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Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) Cheats

Dead Rising 3 cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox One.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
A Little Ambition(5)Purchase 1 Attribute.
Apprentice(5)Reach level 5.
Be a Dick!(5)Join a Co-op game.
Certified Survivalist(5)Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.
Collector(5)Pick up 250 different weapons.
Customizer(5)Create 5 combo vehicles.
Driven(5)Drive 20 different vehicles.
Fashion Plate(5)Collect 100 different clothing items.
Gang Banger(5)Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.
Local Hero(5)Save 1 survivor.
T.I.O.D. Disciple(5)Create 50 combo weapons.
Zombie Killer(5)Kill 100 zombies.
Help Wanted(10)Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.
Ladder Climber(10)Purchase 10 Attributes.
Man of the People(10)Save 15 stranded survivors.
Master Mechanic(10)Create every combo vehicle.
Morgue-ified(10)Complete Chapter 2.
Prestigious(10)Complete 10 PP Trials.
Quarantined(10)Complete Chapter 1.
Sideswiped(10)Complete 20 side missions.
Starter(10)Complete Chapter 0.
Survival Training Silver(10)Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals.
Zombie Butcher(10)Kill 1,000 zombies.
Expert(15)Reach level 25.
Planner(15)Collect 5 blueprints.
Zombie Slayer(15)Kill 10,000 zombies.
Day at the Museum(20)Complete Chapter 5
Duct Tape Master(20)Create every combo weapon.
Family Man(20)Complete Chapter 3.
Happy Camper(20)Complete Chapter 4.
Journeyman(20)Collect 25 blueprints.
Master of Massacre(20)Kill 53,597 zombies.
Survival Training Master(20)Win 25 Survival Training Gold medals.
Almost Famous(25)Complete 25 PP Trials.
Engineer(25)Collect 50 blueprints.
Envious(25)Defeat the envious survivor.
Genius of Zombie Slaying(25)Kill 72,000 zombies.
Gluttonous(25)Defeat Darlene.
Greedy(25)Defeat Albert.
Lusty(25)Defeat Dylan.
Prideful(25)Defeat Jherii.
Slothful(25)Defeat Theodore.
Wrathful(25)Defeat Zhi.
Left 100,004 Dead(30)Kill 100,004 zombies.
Master Builder(30)Collect 100 blueprints.
The Doctor is Out(30)Complete Chapter 6.
Them’s the Facts(30)Complete the Facts.
Complete the Package(50)Complete Overtime.
Maxed!(50)Reach level 50.
Prestige Hound(50)Complete all PP Trials.
Specialist(50)Max out a single attribute.
Nightmare Master(75)Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.


