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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (Xbox) Cheats

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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1 hit knife kill
Use B to perform the deep stab attack and connect it at the right time with their head for an instant kill.
Best terrorist combo
well, when you are a terrorist, exit the buy menu and say follow me, then go back to the buy mode and get the pistols wich come in 2 the buy a defender or the one next to it and then buy a kelvar and helmet followed by all the grenades possible, trust me , it really helps me.
Better Aiming
Every time you shoot (with a automatic gun) don't hold the fire trigger. That makes your crosshair go out of control. So only shoot 2-4 bullets every tap but when your close, go beserk.

Cheap enemies for terrorists
Got a cheap CT that you can't find or that won't die? If in a demo. game plant the bomb and hide in a corner. If in hostage res. then shoot or kill one hostage(you may lose a bit of money, but you'll get it back once you kill the CT.)
Don't Be Scurred!
Don't be scared to walk around a hallway. If you're out of flash grenades and come across a hallway or passage you're not sure about, storm in. Sometimes you'll surprise the enemy. Sometimes you'll die.. But if you go in with your senses alert, most of the time you'll come out victorious!
Faster Silencers
When equiping a silencer, hit the "B" button to start to equip it, and then change weapons. Change back to the weapon with the silencer and it'll be on. This saves a lot of time, or can save your butt on the battlefield!
Flash Grenades
Flash grenades are in the game for a reason. Whenever you are about to go into a room that you're not sure about, toss one of these babies in there and quickly rush in. If you're a terrorist and are protecting a bomb, throw a flash grenade where the counter-terrorists are coming from. Make sure to turn your head or get behind cover or it'll blind you too!
Grenade Probing
Always buy an explosive grenade even if you don't use them much because if you think someone is in a place thats got them backed into a corner you can make sure by throwing a grenade in the vacinity as the damage can gothrough walls and doors then you check your round stats quickly to see if the damage has increased.
Invisible Wall On Militia
Start as a terrorist. Buy whatever you want and go behind the house to the fourth sewer. There will be two small rocks. Jump on top of the big one. Crouch and stand beside the wall looking toward the third sewer. Slowly walking forward, if you get stuck keep going till you're in. If you have questions ad me on Xbox live DEATHZONE666.
M4A1 SIlencer info
Many people argue the toss about whther or not to use this gun with the silencer. The pros and cons are this:

With Silencer its less accurate but you have less recoil plus the bonus of less chance or being spotted as they can't hear you fire.

Without silencer its more accurate and does more damage but the recoild is slightly more plus you can be heard very easily as it is one of the louder gunds without the silencer.
Purple hair
Enter PlumRugOfDoom as your profile name and play prodigy and all of the terrists will have a purple streak in their hair!(other people can't see it) This also works on x-box live!
Your Team Get`s Guns But The Other Team Does`not
You ever wish you and your team get guns and wish that the other team just have knives? I have the solution! Just go to the bot options and for equip ment select no to everything. Now start game buy something you want your ally to have an toss it to them you may need to set freeze time to 15. NOTE: Your teammates may get killed and drop their gun meaning an enemy can find it and pick it up!


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Alternate costume
Pause the game and press Left, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right.

Note: This code cannot be enabled in Xbox Live! sessions.
Identify friends or foes
Pause the game and press Right(3), Up, Down, Left.

Note: This code cannot be enabled in Xbox Live! sessions.
No clipping mode
Pause the game and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up. Note: This code cannot be enabled in Xbox Live! sessions.
Not targeted by enemies
Pause the game and press Left, Right(2), Left, Up, Down. Note: This code cannot be enabled in Xbox Live! sessions.
Purple Haired Terrorists
Enter PlumRugOfDoom as the name of your profile.
Shaky Game Text
Enter !!UNDONE!! as the name of your profile.