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Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3 Cheats

Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3 Tips

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An Easy way to pass the Insaner Paramount Mission
In options. Go to game options and you will see a place called, Timing. Press left and make it to -8. Now, go to Challenge Mode and go to the Paramount Missions[if unlocked], and select the Insaner mission. It will now be way easier to get goods then when the arrow timing is at 0.
Submitted by: Russell Barnes on January 14, 2006
Extra Points in Quest Mode
This is likely more of a bug/glitch in early versions, but while playing Quest Mode, if you keep stepping on any step during a song, even if it's not on a corresponding step arrow, your score will keep going up slightly. It's not very much (only .02-.05 points each time) but it can add up quickly!
Submitted by: DCRage on November 18, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3 Cheats

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Unlock all songs
To unlock all of the songs that you don't have, go to the credits game (options.. credit options..) and instead of doing the correct steps, do the opposite. For example, if there is an up arrow, press as if it's a down arrow. Keep doing it and you should hear an applause even though it seems like you're failing. Once the credits game is done and you've done all of the opposite steps, you will unlock all of the songs you do not have one by one.
Submitted by: vannessa on December 27, 2005
Unlock Dancers
To unlock the dancers B' & Honey, play Quest Mode and buy the puzzle pieces to complete each puzzle (roughly 144 in all, 72 for each). When a puzzle is completed, that dancer is unlocked.
Submitted by: DCRage on December 15, 2005
Unlock The Legend of Max
To unlock this song, simply play all the songs in the game (that are currently unlocked). You don't have to clear them, just play them. And here's a tip for anyone playing this song: slow the arrow speed down to 0.5 because it's insanely fast, even on beginner.
Submitted by: 0fullmetal0 on July 04, 2007