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unlokable abilitys
1.have full strength
2.use freeze time cheat in twinblade's camp
3.have a shovel
UnlockableHow to unlock
mega chiken kickhave full strength, a shovel, and active freeze time cheat. use the freeze time cheat then kick the chiken. use your shovel to unfreeze time. you will see the chiken go flying. (lol)


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1 way 2 beat the arena easy
For this one I used only the leather armor I found and the katana award at first instead of buying stuff(I may have bought leather armor pieces because I couldn't find a full set.) Make sure you get guile because this helps when trading. Save money until you have a good amount. Don't go embarking on too many quests. It also helps to have saved up some money pre-guild and have finished the boastful apprentice's demon door race( and the tests for better weapons). When you get enough, buy an obsidian katana (most powerful one-handed weapon, cheaper than a greatsword, and the reason I saved money) Buy some chainmail. If you're going evil than making money is a bit easier- just kill traders. I saved the slots for the silver and piercing augmentations. The sharpening augmentation also works if you don't like the piercing. Now you can go doing quests. (Note: if you somehow had enough for a master sword, all the better.)It always helps to do the strength upgrades so you last longer. I also recommend doing demon doors. And fishing. And going after silver keys for silver chests. Also, if you can get 20 silver pieces before getting too far in the game(you need as far as the witchwood to Knothole area) then you can get the Guild's 20 key chest which contains the Murren Greathammer.

Stats: 270 dmg., exp. augment. pierce augment.

Value doesn't matter because, for good reason, you can't sell most legendary weapons. When you get to the arena, you should be all set for the tougher enemies.

This worked for me, but it may be different for others. Have fun!
100 plus combat multiplyer
to get over 100 combat multiplyer (i went to 131..you can go farther if you want) you must first be able to go to the archon shrine after you have beaten jack (the first time). to begin you go through the cullis gate to the archon shrine. follow the road to a junction, either left or right. left is towards a frozen patch of water and a chest with orkon's club in it. to the right is a bridge where a group of frozen guardians with clubs (they act just like the bigger undead guys) right before it. you want to kill all of them as fast as you can and without getting hit to maximize your multiplyer (i find that slow time works best for that but you use it a few times to kill all of them). once you have killed them all, run back to that frozen patch of water, around the tree, and back to where you killed the frozen guardians. MAGICALLY, they respawn and you can kill them again, and again and again, however many times you want, but the only time that the multiplyer is really used is for the demon door, and i am pretty sure you only need 50+, i went to it after i had 131 so its somewhere between 50 and 131.

anyways this is a super easy way to mass a big multiplyer. with maybe 10 mins or so, you will have near or over 100 and you can boast to your friends.
100'000 gold every 10-30 minutes
Ok I prefer 2 of these Trophies to use: Bandit camp pass, Champions seal, Jacks mask. Any Trophy 1,000 gold or higher is good. I'll list the steps.

1. Go to Knothold Glade, buy the house there for 9,000 gol.d

2. You might need to get the decoration up to get 2 trophy stands on the walls.

3. Set up the selected trophy on the D-pad

4. Go up to a trophy stand, it should light up blue.

5. Put a trophy up there, and do the same to the other stand.

6. Run out, sell the house.

7. Run in, get the trophys.

8. Run out, buy the house.

9. Repeat.

****I know this sounds like alot but its really nothing anyone that is 40% in the game or further will be able to do this.****

TIP!!! If you are good and you have the money to start off doing this, then do it before you go in the arena!! I've been looking for a Bright Plate Chest Peice and i cant find it anywhere besides the Merchant in the Arena.---If you cant afford to do that, just get 10,000 gold from the Arena, walk out and buy it then walk back in. I would HIGHLY reccomend this, unless you'd like to wear a Bright Chain Torso piece in Oakvale.

2 Rare Augmentations
First get 15 silver keys.
HEALTH AUG.-1. Go where you find the Archaeologist. In a 15 lock chest there is a H.A.
2.Go to Bowerstone North and you can buy one for 45000 gold.
MANA AUG.-1. Beat Thunder. In chest there is a M.A.
A best hint ever for easy keys wifout searching for dem ha ha wat a glitch
basically do the graveyard quest where u gotsta find his nostro\'s armor. now in da graveyard you\'ll find three keys buried round the place once u find these hero save lol ha ha you\'ll have three keys and now do restart the quest again and find them again they\'ll be there this again keep doin this tell u have keys fallin out ya ears ha ha hint actually works try it.
a bow as good as the sword of aons
if you get a master bow peircing augmentation and a sharpening augmentation and something else with a full accuracy skill you will get a bow about as good as the sword of aons. note:right now i have a master longbow about 5 accuracy sharpening and peircing augmentation and it does if it's fully charged near 600 damage

bye and hope you like my tip
All the Money, Experience and Bosses
Many Cheats say about renting and buying and selling houses thats all great but there are much better ways. The best way i have found is to selling precious stones.

Ok is easy
1)upgrade guile to atleast 4 really the higher the better.
2) Get the bright will users armour from rose cottage is very easy and you can do it very early on this will make you attractive so merchants will let you buy for lower and sell for higher. Be as Attractive as possible so hair style and facial hair and tattooes that improve appearance are a must
3) Ok now go round the merchants oakvale is a good place to start and buy all the diamonds, rubies etc and them you should be able to sell them for more than you bought them. This once you've gone round all the merchants (which refill) can allow you to make hundreds of thousands in one transaction i made a million in the space of 10 minutes.

The Combat Multiplier is all that needs to be said. With this the smallest enemy can give you more than a boss.

1) Physical shield is a must get it as high as you can have high mana and lots of will potions.
2) Some secondary spells that work great are slow time (which makes the CM go down slower) and enflame
3) Make sure you don't run out of mana and your shield fails if you get hit your CM will fall drastically
4) reappearing zombies are annoying but amazing for experience using the tactic above but just my sword rather than enflame i got my CM up to 140 and made hundreds of thousands worth of experience in an hour.

Easy win all bosses with 2 spells multi strike (which is amazing) and beserk so simple but all bosses fall to it very quickly
Ancient Cullis Gate Infinite EXP
I haven't seen this one be submitted so here goes. This requires some patience but it will work, it can be done anytime before you open up the Ancient Cullis Gate and travel to Hook Coast near the ending parts of the game. It takes advantage of an infinite enemy respawn that takes place around the gate itself.

Before Going In:
1. A superior Physical Shield spell will only help in this scenario, though maxing it up to level 3 or 4 might take a few trips back to the guild. Luckily you can leave and come back anytime if you want to level up while using this tip.
2. A healthy supply of mana potions couldn't hurt, I'd recommend about 20, but I'm a freak and that's a kinda high number.
3. You can used either ranged or melee attacks on the enemy so, of course, if those attacks are stronger it will kill them quicker and give them less time to strike you.

Go to the area and clear out all the red dots on the map, including the ones that pop up around the gate. The trigger points for this is at the top of the stairs near the gate, and at the start of the bridge on the opposite side. Once you've cleared enemies out of the area, run back to one of these points and then back towards the gate and the enemy will respawn again.

The type of enemies that appear will depend on how much EXP and Renown you already have. They go from a group of 4 Hobbes to a pack of two Balverines and peaks with a Rock Troll. I'd research exactly when each of these changes happen...but I'm too freaking lazy. Keep your Shields up and your Combat Multiplier should peak at about 20 inbetween waves.

During The Fight:
1. Move around and find your own rhythm with your preferred weapon. I used to do this tip as melee only with the obsidian greataxe but the past couple of games I prefer to do ranged attacks. Find the best way possible to score as many hits as you can on the enemy while taking the least amount of damage possible.
2. Use traders and guards to distract your enemies and shoot them with ranged attacks while they're preoccupied. If you don't mind turning to the dark side a bit I'd recommend killing some of the traders yourself, as this brings the guards faster (they can take more hits and last longer). They sometimes steal kills though, so make sure you deliver the finishing blow, or else you fail to gain the EXP.
3. A handy trick for archers is to not use a few fullly powered shots on the target, but a larger number of smaller powered shots to finish them off instead. For instance you can shoot a Rock Troll 5 times with an arrow of 100 damage and get the skill EXP for 5 hits, or you can take 10 shots of 50 damage and get skill EXP for 10 hits. This will not affect your Combat Multiplier and make it bigger than 20 but it can increase your skill points rather effectively. Make sure you only have one target when doing this because getting hit from the sides is distracting and might lead to a mild case of death.
4. Make sure to collect the money and items from your dead enemies. The cash is nice but you can sometimes pick up mana potions and that helps keep your shields going. When you hit the Rock Trolls you can also collect an insanely large number of rubies. Cash them in for a good sized chunk of spending money...or woo every woman in Albion, whichever you choose.

Aside from the obvious boosts to EXP this also helps you in the Renown and Morality Alignment departments. The Rock Trolls especially can help you easily climb the ladder to Legendary status and aid you in earning a halo. Hypothetically you can do this tactic until you run out of potions and can't maintain your shield or you max out your EXP fields. I personally get bored after a certain point so I only use it to give me a good head start on the game, and go back later if I have a certain stat or spell I want to boost fast.

I hope this is a help to anyone who takes the time to use it.
When in the arena the most important spell is Ghost Swords. I did the arena whithout losing a life!
Arena exploit for real (more money & experience)
Now this is the way to get REAL money and experience (which everyone wants) the good way!

#1. G0 to the arena (of course).

#2. GO battle the rock trolls.

#3. GO back to the cells or this cheat wont work.

#4. SAVE.

#5. LOAD,and repeat (for you can get rich and all powerful ,mu ha ha ha).

#6. repeat #'s 1-5 as many times as it takes to get maxed out on everything (including all magic and attributes).

Bandit Assassins
An easy way to acquire property in Oakvale is to use twinblades bandits as assassins. After completing the bandit seeress quest Twinblades camp is full of unemployed bandits who are only too happy to follow you in your bandit/assassin outfit. Take two to oakvale on foot, early evening or dawn is the best time.Ignore the guards and enter a house with both occupants present(the houses near the marital home are the best as the shopkeepers live in the bottom two). When the bandits follow you in, change into will users bright outfit, bright chainmail or plate, and the bandits will cease to follow you and set about the occupants, when they are dead you will be informed that a house/shop has become available for sale, buy it then change back to bandit/assassin gear and tell the bandits to follow you to another property. You can leave the bandits in one of your houses as long as you don't rent it for later use. The tavern usually requires 4 or 5 bandits, or if you really want a laugh get everyone from both camps and lay Oakvale to waste again. You incur no evil points and don't have to draw your weapon, the bandits will not attack you and nor will the guards.
Bandit Friends
This is a fun tip, and it works better if your 100% evil.. Once you get to twinblade's camp, go to the elite camp, not the first one camp (for some reson the bandints there wont follow) talk to the bandits, and have them follow you. Then you become a leader of a pack of bandits, and you can attack towns and villages with your gang.. .But you cant teleport them (I think)
Beating JoB
If you have beaten the game everyone agrees that Jack Of Blades was a easy boss,but if your stuck on him heres a easy way to beat him.If you haven't gotten that far this is a spoiler...

1.Get the Multi Arrow,Berserk/Double Hit,Force Push Spells
2.Get a good Bow(Skorms Bow,Master Bow,etc)Get a good melee weapon(DollMasters Mace,Harbringer,etc)
3.Use force push to deal with the minions or just run away...simple...
When your away use Multi Arrow spell and shoot JoB.(range/spell part)
For the melee portion use either berserk OR double hit.Just chase him down and use them spells or just one and it does good damage w/o wasting MP.To make any parts of this easier Slow Time is very useful! But you use alot of MP and fast so unless you have Mana Potions i wouldn't use it to much.

This is how i've beat the game everytime...just beat it the 8th time today...so GOOD LUCK you guys!
Become Huge.
Cast berserk and world save your game. Turn your X-box off and then re-load your game. You'll look like you're still in berserk mode but it won't wear off. You're free to roam around like this as long as you want.

*Note*: Cast Berserk again if you want to turn back into normal size.**
best CM+exp stratagy
Have your preferred weapon and a whole slew of manna potions. Cast physical shield in "cliffside path" and slay undead all day long. this cheat works wonders with exp and morality. just remember to keep that manna up. i made 9,999,999 general xp in 1 1/2 hrs with a CM of 1028 <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Bow of Skorm
Well i have red many different ways of getting the bow, this is how i got it... I was completely good with halo and all... Just picked up the merc from the temple of avo, waited till midnight on the clock, sacrificed him, got the bow and 1000 evil points.
Bowerstone Extra Fighting
In Bowerstone Quay go to the fighting ring at night. After fighting through all the rounds the people surrounding the ring will run away. Run out of Quay Into Bowerstone South. As soon as you see your person, do a back ward roll back into Quay. The head fighter guy will still be there and you can fight through all the rounds again. you can do this as many times as you want or until the morning comes.
Bright Plate Chest Piece
The arena is not the only place to get the bright plate chest piece. If you go to the Greatwood Cullis Gate, one of the traders there sells them, so you don't need to freak out if you can't afford it when you're at the arena.
Buy any house in Bowerstone
Simply get the residents of the home to follow you out of town. Kill them. Go back to the house and it will be up for sale. This will work for houses in North or South Bowerstone.
Demon Door Information
Heroes Guild: Show him the light by using the Lamp
Elixir of Life

Greatwood Gorge: Be 100% evil, Murder in front of him, Eat 10 Crunchy Chicks
Wellow's Pickhammer

Greatwood Caves: Have a Combat Multiplier of 15 or higher
Cutlass Bluetane

Rosewood Cottage: Give him a gift
Complete "Bright Will User's" set

Darkwood Marsh: Defeat his guardians
Complete "Dark Will User's" set

Barrow Fields: Become "Obese" in front of him
Will Master's Elixir

Grey House: Be married to Lady Grey
Ronok the Axe

Abandoned Road: Present yourself in FULL Bright Plate Mail, Dark Will User's, and Bandit outfits.
The Dollmaster's Mace

Witchwood Stones: Spell out H-I-T-S on the stones in the area
15 Silver Key chest (Health Aug.) --- Chain Mail Leggings --- Books --- A Tattoo

Knothole Glade: Shoot him with the Ebony Bow or higher
Elixir of Life

Headman's Hill: Defeat Thunder in the "Lady Grey" quest
Provides a way out of the ravine

Lychfield Graveyard: Collect Nostro's belongings
Entrance to the prison
Demon Doors
For the Demon Door in Greatwood Gorge instead of Being 100% evil or murdering someone, eat 10 Crunchy Chicks. You will get Wellow's Pickhammer AND you will be fat or "plump" in their case. You can then get through the Demon Door in witch you have to be fat.
Demon Gate Treasure
What sits in the chest behind a Demon Gate is not always the real treasure.

Behind 1 of the gates is a tropical island with what appears to be a ship docked on a nearby island. Fishing here yields almost non-stop moonfish with weight's in the thousands of grams.

In another botanical room, accessed via a demon gate, is an arrangement of flowers & plants that is illuminated by some mystic power. When you stroll over to smell the flowers you notice you can dig there and although the chest was worthless, the ground yielded a mana augment.
Destroy the earth or rock trolls(baseball/cricket style).
When you encounter a rock or an earth troll,firstly wield the stick you used when you were an apprentice.When it throws a rock at ya,hit the rock with the stick.The stick will hit the rock and the rock will hit the troll.
Do Thousands Of melee Damage!
Ok First you need to max out berserk(might require you to be evil) and Multi-Strike and have a reasonable weapon, then during a fight
with a boss(or just a normal creature) cast berserk (if maxed will double your damage) and each time before you hit a the thing your fighting cast Multi-Strike(if maxed will strike 5 times per hit).
i was doing 402 damage with the sentinus x2(for berserk) = 804 x5(for multi-strike)=3020!!!

*you might want to get your physique up to as with my physique up i did more than 5000 damage and killed jack in to hits!!!
dollmasters mace
ok first off in order to get the dollmasters mace
u have to go to the demon door in the abandond road he will say all this stuff about a gallant knight with really shiny armor an then he says stuff about a dark mage then about a bandit. so then u put on the shiny platemail suit if u have it if not go and buy it.then put on ur dark will users outfit if u dont have that either its in the demon door that asks u to fight its gardians. then put on ur bandit outfit witch u should have when u get to the demon door.then there u go the dollmasters mace is all yours.enjoy.
Don't Get hamed
When battling with jack the easiest way to not get hurt is to hid behind a rock when he puts his sword up then just ping arrows or fireballs
Don't Pay The Fee When in Trouble
When you get into trouble and you just don't want to pay the guards all you have to do is go to your expressions and find apologize. I found that if you apologize enough times they'll let you off for free (at least with small amounts I haven't tested it on the big crimes like murder)
E-Z arrow/fireball kills!
First, you must have at least a fireball level three and a good bow(not a crossbow) for this to work. Equip the bow, and set the fireball to the X button. Now, you might need to practice a bit to get this one right. Here's what you have to do:
1.hold the right trigger button and the X button
2.wait until the fire ball is fully charged up and glowing
3.now, release the right trigger button, without releasing the X button
4.lock on to your target and you should see your bow starting to charge up, and your character should pull the bow back, but have the arrow pointed away from the locked target
5.your fist should still be glowing from the fire ball, and when you have pulled your bow back all the way, release the X button
Congratulations, you just hit your enemy with (depending on your bow type) 600-1200 damage!
this technique is very useful against balverines and bosses, especially the arena boss
Tip: to inflict even more damage, use the multi-arrow will power with this.
Earth Giant
Sure you can kill the earth giant with some hammer, but there is an esier way!
Here is what to do:
Get lightning spell.
Get a bunch of will potions.
Ok, NOW go to The earth giant and zap him with all your energy (blue) and when you run out, drink will potion! Repeat.
Easily beat earth/rock trolls
To start you must have battle charge. When you attack it the troll smashes the ground, when it does, use battle charge. It will look like you have taken damage but you won't have.
Happy Hunting!

P.S. For obvious reasons this only works with melee attacks
ok First buy a house with an up stairs like the one in bowerstone (south) use the "follow" command and lead a woman up stairs into a corner and attack her. she will not attack back but if u stop attacking her she will run and report ur assult to a guard... so make sure u have 500 gold for each time u want to do it, i played for 15 minutes just beating the hell out of her got 100+ combat multiplyer . hope this help ya.. email me for more tips at..... justindale1902@sbcglobal.net , thanks , by
easy exp and good points!!!!!
ok so if your evil and want to become good you need the sword of aeons and u need to have assasin attacks as well when u do u go to wichwood cullis gate and there will be bandits wating there u then kill them all with the sword of aeons then head to wichwood stones there there mite be bandits or minions and or and earth rock troll kill them all the go back to the cullis gate but dont teleport there repeat this as many times as u want i got 100k exp in about 20 minutes.

really works and u also get mony and sellable items
Easy Exp in the Beginning
While your fighting Maze for the first time (the last test in the guild), you can use him for training cuz he never dies. when he tells u to hit him with the sword, take out the longbow (crossbow takes too long) and hit him as many times as you want. You don't have to pull back the arrow all the way, you can release it as soon as it makes the rubbery sound; be sure to be far enough so that he doesn't block it. Then when he tells you to hit him with the bow, take out your sword. Hit him a couple of times till you hear a noise and the melee weapon icon is glowing. If your close enough to him, press "B" to go through his guard, you can gain exp like this too. Don't try to train your lightning, cuz he just starts hitting you back. If done correctly, you will have much exp when you leave the woods.
Easy EXP With FOOD+CM(combat multiplier)
Easy EXP With Food+Combat Multiplier!
Very simple!
1. all you need is FOOD! only, MEAT,FISH and Carrots!

make sure you have all 3 saved to the quick buttons when you hold down R trigger (I don't know what its really called but quick buttons ^^)

2. make sure you have about 100+ of each one

3. find and area with high enemies!
for example: my self, ive been using my Archeologist trick for unageing and unlimited money (check cheats or forums for it) and the only place I found I can get quick EXP so soon in the game is the Hobbe cave ^^
all I do is make sure I have 100 or more of each food i mentioned, then go to the first floor of the hobb cave, I kill all the hobbs and get my CM) combat multiplier up to well I think 16, then I go to the next floor down and ill them all, then I hurry back to the first floor and kill them all when my CM reaches 19-22 I eat one food grouped IE carrots, or fish or meat, and I hold the R trigger down and just work the dpad for the quick button (insert sound effects) TAP TAP TAP TAPPPPP! and I continue to eat witch ever till my CM drops to 15, then i run back down 1 level and kill the hobbs and run back up to the fist floor again kill them all till my CM is at 19-22 and then eat!
I can easily get 10K exp for magic, skill, or err the Strength Attributes in about 5 mins or less! u have to just eat really fast! NOTE- You will get OBESE fast, but what ever its worth it! and you can always run around and get slim again!

