see Nostros "Freinds" come up from the ground keep killing themwhen you get your combat multiplyer higher that means more xp. i really do consider using meleeafter getting the desired xp, renown, and mortality boost, you can just go after nostro's ass and kill him.


TIP:watch your mana bar seeig as nostros hits cause big damage, but he walks slow, also..MAKE SURE YOU DONT KILL HIM WHILE GETTING YOUR XP OR THE ZOMBIES WILL DISSAPEAR!!!
great way to make money!
go to oakvale and but the 5000 gold house then upgrade to top so you can put two trophies in it
then break the doors, then put your 2 most expensive trophies in the house then sell it go bak in pick it up and buy the house and do it again should make about 4000 every time

hope this helps
How to find the Fire Assassin Outfit
You should get this when you are evil.
1:Get good guile
2:Get access to Snowspire
3:Look in every house in Snowspire
*I was able to fight the gloves,boots,top, and pants*
How to get a few awesome Weapons and Gear
The Best Sword in the game (better than both "The Sword of Aeons" and the "Avo Tear"
The best sword is called "The Bereaver" and can be obtained in Necropolis in the Northern Wastes
(U can only gain access to the Norhtern Wastes once you've beaten Jack of Blades for the 1st time, u battle Jack of Blades again in Archon's Folly only this time he's a Dragon!
Anyway u need to go to the Demon Door and it will ask u to give it all your Silver Keyes if u give him the Keyes he'll open and u can get "The Bereaver" altough there is a catch: u can never get the Keyes back!

Avo Tear: The "Avo Tear" is a light side version of the "Sword of Aeons" the only difference is their looks (i think Avo Tear looks better) to obtain this sword u must have beaten Jack of Blades (1st version) and chucked "The Sword of Aeons" into the vortex. Then u must read the inscription on the empty grave and the gods will talk to u and will give u the "Avo Tear"

Harbinger: U must have mastered all Strength
moves (Phisique, Health and Toughness) then u must go to the Temple of Avo and runn up the hill
and yank it outta the stupid rock (the sword only hits 198)

Chicken Hood:Go to Oakvale and do the ghost pirates quest to get rid of him (before doing so a guy will ask u to get rid of him. Turns out he's the "Chicken Kickin Contest" host!) So u have to play and score 350pts or more (Thats what i got)

Cockadoodledoo dance: Score at least 50pts in the Chicken Kickin Contest at Oakvale

Extra Silver Key: Get 200pts exactly in the Chicken Kickin Contest

Skorms Bow: Sacrifise all the hired fighters

Archons Club: In a chest at either Archons Shrine
or Norhtern Foothills (Cant remember which 1!)
How to get married easily
1: First, get the Bright Will users robes
2: Spend some cash for a beard, new hair, and a mustache
3: Get tattoos:Fire Monkey, Krydon
4: Find any lady and flirt with her
5: Buy a house(5000-10000 gold) and wedding ring(900 gold)
6: Propose to her
how to were jak of blades mask
First you have to kill jack as a dragon (i used solus greatsword and berserk) When you have finally killed jack as a dragon you will hear scythe talking ignore what he says and eventually the mask will go onto you face and become totally evil. Wait for the credits to finish takes 5-7mins and then donate all your money to the avo place in witchwood till your horns go away. P.S. If you do do this cheat you can not take the mask off and you can not wear any helmats (on mine when you were assasin the black bit over your mouth makes a smily face on the mask)
Increase your skill and money
This is similar to one on the page already. The ability to make money is not region specific. All you need is enough money to buy ALL of an item for sale. Then sell it back. The trader then will now have more of the item than normal and the price will be reduced greatly. Keep buying and selling till you can do this with multiple items. This will increase your Skill points Luxury items provide the most profit. But stack em high and sell em er high. Within a few hours I owned all the houses (apart from Hook Coast and Shadowspire)every item of weaponry and clothing, have 9000000 a full inventory of products and I haven't finished that profile game yet!
Infinite money whenever!!!
To get infinite money travel to the bordello on darkwood lake. then pay for a girl(it doesnt matter who). after your finished open the chest next to the bed and it will be a redhead wig.(note: 5 evil points for doing this). Then buy a dress from somewhere and equip the wig while wearing it. talk to grope and he will pay 1000 gold each time you talk to him. Repeat as many times as needed. but if you give the deed to madame mincze you will not be able to use this tip anymore.
infinite quick bad points
on the trader escort quest, walk into the cave looking area at the beginning. it'll take a bit to load. their are two traders that ask you to escort them to barrow feilds. kill one of them after your done talking(dont kill both or the quest is over)leave the way you came in and it will say you are leaving a quest, dont worry about this. walk back in and both traders will still be alive. do this as many times you want. if you want more go ahead a little to a bridge and a person will ask you for help. say no and you get an extra 40 bad side points. do this as many times as you want also.....enjoy
Infinite Strength Experience
This cheat can get you infinite experience and it isn't evil. Then for a bonus if you have any Ages of Might/Magic/skill potions you just wait till the combat multiplier reaches 20 and you can use your potions for 20,000 experience for each potion!

1. Go to a town with a Fist Fighting Arena like the Bowerstone Quary or Oakvale.

2. Then while two of the computer controlled players are fighting punch one of the guys watching the match into the corner

3. Just keep punching him and your experience and combat multiplier will continue to go up.

4. Make sure not to attack the leader or one of them as they all start to run away from the ring or the fighters will surround you and this cheat would be ruined
Insane Experience
First you will need to play up to "Try to Stop Jack of Blades" quest. You will also need the Physical Shield and Berserk spells, a powerful sword like the Solus Greatsword, and at least a hundred Will Potions (the more the better). It also helps if you upgrade all your stats to the max but isn't necessary.

Run through the mission until Jack has only the last Focus Site in the Gibbet Woods to activate. Where you spawn at Windmill Hill up toward the Gibbet Woods will be no other monsters but Minions. Take out your sword and power up both Physical Shield and Berserk and lay into the Minions. Whenever you run low on Will energy use a potion and keep using Berserk. If you have max stats you should kill the Minions in 2-3 hits.

