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Good tip!!!!!
dont use the stilt strider , if you travel on foot you can find more secret places and you get more items and also you can work on your running skill.(lol) (^..^)
"Counter" spell/ Enchantments tip
To counter an enemy's long range spells just fire your own long range spells at the enemies spell such as frost 0 to 1 damage. If the spell you or your opponent casts is a blast affect spell it will explode do to the fact that your counter spell now acts as a surface for the spell to hit. Use enchantments for best affects or it will take way to long. Also, fire spells move faster than ice spells (I can outrun ice spells and I don't know about shock).

Also, enchanting things with a 0 to 47 attribute bonus instead of 24 to 24 as with an exquisite ring lets you get a bonus of 0 to 47 (just keep re-equipping the item until it gives a good bonus (above 24). I have a guy who can carry over 1400 pounds and also of the subject werewolves can see invisible units.
$190000 armour
Go to ebonhart and find the secret under water caves (there is door on the south east side or you can find a secret passage in the imperial commission of the castle) and look for a man, kill the rats and the man then take lords mail its worth $190000!

Mod Edit: Added more information and made it readable
18,000 gold a day
You can only do this If you have the GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION.... When you reach lv.7 you should be attacked by the Dark Brotherhood. After you kill the assassin take all his stuff and sell it because your going to get a lot more.(and if you haven't noticed , there stuff is worth a lot of money. After you sell the stuff go to Ebonheart. Talk to a guard and he will tell you to find some guy in Ebonheart.( he is close to the fort. talk to him and he will tell you to find a girl that just arrived there. find here right inside the fort and she will transport you to mournhold. Find the assassin hide out in the sewers of the great bazzar. Kill as many of them as you can and take all there amour. take all the amour and sell it at the amour shop back on the suface of the great bazzar. (she has 10,000 gold to buy your stuff. also you can go to the craftsmens hall and he has 8000 gold.
1gp to train skills...
Unlike the fortify attribute spell this levels you up because your traing... go to fort moonsmoth just SE of balmora and go to the prison cells theres a girl down there who sells you spells get 1 of the 3 drain attribute spells(destruction, Athletics, ?) go to balmora and creat a spell using the drain attribute spell put it magnitude 100-100 on self for 1-2sec either one works... now go to a trainer cast the spell then quickly have him train you for 1gp on that skill it says you did not get trainned but you did it also alows you to get skills above governing attributes... I suggest you train your destruction first so your spell cast more often.
a couple of K's for beginners
When you start your game, you get your profile and you set of to many adventures. The first question is has always ben the same. How do I get money? If you deliver your pakage and have to go score some weapons and armour you could go to the quilds and enroll. The fighter guild mainly sends you off to go and kill somebody, the mages guild sets you of to convince people or get ingredients. The thief guild wants you to steal and the Morag Tong guild will want you to kill. Now you can be a good boy or girl and do the quests of the guilds and get money that isn't even worth doing something for or you can do it my way. Now when you are in a town I suggest you get a house. With this I mean to go to someone's house that has allot of space and no guards in it and taunt the owner till he attacks you. You can then kill him take all his crappy stuff out of the house, sell it and put your stuff in it. When you are in Balmora you chould try to find some spots in a house where nobody can see you and take what you want. You keep the stuff you want and sell the stuff you dont. I did this and got at least fifteen swords, two sets of armour, tons of potions, some books and a couple of soul gems. Only keep empty soulgems, because even if you alchemy is high you still might fail making a enchantment. Once your done pillaging Balmora go to Ald'Ruhn. Once there you might notice a door leading to a whole underground cavern filled with houses and shops in the north of town. When you are there you can go to diferent places, now you go to all the manors you can find. In the manors there are allot of bedrooms witch are open. Check the wardrobes and chests, you will find lots of expensive and exquesite clothes. If you do this with all the manors or you cant carry any more. Go to the general merchandise shop. Bribe the shopkeeper till its in the 80-90-100. Then sell him all your clothes. After you have sold it all to him you schould be a couple of K's richer. Witch can be verry handy in the beginning of the game. This is a newbie tip because when you do this you dont have to kill anyone. There are of course other places that you can get mutch more money but then you useally need to kill an ordinator or two and when you are at a low level this can be verry hard. So dont forget my motto: If they cant see you grab it.
a good start of game (30-50k)
Well heres a nice tip if you hate doing much before getting started. Take any rase but put both ''Long blade'' and ''acribatics'' on major skills... Whe you get yo the census guy and have filled the papers. Pick them up and go to the shelfs to the right of census. Pick up the the biggest platter worth 650 at the same second press ''B'' and drop it. The guy will say something about <<dont do it anymore bla bla bla>> then just pick it up again^^ he wont stop you. Then just steal everything in the next room and all the oerinary things you need to do. When you have finnaly got out of census exercise office and out in seyda neen go to the wood elf
named ''Fargoth'' and give him the ring, after that go to arriles tradehouse and sell everything (exept package for caius casadus if you have it), go to the stilt strider and go to balmora then go down the stairs, to the right, over the bridge and follow the edge until you see a tower at the end (not dura-gra-bols house but a hllalu gourd house) go in it and walk to the top, there will be 2 baskets. jump on top of the smallest and see on the top of the closet. there will be a long sword worth 17k(sword of the white woe or something) go into sneake modus and steal it. Then go to bamoras mage guild (over the bridge up some stairs and a little to the left) go to the second floor and jump unto the locker and get into sneak modus again(it maybe take about 15 sec's sometimes to get the steal icon) and steal everyting on the locker and the blue soul gem inside. Then go the the lower floor and talk the the lady in a red robe, she will provide you with teleportation to dofferent places. Travel to ''Caldera Guild of mages'' go out of the house and go to ''gharok manor'' inside there will be a neutral creeper
dont talk to him yet but go another floor up and take the prchish armor laying inside the crate (dont warry about sneak this time, he will say ''coward'' or something but wont care at all) then sell everything in small portions, whenever he gets to low money to buy anything just sleep in the bed behind you just press a, a, a, a none of the orcs will care if you try sleeping in their beds and when it gets to selling the greater soul gem and the sword of white who, just sell the lesser and blue soul gems first and some of them will be worth exatly 1000 together.. when all are sold
(exept the greater soul gem to 60k) you should have aproximatily 30-50k (dont remeber exatly) now you can just do whatever you usualy want to do.
have fun^^
A lot of money
this will only work if you can kill five guards at once.
go to caldera and kill all of the guards. Then take all of their armor but don't dispose of their corpse. go to the ghorak manor and sell all of the armor that u just took. U will get about 3000 gold each time. Sleep for 24 hours 3 times and go back outside.kill the guards once again and repeat the steps until u have the desired amount of money.
a lotta money
go to Ghinisis, and at the very back entrace would be a manor.... go inside and fine the key to the summoning room...after that find the stairs that lead to the summoning room and there would be a guy in there go up to him and hit him, after you hit him he will do a couple magic spells and conjure up a giant rock man thing.....(if you know the health cheat use cause he is strong) after you kill the guys mmagic dude go after the guy he will try to fight you...after you kill him go upstairs and there would be books and alchemist items that are worth 2400,5000. there would be ebany and that illegal drug called smoot or something like that...then you are rich.
A REALLY powerful weapon
I'm sick of the people who say they've found "the best weapon in the game". Now I'm not saying that this one IS. I'm just saying it's a pretty damn good weapon. This one's onlt for the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind. I'm not sure of the full name, but It appernently belonged someone name Stone-Singer. It's like "Mace of something Stone-Singer". TO get this you need to go to Solsteim and complete a few quests in Fort Frostmoth. I don't remember who, but you do a quest that takes you away from the fort. It's for smuggled weapons or something. Then when you come back the fort is all but destroyed by werewolves. Mind you, your going to need to be pretty high level to do this. You then travel to the Nord Village of Skaal. It's almost direcltly north of Fort Frostmoth, at the northern most edge of the "continent". You then do several quests for the leader of the village, Tharsten Heart-Fang. Eventually he will give you this mace. It's pretty sweet. 40-95 damage ain't too bad huh?
Adventure Galor
I am so not far in the main quest yet so far all the same (even though I normally don't know it). Travel a ton all over. I already have sunder and a lot of other miscellaneous quest items. The trick is to put normal stuff into an orderly pile and all the other goodies on shelves all around the house (I live in Nerano Manor, Balmora) and where you see them often. You can put definite quest items in one pile, specifically named items somewhere else, like the sanguine items which are actually quest items and fun to kill for (to get some goodies crouch down and snipe people out with the crossbow most likely (you may need some skill in marksmanship but if you just aggravate them and they don't call the guards just move away from other people as the person chases you and kill them out of sight with close range combat. Also, magic draws more attention to you so if you use magic make it big, colorful, and echoed by screams and dead bodies (levitate is awesome for magic and arrows). Also, in one thing I said magic can be blocked with magic but projectile weapons work to and do cause blast affects to happen(blasts do not stop magic)(I just noticed this is all parenthesis)). Also, get really strong in constant effect healing (about 20 to 25 points) and go have fun mashing up Dagoth Ur especially the first time you see him in the first room. The second room has him way stronger so save before you go in and probably don't save at all after if you don't kill him since he normally falls in the lava (for me) and the annoying constant damage on him sound begins and you need levitate or even more health regeneration to easily kill him (I still need keening and rath guard to kill him I guess).
Alchemy skills and more money than you'll ever need.
At the start of the game I always take everything that isn't nailed down. When the guards start fussing at me, I drop it all on the floor, talk to them until they calm down, then pick it up and sell it at the tradehouse in Seyda Neen. You can only get away with this in the beginning of the game, so take advantage of it while you can. If you find alchemy items, eat them. I don't care what it is, just eat eat eat. Now catch a Silt Strider to Balmora and go to the Mage's guild. You have to join the mage's guild to use their transportation, but you'll want to do that eventually anyways, probably, so join, then transport to Caldera Mage's Guild.
Once you're there, go downstairs, past the Breton who sells alchemy stuff, and open that door that leads into the tower, it should be unlocked. Close it behind you (just in case) and go all the way up the stairs. Eat all the alchemy stuff (the more you eat the more your skill level goes up), and take the alembic and mortar and pestle and all that stuff. Now go back to the Breton and buy his Ampoule Pods and Violet Coprinus, all five of them. Sell the back (don't bother trying to make a profit). He'll have ten now, you can increase his inventory any time you want by buying and selling his own goods back to him. DO NOT, however, sell HIS alchemy set to him, or any of the other stuff you stole from him, because everyone in the guild will attack you. Now, once you have a decent amount of these two ingredients, start making potions. You'll suck at first, but you'll get better and better the more you make. When you run out of money, go outside and find Ghorak Manor (it's pretty much the biggest house in Caldera). Leave the orcs alone and go talk to Creeper, the scamp. Sell your potions to him, he'll give you exactly what they're worth. If you keep buying ingredients, making potions, and selling to the scamp, you'll not only level your alchemy skill crazy fast, you'll get tons of money from this little scamp, as long as you wait 24 hours between sales (he only has $5000 a day, give him a break, he's a scamp).
What's great about this is you can buy, say, 500-1000 ampoule pods and violet coprinus, and after you set up and start pressing x to make your potions, you can change the channel and watch tv while doing it, instead of sitting there bored off your bum.

Hope this helps someone. I still use it when I'm tight for cash. At alchemy level 100 with Grandmaster's alchemy equipment, my water walking potions sell for around 170 a piece. That means it only takes about 30 of them to make 5k! Easy as pie, and no killing necessary.
All Skills At 100 And Easy Level up
This glitch will allow you to use any of the trainers in the game for one gold piece each time, and it will also allow you to train any skill to level 100 with any trainer (in other words, you don't need to go track down master trainers anymore). The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the Prison Tower in Fort Moonmoth. The woman that is guarding the cells has a Drain Skill spell. Buy it.

2. Now go to any spellmaker (the easiest would probably be the high elf in the Balmora Mages Guild, since Balmora is so close to Fort Moonmoth. The spell you want to make is Drain (insert skill here) 100-100 for 2 sec on Self. So if you were wanting to train your heavy armor skill up to level 100, the spell would be Drain Heavy Armor 100-100 for 2 sec on self. This spell should cost you about a hundred coins.

3. Now you need to find a trainer who trains the skill you just bought the spell for. In this case you can find a heavy armor trainer right next door in the Balmora Fighter's Guild. What you do now is cast your Drain Heavy Armor (or whatever skill you choose) and while it is active open the training box. Since your Heavy Armor skill will be drained to zero no matter what you had it at, it will only show up as costing 1 gold piece to train. Now after you are done training, the spell will wear off and you will retain the level you just trained your Heavy Armor to. You can do this as many times as you want with every skill in the game. You can also train skills even when they are at level 100 already, though they won't go any higher. Use this to keep gaining levels for HP and to max out your stats.

*Note: This trick is especially useful for Medium Armor since the developers forgot to put the Master Trainer in the game, so if you were hoping to use the Medium Armor Master Trainer, you're screwed. Use this trick to unscrew yourself. And if you feel guilty about cheating, drop 100,000 gold on the ground when you're done and walk away
Almost Get rid of Blinding Boots Effect, about 60%
*must be able to levitate* get a potion if you do not have the spell. Go to Tel Fyr, if your far enough in the game Caius will mark it on your map. If your not just travell to Sadrith Mora. Then head southwest, and on one of the islands is Tel Fyr. Go into the building and look up, there is a tunnel up, fly up their. You can steal anything, Divayth doesant care, he thinks a if a theif is that good to do it, let them. Search around and open up every chest. In one of them you will find a Cuirass called "Cuirass of the Savior's Hide". It is Light armor. it gives you 60% magic resist. Now equip this, then equip the boots. You will be able to see but not 100%. You have 200 extra speed.
Amazingly strong health
You might need some money for this first, as well as the cheat that gives you tonnes of migic, but basically in Balmora temple, there a dark elf guy (forgot his name), that sells a fortify health spell. buy this and also buy the soultrap spell from the mage that teleports you to other guilds, and make a spell, consisting on fortify health 100 pts to 100 pts for one second on self, then add the soultrap, and don't change anything except for make it on "target". cast this a couple of times away from other ppl and cast away. this will boost your health up to millions.

Just a note: It will undo itself when you do the health cheat, so be careful or you could die even though it seems like you wont
Amulet of Shadows
This is the only reason I killed so many people. Amulet of sahdows makes you 80% invisible for sixty seconds, making it great for stealing, and sleeping when eneimies are nearby.
Go to Gnisis. Travel North West until you find a pond with a woman near it. There will also be a nearly invisible woman. Kill her and take Amulet of Shadows!
An AWESOME starting idea
I have not personally tried it but have read of a way to start with an 85 agility and 50 marksmanship! I sont know who first thought of it, but this is evil. When you start, choose to be a Wood Elf. Specialize in Stealth and take Marksmanship as a Major Skill. Finally, take the Lover as your Sign. Congrats, you are now an unhittable sniper. Enjoy.
Anything you want for free. xept spells.
Step 1: make a character dont matter who just anyone I prefer anyone who can wear freakin boots because beast races cant.

Step 2: Go to balmoria using the stilt rider.

Step 3: Go to the temple.

Step 4: Buy a soultrap spell and a fortify attribute spell (any).

Step 5: spellmake a spell with Fortify attribute *Intelligence* magnitude 100 - 100 on SELF for 2 secs, the add Soultrap on TARGET. The cast the spell atleast 5 successfull times and youll be alble to cast any spell anytime.

Step 6 (the real shite): spellmake another spell with FORTIFY ATTRIBUTE: PERSONALITY 100-100 on SELF. then add SOULTRAP on target and buy. Cast it until you have 2000 PERSONALITY.

INFO: What this does is, it's like a raise attribute permanently spell. and you can do it for str and etc but its boring if you do because your basically cheating the entire game.

anyways when your done doing the personality chant/spell go to any shopkeep in the world and you can buy anything for any price including nothing dollars or you can sell anything like (a piece of dung[crap] for all of the guys money.
Now if this doesnt work get some money and raise your mercentile or w/e its called up to 20 - 35 and try it again trust me youll love me when you do this.