if any of this needs to be cleared or re worded let me no,
also plz tell me what you think, and ignore my horrible spelling!
Easy Experience
Well, First of all you will need to have completed the game and own the Sword Of Aeons that Jack Of Blades uses against you, Then watch through the credits and at the end it should give you a trophy of Jack Of Blades Mask, Now make sure you have at least 2 resurrection phials, Now go to Oakvale with the Sword Of Aeons, Attract a guard and go on a killing spree against all the guards, eventually it will seem like there is nobody left living in the town, Now back on track collect all the green orbs of experience and in about an hour I had 500,000 experience...
Easy Experience
all you need is to have a spade. (this doesn't work if you fight jack of blades) do a quest with a boast, and go to the boast ring. go to some diggable dirt, and start digging. this will respawn all NPC's without killing the current ones. once you dig enough (about 15 is my limit, it lags really bad) go to the boast platform and the people will come to you. jump down and whip out an enflame or two. (this also workes with the push spell, but enflame gives more exp) this gives me about 2k exp per load of people. you can also do it with ghost arrow and aim at the last person in the group of people. the arrows will hit the people around your target.
easy experience
righteo with this tip u can max out your experience it\'s pretty simple when u\'ve finished saving ur mother from bargate prison walk back there from lychfield graveyard but not all the way as soon as u get to the cliffside path that\'s where the unlimited zombie\'s pop out now dis is da simple part put physical shield on and swing away and stop whenever u want to get skills or sumfin it helps if u have a weapon that can kill em wif one shot make sure u have potions too so u can keeepur shield on
easy experience
this is an extremely easy way to level up. get the solus greatsword and go towards the prison where your mother was kept. saty in one area, and there should be dozens of zombies respawning around you. if you have max strength, you should be able to defeat them quite easily. the smaller ones should fall with one sword stroke, the bigger ones one MAYBE two, depending on your strength. the harbinger is also a good sword to use, but will require two hits for sure with the larger enemies. this will get you general, strength, or magic experience very easily. skill, not so much since it's hard to shoot a bow in close-quarters-combat. but, since you get a lot of general experience from this, it's easy to level up any stat.
Easy Experience (without the Arena)
Ok, you either have to be in the process of the Lynfield Graveyard/Recue your mom mission or have gotten past that. Then you want enflame from either 3 to 4 level. Buy a crapload of will potions and have it preset for when you hold down the right trigger. Go to the area before the Bargate prison and make sure its an area where the undead keep respawning. Then just keep doin enflame over and over and over until you have no more potions, and they are so slow that they will never touch you. My combat multiplier got to 122!
The way to get easy general xp is to beat the lychfield graveyard quest and get to clifside path where there is infinite undead that will respawn. You will need physical shield spell to lvl 2 or more and a good weapon like solus greatsword to kill the undead in 1 shot alot of will potions and a pretty long will bar or no physical shield and alot of food and health potions. i made 999999 general xp in like 10 mins. I know it sounds realy long but the time flies by really fast.
Easy Gold
Now, I posted a cheat before with easy experience, Now do the same thing as I said last time but leave Oakvale after heaps of houses are up for sale, Now when you have no fine left go and buy all the houses and put them on rent, Now go too one of your houses there and repeatably sleep, Now go around to houses and pick up the money, Violla!! Gold Gold and more gold, I got about 100,000 gold from doing that!!
Easy good allignment
a good way for good allignment is this: when you first get to twinblades camp go through as normal and KILL twinblade. get the things from the chests in the tent as an added bonus. then later on in the game go back and kill all the bandits. they are not hostile untill you attack them but because they are bandits you get good allignment (there is also the level 3 fist fighters gang here) you can keep returning whenever you like to kill more bandits and get exp. i maxed out my good alignment and got a halo and the bandits sometimes drop cool items. one of them dropped an obsidian mace!!!!
(it took a while for this to happen) good luck and good allignment
Easy keys,some money, and a good weapon
Get the rose cottage quest and a spade. Then go to the cottage and got to the flower bed then dig and if you stand just right you can get the 500 gold without having to destroy the plants.But if you want to destroy the plants get the money. The heri save and load. just go back in repeat and you get as much money and keys as you want. Normally i get 25 keys then go to the heros guild and open that 15 key chest and get the muren great hammer.
Easy Kill of THe Big Earth and Rock Golems
Pull out your Melee weapon and get really close to the big guy and hit him a couple times. When he is about to slam the ground with his fists press the block button and roll in any direction and a you will be fine. Even is you roll right into him. The rock one will always put you outside of his little rock wall but you can still get a few good hits in before he does it again. Good way to get up Melee skill.
Easy Method of Kiling Golems
Simply buy the slow time spell from the guild(works best if it is maxed out) then when you are fighting a golem roll out the way of the rocks(you have to be qiuck) then when he roars at the sky, activate the slow time spell and give him a whacking with either your most powerful spell or a weapon. it would be a lot better if you didnt use a bow because it doesnt take as much damage.

If your time spell wears off and the golem is about to hit you then roll back twice and you should be safe. Repeat as many times as neccasary.
Easy Money
Ok Once you have a trophy and some money go to Oakvale or any city with a house you can buy that has a trophy stand in the house(you may need to upgrade the house a little to get a trophy stand. When you get to the house buy it then break the door down then go inside and mount the trophy on the wall then go sell the house and you will have earned the amount of the trophy, for example If you mount the Queen Wasp Head you will have earned 100 Gold because that trophy is worth 100 Gold. After selling the house re-enter and take your trophy off the wall then buy the house back and repeat this over and over until you have how much money you want. The Champion Seal is probably the most expensive trophy so you can make the fastes money with that. Also when you get married you will recive a Dowry of a set amount of money, give your wife gifts and in return she will give you an asssortment of things which you can sell ofr keep to make a little money.
Easy Money
This is a real estate scam for Oakvale. You can make as much as you want, but it will cost you time. First, the reason for Oakvale is that you can equip weapons and that the house for sale has two trophy mounts. Second, you must have $7500 to do the scam. $5000 to buy the place then upgrade it *only once* for $2500. Now you will have two trophy mounts on the walls and the fun can begin:

#1. After the upgrades are done, go into your house and smash the doors out. This will keep them from closing when you sell it.

#2. Place two trophies on the walls (the most expensive ones), and go back outside and sell the house for the inflated price.

#3. Now since the doors will not lock you out, go back inside and take your trophies.

#4. Buy the house again. Now notice that you are buying it again for $7500 and the profit is the difference from the trophies you mounted on the walls! You can make a LOT of money this way, depending on the trophies you mount.

A word of advice: DO NOT LEAVE TOWN UNLESS YOU OWN THE HOUSE!!! If you find a good deal on an item and spend all of your money, you will have to buy the house all over again, but if you keep posession of it, you only have to smash the doors out again, then repeat the scam.
Easy Money
With this method i got about 100000 gold in 5 minutes.
So first you go to an item shop and "buy all" (you will have bought all the items for the first price). Then you leave the screen and go back and sell all (you will have sold all the the items for the first price). You will have made a huge profit, the higher the item costs, the higher the profit will be. This works because of exaggerated economy pricing.
Easy money
All you have to do is buy a house and upgrade its deceration to the highest then put a really good trophie on the trophie holders destroy the door and sell the house for a hole lot then go inside and take the trophies out and buy the house for less then you sold it repeat until you have enough money
Easy Money
In the bandit camp in "Fable: The Lost Chapters" there is a trader that sells produce and he has 50 kegs of beer for only about 14 gold, but the money making part is that he will buy them buy right back for, I think 44 gold, but the trick is that you must buy all fifty to make a fair profit and you can do this as much as you want, and you get about $2000 each time you do it and it takes no time at all to get over $100,000. It might only work if your in the middle of the twin blade mission.
In the Arena there is a Blackjack Dealer. Hero Save before you talk to him then bet all your money (max 1000)on you turn. If you win you gain all the money you bet and if you loose, load the game and return to the Blackjack Dealer and you will have all the money you had when you saved and you can start betting again.
This can get boring but makes you rich!!
EASY MONEY (The property market)
All you need to do is this, buy a house somewhere preferably a nice one, IT MUST HAVE: Trophy plaques, (the more there are the better), now do the house up, wot u need to do now is check what the most valuable trophies you have are and put them on the plaques on the walls, then sell the house, re-enter the house (break down the door) and then steal the trophies back, once you have done this buy the house again! you will notice that the house price increases when you put the trophies on the walls and sell them, then when you steal them back and buy the house again the house price has dropped again which means that after doing this for however long you can be bothered to do it, you will have a hell of a lot of money to play with!! Enjoy
Easy money and decent sword
get about 15 silver keys then marry lady grey then world save. go into her bowerstone manor and into her bed room search her bed for an extra silver key then go over to the chest and open it. inside the chest is a sword called The Katana Hiryu it does 214 damage and also has 2 augmentations attached sharping and flame. the best part is that is it worth over 47,775 gold depending on who you sell it to. anyway when you get the sword hero save and load repeat as necessary. the good point is you can have like 5 of them and sell 4
easy money betta than rest
first you need to be pretty good at fighting go to knothole glade then go on a rampage and kill every1 in town while surving the gaurds then leave w8 till the fine is nolonger active then all the houses will be 4 sale buy them all and rent em all out cept 1 lame 1 that you can slepp in sleep 6 times then go and collect the rent each bag should give round about 1k

note:you will probably need to do just 1 house to start and work up when you have earned more gold from the 1 house
easy money ££££££££££££
to get easy wanga simply go to oakvail and buy all the gem u can afford then go sell `em again 2 ge easy wanga. well i
Easy Money...Again
This cheat is kinda easy.
when you just started a new game , as soon as you can leave the guild and go on an adventure you must head for bowerstone.
in the inn there is this game which is very easy.
give the man all your money and finish the game you will receive a doll.
repeat this until you have about 30.000 money.
then go to oakvale town.
kill some villagers and start buying houses and shops.
once u bought all the houses you can get, rent them and sleep for 3 days.
now u have more money and you can even buy yourself more houses and increace your collectable rent.

*note i would recommend to buy the houses on the left side of oakval first,because these are cheeper. (those houses near the beach with that weird gohst)
*also note that i would recommend to buy the shops where you can buy recources and weapons as last because they dont give a lot of money.
Easy Money/Exp/Renown
First you need the tio be abl eto get the arena quest. Then go to the arena enter and start it go through until you get to the rock golems. Once you get to them kill them take the money hero save load.After loading you get the money, exp. and renown points and whatever loot you picked up.
easy no leveling up stratigies
As you know or not if you don't level up you don't age so here's some ways to make it easier beating the game without leveling up.

1. Steal constantly (it's easier to make the store clerk follow you get him drunk and rob him blind while he's intoxicated with southern comfort in a bottle).

2. Invest in houses they might be pricey but once you own a town or two it's worth it.

3 Use the money to buy expensive weapons and mercs
to help you out.

4. Get Skorm's bow and the katana here, the'll really help.

5. Use the hero save cheat to get extra life and mana expanding potions early.
easy stealing from shops
this is so fun. first go to the inn/bar get like 10 beers. then go to the shop you wanna steal from(make sure you have the steal expression) then tell them to follow you. then go to the inn give them three beers(to get them drunk) tell them to stop following you. go back to there shop and start stealing everything and sell it back to them!=]
Easy Stealing Without getting cought[ARENA AREA]
You can steal without getting cought in the arena area. Just World Save before doing the actual arena guest save before entering the arena. Skip the scene where the guard shows you the hall of heroes.
Make sure you have atleast 3-4 lvl in guille. Here in the arena is the only place where you can steal without committing a actual crime. The only thing you have to look out for is make sure that that guy who announce that you have to go in the ring isnt looking. If he is looking you wont be able to steal anything. Once he isnt looking you can steal everything you want. They have some very expensive stuff in the arena Like BRIGHT PLATE ARMOR. IF you are lucky you can steal the whole BRIGHT PLATE ARMOR for free. onces you stealed everything in there Sell everything back to the shop owner for some nice cash. Then hero save and reload the save game. Enter the Arena area and repeat the whole process.
Easy strength points as a teen.
In the mele training againts Whisper, go through the hit her 7 times test. Then, instead of blocking, beat the s**t out of her! It is a easy way to get points without killing or becoming evil. (Ps. this is not out of racism!)
Easy way to beat Kraken and Trolls
the Kraken is the boss in the underground chamber of the prison where you find your mother. It is easiest to beat him if you get the slow time spell and level it up a few times to 2 or 3. then hit each kraken leg about 3 times, and use time slow when his head appears, he will try an attack, but its easy to dodge.

If your having a hard time getting rid of trolls (mostly in the arena) you need Berserk, just stand directly in front of the troll, and hit it, when he jumps to try and do a shockwave just roll back one time, doesnt have to be far, the rolling action stops the attack, gets rid of earth trolls VERY quickly, rock trolls, take a bit longer,
hope this helps you like it did me
easy way to get bandit pass
Once in the first section of the bandit camp, to get to the next bit you need a pass, if you talk to the guy next to a table in the corner of the camp he will say "i will give the pass if you play a game [or several games] of spot the addition"-don't-my freind ended up spended 2k on trying to win the game.So use him as a bit of target practise! personaly i always enjoy watching there head rip off and spin around in the air. Once dead take the pass that he drops!
Easy Way to kill Rock Golems
First you must have assassins rush(any lvl i think) and a pretty decent sword. Then get close to the rock golem and attack two or three times then hit assassins rush, repeat. The golem will keep looking for u, but in vain, and it takes down the health like no other. but if theres another golem, like in the arena, you have to avoid the rocks being hurdled at you or you'll fall down and the one you were attacking will "see" you and do its explosion thing. i hope this was useful.
Easy way to kill Scorpion King
This worked for me, I don't know if it will work for you. First, get to the Arena through Witchwood. (Beat the White Balverine quest first.) Get to the eigth round alive and turn on your Physical Shield. Attack the Scorpion. His attacks will knock you down but your health and Mana won't go down! Turn off your shield when the little scorpions come out. Turn your shield back on when fighting him. When he powers up his tail turn off your shield and dodge the attack. If you don't all your Mana will be gone and you have to wait for it to recharge. Repeat till you win.
easy way to master the fight club
OK so I'll admit the first couple of times I tried the fight club at knothole glade, I found it to be challenging. So I had someone else kick butt for me.

Go to Knothole Glade's local tavern at night. Have everyone there follow you. (Use FOLLOW) Then join the fight circle. Your friends will still be following you and will beat the crap out of your competitors for you. (Yes it counts!!!) Make sure to keep moving away from the last big guy or he'll take a swing at you and accidently kill one of the villagers! Enjoy!
Easy Will EXP
First get at least level 2 lightning and lots of will potions. Then go to the grey house and kill the undead with lightning. If you run out of will drink the potions. I make about 5k to 10k of will per round. It is also a good way to get a high combat multiplier.
Hope this helped. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Will Level Up
Okay, Now you will have to own a house in a place where you can use will, Make sure you have the spell summon, Now go into the house and continuously press the button that uses summon, Now once you cant use it anymore(The Summon) click on the bed and sleep, Your will should be full now do it over and over in about an hour I got over 700,000 Will Exp.
Easy Win on Hobbe KIlling Contest
First go to Bowerstone South and get that bodygaurd there. Then take him with u and during the contest every hobbe he kills counts as a kill for u. Yay.
Easy XP/Good Rep
(This also boosts one of your skills [Strength, Will, Skill] depending on what you do and also supplies you with Will Potions)
Use the spell "Physical Shield" and go to the Cliffside Path, endless armies of undead will sprawl from the ground, and occasionally dropping will potions/gold. Since they're so flimsy and slow it should be easy to also gain a phenomenal Combat Multiplier (I stopped at 200)
Elixer of Life Potion
In Orchard farm where the pond is, fish in the ripples and u will find an elixer of life. U can have ifinite of these if u have the orhard farm quest. Get the potion, hero save start quest again get potion and so on. It takes a while to fish for the potion but it helps. Have Fun!

E-mail me at TrevorHoltman@aol.com
Even more easy money
Use the following trick to cheat at the card pairing game and get a lot of gold. When you first go to Bowerstone, go to the bar and find the man sitting at a table. Talk to him and start a game of card pairing. Note: Save your game first. Bet as much as you can (the maximum bet is 1,000).When the game starts, flip a card and immediately remove your controller. The game will pause. Write down the card number and where it is. Reinsert your controller and repeat for all the cards until you win. It is possible to win about 20,000
in a few hours. You will also win a doll if you beat the time, and get a doll collecting quest.
When you start off, don't go into mellee.
For the first couple of quests, it is far easier if you specialise in archery and guile.
It is so much easier to slowly walk backwards firing arrrows into enemies chests, and possible roll past them and back the other way than to get up close and expose yourself to swords.

You can also gain XP quicker too as you will have the high combat multiplyer, only possible in mellee by almost continuously blocking.

You should also be able to get good weapons very quickly being an archer/guile person as you are able to steal, and when you have a decent amount of money, buy objects then sell them to the same person to make even more.

Stealing: oakvale has 2 shops that this can be done in, though it can be done in the tailors shop in bowerstone and in the shop in the guild
I've found the best way to rob someone dry is to get the shop owner really drunk, then to walk into them, and slowly push them out of the shop and a bit down the road.
CONGRATULATIONS! the shop is now empty and you can theive as much as you want.

After you've robbed a shop go and sleep till the owners arn't drunk anymore.
sell the stuff you looted, then rinse and repeat.

This is an ok money making method, but it takes to much time.
As soon as you have a bit of cash, put on your sexiest suit, (best one for this is the bright will users suit that can be gotten in exchange for a box of chocholate to the demon door at rose cottage) and buy all the emeralds at the oakvale shop.
Then, Instantly sell them.
If you have a guile of more than one, you should have just sold them for more than they cost.

This glitch is possible with anything that comes in massive quantities at a shop. It can even be done with beer, but is not advisable because beer is so cheap.
Just "buy maximin" of an object with more than 20 in stock, then "sell all" to make profit.

you should make an absolute motza this way, and before even going to kill the white balvarine you should be able to afford the "masters bow."

XP: Despit all the hints here, on how to get xp, the easiest way to get craploads of xp is to go from barrow vale to the greatwood caves over and over again.
I made 20k xp just by doing it twice.
Its more fun than killing one thing over and over again to because you get to fight a variety of things.

Actually, despite what I just said nympphs drop HEAPS of XP and an archer can take one out in 2 shots.
Don't bother with trolls. They are really tough for an archer.

But just go through all the quests as you would normally, not upgrading magic at all, and spending any loose xp on toughness and hp, and if you have only 2-3k to spare, on strength.
Just after the arena, was the big time for me to recouperate and grab lots of xp and cash and supplies before I went to rescue my mum, and marry lady grey and all that stuff. But most importantly, I bought the "solaris" the second most powerful sword in the game. Do this!
Here is the part where you have to stop being an archer, and the part where it just becomes easier to hck away at guards rather than to aim at them and power up your attack.
anyway, with 4-5 str. which can be gained quite easily with a couple of runs through darkwood, you do only a tiny bit less damage than with a master crossbow/longbow anyway, much faster, and rather than having to power up for ages with the bow you can take out a minion in just 3 swings.

Using a bow in the "save the archeologist" mission is just way to hard, as you can't power up your bow fast enough when you're against the timer. Minions are practically impossible with the bow because they are some of the only units that apart from guards:
a) run at you and attack straght after being hit
b) have ranged weapons that disrupt fire

Eventually you will escape prison, and all that jazz, but most importantly, if you do these thighs early on, when you finaly face jack, you should, or at least I, have pretty much maxed out all archery and all strength things as well as having HEAPS of cash. Making it easy yo buy like 100 health potions, making fighting jack a stroll in the park.

The solaris sword cleaves through any minions in 3 hits (with 1 flourish) or 4 normal.

I didn't have to use magic throughout the whole game.

After I won, I turned around made 1 million dollars in 10 minutes, just by buying and selling diamonds from the shop in north bowerstone, and emeralds from oakvale, before slaughtering everyone in every town and buying all of their houses/shops and renting them out.
It gave the fact that they all said "my lord" some credence, because I suppose I was their local landlord.
heh heh heh.
Evil Horns as a kid/Easy Win Demon Door Race
1. Evil Horns as Kid
You go to the guy that wants you to race to the demon door, then you punch him. After three punches you get called to Maze. Skip the talk and start punching the guy towards Maze's room. Once you are close enough you can easily keep punching him.

2. Easy Demon Door Race
You use the same method as getting the horns, but you punch him towards the demon door. You might get a lot of evil points but you can easily get that back later.

P.S. For some reason when I got the guy to the bridge i couldn't move him closer to the door, but if this happens for you it should still be easy to win the race.
Evil is the easiest way to win and its more fun
Being evil is the easiest way to win boss battles so at the begining when you are a child beat up the kid who has the teddy bear (+2 evil each punch) then beat up the bully after (+2 evil) when you play the game after the Guild, go to the arena and fight Whisper kill her (+45 evil) then go to Oakvale. Kill all of the peds until only guards are left then buy and rent all of the houses, sleep for three days and there will be 3 bags of money outside each house and you get tonnes of evil. Then just randomly go around killing peds.
Extra money fast
All you have to do is by a really pricy house (eg 22000)
Know decorate it twice put 1 or 2 trophies up
know rent the house break the door then sell it re-collect your throphies buy the house trophies up sell get back trophies etc.
possible trophies:Champion seal 2000
jacks mask 2300
Okay no this takes about 30 mins if you want alot of xp... Go to bargate prison and where all the undead pop out just fight them as long as you want they give you alot of XP especialy the big ones and they keep coming non - stop... this is also helpfull if u want full good because if you do it alot it gives you a halo^^. Oh it also raises alot of combat multiplyer *works best with sword of albion* be sure to have alot of health + magic potions to heal you Oh and alot of magic XP with this if you have full lighting because it gets em all ^^.
Fighting Jack
When you first enter to fight Jack use the ability physical shield to kill off the minions without losing any health. After you have kill them the force feild will come down and Jack will try and kill you. Ok first L target him with your bow. Next cast multi-arrow. Release a deadly onsluaght. You might be asking yourself "well when I have him targeted he attacks me." This is easy to avoid. Just use your dodge(roll) and his attack will miss but you will stay locked on him. When your multi-arrow runs out just cast it again.