If you continue to massacre Minions for about an hour you will have all the experience you will ever need, and a nice combat multiplier of 500 or so. Using your spells at this point will give you an insane amount of Will experience as well. Using Lightning on Minions I made over 80 000 in about thirty seconds. If you wish you can also try your hand at using your Bow for wicked Skill experience, although it will be harder to maintain the high combat multiplier.
Insane Experience
I used this trick on the original fable but it should work on this. First to make this easier you need your magic Armor thing at level 3 or better and are able to kill the weaker undead in one hit, also have a few mana potions. Go past the circle of the dead towards the prison, through the first cavern. Take the path to the left about half way. Turn on your shield and start killing the dead guys.With you shield on they cant bring down your multiplier so you start getting a lot of experience when it gets high enough. I got my general experience to the max, lots of strength xp and got my multiplier over 300. Be patient you'll get there and if you start running out of mana the undead drop more potions. Enjoy
Kill Civilians and Don't Gain An Evil Point(s)
If your fireball spell is at a high level (say 3 or 4) you can power it up and lauch it at the wall or ground and the sonic boom (you can't see it) will kill those nearby and you'll not gain any evil point(s). Just make sure it does not hit them directly.
loads of gold in arena quest
ok so get the arena quest and fight until the rock trolls, go back to cells and hero save. reload quest and do as many times needed. i got over 200,000 in like 3 hours AWESOME!
Long Term Money
O.k., for all you people that r playin fable, and have a little bit of gold that you would like to expand on, heres the best way to get it in the long run. This isn't for the goody two shoes that don't wanna lose their lil halo. First step, buy a house, in either oakvale, or knothole glade, i find it is easier to start in oakvale, then earn about 11k gold from renting out your house, which may take a bit of sleeping, but like i said, this is for the longer run, then go over to ur neighbours at night, make sure that it is close to midnight, whereas everyone is asleep, and kill them, if it is reported to the guards, then BUY THE HOUSE FIRST, THEN just wait outside of town until the charge is gone, otherwise the house may not be for sale when you re-enter. Then, buy the house of the person you just killed, then sleep, for 3 days, and collect the rent of both houses, from here, just keep killing people at night and buying their houses, i chose knothole and oakvale bcuz they have the most houses in their regions, i own all of oakvale, and every three days of sleeping, i run around town and collect 16k of rent you may need to kill EVERY person in town to get the 3 barns, the tavern and the 2 stores...i am currently working on knothole glade bcuz they have more expensive houses which = more $ ALSO--- you can stop renting all of the houses and make a ghost town Luv me pplz, UltimateGamer
Lots of money and silver keys
First do enough quest so you can buy a house, the more expensive the house the better. First decorate the house untill you have a Trophy Board(s) then mount a trophy. Smash down the door and sell the house, go back in and grab the trophy and buy the house again and repeat untill you have disired ammount of money.
To get infinite silver keys, find a quest where you get a silver key like Rescue the Archeologist(you need a fishing pole to do it for this quest) World Save before going to the quest area, then get the key Hero save and reload your world save, you will have the key but there will be a key in the same place, reapeat untill you have all the keys you need(45 will work). These take ALOT of patiece.
Go to the merchant at bowerstone north and buy max diamonds. Go and sleep for 3 nights and buy max diamonds again. Then sell max and buy max. repeat. when you have enough sleep 3 nights again and buy more diamonds. repeat. I have 376 diamonds and i can make $1000000 in less then a minute buy just selling max and buying max over and over again. REMEMBER MUST USE DIAMONDS FOR BEST RESULTS.
Making money
Early in the game, your options are few. You can start with things like beer kegs, perfume bottles, or cider crates, and while the money you make isn't large, it is consistent and your monetary needs aren't great in the beginning. Beer kegs can be found at low cost in the Bandit Camp and Darkwood camp, perfume bottles at Bowerstone North and Oakvale, and cider crates at Bowerstone south. However, things become easier once you get into buying and selling gems. Rubies at low cost from Knothole glade, jet at the Bandit camp, diamonds at Bowerstone north, and sapphires at Hook coast(this comes later). Pay attention to the days that the shopkeepers get new supplies, and make your purchases on those days. Then, go sell them for a 200 to 500 profit on each one you bought. Once you get to Hook coast, you can then begin to buy and sell master weapons, and you'll do business with Knothole glade. You'll need to have the money to make your first purchase at Hook coast($15,000 to $30,000), but if you do, you are on your way. You can only have 1 weapon of any kind in your inventory at a time, so you might buy a master cleaver, a master axe, a master greathammer, and a master crossbow. When you sell them, you can make anything from a $2,000 to $5,000 profit for each weapon just like that. Do this 3 times on the day that the shopkeeper in Hook coast gets a new delivery, and you'll be pleased with the results. Lastly, you'll eventually get to do business in Snowspire village, and things get even better.
master all skills easy!!
always wanted to master EVERY skill you have? but cant find a decent way? i know a fast, easy way!!! firstly, try to get a good phys shield, secondly, go to the jail where undead constantly repsawn, kill them loads, when you get about 210 combat multi, check your exp, i had 750k exp!! hope it helps
May be a slow way but no!
The way to make easy money is that you need enogh gold to buy the house in oakvale. Then You put your best tropheies in the thing then rent it out. Then you head down to the chicken kicking game. and sleep in the house. for 3 days. Collect the rent then reapeat untill you have alot of gold then you go on a killing rage on the town and kill every villiger. then buy there houses. When you have more money move to the next town and reapeat many times. That is the secret. Have fun with the gold!
Miniature Weapons Guide
Please keep in mind that this is not intended as a full-fledged guide, but instead as one who's purpose is only to show the nook-and-cranny differences between weapon classes.

Swords: The standard Scottish Claymore variety with a broad blade. Called a "Longsword" in-game.
Axes: An axe resembling a woodcutting axe, yet with a large battle-axe like blade and a scythe-like handle.
Cleavers: Like a standard Longsword except a little slower packing a bit more punch. Good if you like all-around good weapons but with a little extra attack power.
Katanas: Like a standard Longsword except a little faster, sometimes packing more or less punch depending on the accuracy of the hit.
Pickhammers: A scythe-like weapon also resembling a pickaxe used for mining. Though it is substantially below-average on attack power, it is very accurate and fairly inexpensive, a good choice for new players.
Mace: Like a pickhammer, but less accurate and slightly above-average power. Also a good choice, though not very accurate.
Greatmace: The Medieval Mace you always see on TV. Slow and sometimes innaccurate, this weapon packs a punch.
Greataxe: The standard Medieval Battleaxe, this is large and heavy and sometimes innaccurate, though it is VERY powerful. A good weapon to use.
Greathammer: Like the Greataxe, except this weapon has slightly more speed and a tiny iota more accuracy, but with a hint less power.
Greatsword: The Greatsword design is original to Fable. It is accurate, fast, and powerful. A good mix, though heavy.

All the above weapons come in Iron, Steel, Obsidian, and Master, plus they all have a unique Legendary Weapon for each category. And don't forget the Bandit Scimitar.

Longbow: Rapid-fire bow, charge it up while rolling.
Crossbow: Must put in a new bolt every time you fire a shot, costs a little bit of time but packs a slightly bigger punch. 98% of players agree the Longbow is better.

Each bow is available in Oak, Yew, Ebony, and Master, plus the Legendary Skorm's Bow and the Legendary Arken's Crossbow. And don't forget the standard Bandit Crossbow.

In addition, you can even customize your weapons with powerful Augmentations, making them faster and stronger.
There are the Health, Mana, Piercing, Sharpening, Lightning, Fire, and Silver Augmentations to make the weapon your own.

