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Dead Or Alive Ultimate Cheats

Dead Or Alive Ultimate cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Adjust camera during Victory Celebration
Press either the Left trigger or Right trigger, Y or X and/or the right thumbstick to control the camera.


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Alternate Stages in DOA 2 Ultimate
Press X when choosing any of the following stages: The Aerial Gardens, The White Storm, The Great Opera.
Change Character Hairstyles in DOA 2 Ultimate
After choosing your character, press X, Y, or White while choosing your costume to change hairstyles. This trick works for Kasumi and Lei Fang only.
Unlock 3 Hidden Characters
Unlock Tengu by beating story mode on easy with everyone once.

Unlock Hitomi by beating story mode on Normal with Ein and by having either a DOA3 or DOA Volleyball save file.

Unlock Bayman by beating story mode with Leon on normal.
Unlock announcer voices!
To unlock all announcer voices... play in Sparring Mode and press the Start Button and select Exercises from the pause menu. Complete these Exercises with each character and you will unlock all ring announcer voices. Tengu's voice is pretty cool. Reminiscent of Shujinko's voice on MK: Deception!
Unlock Bayman in DOA 2 Ultimate
To make Bayman playable in DOA 2 Ultimate, finish Story Mode on Normal difficulty level with Leon.
Unlock Collection Mode in DOA 2 Ultimate
This will be unlocked the first time you collect an item in Survival; Collection Mode becomes available when the game ends.
Unlock Costumes in DOA 1 Ultimate
Each time you beat DOA 1 Ultimate with any character, you should unlock a new costume for that specific character.
Unlock Everything!!!
First, you must have a save from either DOA 3 or DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball. Then on DOA 2 Ultimate, complete Story mode with all characters at least once. This will unlock Bayman, Tengu, and the karate chick(forgot her name). Now, go through Survival mode and collect all the misc. items and three character specific items for each character. Next, pick your fave character and get fifty wins. Make sure you pick up the medal when it drops(the 50 win item)! Now this should complete page 1 of the items page and open the second page. Once this is done, you just need to go back into Survival with each character and collect one more specific item for each character! This will unlock ALL costumes, the booster pack for DOA 3, and a making of... type video. If it sounds like alot, I have discovered that this works even with the Survival settings on Easy! Also, with the second page of items(the one with one more specific item for each) these items drop whenever they feel like it! Usually within the first ten wins. If you get to 15 wins, and still didn't get the new item, lose and start over! Only two of these items came after 10 wins for me, and the furthest I had to go was fourteen!!!
Unlock Hitomi in DOA 2 Ultimate
To make Hitomi playable in DOA 2 Ultimate, you must first have a Dead Or Alive 3 OR Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball save file on your Xbox Hard Disk or Memory Unit. Once you do, finish Story Mode on Normal difficulty (you may change other settings) with Ein. Hitomi will be playable in all modes except Story Mode.
Unlock New Costumes in DOA 2 Ultimate
Costumes-Complete Story Mode and/or Time Attack with each character on various difficulty levels. Each character has between 6 and 19 unlockable costumes except Tengu, who only has 1. You must play Time Attack to unlock costumes for Bayman, Hitomi, and Tengu. Numbers indicate number of costumes per character that can be unlocked based on difficulty level:
Ayane-5 Easy, 8 Medium, 6 Hard
Bass-2 Easy, 4 Normal
Bayman-2 Easy, 2 Normal
Ein-2 Easy, 3 Normal
Gen Fu-2 Easy, 4 Normal
Hayabusa-2 Easy, 5 Normal
Helena-4 Easy, 4 Medium, 2 Hard
Hitomi-5 Easy, 4 Normal, 3 Hard
Jann Lee-2 Easy, 4 Normal
Kasumi-5 Easy, 8 Normal, 6 Hard
Lei Fang-5 Easy, 8 Normal, 6 Hard
Leon-2 Easy, 3 Normal
Tengu-1 Easy
Tina-5 Easy, 7 Normal, 2 Hard
Zack-2 Easy, 4 Normal
Unlock Raidou in DOA 1 Ultimate
To make Raidou, DOA 1 Ultimate's boss character, playable, complete Arcade mode with every character using the default settings-do not change any settings.
Unlock Tengu in DOA 2 Ultimate
To make Tengu playable in DOA 2 Ultimate, complete Story Mode on Easy with all 12 selectable characters.