Now for what i like to call Uber Jack. After you get him down to a certain fraction of health he will grow and stones will burst from the earth. Make sure you have lots of health potions. Just do the same thing only you dont have to cast multi-arrow to hit him.When he does his gaint attack(you'll know it when you see it)Just keep shooting him because you cant escape that move. After he's done use a health potion to keep yourself going. Just keep doing this and you'll have him beat in no time.

After you fight Jack and you win you have a chose...to become a Ledgendary Hero by throwing in the sword or Become a Evil Dictator by killing your sister...The sword is very powerful and your whole family is already dead lol. To use the sword however you have to wait through the credits(dont skip them) their about 20 mins long. Then you can choose to do whatever you want in the world and get everything you missed...cept the guild is destoryed so the chest is gone...if you already didnt take it
fireball arrow
max out fireball and put it on x. have your bow out.use fireball, keep holding x but let go of the right trigger then press the left trigger. it will charge your bow and your fireball then fire them and have the damage of both.
Food and combat multiplayer
if you go good eat tofu, +5good points

if you go evil eat crunchy chick, +5 evil points

if you are a warrior eat meat, strength exp

if you are a will user eat fish, will exp

if you are an archer eat carrots, skill exp

eat meat,fish and carrots when your combat

multiplayer is high, you will get lots of exp.
free fightclub chances
before doing this, make sure you have at least $50. after making sure you have at least $50 make sure its time for the fight club to arrive. then before you talk to the chief save the game. then start the fight. if you lose load the game to before the fight and try again until you win.
Free Good Wep!!
Getting an obsidian axe is as easy as slashing up a few hobbes! first you need to have access to Oakvale,from there talk to the old man in the newer part of town he'll tell you about his "Harmless" chicken operation and about his ghost troubles. head down to the beach and talk to the ghostey he'll give you some sob story about him being a pirate and dying and leaving his wife with nothing agree to help.
Next run and get a Spade and head down to the beach without the chicken banners dig on the left side of the dock and you'll find 500gold give it to his wife next run back to the ghost
He'll tell you can find the rest of his treasure under the axe in the memorial grave yard then disappears run off (if you are angry about passing up 500 gold dig by the gate at the tomb over there) go into the grave yard and go so your under the axe, dig you'll get a silver key an obsidain great axe and some gold
Enjoy your completely free valuable weapon! happy slashing
Free Money
If you want to get free money, all you have to do is buy a house. Then break the door down, and put up a trophy on the trophy case. (I found it was a time saver to just make the trophy an action on the directional pad) After that, just go outside, and sell the house, you will get the amount of the house, plus the value of the trophy. Then go back inside the house (since the door is already broken you wont get +5 evil points) and take the trophy down. Then go back outside, and buy the house again for the original price. Keep on doing this until you have enough money to do what you want. The money adds up quickly once you start using trophies that are worth thousands. But *remember* -- its sometimes nice to leave when the house is still yours. Because then if you need money and dont feel like questing or risking the money gambling, you can start selling it right away.
Freeze Time
You need: Assasian Rush,Spade,Some Money, Guile to steal.
So go to the lookout point and go to the gate going into bowerstone North. Then assasian rush through the door. While in the loading screen hold the down arrow. this will put you back to the lookout point. After all this, go back to bowerstone north and guess what?! time is frozen and all the shops are for sale. You can steal from the shops. to steal from the clothing shop, hit the owner so he looks away and steal. to steal from the weapon shop, sleep in a bed 2 times and his weapons will be out. so time is frozen, houses are for sale. now strength. just go behind a guard and beat the shit outta him. DO NOT FLOURISH. if you flourish you wont be able to hit him again. For money, sell what you stole or the houses. one flaw.. dont keep it frozen for a long time.. it will go all slow and shitty. so then dig with your spade anywhere to unfreeze and get out of the town so you wont have to pay the fine.
Gang Fights
First, you need to get citizens from any town in the game to follow you; the number of people you can get to follow you depends on your renown. Once you have a group of people, go to a fist fighters gang (ffg); (you can teleport instead of walking to a town containing a ffg to make things quicker, but I'll get to that later). Ok, assuming you've made it to a ffg with all of your faithful followers, go up to the leader of the gang and hit him I think 5 times and get the entire gang to attack you. This is where it gets funny (and I've often laughed 'til there's tears in my eyes); your docile followers will turn into somewhat of an angry mob. Now don't get the wrong impression, they're still on your side, and I like to think they're actually fighting to protect me. What I do is hold down the button to block the ffg's attacks and watch your followers kill them. It truly is a funny sight to see a gang of thugs getting b-slapped by the girls!

NOTE: You can't teleport out of Bowerstone with anyone from there, but there is a ffg in the slums---Once you max your renown you can get around I think 8 people to follow you---Sometimes, especially if you walk to a ffg instead of teleporting, your followers might die or get upset with you and leave---and DO NOT kill anyone good one the way or else everyone that saw it will stop following you.

Have Fun!!

Genocide evil points.
Alright, you want to be the cause of a mass murder/genocide/execution? who doesn't? After you have started a quest (this is when it works best) go to the boast area, if your going to boast its up to you. Go to the path of dirt by the stairs or by the pillar. Dig. everytime you get your dig results people will show up, like they do when you boast. Continue to do this, over and over until there is a crowed to your liking. When there is, kill everyone you want. Use your will, Bow, or sword, it's your choice. After your done doing this a couple of times, you should have a nice lil set of horns.
Get all the money you want!
To be very good at Fable is about being smart but you won't get any evil points, but you will make alot of money$$$ and you will own everything you want in Albion!

To own any house, you must have money, so you start from the basic area and move up as you get richer. . . Go to Oakvale wait until night time, wait until all the residents of one house are home, wait until no guards or anyone else is around, then you smash the door down walk in quickly pull out your weapon, hold left trigger and kill them quickly, then run out of the house quickly. . . .and wait outside the house to make sure no one comes by the house . . . if a guard turns up, you go to the guard and talk to him until the dead bodies inside the house disappears, then a FOR SALE sign comes up and you then buy the house and rent it out with upgrades on the house as you play. You can own any house, pub, and shops.

The pub owners you can only kill the owner(who are usually two people, plus the game table guy - kill them in the morning as everyone is not at the pub and are working, so only the pub owner is in the pub, but you must be fast and look out for the guards. . .timing is everything.

As you play the game even if you get caught when you do kill a house owner or a pub owner, a For Sale sign always shows up and you buy it before they kick you out of their town or you leave town. Don't worry about the evil points because when you return after 3 days to collect your rent they usually forgive you, but they don't forget! so to be in a town's favour - you . . . .
be good to the locals, eg.buy their all their goods from the pub, drink with the locals, give heaps of presents to the girls but don't marry any of them.

To get the shop owners, buy them beer and get them drunk, then kill them without raising suspicion, you will own every house from oakvale to bowerstone, knotsglade to hook's creek which the rent comes in at around $20,000 all up!

Good luck and be a good property investor!

Get Bandit Camp Pass For Free
In the bandit camp where you need the pass to get trough, just walk up to the "pub" on your right there will be a bandit offering you a pass for way too much gold. Just kill him & he'll drop the pass. It will give you good-points.
get combat multiplyer (sorry about spelling) up to 200+
now you know when you get hit your combat multiplyer usally goses down by half or more right? well get the spell physical sheild and go to lychfeild graveyard (the area where the zombies pop up like crazy and never stop) and cast physical sheild then start killing zombies and you'll notice when you get hit when you have P.sheild on your combat multiplyer will not go down no matter how many times you get hit by the zombies in fact it will go up by a little (it will stop going up when it gets to 40) this cheat is great for getting into that demon door where you have to have a very high CM to get in (it must be 100+!!!!!!!)inside that door you get the "cutlass bluetane"
Get Evil quick!!!
If you want to be really evil do this.
1.Go to Lookout Point
2.Kill the villagers there(and the title dude if you already have a title you like)
3.Go into the Heroes` Guild
4.Go right back to Lookout Point and kill the villagers again
5.Repeat this about 15-25 times
I know this for a fact because i tried it with my character "Evile",and he is 100% evil:)
This will also help you get into a demon door at Greatwood Gorge if you open it there is Wellos Pick hammer when you get it,it has two piercing aug`s on it(you can also murder 3-4 ppl in front of the demon door or eat 10 crunchy chicks in front of it)
So Have fun being EVIL bye
Get lots of Gold and Exp points.
Ok, when you have got the "arena" quest, this is your chance.

You will fight all the common creatures you probably already fought a hundred times, and before you get to the sweaty part, like when you're about to fight Arachanox, give up, save and reload the Arena quest. If you do this a couple of times you will gain about 6000 gold every time and lots and lots Exp points.
Get lots of money and evil
First go to Oakvale(most likely the town with the most houses)and kill everyone there until there is only guards left.Then buy all the houses and buildings and rent them all out. Sleep for 3 days then there will be 3 bags of money outside each building.If its done right and you collect all the money from the houses, there should be a total of 11 to 12k from all the buildings and houses.
get rich
Ok first you need to have left the guild and have at least 1K gold. travel trough greatwood until you get to darkwood. pass trough darkwood until you get to darkwood camp. Ok save the game and go to the man sitting at the table. Play him a blackjack and bet all 1000 gold. If you win stop playing him and save the game and repeat until you have as much as you need. if you lose just load a previous save and try again. I got enough for a master katana and master longbow from this.
get rich quick (tip)
i havnt done this in a while cuz i have over 4 million.
Throughout the game there are jems dont ever sell them,get as many as you can no mater what.
After thatfind a trader who buys them for more than he sells them for and then just repeat buying and selling all of them to him it might not seem like muck at first, but over time when you have about 50 or 80 of them its just adds up so much and more and moor every time you do it.

(ull usually find jems that traders have on the trade rouhts like on the way to the forest,the long way)
Get the Bow of Skorm
Go to the Chapel of Skorm and tele to any town with a mercenary. Then go back to the Chapel of Skorm and wait until you hear a guard say "lights out you 'orrible lot", that means it is midnight and you should immediately sacrifice the mercenary and you will get the Bow of Skorm

P.S. works better is your base good alignment is high. Not so much when you are already evil
get tons of skill exp
To get the skills bow and arrows, sneak and speed at full here is what you have to do. First get your bow and arrow high so you can kill a weak bandit one hit, then go to the quest when you have to kill that big bandit guy. Get past the gurads by kill them one hit bow and run past everyone till you com to a chest and 2 barrels. The barrels have random stuff in it but the chest has a skill exp potion. Get that and reapet til you have a bunch.
Next you want to go to that Knorthole Glade quest where you have to kill that big white wolve guy.Go to the part where you get the sliver stone. Then save and do again. After that got and hook both of the sliver stones on to a bow. When you get a shot at the whit wlove you kill it one hit. Drink all the skill potions and lv up. If you got enough you should be able to get it to the max.
Get Your Clothes Back At Any Fist Fighting Club
This is a very simple cheat that doesn't require any real timing or skill to accomplish. First of all I would recommend some kind of body armor
(chainmail or platemail) for this cheat to be most effective. All you have to do is join a match at any fist fighting club, you will lose your shirt, hat, and gloves, as soon as the first fight begins, back away from your opponent and pause the game, go to your equipment and put on your best armor and voila! You'll get your armor back on for the rest of the tournament! The punches still count, but at least IT LOOKS COOL!
Getting the Harbringer without becoming HUGE
Ok, i may be the only person who hates to have a giant character, so this is how to be an average size WITH the Harbringer.

Ok when you start the game, only upgrade your health by one and thats it for strength, everything else into skill and will. when you get the Find the Archeologist quest, go to the Temple of Avo and try to pull the sword. You'll fail. Ha. Anyways, Finish the FTA quest and go to the arena quest and complete it. By now you should have tons of strength points and tons of general from the arena. Go to the Guild and upgrade your physique by 5, health by 3, and toughness by 3. After you've done this, go to the Sword in the stone in the Temple of Avo and try to pull the sword out. You'll succeed. Congrats.
Getting the silver arrow trophy
when you beat the break the siege quest,go to knothole glade and kill the dude that runs the archery range. when you pick up the bag next to him there will be the silver arrow trophy and a treasure clue.
Getting to Bowerstone N and on early
Buy a spade and go behind Bowerstone's pub, you'll notice a little bit of grass covering the stone boundary at the very end of the alley. Proceed to dig up the side where the grass is by facing AWAY from the wall and using the spade, you should soon realize yourself going up the wall! If you move too much while you are on the wall, you'll fall off and have to start over again; (if you need to turn around, VERY gently tap the joystick in one direction and you will eventually turn back around). Once you get up to the wall that separates Bowerstone N & S, you should see a rock beside you. If you take a closer look, you'll also notice that there's a crack between the rock and the wall, dig through this crack. Once you get through, you should be completely surrounded by rocks, face away from the stone wall and dig. Now at this point it starts to get hard to see where you're going because you are INSIDE the wall, but when you use the spade you usually see the surrounding area, so just rely on that. If you are successful in passing through the wall, there should be a large field with what looks like heaven on the other side of it. Next, you want to dig through the wall at the far right end of the screen; this in my opinion is the longest step, so be patient. After digging through that wall, you should be in an enclosed area with 2 large sets of doors, you're in between the gateway to Bowerstone N & S, plus you can move around freely now too. PLEASE DO NOT GO THROUGH THE GATE WHERE THE GUARD IS BLOCKING YOU FROM GETTING THROUGH, it would ruin the whole effort!! Instead, go through the gate to Bowerstone N, it should have a sub-title telling you where you are going, so make sure to approach the gate slowly just to make sure it's the right one. Now that you are in Bowerstone N, you also have access to the prison path and graveyard; just dig through the graveyard fence to get the treasures within, same with the mana augmentation in the cave at Headsman's Hill, face backwards and go down the big hill where the fence is broken (assuming you have 15 silver keys to open the chest).

NOTES: During this process, always face in the opposite direction you want to dig / don't move too much or you'll get misplaced / and BE PATIENT, it takes 30+ mins. to accomplish everything mentioned in this cheat.

I know this can get confusing, so if you have any questions just e-mail me them at haschel44@hotmail.com
Give you weapon a glow
This will give your weapon a immense glow

1-equip the weapon you wish to glow
2-cast multi strike
3-enter the menu (back button)
4-go to your weapon in the menu (main menu-equipment-weapons-"your weapon"-wield)
5-go all the way to "wield" option
6-press back button
7-repeat steps 3 - 7 tell it looks cool
Note: it does not work for bows or crossbows,
also the weapon must be on your back.
Great Amounts of EXP
What i've found to be the best way to get EXP pretty early in the game is as follows. I get physical shield(since it won't make ure combat multiplier go down when u get hit), and the i take the optional quest, Hobbe Cave or whatever, and then I get an Obsidian Greatsword(or use magic or a bow or whatever u want to) and then i go through this mission and since the hobbes NEVER end, and they come much in much more quantity than without the mission. Since u have physical shield u can get your combat multi. up to at least 20 in each room and u can get tons of EXP, and a goodly amount of money, before ure down with the quest.
Grey Manor Infinite Exp + Combat Multiplier
As soon as you complete the Trader Escort mission you can visit Grey Manor near Barrow Fields, the way is closed to you if you try before then. I would recommend doing it early in the game, before you defeat the Arena and take the Lady Grey quest. The overall strategy is to use the two Zombie Generals at Grey Manor to create an infinite supply of zombie footsoldiers. If you leave a General to his own devices he'll spawn (randomly) 3 or 4 soldiers that will freely attack you. If you destroy one it's automatically replaced by another, luckily.

Before Going In:
1. Build up your Physical Shield spell, preferably to level 3
2. Increasing your ranged skills will help as well, though you can compensate for this with a silver augmentation if you wish (Zombies are weak to it)
3. Make sure you have a base supply of at least 10 mana potions
4. Try to make sure you've maxed out all the evil spells like Turncoat, Drain Life, and Berserk, IT WILL BE HARD TO TURN EVIL AGAIN AFTERWARDS.

The two Zombie Generals are separated at first, so kill the lieutenants and other minions around the first general and get close enough so he'll lock onto you. DO NOT KILL THE GENERAL, otherwise you're screwed. Lead him (slowly) over to the other general inbetween the two ponds in front of the demon door. Kill the others around him so it's just the two Generals. There might be a minute or two of akward staring and standing around but they will eventually start to spawn guys, and once they do they don't freaking stop.

Draw your bow and kill the newly spawned zombies as they appear, there should be about 8 of them, and again, they reappear once killed. I use archery because it tends to keep them at a distance and I can filter out the ones that are closer to me and about to attack. Plus if you go swinging your melee weapon around in a group you might hit the Generals and kill them, which again is BAD

During The Fight:
1. MOVE, standing still is death so strafe back and forth a bit to make them work to get a hit in. I would also recommend actually holding most of the fight in one of the ponds. I can't really prove this but it feels like it makes them a little slower.
2. Search the ground for dropped gold and, more importantly, mana potions. If you run out of mana potions then you won't be able to keep your shields up for long. If you started with 10 potions and actively scour the area then you should easily have 40 or more when you're done. A smaller benefit to is when they drop gold, you can easily make a few thousand off of their undead pocket change.
3. If you do get surrounded then you can hack n' slash with your melee weapon, but again make special care not to hit the Generals.

As long as you're not hit you can raise your combat multiplier indefinitely. I usually get to about 300 before my hand starts to cramp up. Also, with a 300 combat multiplier you max out EXP in both the general and skill fields in a relatively short period of time. Once you've had your fill of zombie massacre, destroy the Zombie Generals with smug satisfaction.

It's taxing, tiring, and boringly repetitive at times, but if you can put up with it for a half hour you'll have an awesome character for the rest of the game. And if you went in with horns you're probably going to come out of the Manor with a halo, as you turned good with each killed zombie. Most will be satisfied with just that, but if you're a freak like me and want to exploit every angle then there's a few other things after you can do as well when you're Multiplier is this high.

1. Use all of your "Ages of _______ Potions" There will never be a better time to do so.
2. Activate and then deactivate the Physical Shield spell and then recharge with some of the excess mana potions if you feel a bit loaded down by them all.
3. If you haven't opened the demon door in front of the Hobbe Cave in the Greatwood realm of the game you can easily do so now. It needs a Multiplier of 15 or 20 to open. Teleport from the Manor to the Greatwood Cullis Gate and go to the As soon as you complete the Trader Escort mission you can visit Grey Manor near Barrow Fields, the way is closed to you if you try before then. I would recommend doing it early in the game, before you defeat the Arena and take the Lady Grey quest. The overall strategy is to use the two Zombie Generals at Grey Manor to create an infinite supply of zombie footsoldiers. If you leave a General to his own devices he'll spawn (randomly) 3 or 4 soldiers that will freely attack you. If you destroy one it's automatically replaced by another, luckily.

Before Going In:
1. Build up your Physical Shield spell, preferably to level 3
2. Increasing your ranged skills will help as well, though you can compensate for this with a silver augmentation if you wish (Zombies are weak to it)
3. Make sure you have a base supply of at least 10 mana potions
4. Try to make sure you've maxed out all the evil spells like Turncoat, Drain Life, and Berserk, IT WILL BE HARD TO TURN EVIL AGAIN AFTERWARDS.

The two Zombie Generals are separated at first, so kill the lieutenants and other minions around the first general and get close enough so he'll lock onto you. DO NOT KILL THE GENERAL, otherwise you're screwed. Lead him (slowly) over to the other general inbetween the two ponds in front of the demon door. Kill the others around him so it's just the two Generals. There might be a minute or two of akward staring and standing around but they will eventually start to spawn guys, and once they do they don't freaking stop.

Draw your bow and kill the newly spawned zombies as they appear, there should be about 8 of them, and again, they reappear once killed. I use archery because it tends to keep them at a distance and I can filter out the ones that are closer to me and about to attack. Plus if you go swinging your melee weapon around in a group you might hit the Generals and kill them, which again is BAD

During The Fight:
1. MOVE, standing still is death so strafe back and forth a bit to make them work to get a hit in. I would also recommend actually holding most of the fight in one of the ponds. I can't really prove this but it feels like it makes them a little slower.
2. Search the ground for dropped gold and, more importantly, mana potions. If you run out of mana potions then you won't be able to keep your shields up for long. If you started with 10 potions and actively scour the area then you should easily have 40 or more when you're done. A smaller benefit to is when they drop gold, you can easily make a few thousand off of their undead pocket change.
3. If you do get surrounded then you can hack n' slash with your melee weapon, but again make special care not to hit the Generals.

As long as you're not hit you can raise your combat multiplier indefinitely. I usually get to about 300 before my hand starts to cramp up. Also, with a 300 combat multiplier you max out EXP in both the general and skill fields in a relatively short period of time. You can check the menu to see when you max out of course, but it's usually clear when you collect the green orbs and it doesn't give EXP. Once you've had your fill of zombie massacre, destroy the Zombie Generals with smug satisfaction.

It's taxing, tiring, and boringly repetitive at times, but if you can put up with it for a half hour you'll have an awesome character for the rest of the game. And if you went in with horns you're probably going to come out of the Manor with a halo, as you turned good with each killed zombie. Most will be satisfied with just that, but if you're a freak like me and want to exploit every angle then there's a few other things after you can do as well when you're Multiplier is this high.

1. Use all of your "Ages of _______ Potions" There will never be a better time to do so.
2. Activate and then deactivate the Physical Shield spell and then recharge with some of the excess mana potions if you feel a bit loaded down by them all.
3. If you haven't opened the demon door in front of the Hobbe Cave in the Greatwood realm of the game you can easily do so now. It needs a Multiplier of 15 or 20 to open. Teleport from the Manor to the Greatwood Cullis Gate and go to the Greatwood Caves area. Keep your shields up of course and you should still be well above the number required to open the door.

