Dynasty Warriors 4 (Xbox) Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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10th Level Weapons
10th Level Weapons must be played on hard and can be in Musou mode or Free mode (Plus co-op).
All unlockable Other Characters :
Lu Bu :Clear any Musou Mode once
Diao Chan : CLear Lu bu act-I
Dong Zhuo :Clear Lu bu's Musou Mode
Yuan Shao :Clear Wei's Musou Mode
Zhang Jiao :Clear all musou modes (also Nanman)
Meng Huo :In musou mode During the Nanman Campaign,Defeat him in a duel
Zhu rong :After you defeated Meng huo a couple of times,she will start to attack then duel her
All Unlockable Shu Characters :
Liu Bei,Zhang Fei and Guan yu: Already available
Zhoa Yun,Pang tong and Zhuge Liang: Clear Shu act-II
Yue Ying,Wei yan and Huang Zong : Clear shu act-IV
Ma Chao : Defeat him at the battle of Cheng Du
Jiang Wei :In the battle of Tian Shui defeat all the genreals outside the fortress.
When Jiang Wei Comes out kill his two Sub-Generals . When zhuge Liang reaches Jiang Wei move near them.He will surrender.
All unlockable Wei characters :
Cao Cao,Xiahou dun and Xiahou Yuan :Already available
Dian Wei and Xu Huang : Clear Wei act-I
Xu zhu : Clear Wei act-II
Coa ren and Zhen Ji : Clear Wei act-III
Zhang LIao : Defeat him at the battle of Shi Shui Gate.
Sima Yi : Clear Wei act-IV
Zhang He: Clear 11 Wei stages in Musou Mode
All unlockable Wu characters :
Wu Forces :
Sun jian,Huan gai and Shun Shang Xiang : Already available
Lu meng : Clear Wu act-I
Sun ce and Zhou Yu: clear Wu act-II
Sun quan and Zhou Tai : Clear Wu act-III
Lu Xun: Clear Wu act-IV
Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao : Clear Wu-tales : the two Qiao's
Taisi Chi efeat him at the Campaign for Wu Territory
Gan Ning efeat him at the Battle at Xia Kou
Cao Cao's 10th weapon
Cao Cao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty setting with Cao Cao. First, approach Pang Tong to see through his trick, then defeat Zhuge Liang to stop the wind prayer. Next, defeat Gan Ning and Lu Meng to trigger the all out attack. Then, defeat Huang Gai to stop the fire attack. Finish the level with your level 9 Sword of Heaven to get Cao Cao's level 10 sword.
Cao Ren 10th weapon
Cao Ren: Level 10 weapon:
On the Siege Of Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty setting, destroy all enemy castle-attacking vehicles without the castle being compromised. Lu Meng will exit the enemy castle and attack. Defeat Lu Meng. Note: Time will be extremely tight for this task. The following is the best order to destroy the four castle-attacking vehicles. Equipping a saddle is recommended. Immediately, run to the south wall. There will be a cloud ladder vehicle moving towards the west gate. Destroy the vehicle as quickly as possible. Then, immediately run to the east wall. There will be a cloud ladder vehicle approaching from the north. Destroy the vehicle as quickly as possible. Then, run to the stone toss vehicle at the south gate and destroy it. Next, run to the stone toss vehicle at the north gate and destroy it. Do not stop to fight enemy generals In between, as there is not enough time.
Charge Bracer :
Effect :charge attacks cannot be stopped
Requirements :Enter the North castle before reinforcements arrive.The supply team will arrive
Stage found :Campaign against Sun Jian
Da qiao 10th weapon
Da Qiao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level under the hard difficulty setting on the Wu side. Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi, and Dian Wei.

Dian Wei 10th weapon
Dian Wei: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Wan Castle level. Defeat Hu Che Er, then join with Cao Cao. After the Cao Cao conversation with Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will retreat. After the castle gate closes, clear the map of enemies for Cao Cao to advance. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two fire blocking exit messages will appear. After the Xu Chu breaks through wall event, Dian Wei earns his Level 10 Weapon.
Diao Chan's 10th weapon
Diao Chan: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Si Shui Gate level on Dong Zhuo's Side. Allow Sun Jian's messenger to complete his task. Then, wait for Sun Jian to defeat Hua Xiong. You must now defeat Sun Jian and Cao Cao to gain her level 10 weapon, Diva. You must quickly do this before your forces retreat and you lose the map.

