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Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Xbox) Cheats

Buffy The Vampire Slayer cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Beat Up Everyone In The Gang Meeting
At the Extras scene enter the following code: YY-White-Black-black-YYYYY-white-black. Then, enter any arena, then exit it. Go back to story mode. Enter gang meeting 6 or 7. Then, press start on the other controller to be Spike or Angel. You can beat up everyone in the library, including Buffy. And if, you're playing as Angel, you can kill her with his special attack. (Not biting.)


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Fight The Master in Arena Mode
To get to Arena Mode
Go to the Extras menu and press:


You will have the option of 4 arenas, each with different enemies that you have to beat. One of them is Dark Slayer which is Buffy but in a darkish mode. If you want to challenge yourself, in arena 3 is The Master.


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Multi-player Story Mode
Enable the "Bonus arenas" code. Select any arena, then exit out of it. Load a saved game and begin a game in story mode. Press Start on controller two when a major character is encountered during the game. If more than one major character is encountered in a scene, press Start to scroll through those that are controllable. Controller two can now be used to control that person. Press Back on controller two to stop controlling them. Note: You can also control Bosses.
Play as Dark Buffy in Arena

To see what it's like to play as evil Buffy, go to the Extras screen and enter this code: BLACK, WHITE, Y, Y, BLACK, BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, BLACK, WHITE, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, WHITE, WHITE.
Slayer Power
Enter this code in the Extras Screen
To get Slayer Power type in Y Y Y Black Black Black Y White Black Black White Y
Unlimited Health

To get unlimited health, go to the Extras screen and press: Y, WHITE, BLACK, BLACK, WHITE, Y, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK, Y, Y, Y. A scream will greet you.
Unlock New Arenas

To unlock new arenas, go to the Extras menu and press Y, Y, WHITE, BLACK, BLACK, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, WHITE, BLACK. A screem well confirm your cheat.