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Conker: Live and Reloaded cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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10 lives
In the barn boys chapter with the roddent who whats cheese, in the cheese corral there is a section on the back were you can find 10 lives simply by jumping on the cheese in the back until you see a light bulb then by pressing b you should breack of a chunck and there will bye a tail hangging on the wall worth 10 lives.
5+ Hit Combo
It is possible to swing your sabre more than 3 times with the Sneeker. Play around with the timing and you will discover that it is possible to execute 4, 5, 7, 9, 12 + combos. Once mastered, this gives you a small advantage over others that may just give you the edge you've been looking for.

NOTE: According to Xbox Live myths, the largest combo ever done was 72 hits!
better to use
Dead at the beach:better use a thermophile(use acid) when your SHC At the Tediz Use A Grunt
The fortteress:Both sides use the sneeker
Tedistein Assault:At The SHC USE A Grunt at the Tediz go on top of the Cliff at Tediz Castle Use a demmolliseur to blow people off
4 th Mission:Both sides use the Grunt
Three Tours:both sides use the sneeker
T.M.S SPAMONO:BOTH SIDes USE THE LONG RANGERS AND Sneekers(to open the doors)
the fosse:Both sides use the sky jockey
Changing to enemy as sneeker
To do this,you must first get an upgrade.

Now,go to a really high place,use disguise,and jump!

If you dont change back to the character you where using,it worked.

NOTE:This could take awile.
NOTE:The enemy will still attack you.
Cursing problem
As a grunt, get an upgrade and take out the Hogster. Next, press Y until it cycles around to the Hogster again. If you do it fast enough, your guy will keep saying stuff like "Sh*t,wohoo!*bleep*!, and other curse words.
Double Jump as a Sneeker
If you need an extra boost up a wall, either
jump at or against a wall and press jump once
more. This will cause the Sneeker to kick-off
the wall and basicly add a second jump.
Dumbot Lables
For easy dumbot recognition,
Name the first 8 slots:
T 01 (Tedi number 1)
T 02
T 03 (and so on).

Name the rest:
S 01 (Squirrel number 1)
S 02
S 03 (and so on)

This will make the Tediz bots named
T 01-08, and the SHC S 01-08!
Doing it the other way around will make
the Tediz S 01-08, and vis-versa.
Keep in mind when playing Co-op, a few
names may switch sides!

Good hunting!
Easy CP
Be a Demolisher and then get an upgrade. Go to the enemy mobile unit terminal and use your strayfur to destroy it. When it breaks, keep shooting it and you will keep getting CP.
Easy cp points.
On the level ditch get in a mule 52 and fly over the opposite base. go up as high as you can and start dropping bombs on the opponents. for best results position yourself above a respawn area and fire away. TAKE THAT TEDDIZ!!!
Faster reload (Grunt)
The Grunts main weapon is the Sturm 21. This gun has three fire modes - Burst, Auto, and Dum-Dum. When you press the 'A' button to reload in Auto or Burst mode, it takes about two seconds to reload. When you reload in Dum-Dum mode, it takes about half a second to reload.

So, when you're in a fight and you need to reload, then quickly switch to Dum-Dum shots to reload, and then switch back and continue firing.

This trick is very useful as it gives you an advantage over your opponent - Don't give them time to regroup!
Glitch on The Fortress
To begin, start a game with the level, The Fortress, choose either a sky jockey or a sneeker (the reason being is because they can fall great distances without taking damage, remember, just press A to activate the Sky Jocky's parachute) walk over to the are with the bridge in the base close to the respawn point, there should be a wall near that area with bars crossing horizontally. Keep jumping over and over again (into) it an eventually you will fall through it and either get stuck in the wall behind it or get completely pushed through, if that happens, you will find yourself in a strande as glitch world around the actuall game area
Guns and More
Grunts:there small But Have a powerful gun that shots 50 shots it's a Killing Machine And Goes fast with It. upgrade:A Some sort of a Bomb Gun It's good but it's too slow (Shooting And Running) With it.
Sneekers:They Always Play Offensive And a Good Sabre that's Cut Heads Off Or Faiths the others A SECOND sword is a small one but you can throw them around,There's also one that opens doors at missions,Another repairs machines(i think)There upgrade is deguissing themselfs as the ennemie
Note:Hide yourself before doing that and the ennemie will think you a tediz or a SHC
Thermophiles:There insane,Nuts,Bitchs but they have a simurator that can fire Fire or acid there Upgrade is a large gun that's make you move slow that's shoots Lava
Long Rangers:There Are Deffensive their gun a windowmaker IS A Long Distance shoot you can take on players don't move there upgrade Is liked the sky jockey's gun they have a vision laser too for distance
Sky Jockeys:There Pilots you can drive a Destrier or any flying stuff they have a 50 cp Gun that shoots 20 shoots they don;t have a upgrade note:there only on missions with vehicules
dEMOLLISEURS:They have a Bazzoka Insane blow off the ennemie become crazy and squish the ennemies to shreds there upgrade is a gun that can shoot 150 shoots slow,but powerful
Indefinite Invisibility
When playing multiplayer as a sneeker turn on your invisibility and once you are invisible change your special skill to any of your other special abilities and you will now remain invisible with no time limit. If you attack or take damage you will be reavealed as usual though.
kill armored goblin things in 1 hit
run towards goblin thingy and when ur about 2 feet away from him hit the R trigger 3 times while still running, you should do a three hit combo and the last hit will knock him up into the air and he will crash into the ground and explode in 1 hit.
quick beat bech dead lvl.
on the lvl beach dead be a flamethrower. then switch to acid(hold L then hit right) and burn the blokades easily. NOTE you cannot kill the bad guy like this so hit start and go to switch class and be a rocketeer to kill von tedinstien quickly.
Sky Jockey Cliff-Jumping
As you already know, on the default controls
(Emily) you press B to bail out of an aircraft
then A to use the parachute...but...you may
not realize the parachute feature works while
falling, whether or not you just bailed out or
if you just started to fall to your doom.

