Driver: Parallel Lines (Xbox) Cheats

Driver: Parallel Lines cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Atlus Racer
To get this Car Complete the Game.
Cheats to unlock with the Odometer
Permanent Motion Blur - Reach 900 Miles on the Odometer
Permanent Night - Reach 700 Miles on the Odometer
Faster Day & Night - Reach 800 Miles on the Odometer
Bodysnatcher Mode - Reach 666 miles on the Odometer
Collecting Stars
50% More Health - Collect 10 Stars
Double Nitrous Capacity - Collect 20 Stars
Double Ammo Capacity - Collect 30 Stars
Double Car Durability - Collect 40 Stars
Free Vehicle Upgrades - Collect 50 Stars
Hot Rod - Collect all 100 Stars
Negotiator Vehicle
To get this Vehicle Complete the Game
Ram Raider
To get this Car Complete the Game
Then & Now (Era) Change Option
To get this Option Complete the Game


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CARSHOW - Unlock All Vehicles
GUNRANGE - Unlock All Weapons
GUNBELT - Infinite Ammunition
ZOOMZOOM - Infinite Nitro
IRONMAN - Invincible
ROLLBAR - Invincible Cars
KEYSTONE - Weaker Police
TOOLEDUP - No Cost for Upgrades