Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (Xbox) Cheats

Deus Ex 2: Invisible War cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Hacking Food Machines
First you need the Black Biomod "Hack" and it doesn't matter what level you are at, now go to a food machine and hack it. Make sure no guards are around, when you hack the bar that tells you how much is down. Before it is about to finish, quickly press repeatly the "A" button and it will hack twice instead of once.

This cheat comes in handy when you are low on Medkits.

p.s: don't e-mail me cause i think its disconnected.
Helpful Hints
Find the mutant and get a sample before battering with Omar in Seattle to get a 50% discount, plus a free black-market biomod. It's in Club Vox in Upper Seattle.
Mag Rail while following the order
Kill all the guards in the room before and throw them to the top of the ladder

When asked to either kill doctor patton or take the mag rail -say ill be careful with it-take the rail- quickly hack the security bot and kill the guard while the doctor is going upstairs go back outside the room and bring in a few of the bodies position them in the doorway up to doctor patton .open the case and the door shall start to close -run thru it quickly and go up to the doctor -kill him however you like-now the order should say their bit-but the rail is still open to steal
objectives help,weapon mods and (secret)weapons(found so far)
destroy bean supply(seattle):if you have the hack mod don't use it on the machine in pequads,wait until you have the cash then hack it

(mako)get mag rail scimatics:
once you get the mag rail case unlocked DONT leave with the mag rail as a load of guard will apear around the factory and the mag rail eats ammo like its at an all U can eat resturant,
you will be able to get hold of one later

weapon mods:
there is a load of weapons and mods in the armory in the hanger(seattle)
there is a EMP mod in the penthouse secret room(seattle)
a couple in the gun shop in trier
in the arcology in the service elevator you should see a power box,break into it and hop the electric gap,behind the barrel a refire rate or frag mod(i carnt remember which)
there is a special pistol in the seattle sewers that has a stealth light
there is a sniper pistol in the trier omar shop
(chuck all the rubish out and you should see it near a corner with more useful items)
there is a great sword in a weird room,in the helios thing,it looks like a energy blade and is on a bookcase

weapon discriptions:
i find this brilliant,equip it with a scilencer snd glass destabaliser and you have a great weapon/tool
i find that you should equip this with an ammo scavenger and frag/damage mod
a good weapon that is usful in the later places,
best given a damage+ mod and a ammo scavenger
sniper rifle:
i have 3 of these and in the early 2-3 levels this is a great weapon,
rifle1:scilencer and ammo scavenger
rifle2:emp and ammo scavenger
rifle3:frag and increased damage
Omar in Seattle
The trick is to eliminate the Omar (if that is your desire) BEFORE uploading the alien data. This way you maintain a preferred status w/ the Omar. (You get the preferred status by uploading the data.)

You can also tell NG Resonance and she will tell the authorities. The WTO will come and kill the Omar, and you keep your hands clean.

Just don't kill an Omar after getting preferred status, or you will lose it. (1/2 off biomod canisters and ammo is hard to beat!)
Red Greasel Hunter Gun
Red Greasel Hunter Gun

This is a pistol with a red flashlight. In Lower Seattle, you can find this under the sewer grate in front of the Greasel Pit Bar and it is near Low Town Lucy and her freind.

When you go down the sewer grate it should be near an Omar Body or it could be under the Omar body

But look out because there are two Karkians (The Gob like monsters)
You should kill them easy with a Shotgun or a concussion grenade.
Special Creators Ending
When in the UNATCO ruins there is a flag near the entrance. (Around where the rubble is, just after the first "bum" you meet). Pick up the flag. Carry it to the toilets down the left stairs. They are just through a door from a room that has what looks like a big Holo-com panel. Flush the toilet while holding the flag and you will be loaded to Club Vox with lots of NPCs, burning penguins and floating data cubes with quotes from DX2 creators.