I've always loved this game and wanted to share some of the parts that made it enjoyable for me. I hope it works well for anyone who chooses to use them.
Guards and High Fines
If you so chose to go the route of Evil, if you amass a fine higher than $50,000 while killing gaurds... not only will you have your regular blue clad guards, you will also have much larger red clad gaurds who do a heck of a lot more damage... I'd say warping out would be a good idea at that point...
Guide For Beginners
Okay follow these things I put before you and you might learn something.

1)Choose your alignment. Many of us will agree that Evil is well the easiest path because your killing people for good money, making better money on quests (the quests are sometimes easier), you can have the Lady Grey of Bowerstone as your wife (NOTE: She hasn't got a house when you marry her, go into her manor and there's a Silver Key in her bed) and you get the cool image of the horns and the black eyes. But, if you want a challenge, be good!

2)Choose what type of person your going to be. Me myself I only get level ups in Health, Speed, Guile, Will Power and Spells. You can't choose everything or you won't be good at anything really, choose a simple program like me. I tend not to like my Good Characters getting all tall and muscly, I want to be quite good with a sword however so I get at least two level ups in Physique. It's all your choice! But I would recomend you do a bit of a mix, not all Might or all Magic.

3)Make yourself look good. As you may know you get the horns and stuff from evil but the blonde hair and bright blue eyes from good. If your Good I recemend that you get a beard if you like, but if you get a beard when your evil it dosen't really look that good. My favourite hairstyle is the Normal Haircut. And also make your clothes match what kind of person you are, I get Will Users Clothes because they look good to me and they aren't as menacing as the big plate armour stuff. And if you want a tattoo and your in good alignment use the tattoos that go on yur back because things like howl tatoos only go for evil Alignment.

4)Weapons and Armour are something you should consider. Will you use the Blade or the Arrow to strike down your foes? Or will you use magic to break them? Your choice. There are five kinds of normal swords, Iron, Steel, Obsidian, Master and Solum (which is listed in legendary weapons for some reason). And there are 4 kinds of Bows, Yew, Oak, Ebony and Master.

5)REMEMBER TO BLOCK! I always used to never block and I spent a fortune on health potions for myself.

Well now I can offer you is CHEATS CHEATS CHEATS! Although I never use them myself. Here's one for Unlimited Money. It is a bit slow and requires evil alignment and a bit of Guile, enough to use steal. Go to Oakvale, go in any of the two equipment shops (not the tavern). Now go to the display items that aren't on the counter. Make sure there are no guards or deleivery men coming in and steal every item on display there EXCEPT for the ones on the counter. The shopkeeper will not see you. Then go to him and sell all the items, then go to the other shop and repeat the process. Then use your Hero Seal and teleport away from Oakvale ANYWHERE, then teleport back to Oakvale. Go into one of the shops and the items will all be back, then go and steal them all and repeat. Easy Money!
Guide to ALL demon doors!
1. Heroes Guild

Use the Lantern on the door, and the Elixir of Life will be yours.

2. Greatwood Caves

To get through this one, you must interact with the door with your combat multiplier of at least 14. It isn't too easy while you're early in the game, but most certainly worth the effort, as passing this test gives us Cutlass Bluetane, one of the best melee weapons out there. If you manage to get it while still being a freshman, you surely won't be changing weapons any time soon.

The easiest way to pump the multiplier high enough is to enter the nearby Hobbe Cave, using the aforementioned Mana Shield trick to avoid being hit. Keep in mind that your combat multiplier is halved each time you walk from one area to another, so it'll have to be about 25 while you leave the cave. If you lack a level or two, there are likely to be some respawned monsters near the Demon Door when you return.

3. Greatwood Gorge

This door, keeping you away from the legendary Wellow's Pickhammer, requires you to perform some kind of exceptionally evil deed in front of it. It can be literally anything, what gives you a large amount of negative character points, such as killing an innocent (aren't any in the vicinity, though, so you'll have to "follow-me"-him from another area). Also, you can just have a lot of Crunchy Chicks while facing the door. When you're totally evil, the door just lets you through without forcing you to do anything.

4. Rosewood Cottage

In order to open this one, you'll have to satisfy it with a gift of some sort (roses or chocolates do the job done). Your reward will be the Bright Will User's Suit, pretty cool looking. Btw. "oh, you really know how to treat a door" rules.

5. Darkwood Marsh

You'll have to defeat some Hobbe guards, nothing complicated really. You'll get Dark Will User's Suit for that one.

6. Darkwood Bordello

Well, this door opens only to the ones who have certain sexual experience. Just get laid 10 times and you're in. The nearby Bordello will make it all too easy. Do the thing, and the gorgeous Pimp Hat will be yours.

7. Barrow Fields

This one sure doesn't like 'bony adventurers', so just eat a lot of goodies, become a fatty and you're done. Inside you'll find a Will Master's Elixir.

8. Abandoned Road

This door is waiting for some people to appear in front of it, and will open to you only when you disguise as three of them in three different outfits. Just wear Bright Plate Mail, Dark Will User's Suit and Bandit Suit and off you go. The first one is to be bought in the Arena, the second one is in Demon Door #5. You'll surely have the Bandit Suit completed by now. Dollmaster's Mace awaits you inside.

9. Knothole Glade

Just hit the door with your bow as hard as you can. Just get close enough, aim at door's lips or eyes and let the arrow go in the right moment. You'll get an Elixir of Life.

10. Grey House

This door will open only if you marry Lady Gray (a quest called Mayor's Invitation, explained closely in the subquest section). Ronok the Axe is inside for you.

11. Necropolis

This one is tricky, as the door wants you to give it ALL of your silver keys. You won't be getting them back. It's better to wander around and get all of the Silver Chests first, then you can handle the keys with no hesitation. The weapon that awaits you inside, The Bereaver, isn't nothing special, though (especially if you have Solus Greatsword, and shame on you if you don't).

Apart from the ones above, there are some other Demon Doors found in the game, but opening them is necessary to complete the game, so we'll take care of them in the gold quest walkthrough.
In the beginning don't raise your physique at all raise you health and toughness to have two bars each then no more. When you get to the temple of avo pull the sword then go back and pump everything up to at least six then go back and pull the sword. Now go have some fun hum! With help of Aegis.
heaps of rubys
if you want heaps of rubys after you defeat the arena go to greatwood lake and kill the earth troll and you will find a ruby and he pops up every time you go through a door or whatever so you can kill him heaps of times and get heaps of rubys
Hero Save Exploit
In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items that you obtained during the last run of the quest. This is especially useful in the Arena, where vast amounts of money can be made if used right.
How to ace the Hobbe Killing contest
If you take the Hobbe killing contest quest early in the game, buy the Steel Longsword in Bowerstone South as soon as possible, as it will reduce the number of hits neccessary to kill the Hobbes
How To Beat Jack of Blades
To kill Jack you CANT use your sword you must use your bow.If you use your sowrd consider yourself sushi!You have to use your bow. Now when you start to fight Jack minons will pop up and Jack is a forcefield.(Don't Bother trying to hit Jack it'll be a waste of time) Waste those damn minons(with bow or sowrd)and then Jack'll come out of his forcefield and fight. Jack will send energy things at you so all you have to do is dodge them by rolling and hit him with a arrow.When you get him down about half-way in his life, stones will pop up and Jack will go in the air. He doesnt have a forcefield on this time and no minons come up so dont worry. When Jack is in the air he still sends out those blue waves and blue energy balls. But he also makes the ground shake and it does a hell of damage! So to avoid that you must and thats a MUST hide behind one of those rocks to dodge it dont try to take the damage even if you have full health it'll drop down to less than half! Anyway now that Jack is in the air he is infact easier to beat and his health doesnt go up! So just keep on shooting arrows at him and dodge that all the attacks and then your done. After Jack is dead you'll get your money and all that and you get his mask YAY! Then comes the big choice of the game. You either strike your sister down with the Sword of Aeons or you throw it in the vortex. If your good, Throw it in the vortex. If your bad kill your sister. Now if you kill your sister you get the Sword of Aeons and ya. After that.... the credits come in and there about 20mins long. Also you have to watch them what a boring thing! Whats worse is you cant skip them or you'll have to fight Jack of Blades all over again (I learned that the hard way) anyway have fun.

Have a question? Contact me at jocker_971@hotmail.com and I'll answer it! dont be shy
How to Beat the Wasp Queen
This is the most simplist quest there is. So when you enter the Picnic Area you'll notice people are getting chased by wasps. Kill the wasps and the Wasp Queen will come out. Now there are two ways to kill her

1.Using your bow
2.Using your will

Either way you'll get the job done. Now when you hit her a couple times she'll send out some more bees kill them with your sword then get on with killing queenie here. After beating her go down to the picnic tables and take all the food there is on them. Wasn't that easy?

Have a question?

Contact me at jocker_971@hotmail.com and I'll answer it!
How to Beat Twinblade the Bandit King
Ok this is how to beat Twinblade the bandit king!! He aint hard I can tell you that much. Now when you enter the ring with Twinblade bandit surround you right? Well dont get close to the edge where those bandits are or you get a nice friendly slice and a "Get back in the ring!"
So ya when Twinblade strikes you dodge it. Dodge all his attacks by rolling. To hurt him is easy all you have to do is dodge all his attacks and then when he holds his two swords in the air and slams them down into the ground you notice he's stuck. When stuck you go behind him and slice his back. You do that for awhile until he gives up and your sister comes and says some stuff. She unlocks a special power in you and then she leaves not helping Twinblade. (I dont know what the power is it didnt say) When your sister leaves you have a choice, leave Twinblade and get good (note: you get exp even if you leave Twinblade) Or your other choice is to finish Twinblade of by attacking him and killing him then getting bad. Either way you beat Twinblade.

Have a question?
Contact me at jocker_971@hotmail.com And I'll answer it!
how to get 1'000'000 exp in 30 minutes
Needed: magical shield spell, lots of will potions (100) good sword (solus is ok)
You need to do one of the final quests "try to stop jack of blades", here unlimited wolves with swords will attack you. Use the shield and get a very high combat multiplier (around 80) this will be possible because of your magical shield. Then you get about 20'000 exp per beast you defeat.
I've maxed all of my stats while playing this quest for 20 minutes.
how to get girls to like you the sexy way!!!!!
first get relly popular and good now got to any town and take off the shirt and do the sexy hero pose in a bar or in town and girls will go crazy for you and there hearts will get big relly fast and they will fall in love with you great way to get the girls............with out buying them stuff make sure you are all good or ealse it won't work.

PM me if you need help

How to get houses in bowerstone
You have to be evil to do this right. Go to the tavern and hire the swordsmen then punch a guard. Make him chase you and then go to the house you want to buy and try and get the hired swordsman to attack the owner of the house. Then you can buy it.
How to make easy money
Well to start off you will need about 1-5 thousand gold and the steal expression.
1.Go to bowerstone south.
2.Go into the first shop on the left at the front gate
3.Hide around the corner of the shop.
4.steal the item that is there
5.buy plate boots
6.wait 10 minutes and then sell them again.
7.it should be on the back shelf
8.Steal again then sell
9.Repeat step 8. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
they shoud be at the back shelf every time u steal and sell them

Steal and sell as many times as you like i made 50k off this(Be carefull plate body and legs dont work)
How to Sleep Without Trespassing
Go up to any bed (bed should be located near a door)
press A and then A again to sleep. As the screen fades run outside and the tenants can't report you to the guards.
How to Steal (EASY!!!)
At the Oakville armor/weapon shop get the shop owner to follow you (make sure he is following) then take him up the hill and take him around to the back of the house and put him beside a treasure chest on the right side. Then tell him to wait and then run back to the shop and steal but make sure the guards aren't around (but theyll walk around so they might not catch you) stay on guard for them (or youll have to pay a fine).
How to take over towns without wholesale slaughter
This is useful if you want to maintain a good alignment but also want to be able to own every building in a town. Make the owner of the structure you desire to purchase follow you. Then leave the area. Tell the villager to wait. Despite what you would think, killing them is unnecessary. Go back to the town. The structure owned by the villager will be available for purchase. If you do not know who owns it, pick random people. Or you could come at night and see who goes to which house. Whatever.
Huge Characters
Use Berserk then save your game. When you load the game your character will be huge until you cast Berserk again.
if u r going to kill jack u need these things...

Infinate EXP Glitch
Easy Infinate EXP. This gets tedius as it may take a while. All you have to do is finish the mission that requires you to save the scarlet robe for the prision that you were placed in by the Jack Of Blades. After this mission is complete go back through Lynchfield graveyard and follow the path through the demon door until you get to the Cliffside path go through the doorway to the left and begin to destroy the unceasing undead respawns until you gain the desired amounts of EXP. Use Will and Skill if desired. My combat multiplier was at 80 and I have EXP (general) 250,000.
Infinite and EASY money for Fable
Forget about having to slaughter an entire village and collecting rent. Too much work!

With this method you can become rich in no time at all just by pushing a few buttons over and over again.

The first think you need is capital. About 10k worth. You can get this from missions. Or you can get it by playing Blackjack over and over again.

Obviously save before you play and if it looks like you're going to lose a lot of money just reload. It's not that hard to make 5k per sitting at blackjack betting 1k per hand. After each 5k profit is good time to save.

Ok so you had 2 lucky streaks at blackjack and have 10k. Now what right?

All you need is Guile at 3 or 4.

Then go to the town of Oakvale.

Go into the general store. Save ahead of time before trying this cheat of course.

Then buy out the merchant's entire stock of emeralds. Then sell them back to the same merchant. You should have a net profit if your guile is respectable.

Rinse and repeat. Your money will just keep increasing and increasing. You don't need to move anywhere or kill anyone.

Soon you will have hundreds of thounsands of gold and be able to buy a set of full plate armor and masterwork weapons.

Another tip, once you have enough money that you are satisfied buy back all the emeralds that you sold. The next week or so the merchant will be restocked and when you buy him out again you will be reselling even more emeralds at once, increasing your profit margin each time.

Oh this is also an excellent way to gain skill xp. Because it is using your bartering/haggling skills.

I only thought about doing this because I used this same trick in Morrowind. I would buy stuff really cheap and sell it back for a profit because I made character with high personality skills

Enjoy the easy cash. It may be fun to slaughter villagers but its not really worth the time and effort compared to this technique.
Infinite Evil/Good points
Heres a glitch for infinite Evil or Good points you must do the following
1) When you are at the escort through Darkwoods
2) Go to the Hero's Guild and get the Hobbe Killing Contest Mission
3) Save before you you talk to him
4) Talk to him and start the mission

ok now for how to get the points
1) For evil, start hitting the guy alot and if possible hit him as far away from the Hobbes so they dont bother you (you get points everytime you hit him and he doesnt die!)
2) For good, run into and beat those Hobbes DOWN!
4) I suggest getting the quest and than advancing in the game so you can get more experiance per run


Infinite Exp
Okay you have to be very far in the game for example (actually) the arena there you can make a world save (efore you enter) and then fight all the way untill you get to the battle with whisper then save (hero save) turn off the xbox and then load the save there you are at the start of the arena again do this untill desired and you should rack up undreds of thousands of points
Infinite exp. and good points
After you finsh the free scarlet robe quest get a weapon that can kill a weak zombie in one or two hits and go to cliffside path. take the top road and spawn the zombies. then KILL KILL KILL. You can get a TON of exp. and good points.
(P.S. I like to use ghost sword so the zombies can't sneak up on me.)
Infinite Physical Exp.
To get infinite physical exp, buy the house in Bowerstone and get married. Get your new wife to follow you up to the second story of your house and begin to punch and kick her (weapons and magic cannot be used this is good because I got thousands of exp whereas in other towns I was able to use my weapons and she died in a few hits but like this I never killed her) she will divorce you (WARNING: this will get you 600 evil points) but she will stay in the house and rent it out to you until you marry again but you can still beat her just get her drunk first so she won't run for the guards or you will have to teleport somewhere else quickly (I have never had much patience to keep this up so you may eventually kill I am not sure but even if you do if it happens in your house I don't think the guards will know anyway. Anyone with confirmation of the possibility that she may die please E-Mail me thanks very much.)
Infinite Silver Keys
Durring the Rose Cottage mission dig up the Silver Key in the circular rose garden by the grandmother's house then Hero Save. Hero Saving should save the Silver Key to your character. Load the file that you just saved. Once you re-enter the Rose Cottage area the mission should restart with the Silver Key back in the ground even though your Hero still has the previously dug up Silver Key in his inventory. Keep digging up the Key, Hero Saving, and Loading the game. You should get a new Silver Key everytime you do this.

P.S. The Chest behind the shrubs contains 500 gold which you can also collect everytime you Hero Save and Load.
Insane bow damage
You can have any bow for this handy little trick. First, pull back your bow just like you would if you were about to shoot it, then hold it for about 1-2 mins. If you do this, you'll find that it does a substantially higher amount of damage than it usually does for a normal pullback, plus your combat mult. goes insanely high for just that one shot. The better the bow, the higher the damage; I think I killed Jack of Blades in 4-5 hits w/ a master bow. The only flaw is that it takes 1-2 mins., and during that time you could get hit and the charge would get broken, (you can roll while charging your bow to avoid this). I'm pretty sure this helps w/ mult. shot too
Keeping stores
There are a few ways to do this. The first is to kill the owner. Another way is to marry the owner. The final way is to have the owner follow you, then leave town. Then, tell them to wait outside of town. When you go back, their store will be for sale.

Kill Jack Easily!!!
Right, by now you should have ghostsword and a decent bow (Ebony, Master). Start to fight Jack whilst using ghostsword (level 3 worked for me).
He is to occupied with the ghostswords than you!
This gives you the upper hand in the mellee part of the fight. Then when he does his stupid floaty thingy. Then simply walk and shoot with multi- arrow. This makes killing Jack alot easier. (I faced Balverines harder than him
Kill Jack of Blades in Under a Min.
What you need
*Physical shield 3 or higher
*enflame (optional)
*Master sword/bow or better
*will potions(20+)?
When he calls his minions, kill them fast with enflame, or how ever.

Start attacking him with sword, if your strong enough with good sword it should take you 20-30 sec before he rises.

pull out your bow and start shooting him, every time your mana gets low use a pot,(you should have physical shield on). should take no more than 30 sec with good bow, and skill
kill jack of blades really quick
Hi all u have to do is to have 40+mana pots and maxed lightning then after u kill his fags and made him go flying just set mana pots on the mini left hand side bar and cast lightning over and over(also drink mana pots when manas getting low) he will also not be able to move so u could kill him without losing no HEALTH!
Kill the white Balverine in one arrow
To kill the white balverine in one arrow go to knothole glade and do all the things required and when you get the silver augmentation hero save and do it all again till you have a mininmum of 2. Augment an ebony longbo with both and go outside the city to face your foe. You will do 3000 damage or more, and that's how many lifepoints the white balverine has. The double silver longbow will be vary hand in the arena. I f you keep using hero saving to get many silver augmentations you can get a s**tload of money selling them.
Killing Rock & Earth Golems
Pull out your Melee weapon and get up close to them. Whack em' acouple times and when they are about to slam the ground block and roll. You will not get flung back and you will not take any damage. The rock golem will put you on the outside of his little rock wall but just run up and Whack em' again. Great way to get up Melee Skills.
Lady Grey will divorce you
all you have to do is beat her up until she is unconscious, this takes a long time to happen, i was trying to get my combat multiplier to 30, she divorced me at 13ish. what you need to do is wait until night when she goes into the bedroom, you can beat her up then, but make sure to keep her away from the statues, she can get stuck. when she divorces you you get 600 evil points (i think that is what it said) and all of the evil points from hitting her. you can still go into the house, but she does not feel very friendly with you from that point on.
Larger health and will bar without leveling up + easy silver keys
when you're on the "find the archeologist" quest go straight to the wichwood lake and fish at the ripple in the water and you'll get a will elixer. then go to knothole glade and shoot the demon door with a arrow and it'll open go inside and open the chest and you'll get a health elixer. hero save and start again (you can also get as many silver keys as you want by fishing opposite the demon door with the archeologist in and also next to the statue in wichwood lake)
Leveling all skills and stats up fast!!!
after you open the demon door in lychfeild graveyard you go along the old graveyard path and tons of deadguys come from everywhere. put on the force sheild and start going to town on them. aftera while use a will potion to raise the sheild back up but keep at this and you soon will be able to master everything you want. This also works for the cliff path after you go through the dungeons and such. good luck.
Some mana potions (depends on how much xp you want)
The spell "Summon" (takes up hardly any mana)

1. Right, go to bowerstone south and get any person to follow you.
2. Take them outside to the bit where theres that stupid annoying man that tells you to do all this hair cut sh*t
3. Start punching the person whos following you until you can knock them down to the floor.
4. While they're on the floor go up to them so they are highlighted and keep pressing x to kick them (they cant move so you can just keep pressing the x button without having to chase after them or move)
5. Your combat multiplier will go up quite slowly after a while but its worth it.
6. Get your combat multiplier quite high (around 100), just doing this will get you LOADS of strength xp.
7. Keep casting summon really fast (this is good as it doesnt take up much mana xp adn you can cast it really fast)

At level 1 summon, with 100 combat multiplier, you will get 300 mana xp every time you cast the spell. And it casts really quick so thats a lot!!!
Downside is that your combat multiplier will go down and the bloak will run away while ur casting the spell so u might have to spend ages getting ur combat multiplier up later...