I hope this guide helps you to understand the small differences between the different weapon classes. Try all the weapons to find which one you like best!
money + renown(1000)
First buy a house in oakvale.then spruce it up to the max.get a ton of people to like you and give them wedding rings.they say they need a house.so pick one to marry you you will get gold for doing that.skip the scene with the pictures by pressing y(or watch them but i find i get bored).then get them to follow you and the go to the beach nearest to your house(the one without the chicken kiken and go past the opening and go round where the chest is.when you are there take out your weapon and kill her/him(yes you can marry men EW!).then repeat that and get 1000 renown and some money usually its 1000 gold but sometimes it can be more or less you never know

well i hope it helped thats it for tonight folks see you again soon.
More easy money
In the pub at Hook Coast, there's a guy who plays "shove Ha'penny". It's kinda like schuffle board with small coins on a table. If you put the aiming/power arrow a little bit beneath the first line, then you should consistantly hit the 10 point line (or at least 2/4 times, which is all you need). Practice a bit, then bet the maximum of 1000, and you'll have a nice, easy, legal way of getting gold.
More experience
Just for anyone who needs more experience in strenght, will, or skill just save your ages of strenght/will/skill potions get a good bow,(skorm's bow,arkens crossbow,master bow)hold down the fire button(X) for about 5 minutes,(make sure you have the three types of potions set to the d-pad)and fire at something powerful(perfurably a rock troll,minion,etc.)your combat mutiplyer should shoot up to something from 50-100 then quickly drink all your potions and depending on your combat multiplyer the experience you get is times 1,000.For example, if you get a combat mutiplyer of 69 you get 69,000 experince in that skill of the potion.Good luck.
more money and way more money
Snowspire village go to the wepone shop ask him to follow bring him far get him drunk go bach and steal all thewepone allegments wait the next day go back and sell them as they say rins lather and repeat as so.buy all the houses at Snowspire village put them on rent wait six days and cllect your MONEY!
in this game when you go to bowerstone south you will meet a little girl that wants you to follow her. when the mother asks you to find the blue mushrooms for the witch talk to the witch.she will tell you that she needs four and that the trader at barrow fields has a good supply. before you go there you can get 2. go to the picnic area and try to make the lady laugh and she will give you one.in lookout point there are 2 traders they will tell you they lost a mushroom in the guild.go to the demon door inside the guild and fish to the left. you will get a mushroom. once you go to barrow fields you have a choice to steal the mushroom by highlighting it and taking it or paying 1500 gold and buying it. once you get to oakvale behind one of the houses near the graveyard you will find a lady saying she was at a party and met a guy. go to the guild woods and talk to the guy he will give you a letter. when you talk to her again you will have the choice of giving her a letter. then you have the choice to tell her the guy from the guild wood wrote it or you wrote it.eather way you will get her reply. once you get the reply go to the guild woods. and give him the reply.he will give you the last mushroom. then you donate it to the witch and she will give you the potion to heal the kid.
NO need to pay for small crimes.
Say you do a small crime and do not want to pay for it then as soon as the guards appear use the apologies experience. Repeat until small fine goes down to ZERO!
Profit Tip
Increase your property value & make a profit.
1. Buy a house with more than one trophy mount (or upgrade if necessary).
2. Mount the two most expensive trophies you have.
3. Smash the door down.
4. Sell the house. (Note the profit)
5. Go back inside and collect your trophies.
Quick Will Experience
If you go to Archons shrine there will be ice-trolls or whatever they are called. be sure to bring 100+ Mana Potions and some health potions (not really needed but just incase)

run up and do a quick hit to them depending on the level of your Lightning skill. however high your level is is how many people are effected by it. say your level is 3. run and hit 3 of the monsters and get them to follow you. hit the closest one with your lightning and the ones behind will get hit as well. while you are hitting them with lightning, switch between them quickly. this way, you can get your Combat Multiplier up to 50+ and get 200,000+ experience.

i maxed out everythign in my Will section in under 20 minutes.
You want ot do a raid but it is not as cool if you do not have people to assist you. Sure you can get two mercs to help ya but the more the merrier. Go to Twinblades camp (make sure your in bandit gear or it might not work) and use the follow expression (it should appear at the D-Pad down slot on the hud) on the bandits, lead them to Oakvale, cause a crime and Yeehaw killin time!
Really Awsome Weapons
The best weapon is the Solus Greatsword. You get this sword by buying it from the shopkeeper in Bowerstone North for roughly 70,000-80,000 gold.(it does 314 damage)
The second best is the Bearever. You get it from the Demon Dorr in Necropolis, it asks for ALL your silver keys so make sure you opened all the "silver key chests in the".
The next best is The Sentinus. You get it by donateing 100,000 gold to the temple of avo in Witchwood. (it has 255 damage)
The best bow is Skorms Bow. Its best to do this if wana be evil. go to chapel of skorm then teleport to Bowerstone South and get the henchman there, then Recall back to chapel of skorm and World Save. At exacly midnight (you can tell when the time circle has night on top and day on bottm. at exacly midnight your henchman will take money from you) when your henchman takes money talk to a monk and sacrifice your henchman he will say "you will go far" and you'll get the bow. If you dont get the bow just load you save.
when you get to the final test as a kid (where you fight maze) when he says hit me with your sword draw your weapon and change to your stick hit maze a couple of times and the flourish (B button) will light up just keep pressing B and your strength will go up but you can only hit him till your strength is around 70 then he uses teleport and moves away but just follow him and repeat as many times as you want

hope i was any help
simple XP (evil characters)
in the heroes' guild, the guard spawn very fast, wich makes them fodder. They are very weak compared to other guards, (i killed them in 2 hits with my guy with a obision greatsword with 1 flame augumentation) and they get better as you're bounty gets higher.
Skorm's Bow
For you archers who want the ultimate bow, Skorm's bow is the one you want. So here's how to get it.

1. Go to Twinblades Elite Campafter the Find The Bandit Seeress Quest and get the bandits to follow you. Make sure they are elite bandits or otherwise it probably won't work.

2.Go to the normal bandit camp and hire the mercenary.

3. Start your big trek to the Chapel of Skorm. To make sure your guys dont get killed just run ahead of them and ignore all enemies. Even if they're on the otherside of the area from you they will still follow you through the gateway.

4. When you get to the chapel of skorm talk to the guy inside and sacrifice one of your followers at exactly midnight. The first few wont work and he'll saysomething like 'that pittance was of little use'. But after about five guys it'll work and he'll say something like 'you will go far'.

5. And you will have Skorm's Bow!

6. And for a little extra fun to get you some evil points take the bandits for a trip around Oakvale. If you want the bandits to kill anyone just start killing the guards and the bandits will start copying you.

7. Have fun!
Skorm's bow, my A**
For all you Archer's out there, there is a better bow than Skorm's. You can get Skorm's bow after doing Wasp Queen, and the next quest. This is a good choice early on in the game, but once you can get 3 mana Augmentations, you will want the master bow. Plant the 3 mana augmentations in it. This will let you spam Slow Time, Physical Shield, and Multi Shot forever without ever needing another mana potion again. You "could" do this with slotting 5 mana augmentations in the frying pan, then loading up the master bow with silver augmentations (one shot kill on white balverines even at minimal power level... heh), but then why bother ever getting a melee weapon? If you're a pureist, jsut stick with the master bow and 3 mana augmentations. If you can't kill EVERYTHING without getting hit with slowtime, you should pack up your x-box, and take it back to the store for being too *bleep*ed to use it. On occasion, you will be in a close range fight with multiple AOE users, this is why we have physical shield up (and your only excuse for getting hit). Multi shot with a master bow is deffinately not as powerfull as the same with Skorm's, but then you have to watch your mana with Skorm's, and you don't my way. This is also good for mages: slot 5 mana in the frying pan, 3 in the master bow, and you almost can't run out of mana (you can if you are simply spamming every spell one after another, but in actual use, you can't run out).

