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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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About Christie
Ok, as we all know, Christie is one of the toughest to be friends with in the game (Tina is the hardest for me)
So... To help you out, here are some of the gifts she likes, and when she likes to get them.

Silver Revolver, Gold Revolver, Terquoise, Sub Machine Gun, Knife, Army Knives, British Bread, Guitar (All Colors), Steering Wheel (Both), and Pistol (Both)
Christie likes to get those gifts in the Daytime segment, and likes to be sent a gift when you return to the Hotel.

(P.S; If you want to get some cool suits, I recommend doing this, because Christie has some of the most expensive (And pretty awesome) suits in the game)
Easy Money
1. First you need Dead of Alive 3. Choice a character that also appears in Xtreme Beach Volleyball's Survival mode. The more wins you garner in DOA 3's Survival mode, the more money you will begin with Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

2. Start a new game. When Lisa offers to show you around the island, select YES. Now, play the hopping game until you reach the first match. Play it knowing that the less points the opposition has, and the more blocks and spikes you time well, the more money you will receive.

Once you win, wait until the next day at the hotel. Select Leave Tomorrow and start the game again with the same character. If you repeat these steps, you will earn 80,000 to 149,000 credits each time. Should you manage to win a game 7 to nothing, you will get 150,000 credits.

3. Select a character with a decent amount of power. Play volleyball in story mode and let your partner set you up for a spike. When the ball is directly above your head, aim straight for an apponent and spike it. If you manage to make that opponent struggle, your partner will award you with 1,000 credits.

Easy Money 2nd trick
Easy Money - Go to the casino and play a slot machine. Use a rubber band slipped over/around the A Button, on the controller.
Now, you can just watch the coins pile up, for as long as you want.
For bests results, switch machines every hour or so.
Easy Way to complete Pool hopping mini game!
All you have to do is change the sensitivities of X and Y buttons, one to the highest possible and one to the lowest possible. Then the one that is really high will be near impossible to do a double jump and the shortest one will be almost impossible to do a single, then depending on the gap size press the according button and your success is guaranteed and the money will pour in!

Hope this helps!
Easy way to make Christie like you and more likely to accept expensive suits
Whoever you are it doesn't matter, when ever you give Christie a present make sure it is something to do with driving eg steering wheel, or any guns and most blade weapons like knives and army knives work well, also black costumes she likes.

Hope this helps!
Ending Sequence
Wait for the credits to end to see an extra FMV sequence featuring Zack and the remains of his island.
Extra items
Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.
Force Replay
Hold L Button immediately after a point is scored.
Get any girl in the Venus swimsuit
To do this you need to send your target girl a love gift every night.
(like items every Daytime & Midday, love gifts at night)
*Love gifts are in the accessory shop and in Zack of all trades

Once you have done this also be sure to play volleyball with your target girl. (If she isn't around play Pool Hopping, Volleyball or just 'rest')

When you have reached day 14 you can either gift the Venus swimsuit to the target girl at midday or in the Hotel.
How not to piss Christie off!
Have you been getting no where with christie even when giving her loadsa gifts? I a sure have, this is mainly because most people keep visiting her but she only likes one visit in person per day so give her a present in person and one in the hotel and your freindship will grow.
How to play custom music!
If you have loaded some music on to your Xbox's hardrive then you can listen to it if you go to radio station and turn off all the music, then you can turn on whichever tracks you want by pressin A when over them, the ones selected will be ticked off.

Hope this helps!
Lock View
When watching a "Gravure" movie or another camera-controlled angle, click the Right Analog Stick to set the angle, and then click the Left Analog Stick to lock the view. Zoom to a desired magnification and press X to lock the camera.
Never Ending Vacation
Choose your favorite character out of the girls and start a new vacation (or you can use the one you have) when the 14th day comes and the game ends, go to the file select screen and the character you just beat the game with should be there. Select that file and push continue, a character select will come up. Select the same person you had before and all of the previous money, swimsuits, items, and accessories will be there and you will also have an option in Lisa beginning your partner. Doing this over and over will eventually gain you a lot of money and you will get all of the swimsuits, items, and accessories to that one girl. YOU MUST USE THE SAME FILE IF YOU CHOOSE ANOTHER ONE AND CHOOSE THE SAME GIRL IT WON'T WORK!!
Partner Gravure Glitch
Alright I saw this on a great DOAX site:

Basically, it works like this: you click "Partner with XX" (any girl) and before the gravure loads you hit Back. Then you go to the pool and select "Take a rest" and you will see the girl you wanted to partner resting at the pool!

It really works.. possibly just another glitch.. or maybe not... interesting anyway. You can now kill time watching girls other than the one you're playing with!
Positions (What to do, and When)
To start off, I would like to tell you all, that yes, it is possible to move your partner! You use the right thumbstick to change her position.
Now, you may be wondering; "Well, how do I know where and when to move my character (or partner)?"
Well, I've got an easy fix (For everone's skill levels =])
If you are a beginner:
Move your partner up to the front of the net, so she can handle the tougher stuff, like blocking and spiking.
For pros or experts:
Move your character in front of the net, to take care of most of the spiking and blocking (You'll get nice points if you time the spikes and blocks right)
Practice in Exhibition
If you need some practice, serving, spiking, blocking, or just playing volleyball, go to the exhibition mode and set it up for one player (Or two) there, now you can praictice alone or with a friend!

Trust me, if you do this, you will get better, I did
If you are good at it, run serve. It gives you 2000 points for a nice serve.
If you aren't good at it, use the overhand serve. It gives you 1000 points for a nice serve.
If you are not on good terms with your partner, just use the underhand serve. It is sure to go over, even if you don't press the "A" button, so you won't lose a point for missing a serve.