PS. i got really bored with tapping the X button (kicking him) so you can always just pause the game and do something else for a bit until ur finger stops acheing!! lol!
lots of free stuff
first buy a shop if you dont no how tell them to follow you go out of town kill them then rent out your shop go to sleep go to your shop the guy renting it is there tell him to follow give him 4 beers and tell him to wait then go to the shop but you must have the steel exp then tack all the stuff and do it a gan
Lots of XP
All you have to do is become huge with Beszerk save your game and then reload the file you saved on then have your the SOA (sword of aeons) then go to a town where you can carry your weapons around have health potions just in case and have fun

P.S : this tip is for anyone who wants to be evil
Lotsa Exp. and Money
1. First go to the graveyard place i forgot whats it called =P. next go fight the undead but put on your magical shield thingy so you wont get hurt and still have your combat multiplier to keep on getting more experience.

2. To get lot of money all you got to do is go to any store that sells diamonds. next have diamonds too. then buy all the diamonds the seller has. then go sell all the diamonds and gifts but they have to be like diamonds, rubies, etc. last all you do is repeat this to get lots of money. i got more than like 99 million but my game froze when i saved it lol.
lvl 1 fighting cheat for extra money
ok when you win the fighting competition in bowerstone run out of the area before the boss of the fighting club then run back in and you can fight them all over again

ps:you get about 300 gold every time
When you need mana use the summon spell to get the most points keep doing until you are happy

P.S. make sure you have lots of will potions
Massive CM adn XP
Go to Cliffside path after you escape from Bargate Prison. Be sure to have a lot of Will Potions, Maxed Will Power, and Physical Shield. Also be sure to have a high damage weapon (The Harbringer is highly suggested). Undead pop up in this area like crazy, they only come in twos but they never stop. I got my CM up to 500 with in 2 hours. Its a slow process, but you get major xp, and you also rack up on good points to.
Max Out All Experience Before Jack Fight
I know there are so many different ways that people say to max out your experience but ive found that the way i finally max everything out is never mentioned.

On the quest where you have to stop Jack Of Blades from activating the focuse sites you fight unlimited creatures in each part you are in, Proceed through this mission untill you get to the part where you are outside Bowerstone North. You will find that minions consitintly teleport here, all you need is the physical sheild spell and a good weapon that has a large swing like the Murren great hammer in the guild or the Solus great sword in the shop in Bowerstone North and go hard at the minions, Just hit them once with a normal attack and then hit them with a florish. I ended up getting a combat mutiplier of 512 and it is easy! And if you need to be evil to max out a stat then kill the apprentices that fight alongside you! A very easy and as far as i know never mentioned tip! Happy Hunting!

If you have any questions about this tip or general RP Games (which im a big fann of) Email me at >> www.whoa@hotmail.com.
Max XP in 30mn (1 million general and 500k will)
ok first you got to finish the quest when you save your mother from bargate prison. then go back to cliffside path. You must have the enflame spell at the highest level and many many will potions, at least 100. when undead appear, cast enflame again and again and then use will potion when you need. This way i got a combat multiplier of 256 and each time i did enflame i won 5k xp general. be carefull not to be harmed from the undead.
Maximum experience with "Ages of ..." Potions
Hold on to your Ages of Might, Ages of Skill, and Ages of Will potions until you have a really high combat multiplier to gain maximum experience from them.

NOTE: The default experience you gain from drinking one of these potions is 100 exp. toward whatever category that potion was targeting. However, if you were to drink one when your combat multiplier is at 25, then you would gain 2500 exp. from it.

NOTE: There are one of each of these potions found in the "Find the Archaeologist" quest. You can use the Hero Save exploit here to stock up on these potions.
Messed up trick (not for children)
First, get as scary, un-attractive, and evil as possible (maybe less), then go to the bandit camp. Stand directly in front of them and sneer at them alot. Then you can find out why it is messed up.
Money from propertys
Ok heres a very effective way to gain money easy.
1. 2-3 trophies (worth more the better!)
2. buy a house ith trophie mounts
Money from propertys - easy and effective
this is a very effective cheat for gaining money
here's what you need
1. 1-3 trophies (the more its worth the better)
2. buy a house with trophy mounts

heres what to do
buy a house with trophy mounts in your budget. knock down the door (only need to do this once.
Now mount a trophy or 2 and go back outside and sell it. walk back inside the house and collect the trophies. go back and repeat this again and again until u got enough money to but what you want.
1. place your trophies on the quick icon menu to make this process faster.
2. Use the most expensive trophies you have E.g. champion seal and jacks mask.
i got 200,000 in hardly any time
More gold (Trophy profits)
Buy the house in Oakvale for 5000g. Mount the most expensive trophies you have (hotkey if desired). Smash the door and sell the house. The doorway will be open, allowing you to recollect your trophies, purchase the house, and repeat the process, earning a profit depending on the value of the trophies you mount.
murren weapons
The murren weapons are some of the best weapons in the game. the murren hammer is in the guild by the fight training ring.(you need 20 keys). the murren battle axe is in the light house in hook coast.(Keep going up to the very top).(you need 20 keys).HAVE FUN
My easy, fast method of beating Jack Of Blades................
Ok I can beat him within about 2-4 monutes when iu do it this way.........

*Fireball spell level 3+
*Strong sword
*access to the last mission where you fight Jack
Now,when you first start the battle he will be in a blue "force-field," will fly in the air, and will summon minions.DO NOT ATTACK HIM, for it will not damage him, instead work on his minions.Once they die he should come out of his bubble and fight on land.This is where the sword really comes in.......Make sure to roll away from his attacks and get close for a bit of melee damage(if you have the ghost swords thingie it comes in handie here.).Once you whoop his A$$ he will fly in the air again(w/o his bubble this time)and summon monsters every now and then & have many different attacks to use.Rocks will come up from around the "arena" that you fight him in.When he attacks just hide behind a rock and kill off all of his minions(the ghost sword thingie also comes in handie here) then charge your fireball and keep firing until you kill him.That is my marvelous Method of defeating Jack Of Blades.
my favorite way to beat jack
ok unlike the "easiest ways to beat jack" tips this one works the best way ok heres how:
first you need to get plate armor it doesnt matter how just get it and the chainmail helmet, the murral hammar (the 25 keyed chest in the guild area)and the 15 keyed crossbow in one of the darkwood areas and finally you stats for stenghth and skill almost maxed out

step1efeat the minnions then super charged strike jack and use the time spell (no need to max)

step2:when he raises the rocks you dont go past the rocks and use your crossbow to shoot him BUT the bow MUST be FULLY charged he will use a spell to use a spell to drain your health just remember to use your food and potions and good luck grasshopper
Old Graveyard Path Experiance Points
When you enter the old graveyard path in Lynchfield graveyards Demon door a whole lot of undead will pop up. Instead of running away, stay and kill them all. You will get alot of experiance, and a huge combat multiplyer(if you avoid getting hit). It is easier to kill the undead if you have a hammer or axe. Killing all of the undead will creat a clear trail for you all the way to the end of the path(If you face undead anywhere stay in the same place and the will keep poping up until there aren't anymore left).
Own slumbs of Bowerstone houses
When u use the follow expression houseowners 'll follow you out of Bowerstone, but kids won't, therefore the house won't become for sale. What u need to do is: Wait till evening, get all mercenaries, let the owners follow u outside Bowerstone (no need to kill) then go back in and sneek into the house. The kid goes to bed early so no need to wait till midnight. Then start hitting the kid. The mercenaries 'll take over, the kid dies & voila: house for sale.
Only downside: the mercenaries fight like sh*t so you have to make sure the kid doesn't escape. Make him drunk maybe...
Perfect Evil/Exp Cheat
Go to the boasting place - and on the rock right next to where a demon door should be - dig a hole with your spade. Aprox. 10 more villagers will be cheering for you out there. Move a foot or two away (each time) and do it again a couple more times (being very careful of lag). Then use force push until all villagers have died - your combat multiplier can reach as high as you are willing to go - and you will get evil points to the yingyang. I've maxed out my entire magic section doing this for a couple hours. (You will have to keep going back and digging). Villagers will often times drop Will-Potions, but it's wise anyway to make sure you have plenty in stock.

Note: This also works if when your combat multiplier is high - then whip out your bow or sword and start raking in the exp.
Playing baseball and killing trolls!
OK this is wat u do. First get physical shield. Doesn\'t have to be high lvl or anything its just used as like a backup. Then get a stick. Im not sure if physique and all that matters but mine was at 5 or 6 i believe. Better get 5 physique first tho. Another thing, i\'m not sure if swords work but i used my stick. Ok back to the exploit, when u come across a dirt troll or w/e it is(its hat and has grass all over) put on physical shield and when it throws chunks of dirt at u (stay a bit far from it)
swing ur stick and the chunk will fly right back at it. It kills them quite fast and it\'s also a lot more fun than hacking and dodging with a sword. If it doesn\'t work uhh...not my problem but im sure it will
Playing the game after you fight the jack of blades
If you just sit and endure the entire credits at the end of the game, it will let you keep playing your legend, and there will be new quests and so on, so if ya wanted to keep playin with your powerful self, this will help!
also, if ya want the sword from the stone in avo, you must get all your stats up to the top, then you can pull it out!
one more tip is if ya want a shop, or house, luar the owner of the building away, and kill them, then it will say, A NEW BUILDING Is ready to purchase, then you can buy it! enjoy these tips and cheats, hope they help ya
possibly the easiest way to defeat jack of blades!!!!
right the easiest way to beat jack of blades is to stock up before you go into fight him. at the entrance to the guild is a red potion, straight ahead by one of the doors you would normally take to go to race that guy right at the start of the game is another. and finally there is a rebirth or revive potion or whatever on the balcony ahead of you, collect them, go as if you were going to do the mission and when the mission screen appears HERO save and repeat. I thought he was gonna be mega hard so I got like 20 revive's or summat ridiculous lol! anyways. for this you will need(well maybe not need but it is helpful):
0-an obsidian greathammer or katana
0-the best bow(not xbow)(I can't remember the name)
0-a summon spell of level 2 or more with the blue shaman as the summon cos he is probably the best)
0-high Accuracy and Power helps too
0-an xbox, a xbox contr..*slap!*
Ok.... moving on lol!
right this is as simple as it gets:
*phase 1*: attack one of the enemies until your weapon glows orange and then just do the (B) button attacks, because they are unblockable, then roll away with (Y) continue until all are dead, with any look you should kill em in about 2-3 hits, just watch out for the magic from the shamans.
*phase 2*: summon your shaman dude, he will fight jack wilst you train your bow on him, charge up to full and you should do around 200-300 dmg a shot just remember to dodge with (Y) each time he casts a spell and summon again when needs be.
*phase 3*: summon shaman dude if he isn't already around, if he is around jack won't summon his shaman and warrior dudes. just train your bow on him and fire when full. you can hide behind the rocks to gain power on your bow but pull back because if you are too close it will get you with explosion. and for heavens sake make sure you hide behind the rocks when he does the light attack. there are rumours suggesting if you are 100 percent good it won't hurt you, It's a load of rubbish it can take more than 1 life bar off if you have a crossbow because of the slow reload!!!! this is what the revive vials are for!!
*phase 4*: hero save, reload and repeat, get all that experience you so deserve! lol!
(if you try hard enough you may be able to do this in under 3 mins) I managed 3 mins and 10 seconds after a hell of a lot of practice!!!
Quicker Fight.
If you guys know the last fight in the fist fighters gang in Knothole Glade is long and hard. I found a way to make it go by quicker....very quicker.

If you know if you try to hit the opponent with a weapon the fight is over you lose.....but it doesn't say if someone else can hit your opponent. Well Heres how it works.

First You need to have the assassins still hunting you. If so make the one in Knothole glade notice you. Its better to do this when the Gang leader just appears,so after the assassin notices you talk to the leader and you'll be instantly in the fighting circle while the assassin is still running to you. Now block until you see the guy. get the assassin behind your opponent and he should try to strike you instead he hits your opponent and he's knocked out! you win the round! So basically have the assassin behind your opponent and he'll keep hiting your opponent......but until the last round against the village leader. For some reason the assassin doesn't attack you when you fight him except when he gets a clear shot. So basically fight the round with the Assassin around or kill him.
The true way to do it is this (I made 3 accounts, one evil, one good and a neutral to test other people's predictions):
* Firstly gain 1-3 mercenaries (3 to be safe)
* Secondly go to bed if it's the morning and make sure you dont wake up past midnight.
* Thirdly go to the Chapel of the Skorm and world save.
* Fourthly wait until midnight via the small dial in the top right hand corner. Now when the mercenary takes his pay at exactly midnight quickly talk to the hooded man and sacrifice one of them. He will say something about 'going far' and you will receive the Skorm's bow and any amount of eveil ranging from 100-800.

(To help first go to the Chapel of the Skorm and then teleport to an area with mercenaries- Twinblade's Camp, Temple of Avo and Oakvale near the cemetary. Then teleport back to the Chapel and then teleport to another area with mercenaries thus retaining the recall point of the Chapel of the Skorm)

By the way for all others out there who have submitted the fact of ' the sundial' in the picic area. Have you not realised that the sundal does not change from 11 o'clock. It remains the exact same time forever and does not move.
Really Easy Experience
Go to Lychfield Graveyard and go through after you reach Cliffside Path, in the north part of this place there are a lot of Undeads go and start killing them (have the Physical Shield activated so you dont lose your combat multiplier), you can reach 200 level combat multiplier and 250,000 or more exp in less than 20 minutes.
really good weapon
if you want a really good weapon that can do over 300 damage buy a weapon and make sure it has 2 augmentation spaces and put a sharpening augmentation in it and then put a peircing augmentation in it and voila a weapon that does over 300 damage. note: this would be better for a bow i think
renowel easy
first ge married to lady gray make sure she is in her mantion now show her your trophied when it seas if you want to show your trophy off say yes you just show it to here and you get +45 renowl

You have to have beaten the twinblade mission and be able to kill bandits in the first camp with one hit.(try the obsidian Great sword with augments) Kill all the bandits there(the ones in the first camp no elites), getting u exp and good points(2 each) then go to one of the beds on the ground and sleep twice.
There should be more bandits. Now take out your best trophy (champion seal recomended if u have otherwise Bandit seal). Show your trophy quickly to the bandits (who should be gathering around the fire in the middle, the dude asking u if u want to play find the addition(sitting at the table) and the three trader.
ATTENTION: You dont have to look at everybody or speak to everybody to get erbody to see your trophy. Just stand near alot of them(like in the middle of the traders) and make sure they are looking at you and show. Its easier. Then repeat everything again by sleeping, showing and killing. You could also get decapatations!
Shitloads of money
Ok this is the best way to get money, and all you need to do is be up to a part where you can accsess darkwood camp, and have a lot of gifts and potions. (I have like 300 health potions and 400 will potions, 100 jet's diamonds and rubies, so I get about 100,000 each time). Don't worry you don't loose your items, but you may need a goodish guile level to do it, I'm not sure.
Just do to darkwood camp and talk to the trader at the back next to the blackjack table. Sell all your potions and gifts then buy them back and sell them again. If you have a lot and you sell them the price goes down because there is a lot of them, and you can buy them cheaper. If you repeat this a lot you get a lot of money fairly quickly. I made $1,000,000 in about 5 minutes, but I started buying lots of potions from the start because I figured this out fairly quickly.
Silver Key Locations
Lookout Point: Cut through the bushes at the Statue.
Bowerstone South: Upstairs in the clothing shop on the balcony.
Fisher Creek: Fish for it on the northern side.
Guild Woods: Fish where you killed the bandits.
Greatwood Lake: It's at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken.
Orchard Farm: Fish off the pier on the east side of the map.
Rose Cottage: Dig in the circle of flowers.
Hobbe Cave: It is in a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber.
Darkwood Lake: Shoot an arrow through the stone with a hole in it.
Ancient Cullis Gate: Fish on the west end of map near the bridge.
Grey House: Fish near the Demon Door.
Oakvale Memorial Garden: Dig around the axe man statue in the cemetery area.
Twinblade's Camp: South part of camp there is an area of dirt with barrels and a chest.
Witchwood Stones: Fish in the pond next to the Demon Door.
Witchwood Lake: Dig near the statue with the red glow.
Knothole Glade: There is a ring of plants in the southern part of town.
Windmill Hill: Dig in the ring of flowers on the west side by the farm house.
Windmill Hill: It's behind the windmill in a flower ring.
Headsman's Hill: Fish in the pond down in the ravine.
Bowerstone Manor: Marry Lady Grey and search her bed.
Lychfied Cemetery: It is in the crypt on the south central part of the map.
Lychfied Cemetery: Buried in a grave right outside the key crypt.
Lychfield Cemetery: Fish west of the grave keeper's cottage, inside the gates.
Cliffside Path: Dig in the hill at the north end of the map.
Hook Coast: It is in a cabinet on the ground level of the Lighthouse.
Silver Key locations.
Lookout Point - Cut through the bushes in the center of the area near the

Bowerstone South - Upstairs in the clothing shop on the balcony.

Fisher Creek - Go behind the building, on the north side of the map, and fish
along there, it's at one of the ripples.

Guild Woods - Fish where the ripple is, where you killed the bandits with

Greatwood Lake - It's at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken,
its in plain view.

Orchard Farm - Fish off the pier on the east side of the map.

Rose Cottage - There is a circle of red flowers by the old lady's house, dig
inside of it.

Hobbe Cave - There is a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber, dig in

Darkwood Lake - Shoot an arrow through the stone with a hole in it.

Ancient Cullis Gate - Fish on the west end of map near the bridge.

Grey House - Fish near the Demon Door.

Oakvale Memorial Garden - Dig near the statue in the cemetary area,
underneath the axe.

Twinblade's Camp - South part of camp theres an area with a treasure chest,
some barrels, and a patch of dirt, dig between the chest and barrels.

Witchwood Stones - Fish in the pond next to the Demon Door.

Witchwood Lake - There is a statue with a red glow from where you first
enter on the west side, dig near there.

Knothole Glade - There is a ring of plants between some homes in the south
part of the area, dig there.

Windmill Hill - In the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of the
map, dig in the flower lined mound.

Windmill Hill - Its behind the windmill, dig it up in a flower ring.

Headsman's Hill - Take the Demon Door from Gibbet Woods to access Headsman's
Hill. Fish in the pond at the ripple.

Bowerstone Manor - You have to have married Lady Grey for this one. Search
her bed for it.

Lychfied Cemetary - In a crypt in the south central part of the map. It's
with a corpse.

Lychfied Cemetary - Buried in a grave right outside of the above mentioned

Lychfield Cemetary - Fish it from the stream west of the grave keeper's
house, inside the gates.

Cliffside Path - In the hill at the north end of the map, past the
underground tunnel there is a place to dig.

Hook Coast - In a cabinet on the ground level of the Lighthouse, you have to
either pick the lock or break the door to get in.
ok. everyone is sayin all thos hard shit about gettin skorm's bow. I got it and didnt do anytin that difficult. i went to cahpel of skorm then teleportd 2 oakvale. i hired the mercenary dude there and went bak. then the dude sacrificed him n i got some evil points. then i went to temple of avo and hired the dude there. then i went bak and scrificed him n got it. as simple as dat. i have fable lost chapters if that makes a difference and both times i did it at nite one sorta early n one just b4 midnite i think. u try it it worked 4 me.
Skorm's Bow - Proper Way To Get
Skorm's Bow is obtainable as soon as you leave the Heroes' Guild. This is the most powerful bow in the game, found at the Chapel of Skorm in Darkwood. Now, you need to make a sacrifice at the chapel to recieve this item. This sacrifice needs to be at night and the victim needs to be at full health. Skorm enjoys it this way. The time of night you need to sacrifice the victim is not preset, nor is it random. You time is reflected upon your alignment. 6:00pm is when a true evil would make his sacrifice, 6:00am is when a true good would make his sacrifice, 12:00pm is when a true neutral makes his sacrifice. Now, look at your alignment bar in Personality, if it reads 1/2 evil, 9:00pm is when you would make your sacrifice.

Knowing this, you can go straight to the Chapel of Skorm from the beginning before the Wasp Queen. Teleport to a town for a henchy. Teleport back for the sacrifice. Then, dominate the rest of the game.
Skorm's Bow and lots of money
Skorm's Bow, as most of you may know is the most powerful, and one of the hardest weapons to obtain. This worked for my friend and I, parts of this may seem irrelevant, but bear with it, it all has a point. I bought a house in Knothole Glade, fixed it up until it the fixing sign dissappears. Marry a girl, you'll get the dowrey, hopefully it'll be a descent amount. live in the house, get her to divorce you, maybe hit her once, then use some vulger expressions to get her to divorce, once she does, she'll become your tenant. Continually going to sleep until it is daylight for the third time, run outside and pick up your gold, but if you go too quickly, the third bag will appear in a delay, so don't stand within like five feet of the bags. Hopefully you'll recieve about three thousand gold each time, repeat this until you have enough to go to buy perfect goodness from the Temple of Avo, this may take a while, but it'll be worth it. Once you are perfect good, have about two thousand gold to hire the mercenary outside of Avo, go to the Temple of Skorm, make sure he doesn't get hurt, and stare at the alter, wait until you see these bubble-looking lights traveling in a circular pattern around the alter and statue of skorm, sacrifice the mercinary and you should get the bow, not only that, but you have a way to get around three thousand gold minutly. I hope this helps.
Skorm's Bow and Lower your Age.
One of the best ways to get Skorm's Bow is to go to the Temple of Skorm then teleport to Knothole Glade then walk to the Temple of Avo. You must then hire the mercenary then teleport back to the Temple of Skorm, then teleport to Twinblade's camp and hire the mercenary that is there. Then teleport back to the Temple of Skorm and wait till midnight to sacrifice the mercenaries. You'll know when it's midnight when the mercenaries take their pay from you. Immidiatly sacrifice both of them. You should get Skorm's Bow after sacrificing the first mercenary. After sacrificing the second mercenary, you should get one to ten years taken off your age. The two mercenaries must be from the Temple of Avo and Twinblades Camp because they are bigger than the other two and you'll get more evil points from them.
Skorm's Bow EVERY TIME
So you want the best bow in the game?

