Viva Piñata (Xbox 360) Cheats

Viva Piñata cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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enter Kittyfloss as a garden name
PasswordWhat it does
Kittyflossunlocks YMCA assesoress


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Unlockable Characters
to level on
UnlockableHow to unlock
Rashberrymake a pigxe
UnlockableHow to unlock
TwingersnapWhen syrupent egg starts bouncing higher than a syrupents head, smack with a shovel~
FourheadsSame method as the Twingersnap, with a twingersnap egg~
CandaryFeed a buttercup head to a sparrowmint~
Yellow mousemallowFeed a mousemallow tinkered milk (cheese)~
ReddHottdirect a taffly through a torch, and sprinkle water on him to put out fire~
Yellow SyrupentFeed a buttercup to a syrupent~
Blue Clucklesfeed a bluebell seed to a cluckles~
Rainbow GemTinker with gem
Green Horstachiofeed it a watercress flower head and it will turn green
Green PretztailFeed a Pretztail tinkered gooseberry
Red BadgesicleFeed a Badgesicle an apple
Pink BadgesicleFeed a Badgesicle a jar of honey + water lily flower
Purple WhirlmFeed a Whirlm a turnip
Yellow BunnycombFeed a Bunnycomb a pumpkin
Blue PretztailGive a Pretztail a bluebell head
Blue ZumbugFeed it a Bluebell seed
Orange ZumbugFeed it a Banna split + Carrot cake
Pink ZumbugFeed it a Water lily seed
Pink RoarioeFeed it a Bottle of Medicine
Blue RoarioeFeed it a Bluebell seed
Yellow RoarioeFeed it a Sunflower seed
Yellow ChippopatmusFeed it a Waterlily flower head + mushroom
Pinkish-Purple ChippopatamusFeed it a Water lily seed + Bird of Paradise flower head
Purple RashberryFeed a rashberry a nightshade berry
Gold DragonochiPut a dragonochi egg on hard soil
Black FlutterscochFeed a white flutterscoch a tulip
salamangofeed newgatt a chilli
juicygoosefeed quakeberry a goose berry


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20 Secret Achievements
Land Owner (20 points): Garden size increased once.
Sour Tower (20 points): Tower of Sour has two pieces.
Sprinkling (20 points): Employ a Sprinkling.
Super Shovel (20 points): All the Shovel Head upgrades.
Taffly Fertilizer (20 points): Make fertilizer with the Taffly.
Master Land Owner (20 points): Garden size at maximum.
Watchling (20 points): Employ a Watchling.
Diggerling (20 points): Employ a Diggerling.
Shovel Strength (20 points): All Shovel Handle upgrades.
Weedling (20 points): Employ a Weedling.
Gatherling (20 points): Employ a Gatherling.
Variants (20 points): Make five variant Piñatas.
Harvester (20 points): Collect produce from a Buzzlegum, Moozipan or Goobaa.
Master Sour Tower (20 points): Tower of Sour has six pieces.
Generosity (20 points): Turn the Beggar into a Trader.
Watering Can Do (20 points): All Watering Can upgrades.
Cluckles Hatches Egg (20 points): Hatch an egg using the Cluckles.
Evolver (20 points): Evolve two species.
Horticulturist (20 points): Full bonus growth for 5 plants.
Crowla Delay (20 points): Distract Dastardos with the Crowla.
Variants Master (20 points): Make 20 variant Piñatas.
Pigxie Prize (20 points): Cross Romancing a Swanana and a Rashberry.
Macaracoon Gift (20 points): Get brought a Romance Sweet by a Macaracoon.
Longevity Master (20 points): Play for 50 hours real time.
Sherbat Dance (20 points): Distract Dastardos with the Sherbat.
Master Evolver (20 points): Evolve eight species.
Cocoadile Tears (20 points): Attain full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears.
Master Horticulturist (20 points): Full bonus growth for 25 plants.
Mallowolf Howl (20 points): Use the Mallowolf to scare off Ruffians.
Chewnicorn Healing (20 points): Heal a Piata with the Chewnicorn's power.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The number between the () is the gamescore for each achievement.