Oh and if you want to DOOM MORROWIND all you have to do is kill Cassius Cassoades or w.e his name is or kill Vivec in his chamber but you need good security for that.
Armor for free and no bounty
When you start a new game there will be a guard in the cencus and excise office. While you are picking your class put dectruction as one of your major skills. You will then have firebite as your spell. you can kill the guard drop his armor talk to sellus gravius to drop your bounty go back to the guard and take the armor. no trouble no bounty. NO PRICE. You must talk mto sellus before you can get the spell. Later
Armour, shield and long sword early in the game
At the start of the game when your in the room with the dagger on the table take everything in the room. Then go down the stairs and take everything in that room. Continue until you get to the shop. Sell everything. You should have enogh to buy the following:
Steel Sheild
Iron Longsword
Steel Right Pauldren
Imperial Chain Currias
Steel Left&Right Gauntlets.
You should also have some spare gold to spend on whatever you want.
Bank robbery
ok first youl need to know the health cheat (b,w,b,b,b)(BIG HP TIP enter the code and hold a then leave the menue screen by pressing b wile still holding a if u do this right whenever you get hit ur hp just goes right back up!!!)plus a high level good enough to kiill several ordinators. Ok in vivic thers 2 or 3 vualts with LOTS of money gems some glass and alot of ebony weapons so far ive only found 2 or 3(i forgot exactly how manny) im not sure but i think i rember one of them being in the redorn canton. right after raiding all of them i had 50k quite a pritty purse plus after u get rid of the nasty bounty the ordinators will hate you so much they will attack you on sight and you can fight back and not get a bounty so its useful to get their armor as well (about the bounty itil be about several thousand meby even 10k this might not work on every x-box but on mine if u drop ALL ur money before u request the price on your head removed heel do it for free)
Become a pirate!!
well first buy a big pile of ondusi's unhinging scrolls and go to ebonheart. then go to the ship and unlock the doors go inside and kill the gaurds but do not kill the guy ontop of the ship. buy some slaves at tel ahrun and tell yhem to wait in the boat.there you have it a ship , a crew, and some great storage space!
Become a vampire and get sweet dagger
Become a vampire by going to Vivic neer there is a cave go in and get hit a few times. Then go to the other place that has towers like Vivic but theres only 1. Near there is a ruin and go in and talk to the shrine do his quest
Become a Vampire!!
This is not really that hard but it has many payoffs. basically all that you have to do is find a vampire stronghold. and when you fight a vampire use the health cheat and let him/her attack you until you cantract a disease called 'Phorphic Heamophelia' i think its called and go to sleep for three days. when you wake up a message will appear saying something about a woman. then your stats will shoot across your screen.(warning: try not to wake up during the day because being a vampire does have risks to being out in daylight. and you cannot talk to people including people you work for)ENJOY!!
Boost attributes adn skills to no Limit!!
I know there are a lot of people who have posted this before however they are not clear on how this glitch works. Once you have jack of all trades, found in seydan neen, and soultrap, found in balmora mage guild guide, go to anyone who can create a spell and set the fortify att at self 100-100( or what ever the desired effect) no duration!!! this is important. Then set soultrap on target for 2 secounds and 0 range. This will permenantly raise your attribute to what ever the desired level. To raise skills go to mournhold temple, top floor and buy the foritfy alteration spell this will allow you to fortify any skill no. Same process. Hopefully this clears up the issue. It was frustrating for me, good luck being GODS!!
Boots of Blinding Speed + Zero Blindness
Here is how to find the boots:
*Note-get some restoration skill to cast this, I don't know how much is needed, but not much*
"The Boots of Blinding Speed are found on Pemenie the Trader, who is found on
the road from Caldera to Ald'Ruhn. She is close to the spot where you meet
the naked barbarian who is seeking the witch that stole his magic axe."
(-by someone named Thrak)
Further directions:
head NE until you reach a fork in the road. head left(north). Pemenie will be on your left right on the roadside.
Kill her. It's fast, easy, legal... well easy if you are not a really low level.
The Boots of Blinding Speed have the following constant effects: 100% Blind on
Self and Fortify Speed 200 points on Self.
Obscenely awesome part:
make sure your Boots Of Blinding Speed aren't equipped till instructed.
go to the mages' guild in Balmora.
buy a resist magicka spell (any grade)
have it made into a spell by the spellmaker:
duration: 1 second
magnitude: 100-100
buy it. (probably 200 G or so)
cast it.
immediately enter inventory. (within 1 second, before your casting motions and lights finish)
equip the boots.
a "you resisted magicka" message will appear if you got it in time.
As long as you don't remove the boots, the resist remains.
Boots of Blinding Speed and Not Being Blind
right this may take some time but u should be okay once you have hit level 20, go to Tel Fyr and use the lock splitter scroll on the wardrobe near Tel Fyr's study and nab the currais of saviours hide, wear it and find the boots of blinding speed by walking to Gnaar Mok from Ald Ruhn, about half way through the journey you come across a woman which will ask you to escort her to Gnaar Mok, either take her or kill her you will acquire boots of blinding speed, wear these also an you will only be 40% blind as well as having a speed rating of around 250, it is a very useful thing to have, saves alot of time
Build up mercantile
To build up your merchants skill, buy some pretty cheap stuff from someone who will barter, then sell it back for more than its worth, just like when you buy it..
Carry anything...
Buy a feather spell almost all mages guilds have a person who sells them then have someone make a spell put the specs like this...
feather magnitude 100-100 for 2 sec
soutrap target for 2 sec
cast the spell to take off 100 lbs. of burden each time and the one hundred pounds is gone forever...
Carry O Pounds of Burden No Matter What
OK first you have to make the spell that lets you take off 100lbs of burden permanently. Then start casting it alot when the weight you are carrying os at 0 lbs cast it again now no matter what you will always have your burden meter at zero
Clavicious Vile Helm
Go to Dagon-Fel, head south east, you will se a purple dwarven ruin tower, there should be another just like it directly to the north, but it is vacant, the southern one however is home to some "Raven" dude, walk inside and your goingt to have to kill, and fast. go to the top floor using the ladder. In that room is a pretty strong Harry Potter fan if you know what I mean, anyways kill his merlin lookin @$$ and he will have a helmet worth the trouble. It is crome, has two big @$$ horns, it covers your whole face whith a crome one, so beast players, you cant were a full helmet, but anyways, it fortifies your personality 30pts and thats a constant effect mind you. Also its heavy armor so depending on your likings and skill, it could provide well over 100 armor points. Good luck and dont forget to save every time you kill anything. I know of gangs of killers that throw darts that can kill you in an instant even with 200hp and the constant health cheat!
Constant Effect With Any Soul Gem
First off, you'll need a soul gem that actually has Constant Effect Abilities. The soul of a Golden Saint works awesome. Then go to an enchanter and choose the item you want enchanted. Then put the Soul Gem of the golden saint in the Gem box and set the effect to Constant Effect. Go back to the gem box and change it back to any other CHARGED soul gem (this means you need other, weaker soul gems that are full in you inventory). The Constant Effect will stay as the chosen effect. Don't change the item being enchanted after you've changed the soul gem because then the effect will change back from Constant and you'll need to repeat the process over again. Choose whatever spell you wanted like normal after changing the Soul Gem and get the item enchanted, it will have the Constant Effect. I know, this cheat ROCKS. Remember though, you always need a strong Gem filled for this to work. So don't sell all your gem's full of Ascended Sleepers and Golden Saints.
Couple K for good players
For this cheat all you really need is a bit of money, a fairly good soulgem and knowledge of the mudcrab merchant.
First go to the Caldera mages guild and buy the spell GALANARS EYE MAZE. Then go into the northern gaurd towers in one of the crates there is an expensive amulet. You then need some one to do an enchanting for you. You need to use a fairly good soul gem if you dont have one go to Balmora and do Ajiras first quest which is collecting some plants the second quest will send you upstairs to depoisit a fake soul gem on Galbadirs desk on his desk are some very good soul gems with souls iin them. Then go to an enchanter enchant your amulet with GALANARS EYE MAZE which is chameleon and set it to 100-100 points for 60seconds on self. Then enchant this should make an amulet that can make you invisible to pretty much everyone, now go to balmora and enter RAvirr shgop try to stand behind him then use your spell if he cant detect you you should be able to take his stuff steal his enchanted weapons the cheapest one is worth 900 gold take these to the muydcrab merchant and sell them. PS I dont know if this works all the time
Creeper, the only way to make REAL Money. (for example, one hundred million septims!)
Go to caldera. Go in Garok manor. I think that is what it is called. Upstairs, there is a scamp cdalled creeper. DO NOT KILL HIM! He has 5k! If he is low, sleep 24 hours and his money comes back. Keep selling to him and become rich!
Daedric armor at the beginning of the game.
There's a side quest in the main game that requires you to retrieve the Auriel's Bow for Telvanni Councelor Therana. She'll say it smells faintly of Ash Yams and the smell is strongest near Ralyn Othravel in Ghost Gate. Granted, this is the most powerful bow in the game in terms of base damage, but you have 2 chances to get it back (1 in the Morag Tong and 1 in the Mages' Guild).

Upon giving her the bow she'll offer you your choice of reward; 11,111 gold or a Daedric Curiass and Daedric Greaves, each with their own 50pt feather enchantment (you'd have to be a complete fool not to take the armor here as its worth over 12k gold anyway)

Now you have some of the most powerful armor found in the game and you didn't even need to kill Divayth Fyr :]
Daedric Crescent
Go to Tel Fyr, and plunder all the treasure chests. (you need no security to do this) Once you plunder all but 2 go to the top of the tower and take the Daedric Telepotration Amulet (I think it's called) put it on and teleport to the Daedric sancutary. Kill the guy in there ( I was to weak so I used flame atronach) and when it automatically teleports you back it will say you dot the Daedric Crescent (Longsword) It disentagrates armor and paralizes on striking, and it does a nice amount of damage. It is a unique item that is shaped sort of like a crescsent moon. I think slash does 10-60 damage on striking.
Daedric weapons
Go to Bal Ur (a ruin north of Suran) when you enter the uper door there will always be a Dremora and a Daedroth. (sometimes there's two Dremora or two Daedroth) each time you kill a Dremora, you get the usually high priced weapon they're carrying. Step outside and when you go back in, there's new ones with more weapons for you to take.
Dead tax collecter gold reward
When in Seyada neen go up the steps to Arrilles trade house, u can see a bay, go in and swim across till u reach a shore with mudcrabs. Go forward untill it says bitter coast region there should a tree, 2 scrib and a Kwama forager, there shud be a dead body it is Processus Viticus he has 200 gold, take it to the old man in The Cencus and Excise office say : Murder of Processus Viticus and give him the money, now go to Forn Gylinnth's shack ( something like that ).
Say : Murder of Processus Viticus. He will admit he did it, belive belive his story, he will give you a ring, take it to the light house keeper, say : Processus's ring, kill the light house keeper and get it back ( may need health cheat )
sell it to Arille, it it is worth 240 gold. Now go back and kill Forn Gylinnith, take his gold, now go to the Old guy in the Cencus and Excise office say : Murder of Processus Viticus, he will give you 500 gold. =)

Note: you can try to kill the Old man after he gives you the 500 gold , he may have the 200 gold from earlier ( Sometimes yes, sometimes no ) but he has a magic sword and you can open his chest on the table, raid his bookshelf.

Extra note: if you have been arrested or stolen something and had it confiscated while in Seyada Neen crack open the evidence chest near the door, sometimes this contains your loot, this is useful if you had the warehouse key confiscated at the beginning as it opens the door directly outsidethe office which has moonsugar, armor, swords and gold ( BEWARE A GUARD PARTROLS THE INSIDE)
Do a lot without getting caught
first you make a character, pick its class and whatever. after u get it picked, go to the place where u get the engravd ring of healing.there is a little corner between the stone fence and the checkout office(where u give the guy ur papers) if you jump towards the corner against the building it should glitch and make you walk right through it which makes you beyoond the fence. now that your out there your able to do just about anything. if you do a crime and the guards find out, he will say "What are you doing!" but he wont fine you AT ALL!.

downside1: if u kill someone infront of a guard he will get pissed and try to kill u.
downside2: you cant save; but you can go back to the office and ask for your duties and then u can
dwemner cross bow
go to tel branora and go to the piont where u see a nord in dwemner armor talk to him and go kill the people he wants u to kill and search there bodys(if ur at a low level get the fireball spell in suran and kill them with the infinate magic cheat cause they at higher level and they r telivanni)
E-Z cash , reccomended decent level (20-higher)
Allright i just started doing this awhile back and it gets TONS of money pretty fast. First go to any mages guild you can find (i used balmora) and go to the teleporter person, pay the fine and go to Wolverine hall mage's guild. Look for the person who does spellmaking. select spells and he(or she dont remember) should have a spell called Frenzying Touch. buy that spell and then go under spellmaking. create a spell that has Frenzy Humanoid mognitude 100 to 100 (touch or on targer but touch is cheaper) buy it and you will be able to make ANYONE in the game attack you without getting a bounty on your head. after you have this spell teleport (using the mages guild) to the Vivec Forign quarter. now look around the plaza and there should be 1 or 2 ordinators use the frenzy spell untill they attack you and then kill them (i reccomend using the infinate health cheat by going to the menu and highlighting your health and hitting in this order: Black,White,Black,Black,Black : then Hold down A and your hp bar will go up, still holding A hit b to make it a lasting effect) Pick up the ordinator armor and repeat process untill you are over encumbered(other ordinators can be found in the waistworks of Foriegn Quater). Drop some armor untill you can walk again and go back to the plaza and to the mage guild. Teleport to Calderas mage guild. Go outside and look around for a place called Gorhak Manor (or somthing close to that) Upstairs there should be some wimpy-looking Muppet-like thing (if youve seen a scamp thats what he is) called "Creeper" he will buy the armor up to 5000 gold every day (after hes up to 5000 gold just wait 24 hours by hitting the black button and putting the bar all the way up) when i do this i make about 30-40 thousand gold Per trip, May vary depending on how much you can carry.

Peace, Enjoy your new-found riches!

Easier defeat final boss
There may be spoilers in this so be careful.

Whan you are fighting the final boss, after you make him recall to the next room where akhulkan is, he will attack you with magika for about 5 seconds. while he is useing magika he will stay a certain distance from you. so if you make him back up enough he will fall down off the cliff behind him, and depending where he falls, he may land on the rope bridge then come back up. But if he misses that he will fall down onto the lava, from where he is stuck, and you are free to use sunder and keening on the heart.

(if you cant get him over the edge before he stars attacking melee, i would suggest turning on the refill health cheat, but use the variation where it refills automaticly.(if u dont know what i am talking about, look at one for the cheat in the rest of this page)then use sunder and knock him backwards, helps if u have REALLY high Blunt weapon, i had 1007)
Easiest freaking way to get money!
Easy 100k and good sword
ok first to be able to do this you have to have gone to mornhold. once there find the armorer. she has one high ordinator as her guard, kill him drop any stolen items that you have and report yourself. after you have payed for your dirty deed (usually 36g, all you get caught for is assault) sell the armor to the lady in the shop (the first time is the hardest because she equips the armor) she has 10k and just wait 24hrs and she gets it back (ex. sell the curraiss for like 30k and buy all the stuff she has in stock until you can get all her gold. then sell the stock back for 10k) repeat until you have the desired amount of gold. (i had no life and got over 1,000,000 gold

oh and keep the ebony skimatar its good and has like 60 enchant points
Easy advance in Theives Guild
Join the thieves guild in Balmora. Accept the diamond quest. There is a High Elf in town(i forget his name but he always stays in his home) talk to him about the southwall. He'll agree to secure it. Go get the diamond. Talk to Sugar Lips about the southwall then the diamond. You are now a footpad in the guild.
Easy And Free Glass Curias, Greeves, And Boots AND Orcish Curias, L And R Puoldruns And Bracers, And
First, you need either 100 security or an unlock 100 spell or a few unlock 100 scrolls (i used spells with magicka cheat: Black, White, White, Black, White).
Seccond, go to Al'Druhn via mages guild, silt strider, or walking/levitating.
Third, go to the Al'Druhn Fighters Guild.
Fourth, go to the bottom floor and the should be a door that has a lock lvl of 80 or something like that. Save, just in case you get caught(i didn't). Inside the room there are a few chest and some other stuff but inside the chest is the armor(i think all together if u sell the armor it is worth like 100K-200k.
Easy Armor/Unarmored level up
When you first go to balmora, provided you go almost immediately, go to Drarayne Thelas house and talk about "Cave Rats". go to her bedroom and enter the infinite health (bl,W,bl,bl,bl, A+B) code, (saving is a good idea) and just stand there in whatever armor you want trained and go watch TV or something. When the rat stops hitting you as frequently, kill it, go to the houses upper level, (unlock the door), and repete with the two rats there. very simple.
easy exploring morowind
to do this you have to have good magika and sort of high health. you get a jump spell from someone in the mages guild then make a jump spell jump 100 points for whatever seconds and use it outside (this can sometimes make you go through roofs if used inside) and use it to explore morrowind
Easy Money
At Balmura Mages Guild There is a 60,000 grand soul gem. This can be stolen by jumping on a nearby table go into sneak mode and just take it! It wont matter if anyone is looking at you as long as your on the table! With this item you could sell it for potentially 30 something thousand, as long as the shop keepers got the k...
This is a good way for beginners and anyone in general to get LOTS of money.(If you already have a mortar and pestle skip this step). First thing you want to do is go to the Balmora Guild of Mages. Go down the stairs and to the back. Talk to Mesalinie Merian, and have her transport you to Caldera. Then you want to go down the stairs and take your first right into the reinforced wooden door. Once you are in the tower, go up the winding stairs to the top. On the table there will be a masters mortar and pestle, steal it.
Step 2
The basic idea is to make a lot of potions and sell them, I personally prefer to make restore fatigue potions, since many ingredients have this property. (There are many way of going about it, but I am just explaining what works for me). Now, once you have the mortar and pestle, go back up the stairs and travel to Aid-Ruhn. You will arrive in another Mages Guild, leave the guild and exit to your right. Not to far from the guild is a silt strider, go up the ramp and travel to Gnisis. Once you arrive, go straight and to your left a little to find the temple. Once inside, go into the second opening on the left. Barter with the priest and buy 10 houndmeat and 10 small kwama eggs. After you buy them, press b until you are done talking to him. Barter with him again and instantly his inventory will be replenished. The cost of one houndmeat is 2, and the cost of the egg is 1. Once you make the potion it will probably be worth about 35 gold, and the better you get at alchemy the more your potions are worth. (I am selling them at 126 each now). I usually buy 200 of each. If you buy a lot and are over-encumbered, buy flin from him so you can carry more.
Step 3
Now that you have made all these potions, don't waste your time on trying to sell to any of the shops. Return to Aid-Ruhn on the silt strider, then go back to Caldera from the Mages Guild. Once you reach Caldera, exit the Mages Guild. Facing East walk straight until you reach Ghorak Manor, it is just right of the Armorer. Go up one flight of stairs and sell your potions to the Scamp. The Scamp is the best place to sell most anything because unlike every shop in the game, he gives you the full value of what you are selling, on top of that, he has 5000 gold. So if you have more potions than he can buy, sleep for 24 hours right in front of him. When you wake up he will have 5000 gold again.

If you need help, e-mail me with your questions at Maddog179@aol.com and title the e-mail MORROWIND
Easy money for strong characters
First off you need to be strong enough to kill ordinators.
Go to any building where Ordinators live and scrounge around until you find a piece of ordinator armour.
Then go to the Smith in the Foreign Quarter across from the mages guild.
Put on the piece of Ordinator armour and talk to the ordinator. He\'ll attack you because of the armour you are wearing and it is not a crime to kill him as he attacked first.
Kill him then take his armour and sell. Only sell enough bits of armour so that it is just over 2500 gold. Then bargain down so that every time you sell you get 2500 gold.
Wait for the smiths money to regen (Takes about 24 hours)
When you have sold all but one piece of armour leave vivec and sleep for another 24 hours. The Ordinator in the smith should be alive again so you can go kill him and get lots of money

I did this a few times and ended up with 100K. It\'s really easy if you know how
Easy Money in Caldera.
I've done this many times, but it is very time consuming. Go to Caldera (warping through the mages guild is quickest) And head on over to Ghorak Manor. Creeper is upstairs. He always has 5000gp on him. If he doesn't, go to sleep for a day, and then return. This can get complicated, but I manage to get over 100K every time I do it. What I do, is I use expensive soul gems. What you do is sell something to him, but when you do, try to get more money for it. So raise the amount he pays. Then once he's bought it, buy it back off of him, but this time, lower the cost. Once Creeper runs out of money, and you have it all, sleep for a day, and let him get back the 5000gp. Then keep doing the scam. If you do this continuously, you should be able to make a lot of money. It may be time-consuming, but it does pay off!!
Easy money in Vivec
Needed: A cheat or a strong enough character to take one "regular" Ordinators.

The great thing about Ordinators is that they are easily offended. First, procure some form of Ordinator armor. You can either pickpocket an Ordinator, kill one and pay the fine, or even buy parts in various towns. "Indoril" helm, belt, etc., are Ordinator things.

Wear the piece of armor and talk to an Ordinator. They will get so offended that they will attack you. Kill them without getting a fine, and just like that you have a lot of expensive things. Even the Indoril gauntlets are worth thousands, and the Ebony maces are so valuable that they are difficult to sell.

Now take off the Indoril armor and go sell your booty at the smith in the Foreign Quarter canton: The smith with the Ordinator in the room. When you sell to the smith, the Ordinator will become offended again and attack you! From now on, every Ordinator who sees you will attack! I don't even know what to do with all the money I was able to make. Also, the Orc in charge of the Fighter's Guild in the same canton has 4500 gold to spend, so that can save you many trips to Creeper or the Mudcrab.
easy stealing for low level stealin people
first find some scuttle and bonemeal and a mortar and pestle then clik on the mortat and pestle and on the bottom bit put in the scuttle and bonemeal and then press x to complete the potion and then you should have a telekinesis spell so you can steal things from further away

bye bye hope you use this tip alot
Easy Storage
All you have to do is find a really large house and store your belongings in the cabinets and stuff, this way you can keep tons of items that you dont feel like getting rid of.
Easy Superflight Scrolls
In Seyda Neen when you walk down the path, a little bit out of the town, you will hear a man screaming, then he falls out of the sky and dies, take everything he has, he has i think like 3 flight scrolls, but save right before you use it, because you will die the same way he did, you really far, but you will die on impact, but it's really cool scrolls. No sweat on finding these scroll, and i think they're worth a lot.
Easy way to get Acrobatics Skill Up!
This takes place at Balmora. Here's what to do:
1) Go to Balmora by using the siltstrider. You can do this without using the siltstrider to get there but if you use it your already where you want to be.
2) Go down the stairs until you reach the platform between the silt strider and the ground.
3) JUMP off it. you have to jump, otherwise, nothing happens. If you jump off it, you will get way more acrobatics points than you normally would for jumping off something that high. It will still take more than 1 or 2 tries to gain a level, but it will go way faster. My acrobatics is at 60 and i still get 5 exp points per jump off this.
Easy way to get acrobatics up
Go to Vivec and go to any of the sections except for High Fane, Temple, or any of the special ones. Go to the first level where there's a ramp going up to the second level of the city. Go up the jump while rapidly pressing L. Yuo should get 20-40 jumps on the ramp, maybe more if you press L really fast. When you're at the top jump down and go up again. Keep doing it til you're satisfied with your acrobatics level.
Easy way to kill Ordinator at low level
With this cheat your level can be extremely low even 1!
You may want to save before do this cheat in case it fails. First go to Vivec. There are docks around this area that extend down and come to a boat guy.
First locate a dock then spot an ordinator, hit him (Ranged weapons are best) and run to the dock be sure he follows you down the dock.
Go down the dock into the river. If he swims after you maneuver under water so that he gets stuck under the dock. Then surprisingly he drowns pick up his armor and all his equipment.
This can be a great way to earn money early.
Be aware that wearing Ordinator helms will cause other odrin's to attack you.
Good Luck
easy way to level up you're atributes
If you want to level up you're atributes QUICKLY well follow theese steps

(1) choose you're spelllization willpower
(2) then for you're major skills put destruction, misticum,restoratioin,illusion,and the rest as you please.And for you're minor skills put enchant and the rest as you please
(3) then steal the platter on the shelf where you get you're release papers.then get then get the locpick and lockpick the chest get the gold.
(4) get realeased then if you far in the city you will see a smal bridge pass it then go to you're left follow that path intul you find a book theres going to be a man falling on the book take evreything including the book
(5) go back in the city go into arlies tradehouse talk to arlie sell all the stuff you got from that guy and sell the platter
(6) you should have enouph money take the strip rider to balmora go to the mages guild
(7) then buy soultrap then talk to a spellmaker choose fofity atribute then choose pearsonality choose soultrap with it switch soultrap on self then name it buy it go to a wall keep casting it do it 50 times then you can buy anything for 0 gp and sell somthing for all the money they have
(8) then talk to a spellmaker and pick forfity atribute and this time you choose and raise evreything to 50 or more and make sure you use soultrap on self.
Endlessly leveling up your Hand-to-Hand skill
It's pretty simple. Just go to an Egg Mine, and seek up the Kwama Queen. De-equip your weapon (if holding one), and start beating up the Kwama Queen. I've tried it for about half an hour, and didn't knocked it out, so I doubt you can.
Flyin' High!
To do this all you need to do is buy a levitate spell-(Balmora Mage Guild), and go to a spellmaker. Oh and you will also need a soultrap spell. Then make the spell last for 2 secs on self and add soultrap for 1 sec on target. Then cast. I recommend saving before doing this, because the levitation is PERMANENT.
The easiest way to travel is to do this:
Raise speed up really high (800+) and get an item with levitate (constant effect)
Now with both of these you can just fly across the island without having to deal with monsters, trees or any other obstacles you would run into by jumping or running.
Forever Light scroll
This is a cool little trick, you can make your own little scroll. It will even type out what effect it does right on the paper. This is a sample scroll, just so you can get the idea. It is recommended that you save first befor trying it, as the effects are forever...