1. Hire 2 Merc's, have a recall teleport to Skorm's Chapel, and save in Bowerstone.
2. Sleep at the inn so it is night.
3. Run to the statue at Lookout Point
4. When the statue is "Pointing at Bowerstone" immediately teleport to Skorm's Chapel and sacrifice the Merc's.

"You will go far" is the message you want. Sometimes takes a few tries, but I usually get it the first time in 4 of 5 tries.
This works even before you've done the Wasp Queen Quest. I make it a point to have this bow before I start another play-through.
Good luck!
Skorm's Bow, Age Reduction and Necromancer Title
All you need to is take a merc to the temple of skorm and wait until about midnight and you will hear a bandit say 'lights out you horrible lot' now quickly sacrifice your follower, you will get Skorm's Bow, do this twice more for age reduction and then for the Necromancer title.

P.S - You alignment makes no difference to your chance of getting the bow etc. Note that if the sacrifice doesn't work then you may need to sacrifice another person to receive the reward.
Skorms Bow
Just hire a merc and then go to the chapel of skorm. Wait until midnight,(you'll know its midnight when the merc takes money from you) and then sacrifice the merc. It's that easy
Skorms Bow for real, first try!
Okay iv read everything all over the internet describing this and that about the skorms bow. I have just done it twice in a row.

The truth is, the time DOES matter. The clock on the topright hand of the screen is useless. The real clock as at the picnic area, where you kill the giant wasp.

The alignment doesnt completely matter, but when i tried it 2 times in a row i was still evil. Just a bar was in the evil part.

Keep the 2 mercs 100% healthy, it seems to have an effect.

Okay what you need to do!

1. Load the game, it will be morning. Go to a pub and sleep. Wake up at night.

2. Run to the temple of skorm ALONE.

3. Go the temple of avo ALONE. (throw some money in the temple if you need to some good points)

4. Hire the GOOD merc outside the temple

5. Teleport(recall)back to the temple of skorm

6. Then teleport to oakvale and hire the other good merc at the graveyard gates

7. Teleport(recall) back to the temple of skorm once again.

8. Teleport to the hero's guild and then run out to the picnic area (where you killed the wasps when the game started)

9. LOOK AT THE SUNDIAL! use your bow or somthing to zoom in. THIS IS HERE FOR A REASON PEOPLE! The dial on the topright of your screen is useless at telling what time midnight is becaues it is NOT marked.

Once the black shadow is cast at the "0" at the very top of the dial. That is 12 on a clock (noon or midnight). Wait around till its allmost directly on the 0. Once the shadow is slightly on the line for the 0, teleport back to skorm.

Sacrafice BOTH mercs(make sure they didnt get hurt at any time doin this, they shouldnt have.)

There ya go, worked twice in a row for me. Now just get the mutli-arrow will attack and youll kill anything in one hit!
sleeping without a crime
In Bowerstone there is a bed in a old shack by the barbers and it's the only bed besides the inn beds you can sleep in without commiting a crime
Sneaky fighting.
When fighting enemies, use Assassin's Rush right before they are about to attack you. Doing this, you will be behind them for multiple easy hits. Repeat as needed - if you time it just right, you will never get hit. Ever.
so u want to be evil
ok u wanna be evil but taking offerings to the chapel of skom is to complicated well dont worry i got ur back.ok fisrt get to the point were u have to go to hook coast for the first time.ok make sure ur strong enough and have enough potions to take on a whole lot of guards now alls u do is go around and kill every single person in hook coast brake in to every house and building thats locked brake every single window and keep killing guards and before u know it you will be completly evil. the reason i tell u to do it the first time is because when u go back to fight maze every one in the town will be back so u can kill them again or do what i do kill every one but the shops people they have good items there....
So You Can't Steal From A Shop
You might be one of the people that has read through all of the cheats and tips here on neoseeker for help on stealing from a store but you are still failing to steal some goods. Well I am one of them people and find it a right nuicense trying to get the shopkeeper drunk and lead him out of the house. So, i found out that if you go round the corner of a shop you should be able to nick something without the guards of shopkeeper seeing you. For example, go to Oakvale and into the Barracks shop. When you enter go left and around the corner to the stool on the right. If you are lucky you should be able to steal the item there without anyone seeing you.
Soccer Playing
OK, this is probaly a lame tip, but after decapitating someone, run up to the head on the ground and hit the "X" button. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLL!
Sick fun!!
Some Demon Doors and How to Open Them
Location: Heroes' Guild
Item: Elixir of Life, Tatto card and books.
Solution: Use the Lamp (which is in the 'Other' of your Items) and show it in front of the door.

Location: Greatwood Gorge
Item: Wellow's Pickhammer
Solution: The door wants you to do evil deeds. You can choose to do one of the following:

A) Be 100% evil.
B) Murder people in front of it (people from town or mercs are the best
C) Eat 10 Crunchy Chickens in front of it.

Location: Rose Cottage
Item: Will User's Bright Suit
Solution: Give the door a gift. Even a cheap one like a rose.

Location: Greatwood Caves
Item: Ebonblade Cutlass
Solution: Take a combat test that will test your combat multiplier. A physical shield is something that will make this a whole lot easier.

Location: Darkwood Marshes:
Item: Will User's Dark Suti
Solution: Take a combat test and face a horde of Hobbes.

Location: Barrow Fields
Item: Will Master's Elixir
Solution: Be fat. Eat over 20 apple pies or red meat to get fat quick.

Location: Grey House
Item: The Axe of Ronok
Solution: Marry Lady Grey of Bowerstone.
Steal Everything from Bowerstone South Armour Shop
Go to the armour shop in Bowerstone South. Do the "Follow" expression and bring the shopkeeper down the staircase that leads out of the shop. To the right of the staircase, there will be a little spacing. In this little spacing, push the shopkeeper to the right hand corner. This will make the clerk unable to move. Head back into the shop and steal evry single item there!
Steal the 'house' trophies for easy money
buy a marital home. In any town, you choose, although I find that oakvale's one works best. Then refurnish the house to its maximum and you should find that there are shelves to hang trophies on the walls with. These look like brown squares on the inside walls of the house which can be highlighted when looked at. Next hang two of your most valuable trophies on these 'shelves' - I found that the bandit seal and champion seal thing (the one after completing the arena) works best, giving you the most profit in the end. Now, once you have hung your trophies on the wall, go outside, look at the house's sign and sell it. When you sell the house with your trophies in it you will find that it is worth more, and with the two trophies mentioned the value of the house is increased by 3,000 gold. The next step is to break into the house, either through picking the lock or force and then to steal the two trophies off the wall. now go back outside and re-buy the house for a cheaper price (without the trophies). then repeat, hanging the trophies, selling the house, stealing the trophies and then re-buying the house until the desired quantity of cash is made.
steppin up to balverines
Okay, so we all know that you can use a summon spell to gradually work a creature from the netherworld to your advantage. The way I did this was starting out with the wasp, using the wasp to kill a hobbe. From the hobbe, move up to bandits in and around the witchwood area and this and that. From the bandits, I was able to graduate to Balverine in the arena, from a regular one to a white one. I then unleashed the white balverine demon onto the two sets of golems. Worked like a charm! When it runs out, down a will potion and do it again. You can stand off to the side and let Whisper take all the damage. Sadly though when you kill the golums, they don't take on those forms. Later on, I WAS however able to switch from Balverine to JoB's minions in the archeologist quest. Schnoogen! Anyone else tried this strategy yet?
Strength Bar
Requires: Master of Will Potions and the Strengt version.
Take any Quest and go to the place where you need to be.
Then drink the 2 Potions or if you have more drink those 2 and Hero save. Then Load and Repeat the Potion thing your mana and Strenght bar will be maxed out(Could be useful (A) )
Sword In the Stone
Try when your strenth stats are all at level 0, then improve Physique to 5, Health to 2 and Toughness to 3. It will take 42,150 exp to do it.
Sword in The Stone - Chest in The Guild
To get the sword in the stone, you have to max out all strength attributes. 7 - physique, 7 - health, 7 - toughness. Enjoy the "was the Sword in the Stone."

The silver key chest in the Guild contains The Murren Greathammer, it does an insanely amount of damage until you get the Sword of Aeons. You need to get 20 silver keys to get it, to get 20 silver keys, you will need the rescue the archeologist quest and the best weapon money can buy and fight your way through the Bowerstone jail, onto the next region. In this region you can have the slow time spell (works best for me) and got to the first house but do not go inside it, instead go left into the farm area, and dig (if you have the spade) afterwards go near the second house, (defeat enemies if you have to) and go behind the house, find a mud hill surrounded by roses, dig there you will find another silver key. Afterwards teleport to another place with your guild seal, and a message will come up and press reload. You will start before the Quest even began, and you will have everything you get from the Quest and keep repeating until you get the desired amount of silver keys you wish, and you will get an insanely amount of experience for this quest if you keep repeating then you will get the desired amount of experience you will want. Thank you and enjoy the ride!!!
Sword of Aeons!!!
You can use the Sword of Aeons after you kill Jack of Blades. Just kill your sister, and wait out the whole credits (don't press anything until they're over, it's about 15 mins) and then you can continue playing with the Sword of Aeons!!!
There are no quests, and the guildmaster is gone from the game, also rocks block off certain areas in the guild, but it's fun!!! You get to kill things with the Sword of Aeons. Unfortunately, it gets boring after awhile because there are no quests
Take no damage why rolling?
There is a rather odd problem with rolling or dodging. If you are attacking a melee boss that has an area attack (such as Twinblade, the Giant Scorpion in the Arena or a Golem), all you have to do is melee them until they are about to do their close attack, then roll. For some reason you do not take any damage what so ever. With a rock golem, the rocks will appear and you will just be pushed back. This means that taking out any golem, anywhere (even in the Arena) is bloody easy.
You take no damage at all while rolling, so this can be used with other enemies too.
Temple Of Skorm Bow
Alright this method is the only way I got the headache(skorms bow). Its nothing like the 6am/good 6pm/bad I dont know who came up with that but hey if it works for them. You can get skorms bow before you fight the wasp by the way. Alright here is the step by step.

Fist off run to Temple of Skorm, then warp to Oakvale hire the merc near the cemetery, then warp back to Temple of Skorm, warp to Bowerstone hire the merc in the pub(if it is day time go to the second floor of the pub and sleep because the sac does acure at night, note: you can sleep even if the mercs are with you they will still be there when you wake up) ok now run out of Bowerstone to Lookout Point, go to the picnic area and (where you fight the first boss the wasp) click the button on the right thumb stick if you dont know what im talking about. once you are in the picnic area run over to the sundial (yes the one thing that no one would have thought of) and there will be a numbers right above a scale, now for the fun part, YOU HALF TO WAIT UNTILL THE SHADOW ON THE SUNDIAL HITS 12 O'CLOCK (were 12 o'clock should be there is a zero this is the time that sacs are made) ANYWAY YOU MUST BE PROCISE, THE SHADOW NEEDS TO BE EXACTLY OVER THE 0 OR 12 ON THE SUNDIAL WHEN YOU MAKE THE SAC. now once it is on the 12 point warp to the Temple and run up there to make the first sac, if he says You will go far then Boom it is yours. if he says the sac is welcome and recieve evil in its purest form then you are just a little to early( thats why we have the back up sac) wait a few seconds like 5 then try again if he says it was little use then you were to late. This way is the only way I achieved the bow I tried everthing from killing almost everone in the game to waiting untill 6am to do it they never worked. (note: I was good everytime I achieved it not all the way good just even a little bit good. I have been trying to achieve it with an evil stat but no luck so far he does keep saying my sac is welcome and i got evil in the purest form which makes me think that i am off just a bit.(note: The best time to warp is when it is just a bit off just a bit if you notice it hits 12 on the sundial right when it hits the the biggest dot on the night side of the night/day compass on the top right of the screen) again its all in your timeing it took me a few tries to get it.
the easiest ultimate cheat ever!!!
Ok, well I hope that you know where the clif side path is, cause thats where you need to go. If you can get there you should go through the opening on your left. There will be two undead that will show up, so all you need to do is kill them as much as possible they will give you potions,exp,and yes even money.Do this until satisfied!!! Good Lyck!
the easy way to beat jack (in the end) is to get your lightning as high as you possibly can, if low not a problem. all you have to do is-- go into the room kill his little demons, then fight him until he sprouts his rocks and goes up in the air. If you lightning strike him and just walk around in circles. he cant hit you with his shots becuz your moving and if he spawns demons they wont catch up with you... make sure you have alot of magic potions. if you catch him at the right time you can just stand there and watch him die...
have fun!!
The Easiest Way to get unlimited Experience points and good points
I thought of this way after i couldnt find any enemies after i beat the game. Its really easy if you decide to kill your sister, or if you decide to let her life. All you need is the magic spell that shield one that reduces their attacks. Then all you have to do is go on your way to bargate prison and on the way youll find unlimited zombies. Do it as long as you want and in 30 min. you should have infinity exp. points. Just go to lychfield graveyard and then follow the path to the circle of the dead and then go to the undergroun path and follow it. It was so Freakin easy!
The Easy Way to get Skorms Bow
All u do is take all 4 mercs and sak demat the temple of skorm. if u evil take em at day. if u good take em at night. but if u pure good it would be easier. use the merc at the temple of avo and the merc at oakvale first. the get the 1 at twinblades camp and the 1 at bowerstone 2nd. and ther u hav it SKORMS BOW
The Golems
Well this is similar to the block cheat but this
way is alot easier (well I think so) all that
you have to do is get your melee weapon out and
go beside the golem and fight it (your B button marker should light up) and when he's about to
pound on you just hit B to do a special move and
you will move out of the circle of rocks (you have to time this just as he's about to do it)
but after you get the hang of it you should be
killing them no problem.
the murren ax
ok its real easy to get this just go to hook coast
and go to the house with the spiral staircases once u get to the top there will be a silver key chest if u have 15 silver keys its yours if u dont well id start looking for more keys.

the nether ending story
to continue aftr killing jack(if you keep the sword you can kill the bandits after one strike) you must watch the credits and then you can play on as the most powerful person in albion, you can still do quest.
Okay you can get the bow before doing the wasp queen quest just go to bowerstone tavern and play the card pairs game till you got like 5k-10k and then walk all the way to oakvale then walk back to the chapel of skorm and then teleport back to oakvale IMPORTANT---DONT WALK BACK anyways after you teleport to oakvale hire the merc and then teleport back to chapel of skorm IMPORTANT---DONT WALK and then once ur back at the chapel of skorm teleport to bowerstone and hire the merc there then teleport back to chapel of skorm then teleport to heroes guild and walk to the picnic area (place where you do/did the first quest of the game) and then watch the sundial with ur zoomed in bow and it has to be day and wait for it to be almost to the 12 o clock point IMPORTANT DONT WAIT FOR IT TO GET ALL THE WAY THERE OR YOU WILL HAVE RUINED THE CHEAT and teleport back to chapel of skorm and then wait for the mercs to collect their money and go sacrifice them =] happy hunting with ur new skorms bow =D
The Real Way To Get Good Xp For Mage!!!
ok this is seriously true ive been playing fable for 12 hours and hav maxed out on every skill!
1)Make sure you have got berserk,Multistrike and summon (all maxed out would be better)
2) lots of Will potions (bout 100-200)
3)Cast multi strike.
4)Cast berserk
5)Summon Your monster
6)Hit him
7)Your combat multiplyer should go up
8)Use a will potion when needed
10)When you get about 100+ multiplyer if you keep summoning and potting you will get loads of xp i would say about 500k experience until your combat multiplyer reaches 0.
Enjoy playing ^^
The sentinnel & heaps of good renown
Okay, to do this you need about 40-100k. Go to the temple of Avo and submit all of your money. If you want your money back just keep pressing "A" and you will have all of your money back.
The Sword In The Stone
To get the sword in the stone,(in the temple of avo region) all you have to do is max out your Physique(level 7), the sword stats are 198(-1)and comes with 2 augementations on it. It is worth $44,000,
the ultimate fight club
make sure you haven't killed any of the asassins that come after you at the end of the game. Join the fight club at bowerstone quay at night and work your way up the last one at knothole glade. When you teleport to knothole galde to fight. Instantly ignore the enemy on the map and join the fight. Eventualy the assassin (which was the red dot on the map) will come over and kill the person your fighting and start trying to kill you. There are no weapons and the match is still on but it won't let you lose.
Throw fireballs and shoot arrows simultaneously.
Map the Fireball spell to the quick menu's X button. With the bow in-hand, hold the left trigger to target an enemy, then hold the right trigger to access your quick menu, then hold the X button. The Fireball spell should now start to charge in your hand. While still holding left trigger and X, release the right trigger. Instead of throwing the fireball or cancelling the spell, your character will begin to draw an arrow. When you've pulled back all the way, release the X button and you'll shoot both the arrow and the fireball at roughly the same time.
Tips about enemies

To defeat summoners,use ranged spells or arrows.Close combat doesn't work fine,because their lightining balls damages everything near.

Earth and Stone Trolls

If you are a ranged character,roll or run around to avoid the rocks they throw.They will stop after a few.When they stop,start shooting them.
If you are a melee character,start attacking them.Ater a few hits,they jump.Roll away immediately.


Twinblade isn't a hard boss for fast characters.Just run around and avoid his attacks until he stabs his weapons to the ground.When he stabs,hit him from behind.But beware,you can only hit one time,so make it count.

Jack of Blades(Human Form)

Befor entering,take a good bow with you.Keep hitting and rolling to avoid his spells(if ranged).After he starts flying,hide behind big rocks around room.When he uses his spell,hide.After the spell,get out and shoot him.

Jack of Blades(Dragon Form)

It is a really powerfull boss.Be sure to take many potions with you(30-40 healt potions will make sure you can finish without dying).When he is on ground,keep attacking him,don't stop.When he starts flying,start running around and think about where he might attack.HE sends some summoners and minions too.

Arena Boss(Scorpion)

Easy.When he gets its tail up and starts to spark,stat hitting him.When you see it stabs his tail to ground,roll.


She will block your attacks usually.Keep hitting her.If you get away,she will throw bombs.Use roll to avoid the bombs.
Total EXP If you are wondering
You need a total of 1.8 million exp (better round up maybe 1.85 million) to purchase every skill possible (on good side, probably same for bad)

Oh and on a side note i got my exp from spam force push or W/E in the hobbe cave/ killing jack and hero saving (very fast)

Totally Freeze Time
To do this you need to have berserk and assassin rush.These are the steps
1. Go to an archway which goes to another place.
2. Stand facing it and and be just beside it.
3. Cast berserk
4. Assasin rush through the archway
5. After you go through pull down on the left trigger so as soon as the place loads you go back through and keep it on until you get back to the place you were. It is great for stealing things. To put time back to normal you either open a chest or dig anywhere
Treasure Clue Help
Ok well you know the 6 treasure clues that you find thoughout the game... well the big secret item that you find is a frying pan. Damage = 0 and sell value = 0 until you find all the clues. If you follow where the sign post by the lake points to the other sign post(trick is that it is a location indicator sign) to the barn and dig between it and the bale of hay by it you will find this great weapon of mistory.
Undead UNlimited XP
Okay when you are doing the quest where you 1st go into lychfield graveyard when you get to the pathway just past the demon door stay at the top and keep on killing undead until there all gone.
For that you get about 50,000 general XP.
(DONT GO DWON THE PATHWAY OR ELSE THEY WILL DISSAPERE) Now save the game then load that saved game you should have not gone to the lychfield gravyard yet but you will have the XP cool isnt it? Now just reapeat what is written at the top!
Unlimited Experience
(note: this is much easier when you have a silver augmentation)

During the 3rd to last mission (which requires you to defeat Maze) Go towards the North-eastern area of the map, by the big bell.
A screamer will spawn there, so defeat it repeatedly.
Not the best tip in the world but it works ok whenever you kill a guard they will probably drop a green apple so just keep killing guards!
I got 1,000 green apples in 10-20 mins. Using Sword of Aeons...
Unlimited UNageing +Unlimited gold!
Ok this is a mix of the "find the archeologist", and avo trick, Also BAD SPELLING ahead! and this isn't very detailed just well.. simple ^^

First things are first!

One-be completely Evil!

Two-Buy as many houses in OakVale as you can!

three-once you the above done WORLD SAVE!

four- Go and Raise all the attributes you want and don't worry if you turn 65 k!

fifth- once you have all the attributes you want raised, go to oakvale, sell all the homes/shops/inn you have bought to get a lot of money.

6th- go start the "Find the archeologist" quest and head to witchwood gate and head tord Avo, DONT DO THE QUEST!!!
K now you'll pass the witchwood gate, then the stones and the demon door were the archeologist is and then you'll be at Avo, once here donate not all your money but around 30-50K if you 100% Evil, k you should get around 5-10 years off your life and have some cash left over HERO save.

7th- after you save, load game and you should be back in oakvale with the years taken off your life, and ALL THE HOUSES YOU BOUGHT THEN SOLD SHOULD STILL BE YOURS!
then all you do is sell all the homes again and get the cash, then kill every one in town to get more Evil points, and then go back to Avo, Donate, Hero save, Repeat and enjoy!

Now if any of this needs to be Resaid or any thing just ask I hope its easy enough to read though, and have fun!!!
Unlimted XP the right way.
I didnt see any one say this. And everyone is saying that silly arena stuff which is a waste of time with all the saving and loading.

