WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 (Xbox 360) Cheats

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Season Mode Jobber (50)Complete Season Mode on easy or normal difficulty.
Season Mode Veteran (100)Complete Season Mode on hard difficulty.
Season Mode Legend (100)Complete Season Mode on legend difficulty.
New Hire (50)Complete one full year of General Manager Mode.
Employee of the year (100)Win the General Manager of the year trophy.
Royal Rumble Rookie (10)Win a 10 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on any difficulty setting.
Royal Rumble Jobber (20)Win a 15 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on any difficulty.
Royal Rumble Veteran (20)Win a 20 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on hard difficulty.
Royal Rumble Pro (20)Win a 25 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on hard difficulty.
Royal Rumble Legend (20)Win a 30 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on legend difficulty.
In Ring Journeyman (10)Win at least one match using every Superstar on the roster on any difficulty setting.
In Ring Technician (10)Defeat every Superstar on the roster by pin or submission at least once on hard difficulty.
Complete Domination! (20)Defeat every Superstar on the roster at least once on legend difficulty.
Championship Gold! (30)Unlock every WWE Championship title.
Those Who Paved The Way (20)Unlock every WWE Legend.
Way Past Jobber (20)Win 50 matches on any difficulty setting.
Seasoned Vet (50)Win 100 matches on any difficulty setting.
Online Rising Star (10)Win 20 matches online.
Online Veteran (30)Win 50 matches online.
Online Blue Chipper (40)Win 20 consecutive online matches.
Certified Online Superstar (70)Win 50 consecutive online matches.
A Fighting Online Champion (60)Defend your created Championship 20 times online.
Let It Reign! (100)Defend your created Championship 50 times online.
With Friends Like These... (5)Create an original stable of Superstars in Create-A-Stable mode.
Crown Us The Champ! (10)Create a Tag Team Championship in Create-A-Championship mode.
Self Anointed Champion (10)Create a singles Championship in Create-A-Championship mode.
Curtain Call (5)Create an original entrance in Create-An-Entrance mode.
Let The Creative Juices Flow (5)Create one original Superstar using the Create-A-Superstar mode.
Mr. PPV (5)Create an original PPV event in Create-A-PPV mode.


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Achievement Glitch in Season Mode
To gain all 3 season achievements without doing the harder difficulties, first complete season mode by winning/defending title at wrestlemania. Save immediately after. Then continue as normal til you see the credits. The first unlock achievement should show. Now restart the 360 while on the credits and go back into season mode, change the difficulty to something different and view the credits again, this will unlock the other achivement. continue til you have done all 3.
Automatic Win!!!!
In any match, bring your opponent outside of the ring and battle it out there while the referee counts. (KEEP YOUR OPPONENT AWAY FROM THE RING!!)
When the ref counts around 8 or 9 layout your opponent and slide into the ring. When the ref counts to 10 your opponent will be DQ-ed. You then win the match.I used this strategy on every version of wrestling games and it hasn't failed me yet. This really works!!! Use this on tougher challengers like Umaga or important like your title!!!!
Easy Wins In Season Mode
If you want a quick, easy run through story mode, at the start pick a superstar with high stats - over 90 would be most suitable. You will win pretty much every match clicking the skip button besides a few PPVs which will probably be done a second or third time round. Just remember to save before each hard battle, and to open up the disc drive and re-close it if you lose.
ECW One Night Stand Arena
Win Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Legend Difficulty
How to get Austin package
Getting Austin is slightly different from unlocking the other packages. You have to decline the title opportunity that you get after winning the four matches in season mode. Then play out the story and the Royal Rumble will come up.

Be sure to stay away from the opponents (run away if they come after you, stay near turnbuckles) until there's only two men left: you and whoever threw out the 28th guy. If you attempt to help throw out oppoenents, you'll be next. Beat down the opponent and make sure to store a finisher in case you're thrown out. That's that, Austin, his posters, and Smoking Skull belt will be available for purchase.
Personality Disorder Legend Challenge
This match is the handicap one-on-three match, you being Dude Love vs Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, and Mankind. Some are frustrated with this, so I tried out a 'cheap' way to win, heh. When the match starts, run outside the ring. Stay as close to the apron as possible, and wait for one of the three to come close enough. Simply use RB+A to get the apron pull, bouncing their heads on the top rope.