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Super Weapon Combinations & Blueprint Locations
Because the super weapon blueprints are randomized, the blueprints at the locations below may not necessarily be for that exact super weapon
UnlockableHow to unlock
Boom Bear (Freedom Bear + Dynamite)In tennis courts near mansions in Sunset Hills
Cuddly Bear (Freedom Bear + Portable Stereo)On roof of toy store near karaoke bar in Sunset Hills
Death Mask Reaper (Grim Reap + Reaper Mask)On roof of shack near gun store and Southern Safehouse in Ingleton
Decoy Bear (Cuddly Bear + Wheelchair)On roof overlooking downtown tennis court in Sunset Hills
Fire Reaper (Grim Reaper + Gasoline Canister)Inside sword store next to burger joint in Ingleton
Flame Mecha Dragon (Mecha Dragon + Firecrackers)In house located in northwestern corner of Ingleton
Freedom Bear (Robot Bear + LMG)On roof of building next to Severed Ties in Sunset Hills
Grim Reaper (Scythe + Katana)Opposite sewer entrance to Ingleton
Grisly BearFreedom Bear + Mini Bike
Mecha Dragon (Dragon Head + Parasol)Zen Dragon Temple courtyard in Southern Ingleton
Mecha Dragon Blade (Mecha Dragon + Katana)On roof of shack near sewer entrance to Ingleton
Pushy Bear (Freedom Bear + Wheelchair)Inside art studio lounge near northeast barricade in Sunset Hills
Ultimate Grim Reaper (Death Mask Reaper + Gasoline Canister)In playground in Ingleton
Vehicle Blueprints
UnlockableHow to unlock
Turret Rig (Sedan + Steamroller)Found in Chapter 01
RollerHawg (Motorcycle + Steamroller)Complete Chapter 01
Junk Car (Sedan + Muscle Car)Complete Chapter 02
Junk Truck (Van + SUV)Found during Chapter 03 insde the Diamond Panty bar in Ingleton
Junk Bike (Motorcycle + Sedan)On top of cable coils near Illegals Hideaway in Sunset Hills
Mini Bike (Motorcycle + Sports Bike)In the alley behind the Motorbike Store in Sunset Hills
Party Slapper (Street Cleaner + Party Van)Found in between the gas station and garage in Sunset Hills
Weapon Combinations & Blueprint Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
Acid JarHousehold Cleaner + Chemicals
Acid ToyToy Robot + Chemicals
Beer HatConstruction Hat + Keg
BlamBowCrossbow + Roman Candle
Bomb ToyRobot Bear + Gasoline Canister
Boom Cannon (Shotgun + Grenades)Inside Illegals Hideaway in Sunset Hills
Car BombRC Car + Grenade
Chop'N'Talk (Battleaxe + GameConsole)On roof of hairdresser's shop in Ingleton
Chopper (Fire Axe + Hatchet)On roof next to Illegals Hideaway in Southern Ingleton
Defiler (Sledgehammer + Fire Axe)Inside half-built house in Sunset Hills
Dragon Punch (Motorcycle Engine + Boxing Gloves)Inside Sunny Luck Fortune Store in Southern Ingleton
DynaMeat (Hunk of Meat + Dynamite)Inside plane hanger in Chapter 2
Electric CrusherSledgehammer + Battery
Fighting GlovesGame Console + Toy Gun
Fire ArrowsCrossbow + Motor Oil
Flaming Helmet (Dragon Head + Motor Oil)In far right court of Zen Dragon Temple in Southern Ingleton
Flaming Sword (Broadsword + Motor Oil)Inside a locker in Sunset Hills High School
Glove GunCardboard Cutout + Pogo Stick
Heavy Metal (Lead Pipe + 2×4)On top of black bus inside Rhonda's Garage in Ingleton
Helmet BombAfro Wig + Dynamite
I.E.D.Propane Tank + Gasoline Canister
Iron EdgeMeat Cleaver + Machete
Jack In The Box (Cardboard Box + Toy Robot)Inside Rhonda's Garage in Ingleton
Laser SwordFlashlight + Gems
Metal MaryFootball + Bowie Knife
Mini Chainsaw (Chainsaw + Meat Cleaver)Complete "Craven Consultant" side mission
Napalm Bomb (Propane Tank + Motor Oil)Obtained randomly
Party Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Toy Robot)Inside toy store north of Food Fun Shack in Sunset Hills
Pole Weapon (Spear + Hat Rack)Near Motel Safehouse in Ingleton
Remote Detonator (Dynamite + Laptop)Inside main Illegals Safehouse in Sunset Hills
Roaring Thunder (Blanka Mask + Battery)Inside Food Fun Shack in Sunset Hills
Sabre ShotSawed-Off Shotgun + Machete
SlapperBroom + Boxing Gloves
Sledge Saw (Sledgehammer + Cement Saw)In diner during Chapter 00
Spiked Bat (Baseball Bat + Box Of Nails)In garage of a house on the northwest side of a the northwestern-most block in Ingleton
Spiked Bucket (Meat Cleaver + Bucket)Inside Big Bull's Butchery Kitchen in Ingleton
Super Massager (Leaf Blower + Massager)On the second floor of strip club in Almuda
Tactical Handgun (Handgun + Flashlight)complete Chapter 00
Tenderizers (MMA Gloves + Car Exhaust)In back hall of boxing gym in Ingleton
Weapon Cart (Shopping Cart + Pitchfork)Inside tunnel connecting Sunset Hills Subway Station to Supply Warehouse
Z.A.R. (Assault Rifle + Shotgun)Inside Central City Police Station during Chapter 03
Zombie Raker(Katana Sword + Leaf Rake)

Easter eggs

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Mega Buster Weapon
To unlock this special weapon, complete both the Nightmare and Overtime modes.
Mega Man X Costume
Complete Story Mode with the best possible rank (S) to unlock this special costume.