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Best Armor Stats

[Read whole tip before you do this] This is the armor I used through most of the game. I could not find any emeralds so I went to the shop in Baldur's gate and bought eight of the +2 Fine Fey Scale Mail and it has 2 emeralds attached to it. To get the emeralds go to the workshop option at the shop and choose to break the armor down and you get to keep the emeralds. I did this for each of the upgraded armor listed below. To get a lot of money do the money cheat which is: hold L, R, Y, X, B, A and while still holding the buttons press the white button. It will give you 500,000 gold. To do this cheat more than once you need to save and turn off your xbox and turn it back on. You will probably have to do this cheat several times. You can buy the other stones from the shop.

My armor as follows:

+5 Fine Watcher's Scale Mail
Rune Stone: 16
Emerald: 16
Jet: 16
Gives your character +25 magic energy -75% weight +25 Hit points
Armor: 25
Worth: 77,939
Weight: 7.5

+5 Fine Watcher's Scale Helmet
Rune Stone: 16
Emerald: 16
Jet: 16
Gives your character +25 magic energy -75% weight +25 Hit points
Armor: 12
Worth: 74,411
Weight: 0.8

+5 Fine Watcher's Scale Gloves
Rune Stone: 16
Emerald: 16
Jet: 16
Gives your character +25% Damage Inflicted added to Magic Energy [unarmed] +3 Armor Class For Each Armor Piece Worn
Armor: 12
Worth: 74,159
Weight: 2.0

+5 Imperial Watcher's Scale Boots
Rune Stone: 16
Emerald: 16
Jet: 16
Gives your character +5 Iron Will [max. ranks 10]
+5 Sanctuary [max. ranks 10]
Armor: 15
Worth: 74,771
Weight: 3.0

If you do not have the gloves upgraded and on the armor rating of each item will be lower. You have to equip the up graded gloves to get the armor rating that I mentioned above.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: temujin1985 on January 25, 2008

Easy Level Up

If you have a bunch of moola and are the cleric, go to the church, and talk to the "Preist Of Helm" (Yeah right!). Donate the money and you'll get exp. points each time (the exp.point & money amout double each time).
Verified by: scasolari Submitted by: Howie M. Hughes on January 29, 2005

Make Money!

Export a character, go to nearest save point & drop everything, save your game then import your character, Pick up everthing and go sell it. Then repeat. Sometimes some items disappear, just keep buying more expensive stuff to drop and then retrieve and you'll make bank. This also works for going back through with another character. Import you high level character and drop a gift to give the low level one an edge.
Verified by: scasolari Submitted by: Lu Dymenz on March 06, 2004


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Cheat Menu

Press and hold L,R,X,Y,A,B,and then START (with 1st player). This will open up a menu for Level Warp and Invulnerability.
Verified by: scasolari, temujin1985 Submitted by: 3scruseloose on January 30, 2004


Go into a level with the dragons, hit them, jump over them twice, and run. It will give you more experiance.
Press and hold L,R,X,Y,A,B, and then WHITE (with either player). This will give you 45 level up points and $500,000. To use this cheat multiple times you have to save, turn off the console, turn on the console, then load the game and use the cheat again.

Verified by: scasolari, temujin1985 Submitted by: Brenda Tobias on March 16, 2004

Super Stats

It is recommended that you train yourself to level 10 without cheating before doing this.

Use the level warp cheat listed on this page and go to Mgate2, defeat the enemy there as it gives the highest amount of EXP out of any enemy in the whole game, then after choosing which stats to increase (I recommend increasing Wisdom to 50 as soon as you can though for double EXP) use the level cheat to send your character back to level 10 and even though you're on level 10 you'll still have the same stats you did when you were on level 15-19.

This can be repeated until you're happy with 50+ to every stat or something like that.
Verified by: Vicious Submitted by: skythelegend on March 07, 2008