It's deffinately worth the extra 2-3 shots it takes to drop a boss with a master bow over skorm's bow for the freedom from potions. Finally, Skorm's bow just looks gay.
Skorms Bow - and no crud
Im going to do this in a list... and world save first so you dont have to wait for the mercs to come back if it doesnt work

1. Go to temple of avo and get the "plump" good mercenary there

2.Go to the temple of skorm but dont sacrifice the mercenary yet

3. Teleport to bowerstone south and get the "thin" bad mercenary there

4. Recall back to temple of skorm

5. Wait until midnight (thats when the night/day circle on the top right of your screen has snight on top and day on the bottom exactly

6. Sacrifice good merencary first and if you dont get the bow, sacrifice to other mercenary

7. If the guy says "You will go far" you get the bow and if he says something different then reset the game and try again

Happy gaming =)
Sleep For Free
If you lack the cash to pay for a night in the inn/fines, or just don't feel like paying at all, go into a house & sleep in their bed. Run outside before the screen turns black & you won't be charged for trespassing.
Sword better than sword of aeons
In Necropolis there is a demon door that wants all your silver keys, wait till you get thirty and open EVERY chest FIRST. then go to him and you can get the Bereaver, it should be better than the sword of aeons, or avo's tear...
the best sword in the games - the solus greatsword
to get the best sword in the game you will need some money around about 60 - 90k. when you have the money got to bowerstone north and there will be a shop infront of you. go and look at the weapons the will be a sword call the solus great sword it is the best sword in the game it will already have health augementation but there will be two more slots to put in what ever you like.

pepole say that the berever is the best sword or avos tear. do not get the bereaver unless you've opened every blues box, because it will get rid of your silver keys.
the best way to earn 1mil on fable in less then 10 to 20 mins
ok first of all u need about 18 to 22,000 gold. then if u have access to bowerstone north go there. then go to the shop. see if the shop has full inventory of diomonds. simple buy them all the sell it again and the same process over and over and over. ull be rich in no time.
With this way you dont have to spend as much time as you do with your houses.....

First you need jewells...ruby, emerald, sapphire's, etc.Then go to oakvale and sell them, then simply buy them back. Repeat this proces as many time as you like, it is easier the more jewells you have...I have repeated this proces only about 50 times and i have gotten over 500,000 coins...(the only jewel you can't sell is the amthesist-or whatever it's called)

hope you rack up the $$!!
the best way to get silver keys and money at the same time
first start the hobbe cave quest. then go into rose cottage and cut down the bushes and take ur 500. (really this really isnt the best way to make money) =p ok.... then go dig up the silver key and then hero save it. the load the game. it will put u outside the rose cottage entrance and u can do it till u get 20 silver keys then u can go get 1 of the best weps in the game... the murren greathammer... and u can also the the best crossbow too...the akens crossbow... trust me it works
The Best Weapon of All (in lost chapters)
Go to Necropolis in Snowspire, and talk to the demon door and he will ask you for all your silver keys. if you say yes, you can't get them back ever! So open any silver key chest you want to first. In the chest the Demon Door was protecting is the Bereaver. It is a Greatsword, it does 285 damage, has a health augmentation and 2 empty slots. If you fill the empty slots with 2 sharpening augmentations, which add 22 damage each, making its damage 329 while Solus Greatsword's is only 314. It`s perfect for cutting up Summoners!!

Happy Slaying!
The bow of skorm or the other way around
Ok so you whant skorms bow huh? ok ill tellyou what i did to get it its worth evrey penny trust me you'll be 100% happy if you like bows like i do first hire the hench man by the memorial garden then teleport back to the temple of skorm then teleport to twinblades camp [we are teleporting to the temple of skorm to renew the re teleprot thingy]and hire the other guy then teleport back to the temple of skorn then sacrfice one at nearly midnight tell by the night sky are exacly on top but we don't whant that yet.. then w8t for it to be midnight exacly to sacirfice the secound hunchman and you'll might have to do over and over agin to to pefect it but hey not all games are fair@!!!
the easyest way to have sex with a women without using any of ur money
ok its so simple. take ur wife to whatever house u live in and just keep pressing "a" on her. just keep clicking on her for about 1-3 mins at max. eventualy she will turn green and then u can got to bed with her.
The helms that go to the dark and bright plate armour
The helm for the bright plate armour is called the,"Holy Warrior Helm." It matches the armour perfectly. It can be found after you get off the ghost ship you follow the trail a little ways, then you have to look closly to the left and you should find a little trail. Go to the end and there should be a chest. Open it to find the Holy Warrior helm.

The,"Demon Warrior Helm," is the match for the dark plate armour. It can be found in the bronze gates area. Im not quite sure where exactly sure where the chest is in the area, but you can just look around and find it. Just know that it is not hard to find.
The simplest way to get whatever you want ( use only if u want to )
THE easiest way to do it is to go to oakvale buy your familys old house at the top of the hill go to the item shop (note Need guile at least 3) buy all emeralds cheak the item shop for the next delivery of the emeralds then go back to the house you just purchesed and sleep for the required amount of days till the next delivery then go back to the item shop and buy more emeralds then sell them you should get a good prophet keep reapeating this each time you sell the emeralds you should get a certain amout of experience (Note i got about 569 skill experiance each time selling 149 emeralds)
the truth of fable
OK first the best ways for exp
str:try getting a strong weapon a high physical shield and a lot of will potions.(around 500)
P.S if you ages of will or any thing else dont drink it yet.
OK now go to cliff side path and fight(use the physical shield to keep a high combat multiplier)the zombies till you have about a lvl 300-400 combat multiplier
when its high drink the ages of _____ potion and gain a load of exp.
for archery find someone you cant kill like the guild master and fire away (beware of gaurds,also an easy way to gain evil Yay!!!
Mage just get maxed at lightning and blast away at something you cant kill (has to be a human)
money putting trofies in a house and selling it back is good but this is better.Get a really high guile and buy from a trader (not a bartender) and sell back for more than you bought.also kill every one in a town and buy their houses lovely.
evil, though chicken are healthy they arent very evil.Murder is the best way to go but if you sacrifice at dead midnight you can get loads of evil
good well thats tricky cuz you see not much gives you good allinement but the best way propably would be to stay on the good side of quest and a nice attitude all ways helps.
that truly is all you need. no cheats scams or easter eggs just skill.

