Red Faction II (Xbox) Cheats

Red Faction II cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Press Y, Black, White, Black, Y, X, White, X
Explosive Personality
To enable this Explosive Personality code, enter X
Extra Chunky
Press Black[x4], White, X, Black, Black
Gibby Ammo
Gibby Ammo, Press: X[x4], Y, Black, X[x2]
Gibby Explosions
Press White, Black, X, Y, White, Black, X, Y
Infinite Ammo
To have Infinite Ammo press:

Y, White, X, Black, Y, Black, X, White
Infinite Grenades
Press Black, X, Black, Y, X, Black, X, Black
Level Select
Press Black, Y, X, White, Y, Black, X, X
Rapid Ralls
Rapid Ralls Press: Black, Y, Black, Y, X, X, White, White
Super Health
Super Health press: X[x2], Y, White, Y, White, Black
Unlock Everything
Unlock Everything press: White, White, X, X, Y, Black, Y, Black