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Unlockable Stage

Beat the game on Dead on Arival
UnlockableHow to unlock
The Last ChallengeBeat the game on Dead on Arrival
Producer PicturesKill all of the people on the Last Challange
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Bender0121 on September 06, 2008

Easter eggs

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Have You Seen These Missing Producers?

In Part 1, Chapter 2, after Alex is shot and you have killed the people in the center, there are some posters in the hallway. If you take a closer look at them [once you have the cheat get all weapons and use the sniper] you'll see that the Missing posters have pictures of the producers of the game. [As in the people of Remedy games]
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Bender0121 on September 08, 2008


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All weapons and ammo

This code can be entered anytime during gameplay, just press the back button on your XBOX controller (the black button next to the start button) it will bring you to the main menu. When you get there,

Press and hold
-L and R
-Left and Right Thumbstick
-Quickly press White, Black, Black, White, White, Black
Verified by: Crater7924 Submitted by: Keith LaBorde on July 12, 2002

Cheat mode:

Cheat mode:
Hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick, and quickly press Black(2), White, Black, White, Black, White at the main menu. Various cheat options will appear. Note: Most cheats must be unlocked during game play.
Verified by: MaRBReD Submitted by: Gentle66 on January 05, 2002


Get all weapons :

Complete the game in easy or hard mode.
You will get then two more difficulty settings and in cheats menu you will have get all weapons option.

Verified by: masenas, AMO63 Submitted by: sic on April 10, 2002

Elevator Music

In Part I Chapter VI, when you get to the elevator in the laundry place, you'll notice a speaker on the ceiling of the elevator. Before you push the button to go up the elevator, shoot the speaker and Payne will say, "Thank you."
Verified by: Prevolution, AMO63 Submitted by: Scott Wells on May 25, 2002

Hidden Room to watch STAR TREK

In part three where you are betrayed by Alfred Wooden, go to the place where you find that video tape of him and Candy the WHORE. Go past that room and the room where the TV is. Shoot down all the paintings in the 3rd room. Behind one of the paintings is a button. Go there and press the button. The coach will lift up and reveal a secret passage way leading to a place where the movie and a few other wierd things are stashed. It is a wierd Star Trek Space like movie and you can't blow up or damage the screen.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Arjun on November 05, 2002


Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: DA ONE on July 22, 2004

Rats with guns

I part 1, and chapter 2, in the beginning, throw a grenade (you have to cheat to get one) in the hole in the brick wall in front of you. Continue on, pass the sewer, and go up the stairs and you should see rats that shoot at you. Have fun!!!
Verified by: Arjun, AMO63 Submitted by: Billy on January 29, 2002