Dynasty Warriors 3 (Xbox) Cheats

Dynasty Warriors 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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4th wepons
1Dian Wei- Stats: HP+84 attack+27 Musou charge+28 element- lightning
Place: Battle at Wan Castle on hord on Wei
How to: Defeat Hu Che Er

2Diao Chan- Stats: Musou+65 Defence+48 Luck+30 Musou charge:+30 element- none
Place: Hu Lao gate on hard on Dong Zhou
How to: Defeat Yuan Shu

3Fu Xi- Stats: attack+26 defence+52 reach+23 musou charge+24 element-Fire
place: surprise attack on Liu Biao hard on Liu Biao's army
How to: defeat Huang Gai

4Guan Yu- Stats: life+87 attack+28 defence+59 Musou charge+25
element- lightning
place: Guan Yus escape hard on Shu
How to: Pass forth gate

5Liu Bei- stats: musou max+70 speed+20 mounted attack+44 mounted defence+52 luck+22 element- none
place: Yi Ling hard on Shu
How to: Kill Sun Shang Xiang.

6Lu Bu- Stats:jump+24 musou+90 life+90 Attack+30 defence+60 element- lightning
place: Hu Lao gate hard on Dong Zhou
How to: Defeat Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Lui Bei, and Gongsun Zan.

7Lu Meng- Stats: Defence+53 bow defence+54 mounted defence+54 musou charge+25 element- lightning
place: Fan castle on Wu on hard
How to: defeat Guan Ping

8Lu Xun- Stats: speed+22 musou max+75 defence+43 reach+29 element- death
place: Yi Ling on hard on Wu
How To: Have Gan Ning and/or Lu Meng alive break through stone warriors formation and them defeat Zhuge Liang.

9Meng Huo: Stats: HP+88 attack+27 mounted attack+54 mounted defence+54 element-fire
place: Nanman on nanman on hard
How to: Defeat Ma Chao, Zhang Yi, and Ma Dai. Or Zhang Fei Zhang Bao and Guan Xing.

10Nu Wa- stats:Musou+62 HP+62 attack+21 defence+46 element-death
Place: Wan Castle on Zhang Xiu's army on hard
How To: Kill Dian Wei

11Pang Tong- Stats:HP+66 attack+22 bow attack+46 reach+28 musou charge+29 element-none
Place: Cheng Du on hard on Shu
How To: Kill Zhang Ren after he surrounds you.

12Sun Ce- Stats: speed+21 jump+20 musou+80 HP+72 element-fire
Place: Assult on Wu territory on hard on Wu
How to: Defeat Liu Yong Tashi Ci must defect.

13Sun Jian- Stats:Musou+76 HP+68 attack+22 defence+49 element-fire
Place:Surprise attack on Liu Biao
How to: Kill Lu Gong.

14Wei Yan- Stats:jump+23 attack+24 defence+56 reach+22 element-death
Place: Battle of Jie Ting on Shu on hard
How To: Save Ma Su defeat all enemy generals go into Sima Yis camp.

15Xiahou Yuan- Stats:musou+84 HP+79 bow attack+58 bow defence+59 element-fire
Place:Mt. Jing Dun on hard on Wei
How To: Defeat Huang Zhong after he charges.

16Xu Huang- stats: speed+21 musou+82 attack+24 Luck+24 reach+22 element- none
Place: Fan castle on Wei on hard
How To: defeat Guan Ping before flood

17Zhang Fei: stats: attack +29 defence+58 mounted attavk+56 mounted defence+57 musou charge+24 element- none
Place: Chang Ban on Shu on hard
How to: kill Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Dun. Then yell at bridge.

18Zhang He- stats: Jump+23 attack+24 reach+27 musou charge+29
element- death
place: Guan Du on Wei on hard
How to: kill Chun Yuqiong with Wen Chou and Yan Liang still alive.

19Zhang Jiao- Musou+72 attack+43 reach+27 element- fire
place: Yellow turbans on yellow turbans on hard
how To: Defeat all of Liu Bei's sub officers and him or the same for Sun Jian or Cao Cao.

20Zhao Yun- Stats: HP+72 attack+25 defence+52 musou+80 element-fire
place-Chang Ban on hard on Shu
How to: defeat Xiahou Dun Zhang Liao and Zhang He. Activate cutscene of Zhao Yun chargeing enemy.

21Zhen Ji- stats: speed+23 defence+52 bow attack+50 mounted attack+50 reach+25
Place: Jie Ting on Wei on hard
How to: defeat Jiang Wei.

