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Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Card Sharp (10)Use a Piñata Card
Famous Piñata (20)Obtain a special Piñata from the website (or trade one with someone who has)
Records Keeper (30)Restore 10 of Piñata Central's Computer Records
Master Exhibitor (20)Win 10 Piñata shows
Desert Collector (10)Make 3 Desert species resident
Couch Socialite (10)Play One Box Co-op for 1 hour
Master Couch Socialite (20)Play One Box Co-op for 3 Hours
Region 7 Challenger (20)Complete all Challenges in Region 7
Desert Green Fingers (20)Grow all Desert plants to maturity
Arctic Green Fingers (20)Grow all Arctic plants to maturity
Come And Have A Go (20)Earn a Gold Combat Medal
Master Arctic Collector (20)Make all Arctic species resident
Region 2 Challenger (20)Complete all Challenges in Region 2
Packet Bulger (20)Packet contains all surface types
Region 1 Challenger (20)Complete all of Langston's Destination Challenges in Region 1
Full House (10)Play 4 Player Online Co-op for 1 hour
Master Card Sharp (20)Use 10 different Piñata Cards
SpeedFreak (10)Win a Piñata race
Expert Records Keeper (50)Restore all of Piñata Central's Computer Records
Master Records Keeper (40)Restore 30 of Piñata Central's Computer Records
Exhibitor (10)Win a Piñata show
Region 3 Challenger (20)Complete all Challenges in Region 3
Region 4 Challenger (20)Complete all Challenges in Region 4
Region 5 Challenger (20)Complete all Challenges in Region 5
Master Speedfreak (20)Win 10 Piñata races
Region 6 Challenger (20)Complete all Challenges in Region 6
Master Desert Collector (20)Make all Desert species resident
Arctic Collector (10)Make 3 Arctic species resident
Master Challenger (50)Complete all Challenges in all Regions
Moojoo Evolution (20)Evolve a Moojoo from a Doenut
Twin Birth (10)Create One Set of Twin Pinata's
Hoghurt Evolution (20)Evolve a Hoghurt from a Rashberry
Yakity Yak (20)Collect milk from a Flapyak
Dinokeeper (50)Obtain a Choclodocus
Polollybear Evolution (20)Evolve a Polollybear from a Fizzlybear
Fancy Dress (30)Wear a complete Piñata "costume" of accessories
Wildcard Variant (10)Create a Wildcard Pinata
Chocstrich Evolution (20)Evolve a Chocstrich from a Cluckles
Candied Camera (10)Take 10 Photographs (Normal)
Master Candied Camera (20)Take a Special Photograph
Choo-Choo (10)Have a Woo Woo Train in the Garden
Pieena Evolution (20)Evolve a Pieena from a Pretztail
Parmadillo Evolution (20)Evolve a Parmadillo from a Fudgehog
Wildcard Variant Master (20)Create 10 Wildcard Piñatas
Twin Birth Master (20)Create 10 sets of twin Piñatas
Master Instructor (20)Teach 10 Piñatas both of its tricks
Long Shot (20)Knock 1 Sweet into a seed hole from a long distance
Instructor (10)Teach a Piñata both of its tricks
Choo-Choo Master (20)Have a Spectral Locomotive in the Garden
Gone Clubbing (10)Knock 5 Sweets into seed holes using the Shovel


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A few tips
Flutterscotches can be a different color than white. for a long time i have been confused on how to do this - but not too long ago i found out.
to make it change colors, you have to feed it a specific plant and poke it with a stick as it eats.
to make the flutterscotch pink, feed it a lily pad.
to make a flutterscotch blue, feed it a bluebell.
to make a flutterscotch black, feed it a tulip.
to make a flutterscotch red, feed it the poppy.

green is watercress
and i think you can do purple and yellow too, but i'm not sure.

feeding a green flutterscotch to a lickatoad will let you romance it (if you are doing free mode, you do not have to do that).

oh and if you want a white hootyfruity, then go into the pinartic and set a trap with a pumpkin or snowdrop on it. scare the robeans away!

if you want a camello, go to the desert and set up the deluxe trap with a yam and scare away the sweetles and s'morepions. if you see a camello, try to get it on the trap.

sometimes you will find pinatas that can be found in the central garden, but are a different color (such as the hootyfruity and the walrusk from the pinartic or the buzzenge and the syrupent from the dessert desert.
Arctic Green Fingers
To get this achievement you must plant and grow the following four plants to maturity.