Needed: A light spell, A Lesser Soul gem (blue one) with a cliff racer soul traped inside, and a single sheet of paper.

How to make it:
Pick your cliff racer gem, hit A them B to enchant, choose Light spell for a magniture of 10 to 20 for 2 sec on self
and then choose a soultrap for 1 sec on target

once cast the paper is distroyed and the light effect last forever.

You can make a bound long sord scroll for 50sec on self this way too with out the soul trap of course or not...anyways enjoy.
free deadric claymore and full glass armor
alright go to malog-mar go down to the fighters place go down stairs theres is a dude in glass armor in a room by himself go in and shut the door (save it first) okay attack him from behind and he will run up aginst the door and try to open it and he will get stuck just attack him with anything he might take out the claymorebut he cant use it

i did this as soon as i got out of seyda neen so have fun
free sweet stuff
go to the shops with no gaurds and kill the shop keepers. They have some sweet stuff like 9k swords
free weapons and armour in Caldera
This cheat is good for beginning players. So you are in balmora, you have dropped of your package and now you want some armour and weapons. First follow my easy k's for beginners (or whatever it is called)or just make shure you have some cash. Then go to the silt strider or mage guild and go to Caldera. Once in Caldera you will want to go into the fortress lookng thing in the middle of town not far from the mage guild. Inside there are three openings, one on the left, the middle and the right. Go in the middle one and climb the stairs. Al the way up you will find some crates and barrels and ... If search them you will find: a steel cuiras, steel boots, steel greaves, steal gauntlets and two different steel shields. Now you have you armour but where to get weapons? Go back outside and go to your right you will see the towngates with the guardtowers. Go in the first one, you will see more crates and ... Search them and you will find I think ten imperial shortswords and 6 imperial broadswords. You can sell some of your swords and you can buy with the money you have earned the rest of your armour and you will then useally have enough money for a ticket back home.
Full Suit of Orcish Armor Very Easily
On the western side of the map a little ways southwest of Wolverine hall there is a dwemer ruin called Nochdamzus or something of the like it has large extensive walls on the outside. On the southern side of these ruins there is an orc with a full suit of ocish armour he will attack you as soon as he sees you so dont worry about gettinbg in trouble he is really weak and all he can do is punch you I killed him easily at level 3 so the battle is not to hard
Fun With Mark and Recall
Mark and recall spells are very helpful in that, if youre good with magic, you steal something then instanly travel to the marked spot (the theives guild works well) Buy the Mark and Recall spell from someone in Caldera and someone in Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall. I use this by stealing a key or soemthing, then teleporting to the thieves guild where I can get rid of my bounty. Or if I'm overencumbered I mark the spot where I left my stuff (if its in the wilderness) then I can recall back there at anytime.
Get a magic weapon at the start!!!
when you first start the game pick the sign of the Tower or buy a scroll that unlocks doors from Arrille (the shopkeeper in Seyda Neen). walk up the stairs in the shop in Seyda Neen and use the magic or the scroll on the door round the corner. On the bed there is a pillow. Pick up the pillow and you will see a magic knife called 'Steel Dagger of Swiftblade' waiting for an owner, everyone go "awwwwwww"
Get bounty of your head for FREE!!
Ok get into the thieves guild in balmora (in the south wall corner club) talk to shuger-lips-habasi to join when you do go in there and go downstairs to the bar barter guy talk to him about fine (forgot his name) but before you ask him to take the fine off you drop your gold on the ground (yes i said drop it you can pick it All Back Up) now talk to him about fines and says "yes take care of it for me" and pay the gold and it will say xxx gold removed from your inventory pick your gold back up and you will ahve all of it.
Get Easy Level Up (Easier than most things too)
Ok, now first create a char with speechcraft as one of the major skills, then go to Suran and to the House of Earthly Delights. Behind the bar theres a cat lady, talk to her, and keep admiring here. (Just keep pressing A over and over). She is really easy to admire and stuff (atleast for me). Then just switch to TV or something, and keep pressing up. Its recommended that you check every little while to officially level up.

Good hunting!
get ebony shield
to get this shield go to solsthiem and do the objectives [make sure the people at the boat wating to be transported get there first] Do the objective [get the objectives from a man called Falco] [wait for a while after a little while building will start to form and more objectives will have to be done. Once you have got to the objetive that says what shop you would like choose the smithy. It will be built over a few days then when it is built go inside and kill the person inside [you will get a bounty, go to fort frostmoth to clear it]Then go back and look on the wall the will be a shield it is called the SAINT\'S SHIELD take it and put it on. You now have a ebony shield.
Get Free Stuff
Okay. To get free stuff go to a shop. Go up to the counter(if there isnt a counter or table or something like that, go to a different shop)and jump up on it. Walk onto the item you want. Jump up and while youre in the air steal the item.

note: save before doing this because if you are not in the air the gaurds will attack you or some shops dont let you do this.

note: dont sell those items back to the shopkeeper or he/she will attack you or call the gaurds.
Get Free Stuff From Shop Keepers!
Note: This is VERY dificult to accomplish!!!

I haven't actually been able to do this but i've seen it done before. Kill a shopkeeper. The trick is to check their inventory before they hit the ground. They should have all of the stuff they usually have when you go to buy something from them. DONT DO THIS IN A SHOP WITH A GUARD! you will get overencumbered really quickly but the point is to get it off the shopkeeper. Having a Mark and Recall spell works well too.
get full glass
to get full glass go to vivic to the rendoran plaza then go to dralor manor go to the top taunt and kill the woman and look in the drawers there should be a key go out then go the the vaults go to the bottom and open the door there should be an ordinator inside go up stairs and click on cell door the ordinator will leave go back down and close the door when hes outside then check one of the boxes that are stacked there should be two glass pieces after that go to balmora and do the hlaalu quests untill you get to sunait mine quest kill the head miner at the mine then convince Canctunian Panius at the east empire hall in ebonhart and you should need two more pieces go to ghostgate and buy them //// diffrent way to get full glass taunt one of the peolpe at ghostgate wearing the armor there easy to kill it just takes forever there your go free glass
Get items for free!!
To get items for FREE first you must do the infinite attribute cheat and do this to personality get it up to about 200-500 then go to any shopkeeper. Then reduce the item to 0 gold make sure they like you 100%. They will give you the item and then if you have low mercantile skill it will raise it by 1. if its pretty high you have to do this a couple of times to raise it.
Get rich
Want to make an easy 10,000 gold continually? (Well of course you do)

Firstly, you need 3 spells: Mark, Recall, and Alsmivi Intervention. Then, you need to find the crab merchant (from Suran, head south until you find deadric ruins. Then, search around the ruins for a lone mudcrab on one of the small nearby islands. There are quite a few lone mudcrabs but you have to search and interact with them until you find the right one. Once you find him, don't kill him, but interact with him.) Once you reach the crab merchant, use the mark spell and then use the Alsmivi Intervention. In Molog-Mar, kill one of the Ordinators and take their armour, recall and sell the armour (Reason why You look for the mubcrab merchant: Because he has 10 000 in seller's gold instead of the ordinary pawnbroker who only has 700-2500 gold.)

Hint: after sleeping by the merchant for 24 hours, his gold regenerates back to 10 000.
Get Tons Of Money!
Its a time consuming task but when your done you'll be rich! Go to Sadrith Mora by teleporting there via the Mages Guild. Then go out the only door in the room. Go down the first set of stairs and turn left, you should see a door that says Imperial Shrine in the name. There are 2 guys in the room, go up to the guy with the dark robe on. Buy alot of ingrediants to make intelligence potions, about 200 of each ingrediant. Now make about 40 potions or so and drink them all. Your intelligence should go up pretty high. Now since your smarter you can make better potions. Make about 20 more and drink them. Now your even smarter. Notice that the price of the potions goes up. If you keep repeating this until your intelligence is about 40k you can make potions that are worth about 5k each and you can sell them to the creeper in Caldera for full price. You just have to press the black botton and wait for 24 hours and go back up to him again and he will have 5k more gold. Thats 5k for one potion! If you have 200 potions and each is worth 5k, well you do the math. YOU WILL BE FREAKIN RICH!
Get up to 60,000g and more at lv 1!!!
I've done this tip about ten times and I've never been caught so yeah don't worry its cool! It's a pretty long read but it's worth it!

Anyway what you need to do is when you get off the boat in seyda neen and that guy asks you to customise your stats and what not in the census office choose whatever but make sure to choose MYSTICISM and ALTERATION in your major skills.

Ok next go to a mage's guild or whoever will teach you spells and buy a Telekinesis spell (Look in Ald Ruhn Mages Guild) and a Unlocking spell (Ondusi's Open door in Balmora Mages Guild [unlocks lv50 doors])(note: Buy Ondusi's open door and then go to a spell making person and make a level 10 unlocking spell. This way you'll use less magika-or you can just use the magika cheat)

Next what you do, is go to Vivic and make your way to the temple. Go into the hall of justice and to the Ordinator's Barracks. In here there will be a few treasure chests, all locked at lv 10. You can use your unlocking spell and steal the ordinators armour. (Press down on the sneak button to make sure no one can see you stealing their crap)

For treasure chests that are in plain view of ordinators, sneak around corners until you yellow square appears at the bottom of the screen, showing that you can see the chest but the ordinators can't see you. Use the Telekinesis Spell and quickly go into your spells screen and choose the unlocking spell. (Telekinesis only works for 10 secs so be quick) This way you can reach the chest without actually touching it. Unlock it and steal all the armour. There is an ordinators helmet on a set of drawers. You can get this using Telekinesis, just make sure the ordinator can't see you, using sneak.

Steal as much armour as you can carry or have the balls to steal (or use a feather spell to carry more) and go to the Vivic Mages Guild and have them Teleport you to Caldera Mages Guild. Go to the Ghorak Manor (Orcs manor) and upstairs to a scamp named 'Creeper'.

Creeper will buy most items for their marked price. (Note: he only carries 5000g at a time so you'll have to wait up to 24 hours for his money to come back. Just press the sleep button and wait.)

Sell all the armour you had the balls to steal and you'll end up with up 60,000g or more.
This will take up to 7 or Morrowind days.
If you wear the ordinators armour, ordinators all over morrowind will want to kill you, no matter what your bounty is, but ONLY IF you talk to them whilst wearing it.

NOTE: Anything you sell to Creeper will disappear from his inventory after a period of about 100 morrowind days. DO NOT SELL NEEDED ITEMS.
He doesn't sell any of your stuff so if you have accidentally sold important items to him, you can buy it back for the same price.

He Does Not Buy: Books, Ingredients, Apparatus or Clothes (unless they are enchanted). I don't know about Keys or Lock picks/probes.

This is a good way to make lots of money fast. Creeper is (as far as I know besides the museum in Mournhold [GOTY edition only]) who will buy things for their marked price. If you sell HEAPS of things, the price will go down by about 100g at most but that will fix its self after a while.

Happy Stealing Friends!! ^___^
Get what you want back from merchants without getting a bounty
In order for this cheat to work you MUST need a constant effect soul gem such as a Golden Saint in a grand soul gem and a equisite shirt. Find an enchanter, make constant effect drain health x amount of points on self. Next, go to a merchant and sell it to him/her wait for a little while and him/her will die. You wont have a bounty! And you can get the shirt back!
Get wicked armour
First become lvl 5, then go to Ebonheart. Swim around the castle for a while until you see a door near a pile of rocks (there should be a little bump sticking out of the water). Then go in, fight some rats and explore the cave intil you see a guy wearing a magical amour. Kill him and get this wicked armour called Lords Mail.
Getting the cuirass of saviors hide
First you have to go to tel fyr. Then go in the hall of fyr and take the rising force potions on the shelf. Then rise up to fyrs room. Kill him and take his armor and the key. Leave the room but dont go down the hole or you're screwed. Find a closet and open it with the key. There inside is the cuirass of saviors hide. It has a armor rating of 135!!!!!!( or more!). Enjoy.
Glass claymore
go to some place named like grahk mak using the boats. then go up the stairs and there should be a bunch of funny people in mixed armor suits(most will be bonemold). go past them and into the inn. now go dowstairs and go into sneak mode. search the desks and there will be some books and money, but in one there will be a glass claymore. its hecksta tight, and it looks cool. its worth alot of money,too. :0
Glass weapon worth between 10k and 16k!!!
Firstly go to Tel Branora and go to the place that you can rent a bed. The go up the stairs and do not talk to the woman behind the counter, instead go to the left and down the stairs and in the desk there will be a pair of Nordic Boots and a Glass weapon it will either be a Longsword, Dagger or an axe all are worth between 10k and 16k!!!
God like Powers
What this neat little trick does it lets you boost any attribute way over 100. for example ym character has 10000 in all atributes (well 3000 in speed high speed is dificult to control). this is true and you will belive me once you try.(boots of blinding speed pah thats nothing) to start you will require any fortify artribute spell. and soultrap. also a high magical skills are a benefit to prevent constant failurebut its not necesary. (on a side note you can boost your normal skills to 100 by creating a spell that drains your *any skill drain spell* skill to 0 yes "yours" so make sure it affects you not target etc. make it 100 to 100 and search for any trainer who trains what you want. cast it and train that skill. you will see it costs 1gp you train it says u reached 0 but infact you lvl up the more you do it until you hit 100) to gain these god like powers. create a spell have it so that it fortifies your atribute (lets say strength) by 50 to 50 for 2 seconds. then add a soultrap effect that is set on target area 0. using this spell go outside and look down at where your feet would be. then cast the spell you will see that your strength raises by 50. but wait 2 seconds later its still 50! thats because this neat little trick raises the attribute pernamently. this can be done with ANY atribute. forget corpus and all that rubbish using this you can create one ultra powerful character.
Good Armor and weapons...
Heavy Armor-You can get a full set of daederic armor in a tower in tel fyr.. Also you can go to dren plantation just north of Vivec and kill everyone to get selveral daederic weapons and some armor along with loads of dwemer armor...

Light armor-Go to the fighters guild in aid-ruhn there is a door with lock level 80 barely guarded unlock it and go in there is a chest with half the galss armor set and another chest with orcish armor(heavy) to get more glass armor get the ring of surroundings (dren plantation) or just get a good chamelion spell and go to the hiallu vaults and break in..
Good armour for no price
Go to Balmora and than go to the person to travel. pay the 23 coins to get the the city with the price of 23 coins, go to the armoury or and shop where there is no guard in and kill the shop keeper and steel everything or anything you want, this will work in other towns but balmora mostly has guards in the shops
Good Chameleon amulet
First, go to Gnisis and leave town (use the exit that has the castle building over it)
next go along the path and follow the signs that tell you the direction to ald velothi. Keep following the signs and soon you'll reach a rope bridge. On to the right, there's a hill with one or two alits in it (ignore them). Go across the bridge and keep following the signs to ald velothi. Now you eventually should end up at a path intersection where on the left you see a woman and a slope that leads to a pool of water. Look to the right where there's a little hill with a tree and go up to it. You should notice (look pretty hard) a 80% invisible person with chitin. Attack and kill him or her I forget and on her body you should find an amulet that has chameleon 80% to 90% percent or somewhere close to that, with magic of 1250/1250.

This amulet is great for stealing because with its magic activated next to no-one, they can't see you and you can steal at your own discretion without being caught.
Good items in seydea neen
Ok, The silt strider in seydea neen, right behind it is the big boulder, go behind the boulder and there is a cave. Go in the cave, Kill every one inside (you might need health cheat!) Now, the 2 water spots, there is a floating bottel at the bottom of 1, and a skull, and the other there is a corpse/skeliton who has some stuff on him and next to him, in the skeliton one if you swim up there is a chest with some goodies in it.. O and keep your eyes open around the bones laying around, there is a thief ring laying by a few bones its hard to see so look carefully!
Good money
Go to Arille & buy fireball. jump on the rock near Fargoths hideout. Then jump on to the house right near it & Use your new spell on every guard & person & collect their stuff & sell it to Arille. Buy any thing you want but drop all your stuff(except your gold) & walk out. Sometimes The guards are back so pay your fine & collect your belongings. Then do what you want.
Good money for a thief.
Get to vivec anyway you can, then go to the weaponsmith and look on the back shelf there is alot of pretty good stuff for like 160-200, but on the top shelf on the left there is an ebony war axe, it is worth 15000, alot of money, ok save first then get both the merchant and the guard to look the other way (do this by getting there attention the exact other direction of the shelf then sneak away) ok, then sneak to the shelf, wait for the signal and grab it, if they catch you then just load your last position and try again, it takes awhile. the bad thing is not mant people have enough money to buy it, dont sell it back to the guy because he will catch you.
Good starter weapon ( for noobs)
When you start and you come out of the offices go around the lighthouse and you see the stump in the middle of the mini swamp, jump onto the rocks that are against the lighthouse and jump ontop the stump and look inside, WOW! there is an axe. Enjoy slashing!!
good starting wepon/ extra money
at the start of the game once you get into seeda neen go to the lighthouse and jump ontop of the big rock next to it.Then jump onto the furthest stump away from you and in it there will be an enchanted axe(can't remeber what it was called).