To make money and love
Get a girl and a house once your married you get some money it works. Do this in deffrent towns and it helps even more
Trade quest - no balverine fight
You don't get anything extra for this but you might get a warm feeling knowing you helped all three traders.

There are two ways to do it, although the first is almost impossible.

1.) When you enter the area where you meet the wounded trader, you can see the Balverine attack him. Using your bow (Skorm's works best) kill the Balverine. You won't have to worry about it in the next area with the three traders and the trader won't turn into a Balverine.

2.) Tell the wounded trader to wait at the camp, then bring the other two to the end point. You won't get your reward because there are more traders behind. Go back and get the third trader and bring him back. Viola, no second Balverine fight.
Trader Escort Done Easily
Pick up all three of the traders and command all of them to wait before the entrance of the Darkwood Marshes. Go into the marshes, kill the balverine. Now go to Darkwood Lake and kill all of the bandits. Go back to pick up the traders and pass completely through to the Darkwood Camp.

Upon reaching the Ancient Cullis Gate command the 2 non-wounded traders to wait at the entrance and bring along the wounded one. For some reason the bandits and hobbes won't attack that trader. After killing the bandits and hobbes, run back to the cullis gate and fight the trader when he turns into a balverine. After that, pick up the other 2 traders and head on to fight the earth troll and end up safely in barrow fields.
Trader Request
I figured this one out on accident. Whenever you are about to enter into a "new region" tell all the traders, except the sick one, to wait and enter in the "new region" w/out them. I found that my Traders never got as little as a scratch on them... which is also helpful if you want to "boast" before you take the quest.
Trophys = Money
Okay, this is how it is going to go down; first, buy a marital home, then upgrade it until you have at least one plaque. Then, Break down your door from the inside. Place your most expensive trophy on the mount, sell your house for an increased amount, go inside (the door will be broken open, and not closed) take your trophy off the plaque and buy your house back. Repeat and soon you will have the buying power to buy all of Albion
Ultimate Summon
If you're like me, then you love the summon spell. When I first tried it and got a wasp, I was pissed. Then I realized that I can get stronger summon monsters when it kills them. First time, I got a bandit. I kept trying and soon I went from wasp to bandit, to flame crossbow bandit, to bandit leader, to assassin. That's not the cool part. I'm gonna tell you how I got the White Balverine from the Knothole Glade White Balverine Quest.
1. Before trying this, I suggest you raise your magic level to at least 5 and be able to summon an assassin or regular balverine.
2.Fight the balverine in the village without your summon.
3. When the Chief tells you to bring back it's pelt, go out and fight the balverine with your summon.
4.Let your summon get most of the hits for you to make sure it takes over.
5.This will take a lot of will potions and patience because, it does take a while to bring him down.
6. Allow your summon to get the final hit on the balverince, killing it. Then watch as your strong assassin becomes an unstoppable beast.

*CAUTION* When using your balverine in battle, be careful not to hit him or else he will turn and attack you. As far as I know, the only way to reverse this is to reload an old save point from before you hit him.
when you fight jack of blades for the first time you get the potions in the guild then world save and quit. then load the save and do this over and over intill u can't hold anymore.
Unlimited exp/combat multiplier
Ok, first you will need to have the heal spell at any levl (higher works best) and an age of... potion, witch one depends on witch catagory you whant the exp in. (higher works best) then hire a henchman and make him follow you to a corner in the wild, the hit him with your bow, and when his health goes down, heal him, continue until you combat multiplier is high, then use you ages of potion, and voila, a owle lot of exp for you.

(btw, if your combat multiplier gets to 500, you get 500 000 exp point, with that you can max out strengh and skill with just one potion of eatch)
Unlimited Experience
(I did this in the Original Fable, and the experience was pretty useless that far in the game, but thanks to the addition to this game this is actually pretty useful.)

During the mission that requires you to defeat Maze, Go towards the North-eastern area of the map, by the big bell.

A screamer will spawn there, so defeat it immediatly.
After the first screamer disappears, another will spawn immediatly after.
It only takes one hit before they are cast into oblivion.
You can do this for quite awhile before the combat multiplier gets too hard to keep up (For those of you that won't take the time to get it to 100 before giving up).
Remember, the higher your combat multiplier gets, the more experience you get for each defeated enemy. When it gets way high, go into your inventory immediatly, use one of the potions that give you exp. and when it switches back to the game hit select immediatly... by doing this you will not only get uber exp. but you wont miss out on the combat multiplier.

(Note: this is much easier when you have a silver augmentation)
unlimited silver keys
in the lychfield graveyard quest there are 3 silver keys
1:is in the crypt near the left entrance
2:is in the grave outside the cryp were u found the first(if u dont have shovle theres one in a chest outside the grave keeepers house)
3:the lake to the left of the crypt (theres a fishing rod at the top of the cemertery in a chest through the rose bushes)
once got all silverkeys hero save and load the hero save and repet
unlimited sword of eons
Face Jack of Blades the first time after you defeat him and get the sword of eons do a hero save.

You should have the sword of eons in you inventory along with all the exp that you earned from facing him. Do this continuosly until you have as many sword of eons that you want and as many exp points that you want.
Using a bed without penalty (easy way)
All you have to do is when it is night time (not required but it is easier when it is night) go to a marital home (not bought) and break down the door without anyone seeing you (using your presence eye in the top left of the screen) then go upstairs , use a bed then leave the house.Because the bed does not belong to anyone the guards cannot fine you!

P.S: Works on Fable�

From Rhys x
Very Easy Trader Escort Quest
OK heres what you need to do,
first you need heal life spell and drain life spell(optional but best if u have it) if you dont have the xp dont panic just stand in 1 spot and cast lighting or assasin rush and you should get a high multiplire that how i did it. Now you go start the quest u should boast first like do quest naked if ur tough and protect traders wich you should do easy. then go off on the quest if you get hurt use the drain life spell on your traders then use heal life for your traders tell them to wait at the end so u can kill the golem go past your in barrow fields, HURRAY!!! you did it!
very good and quick experience
By the time you kill Jack the first time and you have to gather soles to get though the Bronze gate you would normally have your combat abilities maxed (health, touphness and strength) so get a fast sword say the one you get from the rock near the Tempal of Avo. and max out your ranging and get the master bow. If you need money do one of the other money making tips, the quickest i think is the oak-vale emerald selling buying one. Anyways when fighting the undead guy for his soul don't attack him, instead kill his little helpers using slow-motion to help not being hit from behind and oh also you might want to have a lot of will potions. i got my multiplier up to 117 then got bored and used all my will and skill master potions i think it is, the ones that give you experience. You could sell your strength ones or just try to max out your exp for strength.
way to make one and get evil
First get a lot of beer and get a storkeeper to fallow you. Then get him far away from the shop then. Tell him to wait and give him about 3-4 or 5 cases of beer. then go to the shop and steal what you want for your self and what you want to sale it back to him the next day. if you get cought us apoligie and do it again.

e-mail me to talk stradegie.
Wicked summon
When your doing the white balverine quest get the summon spell, on the final battle with the balverine kick its arse until its health bar is low. Now summon the summon & let it kill the white balverine just keep summoning it until it kills it. This is a great summon until you et to fighting minions.

