Doom 3 (Xbox) Cheats

Doom 3 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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A quick eye and a chainsaw are a deadly combination
As the title suggests, if you have good reflexes and a chainsaw, you will be able to carve most enemies to bits. The trick is to have the chainsaw ready, and be prepared to use it around every corner. As soon as anything rolls out and prepares to attack you, sprint directly at it with the chainsaw, and as soon as you touch it, it will be unable to fire at you, and after a second or so, it will be dead. A nice trick against imps is to crouch, letting the fireballs scortch over you head as it can't aim down, and crawl up to it, and then chainsaw it at the ankles.
Conserve Ammo
Not all enimies need to be killed, often if they need to be close to attack you, you can just run past them and when the door closes behind you, they will stay in their designated rooms, and you won't have used any ammo.
Don't die!
Use the soul cube whenever something wants to kill you(duh) and you should be fine.
Get BFG before going to hell
In north of Delta Labs, level 2, you probably would like to know the code to get the BFG behind the glass. The code is 9-3-1.
Hell Powers
Once you enter Hell, you will notice the you have no weapons! But, the upside to it is that the pistol and shotgun is nearby. The best part of hell (that you might notice) is that you can't waste any energy by running. So you pretty much have unlimited energy! =D
When fighting an Imp, crouch and they can't hit you with their fireballs. If you are standing agaist a wall, you still get hurt because of the splash damage.
Storage Locker Codes & Supplies
Locker #; Code; Level
#001; 396; Mars City

#003; 483; Recycling
2 clips, grenades, plasma cell, security armor

#009; 752; Alpha Labs
1 clip, grenades, large med kits, security armor

#013; 586; Administration
clip, grenades, security armor, shells

#017; 347; Infirmary
clip, large med kit, security armor, shells

#023; 531; Mars City Underground
armor shards, large med kit, shells

#038; 409; Alpha Labs
2 clips, grenades, security armor

#039; 102; Alpha Labs
2 clips, security armor

#047; 123; Alpha Labs
3 clips, grenades

#048; 123; Alpha Labs
3 ammo belts, large med kit, plasma cell

#049; 123; Alpha Labs
3 armor shards

#054; 246; Communications
grenades, security armor

#054; 142; Monorail
grenades, rockets, security armor

#063; 972; EnPro Plant
plasma cell, plasma gun, small med kit

#064; 651; Alpha Labs
4 armor shards, clip, plasma cell

#078; 364; Monorail
clips, grenades, large med kits

#079; 364; Monorail
clips, grenades, large med kits

#103; 259; Delta Labs Level 2B
large med kit, plasma cells, shells

#104; 579; Delta Labs Level 4
ammo belt, rockets, security armor

#112; 538; Delta 2A
armor shards, cells, shotgun

#114; 715; Delta 2A
backpack, clip, security armor

#116; 972; Delta 2A
BFG cell, large med kit, plasma gun, security armor

#116; 624; Delta 2B
bullets, plasma cell, shells

#117; 624; Delta 2B
BFG cell, grenades, security armor

#213; 371; Delta 2B
clip, plasma cells, shells

#21D; 298; Delta 1
grenades, large med kit, rockets, security armor

#317; 841; Delta 4
bullets, clips, large med kits, rockets, security armor

#386; 836; Delta 3
ammo belt, bullets, clip, large med kit

#387; 836; Delta 3
clip, grenades, large med kit, rockets, security armor

#452; 571; CPU Complex
grenades, rocket launcher, rockets

#666; 372; Delta 2B
imp, security armor

#669; 468; CPU Complex
grenades, plasma cells, security armor

#001; 0508; Administration
ammo belt, chaingun, security armor (Martian Buddies Locker)

#002; 0508; Delta 2B
BFG, security armor (Martian Buddies Locker)
View Trailer
When starting up the game, after several pomotion ads for developers and publishers, you will reach the main screen where it will tell you to press the START button to continue. Now, don't press anything and leave it here for 1-2 minutes, and then the D00M III trailer will automatically play.

Easter eggs

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BFG before fighting Guardian
Well, when you enter Hell, you lose all of your weapons, including your BFG which could be helpful fighting the Guardian.

You walk up and see this huge blue beam, the portal to where you fight the Guardian. Don't walk into it just yet.

Make your way around the edge, avoiding the portal itself, until you come to an opening behind the blue beam. Walk through this opening and there will be a BFG a short walk up this path. Then, return and walk into the portal. The BFG is a big help with the Guardian's seekers.


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Doom 1 And 2 codes inside collectors Edition of Doom 3
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 3 Times then Press (Y) 1 Time -- Berserk Mode
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (A) 2 Times then Press (B) 2 Times -- End Level
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (B) 2 Times then Press (A) 2 Times -- Give Chainsaw
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (B) 4 Times -- Gives All Weapons and Ammo
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (A) 4 Times -- GOD Mode
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 2 Times then Press (Y) 2 Times -- Invisibility
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (Y) 3 Times and (X) 1 -- Time Light Amplification Goggles
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 1 Time then Press (Y) 3 Times -- Radiation Suit
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (Y) 4 Times -- Show All Map
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 4 Times -- Temporary Invincibility
Doom 3 cheat code
Cheat: Skip Level

Call up the PDA and select the Objectives tab. Hold LEFT TRIGGER and enter B, A, X, Y. When you leave the PDA screen, your space marine is zapped to the next map with what ever you have at the moment.
Security Cabinet Codes
Security CabinetCodes
Walk up to the security cabinet and enter these codesPassword Effect
0508 opens both Martiain Buddies
396 opens cabinet 001
483 opens cabinet 003
752 opens cabinet 009
586 opens cabinet 013
347 opens cabinet 017
531 opens cabinet 023
409 opens cabinet 038
102 opens cabinet 039
123 opens cabinet 047
123 opens cabinet 048
123 opens cabinet 049
246 opens cabinet 054
972 opens cabinet 063
651 opens cabinet 064
364 opens cabinet 078
364 opens cabinet 079
259 opens cabinet 103
579 opens cabinet 104
538 opens cabinet 112
715 opens cabinet 114
972 opens cabinet 116
624 opens cabinet 117
371 opens cabinet 213
298 opens cabinet 215
624 opens cabinet 216
624 opens cabinet 217
841 opens cabinet 317
836 opens cabinet 386
836 opens cabinet 387
571 opens cabinet 452
372 opens cabinet 666
468 opens cabinet 669
142 opens the second 054 cabinet
624 opens the second 116 cabinet
584 Opens Weapons Storage 1 & 2
Skip Checkpoints
Hold L and press B,A,X,Y during game play to advance to the next checkpoint. A sound will confirm correct entry.