Destroy All Humans! (Xbox) Cheats

Destroy All Humans! cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Bigger krypto
On the mission were you destroy the carnival before you take out the last tent kill 20 (girls only) to double size killing any boys and you will have to start over
Brains The Sunny Side up Way
Just use the gun that shoots a green thingy ma bobber on farmers and stuff and they blow up and you get their brains EASY without cheating
Hope you enjoy billy bob's brain
Easy Tank Kill
When the army comes cause u killed tonnes of people ,use the abducto beam to pick up a tank.
Spin around in a circle and then let go of the tank while still spinning.
The tank will not be able to shoot you and will probably die when it hits the ground.
If it doesnt die it will be so far away it will not matter.


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at the mission start, pause the game, then hold down theleft trigger and type these cheats in.

(Invincibility) X,y,left,left,y,x

(Unlimited ammo) left,y,white,right,black,x

(unlimited concentration) black,white,y,right,white,y
Extra Brains (DNA)
You have to be on the mothership for this to work.

Hit Pause then: black, black, white, white, left, right, left, right, white, black

Jetpack Gentle Fall
When your up in the air with your jetpack, you'll eventually fall and when you fall you will take a beating, so when your just about to hit the ground, tap A to take off about an inch and you'll land safely on the ground!
More DNA
Enter Left, Right, Left, Right, White Black to receive more DNA. This must be entered on the mothership.

Reset Alert Level
The following will reset the alert level to no alert.

Pause the game then;

white, right, white, black, x, right

"Nobody loves you" will display at the top of the pause menu.
upgrades unlocked
At the mothership menu hold the left trigger and press x, y, left, left, y, x and this will unlock all the upgrades for the weapons you have!