Challenger (20) - Successfully completed 5 Factory requests.

Chewnicorn Healing (20) - Player has healed a Piata with the Chewnicorn's power.

Cluckles Hatches Egg (20) - Player has hatched an egg using the Cluckles.

Cocoadile Tears (20) - Player has attained full bonus growth for a plant using the Cocoadile tears.

Collector (20) - Made 5 species resident.

Crowla Delay (20) - Player has distracted Dastardos with the Crowla.

Diggerling (20) - Employ a Diggerling.

Evolver (20) - Evolved 2 species

Garden Value (20) - Garden worth 25,000 chocolate coins.

Garden Value Master (20) - Garden worth 100,000 chocolate coins.

Gatherling (20) - Employ a Gatherling.

Generosity (20) - Turn the Beggar into a Trader.

Green Fingers (20) - Grown 5 plants to maturity.

Harvester (20) - Collect produce from a Buzzlegum, Moozipan or Goobaa.

Helper Name Caller (20) - Named a Helper.

Horticulturist (20) - Full bonus growth for 5 plants.

Label Designer (20) - Made a Custom Label.

Land Owner (20) - Increase the size of your garden once.

Longevity (20) - Played the game for 10 hours (real time).

Longevity Master (20) - Played the game for 50 hours (real time).

Macaracoon Gift (20) - Player has been brought a Romance Sweet by a Macaracoon.

Mallowolf Howl (20) - Player has used the Mallowolf to scare off Ruffians.

Master Challenger (20) - Successfully completed 20 Factory requests.

Master Collector (20) - Made 50 species resident.

Master Evolver (20) - Evolved 8 species.

Master Green Fingers (20) - Grown 25 plants to maturity.

Master Horticulturist (20) - Full bonus growth for 25 plants.

Master Land Owner (20) - Get your garden to the maximum size.

Master Romancer (20) - Become Master Romancer for 20 species.

Master Sour Tower (20) - Get the Tower of Sour to have 6 pieces.

Master Talent (20) - Player has reached Level 50.

Pigxie Prize (20) - Cross romancing a Swanana and a Rashberry

Piñata Name Caller (20) - Named a Piñata.

Piñata Value (20) - One Piñata worth 5,000 chocolate coins.

Piñata Value Master (20) - One Piñata worth 10,000 chocolate coins.

Romancer (20) - Become Master Romancer for 5 species.

Sherbat Dance (20) - Player has distracted Dastardos with the Sherbat.

Shovel Strength (20) - Get all of the Shovel Handle upgrades.

Sour Tower (20) - Get the Tower of Sour to have 2 pieces.

Sprinkling (20) - Employ a Sprinkling.

Super Shovel (20) - Get all of the Shovel Head upgrades.

Taffly Fertilizer (20) - Make a fertilizer with the Taffly.

Talent (20) - Player has reached Level 10.

Variants (20) - Make 5 variant Piñatas.

Variants Master (20) - Made 20 variant Piñatas.

Watchling (20) - Employ a Watchling.

Watering Can Do (20) - Get all of the Watering Can upgrades.

Wealth Master (20) - Player has 100,000 chocolate coins.

Wealthy (20) - Player has 25,000 chocolate coins.

Weedling (20) - Employ a Weedling.
Bad seedos
Don't hit seedos beacuase he will put bad seeds into your garden without you knowing and they plant themselfs so be carefull!!!

plz send a message back too me...<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Banjo-Kazooi Mention
The Bird And Bear Statue Is Moddled After Banjo-The Bear And Kazooi-The Bird from Bajo-Kazooi.

Also Fizzlybears Fire Jiggies (The Little Puzzle-Pieces) As A Weapon And You Can Get Jiggy Ear-Rings As An Accessory, Plus You Can Use Jiggies In The Tag Designer.
Chocolate coins galore
There are a few ways to get chocolate coins they are listed here...

