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Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox One) Cheats

Ryse: Son of Rome cheats, Achievements, Tips, and Codes for Xbox One.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Ave, Caesar (Legendary)(5)Complete The Wrath of Nemesis On Legendary Difficulty
Been There, Done That(5)Replay Any Single Player Level
First Blood(5)Perform Your First Combat Execution
Heart of Darkness (Legendary)(5)Complete Edge Of The World Legendary Any Difficulty
I Have A Story To Tell (Legendary)(5)Complete The Beginning On Legendary Difficulty
I Will Avenge You, Father (Legendary)(5)Complete S.P.Q.R. On Legendary Difficulty
Only The Finest(5)Equip Your First Rare Item in Multiplayer
Saving Private Marius (Legendary)(5)Complete Trial By Fire On Legendary Difficulty
Say Hello To My Little Friend!(5)Equip Your First Tier 2 Item in Multiplayer
Settling Old Debts (Legendary)(5)Complete The Son Of Rome On Legendary Difficulty
Siege Me If You Can (Legendary)(5)Complete Pax Romanum On Legendary Difficulty
Time To Fly(5)Perform Your First Environmental Execution
Trouble In Sherwood Forest (Legendary)(5)Complete The King On Legendary Difficulty
Avid Reader(10)Complete A Comic Book By Collecting 6 Chronicles In A Level
Brother In Arms(10)Perform A Co-op Execution
Double-Down(10)Perform 50 Double Executions in Any Game Mode
Give Caeser What Is His(10)Purchase And Use An Upgrade In Combat
Grace Of The Gods(10)Unlock The First Reward Of The Gods
Head Executioner(10)Perform 100 Executions in Any Game Mode
It's Just A Flesh Wound(10)Revive Another Player 3 Times
Letters From The Front(10)Collect One Scroll
Roman Tourist(10)Collect Your First Vista
Something I Found On The Way To The Forum(10)Collect One Chronicle
Son Of Vulcan(10)Equip Your First Tier 5 Item In Multiplayer
Ancient Scholar(15)Collect All The Scrolls
Bloody Centurion(15)Defeat 100 Enemies in Multiplayer
Finders Keepers(15)Collect All The Chronicles
Photo Album(15)Collect All The Vistas
Champion Of The Gods(20)Unlock All The Rewards Of The Gods
Colosseum Recruit(20)Complete Your First Multiplayer Campaign
Colosseum Veteran(20)Complete 20 Multiplayer Campaigns
Colosseum Warrior(20)Fight On Each Multiplayer Arena Environment
Comboing My Way Through(20)Defeat 10 Enemies In A Row Without Sustaining Any Damage
Marketer(20)Get In Combat With All Executions And Upgrades Purchased
Monstrum Combo(20)Defeat 25 Enemies In A Row Without Sustaining Damage
Simply The Best(20)Achieve Rank 100 in Multiplayer
Ave, Caesar(30)Complete The Wrath Of Nemesis On Any Difficulty
Bad To The Bone(30)Complete The Game On Centurion Difficulty
Heart of Darkness(30)Complete Edge Of The World On Any Difficulty
I Have A Story To Tell(30)Complete The Beginning On Any Difficulty
I Will Avenge You, Father(30)Complete S.P.Q.R. On Any Difficulty
Saving Private Marius(30)Complete Trial By Fire On Any Difficulty
Settling Old Debts(30)Complete The Son Of Rome On Any Difficulty
Siege Me If You Can(30)Complete Pax Romanum On Any Difficulty
Trouble In Sherwood Forest(30)Complete The King On Any Difficulty
My Empire Of Dirt(50)Complete The Game On Soldier Difficulty
Veni, Vidi, Vici(50)Complete The Game on Any Difficulty
Secret Achievements-
Medium Rare(5)Use An Execution To Set Fire To An Enemy
Step Right This Way!(10)Use A Trap To Kill An Enemy
There's No Such Thing As Luck(10)Kill An Enemy By Perfectly Deflecting An Arrow
Forever Lost(15)Find Your Mother And Sister
To Protect And To Serve(15)Meet Nero
From The Dead(30)Become The Righteous Hand Of Vengeance
Inner Demons(30)Find Out What Really Happened To Your Parents
Never Give Up, Never Surrender(30)Defeat Commodus
Not My Type After All(30)Defeat Boudica
The Bigger They Are …(30)Defeat Glott
Who's That Girl?(30)Meet Boudica


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Mission 3 XP Farming
Start Mission 3 (Trial By Fire), and set the combo bonus to XP by pressing D-pad Right. Play the mission until you reach the part where the ships begin crashing onto the shore. Fight enemies and try to get a high combo rating to increase your XP bonus. The higher the difficulty level, the more XP you can earn.

Eventually you will be tasked to take out the tower. Allow yourself to be killed by the archers as you attempt to do this, and you will restart at the beginning of the level where you can repeat the process over and over until you reach as high an XP level as desired to unlock upgrades.