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Championship Manager: Season 02/03 Cheats

Championship Manager: Season 02/03 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Easy wins
Before playing a match, select "Add Manager", and choose to manage the team that your original team is playing next. Change their tactics and switch their positions, leaving no goalie. After the match has finished, choose to retire as a manager, then repeat the steps for your next opponent.
Get Any Player
Select a rich club and buy the player you want for at least £6,000 more than his value. Keep offering a little more if they do not accept at first. Next offer him a contract of any amount. This only works if your club has a good reputation.
Good players
If u want to start with a team in a lower league here are 3 good players to buy that will cost no more than £250,000. The first is a goalkeeper called Moísés he plays for CD Calahorra. He is a very good keeper in the lower league and cost me £26,000. The second is a winger called Armando Invernón from Real Avilés Industrial CF. He costs about £100,000 and if you buy him with a perm team his value goes up to £8.5mill. The last is a striker called Toboso from CD Logronés. He cost me £70,000. I am Accrington Stanley and i am top of the conference. Toboso is the top scorer with 16 goals in 10 games.
Recommended Players
Kris Taylor (wait until 2004 before buying him)
Frank Baumann
Daniel Andersson
Willy Sagnol
Martin Djeton
Vinicio Espinal
Inacio Pia
Daniel Osorno
Zoltan Sebescen
Stephane Dalmat
Bernardo Romeo
Edwin Congo
Ludwig Freden Klenfelt
Tomas Rosicky
Steve Harper (willing to drop down a few divisions and is only 800K at the start)
Vincenzo Montella
Hernan Jorge Crespo
Patrick Kluivert
Julio Ricardo Cruz
Paul Matthijs
Alex Notman
Darren Fletcher (wait until 2003)
Pierre Wome
Vinicio Espinal (buy him midway through first season)
Willy Sagnol

The following are good players for Division One and the Premiership:

Omer Riza (West Ham.)
David Healy (Man. U.)
Martin Palermo (Boca)

Try buying the following players:

May be worth £25,000,000 after a few years:

Julian Gray
Fausto Rossini
Arjen Robben
Kahveci Nihat
Giacomo Cipriani

More to consider buying:

Raul Estevez
John Convery
Stephen Crainey
Alan Smith
Julius Aghahowa
Joe Cole
Jamie Smith
Jairo Fernando Castillo
Aydin Musa
Csaba Feher
Dmitry Parfenov
Denis Yevsikov
Sergey Semak
Diego Quintana
Jorge Luis Anchen
Michael Ballack
Hatem Trabelsi