1.Sunflowers. get lots of sunflower seeds and then get yellow fertilizer and put it on them 3 times each and once they have finished growing and have 4 flowers they sell 400 ea!!

2.Tulips. This is one of my favorites. buy lots of tulip seeds and use purple furtilizer and get 4 flowerheads on earch then sell them. In the end, there worth 600 ea.

3.Trees. Get trees and then make them get to the highest point (not letting them dry up) and youll have money in no time
Cluckles Can Hatch Any 1 Egg Per Day By Selecting It And Making It Move To The Egg. Cluckles Always Look Frightened, So Don't Worry.

BONUS:Feed A Cluckle A Bluebell Seed For It To Turn Blue.
Colored Arocknids
In order to get a different colored Arocknid, a normal one must eat; a BlueBell for it to turn blue, a Water Lilly for it to turn pink, and Jack o' Lantern for orange.
Colored Badgesicle
In order to get a different colored Badgesicle, a normal one must eat; a BlueBell for it to turn blue, an Apple for it to turn red, and Honey and Water Lilly for for fucshia and yellow.
Colored Barkbark
In order to get a different colored Barkbark, a normal one must eat; a Banana Split for it to turn green and yellow, a Bottle of Medicine for it to turn pink and purple, and a Poison Ivy Flowerhead for green.
To get new colors give it flowers and like get a flutter scotch and feed it a color flower except for white and it will change. Experience with other pinatas to get variants.
Dragonache Color Variations
The color of the Dragonache depends on the ground on which the egg was hatched on. Since only one Dragonache can be obtained per garden, you would also need to have four different gardens to get each of the color variations. Keep in mind, if you want the gold Dragonache, you have to plan ahead and not get rid of all the hard soil at the beginning of a garden as hard soil can not come back once gotten rid of.

Getting each color, the egg must be hatch on the following ground:

Green and Pink - Long or short grass
Blue and Pink - In water
Purple and Brown - On mud
Gold and Brown - On the hard, cracked soil
Easy Money
To make some easy money, you must first become friends with Ivor Bargain. To do this, give the beggar that wonders your garden 1000 chocolate coins. Now, plant chili all over your garden. Use Ivor Bargain's special fertilizer on them three times. The chilis will sell for around 500 each. Do this repeatedly until you get however much money you need.
easy money and 2 master romancer awards
1. Get 7 tafflys and get the taffly master romancer award.
2. Buy the fire touch and turn them all into redhotts.
3. Get the master romancer award for redhotts.
4. Sell them all to to about 10,000 coins.
Easy Pigxie Achievement
Cross breed a swanna and a rashberry.
Getting a Blue Quackberry
If you want to get a Blue Quackberry, just make your Quackberry eat 4 Bluebell Flower Heads and it will change colors! He can still mate with Green ones, though.
Getting a Jameleon
In order to make a Jameleon appear, you must have 3 different color Flutterscotches in your garden. In order for him to become a Resident, you must have 4 different color Flutterscotches.
how to get a cippatomomos
fill your garden with a lot of water then you will find the chippatomomos. get 50 persent of water [if you have a water shovel head or better] and somethingelse...i do not know. ut if you know go to and find mstack [thats me] and tell me what to do!
how to get rid of ruffians!
when you get a specific way through the game you will see a beggar and you give him a lot of money he will open a shop and there will be a thing called captains cutlass for 11k [11,000] and they won't come again, but you might need to wait until you're a higher level.
how to make money 1
use fertilizers to make plants, veg and fruits bigger and then they are worth a lot more than usual.
Item Tranformations
If you go to Bart's Exchange he can transform 13 different items.

