Zuma Deluxe (Xbox 360) Cheats

Zuma Deluxe cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Chain 16 - Awarded for 16 chains in a row on any level.
Son of Sun - Awarded for achieving Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet mode.
Coin Collector - Awarded for collecting 100 coins across all games.
Sharp Shooter - Awarded for completing any level in 5 or fewer seconds.
Adventurer - Awarded for completion of Adventure mode.
Popo Poyolli - Awarded for completion of Popo Poyolli temple.
Quetzal Quatl - Awarded for completion of Quetzal Quatl temple.
Secret shrine of Zuma - Awarded for completion of Secret shrine of Zuma temple.
Temple of Zukulkan - Awarded for completion of Temple of Zukulkan
Gap Finder - Awarded for earning 100 gaps across all games.
Score Champion - Awarded for earning 2,000,000 points in adventure mode.
24h - Awarded for playing the game for 24 hours.