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Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2: Chaos Bleeds

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2: Chaos Bleeds (Xbox) Cheats

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2: Chaos Bleeds cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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More Unlock Mulitplayer Characters
Beat Mission 8 with Professional Rating

Zombie Soldier:
Beat Mission 9 with Professional Rating

Beat Mission 9 with Slayer Rating

Beat Mission 10 with Professional Rating

Beat Mission 10 with Slayer Rating

Zombie Gorilla:
Beat Mission 11 with Professional Rating

Joss Whedon:
Beat Mission 12 with Professional Rating

Beat Mission 12 with Slayer Rating
Unlock Multiplayer Arenas
Beat Mission 2 with Slayer Rating

Beat Mission 8 with Slayer Rating

Beat Mission 11 with Slayer Rating
Unlock Multiplayer Characters
Male Vampire:
Beat Mission 1 with Professional Rating

Female Vampire:
Beat Mission 1 with Slayer Rating

Zombie Skeleton:
Beat Mission 2 with Professional Rating

Zombie Demon:
Beat Mission 3 with Professional Rating

Beat Mission 3 with Slayer Rating

Bat Beast:
Beat Mission 4 with Professional Rating

Zombie Devil:
Beat Mission 4 with Slayer Rating

Beat Mission 5 with Professional Rating

Psycho Patient:
Beat Mission 6 with Professional Rating

Sid the Dummy:
Beat Mission 6 with Slayer Rating

S&M Slave:
Beat Mission 7 with Professional Rating

S&M Mistress:
Beat Mission 7 with Slayer Rating

More to come as I find them!
Unlockable Items
To unlock Characters and Maps for the Multiplayer, and Unlock Videos in the Extras Section, Complete the Level listed below. To unlock all items, collect all the secrets in the Level.
Comic Book, Demon 4 Multiplayer-Complete Level 5
Ethan Rayne Interview, Demons 2&3 Multiplayer-Complete Level 4
Ethan Rayne Voice Overs, Vamp 4&5 Multiplayer-Complete Level 10
Giles Interview, Vamp 1 Multiplayer-Complete Level 1
Giles Voice Overs, Vamp 2 Multiplayer-Complete Level 7
Joss Whedon Voice Overs, Monkey Multiplayer-Complete Level 11
Out Takes, Joss Whedon & Unknown Multiplayer-Complete Level 12
Spike Voice Overs, Mental Patient Multiplayer-Complete Level 6
Tara Interview, Zombie 1 Multiplayer, Cemetary Map Multiplayer-Complete Level 2
Tara Multiplayer, Demon 1 Multiplayer, Xander Interview-Complete Level 3
Tara Voice Overs, Faith Multiplayer, Initiative Base Map Multiplayer-Complete Level 8
Xander Voice Overs, Kakistos Multiplayer, Zombie 2 Multiplayer-Complete Level 9