Apple - Toffee Apple
Banana - Banana Split
Blackberry - Blackberry Jam
Bread - Sandwich
Carrot - Carrot Cake
Corn - Bread
Gem - Rainbow Gem
Gooseberry - Gooseberry Fool
Honey - Bottle of Medicine
Monkeynut - Peanut Butter
Pumpkin - Jack o' Lantern
Milk - Cheese
Toadstool - Mushroom

Leafy Lies
Do not Believe Everything Leafos Says.She Sometimes Lies And Just Speaks Worthless Junk.
Less coins good?
Prof. Pester only attacks you most valuable pinatas so make a pinata a different color, and it's base value will go down to 100 chocolate coins!

P.S.-Whilms are already only worth 100 chocolate coins.
Note:This doesn't affect accesories, # of parties, or age.
Bonus: Feed an eaglair milk to turn it white!
Lots O' Chocolate Coins
After Chili Seeds become available at the store, create a good sized dirt patch and purchase a lot of these. Plant 50 of these or however many you want, and sell them after they are fully grown. These will sell for 100 coins each, so if you sell 50 that is 5,000 chocolate coins!
Make a bridge
Make a river, then fill up part of it. Put a fence across the river, and then put in gates. Now, dig the river up to very edge of the fence, and then put in pavement. Viola!
making money 3
get two snakes then make them romance and when the egg is bouncing really high hit it with your shovel and it will become a two headed snake and do it again then romance them and then when it bounces really high then hit it with your shovel then it will become probably become a three or four headed snake then repeat until you get two four headed snake then romance them and then when you get the baby one. when it grows up sell it then buy two romance sweets give one to each then do it over and over.
Making The Most Of Your Converted Sour Pinatas
All converted Pinata's have a very special use,and the methods and abilities are here:

Shellybean - This little critter will eat (destroy) any poisonous plants in your garden, and not be ill,protecting your pinata's automatically, this can be a hazard however, so keep the Shellybean's ability in mind.

Sherbat and Crowla - Both of these have very similar abilitys so here they are. With either one of them, when you see dastardos come into your garden, press A on one of them, and direct it towards Dastardos. The Sherbat will distract him long enough for the doctor to come, and the Crowla will stun him. Doing both will get you two achievements as well!

Mallowolf - If you see a ruffian (Not Proffesor Pester) come into your Garden, direct your Mallowolf towards it and it will scare it away and give you a acheivement.

Profitamole - Direct your Profitamole to a dirt mound (A big one) and it will fill it up. Cleaning your Garden!

Cocoadile - Direct your cocoadile to a plant, and it will fertilise your plant, and give you a achievement. Free Fertiliser!

Macaraccoon - Highlight it and press A, then press X and it will dig out a romance candy, and earn you a achievement.

Bonboon - This is my favourite. Whenever there is a fight and the bonboon is not in the house or in a fight, it will try to stop any fight with a funky dance!

So they do have a hidden meaning: Free fertiliser, romance candy,protections against dastardos, ruffians and bad plants, and no fights and cleaning! What a Deal!
Maturing a Dragonache
Once you get a Dragonache you need to make it into its godzilla form to do that you need to feed it

Snapdragon flower
and a Salmango

After this it will go into a cocoon and come out really huge
Also after this you can use the send away option if you use it before he wont come back

To get the dragonache back go to Grethen Fetchum and shell get it back for free
Okay, if you go to costolot's store on a day where her items are on sale buy as much as you can, then sell it back to her and you get more money because there's a sale.
money making 2
make as many gem trees as you can and then go to the beggars shop and buy his fertilizer and then wait for them to drop off or they'll smash and you won't get anything off them and they sell for loads. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE A HIGH LVL OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET THE SEED.
Quick Hard Dirt Clear
Whenever starting a new garden, getting rid of the hard soil at the beginning with your shovel can be a pain, and take a long time. An easier and quicker method of converting the hard soil to good soil is whenever you start a new garden, go to the post office and buy a box (1 chocolate coin) and place the box anywhere. Go back to your garden. Now all you do is pick of the box and set it somewhere on the hard soil and it will automatically compact the hard soil under itself and around the box. As it compacts a larger section of hard soil then the shovel will, as well as picking up and moving the box is relatively quick and easy, this method will clear the hard soil much quicker then using your shovel.
quick money without spending more than $1000
an easy way i have found to get money is to

