Crash Nitro Kart (Xbox) Cheats

Crash Nitro Kart cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Unlock Dingodile
To unlock Dingodile, beat the Red Gem Cup.
Unlock Fake Crash
In adventure mode, do 50 turbo boosts in any track with the evil team.
Unlock FMV Sequences
Accomplish these tasks as either Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex:
Challenging Geary-Win twelve trophies
Challenging Krunk-Win three trophies
Challenging Nash-Win six trophies
Challenging Norm-Win nine trophies
Challenging Velo-Get four keys
Defeat Velo with 100%-Get four keys, thirteen Relics, and one Scepter
Defeat Velo without 100%-Get four keys
Geary Loses-Get four keys
Krunk Loses-Get one key
Losing to Velo-Get four keys
Nash Loses-Get two keys
Norm Loses-Get three keys
Movies will be available in the Extras menu.
Unlock Hyper Spaceway Arena
Finish all 16 races in Adventure mode in 1st place.
Unlock N. Tropy
Beat all N. Tropy ghosts in Time Trial mode.
Unlock Polar
To unlock Polar, beat the Blue Gem Cup.
Unlock Pura
In adventure mode, do 50 turbo boosts in any track with the good team.
Unlock Real Velo
To unlock Real Velo, collect two Sceptors.
Unlock Terra Dome Arena
Collect all Purple tokens in Adventure mode.
Unlock Zam
To unlock Zam, beat the Purple Gem Cup.
Unlock Zem
To unlock Zem, beat the Green Gem Cup.