Play The Battle Of Si Shui Gate level. Sun Jian will send a messenger to Yuan Shao, and you must let the message be received before you defeat any enemy officers. After this, defeat two officers out of Sun Jian, Liu Bei, or Cao Cao. You should receive a message stating "Diao Chan has earned her ultimate weapon, Diva". Then, complete the level.
Double experience :
If player one creates a character and player two creates a character with the same weapon in a stage.The experience that player1 earned and player2 earned will still add to both weapons.
Easy Way to Get Out of Tight Spots
Always you a horse. Even if it's something like Hex Mark, it beats walking, especially if your commander is in trouble.
Elephant Saddle
Go to the Nanman Campaign on the Nanman forces.
Ride a elephant into the enemy main camp (to the North) then there should be a message saying something about a rare item. Go to your main base where it flashed on the map and pick up the red Treasure box. Then defeat Zhuge Liang to be victorious
Extra long musou mode
Ok if you hold the 'B' button your musou will be extra long and extra effective, you can kill everybody when you hold the 'B' button when you have musou, 10 sec.
Gan ning 10th weapon
Gan Ning: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle of Xia Kou level under the hard difficulty setting, defeat Su Fei and Chen Shen. Wait for Zhou Yu to tell you about gun powder on Huang Zu's northern ship. A burning gun powder pot appears on the ship. Go near the gun powder pot. The gun powder pot discovery message will appear. Destroy the burning pot on Huang Zu's northern ship. Then, defeat all enemy generals on the map (Chen Jiu, Deng Long, Zhang Hu, Cai Mao) before Huang Zu's northern ship and southern ship connect. Huang Zu's two ships will connect and Huang Zu's southern ship starts burning (about three minutes after destroying the gun powder pot), with Ling Cao and Ling Tong alive. Note: In free mode, Gan Ning will appear in place of Chen Shen. Defeat him instead of Chen Shen.
Get Max Stats
The first thing you do is do the yellow turban rebelion on easy as soon as you start with someone new until you have his/her 4th lvl weapon the do battle of jian ye on nanman forces until you have the 6th lvl weapon then do the same battle on hard but on shu or wei forces all the sub-generals and generals give you attack+4-8 and defense+4-8 no lower than that and do this about three times and you will be unstoppable exspecilly with lu bu.
Getting Nanman Forces+Meng Huo!!!
(Musou Mode) In Nanman Campaign (shu forces) defeat Zhu Rong and Meng huo in duels to unlock Nanman forces ( Nanman forces is not avaliable untill you finish that Shu forces in Musou Mode)
Guan yu's 10th weapon
Guan Yu: Level 10 weapon:
Kill all the Wu generals at the Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty setting. Make sure that all your soldiers switch sides before you kill the Wu generals.
How to get +10 musou and +10 HP
On the level 'Yellow turban Menace' go to the to of the map.
After you go up the hill, go immeadiatly to the right or left and fall down into the room. A single pot will be in each room. Defeat the boss.
Huan gai 10th weapon
Huang Gai: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty setting, eliminate all enemy entry points before the fire attack, then defeat Cao Ren, Cao Hong and Cao Pi.

Levelling Up Weapons
One of the best ways to level up weapons quickly is to play Yellow Turban Rebellion from the Yellow Turban side. (This means completing Zhang Jiao's Musou Mode) In this map, you will face a large amount of enemy generals from virtually every kingdom. If you play on hard mode you can easily level up your weapon by 4-6 levels in one go, particularly if you have a low level weapon.

Another way to do this is to do Jian Ye (where you fight the whole Wu Kingdom) and keep killing the leaders as they come to you (except Sun Jian) because they will re-appear later until you kill Sun Jian. Then one of his relatives will assmue command.
Life Up +10 !!!
If you play a level long enough there would be a message : "A warrior has joined the enemy",it's mostly a very strong or strong officer and when you kill him he will leave a package -> life up +10
Life+10 evry time easy health
Go to the battle of chi bi as liu bei's forces and on the same boat as CAO CAO in the north west corner of it, there are 4 giant jars, 1 of which has a life up +10 in it, then kill cao cao to finish it.
Opening Edit
To get the Opening Edit in the options menu, you must unlock all 42 characters in the game, then beat Musou Mode with one character from each force.
Red Hare Saddle
Do get the Red hare saddle go to the Battle of Xia Pi (Free Mode or Musou Mode). Do not defeat any Generals, officers etc. untill the Cinematic where Guan Yu steals the Red Hare. Defeat Guan Yu then there should be a message saying rare item found or something like that, it should all so show you where the item is, get the red treasure box and then defeat Cao Cao to be victorious
Shadow Harness
To get the Shadow Harness play Battle of Tong Gate from Ma Chao's forces. You need to kill the 4 generals in the South-East corner of the map first, then wait for Han Sui to meet Cao Cao via cut-scene. Then get Cao Cao's morale to one star. One way to do this is to kill all his sub-generals as well as his troops. It appears not to matter if you get him below that to no stars. You will then get a cut-scene where Han Sui refuses to defect to Cao Cao and the harness if yours after you complete the mission.
Storm Saddle
Play the Battle at Tong Gate. Defeat the four Generals in the bottom right corner in this order Xiahou Yuan, Dian Wei, Cao Ren and Cao Hong(do not defeat Cao Hong's officer)or (Defeat any generals by dueling them. Once you have defeated them 4 run up to the North Western Corner and defeat Xu Huang and Xu Huang's officer (Reccomanded to defeat Xu huang's Officer first)
Then defeat cao cao's officers and drop cao cao's morale to one star the wait for a cinematic with horse then there should be a message saying something about a rare item.
Survival Guide Item :
Effect :Attack x2 near death
Stage Found :the tow Qiao's
Requirements :Rescue in order Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao then the item will appear at the escape point
Unlock Art of War Item
Effect: Increases duration of Power Up items.