P.S: This is easier to do if your summon is a bandit etc & has is a higher level.


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How to marry a hero at the Heroe's Guild
1: Flirt with her
2: Then when she loves you, propose to her
3: Then she will say she wants a house
4: Then you make her follow you to Bowerstone
5: Then buy a house and talk to your fiance
6: Then you will get married =]
infinate strength exp and a lot of skill and will exp
You should have at least one ages of will and ages of skill potion for this to work. this can be doneon beardy baldy by the peir in bowerstone quay or in lady greys bedroom with lady grey if you chooseto marry her. all you have to do is keep hitting one of them and that will give you strength exp +1 eviland bring up your multiplier. it will take some time but just be patient and keep hitting them and get your multiplier up to about fifty and then use your will and skill potions which will give you 50000 exp in skill and will and then depending on how long you keep hitting them infinate strength exp. you can not use your bow or magic on either of these two people so you have to use the ages potions but im working on finding a person in the game that you can use them on that you wont get in trouble for hitting them. WARNING #1 : if used on lady grey she will divorce you when you stop hitting her. WARNING #2 : do not use this cheat if you want a good person and you dont want to spend alot of
money at the temple of avo.

Easter eggs

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Best sword in game, REALLY EXPENSIVE!!
Buy the solice greatsword in bowerstone north for around 80,000 gold.


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!! Make Money Easy !!
First go to Hook coast, then go to the shop (not the weopon shop) and buy all the sapphires, click buy max and sell them all back by pressing buy max. I MADE AROUND 500,000 in 5 minutes!!!
!Unlimited Combat Multiplier!
1. Get your physical shield upgraded fully.
2. Get loads of mana potions (100 should do).
3. Go to the jail place (where the undead respawn unlimitedly and where you save your mum).
4. Turn on your physical shield and start killing undead, if you get hit your Combat Multiplier wont go down. If your mana gets low just drink a mana potion.

Extras: Get the potions for Strength, Agility(yellow), and Magic that give 1,000 xp drink it when your multiplier is 200 or so to get 200,000 xp for the skill!

Hope this helps e-mail me with any questions at Jezza408@hotmail.com

Happy Gaming
Okay, this is a Glitch that i found out by accident, lol.

Requirments :
*you HAVE to own a house with trophy mounts.
*and you must have a fish.

now this is quite easy,
all you do is walk up to your trophy mount and
pretend your just about to put a trophy on it, but instead of putting one of your trophys on it, try to put a fish on it ( not the golden fish ) and your character will un-sheathe a fish.. to reset him just pull out your sword or bow...
(P.S. your character will weild the fish as if its not there... it will look as if he's got a fish as brass knuckles!!!)
Best Will Strategy
If you are going to use a pure mage, or even just someone who uses magic, this is the best way to kill enemies.

Use the Hero Save Exploit to get 5 Mana Augmentations in the Lady Grey Quest when you fight Thunder at Headsman's Hill.

Get all 6 Treasure Clues and dig up the Frying Pan secret weapon.

Upgrade your Lightning Spell to the maximum level. Now Augment your Frying Pan with the 5 Mana Augmentations and equip it.

Whenever you use magic, because you have the Mana Augmentations equipped, your Will bar automatically regenerates. With 5 Augmentations simultaneously acting at once, whenever you cast Lightning your Will bar will regenerate at almost the rate it is being depleted. Because of this, you can cast your fully-upgraded Lightning spell for several straight minutes without running out.

Because Lightning can hit more than one enemy at a time, you can take out a group of enemies at once, and it even works well on bosses. Happy playing!
Blue mushrooms
Go to bowerstone south and start the sick child quest. This will require you to retrieve four blue mushrooms and give them to a witch in bowerstone quay. The mushrooms are located:
1. Make the girl in the picnic area laugh.
2. Fish the water near the demon door.
3. Go to the guild woods and talk to the man there, he will ask you to deliver a message to a woman in Oakvale. Go to Oakvale and deliver the message, she will be standing next to the old well. She will ask if it is from you, say no and she will give you a message to return to the man. return to the woods and talk to the man once more and he will give you a blue mushroom.
4. To get the fourth mushroom, go to the trading outpost outside of Oakvale. Talk to the merchant and either buy the mushroom for 15,000 gold or simply steal it and pay a fine of 750 gold (half the price). If you would like to be evil, kill all of the civilians and guards (there's only like 3 guards) and the just take the mushroom without paying for it or a fine.
Cheat the Trader in Trader Camp
I don't know if you don't have to be on the Trader Escort Quest or not for it to work but....

Go to the trader's camp and buy the max number of beer crates. They should cost about 19 gold. Now sell all of them right away. They should sell for about 19. Repeat this many times to recieve the desired amount of money.
I got 54,000 in 5 minutes.

Cheating on card sorting
In the pub at Knothole Glade, there's a guy who plays card sorting. Use the slow time spell before you talk to him, and it'll slow the time. (Don't try this on the missing item game guy in the bandit camp, because it messes him up).
Cleanse your Soul... for free!
Go to the Temple of Avo, and donate all your gold. Press the A button, before the gold drains from your purse.

You should probably make a World Save before attempting this trick, in case you\'re not fast enough. Don\'t want to lose all your gold, do you?

Note- Do not have any weapons out, and make sure the font is between you and the Disciples of Avo.
Easier Trader Escort Quest
This *hint* is for the quest that requires two trades to be escorted to Barrow Fields. There will be a wounded trader on the way that turns into a Balverine. I'm about to tell you how to make this not a liability.

1) Take the guy's request and money.

2) Travel and protect all three traders until you get to the Camp. They'll get healed here; for you players that don't have heal yet....Woohoo!!

* If you are doing the demon door along the way make sure you tell the traders to wait near the entrance of the room or they'll get damaged. Also, hit any hobbe that approaches them.

3) Bring the traders to the Chapel of Skorm.

4) Tell all the traders except for the wounded trader to wait.

5) Sacrifice the guy.....no problems there right?

* I came back later with the dark merc from bowerstone and managed to get Skorm's Bow...sweet!! About 635 evil alignment points

6) Sacrificing the wounded trader doesn't hurt the quest; I still got the traders all not harmed/alive boast.