1. get ivor to open a store

2. then plant chili seeds in your garden in groups of nine, " to keep the cost down"

3. after that give each of the groups 3 doses of ivors special mix fertilizer.

after about half the day if you keep each group watered the chilis will be huge and will be worth $400 a piece, just keep doing it over and over again and you can get a lot of money. i got $200,000 in about 2 hours
Rival Pinatas
Cinnamonkeys & BonBoons are rivals
Barkbarks & Kittyflosses are rivals
Lickatoads & Newgats are rivals
Lackatoads & Salamangos are rivals
Horstachios & Ponockies are rivals
Zumbugs & Chewnicorns are rivals
Horstachios & Zumbugs are rivals

P.S.Rival Pinatas are ones who fight each-other.
Bonus: The Red-Eye-rainbow that you can buy at Ivor Bargain's makes there be less fights, but not stop them completely.
Some Pinata Colors
Preztail Eats Gooseberry Fool (Tinkered Gooseberry) And Becomes Green.

Goobaa Eats Tulip Seed And Becomes Black.

Sallamango Eats Nightshade Seed And Millk And Becomes Blue.

Mousemellow Eats Cheese (Tinkered Milk) And Becomes Yellow.

Lickatoad Eats Apple And Carrot And Becomes Red-Orange.
Super easy, super fast money!!!
All you have to do is follow these steps. It doesn't take very long at all!

Step 1: Go to Costolots store and buy the most expensive seed that IS NOT a tree. Press X to place however many you want in the garden. If you are going to buy heaps them skip step 2.

Step 2: Dig as many holes as you need in the ground for you to put your seeds in. Then plant your seeds in the holes.

Step 3: Once you have planted your seeds get whatever fertilizer is necessary and put 3 doses on each plant. Make sure you don't do any more than 3 doses!

Now you just wait till they grow. With the hole in the ground and the fertiliser they will grow extra fast.

INFO: Orchids are worth 450 but with this method you can get 1800 for each one nd they're the most valuable plant i know. Make sure when your planting anything you give them room to grow, otherwise they won't be worth as much. You can do a similar thing with trees but they take WAY longer to grow.
Unlimited money
Once the Venus Piñata Trap Seed becomes available at the store buy 1 seed and plant it. once it is fully grown Piñatas will start to attack it. once attacked the flower of it will fall on the ground. Quickly sell it for 350coins and then have it attacked again. repeat as many times as you want. Beware that sometimes your Piñatas will become sick but that doesn't matter because you will be making thousands of coins.once finished chop the plant down and sell its seeds and its final flower.
If you feed a pinata a flower medicine or any of that stuff its color may change but sometimes it wont work.If you have lots of money and dont care if you waste items unless their expensive id reccomend experimenting with things
Wildcard Pinatas are pinatas that hatch from an egg with some rare trait. They are worth a LOT of CCs.


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Leave your garden
If you go to the border around your garden and push into it after awhile you will go through it and leave your garden.

PLEASE NOTE: you cant go around the whole island. You can only go out a little ways and then it will stop u and you can just move around you cant get out your tools, break anything, plant anything, or look at a Piñata's info.

