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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (Xbox) Cheats

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Trevor BelmontYou have to finish the game and name your self: @TREVOR


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extra I.D pocket
in the aqueducts, there's a room with a bit of wall that is red. Keep hitting the wall until you can go through the door behind the rock. Keep going till you get to a room with a deck box. Pick it up. now you have 1+ space in your summons list.
How to Defeat the Crazy Armor
1: Keep attacking it
2: Then you have to run around behind it and attack it
3: If you have low health, heal yourself
4: Then when you fight him one more time, I recommend jumping up in the air and attacking his head.

*If you steal from him after you beat the game, you get Gallite*
How to steal from a Thunder Demon
1:First, attack it multiply times in the air
2:When it blocks, the circle will turn purple and steal the item
*The thunder stone is used to make an Electric Guitar*
How to steal from an Efreet
1:First, you damage it until its weak
2: Wait until it explodes while grabbing
3: Move the control stick and break free
4: That's your chance to steal from him
*The material is good and its used for really good weapons"
When you're fighting the Wyvern (dragon with no front legs), get it to dig it's head in the ground. Go up to the front of the dragon and jump on its back. It will jump up and start flying (if your on its back) so keep beating it up until the target turns purple (just before it drops you) and steal, a shortcake! Then it will drop you and you will fall from a very high height (it won't hurt you, so don't worry about getting hurt). After that it won't dig it's head in the ground.
Steal from Dracula (1st form)
1:When Dracula attacks you, dodge him.
2:Go behind him and steal
3:You will get tomato juice
*It doesn't heal that much*
Steal from Dracula (2nd form)
1:Wait until Dracula Attacks
2:When he glides and slams his fist in the middle, you are able to steal from him
*Dracula in his 2nd form has Blood, a material*
When you are fighting the undead diver and his giant fish, keep hurting the diver until his life is at least half or more/ less of the yellow life bar, than he stops getting off the fish, then he will stay on his fish. When the fish starts to cross the floor, lock on to the diver, the target should be purple. When he gets close enough, jump up high enough to steal, if you steal from him, you'll get a sushi. It heals you, just like the cake you get from the dragon.