7) Get the traders to follow you and head your way to Barrow Fields. No more Balverines except bandits and hobbes...one or the other...still no more Balverines.
easiest way to make money
if you are evil then go through and slaughter everyone in oakvale, knothole glade, hook coast, or snowspire village... (only in the lost chapters) then start by buying as many houses as possible and upgrade them as much as possible... then rent them all out, repeat as many times as needed untill you have all of the houses... (oh and by the way, sleep for five days to get the maximum ammount of rent the first time, the rest just three days of sleep will get you the maximum amount of rent) once you have all of the houses and have all of them rented out then move on to the next village and do the same... but make sure you keep the house that gives the LEAST amount of rent for sleeping in... now if you are good buy a lot of beer-and i mean in the game so don't go running to the store right now-and get the people to follow you outside of town. then tell them to wait and once the follow sigh is gone then give them each 2-3 beers... then do the same thing with the houses as if you are evil.
easy sleep
find a very small house, like your home in oakvale, and run in say yes to sleep in the bed and run out during night do the same but either picklock the door or break it.
Easy Strength Experience
In the very beginning of the game you can max out your strength in about 2 or 3 hours (if you're willing to push the attack button that long). Go to Bowerstone Quay (in Bowerstone South) at night and start attacking one of the gang members. If the gang members aren't there then just wait a few minutes. As long as it's night they'll show up. Lock on to a guy with the L trigger button and start attacking. Make sure that you attack him from behind. If you attack a guy from the front then he will be able to block your attacks. Attack one of the guys highlighted in blue, not the one highlighted in yellow.
Just keep hitting the guy you've chosen until you get him stuck against a wall. He will never die. You'll have to get your combat multiplier to about x80 to max out your strength stats (and yes it takes a long time). You can get to x25 in about 15 minutes and x40 in about another 15-20 more minutes. The higher your combat multiplier gets the longer it takes to get it up to the next level. It takes longer to get x79 to x80 than it does to get x19 to x20.
I got to x80 in the first Fable, but when I started a game in Fable: The Lost Chapters I only went to x40 (mainly because I delayed after taking a break and the guy was able to turn around, which caused my combat multiplier to skyrocket down).
Also, if you need to take a break then you can quickly hit the Back or Start button and rest your thumb and finger. But Beware! When you go back to fighting make sure you start punching immediately! If you delay for even a second that guy may get a chance to turn around and block your attacks.
Since you should be able to get your Strength stats high if you get to x40, you ought to use your bow mostly instead of your sword so that you get experience for Skill.
Experience Early in Game
When you are still a kid a you get the stick go to the place where Maze is(which is on the second floor in the guild) and hit him with your stick. Then he will say about how he saved your life and he can snuff it out but quickly press A, lock onto him and hit him again. Repeat it and have as much XP as you wish. Note-You can do this in the original Fable also.
Extra Keys
To get extra silver keys choose a quest where you will find a silver key in. Do the quest up until the silver key. Once you've got the key hero save and then load your hero save. You will still have the key. So go and do it againand keep hero saving and loading you can get unlimited keys this way, but you only need to get 30.
Make sure the quest is easy to do and that the silver key isn't too far into the quest, or otherwise it'll take AGES.
Getting Skorm's Bow
People have all kinds of theories of how to get it. I've actually even seen someone write down 'the real way to get skorm's bow' and was totally full of it. So I'll just tell you what I did to get it. And trust me. This bow is worth it. It's stronger than the Master bow by far.
So here's what you do. You need to hire an assistant (such as the one in Bowerstone South). And head to the Chapel of Skorm at night. If I were you, I'd skip the enemies so your assistant doesn't die. Just use Slow Time and run past all the enemies. Once at the Chapel of Skorm, World save. Now, it seems that there is a very high chance that you'll get the bow if you sacrifice someone at midnight. Exactly midnight. So how do you know? That's why you have the assistant. He takes money from you every hour. You'll know when it's close to midnight because, on your clock in the upper corner, midnight is when night is on top, day is on bottom, and the line separating the two is exactly parallel.
As soon as it starts getting really close to that then be looking at the lower left corner for your money to show, signifying that your assistant is taking money and that it is midnight. As soon as you see that immediately talk to one of the people that will start the sacrificing scene. You should get the skorm's bow. If you don't get it then just load and try again.
I got the bow the second or third time I tried it and my step-brother got it the first try. You'll also get +400 to +500 evil points. So if you're trying to become evil then it's a good step toward it. Also, I'm not sure if it matters too much on who you sacrifice. Like, if you have your assistant and some other people. I'm not sure if it raises the chances to get it by sacrificing the assistant over the other people. Although I do believe that it was the assistant that was sacrificed when we both got it. My step-brother only had the assistant so he got it the first try. I had other people with me and didn't get it until I sacrificed the assistant so I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not.

help your summon level up
ok heres how u do it, first of all get the summon skill, ull then be able to summon a pathetic wasp..... remember u need to let it kill the monster to become it.(ex.ur summon kills a balverine, ur summon becomes a balverine,simple enough.)the highest creature ur summon can become is a white balverine.anyhow to help your summon kill monsters stronger than it all u have to do is buy the slow time spell the more u upgrade this spell the better.(this spell will also help u in pretty much all types of combat anyways.)when u cast "slow time" everything around u moves in slow motion including allies but, your summon is immune to "slow time"s effects as are u. so you and ur summon will be movin normaly while everythin else moves as slow as cold peanut butter. then just sit back and watch ur summon pwn all.
Hero Save Exploit (Arena)
All you have to do is World save before you take the Arena quest. Then go to the Arena and fight. Go as far as you can but don't go farther than the seventh round. The sixth round is 2 smaller rock golems and the seventh round is 2 larger rock golems. After you beat the 2 larger rock golems in the seventh round click B to go back to the cells and Hero save. Then Load that save. You will have all the experience you got from the Arena, but you won't have taken the quest yet. Unless you World saved after you took the quest, but before you entered the Arena (which is what I did, it just saves a little time).
Just keep fighting in the Arena, Hero saving, then Loading and you'll have plenty of experience to level up whatever you choose in no time. If you go to the seventh round, which you don't have to if you can't beat the 2 larger rock golems, then you should be able to make 90,000 to 100,000 in general experience every time you go through the arena.
Also, I recommend that you use physical shield (at level 1 is fine) to keep your combat multiplier high in the Arena. This is also a good way to get augmentations. The trader in the Arena has four different types I believe. Just buy them after the seventh round (once you've made some money) and Hero save and Load as normal. When you go back to the Arena he'll have all those augmentations again and you'll still have the ones you bought before. Oh and if you're having trouble with money, I can solve your problems easily.
When you are in the arena get as much as stuff as you can with the money you've already got. then at the end of the arena you have a chioce you can kill wisper for 10,000 gold or dont kill her and you wont have 10,000 gold. kill her if you want 10,000 gold.
How to have shovel and maybe fishing pole as wep
Needed: shovel/fishing pole and at least 1 trophy

1. show off your trophy
2. dig/fish (Whichever you want)
3. after you are done doing one of the 2 actions it should say "you have quit showing off your trophy" and you should have whichever item you used (fishing pole/shovel)
4. it is really your fists but it looks funny to beat something up with a fishing rod

Take out your bow or sword to stop

Happy gaming
infinite freeze
Go to any gate, do berserker. Then do assain's rush into the gate then press your analog stick back towards the gate and it should be frozen1
good way to steal from shops and etc.
Happy Gaming!!!
Infinite Money
Simply wait until the item salesman in Bowerstone South has a full stock of everything, then buy ALL of his items except for Fish, Red Meat, and Flour Sacks, and buy ALL of his Chocolates. Then sell them all back to him, rinse and repeat.