22Cao Cao- Stats: attack+24 bow attack+52 mounted attack+48 reach+24 element death.
Place: yellow turbans on Han on hard
How to: defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang without taking or losing any gates. Supply team will appear in river.

23Da Qiao- Stats: musou+64 HP+65 attack+22 defence+48 luck+29
place:You ting on Wu on hard.
How to: Kill Zhang He.

24Gan Ning: speed+22 jump+21 attack+25 Luck+26 Musou charge+28
element lightning
place: He Fei on hard on Wu
How To: Wait for Tashi Ci to be killed by Zhang Liao.

25Huang Gai- Stats:HP+82 defence+57 mounted attack+52 reach+23 musou charge+27 element-none
Place-Chi Bi on hard on Wu
how to: defeat Zhang Liao.

26Huang Zhong- stats: attack+23 defence+45 bow attack+60 bow defance+58 reach+26 element- none
place: Mt Ding Jun on hard on Shu
How to: defeat Xiahou Shang. Weapon comes when Cao Cao comes.

27Jiang Wei- Stats:Musou+74 attack+23 Luck+25 element- lighting
Place: Jie Ting on hard on Shu
How to: defeat Zhen Ji and Cao Zhen.

28Ma Chao Stats: Jump+21 Mounted attack+60 mounted defence+60 reach+21 element- none
Place: Tong gate on hard on allied
How To: Get Han Sui to defect then kill him. NOTE: dont attack Cao Cao or his men.

29Sima Yi- Stats: Bow attack+50 mounted attack+55 reach+29 Musou charge+26
Place:Wu Zhang Plains on hard on Wei.
How to: defeat Zhang Bao. 20 minutes from the start it will apear.

30Sun Quan: musou+68 attack+22 bow attack+49 bow defence+50 musou charge+26
Place: He Fei castle on hard on Wu
How to: defat Zhang He.

31Taishi Ci: Stats-HP+81 attack+26 bow attack+55 mounted attack+51 element-lightning
Place: Assult on Wu territory on hard on allied.
How to: Kill all of Zhou Yus officers then kill Zhou Yu. Kill all of Sun Ces officers and it will appear.

32Xiahou Dun- stats: attack+26 bow defence+60 mounted defence+56 reach+24 element-none
Place:Guan Yus escape on hard on Wei.
how to: kill Zhou Cang Chen Zhen and Guan Ping.

33Xu Zhu- stats: musou+88 HP+86 attack+28 defence+58 luck+27 element-none
place-Tong Gateon Wei on hard
how to: Kill Ma Dai and Pang De. Then go in Tong Gate.

34Zhang Liao- stats:HP+76 attack+25 mounted attack/defence+58 reach+21
place: He fei on hard on Wei
How to: kill Zhou Tia.

35Zhuge Liang- stats: Jump+22 speed+22 bow /defence/mounted defence+55
place: Wu Zhang Plains on Shu on hard
how to: Kill Cao Xiu

36Zhou Yu- Stats: attack+23 defence+50 reach+25 musou+27
place:Chi Bi on hard on Wu
how to: defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang He.

37Sun Shang Xiang- Stast: speed+23 jump+22 HP+66 Luck+23 reach+30 element-none
Place:You Ting on hard on Wu
How to: defeat Cao Xiu

38Xiao Qiao- stats: speed+24 defence+47 Luck+28 musou+30 element-Death(what a waste.... death element could of been Ma Chaos...)
Place:Nanman on hard on Wu.
how to: Kill Zhu Rong.

39Dong Zhou- stats:HP+70 defence+45 reach+25 element-none
place:Hu Lao gate on hard on Dong Zhou's army
how to: Wait until Diao Chan has defected and kill her.

40Yuan Shao- Stats: jump+20 musou+78 defence+54 bow attack+51 mounted attack+46 element-none
place-Guan Du on hard on Yuan Shaos forces
How to:keep Wen Chao alive for 10 minuets

41Zhu Rong- stats:musou+72 defence+52 bow defence+52 reach+26 element-fire
place:Nanman on hard on Nanman
how to: keep Dong Tu Na and A Huei Nan alive for 15 minuets until they retreat.

Arrow Shooting
Archers. They're as annoying as ever when you're playing in this game in Hard or even Normal. Ok, so if they're annoying then why can't we. We have arrows and if a person gets near us we can run so what's the difference?

Ok, each officer has it's own vision range. If you can just get to a part where he can't see you and you can see him. Then you can shoot arrows to him without him chasing after you. Use the T instead of Normal arrows to stun them.
Character Unlocks
Unlock Sun Ce
To unlock Sun Ce, beat Musou Mode twice.