I hope this helps all of you DOAX fans score some extra points!
Spiking and Blocking
Go up to the net, and when your enemy goes to spike, hit the "A" button.
Hint: Right before your enemy's hand connects with the ball, that is the time to hit "A" it takes practice, but when you get it, you won't forget.
For best spike, hit the "A" button firmly if, and only if, your enemy isn't blocking. If she is blocking, press "B" you may not get a point, but you won't lose a point.
Hint: When spiking, timing is everything. Right before your caracter's hand hits the ball, press "A" or "B" depending if your enemy is blocking or not. Again, this takes practice to time it right and still make sure your enemy is not blocking, but you know what they say, "Practice makes perfect!"

One more hint before I go:
If you knock an enemy over with a spike, you get 1000 extra points, if you and your partner are on good terms, that is.
Swimsuits In Exhibition Mode
Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode. The swimsuits that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.
Unlock all swimsuits, items, and accessories for all girls
From the hint Never Ending Vacation choose a girl to be your partner. (If you don't have one) Give the girl gifts and when your vacation is over and you select the same file and the character select comes up choose the girl you gave presents to. When you start she will have all of the gifts you gave her previously in the game. When you end the game and choose another person on that file, when you play ball if one of those characters are one that you had saved previously on that file she will be wearing one of the swimsuits, items, or accessories that you purchased. If you use another file this will not work you can only use one file over and over.
Unlock Music Tracks
Unlock the "How Crazy Are You" (by Meja) and "Is This Love" (by Bob Marley) music by finishing the game one time then starting a new game with that saved game.
Very thin bikinis!
To get very thin bikinis pick Christie or Lisa then get lots of money then buy them. If you want to see someone in a thin bikini other than Christie or Lisa then give them to someone else as a gift.
Where are my Swimsuits?
Most of you have played this game as different characters on one saved file, but have gone back to a previous character to find out that all of your swimsuits are gone.
This is a simple problem to solve, I'll give you an example:

Let's say you were playing as Lisa and got a lot of swimsuits. Then, you switched characters and started playing Tina on the same file, and you gave Lisa a lot of gifts. After a while, you noticed that Lisa only was wearing one suit.
You continue the file with Lisa again, and you find that you have only one swimsuit!
You probably bought them all again and never ever played another caracter on that file again.
This is where the fix comes in, all of the swimsuits are in your collection.
Yes, that's right, in your collection, nothing to it.
Now instead of rebuying swimsuits, you can use that money for something else!

Hope this helps a lot.
Winning 149,000+ in a Volleyball Match
(Warning: This requires quite a bit of practice, if you need practice, read my cheat "Practice in Exhibition")
Once you've practiced and have gotten good (if you can win 7-1 on hardest setting in exhibition) start a new game. (Before practicing, I suggest you leave at least one file open so you can start a new game, and if you don't have a free file, just delete one you never play)
Once Lisa is done showing you around, (You really have no choice, Lisa will show you around anyways) play the Poolhopping mini-game until you play Volleyball in the evening segment of the day.
Now this is an incredibly easy match, you should be able to win it very easily.
Once you win, go back to the hotel and go to sleep (If you have a present from Zack (Which you will) check that because it may spoil)
The next day, all of the Volleyball teams should be not hard at all!
Pick easy matches like, Helena and Leifang, Ayane and Kasumi, Leifang and Kasumi, Leifang and Ayane, Helena and Kasumi, Helena and Ayane, teams like that.
You should win every match 7-0, which will give you 149,000 plus nice points and the money you already have. (If you play Volleyball in every single segment, except nighttime, of coarse, by day 3, you should have about 600,000 (Starting with 0 money at the start of the game)
Pretty neat, huh?
Hope this helps you to get a lot of extra money!
Winning the First Match of Volleyball
At the biggining of the game, you will find Lisa (Or Tina if you are playing Lisa) sitting on the pool chair. You'll talk a little bit, and you will be asked to be shown around the island (You will be asked to show the island by Tina if you are playing Lisa)
Once you've learned about the island, do what you want until the evening.
At the evening, you will have to play a volleyball match, this is the easiest in the game. Here is how to win it easily:

Do not block, not at all, even if you are good at it.
Spike and pass only, this is the easiest way to win.
When serving, use the run-serve, or if you aren't too good at it, use the overhand serve.
If your team passes the ball to you, and you don't spike, just press "A" this makes it a lot easier, mostly if you aren't playing Lisa.
X-Ray Vision
Ok I saw this on a great DOAX site:

X-ray Visors: Secret Revealed!
2003-02-26 07:25:04

A girl with a suit on that has some transparency, like the Emu

A colored, see-through visor.

Now, go to the poolside and position the camera and zoom in so you are looking down through the visor onto the suit. The suit disappears, and you'll be seeing stars. Try this out with layered suits and such for different results.
Zack's Gifts
Every night at the hotel, Zack will give you a gift, and, no matter how many times you reject a gift, he'll send you another one every night.
Sometimes, you can send Zack's gifts to another girl, but here's the thing, you don't know what is in the box. So don't send the gifts you can to any of the other girls.
There are also some things from Zack you cannot send to anybody, like the swimsuits he sends you, and two of the volleyballs.
Point is, if you can't send it, it's probably something good.


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Easy Money for Bigginers and Pros
Play a lot of poolhopping until you get good at volleyball (I've won 600,000 from the poolhopping game before day 14 of my vacation with Lisa)
Play volleyball every day in every segment (Morning, Daytime, Evening) and win every match. (By day 4 I had 500,000, I won almost every game 7-0 or 7-1, with the occasional 7-2 with Helena)

I hope this helps!
Interesting Blocking Technique
This is a very easy blocking technique:
Block when your opponent spikes away from the net.
Yeah, that simple, it works to, though not all of the time, but a lot of the times, it does.