Keep repeating this until they are all red (head or body). If one manages to get outside the ring, run to the other side of the apron, they AI will usually go back in. Also, since they all have 'roll down' as their ring-out move, you can punch them while they are rolling out and prevent them from getting outside.

Then pull out a chair, wait for them to come one by one, and strike them with it. There should still be one last man in the ring, strike him with the chair and pick up the victory. I beat them in under 14 minutes with this method.
Personality Disorder. (Mick Foleys Handicap Match)
This is an even easier way to beat the Challenge than the one listed on here. All you have to do as soon as the match starts is run out of the ring and up the ramp, at least one of the other characters will follow you. If two come after you all you have to do is keep them out there til the count of 4 and they will try to get back in the ring, dont let all of them get in do quick grapples to keep him down every time he gets up when the ref counts 9 make sure the character is down (preferably up on the ramp) and run down to the ring and slide in for an easy victory. Every time one of the versions of Mick comes out of the ring the count will restart, but I beat the match in 1 minute and 11 seconds. This will work for any matches that have the count out option on. Enjoy.
Run Up ladder to get Briefcase/title
In Money in the Bank matches or just regular ladder matches. Set up 1 ladder. Then lean the other ladder over on the other one. No press Triangle or Y. Depending on your game system. And run up the ladder. Before your guy or jumps off the ladder press the left and right analog sticks up and he should leap for briefcase/tile. It's a neat way to win the money in the bank/ladder match.
Tester Challenge
This can be rather difficult, it's Mickie James vs Khali, after all. Mickie has a few pins, a running grapple from behind, as well as a running one in the front. Make use of them. When in a tight spot, run (Y) and then manuever behind Khali (A to get behind him) and get a few good strikes in.

Khali will do the usual 'didn't affect me' motion. While he's doing that, do a running grapple from behind. If Khali manages to counter the running grapple from behind with an arm drag, it won't do any damage. Repeat the running grapples from behind, occasionally getting a quick grapple in here and there. The special pins work great. I did a roll-up on him and it was over (he was orange, though).

It's a good idea to skim through Mickie's move list as well, to see what she has and make use of the moves that target the head especially. Her finisher is the 'Mick Kick' after all.
Unlimited exp points
PLay the GM mode and get the 'GM of the Year' Trophy to get unlimited experience points for you CAWs.
Common sense tip here, but the obvious best way to defeat a heavier opponent is to use weapons. Distract the referee and hack away for the victory.


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Easy Ladder Matches
When in a 1 on 1 Ladder match, set both ladders up in the ring and lie one on against the other. Let the opponent reach for the belt till its almost down the konock him of the top buy running up the other, taking your out which leaves you to grab the belt after as your oponent has done most of the work.
Easy Money and EXP Points in Season
Start any match in season mode and change difficulty to Legend, then choose multiplayer and set player 2 as your opponent. Then in the match get player 2 to hit you with a weapon or any other way to get dissqualified. This makes palyer 1 (You) win the match and because its on legend difficulty you get alot more money and EXP points, making it even easier to unlock all the legends.
Easy Way To Win General Manager Mode
When you first start GM mode, a screen comes up and you choose which show you want to manage. All you have to do is take two controllers and put one choosing Smackdown and one choosing Raw. This way you can\'t lose because you run bith shows.
Easy way to win GM Mode
When the screen comes up to choose your show, take two controllers and put one on Smackdown, one on Raw. This way you can\'t lose because you run both shows.
Hidden PLB Item
You can get a shovel from the trash truck. Simply throw your opponent into the truck so the lid is up, and then press A in the trash and you will pick up a shovel.
Season Mode Easy/Novice Achievement
Just like the Legend and Hard difficultys, simply choose Easy/Novice difficulty and skip every single match of the season. Even though you don\'t fight, you will still get the achievement.
Season Mode Hard Achievement
To easily get the Hard achievement with no skill involved, simply choose Hard difficulty and skip every single match of the season. Even though you don\'t fight, you will still get the achievement.
Season Mode Legend Achievement
To easily get the Legend achievement with no skill involved, simply choose Legend difficulty and skip every single match of the season. Even though you don\'t fight, you will still get the achievement.
xtremely hard challenge: Mickie James vs Khali !
The easiest way to beat Khali is to change all of khali's moves 2 diva moves!

That and the othe cheats submitted will beat the challenge 10/10 chance

good night ladies and ladies.