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Batman: Dark Tomorrow cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.

Batman: Dark Tomorrow Tips

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If you want to perform a combo in this Kemco action title, simply push the left trigger with the punch or kick button. It is important to utilize combos due to a lack of blocking buttons in this game.

When facing 4-5 thugs, combos become imperative. Batman cannot kill enemies merely render them unconcious. All enemies will stay unconcious for merely 5-10 seconds. Therefore it is important to use combos to effectively incapacitate as many enemies as possible.
Submitted by: Daisy on December 09, 2004
Kemco has included a useful autosave function which saves the game automatically every 30 seconds to a minute (in between every cutscene). Therefore gamers shouldn't place an emphasis on evading death. In the event that you do die, you will have to restart the game from you last autosave with full health and full use of your weapons.
Submitted by: Daisy on December 09, 2004
Get back on building in Rooftop level
If you fall off, launch the grappling hook and climb as high as it goes. Then, press A and launch it again until you are back on the building.
Submitted by: bladingfreak on April 10, 2004