Related Tip:
A nifty place to use it is up in the towers in
Doon, as SHC, so as to get to the Tediz vehicle
hanger early on and wreak havok on all with the
suicide bombing...
Ok...if you're low on health and being stormed by enemies hold a grenade. You will blow-up with the rest of every1!

NOTE 1: this only works in 2 players mode/live.

NOTE 2: you will be legs with intestines spewing out everywhere & enemies are gone.
When you first meet death, he'll tell you about squirells tails. when you go to get the first one, look around for the tombstones. When you find them, press the "L" trigger for first person view, the tombstones say:


Then go to where the tail is and look at the tombstones, once again, press "L" to look at the tombstones, these ones say:


I'm not sure if the N64 version has words on them, If they do, send me an email.


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Beach Dead Jump
On Beach Dead, If you are a Sneeker. You can jump over the barrels at the first blockade. Also you can jump up to the left-hand tower by jumping up to the grayish piece of Rock on the Tower's side
Debug Mode
In the Chapters menu press left trigger, right trigger, black button and start together and it will go through every level and cinematic movie in the game! When it goes through the levels be careful not to get hit by any enemies or the system will freeze up. enjoy!
Easy Rocket Kills (As Thermo)
I can't remember their name but choose the thermo, when you find a rocket bear/ squirril (I don't know if it works when your a tedi, I've always done it as a squrril) when they're holding their rocket, run up close to them while shooting fire, get close enolgh until they start to go burzerk, run backwerds while still shooting it, then it should go back to normal. keep going back and forth untill it's dead, every once in a while, it'll shoot the ground when you're right next to it and suicide, but it's not going to happen often, but that might only happen with tediz rockets and maybe not SHC, the SHC rockets might do it more often.
Infinite Snoopa's
1) Be A Sneeker

2)Get A Upgrade

3) Use your snoopa

4) Disguise yourself for 3 secondes

Then you will have a snoopa each time you do this
Invincible Steed
In the multiplayer section of Conker: Live and Reloaded, it is possible to make your steed completely invincible.

This MUST be done on Xbox Live - it doesn't work on Dumbots. Firstly, get into a Steed, and land in front of a wall. Now, simply shoot rockets at the wall. The explosion of the rockets should be damaging your steed. Continue shooting the wall, until you explode. Your Steed will remain landed in front of the wall, but your character will die. Respawn, and run back to where you originally landed your steed. Now, just hop into it and you will be completely invincible! It seems crazy that such a thing should work, but it does.

NOTE: Do not get out of your steed - as soon as you do so it will exploded. It is recommended that you eject instead of landing and exiting.
KILL invincible Steeds!
Once you know that someone is using an invincible Steed, simply leave the match.

The, rejoin the match (it's easier to do with a Long Ranger). 99% of the time, you will be able to find the invincible players 'ghost' somewhere on the map - it will just be standing still! So just kill the 'ghost' and their plane will be destroyed.

The reason it is easier to do with the Long Ranger is because you can use your infra-vision goggles to help find the ghost.
Use any class (Xbox Live)
On Xbox Live, it is common to join a game, only to find that your favorite class has been disabled by the host!

In order to overcome this, there is a simple trick that must be mastered. In this walkthrough, I will use to example classes - the Sky Jockey and the Long Ranger. In the class select screen, the Sky Jockey is to the RIGHT of the Long Ranger.

So lets say that the Sky Jockey is marked out by a big red 'X', but the Long Ranger is available. Join the lobby AS A LONG RANGER. The game must be in progress. Now, quickly press A, B, Right. The 'A' will make you ready-up, the 'B' will take you back to the class select screen, and the 'Right' will select the Sky Jockey.

NOTE: This must be done incredibly quickly. It is also possible to skip more spaces by pressing A, B, Right, RIGHT. Left can also be used. Enjoy.