Once you get to Darkwood Trader Camp, you can do the same with Gemstones.
Odd displeasing of wife
You need the "summon" will power to do this. For some reason when you use summon, and shoot your summon with a bow, it will die and your wife will get mad and say you treat her dirt. I don't know why. She almost divorced me because of it.
Pet Chicken
Ok so do you get lonely while visiting bowerstone if you dont have a wife, well here is a little game glitch that will get you a feathery companion that follows you everywhere. When in Bowerstone South. Buy the marital home and find a chicken. Once you have selected a chicken, kick it repeatedly eaven when it trys to run from you. Kick it a ton of times, (like, 50 or so) then kick it up to the marital home and kick it all the way to the upstairs. Once you get there, the chicken should now follow you everywhere you goinside your house. Once you leave and get to the school door, the chicken will go back to normal behaviour, kick it again and he will follow you again. (just once this time). Also if you leave the chicken in your house without moving for long enough he will go back to eating right through the floor. NOTE: I only tried this twice and only with the white chicken. It is also fun to get the chicken up on the bed, (just standing there though)
Quick money
as soon as possible stop at darkwood camp and play blackjack its easy so no worries(save first)
get about 10,000 then hit bowerstone, the guild, and Barrow fields by all potions then pick a trader and sell them all buy them back, repeat.

You will be loaded, great for getting great sword at bowerstone north
rating: ---Raidz
You want ot do a raid but it is not as cool if you do not have people to assist you. Sure you can get two mercs to help ya but the more the merrier. Go to Twinblades camp (make sure your in bandit gear or it might not work) and use the follow expression (it should appear at the D-Pad down slot on the hud) on the bandits, lead them to Oakvale, cause a crime and Yeehaw killin time!

>buy a house with a trophy plaque
>break down door
>hang up ur best trophy
>sell house
>walk in and get ur trophy bak
>buy house agen

dependin on wat trophy u use u can make 2500 gold in evry trip(keep in mind each trip takes about 30 secs)

U can earn up to 5000 in a trip if u buy the house in hook coast btw

u can do this as many times as u want

ive done this about 100 times and earnt 500,000 gold(i used hook coast =P)

Happy House Bargaining!
Silver Augmentations
Do the quest White Balverine. Get up to the point where you get the silver augmentation. Exit Knothole Glade. It will tell you this will quit the mission. You will still have the silver augmentation. Restart the mission. You will have 2 augmentations. Repeat and sell the augmentations!$!$!$!$!
To get this bow u first shode go to Skorm's temple. Then you go to bowerstone south and get the mersanarie in the tavard. Recall back to skorm's temple and wait till midnight(Night on top, Day on bottom) they must be exactly parralel to eachother...even with this is still isnt easy so worldsave...I'm not sure but i think u have a better chance getting the bow if u use the mersanarie in bowerstone. well Good luck you'll need it
You may already know this. Once you have learned the steal option, go to any place and by beer.Lots. Then go to a store that has stuff out. Give at lest 4 beers to the shop owner. He will be drunk. Push him outside the store. Take everything!
The Real Truth About Fable
Ok ok u hear alot of people say that the best weapon in the game is the solus greatsword right?
Thats aload of u no what!
If you get 25 keys and go to the heroes guild you get the murren greathammer this little beauty can take about 700-900 off in one hit!
And the best armour is found in necropolis in a chest that u also need 25 keys to open its called archons armour you get a helm with it too it\'s armour rating is 1109.
Alos hears a wicked cheats that can get you 100\'s of thousands of will xp really really fast.
I found this out myself while summoning. Hears what u need.
Berserk (best to master it)
Summon (best to master it)
multi strike (best to master it)
Loads and loads of will potions at least 200
Ok heres what you do,
You summon then multi strike. Cast berserk attack your creature and kill it, it will put ur combat multiplyer up keep doing it whilst drinking will potions until you get to about 100 multiplyer (takes bout 20 mins)
Then keep summoning your creature really really fast and using will potions when ur bars low and you should get about 100k xp within 10-15mins.
Enjoy ^^
This is really really easy.
All you need is summon spell with strong soul i think, loads and loads of will potions I mean all of them, then you hold down the "R" trigger and then you GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heh just kidding. Okay then you just keep pressing the summon button really really fast and it should give you 3 will experience every time you do it. I got 1000 will experience in less then 2 minutes a new record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very easy General XP (and fast)
Ok, here's how to get tons of general xp.

First, complete the game, after that go to the Northern Foothills, there should be about 5 - 4 Minion groups all the way down the mini map, I found it easiest to kill them when I cast Berserk and wielding Solus Greatsword. Anyway, kills these guys and go to the next area (Lost Bay) then back to the Northern Foothills, They should have respawned. Kill everything again, rinse and repeat, you get 20,000xp every time you do this.

Happy Gaming
Very Easy Money
An easy way to get money is to go to Oakvale (which is the easiest place cause the guy doesn't travel) and talk to the guy that sells Emeralds. Buy as many as you can (make sure you click on buy max) then sell them all back to him (sell max). You might need to have your Guile skill up to level 3 or so for this to work effectively. And always make sure you click on 'buy max' and 'sell max'. The reason why is simple. If the price is 210 and the normal cost is 240 and you buy one, then the same object will cost 213 to buy another one and so on. But if you buy all of them (or as many as you can) then you'll get every one you bought for the price of 210. You save money that way.
The reason that this trick makes money is also simple. You buy them all for a low price because he has plenty. Then you sell them back and he'll buy them for a high price because he has none. So as you keep doing this you gain money. You also gain skill experience for doing this. Once you've made enough and exit out of the buy/sell screen it shows how much skill experience you've made.
The more Emeralds you have the faster you can make money. So if you look at the Emeralds and it says next delivery in 3 days then sleep until 3 days has passed and buy some more Emeralds from him. Also if you ever see a trader with Emeralds then buy them.
Also! Makes sure that when you're done making money that you buy all the Emeralds back! If you have the Emeralds with you then you can make money whenever you want. I at the moment have more than 200 Emeralds and can make a million (that's right, a million) dollars in just a few minutes.
Very Good Xp
After you beat the Game and you want to max all your skills, simply go to the Northern Foohills and kill ALL the minions there, you get about 20,000xp every time you do this, hope this helps!
Very, very easy EXP
After you save your mom you can go back to the cliff side path and there will be unlimited un-dead. I recommend you have 100+ will potions and a 3-4 level enflame. Then go there and keep on doing enflame killing them all in 1 hit. I got over 1 million exp in a half hour and over half a million will exp you can do this with any type of fighting but will works the very best!! I hopes this help all of you!!
windmill glitch
you know the windmill outside bowerstone? everyone knows that it has 4 sides. everyone knows this. well you are wrong! go to the windmill. look at it from afar. 4 sides. go up the steps and count every wall you go past. 1,2,3,4... 5? there are 5 sides when you count. 4 with railing and 1 without a walkway. from far away it looks like 3 sides have a walkway. and 1 side does not. i walked back and forth forever thinking that i was miscounting, but the game plays a trick on your mind. try it. it is extremely cool.