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Recommended 3-on-3 team

A great 3-on-3 team that you can choose when you first start is Hot Sauce, Spyda, and J.K. Hot Sauce can do the tricks and alley-oops, Spyda can score a ton of points, and J.K. can hit 3-pointers. However, mostly J.K. can stuff the snuff out of people going for a dunk or lay-up.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Neoseekerr on June 13, 2006


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The OG Way

Enter Y, B, X(2), B, Y, A, X as a code to remove the timing restriction for I-Ball moves
Verified by: z0ne Submitted by: Neoseekerr on June 13, 2006