p.s it's good cause it's a very strong wepon for that part of the game
Got Scrolls?
Near Caldera there is a ancesstorial tomb. Go inside and cast magic everywhere. There should be a lot of scrolls everywhere. Sell them to rake in the money.
great armor
If you go to ebonheart, there'll be a door on your map if you walk around a bit. the door's under water. go inside. there will be 3 paths. ones a dead end. in another some guy will attack you. kill hime and get this armor with about a 330 rating which cures poison and something else. there will either be a key in him or in a barrel in the water next to him. Go down the last path. there will be a door use the key on the locked part. There will be another door that the key doesn't work with. YOu should bring a 100 key unlock spell thing to open the door if you want to go inside.
Great Weapons (for moderate skill)
Okay, get your level to at least 10, then to Ra'virr, the trader in Balmora. Seriously consider if you want this guy gone forever. Save, and kill him. It's not easy, but at the end, search his body. He will have a Fiend Katanya (9K), and a Demon Tanto, (3K) and lots of other misc stuff.
If you did something to get a bounty, drop erverything (except gold) and turn yourself in, or go to theives guild.
Quick tip.If you are low level in Morrowind do not try to gain levels by attacking guards.Trust me you will die.
Helpful stuff at Home Base
After releasing your papers post character creation, you exit and directly in front of you is a wharehouse. It is a lock level 45 or something. If you were born under the tower or have an unhinging, pop the goor and pay the gold. There is a bunch of imperial armor, moon sugar, and a bundle of 250 iron arrows. Be careful though, there is a gaurd who patrols intermitantly.
I think i can say that the marksmanship in this game is very wierd. I could never figure out how to shoot or throw properly before i learned this.If your planning on goin into an enemy infested area and want to always hit them,DONT RUN! Running drains your fatigue and if your fatigue bar is high youi are able to hit things alot easier. If you really want to run i advise carrying some restore fatigue potions
How To Get Dreadic Longsword (not vauge version)
To get the Dreadic longsword, and a whole bunch of other good items, which you can do at a very low level, just go to Dren Plantation which is northeast of Seyda Neen, for the Sword just go to the guard house, go inside, walk to the top of it, go out the door, a lot of people think the guy that looks like raidon on the top of it think he has the sword, but really you should see a vendor there, an old man, just kill him, he will take out the sword and try to kill you so be careful and save before, once hes dead you can get the sword. For the other stuff just go into the building near the guard house, there are a total of 4 people in the house, if your redguard you should be able to take the two people with magic daggers out easily, but the person with the Draedic Shield might be a little bit harder. He also has a Draedic Sword, kantana, you have to time it right or else you will have 4 guys doing massive damage on you, i did it with ease cause i had a lvl 45 redguard suped up with glass armor and the glass firesword. but i know my best friend couldnt get it for a couple of trys so he used the cheat, if its to hard you can hit b, go to your health, highlight it and hit black, black, white, black, black, black, do this while holding A and at the end hit B while still holding B. THANK YOU
How to get into the Warehouse!!!!
when you start the game and get your papers and then talk to the guy about your orders (blah blah blah) Anyway AFTER talking to him walk to the bookshelf right behing him. Now look hard and you should see a Warehouse Key.(get ready to run) now STEAL IT AND RUN OUT THE NEXT DOOR.(i sugest you plan it out before you steal it and he shouldnt hurt you if you dont bump into anthing on the way to the door) Now the warehouse door should be right infront of you. Unlock it and go inside. You should see a bunch of crates in front of you now. And now make shure there are no guards watching you (they all walk around). When they all leave your sight or u can barly hear there footsteps open the crates and take whatever you want. If you really JUST START A NEW PERSON i would be SEIROUSLY carful with stealing because even with the health cheat they kill you with one hit(if u resist arrest)have fun with all ur new stuff.
How to kill an Ordinator without getting caught
If you're doing the pilgrimages for the Temple, then this will be convenient for you. When you go to the shrine at High Fane you use a rising force potion. Make sure it's quality rising force so you don't accidentally fall. Start floating up to the big rock in the sky. This is the Ministry of Truth Hall of Processing. Go inside and look for a lone Ordinator. I suggest you be lvl 15+ to do this. Kill him and there should be nobody around so take all his armour and run out quickly cause the guards attack you on sight. When you're out you now have full Indoril armour. Just never talk to an Ordinator with that on.
How to steal items in front of shopkeeper
Ok i find this cheat great, but it only works if the shopkeeper is near the item u wanna grab.simply jump onto the counter on top of the item u want, jump and at the height of ur jump grab it. i find this works great in suran where u can steal a glass dagger and an ebony gauntlet from the same shop, oh and another tip in the outfitters in suran you can steal anything and she just says stuff like "i cant take anymore" but guess what , you can! enjoy!
I AM WORTH 200K and more
Do the Summon Dredra for 1 sec on touch and soul trap on target for 2 secs and it will be there forever the higher your conjuration skill the better weapons they carry for example my conjuration is 150 so mine carry ebony weapons worth $40,000 but the bad thing is there is no where to sell these great richest... there you enjoy being rich and you can retire from your whatever your doing life in morrowind and live an average life i have!!! XD

TIP: sell every weapon you get to Creeper in Caldera at the Ghorak manor 2nd floor i do he has 5K just sell 1 weapon for 5k each
Increase ability scores easy+cheaply
With this cheat you can get your charater base ability scores up really high.

First, buy a soultrap spell. then, buy a spell that allows for a fortification in strength or other base ability. Then go to a person who can make you spells, and have them make one that casts soultrap for one second on target, and fortify intelligence (or whatever) for 100 points for 1 second on self.

You can do this a maximum of 5 times for each ability. I reccomend only doing this once for speed, as doing it five times for speed, other wise it will cause you to move like a bat out of hell.

Also, you can use this for bound items!
Increase skills (Game of the Year Edition only)
Get to at least 10th level, when you can get attacked by the assasins, and then get attacked go to Ebonheart, talk to the guy in Adamantium armor(Apelles Matius), then talk to the lady and go to Mournhold. When your there, go to the Imperial Shrine, and there should be a lady that sells spells. Talk to her and look for her Masterful Wisdom spells. Those fortify skills. Get the spell soultrap, and go to a person of spellmaking, make this spell(soultrap for 1 second, fortify skill 100-100 magnitude for 1 second). Enjoy you little cheaters.
infanint dadric-glass-ebony
Go to a dadric ruin that has a door kill anything outside the door then go inside com out kill the monster dispose of corpse and repeat the monsters there are usually golden saints and dremora but make sure you have a almisivi intervention spell scroll and mark/recall so you can make where you are use alimisivi to get to a town while u have everything you have collected
infinate invisibility
first get the soultrap spell then go to buy invisibility from anyone really (dosent matter who u buy it from) then go to balmora and go to that lady in the blue dress and choose invisibility 100-100 on self then soultrap DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ONLY change touch to target then go to WALL and cast once then ur invisible and no one can see u
Infinite daedric and ebony weapons
just go anywhere where there's a shrine. then kill the enemies around it. go inside and kill the enemy in there, check the daedros and goldens saints for weapons. then when inside and go to sleep for three days then go back out and they'll be there again kill them and take their weapons they're worth alot and do that over and over again
Infinite money for level 20s and above (works best with mages)
Buy a couple of soul gems. Then go buy a summon creature spell from the mage's guild. While you're there you should also create a soul trap and fire damage spell for about 30 seconds(or however long you think it will take you to kill your summoned creature). Then go to the Vivec enchanter's basement and trap and sell your full soul gems to the enchanter. Buy some more soul gems and repeat. Keep upgrading your summon spells. When you can summon a golden Saint you should get over 10,000 gold per. Also, you can use the Azura's Star to enchant everything in your inventory.

Note: The Vivec enchanter is chosen because he offers the best deals and has the closest area where you won't get arrested for summoning.
insane acrobatics
First go to Vivic,(any one of the buildings work) go to one of the support beams on the outside of the castle/building. back up into the support beam and the wall (on the water side) hold back into the corner and JUMP!(alot easier if you turbo jump) this works almost every where there is an incaved corner. I have gotten to the top of Vivic where it is safe to shoot guards.
Insane items
At the vivec temple in vivec, you can swim to the little islands SouthEast of it and there are ruins such as daedric ect, and in one there are 140000 gold boots, and in a different one 22000 gold Warlock Ring
Instant kill and get away spell
Ok this is a good tip, buy a lot of destruction spells and get your magic skills high, (65-100) then make sure you have enough mana. buy a levitate spell along with the destruction spells and combine them into one big spell, find a town that you hate, levitate up onto a building and find your first target. after you cast the spell it should say "you're crime has been reported" and then you levitate in the air with this spell shooting down at inocent little people killing them mercelously. there are 2 downsides to this tip.

Downside 1: this will cost a hell of a lot of money

Downside 2: you would use so much spells it would most likely not work sometimes

(if you have high enough magic skills then you can do it whenever you want, like I did.)
keep bound crecsent
(requirments:about 3k)
here it is. go to caldra go to verrick gamain and buy the devil helmet.now summon it.u should have a bound crescent and now the wierd part DROP the crecsent.i know u cant drop summond items but its part of the glitch.now sleep for 24 hours and it should be where u left it.
Kill Dagoth Easily
When you fight Dagoth, get him to run into the next room. Then, trap him on the edge and keep hitting him until he falls off. You are not done yet. When you go down to the heart, he will be there, on the bridge with you. Start hitting him and knocking him off of the bridge in the same way that you knocked him down there. He should soon fall into the lava and you are free to kill the heart, then run.
Kill Dagoth Ur
You need to find Keening and Sunder in Red Mountain before this can be done. The go to Dagoth Ur, big room, and attack heart once with sunder. Then continuously attck the heart with keening. Run out.
Remember, must use health cheat because when using keening or Sunder your health drops fast. This is for level 50 adventures, because otherwise they will probaly be too weak.
Kill Lord Vivec EASY!!!
First up you need a fairly high alteration and conjuration lvl. Buy any open spell (i get it from the Balmora mages guild)then go to the high elf and make a spell, open 100pts on touch and name it. Then go to fort moonmoth and go to the prison towers (go down where larris varro is, in that room is a door, open it and go down the stairs to a door) inside is an imperial female i forgot her name. Anyway buy all the summon atronach spells and go bak to the balmora mages guild. with the high elf spellmake summon flame frost and storm atronachs for 2 secs on self, then add sould trap on target. (get soultrap from the lady who teleports in the mages guild. When your done with this go to vivec temple. at the door to vivecs palace use your open 100pts spell and go in. talking to him is pointless he just says that your uninvited so he wont talk. now aim at the gound and summon the atronachs about 15 times. they will be permanent until they die! Now attack lord vivec. the beats will get him too. until they reach him dodge his spell because if your health is a low lvl it will kil you in one shot. now sit back and relax as your atronachs tear vivec to shreds!

Last note: i recomend you use more than 15 atronachs in case you run out of them and wen they reach lord vivec, stand way back if you get caught in their spells you may die as well!
Kill Vivec
Go to Vivec. Go to the temple. Open palace with a spell or amulet. Vivec is inside. Caution, paralyze him is a good idea because he is strong and has lots of health
Level up all armor skills fast and free
First, make sur you are wearing light, medium, and heavy armor. Then make sure one part of your body has no armor on it like your head or something. Then, go to Ald'ruhn and go to the area near all the merchants and the council building. If you walk behind the armorers house and turn left there should be a manor go inside and there should be some zombies and blight walkers. Now put the health cheat on it's black, white, black, black, black, hold A and press B. Now make sure they all hit you now save. Now you can leave your game on for a couple hours and come back and your armor stast should be at 100.
Levels Galor and lots of money
First start your character with alchemy as a main minor skill and don't chose (you shouldn't have) magic as the specialization (probably just steer clear of all the alchemy bonuses if you have money and just have alchemy as a minor). Now get some money, say 500. Go to Balmora alchemist something whit haven (the name begins with "N") and get a mortar and pestle plus ten scales, and that orange scrib item (scrib cuttle?) now make the 10 potions and sell them. Repeat the process. To buy more ingredients at a time re-sell them to her (you will lose money so have about 1000) then she will have the amount you just sold her plus ten more forever. To increase more just sell more back and also remember to get better alchemist equipment as you go to get more and more money. Also, you should level up when able so that the points don't rack up for one level with like 5 and the rest with one instead of a bunch of 2's or 3's. You can sell potions to Creeper in Caldera at the orc manor (he has 5000 at a time and buys at full price).
Lots of Daedric Weapons
If you want to find a a few Daedric swords, listen up...if you have some time (i suggest at least two hours) go explore the south-east corner of the maps (Azura's Isle Region) do a little island hopping and you'll find that there are a helluva lot of shrines. Explore them and you'll find either Dremora's, Dremora Lords, or Golden Saints(especially in the bigger shrines) May i also suggest a soultrap spell and a few greater and grand soul gems (which i also pilfered from the shrines) also, explore all the shipwrecks in the islands, this is where a lot of the ones i found were (i'm not 100% sure but i think there's a daedric Wazikashi in the shipwreck on Karthog Point) WARNING: In most cases you'll have to engage in battle to recieve these weapons. Have fun!
LOTS of money
You need to go to Caldera and find the scamp called The Creeper. He buys/sells all items(except clothing shoes, shirts)for exactly how much its worth. The trick to selling items worth more then 5000 gold is you have to have been selling items to the scamp alot before this, if this is your first time you WILL NOT be able to do.

Easy way to get items to the scamp is to start killing the guards in Vivec, steal their armor repair it to 100%(if its less that 100 it will be worth less gold) and selling it to the scamp.
Its good to sell small things that are worth 1 or 2 gold each, like arrows and such if you do listed below and end up have an odd amount like 2 or 3 gold.

After selling him your item worth more than 5000 gold go to the buy menu, and buy back items until the amount is 0 if not you will be losing money.

Now the 5000+ gold item is out of your inventory, and you now have alot of small items that combined are worth more than 5000+ gold. Sell all these items back to the scamp until he reaches 0 gold, sleep and repeat until all the items you bought from the scamp have been sold. THIS MAY TAKE A WHILE i suggest not have autosave on when you sleep/wait to speed the process up a little.
lots of money/ level
go to balmora and after you do the Fortify atribute thing with soltrap against the wall(get personality atleast 1000!!!!) go to the alcamist lady(still in balmora)she has 3000 gold, then just buy some of her potions for 0 coins, then sell 1 for 3000 then go upstairs and sleep in her bed for 24 hours go back downstairs and keep doin it untill you have as much money you want, then go to any guild(depending on skill you want) and use drain atribute on self 100-100 for 2 seconds then train for 1 gold and keep doing untill your a high level
A pretty good Glass Claymore semi early in the game, it fortifies your intelligence. You find it in the Ursilaku Ansastral Burial. When you get to the Juno burial (the one at the very top) jump to the ledge right of the burial, walk a bit and when you fall to a lower ledge turn around and a mummy is holding it. Very good for early on in the game, light, does a bit better to what the Daedric Longsword does.
make an army of dremora or other creatures
this one takes some time so get a summon *insert name here* for 1 sec on self then soultrap on target name it and go some where with a lotta space aim down use the infinate magika cheat (highlight magika bar and press blk wht blk blk blk hold A and while holdin A press B) cast as many times as u want and u can make an army a *bleep*ed army u can kill for items or a legion for plundering villages (u can use up to 7 creatures and then soul trap)
Make anyone like you
Ok i was messing around when i found this out. So what you do is get a charm spell then you use it on someone and then press the black button and wait an hour or more and they will like you more permanently.
Make money good for alchemist
K this is not really a make money cheat i just couldnt think of a name. This is a way so you can sell lots of itemas and not lose any money. First you buy a bunch of the same iteams form one store like ash yams ( they have to be ones that repelnish every time you talk ot the person beacuse other wise it doesnt work). SO buy like 40 and sell them back to the store so then they have 40 plus the number they orginally had. So the they have say 45 ash yams wait a day and when you talk ot them again the will still ahev the 45 in stead of 5 and now when every you buy from them they will always 45. so if you sell somehting worht like 20 000 and then you htis cheat to trade back all of the money you lost.
Make some money... and start out easy...
So if you're like me and have the Xbox GOTY version of Morrowind, a lot of the soul trap tricks and cheats just don't seem to work for me... so I had to develop a better strategy for the early parts of the game- and here it is:

First- Join the Fighter's Guild; do some of their easy quests, rob some houses, make some money. Join the Mage's Guild. Go to all their various guildhouses and find the following spells- Soultrap, Mark, Recall, Restore Health (or some variants thereof.) Buy as many restore health potions as you think necessary, restore Magicka, and any recall potions/scrolls you can find.
Second- Go to Caldera and Mark a spot right in front of Creeper. He's incredibly useful for making money.
Third- Find some family vaults, dwemer ruins, or mines (preferably around Balmora or Caldera- if you are a low level and it's early in the game everything is easier in that area.) Take anything of value. I usually kill everyone and then go around looting bodies and taking things and tossing them in one spot- until everything is in one big pile. Now, pick everything up at once (if you're lucky, you're horribly overencumbered) and recall (it may take a while early on.)
Fourth- Now sell everything to Creeper. If you reach his $5000 limit, sleep for 24 hours (it'll say it's illegal, but if you hit A it's actually "wait", not sleep- no one will come after you.) If you have items worth more than 5000, buy items you sold to him off of him (I usually try to sell him a lot of 500 & 1000 weapons to make it easier) example- if you are selling a 15000 helm, buy 10000 in goods off of him at the same time, rest, repeat with the 10000 in goods.
Fifth- Now you should have a decent amount of money. Buy a Soulgem with a Soul off of a Mage's Guild membre. Now go to the any Mage's Guild member who offers "enchanting". Enchant your sword/staff/axe with soultrap*target and at least 10 seconds (if possible.) Now buy or steal some empty soul gems (you may even have some with you if you raided tombs...
Sixth- repeat from step 3, but now with your soultrap weapon (I usually carry a second weapon so I don't waste the soultrap weapon's charge). Fill up those soulgems.
Seventh- You should be building levels now, AND should have the soulgems/money to be able to do the following things- 1) Enchant a weapon to restore health on yourself with every strike (restore health*self*on strike) [I have a daedric longsword that restores my health 20-35 every strike and has enough charge to do this at least 25 times- used in addition to my soultrap ebony longsword] 2) Make a recall amulet or belt or pants... something to always be able to recall- even if you're out of magicka and restore potions.
-- So at this point I'm finally getting around to going on my first Blades missions, Fighter's Guild missions, etc- and I am nearly impossible to kill- I have recently enchanted my Daedric Helm with constant effect restore health 1-3 (all the charge it would take) and had to make a constant effect shield that feathered 50 so I could continue my thieving. After paying for all that (wasting precious armored saint soul gems this early on is no good) I still have 300,000 something gold and a house full of random stuff (I like collecting skulls...) Sure, it's not as easy as making a spell with a soultrap and taking the easy way out, but I did it all on the level!
Make the best spell
If you are good with illusion and destruction then you will be able to kill vivec and make him want his mommy with this spell.
Go to seyda neen and buy fire ball from arilles trade house. Then buy the frostbite and then the shock, and then buy paralisis.( In balmora mage's guild )
Spellmake:Fire Damage 100-100 on target in 5 ft
shock damage 30-30 on target in 5ft
frost damage 30-30 in 5 ft
paralysis for 5 secs on target in 5ft
This will require a really high destruction level and illusion level
This is an offensive spell and defensive so it's great for destroying you foe!
Have fun with your new spell!!!
Making Money...The easy way
This trick requires about 1-2 thousand gold, at least a 15 in Mysticism, and the spells Mark and Recall (obtainable in the Vivic Mages Guild). First go to the Creeper on the second story of the Ghorak Manor and cast your Mark spell. Second walk down the stairs and directly to your right should be a door going outside...take it. Turn left and you should see the Caldera, Hodlismod Armorer, step inside and bribe him untill his disposition is around 80-100. Thirdly buy all the items from him you can with the exception of his Armorers Hammers. Cast recall and sell all your goods to the Creeper. By this time you should have doubled your money or are comming close. Repeat this process and don't worry about becoming overencombered...thats what the recall is for...oh and for those of you who didn't notice almost all of his items regenerate after you exit the bartering menu. Enjoy and make yourselves as rich as you have the patience to be. This is my first submission and to be honest I joined this partialy just to let everyone know my bit of ummm...shady information so please feel free to E-mail me and let me know how it went for you.
Making powerful items
You will need: Soul gems, and one a Grand Gem with a Golden Saint. This goes along with the constant effect enchantment bug.

The tip is simple. You do not have to enchant items as common sense would dictate. If you wanted, you could make a shield that increases your longsword ability, boots that make you smarter, etc. The easiest way to make great enchantments is to use amulets. An exquisite amulet can hold an 120-point enchantment, whereas a Daedric longsword, for example, can only hold 10.