For this make sure you have enflame (higher lvl bettER). And ages potions are great to. And have more will potions then you could ever need.

Ok, i believe it is after you escape from jail- the place where the undead keep spawning. Go to a corner where they spawn, and just keep useing enflame
never swing your weapon. That protection glowy spell thing helps to. Because this is all about combat multiplyer. Ive gotten my combat multiplyer up to 196 (got bored). You get tons of xp, and the effects of ages potions are relative to your multiplyer. So you get INSANE amounts of xp from useing them. Not to mention its not a bad time to chow down on some meat. I got enough skill points to max out all my skills twice over. Its easy, and no stupid save/load crap.
Walk through walls
Assign the spade to a shortcut on the D-pad, then put your back against the fence or door you are planning on pushing through. Then proceed to dig with your back against the wall until you have succesfully gone through the object.

Note:You must be on diggable ground to perform this trick.

Note2: If you get stuck in an invisible wall click the left thumbstick to sneak until you can move through the wall.
Way to beat Jack of Blades
Jack is the final boss, and for me was very tough, i was a warrior, and that doesnt quite cut it against jack. You NEED to upgrade your multi arrow spell, once i did i beat him in 5 minutes. but it has to be done, or just upgrade a magic attack, but like lightning, not like berserk. The first step is his minions, this is actually one of hte toughest parts if you cant use magic, but i found a timeslow/berserk combo works well. then Jack will attack you. it is important to get the first hit, or jack can run off about 10 hits in a row if you dont get up quickly, flourish, and use berserk, its the easiest way. Last he will ascend into the air, how you got to use your magic: use timeslow to slow jacks attacks down, and multi arrow to get many hits on him, if done right, he can be beaten with about 5 shots from a level 5 ebony longbow, more if you use the bow found in front. one last thing, if Jack puts his sword in the air... RUN!! the attack is lethal and can kill a full heath bar in seconds, hide behind the rocks for cover. hope this helps. its how i beat him
Yet another ''Easy Way To Beat Jack..'' and then some..
Well..I see these all over the place, but might as well add my 2 cents..(

Items and Spells needed
Plenty of Health and Mana Potions(I only used mana)

Resurrection Phials(just in case)

Beserk(I had level four..though I doubt you'll need it)

Phsyical Shield(I had level three, though you don't have to have this, though it makes it easier)

Multi Arrow(I had level two..though once again, any level would work..)

Ok, as you start out, Jack is in the middle of the room, protected by a red swirling barrier, with tons of his minions waiting outside the barrier.

1. Leave him alone for now and beat up his minions, Phsyical Barrier and Beserk make this EXTREMELY easy, just keep hammering the minions and keeping your barrier up[mana potions, gotta love 'em]

2. Jack's barrier will disappear after you finish the minions. Now's the 'hard part made easy.' Simply put up your Phsyical Barrier[If you haven't already] and go Beserk, and the rest is just running head into Jack swinging with all ya got[make sure he don't break your Phsyical Barrier] and dodging his attacks when he runs away

3. Now Jack will rise into the air, the stone shards rise up, blah blah blah. Ok, now is the REALLY easy part. Use the Multi Arrow Spell[to know if it's working, your bow should be glowing blue] and hold down the 'X' button until fully charged, then simply release the arrow and two(or more) extra arrows will also hit Jack, if done correctly, about three shots will bring the floating freak down(I did it with an Ebony Longbow AKA Crossbow's suck!) [After a while, Jack summon's his minions, ignore them and keep shooting Jack].

4. Kill your sister and take the Sword of Aeons(550 DMG, hell ya!), and sit through the long and dull credits so that you can continue playing(with the Sword and Jack's Mask as a trophy)

Well..I decided to also add this to the mix..Jack's Attacks!(well, all the ones I know)

Sword Wave
Description: The shiny wave Jack sends at ya
Ways to Dodge: Just keep rolling to the side or, if your lucky, you can roll forward and go under it
Electric Spread
Description: Jack shoots a ton of little electric looking balls
Ways to Dodge: As he shoots the balls, they move kinda slow, just look for an opening or sometimes, roll forward
Description: Jack raises his sword as a crackling ball forms on the tip
Ways to Dodge: For the love of god don't let this hit you, it's his trump card, he uses it alot, and it don't actually touch you. The only way I find to dodge this is actually really simple..get behind one of the stone shards until he's finished

And THAT my friends..is an easy way to bring the big bad Jack of Blades to his knees..


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Berserk Size
Cast "Berserk" size, Save World, then just Load that game and you'll remain gargantuan.
*It actually increases your in-game physical size
To test: Go to Bowerstone North and exit to Bowerstone Prison, (don't move) cast "Berserk" and the doors will open as long as you're that big.
Easy potions
Whenever you find a potion lying on the ground pick it up and do a HERO SAVE after successfully completing the save you can either turn off your console, go to the main menu or kill yourself. Now load up your saved game (or reload if you killed yourself)and go to wherever you found the potion pick it up and look at your items, there will be two of the same potions! You can do this as many times as you like to get as many potions as you want.

NOTE: doing a WORLD SAVE after or instead of a HERO SAVE won't work for this glitch

ANOTHER NOTE: This MIGHT work also for items that are lying on the ground
Go Anywhere Early.
Get a shovel and go to a locked space you want to get through. Get very close to it and LIGHTLY turn around about 90 degrees while still touching the area. Now use the shovel and you will be partly through the door/space. Then turn around to face away from the area again and use the shovel again.

Repeat until through.
Impregnable to damage without shield
O.k First get assassins rush, L1 ONLY. This works good for avoiding the special moves(powerful attacks) of enemies. It works on anything that you can see charging up for the move, earth trolls, rock trolls, jack(for his powerful move, when you see him putting his sword up just keep rushing.) love it! works every time.
Super best money chaet get millions at a time
what you gotta do is buy some houses and rent them all out then go to the xbox console settings and change the time to like 4 years later then go back to the game and wait for a few seconds and you'll gain a ton of houses and if you have a lot of houses you can get millions!!!!!!!! and you can keep doing just set it back a few years then set it foward again!!!!!!


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Arena Exploit!
Ok... I know everyone wants a ton of experience and money. Here is the way to get tons of XP while getting gold in the process. If you do this correctly, you should gain about 100k XP (If u use Physical Shield, up to 150k)

1st-Go to the arena with the quest incomplete

2nd-Buy as many Will Potions you can

3rd-In the 1st battle at the arena,(With the Wasps) Cast Physical Shield and fight until you beat the Rock Trolls and it asks you if you would like to go back to the holding cells.

4th-Accept "Go back to cells"

5th-Hero Save

6th-Load the game back up from your hero save

7th-Repeat, as necessary

Award = 75k-150k XP and 18,600 gold
Auto Dig Detector
Auto Dig detector is a very simple thhing to use.ok, you know where your guild seal shows up on your d pad (hot key) well when stepping on a dig spot where i tem is (DENINETLY) located the shovel will apear. it will show up exacly where the guild seal would normally be

PS: neoseeker ROCKS!
Beat Knothole Glade Siege Quest Before Even Opening Gate
After you have talked to all of the NPC's about the quest except the guard that you talk to to open the gate, Look through the cracks with your bow/crossboy zoom in feature and shoot all of the bandits until they die. Not all bandits wwill be able to be sniped through one crack, for me it took about four cracks. You will know when you have finished if a cutscene of the town cheering for you and the chief rewarding you starts.
Beserk in Arena
Whilst fighting in the Arena, if you use the spell, \"Berserk\" even when your health bar is completely empty, you wont die.
i have no idea why, but u\'ll want to keep a lot of mana potions on you...
Buying already occupied houses.
If you want to but a house that someone already owns, there are two things you can do. You can either get them to follow you out of town, and then kill them there.
And if they won't come with you when you use the follow expression, than you can do this:
1. Go into town, preferably at night.
2. Go into the house and give the owner(s) at least 3 beers (It is amusing to see them so drunk). This will stop them from calling the guards when you kill them.
3. Once you have killed the owners, the screen will automatically say the house is for sale. Go and buy the house, and then do what ever you want with it.
If you want to get rid of the evil points you gained from the murders, eat some tofu or go to the temple of Avon.
Two more tips: when you kill the owners of the house, make sure you do it where the guards can not see. (Unless you want to pay a fine or get kicked out of town). And if the doors are closed at night, just blast the door down and kill them quickly.
Contining on playing (exuse my spelling)
After beating the game you can still play just watch the credits dont skip them either or it wont work.well hope u have fun.

Decapitate Maze's Head
Ok so when you are going to Hook Coast for the first time, there is a magical barrier where you're supposed to go. Then you go to the Guild, your mom gets taken by minions...and fast forward to when you get past the barrier and are fighting Maze. You have to run all over town fighting him, and finally you kill him. But on the last shot, when you're about to kill him, use your bow and shoot at his head. If you have good accuracy, his head should come off. Then you walk over to him and it goes into the cutscene. In the cutscene, if it worked, he should be headless and have blood squirting out his neck.

It's a pretty pointless cheat, but it's funny!
kill as many people u can in knothole glade make sure u have money from the areana then buy a house break the doors and sleep in the hous for three days (not:there can only be 3 money bags outside of your house) if u dicide to sleep more than 3 days it will not do anything for you. after u get more money,start to reapeat what i just told you in other towns besides bowerstone south and north have fun. Don't forget that you need to rent out!!! !
Early Bowerstone North
It's simple just use the dig glitch behind the tavern celler and once you on the other side sneak past(this is important)the guards.

To use the dig glitch you need to acquire a spade (I got one from the trader in darkwood camp)and dig in the opposite direction of which you want to go(useful for getting past locked doors etc)
Earn high renown and money without doing any quests.
"Simple when you know how."

Step 1: Fight your way to Oakvale.
Step 2: Make sure you have the Bright Will User clothing and some damned attractive tattoos.
Step 3: Have at least 5000 gold. (Whatever method works best for you--sell unwanted items like augmentations and restorative items.)
Step 4: Buy the Marital Home in Oakvale, rent it out and sleep at the beach home (where you meet the ghost for the digging quest) for one whole day after renting out the home.
Step 5: Sleep for three whole days in your rented out Marital Home and collect the rent. Buy a Wedding Ring at the shop in town and some other wooing items.
Step 6: Marry a woman. You need her dowry of 2000 gold. You also get 1000 renown.
Step 7: Repeat until you reach "Legendary" status... or until you get bored. Whatever works.

Note: Marrying a guy has the same effect, except without the lovely bonus of money.

Hope you like this tip.
Easiest Scorpion battle in arena!
Okay, you need a strong longbow, not a crossbow because they take longer for the some charge and are slower to reload. While fighting the big scorpion, let Whisper kill the little scorpions. Shoot the bgi one in the eye to negate the effects of his armor. If you hit the eye while its charging for its tail attack you get an extra damage bonus. Use dodge rolls as necesarry to avoid injury. I did it without getting hit and had a multiplier of 32, waiting for a clean shot is a pain in the butt though.
Easiest way to win game
From what I can tell, "Enflame" and "Personal Shield" (used together) form one of the best massive-kill offenses for this game.

If you focus almost all of your upgrade points at enhancing these two items, you will basically be invincible.

This is basically the same combination that Maze uses later in the game, and it's crazy how effective it is.

Just make sure you have enough mana potions, and you will practically never die. Twenty bad guys can be crowding up on you and you can just go *boom* and they all burst into flames. I was creating as much as 500 damage points in a single move at times.

Oh yeah, and the arena? With this combination, you can zip through it like a hot knife through butter. Example: In rounds 1-3, bees will surround you. If your personal shield is on they can't do squat to you, though. Smack your enflame down and *snap crackle* every single one is dead in one single instant.
easter egg thingys
ok, this is strange.

in lynchfield graveyard, there is a small hill in the middle.

if you read the graves, one grave will say: "here lies brom, the storyteller." he is one of the main characters in the book/movie eragon

one will say: "here lies captain sparrow, mutinied upon" or something like that. but it's talking about jack sparrow, the pirate from pirates of the carribean 1,2,and 3. before the first movie, he was mutinied upon and his ship stolen.
Easy Bow of Skorm
Ok for starters dont listen to those cheats saying things like"sacrifice three people or its better to be good or you must go the darkwood cullis gate to receive the bow" I tried doing all those things and it's all a load of bullshit! Now, heres the real way to do it! Start off by going to the chapel of skorm, then teleport to any area where there is a mercanary(for instance, Bowerstone.) Hire the mercanary and recall back to the chapel, then teleport to another area where there is a mercanary. Hire that guy and recall back to the chapel(the reason you have to keap going back to the chapel is because you want it as a recall point, therefore you don't have travel through darkwood to get there.) Now for the hard part, teleport with your two mercanaries to the heroes guild, then travel to the Picnic Area. You have to be precise with this, go to the sundial and look at it while zooming in with your bow,you must wait until the shadow of the hand reaches just a few millimetres away from the zero.DO NOT WAIT FOR THE HAND TO COMPLETELY REACH THE ZERO,otherwise you will miss it and will have to wait another day. Anyway, when the shadow is just before reaching zero, recall back to the chapel and run inside, choose to sacrifice a person and skip all the talking he does. If the guy in black says that you will receive evil in it's purest form, it means you did it a bit too early. But if he says something like you will go far blah blah blah then you receive the Bow of Skorm! Now just cast multi arrow on it and you can kill ANYTHING! Enjoy the dark side=)
Easy Exp.
I haven't done this for a long time but i think this is how it goes. All you have to do is go to the Bowerstone Quarry. when you find that old man that wants you to do stupid stuff to marry his daughter dont. A forewarning it is all just a joke so dont waste 3 hours trying to find the haircut. What i did is get the stupid haircut and junk got p.o.'ed at the olkd man and beat the crap out of him. first knock him out and make sure hes down. keep kicking him for a big cm(combat multiplier), strength points and skill points and he never dies. He claims to tell the police but he lies. i got so many skills off of this i couldnt believe it.
easy exp.,money,and elixers of lives!!!
Okay, this cheat will give you the ability to have a lot of STRENGTH exp. points (not skill or will), money and as many elixers of life as you would need. First start a new game, play through the childhood levels, when you get to the part where you must fight Whisper in the melee ring, instead of blocking her attacks, hit her. It is possible to get about 650 strength exp points in about 5-10 minutes!! After youve done all the child hood steps, go to the demon door and turn on your lamp (in Hero's guild) and get the elixer of life. NOTE: Do all this before going into the EXP shrine for the first time, except for the last bit. After you have the elixer, drink it immediately, then right before you step into the exp. shrine for the first time save and then load the file. You will start off as a child and will have all the gold and exp. points that you had before saving, keep repeating and enjoy! NOTE: Drink you Elixer of Life before saving because only their effects carry over, the potion doesn't!
Easy Good Points, Temple of Avo
If you go to the temple of avo with lots of money, you can easily get the special weapon, all the good you need, and the special "palidin" title. just go there, donate all your money, but JUST as soon as you press A to donate it all, start tapping the A button really fast. this will glitch the game, and you won't see youre money roll off in the lower left like usual, and then the temple will be like " you don't have any money to donate" so say "oh yea" and back out, and you will still have all your money, but you get the good points too! pretty slick huh? you gotta be quick, so save just before to be safe... i don't wanna be responsible for you loosing all your cash! best of luck :-D
Easy Good, Easy Weapon, FREE!!!
Alright, this is exactly what i did. right after i beat the Arena (I Killed Whisper, which helps in this cheat), I went to the temple of Avo. I submitted all my gold, but i didn't donate yet. when all your gold is in, mash the A button. This will submit all your gold but, before it can deduct it, you get back to the podium where you give gold. (In my case) it gave 372 good, The Sentinus (225 damge plus piercing and silver augmentation) and i still had all my gold!

Easy Money in the begining
ok, once you get to bowerstone south in the back of town theres a house up for sale. youll need 1,500 to buy it then rent it out. sleep in the tavern for 3 parts Should be moring agian. then in the moring the doors open go in upstairs theres a bed. well sleep 4 parts and ull get like 125coins... reapeat this until you can upgrade your house. then sleep for 4 parts again you will get more!!!! Reapeat this until you can upgrade it again and again. until you have about 5-10k and you have a pent house. if you want it back go to the sign again and own it again.
Easy Money in the begining (the better way)
ok, once you get to bowerstone south in the back of town theres a house up for sale. youll need 1,500 to buy it then rent it out. then break the door down and sleep for a few days (each 2 times is a day). then in the morning the doors open go in upstairs theres a bed. well sleep a few days again and you will get like 125coins (the money is at the sign where you bought the house)... reapeat this until you can upgrade your house. then sleep for a few more days again you will get more!!!! Reapeat this until you can upgrade it again and again. until you have about 5-10k and you will have a pent house. if you want it back go to the sign again and buy it again.

Note: once upgrade 1 time there should be a trophie mount in the house. put your most expensive trophie up there (it gets more rent money =) )

From: smartonelol To: Readers
Easy strength and Harbinger
Go to bowerstone south, and get a WOMAN to fall in love with you. Tell her to follow you and lead her to the quay. Hit her continueously. As you are not allowed weapons in Bowerstone you cannot kill her. Your strenght will increase so when you first get to the Harbinger you can get it in one (remember to max your strengths).

Make sure you have carrots, fish of meat while doing this. Eat them when your combat multiplier is high and you get extra skill, will and strength points.
Easy XP, 3k Per Short Round
Ok its truly simple. First you must be able to go to Knothole Glade, teleport there and head outside into the first area. This is the part that takes work (And im not sure but you may have to have beat the game to do this). You need to head there and defeat all the enemies, it can be anything from an Earth Golem, Nymph, Bandits, or Werewolves. But when you've cleared it enough rock golems will continously appear there. Attack them and fight (Sword of Aeons works best) with melee. Dont use anything else or you will get less overall xp!!! You need to fight it, and before it slams the ground sending you flying back, use you "B" attack when your sword is flaming. You may hit him but no matter what if done properly you will not take any damage and just go back a few steps standing up. Do this and defeat it. Then head through the arena gate, and come back. The rock golem will be back (The location there hes in is randomly selected), destroy him and repeat the process. He gives 3000 xp in the overall when using the sword of aeons, possibly less for I just use this I dont test it. Good luck becoming stronger!
Evil Boy
A better way of getting a ton of evil as a boy is go up the hill to the kid and bully to get the teddy bear. hit the little boy first, he'll give you the teddy bear then just hit him as much as you like to get 2 evil per hit and there's no nag screen (once you beat up the bully the boy gives a nag screen every hit like everyone else.) then apply the turbo button and tape technique for a while/over night and your evil maximus when you start in the guild/adult.
EVIL DOER'S READ TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
listen if you want enless of those three things then
read this go to Cliff side path then on the quest to
meet scarlet robe cliff side path is where two(2) undead consistently respawn and you can kill them over and over and over while still getting exp and good!!!
Fable- Magical Power Upgrades
Not so much of a cheat, but it's very useful if you're not good with mana. Basically, buy as many Will Potions as you possibly can, and have the summon spell. (Regardless of level) Now, go to a safe spot, away from enemies and guards, and keep repeatadly summon the monster, and watch your Mana Points increase. Once your mana depletes, use your Will Points to revive your Mana Points. And keep doing this until you are fully satisfied with your magic power.

Happy Gaming!
FAST CASH GLITCH (Im not wasting ur time)
First go buy a house (any will do) when bought smash the doors down (or it wont work) then go to a trophie stand in your house and put up your most valuable trphie(can put in cheapest but that is less cash)

Run outside again and sell your house for more
then go back inside and collect your trophie
(the doors will not appear again)
put trophie(s) in the d pad for faster £cash£
Get 300+ XP CM and good points.
After you have escaped from Bargate Prison with you mom, go back to the Cliffside Path where you face the undead.

Bring lots of Will pots and have the Shield Will trick. As you enter the cliffside path the undead will begin to spawn over and over! There the solider one with only 400hp's and a master are higher weapon should kill them in a single hit. I used the Solus Greatsword but I'm sure other will work.

You if you can keep your shield up you can get you CM up to 300 (I got my up to 321 and my genral XP was maxed out) and as a add on you get two undead points and 10 reknown points for ever one you kill which will be a around 1000 so does 999,999 XP 2000 good points and 10,000 reknown point sound good?
Get a lot of money & EXP.
There are 3 ways i usually get a lot of money and experience in this game:

1- Get your stealth level to 4-6 (until you get the expression "steal"), then go to a good weapon shop(i strongly reccomend oakvale's weapon shop) steal any wepons or clothing as desired, then either keep it, or sell it to the shop, if you sell it the shopkeeper will leave it were you stole it from again and again. Do this until you reach satisfaction.

2-This way takes time but is practically permanent: get a decent sum of money(around 20k-30k) and go to a town (One were you can kill people if you are evil), then you can either make the villagers follow you and get them out of town, or kill them and buy every house you can afford. Improve the decorations of the house and leave trophies if you have any, then break one of the houses doors and rent all of the houses, go to the one you broke the door and sleep in it for about 5 days and 5 nights, every house should be already rented, sleep for another 3 days and 3 nights, and collect the rent (remember only 3 bags can be on the rent sign at the same time) of all houses, with that money get even more houses and improve them even in other towns, repeat this and remember that the rent comes out on every day in the game.