- Holly Bush
- Snowdrop
- Radish
- Fire Weed (This is one of the bad seeds. It doesn't need watering, just plant it and keep your pinatas away until it grows and then you will get the achievement)
Avoid Unhappy Pinata's
To Avoid this, you have water the pinata, but some of don't be Watered. and its possibly to put some clothes on it and let pinata go to the party
Dragon Pinata
Get a Mine and the maximum amount of Diggerlings. Sooner or later they should dig up an egg, which will be placed just outside of the mine. Inside that egg is your own dragon.

Take the egg, and place it on either:

-Dried/Cracked Earth for Gold Dragon
-Dirt for Brown Dragon
-Water for Blue Dragon
-Grass (Long/Short) for Green Dragon

Once you've placed it on the flooring you want, direct a Cluckles onto the egg and it should hatch it. You'll noticed the hatched Dragonache is quite small, this is because it's not yet matured. Feed it a bottle of milk, a Dragumfly, a Reddhott, a Salamango and a Snapdragon Flower and it should turn into a cocoon. After a short period of time the cocoon will smash and you will have your very own, full sized Dragon.
Launched Prof. Pester
If you want Prof. Pester out, get a Limeoceros and lead him to hit, and he will LAUNCH him out of your garden. If you don't have one, give him 500 chocolate coins or buy decoys.
Prof. Pester
The cheapest option for avoiding any trouble with Prof. Pester is to give him 500 chocolate coins. Yoo have to be quick because it will only let you give him coins for a few seconds and then you will be unable to get rid of him.
Raising Value
Do you want to top the XBOX LIVE leaderboards? Want loads of money or just a plain showoff? Here are some tips to get your pinatas value up.

1. Make your species a Wildcard. Wildcards have a special body part and are almost ten times more valuable! (These are made by getting all the hearts in a romance mini game when they are flashing.)

2. Make them twins. Twins are when you do the minigame very quickly. These increase a pinatas wildcard by double and are a good way of producing more wildcards. (By collecting all of the blinking hearts in quick times.)

3. Teach them both of their tricks. If you teach pinata both of their tricks they will increase their value dramatically when sent to partys.

4. Dress them with accesories, the price of the chosen item is how much the pinatas value will increase by. Pick wisely as you can only have 5! (Accesories are gained by going to paper pets)

5) Send them to partys. Feed them a joy sweet which increases its sweets value and overjoyed value, then pack it into the party crate. When it returns, its tricks value,wild card value,basic value and twin value will increase.

If you can keep repeating this process, you'll have a rich pinata in no time!
Stoping Pofesser Pester
On the side of the garden that the professer come into the garden make a fence all the way across then dig a moat in front of it
Things that you can tinker
Here are all the things that you can tinker and what will it be when you tinker it in an alphabetical order:

Acorns can be tinkered into coffee
Apples can be tinkered into toffee apples
Bananas can be tinkered into Banana Splits
Blackberries can be tinkered into jam
Blueberries can be tinkered into muffins
Blue bones can be tinkered into skulls, ribs or spines
Bones can be tinkered into jellies
Bread can be tinkered into sandwiches
Carrots can be tinkered into carrot cakes
Cheese can be tinkered into cheesecakes
Coconuts can be tinkered into coconut macaroons
Corn can be tinkered into bread
Fir cones can be tinkered into air fresheners
Garlic can be tinkered into garlic butter
Gems can be tinkered into rainbow gems
Gooseberries can be tinkered into gooseberry fools
Green bones can be tinkered into skulls, ribs or spines
Holly berries can be tinkered into figgy puddings
Honey can be tinkered into bottles of medicine
Milk can be tinkered into cheese
Monkeynuts can be tinkered into peanut butter
Peas can be tinkered into pea soup
Pumpkins can be tinkered into Jack 'o Lanterns
Oranges can be tinkered into marmalades
Radishes can be tinkered into horseradish
Red bones can be tinkered into skulls, ribs or spines
Roses can be tinkered into Romance Candies
Toadstools can be tinkered into mushrooms
Turnips can be tinkered into stew
Yams can be tinkered into crisps

That's all there is to tinker.


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Goobaa's Changes
When you first saw him that he was wild, the fur on its right side and left side is missing. but when you killed him, then you see the fur on its left and right.