Make an amulet with 100-point levitation and fly wherever you want. Make an amulet with 100% protection from all major spells or diseases. The limit is your imagination.
Millions of gold
You must have 5000 gold to start with. Go to Caldera to the manor full of orcs. There is a scamp there named creeper. Sell him your 5000 gold, which he pays 5000 gold for. Now he's broke, but rest for 24 hours and he gets his money back. Sell him your 5000 for his 5000 again. Do this 200, 400, 600, heck, even 6000 times. You still only have 5000 gold. Now kill creeper. All the gold you sold him will be on his corpse. 1 million takes 200 times. With 8 to 10 million you will never run out of money for the whole game. Turn off the autosave when resting to do this faster.
Mark and recall are required!!!
You must be able to kill an ordinateur or two or something like that: go to the temple in balmora and buy the spell called fortitude. If you don't have soultrap, then go to the mage's guild in balmora and buy the spell from the girl who teleports you.
go to estiraladin or whatever her name is.(the one who spellmakes in balmora). Go to caldera(Teleportation Reccomended from the girl in balmora). Go to the ghorak manor. Use mark. then go back to the mages guild in caldera and teleport to vivec. Kill as many ordinateurs as you want. Steal all of their armor and use recall.You Will end up in the ghorak Manor and then you can sell the armor.
hello all. are you ever fustrated when you only got about 3000 gold or some low number like that when you are very strong? well those days are over!!!! for this to work, you must be able to kill five guards at a time.
go to caldera. kill all of the guards there and grab all of their armor but don't dispose of their corpse. Then go to the ghorak manor and go to creeper. sell all of the armor and you should get about 3000 gold every time you sell!!!
sleep for 72 houres and then go outside again. the guards will be back outside and kill them again and go to creeper and sell the stuff again.
Keep repeating these steps. and in five minutes, you have 30000 gold!!!!!!!!!have fun!
Mournhold Quests
Although you get the opportunity to go to Mornhold at level 7 or so, don't go until you are at least level 10: the dark brotherhood are just too hard until then. You will also find good use for the following spells: Night-Eye or Light; Levitation; Mark and Recall; Divine or Almsevi Intervention; and Paralysis.
If you use mark and then intervention in the dark brotherhood lair, the brotherhood NPCs are replenished - you can typically carry 13 full sets of armour and weapons at level 10 - use the armourers in the great bazzar and craftsmens halls: I left Mornhold with nearly $1,000,000 just from doing this (Was also level 20 from level 10, woo hoo!)
My Greatest Spell
To Do this you need to use cheats and bring your Int. and Mag. up to 300000 to do this big attack... you must have the spells as well. This Attack includes.

-Absorb Speed 100Pts on Target
-Damage Agility 100 Pts On Target
-Fire Damage 100pts on Target
-Frost Damage 100Pts on Target
-Paralyze For 100 Sec in 50 Ft On Target
-Poison 100 Pts In 50 Feet on target
-Shock damage 100 Pts in 50 Ft On Target
-Soultrap for 10 secs in 50 ft on target

Soultrap. This does work for soultrap and lets you soultrap what ever you kill with this blow,But remember that this blow KIlls in one hit. Have fun with my spell!
When you are picking all of the crap at the beginning, choose dark elf as a race and when you choose your class, go to make your own class and call it necromancer.
This will give you all these sick spells like bound dagger and sancuarry for free!!! AND OTHER SPELLS
not actually a cheat......
okay, to begin with, your gonna need to boost your stats. All of them. Rediculously high. If you dont know how to do this, then tough luck.
just kidding, why would i do that to you?

1) Get a spell that fortifies an attribute or skill and a Soultrap spell.
2) Find someone who makes Spells.i used some guy in dirty muriels bar in sadrith mora. get any fortify spell for any attribute and you will have them all.
3) Make a spell with:

Fortify X (whatever you want fortified) however many points you want (make it like 50-50) for 2 seconds on Self
Soultrap 2 sec on Target
4) Name and buy the spell
5) Cast the spell

Your attribute, skill, or attack will be raised by however many points you specified permanently. This is a good way to raise attributes and skills once they hit 100 and can't be raised naturally anymore.

once you have gotten all you attributes up to like 2 or 3 thousand (please dont do this with speed or you will kill yourself by running into walls only do like 900 speed) go out and do the sanguine quests to get the fortify skill spell or if you dont want to waste you time im pretty sure there is either a spell in mournhold or in a daedric shrine somewhere (some orc i think will sell it to you). if its in a daedric shrine then your out of luck, ive been to all of them and i could never tell you which one it was. do some research.
once you have fortified attributes past 1000 and skills at least up to 200 you can start beating the living daylights out of man and beast alike!
but wait!
you can use you new found skills for the betterment of all morrowind. i know what your thinking "forget the people! kill them and loot thier dead corpses!"
well there are those of us who would like to complete the main quest, and other quests, by the book. no cheating. i dont call this cheating, me and my friends have started calling it a "slick manipulation of the game"
therefore take your slick manipulating skillz and follow me on the path to destiny!
you may have to "sever the prophecy" a few times but i promise you, its all good. you will still get the congradulatory video at the end and you will still get a nice little present from azura ( it actually sucks)

▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼ ▼▼▼▼

everything you have heard is lies. im going to tell you a secret, and i dont know if this would be breaking some sort of trust between those of us who have beaten the game or not, and i may be marked for assassination after this but im gonna say it anyway. keening AND sunder anrent scripted items. you DONT have to do any part of the main quest to get them. kenning is in orodrosal, a dwemer training facility slightly southeast of dagoth ur. sunder is is vmynal which is a good stretch of the legs northwest of dagoth ur. sunder is on one of the dagoths and keening is stuck in the ground in a tower to your right when you first enter orodrosal. its behind the locked door. get these and the books of kagrenac or whatever his name is, in his study and his library which are in red mountain. try to find one of the interactive maps online, they show you pretty much everything. now comes the tricky part. you have to go kill vivic. i know i sound like an idiot, but its true. your probly thinking 'is this guy out of his mind?'
well i very well may be, but i beat the game didnt i? and i did it the quick and easy way.
kill vivic. on his body you will find a "unique dwemer artifact". this is wraithguard. you need it to be able to use keening or sunder, otherwise they will deal you a 'mortal wound' that will kill you instantly. get the artifact and take it to tel fyr southwest of sadrith mora. in the bowels of the corprusarium there is a fat guy in some sort of machine that kinda looks like spider legs. talk to him about your dwemer artifact and give him the books and he will activate wraithguard for you.
wraithguard will also kill you instantly if you just equip it. you need to fortify you health. alot. i fortified mine up to 10,000 but just because i also planned on taking down dagoth right there and then. i would recommend getting azuras star before you kill dagoth, vivic or alamalexia, seeing as they make beasting good souls. anyway go ahead and fortify your health and then the rest is really just up to you.
i can only tell you that you may go and talk to dagoth but he wont tell you jack unless you have had the dream that those dreamers are always having. kill him when you first meet him and he will warp to the next room. follow him and kill him again. go down the ramp till you get to a bridge. cross it and you will be faced with the heart of lorkhan. hit it once with sunder and repeatedly with keening (ignore dagoths disembodied voice) untill it is destroyed.
the room will start to crash down around you and the bridge will collapse, so get out of there soon. get back to the top and pull a dwermer lever on the edge and get to the door. azuras specter will meet you on the other side. dont soultrap her i tried (you dont think she wouldnt protect herself from being trapped in her own soul gem?)
she will give you the worst peice of crap ring i have ever seen and tell you that you are now free of your prophecy. yay! ending movie time!
people will love you and adress you as LORD nerervar now. demi-god status has its perks, your real popular with all the ladies now!
you can do the mournhold main quest and kill alamalexia as well and then ALL the tribunal will be dead and you will be the only living god in tamriel.
have fun with this! and dont be afraid to use your god status to exact divine retibution in payment for years of blindly following the tribunals twisted schemes!
Nude Beast creatures
If u have a beast creature character (argonian etc.) u can make them nude and not get in trouble.
Go to a store and by an item that u cannot see (ring, belt, or necklace). put that on and take everything else off. now ure nude and people wont say anything.
One of the best spears in the game!!! Very Powerful!!!
I did this in the GOTY version. I don't know if it works on the others.

This is not for anyone under level 8! Even if you have the health cheat! Please do not attempt!

Requirements/Handy Stuff:
150+ health
"Mark" spell
"Recall" spell
Any "Summon monster" spell

First, go to Vivec and find a gondolier. Get them to take you to the St. Delyrn (or something with a "D") Plaza. Standing on the lowest platform, look towards the other St. (something with an "S") Plaza. Jump into the canal between them, and find a grate underwater leading into the St. Delyrn sewers. Once inside, swim around until you find a place to get out of the water. Find a man wearing Hlaalu armor. Be careful! He will attack on sight! But don't run! Kill him (no bounty). Once you kill him, SAVE YOUR GAME!!!! YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO DIE IN THE ROOM HE WAS GUARDING!!!! If you have any, cast some summon spells, and then draw your weapon. Enter the door, and prepare to fight. There is three or four people in here. Kill every one of them! DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE ALTAR(as doing so will spawn a Dremora warlord)!!! If you must, wait until you finish killing the enemies. Now, loot the place, then SAVE!!! Go up to the statue until a subtitle comes up (it should say "Statue of Sheogoroth"). Press the "A" button and you will hear the voice of the Daedric god! You will literally HEAR the voice so you must have your volume up to understand him. He will tell you of some kind of "fork" and that you must use it to kill the Giant Bull Netch. That's right... You have to use a fork to kill a netch. You wanna know the best part? It gets maybe 1-4 damage on its best attack! You know what else? It has a "Drain Magicka 100 pts." constant effect. >
Cast your "Mark" spell, and prepare for a journey.

To find the fork, you must go to the farthest north you can go in Morrowind. The tiny little islands at the top of your map namely. You will want to go to the one farthest north-west. That's right, NOT the big one. On this island, find a little hay shack (like the ones on the slave plantations or in Seyda Neen). Inside you will find a supposedly "insane" Argonian. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM HIM WITHOUT ASKING!!! He may not seem a threat, but if you kill him you will end your chances of one of the greatest weapons in the game! Talk to him about each of his 3 subjects, then when he says it is ok, take the fork from the table. SAVE!!!! SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!!!!!!!

Exit his house, and equip the fork. Don't worry about the magicka, you don't need it and you refill after you unequip it automatically. Head directly forward from his door to another little island. On there, you will find a Giant Bull Netch! (honestly I thought it would have been bigger) This thing is strong though, so watch out! After killing it with the fork (and ONLY the fork) you must now cast "Recall". Talk to Sheogaroth again, and give him the fork. In return, he will give you the long awaited....

SPEAR OF BITTER MERCY [insert choir "aaahs" here]
Weight: Only 20lbs.!!!!
Value: Those of weak hearts may want to leave this page...now.... 130K!!!
Effects:[when cast] Reflect spells, 20-30%!
Summon Storm Atronach 30 secs!
And now... *drum roll* the much awaited damage...


Enjoy killing pretty much anything in one hit kids! Hope you actually use this! Otherwise I'll have to kill you for making me write this for no reason!
Orcish armor in Ghorak Manor
You know that Scamp in Ghorak manor? Well go upstairs fom him, there should be an Orc, kill him (don't worry no bounty) then search the crates, in one there should be a few pieces of Orcish armor.

Note : It is not the complete set so you can sell it to the Scamp or keep it.

Extra note : In one shop in Balmora there are some different pieces (not sure which shop though)

Mod edit: There is no need to kill the Orc, he will not attack, in fact he hardly reacts
Paralyze Puncher
If you paralyze an enemy you can damage them directly with punches, so if you are fighting a fist fighter and keep kissing the floor you might be able to cast paralyze on your self to regain fatigue (I haven't tested it but it would be funny to watch an idiot paralyze himself and get the $#!t beat out of him ). Also blast affect paralyze will do the full area even though there is no explosion shown. Also blast affects of 50 feet make awesome sonar so if you have it do low damage you can easily find enemies bodies instead of having 50 feet to cover.
Place to keep your stuff
If you need a place to keep your stuff (especially if you stole alot of stuff from Seyda Neen) theres a house with no one in it!
You need a spell/lockpick that can unlock 40-50pts. In Balmora, near the silt rider, youll find a house named Vori's house. Unlock it & dropp your stolen stuff, pay the fine & enter.(a good hint for arranging is to put stuff you wanna sel in the big chest & all your money in the chest on yhe shelf.)
Quick cash & level up
You can make bank right from the start of the game. Take a stilt rider to Balmora. Down the stilt rider stairs left then right and halfway down on the right is the Mages Guild. Go downstairs and talk to the woman in the back room with the Khajit, Masalinie Merian. Have her "travel" you to Caldera. Once in caldera, go downstairs and go through the first door on your right. Go up the spiral staircase to the top and take all of the Master's Equipment from the round table (calcinator, mortar & pestle, alembic & retort.) Go back upstairs and "travel" back to Balmora. Go out of the Mages guild and find the "Fine Alchemists" shop in the back left corner of town (you would take a right out of the guild then take a left and look around towards the back corner of the town, it is right next door to the fine clothes store....) Go inside and deal with the pompous woman and buy "Kwama Cuttle" and "Scales" each in batches of ten. Then buy ten more by bartering again, she has an infinite amount, just in groups of ten. With this combo of two two dollar parts, you can create a potion that you can sell back to her for 70-100 credits (depending on how much she likes you. Bribe her well)Equip one of the alchemist's tools from your items page from the red button, scrolled to with the triggers. It will bring you to the create potion page. Click on one of the four empty squares on the bottom and put all of your "Kwama Cuttle" in one and all of your "Scales" in another and hit the blue button repeatedly. Initially you will botch most of the potions but you will get better and better as the computer tallies up the practice that you are doing. Make as many potions as you can then sell them back to the shopkeeper, perhaps buying more supplies if needed, until you hold all of her $3,000 bank. To replenish her 3000 credit bank merely go outside and wait a full 8 hours on her porch (use the sleep button), or go next door and use the clothes store's owner's bed upstairs (to take advantage of the upgrades). BEWARE. You level up quickly enough here that you get a dark assassin on you soon. Get a ghost spell and kill the assassin, he has awesome armor. I have collected upwards to 75,000 credits using this method. Some of my friends think that the practice is mind-numbingly boring, and I will agree. But buying anything and everything that your heart desires is NOT BORING..
Raise Disposition Easily
First, the only thing truly required is that you defeat Dagoth Ur, becoming the Nerevarine. Now, everyone you talk to wil refer to you as the Nerevarine. Just scroll down the list of topics, and select the word "Nerevarine". Everytime you select it, their disposition will raise 10 points. It will on go up to the sixties, though, and doesn't work on everyone. Good way to get information as opposed to admiring or bribing.
Raise stat level for 1 gold
Get a drain skill spell and make a spell that drains the skill of your choice 100pts for a short period of time. cast the spell and quickly talk to a person who offers training. The training for the skill you have casted should cost 1 gold. If you train in it you'll have noticed the skill has increased. In this way any trainer could be used as a secret master and would save alot of money.
real good armour
go to vivec and try to find your way to the canals its not very hard. when you enter the canals there should be a couple of trap doors, pick any one and those will take you to like a sewer or some thing. wander through the canals until you see an orc in shiny gold armour( but be carefull he,s level 10 but if you have the restore health cheat and restore magicka cheat ( he goes down faster with spells.)it should,nt be a problem.if you dont have those cheats here they are.restore fatigue too cus if your fatigue is low yoll just fall over when he hits you.

Health:black,white,black,black,black hld A
Magicka:black,white,whiteblack,white hld A
Fatigue:black,black,white,white,black hld A
Reselling Stolen Items
Many people make the mistake of thinking they can sell stolen items back to the original owner. Don't do this, they will recognise it and call the guards.
safe guard slaying
go into a shop that has a guard in it and also has a counter that closses get the gaurds attention then start shooting him with a bow or throwing stuff at him he will enentually get in but then u can just jump the counter and keep killing him this also works on any people in the shop that u want 2 kill.
See with Boots of Binding Speed
For those of you that have boots of binding speed listen up. On my character it became possible to actually see with boots of binding speed due to the fact that I have a magical curcaiss. To obtain the magical curcaiss(this curcaiss is so nice!) you must first go to the Telvanni tower and ask a moth about dueing quests(warp to a place where skin-in-tree is in mages guild). When you come across a quest form the mouths that askes you to deliver a secret code(don't remember where this place is so you must get the quest from a mouth)to a Telvanni high sorcerer dude. When you go up to the tower(in your journal it should tell you where to go to find the tower) head to where the chambers are and levitate up. Somewhere in there, there should be a wardrobe that is locked 100 and trapped. Disarm and unlock it and put it on then put on the boots and WALA!You are able to see using the boots and you have a very habdy curcaiss without your screen being dark!
sell what ever for full price
First you must find the mud crab that will buy stuff or the creeper. The mud crab is better because he has more money. sell alot of small items to the crab until you get to the max amount of his money, i found that glass daggers work well. then sell something more valuble to him and trade back the less expensive items. repeat this process and although it takes a long time you still get full price even for glass or ebony armor. Try it. It workes.
Serious Money For Anyone With 50+ Magicka
Ok, If you have the game of the year edition, go to the mournhold magic shop and purchase a summon dremora. Next make a spell with the effect of summoning the dremora with 20 duration. Now go outside and summon the dremora. Kill it and u have a deadric weapon! then you can keep selling the weapons to the armoror. Happy Playing!

skeliton transformation
first find a ancestrial tomb(the ones in vivec are the best) kill a skeliton then come back in a couple days. the skeliton u killed should be a skeliton champion, kill it. then repeat the prosses.then once u find it, it should be a bonelord!!!!!!! they have four arms and floatin' heads.(BEWARE: during this prosses do not soul trap and kill them, they will become ancestral ghost in later days).Good luck!
SOME TIPS!!! these are good for all players, read up!
EASY MONEY IN CALDERA: i haven't seen anyone post this yet so here ya go, once you reach a high enough level (30 i think) the tomb just northwest of Caldera will have daedra and dremora in it, you can get golden saint souls and many daedric and ebony weapons, and the creatures respawn (though not the same ones) every 3 or 4 days! best part is, Creeper is right next door to this ever-plunderable treasury! (Indalean tomb)

ENCHANTMENT HINTS: get the enchanter in any given temple (i chose balmora) to like you 100%, this lowers cost of enchantment. Enchant robes and belts and sheilds with stuff like fortify strength and slowfall (2 pts slowfall makes you fall same as normal but take no fall dmg) also have a constant water walking item, the potion components are a pain to get and re-casting it alot can get annoying.

ARMOUR RECOMENDATIONS: i strongly recomend an argonian character (100% poison resistance) with the fists of randagulf (found in a cave full of ash slaves, ash zombies, ash ghouls, ect. the dragonbone currais and a glass helm, seeing as it is the only decent open-face helm and it looks epic. other than that, shield, greaves, pauldrens, feel free to be imagionative (remember, you can weild a shield and a 2-handed weapon if u equip the shield first.

WEAPON ENCHANTMENT TIPS: not much here, i recomend using a golden saint soul, but with cast when strikes so u get maximum charge, and a type of dmg and 30-50% weakness to that dmg. (hint Kal Xen Dai [my sword] is a daedric longsword i made with 50% weakness to fire and 15 fire dmg, i kill golden saints in three hits.)

GRANDMASTER'S MORTAR AND PESTLE GLITCH!!!: havent seen this posted yet, if u use a grandmaster's mortar and pestle to make potions, un-equip it and re-equip it, then make a few potions, ex out menu, and re-do. the # of mortar and pestles doubles every time you do this, i have over 180 thousand of them, and they're 4k each....have fun =3 (hint, they get heavy!!!!)

RUSTY DAGGER:not actually anything, just keep hold of it if u get it, i dropped mine somewhere and it is now impossible for me to obtain mehrune's razor...dont want to see this happen to someone else

CLIFFRACERS: cliffracers are a pain in the arse, but they drop one of the 3 components able to be used in levitate potions...think carefully before you dismiss them, you never know when you'll need a levitate potion!

GEM POTION GLITCH!!!:you know how when you grab a gem off the alter at a daedric shrine and it doesnt stack with the rest of them? ITS A GOOD THING! if you get 3 oddballs and have one that stacks you can make a potion with all the effects of that gem! have fun hunting em down!!!