Stage found: Campaign against Sun Jian

Requirements: Enter the North Castle before reinforcements arrive.

Defeat at least four of the following generals: Shunshang Xiang, Zhou Tai, Lu meng, Sun Quan and Gan ning. Rhen a supply team will appear at the North Castle gate.
Unlock Body Guards Manual
Effect: Bodyguards become stronger

Requirements: When Xiahou Dun appears don't backtrack to him but defeat the fourth general when Xiaahou dun is near the bridge in front of the fourth gate. Then defeat him when he's near the Final Gate and then the item should appear.

Stage found: Guan Yu's Escape
Unlock Fire Arrows
Effect: Arrows will become fire

Requirements: Before the enemy generals join, defeat Wang Lang's sub general Zhou Xin. Then the supply team will appear.

Stage found: Unification of Jing
Unlock Meng Huo and Zhu Rong :
You must be in Musou mode. Defeat Meng Huo seven times throughout the stage. At least one defeat must be a duel. Also, duel and defeat Zhu Rong. Complete Musou mode and Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will be unlocked.
Unlock Power Scroll
Effect: Never lose weapon dreadlocks.

Requirements: Defeat Guan Yu and Zhoa Yun, then the supply team will appear.

Stage found: Yellow Turban Fortress.

Unlock Way Musou
Effect: True Musou attacks when regardless of life.

Requirements: After you pass the 5th gate a supply team will appear. Kill them.

Stage found: Guan Yu's Escape
Unlocking the Two Qiao's :
Unlocking The Two Qiaos
First complete Wu's Musou mode once. Then choose Wu's musou mode again with any character you desire. Choose yellow turban fortress and complete that. Then choose Yellow turban rebellion and complete that. After that you will be taken to a 'tales' called 'rescue the two qiaos'
View Dynasty Warrior 3 costumes
to see your character's costume from Dynasty Warrior 3, wear their first costume, then face that same character ex. Sima Yi vs. Sima Yi.
Wind scroll :
Effect :Increases weapon reach
Requirements rotect Yue Ying while she sets up the ramp vehicle and defeat Xu zhu when he ambushes the supply camp.Sima Yi remarks on the two plans failing and the nthe item will appear.
Stage found :Battle at Xu chang
Zhou tai's 10th weapon
To get zhou tai's 10th weapon play the nanman campaign at free or musou mode(1 or 2 player)
under the hard difficulty.

First go and defeat Wu tugu before Dong tu ne and Ahui nan defects.After that go inside the enemy main camp and you will receive your 10th weapon!

(Tip : a saddle makes it really easy)


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Boudler smasher in the opening edit
Depending on your choice of character the person who breaks you out of the rock differs, here are the combonations.

If you choose Diao Chan, Lubu will break the boulder
If you choose Yuan Shao, Zhang He will break the boulder
If you choose Da Qiao, Sun Ce will break the boulder
If you choose Xiao Qiao, Zhon Yu will break the boulder
If you choose Lui Bei, Zhao Yun will break the boulder
If you choose Cao Cao, Dian Wei will break the boulder

Have fun!
Easy Combo points
If you want to get a massive combo like several hundred or even the max which is 999 then take a character who has either a good Attack-Special juggle move or one with a good Atack-Attack-attack-attack-special juggle move or even better both! Then find an enemy, a general preferably and keep them up in the air with either of the two flurrys or a mixture!

Hope this helps!
Easy way to lvl up quickly weak characters
If you have obtained decent level Tiger and tourtoise amulets then use them to buff your defense and attack greatly, then if you get more lsots use hp boosting and mabye speed as well, then you can lvl up on hard levels easily.
Trick To Complete Anyones Musou With any Character from the same clan
To unlock everything 100% in this game you will have to play through musou with everyone. Go into musou and press start on controller 2 and select desired charcter to use and with controller 1 select character you hate but need to complete musou with, now at the start of each battle move controller 1 charcter to a safish place and go use your other character. Bingo done in no time and with more fun.