Unlock Gan Ning
To unlock Gan Ning, Go to Musou Mode and use a Wei General and go to the level where Zhang Liao says he will go fight Sun Quan. After a video will appear that Zhang Liao is near Sun Quan then another video will appear that Gan Ning will attack Cao Cao. Protect Cao Cao and defeat Gan Ning. Beat the level. You should have Gan Ning Now.

Unlock Sun Jian
To unlock Sun Jian, beat Musou Mode twice.

Unlock Taishi Ci
Use Zhou Yu and go to the level where Sun Ce is the leader and keep fighting and let Sun Ce's troops destroy Taishi Ci's troops or go destroy Taishi Ci's troops and defeat him after he will surrender and join you. Beat the level and you should have Taishi Ci.

Unlock Lu Xun
To unlock Lu Xun, beat Musou Mode once.

Unlock Zhen Ji
To Unlock Zhen Ji, beat Musou Mode once

Unlock Sima Yi
To unlock Sima Yi, beat Musou Mode once.

Unlock Xu Zhu
To unlock Xu Zhu, beat Musou Mode once.

Unlock Xu Huang
To unlock Xu Huang, beat Musou Mode twice.

Unlock Cao Cao
To unlock Cao Cao, beat Musou Mode twice.

Unlock Zhu Rong and Meng Huo
To unlock Zhu Rong and Meng Huo, beat Meng Huo 5 times then beat Zhu Rong then beat Meng Huo one more time to unlock both of them.
Extra Video
Go to the Replay option at Opening edit screen and hold L and R and press A.You will now see a video of soldiers dancing.
Infinite Combo
An infinite combo is basically what it says. Though this may seem tough it is actually not that hard. It is also not that easy. Juggling requires peace. Juggling while your living bodyguard tries to hit the same enemy is quite annoying. Also to try and juggle an enemy while other enemies are attacking you is also as annoying. So if you want to get a really high combo such as 100 or more try to find a peaceful spot where no one else is and have your bodyguard to defend.

Okay, getting to the fun part. Every character has a juggling ability, even though some are really poor at it. After you get a peaceful place with you and the officer or opponent you want to juggle, go to him and use your 5th charge attack. Only press T one time. If you jump into the air after hitting him into the air then you did it wrong. Keep doing this. This may seem hard if you've never done it before and if the level has many obstacles so be prepared to do it all over again.

WARNING: Don't try to do this trick if you are Sima Yi or Zhuge Liang as they are really poor at it. Zhou Yu has the best juggling ability as his Musou also lifts the opponent of the ground.
Unlock Zhang Jiao
To unlock Zhang Jiao, you have to defeat Zhang Bao, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Jiao. Once you defeat Zhang Jiao you will unlock him and beat the level.


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Alternate Ending
Go into Options, then Opening Edit (when you've unlocked it by completing musou mode with 1 general from each side), then HIGHLIGHT Replay.

HOLD DOWN the left AND right triggers and press A. You then should see an ending with all the unaligned characters (Zhu Rong; Meng Huo; Yuan Shao; Lu Bu; Dong Zhuo; Diao Chan; Zhang Jiao).
BGM Test
At the Main menu, press L, White, Y, R, White, Black, X, Y
Bonus Movies
At the Opening Edit screen, highlight Replay, hold L + R and press A.
Hold Black + White and press A for another bonus movie.
Special Neutral Endings
Go to the options screen and to the Opening Menu.

At the Opening menu, hold down the top right and top left buttons and select ''Replay'' to get the Neutral ending with Diao Chan singing.

Hold down the white and black buttons and select ''Replay'' to get the Neutral ending where Zhu Rong sings.
Unlock all characters
At the main screen press these buttons:

White, Black, X, Y, White, R, L, Black

You should unlock all the characters now
Unlock Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao
To unlock Da Qiao, beat Musou Mode once. To unlock Xiao Qiao, beat Musou Mode twice.
Unlock Diao Chan
To unlock Diao Chan, Go to The Battle At Hu Lao Gate and defeat Diao Chan then defeat Dong Zhou to finish the level. You should have Diao Chan now.
Unlock Lu Bu and his Red Hare (Lu Bu's Horse)
To unlock Lu Bu, you have to defeat more then 1000 soldiers then defeat Lu Bu. After you defeat Lu Bu there will be a suply unit near you going to the north, destroy the Suply Captain and get the item. I suggest you use one of your best character for this one because Lu Bu is very hard on this level.