3-Finally, in this one you can get both EXP and money: when doing the arena quest, save before entering, then go in and before you go fighting, buy a lot of will potions (only if you have the phisical shield spell) and buy some carrots, fish and meat, go into the arena and fight your way using the phisical shield until you have a high combat multiplier and eat the carrots, the fish and the meat, when you reah the rock golems, defeat them then go back into the cells, "Hero Save" and then load, you should have around 20k (excluding what you used in the food and potions) and a lot of EXP (depending if you used the phisical shield, when you ate the food and if you got hit).
get lots of silver and piercing augmentations
When your saving the archeoligist the second time the front of the bridge is a chest that has a piercing augmentation you go grab that chest then you go the dock go down the steps to find a silver augment then save and load do this until happy with the number of augments sorry about any mispelled words lol
Getting through the Demon Door at Hobbe Cave
The easiest way to get through the Demon Door by Hobbe Cave is to get your combat multiplier high by beating up a villager. All you have to do is go into Bowerstone South, and get any random woman to follow you. Then you must take her to Bowerstone Quay and start beating the crap out of her, until you think your combat multiplier is high enough. This does get boring after a while, but hang in there. And if you want to make the job easier for you, give the person three beers so they don't scream for the guards or run away. Then all you have to do is teleport to the door, and have it swing open for you.
And if anyone out there, who is married to Lady Grey, wants to be completely evil for some reason, just do the same to her.
Guide to all theives
Theives are very unliked so if you dont plan on making any friends this is the way for you. also if your evil This is a easy way to make money. going to stores seems pointless thats beacuase it pretty much is. what you wanna do is give the store clerk like 4 beers and he'll start walkin around and mumblin like some old guy. i did this to the armour clerk in bowerstone. then i sold it to some one. another way is to make them follow you away from there store and leave them there.
Happy Stealing!
When your in oakvale you need at least $6,000.Buy the matieral house first.Any ways in day time when no guards are around go into a house with the man and the wife in it at the same time.kill both of them as fast as you can before they get away or some one eles sees you.when you kill both of them that house will become for sale.buy the house probably about the cost of $6,000.rent out the house and sleep for 3 days go back and get the rent money when you get $6,000 back from sleeping and getting the rent kill another family and but the house keep killing like every family in the whole village and get all the rent.trust me i did this i have 72 million dollers now im ritch do this!!!!!!
Immense Experience
Ok, so just to point out, this trick generates STRENGHT experience. If done correctly, you can leave your Xbox on all night, and it will generate a huge amount of XP.


Xbox w/ Fable (No sh!t)
A Fable Campaign were you are able to talk to lady grey, preferbly right after defeating the arena. If it is after she asks you to marry her, this will not work.
Finally, I STRONGLY recommend a controller with a "TURBO" Function.

Ok, so go to Bowerston North, and go to Lady Grey.
You can "push" her by walking into her or throwing punches when she is not targeted. Push her to her manor, and now target her, and punch. The gaurds will not see, nor will any civillians. Also, you get no evil points! Keep punching her, she never dies, nor does she fight back or call the gaurds.
Keep punching, and eventually you will get a very high combat multiplier, giving you lots of XP.

However, this method gets tiring, to amass a very good amount of XP it may take hours; but this is were a fancy controller comes in... Read On.


A Controller with the "TURBO" Function is required for this to work... If you dont know what "TURBO" is, it keeps sending the signal to your Xbox that you are rapidly tapping a button, when in fact you are simply holding it down.

Do everything in the Simple Method, but assign the "X" button to your controller'"TURBO" (Refer to your controller's manual...)
Now, get some elastics/tape and tape down the Left Trigger, and also the "X" button. If done properlly, this will turn your controller into an auto - puncher for this trick! No Work Required for tonnes of XP! Your carachter atomaticly punches Lady Grey, and though you only get 1 XP Point with a 1X Multiplier, the Multiplier will rise, so with a multiplier of 150X you get 150 XP per punch! Leave your Xbox on all night and you will wake up to several million XP points!


Be sure to tape down the buttons when IN GAME, not a menu...

Feal free to contact me for clarification or comments: amphibious25@hotmail.com
Infinite cash really fast without much capital
It's a basic supply/demand principle exploit. All the traders/shop keepers have items that they're overstocked in. They'll sell them for very cheap. If you buy them out, they have a huge hole in their inventory. The items are suddenly worth tons of money and you sell them all back. This works with produce if you're low on cash, but the best way to do it is buy all the perfume in Oakvale. Sell it back and when you have enough cash to buy all the emeralds, buy them. IMPORTANT: Don't buy items unless you have enough gold to buy them all. Also, you won't make much money unless you're dealing in large quantities, but once you get started, the money doesn't stop. Happy trading.
Kill Arachnox Easy!
When you get to the round where you fight Arachnox, run away until his attention is on whisper. Keep moving so he doesnt start attacking you. lock on to him and charge your bow for as long as you have the patience for. then, when he does the attack where he "charges" his tail, get a clear shot at his eye and fire. He will take tons of damage and, in my case, a 51 combat multiplyer! (you can also use this with the rock golems, except only when there is one left)

Ledgendary katana hiryu
To get the ledgendary Katana you have to have married with Grey.
It is in a 15 key chest in her room.
Lots of money and experience fast
All you have to do is get to the Arena and do it untill you get right apassed the rock monsters and go to the Arena waiting area and Hero save it and load the game again and you will have all the money and experience for doing up to that part
Mage pts
Ok now you'll see here that there are a bunch of ways to get unlimited combat multiplier (my favorite is the drunken housewife beating or some female) all you do is get lvl 1 assassin rush and keep teleporting and punchin her as ur combat multiplier gets higher, u get 1xp per rush but its the easiest to do w/ high multiplier and not damaging the glitch. Really should work because i just made this up from gettin in town and killin shitloads of gaurds w/ my sin rush and pots my multiplier was 78 and i was able to buy all the str skills from that, bounty was about in the millions tho :'(
Max-Out Skill Exp
This cheat is kinda tricky.
1).Get your bow & arrow skill kinda high, this is so you can kill bandits one hit.

2).Go to the quest where you have to sneack in to Twinblades camp. Kill each guard 1 hit with your bow so the don't shut the gates.

3).In the place where you have to get the bandit gear there should be a skill exp potion. It is near a chest. It is behind 2 other boxs. Get that and hero save. Then reload the game.

4).Repeat as many times as you can.

5).Go to the quest where you have to kill the White Monster Guy in Knothole Glade.

6).Go to the part where you have to get the Sliver Stone.

7).Hero save.

8).Get 2 of the Sliver Stones and Put them on your bow. Then shoot the White Monster Thing from a far away. (I shoot him from the place right after you go out out of Knothole Glade)

9). He should die one hit. Drink all the skill potions and any other potions/food.

never pay fines
if you can get your renown high enough you can use the apology emotion or whatever when you break the law use the apology emotion the guards will back away from you and you wont have to pay any fines not sure if it works all the time but it has worked good enough for me good way to stop from paying money and good for when your caught stealing
no timer for hotheaded apprentice race
for some reason when i raced the apprentices time and ran to the guild woods and did the beetle quest when i came back and grew to a teenager i raced him after the three tests and there was no timer so i just ran and one!
Oakvale Money cheat
When you are in oakvale go buy the house thats for sale. upgrade the house to the fullest if you want and go inside and put the trophies on the wall when your done that, stand near the door so that you can stay inside the house and still sell the house. go back inside and take the trophies off the wall and buy the house again it will be cheaper then you bought it for, keep on doing it and you can get as much money as you want!!
Own All of Albion
Start in Oakvale and make sure you don't marry anyone, not yet at least. Buy the marital home and rent it out. Then start secretly killing all the owners of every house in Oakvale and buy all of them out. Make sure you have enough money to buy it all out, or by the time you do have enough money, more people will move into the houses of which you killed the owners. After you buy all the houses, and both of the shops, rent them out. Now for this next part make sure you have like 15,000 gold or more. Go in the tavern and kill the owner, kill the gambler, and kill the music man (and if there is a mercenary, kill him too). By that time, the Tavern will be open to buy, and you will own all of Oakvale.

Then start at Knothole Glade. Do the same thing, martial house, kill owners, shops, then Tavern, then rent out.

Then move to Hook Coast. Same thing, but let me warn you. In order to buy the houses which you put up for sale, you have to have extreme amounts of money. So in order to do that, you must sleep in a house you rented out for at least 4 days so you will build up rent money, and visit all the towns that you are renting out and collect the money. Do this first before you kill any owners.

After you have acquired all of Oakvale, Knothole Glade, and Hook Coast, you are still not done. I just recently found a way to own all of Bowerstone North. It costs exactly 537k to own it all. All you need to do is gather all the people living in one house, get them to follow you outside to Bowerstone Jail, and when they do, kill them all. Walk back in, and that building should be up for sale, then you buy it, and rent it. You can even own the shop too. Do that until you own all Bowerstone North. I'm still working on Bowerstone South, all i have done is owned all the shops by getting the shop owners to follow you outside of the gates and kill them where there are no guards watching. I'll get back to you on B.S.

Possible Skorm's Bow
I know everyone says time matters, and whatnot... "Get three dudes" "Sac them all one after another"

Gah... I hated spending over 10 hours trying to get that bow, I was gonna try one last time I got to the sundial, and started waiting, and my friend (Who had gotten the bow before,) Mentioned that it looked like midnight, and that I should recall back to the temple, (Which, if you have been reading the cheatlist, and whatnot, you would know that if you look at the sundial in the picnic area (Where you fight the queen wasp...) It can indicate what time it is, "In-game."

I looked again at the sundial, and it read exactly 11... However, the little clock in the upper righthand corner indicated (To us) that it was midnight, I hopped over there, (After saving,) and wouldn't ya know it... Skorm's Bow, and over 900 evil...

Honestly, I wouldn't know if it was sheer luck, though, because I saved at the temple, (With that same merc,) and sac'd him about 40 times in a row (From re loading and running to the dude I make the sacrafice to, exactly the same way,) and got everything from "That pitance..." to "The evil you seek..." And anywhere from 16 evil to 228... but never got the bow.. So, I dunno.

Try when the sun dial is 11 at night? (Also, I was damn near pure good... Not sure if that is significant, but there is a little trick where you can get yer good points up really high, quite quick if you have a quick thumb.)

Anyway, Yet another "Skorm's bow" way, Hope this works the way it worked for me.

Quick Will Experience early
Although the undead spawning from Cliffside will give you all the experiences you need, you will not reach Cliffside until you take the Rescue Scarlett Robe quest, which is the latter part of the main story line. You should be able to perform this cheat as soon as you get the "Hobbes Cave Quest"

You are unlikely to get enough experience to get the magic spells that will make this cheat efficient. Therefore, first you need powerful weapons. The 20-key silver chest in the Heroes' Guild contains The Murren Greathammer for fighter, and the 15-key silver chest in Darkwood Lake contains Arken's Crossbow for the archer. They are not the most powerful weapons in the game but they are more than enough for all battles.

In order to get 20 silver keys, use the "Hobbes Cave Quest / Rose Cottage" cheat to get those keys. At the same time, you should get 500 golds each time from the chest behind the cottage - which adds to 10,000 golds after those 20 Save&Load cycles.

Having the required silver keys, you can go to get your weapons. The next requirement is obtaining the Physical Shield magic. This will help you not to lose your combat multiplier. It is preferrable to get Enflame magic if possible.

The last things is to get a lot of Will potions. 50 should be enough to start with. You can buy more from the travelling traders - some traders have as many as 24 Will potions in their possession for sale.

Now, go to the Greatwood Entrance kills all the baddies there. Then moves to Greatwood Lakes. You should have 3x left on yourcombat multiplier normally. First use the Hammer, using hit and roll strategy, to kill the Earth Trolls. It will takes a few hit at first, but once you increases your Strength attributes, 5 to 6 hits should kill the Troll. Then move quickly toward the other bandits (or wasps), and kill them with Enflame if you have the magic, else use your hammer or the crossbow.

AFTER THE WHOLE AREA IS CLEAR (At this time, you should be standing near the steps toward Greatwood Gorge, having just killed the last bandits.), your combat multiplier should be around 15x (21x once you have upgraded your skills and use the powerful Enflame to kill the bandits quick - you should still use the hammer to kill the Troll because that is the quickest way.) Note that you do not want to have any enemies in the region to disturb you to use this trick.

Now here is the TRICK: Arm and Disarm your Physical Shield repeatedly, and as quickly as you can (ie holding R-trigger and tapping the corresponding Physical Shield magic button). Every time you arm yourself with physical shield. You gained 5 Will experiences each time you armed yourself with Physical shield. It is amplified with your Combat Multiplier. Every time you armed yourself will drain your Mana, so you have to replenish it with Will potions. In the mean time, the Combat Multiplier will fall. By the time the multiplier has fallen from 21x to 5x, and after about 15 Will potions, and probably 2 minutes in real time, I get 15,000 Will experiences.

Then you just return to Greatwood Entrance and kill the baddies there, so that you get some Combat Multiplier before entering the Greatwood Lake. The reason you don't use this trick in the Greatwood Entrance is because the highest multiplier I get there is only 13x. Anyway this repeats the whole tricks until you want to upgrade.

Another reason I choose this area is because bandits are easier to kill early in the game. (Maybe you can try Grey House with the Undeads to see if you can get a high Combat Multiplier there). In addition, most of the time you pick up a Ruby from killing the Troll in the Greatwood Lake, which you can on-sell to the travelling traders when you meet one for close to 600 golds.

To get renown choose a quest and take a boast. When you've chosen you're boast step down from the platform and dig. Every time you dig another guy appears. So keep digging and when you think you've got enough bring out a trophie and start showing off.
Note- too many guys will skrew up your xbox so try to keep it under a hundred.
rock golems
i have found the easyist way of kiling rock golems if you stand about an assins rush away from a rock golem thay still through the rocks at you get your melee wepon out and hit the rocks back as thay come towards you jest hit them and thay will hit the rock golem for 400 each time you do this

let me know if this was usefull plz
Shovel as a weapon!
I have checked this out more than once. It really works! ok you need a Spade + a trophie. then show off the trophie while showing it off. dig! simple as that. once hes done it will say you have quit showing off your thpohie. thats when your guys holdin the shovel. to end it pull out your sword.

Note: this is not really a weapon your actually using your fist but it looks so funny.
Skorm's Bow
Here's the only thing that has worked for me, and it has worked both times i've tried.
- Neutral character, use dark will/light will stuff to make yourself neutral
- on the guide Trader quest through the darkwood, take the guy that was bit, go straight to the Chaple
- WAIT until he turns, the instant that he turns sacrifice one of the traders. Both times i tried it work, both at night, and not necessarily midnight, and i also ate a moonfish before trying, though i doubt that matters at all.
Skorm's Bow (Muhahahahaha >.>)
If you are a very Evil person on Fable and wanna rock out with a powerful and very evil bow then heres how you do it.First Teleport to Dark wood and go to the chapel of skorm. Go to Oakvale get that really good mercenary and then go sleep until its about midnight. Then teleport back to the chapel or skorm. when it turns midnight right then sacrifice the mercenary. (you will know when it is midnight because The mercenary will take his pay.) Then The guy in black will say something about going far or well whatever XD. Then you will receive The bow of Skorm. It worked for me and my friend but it may not work for you....WHO KNOWS!?
sorta slow yet it pays off xp
so when u start a new file and become an apprentice u have to do the melee ring thing, so once he tells u how to block instead of blocking just keep hitting her and your melee xp will keep going up.

hope this helped:)

Stay Berserk
Okay we all no that we want to be huge.We'll her's a very simple way.Go (Berserk)then save then quit then return to game and you will be huge!

Warnig:if u use berserk again you will be small again.
Steal with no penalty
Ok, first you have to do the stop time cheat (go to Oakvale gate and cast berserk, assasin rush out of town and hold in down at loading screen, let go after you're back in oakvale) You can then go and steal from anyone and not get caught, to un-freeze time dig or open a chest, or restart the game.I like to fire arrows all around a guard and un-freezing time.
Stealing + Exp!

So everyone wants money, armour, and expensive weapons. Well, easy way to do it. Just go to Oakvale at night time, break into the weapon shop and steal, (Requires Guile 5 or higher I believe) And return to Bowerstone and sell your steals. And repeat the process.
stealing from stores
this cheat work best if your on the good side and you need lvl 3-4 gile !

talk to a shop owner and tell him to follow you he hould wander around after you then take him outside and give him 5 beers he should start walking around drunk then while he has gone rob the stuff easy as that !

NOTE:The best place for this cheat to work is in the oakvale wepons shop as
1. no1 goes in there
2. If you need to fight the guards you can with a weapon
stop time
ok first go outside of a town i think the best 1 is bowerstone walk near the gates until they open cast berserk and assasin rush through the gates while the game is loading the town hold left tumbstick as if u were going out of the town. make sure u go through the gates strait away no u shood automaticly "unberserk" to undo dis cheat simply dig.

hint:the best way to check if dis worked is shooting and arrow if it sayis in the air the cheat waz succecful
Alright... I'm gonna do this in a list.

1. It helps to be aligned with good. (Just as if you're pure evil you can get the Sentinus without spending so much money.)

2. Always sacrafice at midnight, no matter what amount alignment you are. Others say that you must sacrafice at a specific time depending on your alignment but I just did it at midnight with all three mercenaries and got it on the third.

3. Don't bother with travelers, villagers, and others. Just use the mercenaries because they suck at fighting anyway.

4. You don't need to get 1000 points. That is pure bullshit. My first was 120 evil points, second was 96 evil points, and my third and FINAL sacrafice was only 380 evil points.

5. When you do get it... Go beat the game with multi-arrow... So easy!
The Easy Skorm Bow
I got it on my first try

1 go to Oakvale and Hire the mercenary around dusk

2 go to the skorm temple and wait

3 notice that the mercenary takes his pay every so often, well he takes one right at midnight

4 be standing next to one of the followers and when he takes the gold talk to the follow, skip the video and accept for sacrifice

5 the follower says skorm favors you or wat not and you got the skorm bow

you dont need 3 mercenaries or 6good, 6bad stuff, real easy
the REAL easy money
Everyone seems to say that a great way to make money is to buy a house in Oakvale and play around with trophies or whatever, but my method is much faster.

First, make a lot of money at the card pairs table. You'll need around 250,000 gold. It'll take you forever, but it's worth it.

Second, go to Oakvale and KILL THEM ALL!! *evil laughter* Everybody must die, even the bard and the card table guy. You will see that every last building in all of Oakvale is up for sale, even the inn (which is worth a lot in rent). At this point the guards will prolly be trying to kill you, so Slow Time is helpful. Run through town and buy ALL the buildings. NOTE: Have all the money with you, cuz if you leave town for a while, the houses go back to being owned and you have to find and kill them again.

Third, you need to leave town and wait the 8 minutes for your fines to disappear. Go back to town and go to the inn and sleep for about six days. (Now that you own the inn, you can sleep there for free.) Run through town, pick up all your rent money, return to the inn and sleep for three days and repeat.

Fourth, get lots of money with Oakvale rent and repeat the process with Knothole Glade. Now you can run through both towns picking up rent, return to Oakvale and sleep, and go through both towns again. Then go to Hook coast and repeat repeat the process. With maximum level trophies in the marital homes, I make over 50,000 gold every three days when I run through the three towns playing the evil landlord. Each run takes about 3-4 minutes to complete, but as far as I've found, this is the fastest and easiest way to make money. AND IT NEVER STOPS COMING!!!!

Warning: I've noticed that after doing this, people don't really follow me when I tell them to, even if I restore my alignment to pure good. I'm not sure why.......=)
Traders way to level up
when escourting the traders you'll meet this other trader who got bitten. say yes to him following you. then tell him to wait and leave him there. once you get to the end. the guy says you left one behind. Then Hero save. Use your guild seal to to go anywhere. it will say do you want it to load before you started. you click yes. you will be in front of the entrace go in. then all the stuff will be back to normal. even that demon door with that awsome dark will armor (unless you got it before the quest) you can get so much xp speically from that golem at the end. and the demon door gives like 1000 general xp plus 500 for watever your killing them with.
Unlimited Evil Points as a Kid
As a kid, go to the cheating husband. Punch the girl then skip her talking. Every time you hit her you will get +2 evil points. She doesn't die too.
Unlimited Experience.
When you're in the arena,keep fighting until the Rock trolls,save,and when it askes if you want to go back to the cells,click yes.Re-load the level,and re-do the arena,you will keep your previous experience and gold from before,do as many times as you want,but remember,go only until the Rock Trolls,cause you can't go back to the cells once you kill the Scorpion King.
Unlimited Keys
When you find a key,save the game,either turn off the x-box,quit and go back on the account,or click 'Load World' and go back to where the key is,it should be there and you should be able to get it again.Here's a better translation.
Get the key then save the game in whatever world,re-load the same game you got the key in,and it should be there,and you can get it again,and keep re-doing it.
Unlimited Money
Cheat for unlimited money! $$$$$

Buy a house, then set up trophies that u get from completing quests. Then u should be able to sell the house for more money then you bought it. Now try to stay in the way of the door, and still can highlight the sign in front of the house and sell it. If done correctly you should be in the house that you sold. Now pick up the trophies. Now continue this process as long as ya want and you will have all the money you want!

P.S. I am godly at Fable.
P.S. Neoseeker is great!
weild a shovel/spade
first get out a trophy and then dig with the shovel/spade and voila you will now be weilding a shovel/spade this will turn off if you take out your sword or bow

happy cheating
Will XP with Pale Balverines
During the balverine round in the arena, use your lightning spell to get tons of will XP. Dispose of the regular Balverines first, and then use lightning on the Pale Balverine...and then on both in the final balverine round. The spell will do only a minuscule of damage to the balverine but will keep adding up the XP. I did this with a maxxed out lightning spell, and got over 10,000 will points in one battle off of the two white balverines. Just make sure you have plenty of will potions to keep your mana up.

Whisper will attack, but shouldn't affect the spell, just keep holding down the button and the combat multiplier and the XP will steadily rise.