ENCHANTMENT TRAINING: just a quick hint, paper and petty souls are staples in training enchantment quickly, also, using enchanted items increases your enchant skill as well

KEENING AND SUNDER: they might look shiny but without wraithguard you're a dead man if you use them. (hint, if the prophecy is disrupted it becomes impossible to obtain wraithguard, if you manage to kill Vivec, as i have, you obtain a "unique dwemer artifact" it is wraithguard, but it is unequipable...DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID)

UNIQUE CREATURES: chances are if you find a unique creature its either guarding something or a quest creature...if it isnt hostile, DONT KILL IT TILL YOU GET THE QUEST!!

MAELKASHISHI: a daedric ruin between mar gaan and the tower shishi, in the tower there will be winged twilights and multiple ledges jutting out of the earthen wall...the top ledge (one above top enerance near mountain peak) will have a dead guy, a treasure chest, multiple daedric arrows, and, most importantly, a daedric longbow!!! things are impossible to get, trust me, this is the only one i have ever found (hint, enchanting it is useless for cast when strikes, the arrow must be enchanted, the bow does nothing)

SMUGGLER'S CAVES: dont loot them until you reach a high enough level (once again i think 30 will do) in the chests at said high level you will find pearls, emeralds, rubies, many enchanted items, many scrolls, skooma, some other neat potions, and, best of all, greater and grand soul gems!!!

BOOTS OF BLINDING SPEED: ive seen alot of hints for these on complex ways to be able to see...my sister (a breton that can actually wear em, im an argonian and cannot) says just turning up the brightness works fine

GRAZELANDS REGION: i had never really explored the grazelands until recently, im not sure where exactly but i found a cave with so much raw glass i almost passed out, i had 100 on me when i left, but it became too much when i looted a nearby daedric temple (one of the temples, not a ruin) so yea, the grazelands region is worth exploring, also, alchemist paradise, whickwheat EVERYWHERE!!! (literally)

DAEDRA AND DREMORA: first to list em all off [flame, frost, and storm atronaches, deadroths, dremoras, dremora lords,winged twilights, and golden saints] flame atronaches, dremora, and dremora lords will attack you with fire, lucky you if you read up and have the dragonbone currias you're practically invincible!! storm and frost atronaches do you best to dodge, i've yet to find resistances to them other than being a nord, but that isnt 100%, Daedroths, my favorite...constantly hurl poison at you, be an argonian and your good on that front...as for winged twilights and golden saints, dispatch of them quickly, dont give em time to kill ya...
(hint, dremora, dremora lords, and golden saints have good drops, and golden saints have one of the two constant effect souls in the entire game)

Steal stuff & not get caught
jump in the ceiling before you want to steal somthing. to do this you need to find a table or crate to get high enuff. then when in the ceilling you can steal anything that you want with the people and gards watching you and thay dont care.

ps-if you latter get reported to the athorities drop all of your stuff or they will take it as stolen goods.
Steal stuff without the pain and suffering
Go to Suran. across from the house of earthly delights is a weapons shop. go in and stand behind the merchant. talk to her(go through the entire dialoge directory) until she just faces the back wall. Go over to the staircase where there is a book on a shelf. REMEMBER she must still be staring at the wall behind the counter. stand against the staircase and take the book. now you can take anything from her store. idk if this works for her gold. just leave her alone and all she will do is yell at you for jackin her merch. have fun.
Stealing Items From Shopkeepers Without A Fine
Almost all shopkeepers keep their entire inventory in one chest. The lock level is usually betwen 50 and 75. If you can pick it without getting caught, you can steal everything that they would sell you.
However, if you suck, sometimes if you sell them something better than what they are wearing, they may equip it. If you want it back, you would have to kill them, right? Wrong. Take a good piece of clothing/armor to an enchanter and have him put a poison/self constant effect on it. You have to use a grand soul gem w/ a golden saint or an ascended sleeper to do this, but it is worth it. Sell the rigged item to him, and then wait for a few seconds/minutes (depends on strength of spell). He will fall over dead, and you can steal everything without ever getting a fine.
Stealing stuff real easy
Before you do this make shure you have some cash, maybe just follow my: "couple of k's for beginners". You have to make shure you are born under the sign of the shadow or the tower, you dont have to be born under those signs but it makes it easier. Ever tried stealing but it never worked. Well those days are over, if you are born under the shadow you can turn invisble witch is super handy. That way you can get close to whoever you want and they wont notice. But being a thief isn't only about stealing from the person himself. Its also being able to crack his safe. If you are born under the tower you can do this, maybe in the beginning not that mutch but after you start leveling up you will get better at doing it. Now to be the ultimate thief is to combine these two powers. Now if you are born under the sign of the thief get your hands on a spell that can open stuff. Might want a high level one witch can help you with high level chest witch contain really good goods. If you are born under the sign of the tower you just have to travel to ald'Ruhn and search through the houses till you find a persons who sells spells. You then buy the spell: conceal. And if you arent born under neither you just buy both the spells. With these too powers combined you can pick-pocket whoever you want from a poor farmer to a rich king. And you can open anything if its from a can of beans to a bank safe. Congratulations you are now the ultimate thief.
strong hold
for all thouse people (yes u ) how dont have a clue and use some one eles house t store all ur equipment in then heres a sollution for u

join one of the three great houses and do there missions
(i did house haluo) but it works with all
eventualy ull get to the stage where u have to build ur own maner <by completing all missions and addvasment> complete with ur own gurds and shop owners <dont wory about changing the decore they dont care and u wont be arrested>
evntually ull be able to upgrade ur manner with a wall and gaurd tower and two more buildings

haaaa lukshury
Super armor
You know all of the "get your attributes high stuff" so I'll tell you this. You can do that with a lot of spells like Shield. Do the same thing with the attributes but with Shield and your armor can be really high.
Super Money
Ok, get your magika and conjuration up really high and buy summon daedra. Then summon it and kill it. Right before it falls and disappears, click A on it and you can grab his stuff!!!
sweet armor with preety good rating
go to vivic and go to one sections(i dont know what its called so try em all). you'll find a room with a few people and a locked door in it kill everyone someone has the key. That will let you through one door thers another door and do that again search all the chests ther wil be full glass armor and some other sweet wepons and gems and some gold(around 2k in gold)
talk to a vampire
i don't know why but if you go up to a vampire when you are invisible press a on him and you will be talking to him but you cannot say anything it just has persausion and that's all
Talking Mudcrab Merchant
I read through all the cheats and tips here and everyone keeps talking about Creeper. Well I say he's worthless. If you want to sell your high valued items more quickly then you should seek out the Talking Mudcrab Merchant. He carries 10,000 gold at a time and buys all weapons and armour at full price, provided they're not damaged. Start in Vivec and head north-east until you reach the ruins of Ald Sotha. From here head due east (it's easiest if you levitate) until you get to an island that holds the ruins of Mzanhch. It's best if you don't use your paper map to navigate as it's not exactly proportional or to scale. Once you found this island locate the entrance to the ruins. It'll be on the north side. Now continue around the edge of the island to the south-eastern area. The mudcrab is located on a small rocky island that you can literally jump to. Be careful not to kill this mudcrab. It looks just like any other mudcrab and has no special label. Talk the mudcrab (he's a bit drunk) and sell him your things. The mudcrab's proximity to Vivec makes it easy to kill a few ordinators (provided you've got the skill for it) and sell their armour and ebony maces. Each piece of armour is worth several thousand septims and the maces are worth 12,000 each. I recommend enchanting an exquisite ring or two with a constant health regeneration effect of 4 points or so. It'll cost about 75,000 but just keep killing of those ordinators and it shouldn't take too long to raise this money. Another good idea is enchant clothes with the sanctuary effect. If you enchant an entire outfit in this way you can't get hit by melee or ranged attacks. It's handy but it'll cost about 400,000 septims for the entire outfit and makes the game a bit mundane, so keep it locked away except in special cases.
The Eazy Gold <game of="of" the="the" year="year" edition="edition"></game>
Ok. Once you got lot of rare items or some Legndary Items you {might} not want ??? make a few Enchanted Items That have a consant effect of Fortify Strength 20 points (a daedric tower shield can hold up to 40 points of strength) each 20 points will allow you to carry 100.0 Pounds of items more.. Then get the stuff thats very valualbe you don'/have more than one of then go to the Town of Ebonheart <after you="you" where="where" attacked="attacked" by="by" an="an" assasin="assasin"> talk to peole about the dark brotherhood they'll tell you who to talk to next. Take to the guy he'll tell you to talk to someone about going to Mournhold[only in the game of the year edition] then go to the district with the Blacksmith... from there go up stairs and that to the enchanter if you have Pricey soul gems. If you got legendary items take them to the Mournhold Muesium of Artifacts they pay up to 30,000 gold for each one you take (like the Ten Pace Boots) and the rest sell it to the buisness district. I did this and came out with over 100,000+ gold, this only works in The Game Of The Year Edition.</after>
The infinite powerful arrow trick
In Mornhold, Godsreach (the place with all the Manors) There is a manor with a Crazy lady in it (i think its the Sadri Manor).
Go into that manor and do a favor for one of the crazy lady's friends. The favor will eventially lead to killing the crazy lady in the end. Once you've killed her, take everything from her, but leave her corpse. After you've taken everything, check her corpse again and you will find 50 really good arrows. You may have taken a couple from her before when you first took all her stuff but if you leave her corpse as it is, you can keep checking her corpse and taking 50 of the arrows at a time. Take as many as you want because eventually, her body will disappear. Also if you drop the arrows, Make sure you leave them someplace thats easy to find them because they will disappear if you just leave them next to her and go do main missions or Solestiem missions. Also, she is carrying a mace thats actually a rare item. take the mace to the museum of artifacts and sell it to get more gold for it than at a normal shop or donate it to the museum later when you have to get a piece of trueflame from the museum by donating two artifacts. (getting the three pieces of trueflame and reforging it is one of the mornhold missions that you do for Almalexia)
The Lord's Mail
this armor is very good. it is heavy armor and does 330+ defence with heavy armor at 100. it is also worth 190,000. to find it follow these steps:

!. Go to Ebonheart
2. find a bridge that goes over a little river/valley thing inside the city. (this is away from the boats)
3. go to the corner of the island (still in ebonheart)
4. on your map will be a door (this door is UNDERWATER)
5. enter the door and there will be a couple rats. kill them and you will be at a 3 way. go straight. a guy will be there and he will be wearing the armor. kill him and take it. it is very nice.

NOTE: you can also get in from inside somewhere but you need to be able to pick higher level locks and find a "hidden door" which is a door that looks like a wall next to 2 guards.
The Real Way To Get The Sword of The White Whoe
First of all you got to go to Balmora and go to the guard thats by Ciussus's house and go up into the tower and go all the way upstairs. if your a low lvl i suggest you save before and have good armor,well u got to jump onto the jars to the left of the guard and dresser then u look on top of the dresser and there it is hallylulah. but if u mess up then the gaurd will attack u. i recomend u keep it for it has a magic effect that if u hit someone then it drains thier health for 1-10 damage for 30 sec but only hit once or it well just waste the magic thingy

need help email me. or if your having hard time.
The true power of creeper!
Ok, you know how Creeper the scamp in Caldera only has $5,000? Well when you first find him, you probably wont have anything to sell to him that is worth more than $5,000 anyways, but if you start to sell things to him, after a while a good way to sell something even more expensive than 5 grand goes like this; Say you sell a $30,000 sword to him, he can only give you 5k out of it, so,buy stuff that you already sold to him that cost under 5k each item until the owed money says 5k, accept the offer and wait for 24 hours by pressing the black button. Then when he has 5k again, sell the items you just bought back to him, and seeing how the items are 5k or less, you might have to keep on skiping 24 hours a few times. But the idea of this cheat is that you started out with an item that was greater than 5k, and you traded it for 5k and items that equl the same value of whats left. So its like breaking apart a item into a few items but still having the same total value because he buys and sells things at their actual value. Oh and just to get you started, if you go to the top level of the Manor he lives in, there will be a Orc standing at the top of the stairs, directly to his left,(your right) there will be a crate with 5 Orcish armor peices, they are great if you like medium armor but if not, sell them to creeper for about 8k-10k total. When you steal them, all the Orc will say is something like, "You coward" or "Stop thief! but there are no guards so you wont get any bounty and none of those dudes will fight you. I made about $108,000 before I was level 2...Think about it!
The Ultimate Hideout
Okay i have found the ultimate "hideout". It is in Alderun, there is a Manor its like over buy a Temple. You might want to be care full if you go down the stairs because theres like blight people(what ever the walking zombie things are called). So you might want to be lvl 4 or higher cause there are like 8 of them. But the key is on the little shelf on the wall near the door. There is also a whole lot of storage space down there and since you have the key thiefs can't steal your stuff.There is like 5 or 6 crates and like 4 barrels.If you make a Mark Spell on it you can come back to it by using the recall spell. Hoe you have funn with your "hideout".
Throw away your lockpicks!
Once you learn any open spell, you can go to any spellmaker and creat an open spell that will open any door in Morrowind for under $600! Create an open spell, with magnatude of 100-100 on target, area all the way up. Thats it, its that easy. Now all of your lockpicks and lock spiltter scrolls are useless.
To Become a vampire(THIS WORKS)
Ok, first of all, you MUST HAVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT TO DO DONE FIRST! When You become a vampire, you can't ride the silt strider, talk to guards, sleep in the wilderness, use the mage's guild transporter lady, OR do any quests for guilds(except for the mages).

To become a vampire, you must travel to Dagon Fel. Then travel north west across a large river(you may need levitation for this). THen travel west along the top coast until you reach a tomb called Sarethi Ancestral Tomb. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HIGH HEALTH FOR THIS! Go inside and go straight untill you come to a split hallway that goes left and right. To the left there is a vampire, to the should have gone up, but you are weak to fire, 100% hurt by the sun, and you can't talk to people. You're levels go up quickly when you are a vampire, but if you ever want to not be a vampire(I haven't exactly figured this out yet), you have to find Vampires of Vvardenvell II to find the cure.
To help keep your self out of crimes when you steal
To help keep your self out of crimes when you steal, Well what works for me.. Go up behind a shop owner IN THEIR SHOP WITH NO ONE ELSE AROUND, and try to pick pocket them, If they catch you, they will fight, use the health cheat if u need it, and then once there dead you shouldn't be in trouble with the goverment, If you are, you might have done it in a public place, There are many places to practice this in BALMORA, Ravirr the trader is a good one, he has a 9000gp sword which can be bound and brought up to a high level, using the level up cheat..

shadowj edit - edited spelling to follow better and like ultimate cheat, level up cheat only works on the american version
Tons of Free Money and Weapons $$$
You will need summon creatures. I suggest golden saints and dreamor lords. And you will need a Calm Creature spell. Now, first summon the creature. Then cast Calm Creature on your summoned creature. After that, KILL the creature. Right when you kill it, the creatures remains should appear for a few seconds even though it was a summon. Take all of the creatures stuff. You can have glass, ebony, and dadric weapons. Now you can go sell them, OR use them for yourself. =)
Turn 5,000gp to 5,000,000gp
first have 5,000gp or so Go to Balmora and use the mage in the mages guild to travel to caldera or walk it doesnt matter... When you get to caldera go to the ghorak manor and look for creeper hes a talking scamp merchant... sell him your 5,000 gold for his 5,000 gold it wont apear that you sold it to him but he wont have 5,000 gold anymore sleep for 24 hours right there and repaeat the process everytime you do this it ads 5,000gp when your ready to get all the gp back kill him and its all yours your crime will NOT be reported.
Ultimate Strength
Ok on the blades quest where u get courspe disease and u have 2 get it cured dont be so quick about it. as it gets worse your strength gets higher so when u have it keep resting for 24 hours so yur courpse worsens when you get cured your strength will stay up.
Unlimited Glass/Daedric/Ebony weapons+shields
To do this get a Summon Golden Saint Spell and Soultrap. Make your own spell with the infinate summon. Now casat the spell at a wall. The Golden Saint is your ally permanantly. Kill the Golden Saint to get its stuff. I've done it so much, I have at least 10 of each thing.
NOTE:It is rare to get Daedric tower shields. However, you can summon TONS of Saints. To beat the Saints beaten easily stand far away from them.Shoot an arrow at them (NOT Daedric) and every Saint (except the one you shot) will attack it.
Unlimited source of money
I had discovered this by accident and it turned out to be the best way to get money (this is a little lenghty). First you must have at least 3,000 gold (500 more is recommended). And you must be at least level 6 or 7. Go to Vivic. Then go to the Orindators Quarters located in the Hall of Justice or the Hall of Wisdom. Look around inside and you will see an orindator w/o her helm on. It will be sitting on the dresser. Steal it. It will say "crime has been reported". Now Immediately drop it before an orindator can take it from you. Pay the 3,000 dollar fine. Now pick it up off the ground. Go to the outside of the Temple and put it on. Now walk up to an Orindator and talk to him. He will say that the armor is sacred to there order and he will attack you. Kill him useing the health cheat to keep you alive. take all of his armor except the Curiass. Do this to several other Orindators. Now go to the mages guild and go to Caldera. Go to Ghroak manor (something close to that). Go to the second story. Find a scamp called the Creeper. DO NOT KILL HIM!!! You can sell the armor for full price to him. Sell him the Orindator armor all except one helm. He can only buy up to 5,000 gold peices. Then rest for 24 hours. And he will have 5,000 agian. Repeat the selling and resting steps until you have sold all of the armor. Go back to Vivic. The Orindators will now attack you on site. you can kill them and not get in trouble as long as they attack you first. Remember that from now on the Orindators will always attack you. Reapet untill you are rich i currently have 329,455 gold pieces. Trust me its worth it!
unlimited source of money or all weapons at 100
First I'll give you guys the money portion of this:It has been awhile so I may be getting a little vauge in this but I know it works for the regular X-box version. I'm not sure about the others.First travel to the lava covered section of your map right across from Tel Fyr. Tarvel around a bit until you start seeing a literal paper trail. Just like hansel and gretel follow this trail around and on or near one end of it yoou should sorry lonely hungry sad kajiit slave. Now while it pains me to say it (not really), lob his friggin head off. You are now an evil sadistic cruel freak. And that's how we make the money. Now go to (can't remember). It should be easy to find because it has a port and it's one of those Televani town's. I'm fairly sure that it is Tel Fyr, but it may be tel branora, Aruhn, or tel mora. After getting of the boat, you will go into the city and you should see a central building. Outside of this building there will be a lady standing outside her slave cages with her guard. If you talk to her and tell her that you found her slave and turned him into worm food she is just proud enough to give you 50 gold. now talk to her again and mention again the same subject. SURPRISE she gives you another 50. I now suggest that you run through the motion of the buttons so that you can select the topic in her menue with you eyes closed. I then suggest that you save you game so as avoid freezing, plug in a good movie, and hit that ol' input button. Now while you may not be able to see what's happening you can still keep on selecting the topic and getting gold. After that good 2 and 1/2 hour movie you should then hit your input button again and walla! you now have somewhere between 2 and 3 MILLION GOLD. Unlimited skills in a similar manner: Materials: -lots of random shitty weapons (all of the type you want to later use) -lots (5 or 6) of strong levitation potions -Mark and recall ability -STYLE Even before you have completed the main quest you can still pay Dagoth Ur (in the center of your map) a visit. As soon as you enter his cave he will start the standard evil villian monologue where he claim to dissembowel you if you dont accept his evil powers. Then he will procede to do his best to do just what he said, chasing after you the whole time. Now use the levitate potion and float out over the edge. Coax him out over the edge. Done right he'll just go careening out into the lava pit (but not die due to his invicibility mask). He is now trapped down there forever. Give the boot to the few dreamers wandering around and continue on towards "the heart" at the center of the cavern. Just like dagoth ur, there is an invicibility setting around the heart, sheilding it from any damage. BUT, you can still manage to hit the heart. Now whip out one of your peice of crap weapons and beat the crap out of ther heart. You can again throw in a movie and hit the input button. you can continue to gain skill and you can tell when the weapon is worn down because your controler will stop vibrating everytime your pull the R trigger. Once out of your original stash of weapons just use your mark spell infront of the heart and then telepoport or just walk out. Now go get another stash of weapons and then continue reaming the crap out of the heart. For sneak- just go in back of a shop, stare at some fairly expensive goods, and doulbe click the sneak button and leave your console on. Presto! next morning level 100 For athletics- Just put your hero into a corner and then lean something heavy on the joystick (i suggest your chemistry book since that worked best for me). Next morning, 100 sp I wouldn't suggest combining the sneek and athletic trick since not only does your guy look like he has a big crap layed out in his man-diaper, but you move much slower. Plus with the movement you're bound to move your cursor off of the selected object.
Unlimited weapon skill points!
Go to Balmora in the Mages guild by any or all of the summon weapons spells. Go somewhere and cast one. IMMEDIATELY press x and the right trigger button, and hold them down. you will here a weird noise. after a little while of holding the buttons stop and look at your weapon skills .They can go up to the thousands!Enjoy!
water breath
OK. first buy a water braeth spell and soul trap.then go to spellmake.do as instucted!
water breath: for 1 sec on self
soultrap: for 1sec on target
now you'll have infanate water breath!

Ps;point spell at wall not at other people!!! they'll get pissed and start atacking u!!!!!


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Get up 2 75800 gold easily
go to balmora mages guild go to the top floor and youll see a wood elf chick in a pimpin rope go to first person view jump on the chest next to her desk then jump on her desk (save imediatly u might get caught) then steal everything on her desk and inside the desk then go to the temple and buy a soultrap scroll and convert into a spell . go around town and find all the petty soul gems and fill all ur empty soul gems with monsters then go to the talking mudcrab merchent near vivec (Start in Vivec and head north-east until you reach the ruins of Ald Sotha. From here head due east (it's easiest if you levitate) until you get to an island that holds the ruins of Mzanhch. It's best if you don't use your paper map to navigate as it's not exactly proportional or to scale. Once you found this island locate the entrance to the ruins. It'll be on the north side. Now continue around the edge of the island to the south-eastern area. The mudcrab is located on a small rocky island that you can jump to.)sell up to 10,000 sept worth of soul gems to him then wiat 24 hours and sell 10,000 more and so forth by the time ur done you should have up to 75800 septims
Getting Mutiple souls from one animal (Morrowind)
First off you may want to upgrade your mysticism and enchant before you do this (Just a suggestion)

Okay, Now go to balmora and enter the "mages guild" Go downstairs and go to the "guild guide" (The one who teleports you from mages guild to mages guild) buy soultrap after that make a spell for soultrap again with the same amount of time

"Great now I have two soultrap spells That was a waste of my money" (Not really) Now go to the wilderness (Make sure you have more than one soul gem) now find an animal you want to catch cast BOTH soultrap spells one after another and kill it it should say you caught the soul twice look in your inventory and PRESTO you have two souls of the same animal

*NOTE: The more soultrap spells you make the more soulgems you can fill with the one animal
Health cheat
You need this to kill Dagoth Ur. Go in your inventory and highlight your health, if it is not full. Press black, white, black, black, black. Hold in A until your health is back to full.
How to get weapon skills up to 1000's
This only works for weapons such as the long blade, axe, spear, etc.

Buy the desired spells that you want for bound weapons like bound dagger, which if done right will increase your short blade skill.

When you have accumulated all the spells that you want cast them all at once if you have just one spell cast that.

When you have casted hold down the sneak button then keep on clicking x(blue button) then you will go through all of your bound weapons and your weapon skills will magically go up. Keep on doing this if you want it very high.

This is incredibly easy to do and is very useful.
Unlimited Stats Exploit
Buy a Fortify Attribute Spell from the temple in bal mora, buy the soultrap spell from the bal mora mages guild make a spell that fortifies attribute on self for 2 seconds and soultraps target for 2 seconds...

"hint" Start with willpower for 100% chance to cast the spell!
Have fun



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2 Deadric Cresent Sword's And Amulet of tel fyr
Ok Once Your Like Lvl 20 Or something go to tel fyr you need spell of recal and scroll of mark or spell levitation pot or scroll like 5 eklash lock spliter which unlocks lvl 100 chests and stuff Steal
everything in the room like carius of savoirs hide and scourge and deadric cresent amulet once you have this amulet wear it and it says do you want to be teleported to some place were you fight a deadric waroir DONT kill him straight away use mark and then save after this kill the deadric lord and qiuickly enter his inventory before he disapears take the amulet and deadric cresent after this you will get his sword for kiling him but you already got it before he disapeared so you have 2 oh and dont use the ammy or the game will freze
50 000 gold
head to balmora.
from there, go south down the river to the coast till you get to a wooden bridge.
cross it and you'll be in a grass land area. take a look around and you'll find a door in the cliff. enter but be prepared for trouble as there's an atronach inside; kill it and you'll be free to rob the cave of its ebony.
you just hit pay dirt. now you have three options:

1. keep quiet and every 5 months rake in the profits by selling the ebony

2. sell the location of the mine to one of the hlaalu councillors: Velanda Omani will give you 20k gold, and Dram Bero will give you your choice of daedric weapon.
Addition to Health, Magicka and Fatigue Cheat!!!
While using the Health, Magicka and Fatigue Cheat, put in the Black White code. While holding the "A" button, press the "B" button. The status bar of the one you were increasing will temporarily remain at it's max ability. For example, if you do this with your health bar, for a certain amount of time, whenever you get hit by another character, your health bar will take the damage but then recover to its maximum.
another dimension! who woulda thought.....
first you need to know how to get out of the map when your in a house. a smaller house usually works best. ok just get your speed up enough to jump out of the map using the fortify attributes cheat or eating about 10 moonsugars. then go over to a corner and jump up towards the corner of the house.(make sure your inside the house!) once your out of the map you will see the surrounds are all orange,red, green or other backround colors. for this part you will need a levitate spell. when you get out of the house levitate back over to where the house is. in this dimension you can drop stuff and.... yeah thats about it. because if you fly out too far you will just teleport back into the house.
another way to level up
to get your athletics up, enter the health cheat and have your character swim facing a wall or a rock, then use a rubber band and lodge your joystick forward and your character will continue to swim. you can leave and come back a few hours later and be leveled up. I would save before trying this, as it may freeze up after awhile.
To get Flame, Frost, and Storm Atronach you need to go to spellmaking. Get Storm, Frost, and flame for 2 seconds on self. Also get soultrap for 1 second on target. Then name it and buy. When u cast the spell look at the ground and cast. When you cast all 3 will be standing there. You can get multiple atronaches.
awesome regenerating cheat
Do the health,magic,or fatigue cheat and push A to bring it up.The easiest way is to buy a spell
(doesnt matter) and do the magic cheat and keep the bar on your magic meter.When done with the cheat,exit out of menu and hold Y and use the left or right trigger to select spell.Cast the the spell once and do the magic cheat again, repeat until the bar goes up by itself.If you want regenerating health just to the health cheat but do not push A when done with the cheat when it regenerates,otherwise it doesnt work.
Be one helluva theif
Ok, so first you make your charector. Giv them skills that would help you be a thief. You know what to do.
Then, in the room where you made your stats, you can steal anything and everyone you want to, just as long as you drop it the second you pick it up..... guards get mad, but nothing happens as you dont have the object. Then you can pick back up again and repeat the process with other expensive things in that room. Then go outside, come to a barrel, and get the ring inside. And enter the next hut. Before you talk to then captain in that room, drop all your stuff. In that room behind the guy in the shelf is a warehouse key or somthing. But, you are directly behind him so the swipe-drop technique wont work. So draw him out by steal something in the opposite side of the room...... dont drop this!!!!!! So when he catches you, he stays in that spot, so then you can steal-drop-pickup the key with very little trouble. Pick up your stuff, talk to him, and get the thing from him. Then give the ring you picked up back to the man who lost in right outside of the hut with the key you stole. Then you sell all the stuff you stole to the local shop-keeper, Now use the warehouse key, and steal all the stuff you can from the warehouse. then sell and take silt strider to balmora

Join mages guild, and tele to castle place (I think so) and then go to dirty muriels inn outside castle thing, and do that cheat mentioned somewhere above about making the spell and casting o your self so upgrades to skills cost about 1 g old each, get stealth and lockpicking up pretty damned high...... 80-100

Then with your newfound skills, go to Vivec and check out the banks xD. Drop your stuff and put health cheat on.... (make sure you buy some of those unlock scrolls, they help!!!) when they back is turned, Open the gates and close em behind ya. Now hes a tricky part, Between a gate from you to the Loot, theres a guard, when hes on patrol do whatever you can to get him outta there so you can close the gate behind him, Lockpick the next door and when another guard is there, wait till he starts patrolling and close the door behin ya.

Main room--Guard--Locked door--guard--locked door--guard--riches!!!!!!!

So, I may be talkuing of a different bank that that you choose to steal from, but inside all of them in vivec is glass, ebony, daedric, just bitchen items
Boost Your Security Skill!!!
First thing you need to know is that this might take awhile, you will need at least 1000-1500 gp, first buy a lock door spell, i dont remember where you get it but im pretty sure you can get it at one of the mage guilds. then go to a spell maker and and make another lock spell and make it a touch with a magnitude of 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, or 5-5. now go buy apprentice lock picks at least 50-100 of them, im not sure how many you'll need. then find any door that's not locked, save, and cast the infinite magicka cheat, (black,white,white,black,white then hold A for about 3 seconds and quickly press B). use the lock spell you made at the spell makers on the door then pick the lock.continue to doo this untill you reach the desired security lvl or untill you run out of lock picks.
ps: have your lock pick equiped and your lock spell that you made ready,(Duh).
Boots of Blinding Speed
The Boots of Blinding Speed are found on Pemenie the Trader, who is found on
the road from Caldera to Ald'Ruhn. She is close to the spot where you meet
the naked barbarian who is seeking the witch that stole his magic axe. You can
kill Pemenie to get the boots, or do a small quest for her and receive them as
a reward. Killing her is not such a big deal, since there is a bounty on her
head anyway (though she might prove to be a tough opponent for low-level

The Boots of Blinding Speed have the following constant effects: 100% Blind on
Self and Fortify Speed 200 points on Self. The speed increase makes travel on
foot a breeze, even in walking mode, let alone in running mode. However, 100%
Blind makes you do this in complete darkness.
Cheap Skill Level Up
This cheat makes it so you can level up your skills for little or no gold. First, you need to go to a spellmaker person and make a spell with Drain *skill* with whatever magnitude you like on self for 2-3 seconds. Next, go stand next to a trainer person with the skill that you want to train available with them. Cast the spell then immediately talk to them and train the skill. It should cost you about 1 or 2 gold. It works and is very inexpensive!!! Note, I did this on the GOTY edition, I'm not exactly sure it will work on others though. Good luck!
Cheapness and Cheats MASTERED
First go to suran (silt strider in Balmora) go into the pawnbroker, steal something woth about 1-2gp, then he'll attack you, kill him (he is easy to kill) then steal the ebony darts 5grand each and the glass dagger then go, now go tothe Slave place (im not sure what it's called but it has slave in the name) kill the person inside, look at a small chest near where he stood and loot it. take the silt strider back to Balmora ,then go to the mages guild, teleport to caldera sell your stolen loot to creeper(in the garak manor) and then back to the mages guild to teleport to Balmora, take a short walk east to get to Moonmoth then find a person called 'Solea Nuccusius' in the prison towers, buy a skill off her called 'Drain Athletics' then go back to Balmora. go to aldruhn (by silt or mages) then go in the mages guild and look for an aragonian called 'heem-lo' on the top floor, create a spell draining the skill you wish to master 100 points for two seconds, it should be about 100 gold. find anyone that trains you in that skill and just before you train cast the spell and every level up until 75 should be one gold (even after 75 it's cheap)
Drain Skill Trainer Trick
Using this trick will allow you to train any skill to level 100, using any trainer of that skill. It will cost you a one time amount of 330+ gold for the initial Drain Skill spell, plus the amount of 70 gold for each Custom Drain Skill spell you create, plus the price of 1 gold per level raised. So, it will cost you around 500 gold for the first skill raised to level 100, and 165 gold (or less) for each subsequent skill raised to level 100.

First buy a Drain Skill type spell. The Spells are available from Solea Nuccusius in the lower level of Ft. Moonmoth Prison Towers, accessed through a wooden door by Larrius Varro. The spell names are Drain Athletics, Drain Block, and Drain Destruction (Any one spell will do).

Then, go to a Spellmaker, and create a spell to drain one of the 27 Skills, using the following formula:

Drain Skill *
Range: Self
Magnitude: 100 to 100
Duration: 1
  • I suggest training the Destruction Skill first, which will increase your chance of casting your Custom Drain Skill spell successfully.
After creating your custom spell, go to any trainer that trains the skill that corresponds to the skill being drained in your spell. Stand directly in front of the Trainer, then cast the spell, and quickly talk to the trainer to train that skill. Since you have lowered that particular skill's level to 0, your price for training will be the default cost of 1 gold. Don't worry about your drained skill, it's stats will quickly return as soon as your 1 second spell wears off. Cast the spell just before you talk to the trainer, each time you train a level, and you will be able to use that trainer to train your skill to level 100, for 1 gold a point. If you use this trick with your Major/Minor Skills you will be able to raise your characters level 1 point for 10 gold, an unlimited amount of times.
I don't know if this was on here cuz i did not feel like looking and i don't know if any one still plays this game lol but use this cheat and u will not need to use any other cheat cuz when ur done no one can kill u cuz every thing will be maxed out like right now im like lvl 120 lol and thats cuz i did not feel like lvling up any more if u have have any Q just ask
Drop Stuff that you can't normally
Ok you know the PC you can drop all the Bound stuff(maybe). Well,some people say that you cannot do this in the XBox. I (maybe you too) dropped a Bound Cuirass. It goes on forever!And, Bound Items cost only 1gp to repair no matter what.I made an extravagant ring that is enchated and it goes like this:
Ring of war I
Constant effect
Bound Boots on self
Bound Cuirass on Self
Bound gloves on self

This should cost you an approximate of 15777 gp. Take a Golden Saint or an Ascended Sleeper in a Grand or Vivec in Azura's Star. Then after you changed "Cast when used" to "Constant Effect" switch to a Dreugh in a Common Soul gem. The Constant effect will still be there! Buy it and put it on. Drop the Cuirass and it MIGHT still be there.
Easy daedric dai- katana
In view of the mount Assarnibibi shrine(to the east) is an egg mine. I can't remember it's name but it is long. Behind the queen, there is an area blocked off by rocks. there is a dead body there with the dai-katana on it. you just need to be able to kill kwama and maybe a few alits/kagoutis.
Stats: Best 1-60 damage.
Worth 14K(14000) I got it as a LvL1, but it wasn't easy....
easy enchanted that sell for a lot of money
if you go to bolmora go to the trade shop onwer and save right infront of him you will know why if u do what i say. now pull out your weapon and charge for about 10 seconds it will help while you fatigue regenorates if you are lucky it will hit him or else he will pull out his great hammer and deystroy you but either way if you kill him search him you will find some stuff and 4 enchanted weapons they are fiend katana worth 9k a fiend tantio 4k somthing tantio 100gold and somthing katana 300gold sell the tantios' and the cheap longsword now go to the gaint flea thing and ride to suran and kill the weapon keeper and steal the weapons sell them all but the glass dagger its worth it even though its worth 4k
Easy hand to hand ORC BEST SUITED
1.go to a town where the crimes dont get reported if u attack sombody in their house.
2. if u are orc use berserk then fight the person but stay near door
3. whenever berserk wears off u will fall to the floor knocked out for a period of time. so stay near door and when the attribute signs at the top of the screen start fading, run outside and rest for a day to get berserk back.

as a orc u should be flying through levels. it should take at least a days worth of gameplay to reach max lvl

if not a orc fight them normally weakening them if needed
Easy Level Up
First you must create your own custom class or choose one with unarmored as a major skill. Then go to Seyda Need so you can save the game (just in case!). Go back into the room with Sellus Gravius and try to attack him. Use the Auto Heal Cheat code and watch your unarmored skill go up. To beat him it helps to have hand to hand (your weapon will break eventually), and it helps to go up levels twice as fast. The only downside is that you will be in trouble with the law.
Easy Money and Diedric and Dwemer Weapons.
If you have the summon dremora you can do this.
Summon the dremora and kill it. It will dissapear really fast but as it dies try to take from it. If you get it it you will have a new weapon. To sell it go to the scamp and sell it while buying other stuff back untill he owes you 5000 gold. If you dont have enough magika to summon the dremora just create a summon dremora spell that lasts as long as it take for you to kill it.
easy money for hard players

OK with this method you can make massive loads of cash. But you will need a few things first

1 high skill in summoning or mysticism
2 knowledge of the mudcrab merchants’ local
3 a decent a mount of cash
4 a way to kill enemies in mass

Now first of all go to Tel Branora. Go to the top of the tower and buy a summon golden saint spell. Then travel to any mages guild (or your stronghold) and find a person to make a spell for you. Have them make you a spell of soultrap on target for 2 seconds and summon golden saint for 1 second. (Note: if you are better in mysticism put soultrap first or vice versa this will make the spell easier to cast) Now get plenty of magic and health restoration potions. Or use these codes, which are as follows
Health: black white black black black
Magica: black white white black white
Now go to the Mudcrab merchant and stand back far from him or stand on a nearby island. Now save your game, this can make the game freeze and remember to save at least once every 2 minutes. Now look at your feet and cast the spell to summon your golden saint. The saint will appear but don’t look up. Cast it a few more times and always wait to look up until all the flashing lights have disappeared. Now use your weapon or (as I prefer) a spell or ring of toxic cloud. Kill the saint and gather all of their weapons and shields I don't know why there isn't any dedric hearts on them but this makes this useless for alchemy. Anyhow now save and do it again, and again, and again, and so forth.

When you have enough gathered items go to the mudcrab. Now sell him everything that is under 10k. Also make sure to sell some deadric daggers to him as they are worth 10k each. Now when it comes to items over 10k it gets tricky. First buy a deadric dagger from the mudcrab. This will mean that he has 20k now so sell all of the items worth under 20k but more than 10k (such as those glass long swords which are about 17k I think) Now sleep for 24 hours. 24 hours latter the mud crab will have 10k again. Now sell him back those deadric daggers one at a time sleeping 24 hours after each. Now for extremely pricey items (such as deadric tower shields) you will have to be able to buy at least 4 deadric daggers from him so he will have the 50k required to buy it from you.

After a short time of this simply stop to look at your cash. You should have more than enough to go out and buy levels of all of your skills. Thanks to this I can take anything out from under anyone’s nose with my sneak and security skills and my alchemiy can make $300 potions of reflect and such.

easy money in seyda neen
Ok, go to arriels tradeshop, buy all of the unhinging scrools, go to any of the locked houses and use it on the (Perferably The houses they have better stuff in them) then go turn your self in and pay the 4-6 coins you owe, go into the house, steal all of the stuff, (make sure no one is in the house) and go sell it to arriel.. also in the light house at the very top is a book worth 350 under the bench. This is a good way to build up your money, and if you talk to hiskar flat foot in the tradeshop, he tells you about fargoths hideing place, once you get the 300 gold from him, just keep it.
easy way to steal stuff!
Whenever you want to steal something but there is someone right there next to it, just use a go to the other side of the room and sneak. when the "undetected" signal comes up, use a telekinesis spell to take the item from across the room!
Easy ways to level up attributes and skills.
1. (Lots of money required)
If your character has a skill that is easy to access a "Master trainer" for, set it as one of your major or minor skills. You'll need a lot of cash to do this, there are many ways to do this but the choice is yours. For example I chose acrobatics. Its governing attribute is strength. I bought an exquisite ring and enchanted it with 24 Strength. (It also works with the enchantment set for 1 but I liked to max out all my enchantments ). After you equip the ring, go to the master trainer, keep training that special attribute until it gets to 100. Normally, it would say you can't train it past 100 because 100 is the highest your strength can be but since you are wearing the ring you governing attribute goes up by however much extra the ring adds on (Example 24 in my case). Keep training with that person and you'll get the same message saying it is trained up to 100 but if you do it 10 times you will get the rest and meditate message popping up. So in essence you are gaining levels as you train. A great way to level up in my opinion but it can be very costly the more you train.

If you have a spell that damages skills you are all set. Make a spell that damages the skill you want at 100. Find any trainer that trains that skill, if the spell you create damages your skill 100-100 magnitude then you can get the skill trained for really cheap and when the damage wears off you'll be left with cheap easy skill training.

Last note: You cheaters!!!
free waitless daidric armour and weapons
First buy the bound item you want. Then buy soul trap. Next go make a spell that does summon whatever bound item you want for two seconds first then soul trap on target for one second. Then point as far down at the ground as you can and cast the spell. Finally equip it and destroy every one. Mwahahahaha!!!
Freebies from the law
Ok, I'm not sure if this works in Morrowind for Pc or for Morowind GOTY, but I do know it worked on my Morrowind game(before i got GOTY) Lets say you got a 1000gp bounty on your head, as long as you can make it into the Southwall corner club in Balmora your gunna be ok(might work in other thieves guild but not sure). When you enter the first thing you have to do is join the thieves guild by talking to The Kajiit named Suger-Lips Hasbi on your way down the hall. After you join the guild go talk to the man behind the counter and go to the topic "Bounty on your Head" he'll tell you he'll take it off for half the price. Instead drop ALL of your gold and ask him to take the bounty off he'll think he's being paid and take it off not realizing your gold's on the ground and he hasn't been paid. Then your free to go where you wish.
Get any visible item for free
I can't figure out why this isn't a very common cheat, but if you go to a shop and, say, they have a glass dagger, get on the counter, jump, and when you hit the ceiling take the item.(make sure you take it on the arch of your jump.Also, this won't work if the ceiling is too high.) This eliminates the need for a thieving skill, because you can take it right in front of them! Also, if you want a great house, go to Nerano manor in balmora. There is no guards,
1 man(who is really easy to kill), a ton of great stuff, and awesome storage space.
in VERY begining be something with spells pick tower sign to fight ghosts go to the shelf grab the $650 worth plate drop it the guard talks to you ten pick it up (he wont come after you) the walk to the next room close the door behind you then take everything worth $5 or more go down the hall more open the door check ALL the bags and youlf find one thig worth $50 is one and rest is like 5 to 30 then walk out get the ring in the barrel get the quest go to the tradehouse sell everthing but package and if you need buy all stuuf you can, go to balmora get quests yaknow then fighters guild then to dwenmer caves (you gotta fight a guy who summons skelotons use health cheat) then take his axe and armor go in to cave there you kill all enemys inside the cave you can find 50 pound gears worth 100 dollars there will be like 8 go back and forth from there to town then i lower levels there wil be a room with a metal thingy in it it has an emrald then use tower key to open a chest insede there are sick boots and a pouldren in oposite side there is a ruby on your way out get as much potery and stuff as you can becuase everything is worth atleast ten dollars even mugs and bottles
God-Level Potions
This is how you can make potions that last an extremely long time.(**You need to have the Grand master alchemy equipment to do this**).Go to Vivec Foreign Quarters Mages Guild and by 5 portions of Bloat from the Alchemist in the Mages Guild and then sell it back to her and then she will now always have 10 bloat you can do this until she has 100 and then buy 500 Bloat, then go down into the Foreign Quarter Canalworks and find the healer and do the same thing except this time with ash yams and buy 500 of those. After you have 500 of each make 5 fortify intelligence potions and then drink them and then repeat until you have about 3,000,000 intelligence. Now comes the God potions part, every time you make a potion now it will do about 500,000pts. of what ever effect you make and last for and last for about 1.5 million secs. which in the game is forever. and if you make a shield it is 50,000% and you potions will be worth about 50,000G. So there, now you have unlimited Intelligence and an impenetrable shield;)

Also, a warning (from Joe the Shmoe):
This cheat is easy to lose control of. Say you use this cheat when you already have an Alchemy skill of 40. By the time you work the potions down to about 150 to 200 you will acually reverse your Magicka and Intelligence so that they start counting in the negative. When this happens your potions will still be getting the boost but if you try to play your game afterwards your Magicka count is in the negative and therefore you cant cast spells. For a seemingly infinate amount of time. The only option then is to reload from an earlier save. So it works but you just have to keep your eye on this rather extreme drawback. And definately save your game before attempting. Just in case.
Health, Magicka and Fatigue Cheat!!!
To Restore Health:
1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
3) Used the D-pad to select the Health entry.
5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Health level is reached. Submitted by Ticrazyguy.

To Restore Magicka:
1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
3) Used the D-pad to select the Magicka entry.
5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Magicka level is reached. Submitted by Ticrazyguy.

To Restore Fatigue:
1) While in the game, hit (B) to bring up the menus.
2) Use the (L) and (R) triggers to switch to the Stats menu.
3) Used the D-pad to select the Fatigue entry.
5) Press and hold (A) until the desired Fatigue level is reached. Submitted by Ticrazyguy.

I got this from Xboxsolutions.com so I must credit them and Ticrazyguy for this info!!!
Infinite Attribute
To get the attribute of your choosing get any spell that you can increase your attribute.(if you only get one like endurance thats fine) Next go to temple or Mages Guild and select Spellmaking. Then select Fortify Attribute and get the attribute of your choosing, select the spell on self, have the duration on zero, and have the magnitude on 100 to 100.(if you can afford it) Then you go to the spell titled Soul Trap, set the trap on target and everything down to zero. Finally you cast the spell looking at the ground and your attribute you choosed will go up one-hundred points!

P.S. If you can afford the magnitude 100 to 100 then do 50 to 50 it doesn't matter what you do all it does is effects how high your attribute goes up.
insane alchemy
First, if you buy 10 of an ingredient and then sell it back, the dealer will have 20, then 40, 80, 160, etc. Do this to get ingredients for Fortify Intelligence potions--say 200 or 300 of each. Make 20 or so. Drink them. While they are still in effect, make 20 more. The second set will be more powerful. Drink those too, and repeat. By the time you get 300 of them they will be very powerful, and will last essentially forever. My intelligence number is at 200 million, and it's pretty easy to do. Once your intel is at a few million, try making a few Fortify Willpower. Get WP up to a million, then go see what kind of spells you can create (I have a Command Creature/Humanoid on target for 1000 seconds that cost over $1,000,000 to create, and I have a 40,000% chance of casting it). Also, make a feather potion, fortify health, etc. Don't do speed. Speed at a million is hilarious but not very practical.
Insta Arrows
Once you've found a rare arrow such as the Daedric ones. Equip one and hold the R trigger, aim at an animal. Now while holding the R trigger go to your menu and switch the arrow to something cheap. When you leave the screen you will notice that the arrow looks exactly the same, shoot the animal. IF you are lucky, after it's dead, the arrow will still be in the animal. If it is, it will say it's a Daedric arrow. Congrats, you have just converted a cheap arrow into a really expensive and rare one.
Kill People Without Getting In Trouble
First of all go to any town you wish and find someone or possibly something and taunt him or her until she says goodbye. It\'s a good deal especially when you go to ghost gate armory. (Example) go to the arena in vivec and go into the waste works try all the rooms that say fighters on it and one of them will have a high elf with full ebony. Taunt him and when he says goodbye this maybe hard because hes a level 20 so try to kill him after he goes after you. First he will use spells then he will use his ebony sword use bound weapons to kill him faster and easier good luck he takes 40 damage on you
Level up easily
To level up easily, jump continuously, until it says your acrobatics skill increased. This will add one of ten points to your leveling meter.

shadowj edit: the higher the level of your acrobatics, the more time you need to spend on jumping, also jumping off high places will increase your acrobatics more but it will hurt so have some potions handy
Lord Vivec
(WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE DOING THE MAIN QUEST)If you are a fairly high level, like 18-20, you might want to try this: Go to Vivec and to the temple canton. once you get there, go up the HUGE staircase. You need something that unlocks 100 points. Unlock the door and go inside. You will find Lord Vivec there. Now here's the fun part: attack him and kill him. He is somewhat hard, but you'll eventually get him. If you want to, you can steal his plans toward the back of the room. Now, when you go outside, you can tell people you killed him, but some won't believe you. This is just good practice for those who are bored with the game.
Making Con. Effect Items
ALright, to do this you need the spell soultrap or a scroll with it or something and a grand soul gem, find a golden saint, a common at Deadric ruins, soultrap it and beat the poop out of it. You will get a soul gem named "Grand Soul Gem Golden Saint" it'll be worth about 60000 but this ain't somethin you wanna sell. Then you go to the mages guild in balmora and buy a cheap soul gem off the girl upstairs, one with a soul mind you, then go into enchant, select the Grand Soul Gem and change "Cast Once" to "Constant Effect" Then switch to the cheap soul gem. Create your item(may cost a lot, hav your full wallet ready) and creat, i have two regen health +2 gauntlets, a regen endur 6-7 ring and i never loose endur and only hard things even touch my health
Perfect Thief
Ok Easy Cheat... Make A Spell. Use Chameleon Set At 100-100 On Self. Add Soultrap On Target. Buy And Cast On Self. Unlike Invisability You Dont Become Visable When Attacking Or Stealing. Experement With This Spell Making Format To Simulate Any Constant Effect Enchantment At Its Highest Level. Have Fun!

Be Warned, if permanently invisible, you will not be able to talk to certain key people in the game.
Permanant Summoning
First you must buy a Summoning Spell of your choice and the Soultrap Spell. Go to a spellmaker and create a spell of Summon (creature that you have) for 2 secs on self and Soultrap for 1 sec on target. Add the summoning first then the soultrap second when creating it. Be sure to aim the spell directly at the floor by looking down as far as it will let you. Cast the spell and the summoned creature should remain there until killed. You can do this as many times as you want to create an army of them if you want or you could use it to summon a Dremora/Golden Saint and kill it to trap it's soul. Since the summon will be constant, the corpse will not vanish after death until you dispose of it. Therefore you can take it's weapon and shield.
Raise your unarmored level high!
All you have to do is strip meaning take EVERYTHING off of you including your undies! Just kidding go into the water in your under pants and run VERY VERY VERY far out untill you have like those fish slaughterfish chasing you at least 5 then sit there go do something they will bite you to make it so you cant get hurt so you can raise the unarmed level use the cheat Black button then black button then white button then black black black then press and hold A (It will work better if your already damaged) then in the progress of regaining your life press B while holding A then when you get attacked your life bar will take the dmg but regain then when your far out sit there and float in your under pants the fish will keep attacking you with no effect and your unarmed skill will go up high if you want to raise acrobatic too while raising unarmed use like a rubber band or something to pull your joystick up have the guy keep going forward the fish will attack you giving you unarmored skill very high while swimming to make acrobatic skill work the game may freeze (good chance after swimming too far) so every once in a while turn your guy around. (It works best swimming into a rock or swimming at the bottom of the sea then it wont matter and your health wont go down because of the regain health cheat try it after only like 20 mins your unarmored skill from 20 will go up to 43!!!!)
Restore Health, Magicka, and fatigue(no potions or spells required!)
This is for people who dont want to buy potions or spells to heal. This is easy, and it just takes a few buttons on your controller. First, go to the stats menu and highlight whatever you want to heal.(Like health, magicka, or fatigue)

Key: B=black button W=white button A= A button(Hold down A button while exiting the menu to keep restoring it without going back to the menu

Health: B, W, B, B, B, A
(Magicka: B, W, W, B, W, A
Fatigue: B, B, W, W, B, A
shoot arrows from swords
get the long bound bow spell which can be found in balmara mages guild. have your sword equiped as your main weapon and have a long bow in your invintory. cast the bound spell and it will atomaticly switch from your sword to your bow. hold the R trigger and when the spell wears off your sword will come back and you will be holding it as you would a bow.let go of the trigger and youll shot an arrow.you must be holding the R trigger while the spell is wearing off.
steal from shops
see some stuff in the stores you want to steal but there is guards around? then go into the stores and talk to the sellers do what you must till they decide to fight you and while their fighting you steal their stuff the guard will come after you make sure that the seller is in front of you and the gaurd will go after him. ha ha ha
super streangth
Those of u that have betten this game the real way by getting keening and sunder this is for u.
have sunder to where u just hit x to use it now make sure its away then hit L,x,R at the same time and done right u will pull it out in slow motin and here a sound do this as long as u want the look at your strength,luck, and endurance i did this for like 5 seconds and got my strength to now i swear its true 1722. now ofcorse theres a down side...............not just go to an altar that will restore your atrobutes to keep the high level please do this and rate it thanks
SWORD OF WHITE WOE (17,000 value)
Go to Suran. Enter the guards tower. In the top of the tower there is a bed and closet. In the closet is armor and 218 gold. Look under the bed and the sword is there. Steal one of the torches where the GUARD CAN SEE YOU. Run all the way downstairs. Then hurry up and run upstairs and grap the sword and the armour and money if desired.
The Fastest Easy but expensive way to increase level
Go the place called Falensaro. There is a guy there that will train you in the axe ability. You may need to calm everyone and check with them. Make sure strength ability is 100 with an enchanted constant effect item that gives you strength. Just make sure your strength is over 100. He will continuosly trian you until the end of time. Or untill you need more money.
If you need money follow my Easy money and easy Diedric and Dwemer weapons cheat.
The Lords Mail
First go to Ebonheart and find a huge ocean the one closest to vivec. Then swim out and under one of the little islands will be a cave, go into it and there will be a guy standing with the best armour in the game worth 1,000,000,. Kill him and take it, a go starter for a low level
Turn summon into Soul gem
First you need soul trap for__ seconds.(don't matter)Then go to any mages guild and buy sommon Anything then go and buy any emty soul gem. if you can sommon it. then soul trap it and kill it you get in a gem. and save up enough money and go to the lady that enchantes items and get enchanted i'd put it in a staff because it looks cooler, But enjoy your new items!
Do you want to run at the speed of light? WEll first you have to have high magic then buy a fortifiy spell idk where to buy then selcet speed and put 100 to 100 then duration 1 on self then use soul trap on 2 secs on target and it will make speed go up 100 pts!!!!!!!!!!OMG If you repeat say you had 100 speed then use it 10 times and you will have 10000 speed repeat for higher
Ultimate Cheat for Morrowind & GOTY version
Note--> if you do not want to become the master of the game right now, do not use this cheat!

First, your magicka has to be decently good, around 40-50 pts. If you choose the right character or make your magicka HPs better when starting a new game, you will be able to make this work for you.

First, you need some cash. I'll let you figure this one out, but I would accumulate around 600-1000 pieces. Go to Seyda Neen to Arrile's Tradehouse. Talk to him, go to spells and buy "Jack of Trades" spell. Please don't use it, if you do, you're on your own.

Make the trip to Balmora and visit the Mages Guild. If you're having trouble finding it, which you shouldn't be, activate your menu and view the map. Arrow over the yellow squares until you find the area that you need to be in.
Go to the lady on the very bottom level, she has a red robe on and appears human- buy the spell "soultrap" from her.
Now get ready for the action!
Go to the lady up the stairs (but she's pretty much in the same room as the other lady, in the same room as the bank of bunkbeds) that is wearing a green robe. She makes cool spells, especially with the combo you have.
Follow these instructions very closely.
Choose "spellmaking". Select "fortify attribute" and select "luck". Make the magnitude 100-100 and set the top section to "self". Do not change anything else. PRESS X. You will see "Fortify Attribute" to the right in the blank area. Good. One last step... Select "Soultrap". DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING BUT this... make the top say "Target", not self or touch.
Press X again.
Name your spell. Make it something simple.
Create your spell.
Now for the fun part...
Go over to the bunkbeds. This is done to make it easy to go to sleep and cast spells AGAINST THE WALL and not at anyone or anything, lest you should tick off your friends and have them slap ya with a little well deserved magicka...

Select the spell you just created. At first, this will suck. 80% of the time it won't work until you get it to work twice, then it will suddenly work every time. Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with luck?? Sleep between every cast and you will have enough magicka to cast these. When it's worked once, check out your luck in your stats. I'm not gonna tell you how many it went up, but it's unbelievable. Best part- it's permanent!

Next- this depends on how much gold you have right now. If you only have a little, duplicate this spell and fortify your intelligence after you're done fortifying your luck. Intelligence increases your max magicka and makes you have to sleep less.

Remember the order- luck FIRST, intelligence SECOND and everything else after that.

You can put more fortifications in one spell instead of just one to save you some time- in the end it saves you $ too, you are only paying for soultrap once.

ADVICE: WATCH HOW HIGH YOU FORTIFY YOUR SPEED- You can literally get it so high that you try to cross mountains, fly off the top of one and descend down a couple of miles later, hit the ground and die. I would keep this one to a seperate spell.

Use your spells multiple times and you will never need to worry about anything again- you can steal anything, get into lock level 1,000,000 with an apprentice's lockpick, never get touched by a hit, become a horrible outlaw, etc.
Do this to your strength about 25 times and you will never again be overincumbered.

Umbra Sword and Full orcish armor
go to suran entrence where the bridge is place, then turn left(u need levitate, or find a way around the hills). a guy with full orcish armor will be there and talk to him, u need to be VERY STRONG to kill him, so just use the health cheat:
(B)(W)(B)(B)(B) then hold A then press B.
then talk to him, strong weapon recommended.
talk to him and stuff, he says somthing about no one can kill him or somthing. pick the 'RED' thing on the bottem, i think =/. well, somthing i think 'ok, ill kill u' or somthing. then kill him and take all of his stuff, the sword can SoulTrap enemies, very very usefull. i used the Crhysmore Claymore thing to kill him, with 8 shots of 70 dmg >=)(or more)
unlimited constant effect soul gems
get a soul gem that has a golden saint trapped in it and go to the soul gem and select that soul gem on constant effect, then change the soul gem and the constant effect will stay. You can use this to get great strength (I have a nord that can carry 2197 pounds) You can also use this to gain intelligence, personality, speed, willpower, agility, endurance, luck.
Unlimited items for merchants
ya know when a merchant has 3 of the same item and ya have to keep goin back and forth, restin 24hrs gettin 3 of the same item at a time

well forget that, firstly find a merchant that sells 5 or more of the item ya want, for example ash yams from gnisis temple, second buy all of the ash yams(item) and exit the barter menu, go back in and there ya are, another batch straight away but if ya sell all of the ash yams back, the merchant will now have double and will always sell double

so say the npc on the temple has 10 ash yams, I buy all 10 and sell them back, she will now have 20 and always sell 20 to ya

this is pretty good for Alchemy when ya want to make alot of the same potions, I got 2 merchants to sell 120 ash yams and netch leather at a time and made 480 successful potions
Unlimited Soul Gem!
Theres two places to get this 1.Go to Tel Branora, leave the boat go to the town, and you'll see two enterences to the town, (The Walkways) go to the second one, when you you reach it, the first shop on your right is the one she has infinite soul gems (except for grand and greater)! 2.Go into Azura's Shrine (If you don't know where that is check the map that you got with the game, its in the bottom-righthand corner) when you get there speak to the statue of Azura and do her quest before you leave the shrine use Mark(trust me its a long way to walk back!) (go to the second biggest island above Dagon fel (Take a boat from Sadrith Mora)you don't have to kill all the Deadra just the golden saint, but take all the items off the Golden Saint,but whatever you do DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE, because you will lose the only chance you get for this item. Go back to Azura's shrine talk to it and it will give you a soul gem called Azura's Star, it is infinite, another words you can enchant, and recharge it as much as you want, and best of all it does constant effect, so you'll never have to worry about buying another soul gem again!!!!! Congrats!!!!
If your wondering where the summon golden saint spell is its in tel branora in the upper tower (you'll need levitate to get it some mage has it, he's on the same floor the Telvanni girl is.
Water Breathing
Using the health regeneration code you will be able to swim under water for an infinite amount of time.
Weapons trader with 10k!
Head south-south east of Suran, till u find a dwemer ruin called 'Mzahnch'. Mzahnch is also just east of Ald sotha. mzahnch is on an island, on the east side of the island there is a tiny little island that has a mudcrab on it. dont kill the mudcrab, talk to it. You can barter with it, but it only buys weapons or armour. this mubcrab has 10k. an easy way to get money is to travel west from Mzahnch, and kill the deadra and people inside ald sotha and then go back to the mudcrab trader and sell them to him for 10k. the mud crab rocks!!