Easter eggs

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Free Fertilizer
To get free fertilizer you need a Toffly, and one of your favorite plant's produce (Fruits and/or veges)
Get the Toffly to "Eat" the produce and it will turn it into fertilizer! Just use it and sprinkle it on your plant (One use only)
Ta da <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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4-head colors
Yellow/Blue = Honey

White/Pink = Medicine (tinkered honey)

Blue/green = Bluebell Flower

P.S.- This Doesn't Work With Syrupents & Twingersnaps.
5 Extra Accessories
Create a new garden titled "chewnicorn" and you will recieve 5 extra accessories at the Pet shop when it is available.
black flutterscotch
to get a black flutterscotch, you need a white flutterscotch(obviosly) and a tulip. just direct it to the tulip and you should have your black flutterscotch
Blue Candary
Give a candary a bluebell head.
Brown Flotterscotch
Give a bullrush flower head to a flotterscotch.
Cheat Codes
Chewnicorn - 5 extra accessories at the Pet shop
Bullseye - Unlock new items for your pinatas to wear
Goobaa - Unlock new items for your pinatas to wear
Kittyfloss - YMCA Gear
Crowla & Bonboon
Sour crowlas need to drink tinkered honey A.K.A. medicine to become good.

Sour bonboons need to lose a fight against a member of the syrupent familly,(syrupent, twingersnap,four-heads)(your best bet is a four-heads) to become good.
Crowla & Bonboon
Sour crowlas need to drink tinkered honey A.K.A. medicine to become good.

Sour bonboons need to lose a fight against a member of the syrupent familly,(syrupent, twingersnap,four-heads)(your best bet is a four-heads) to become good.
Easy Chocolate Coins
Buy 10 birds of paridise seeds and use the fertilizer from Ivor B. shop. Now, tap the plant and 3 flowertops should fall. Sell 2 and use the other 1 for replanting.
There are a lot of different Flutterscotch colors, and each is it's own species.
Green Whirm
Feed a whirm a watercress head.
Highest Level
The highest level you can get in the game is 108.
How to get a Juicygoose!
In order to get a Juicygoose, all you need to do is feed your Quackberry a Gooseberry, and he will transform!
How to get a Salamango!
In order to get a Salamango, just feed your Newtgat a Chili, and it will evolve!
How to get a Two Headed Snake!
All you need to do is romance your Syrupents. When the egg is near hatching, it will start to jump. Wait until it starts jumping VERY HIGH, not just the itty bitty jumps. Then, smack it with your shovel and you will get a Twingersnap!
How to get a Zebra!
In order to get a Zebra Pinata, just have your Horstachio eat a Blackberry and a Daisy and he will transform!
Ivor Bargain
If you give Ivor \'the homeless guy\' enough money then he will change into Ivor Bargain and sell extremely useful items like the caotain\'s cutlass.
Just say NO
get the captain's cutlass and Prof. Pester and the ruffians will never come to your garden EVER AGAIN!

You can get it at Ivor Bargain's for $11,000.
to get a lackatoad, first, you need a lickatoad and a nightshade berry. direct the lickatoad to the berry. it should eat it. then, really quick get out your shovel and tap it before it gets sick. only tap it when it has those yellow stars around his head though. and remember: TAP IT!!! if you hit it it will get sick.
Orange Flotterscotch
Feed a flotterscotch a birds of paridise flower head.
Pink Flotterscotch
Giva a flotterscotch a waterlilly head.
Proffitamoles & Mallowolfs
Sour Proffiitamoles need to eat a mushroom (tinkered toadstool ) to become good.

Sour Mallowolfs need to eat a Pigxie to become good.
Purple Flotterscotch
Take thistle head and give it to a flotterscotch.
Purple Whirm
Feed a whirm a turnip and it will turn purple.
Red Buzzlegum
Feed a buzzlegum a venus pinata flower head and it will turn red.
Sour shellybeans need to eat an apple seed to be good.

BONUS : feed a good shellybean a bluebell seed and it will turn blue.
You Need to feed a sherbat a tinkered pumpkin A.K.A. a jack-o-lanturn to become good.

BONUS : Feed a good sherbat a chille seed, and it will become red!


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The Blue Flutterscotch
Wondering how to get a Blue Flutterscotch? Well, wander no more! All you have to do is feed it a Bluebell Flower Head, and he will transform.


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The Final Shop in Town
When the beggar begins visiting your garden, don\'t worry. Either give him 1000 Chocolate Coins right now, or give him increments, and when you give him a grand total of 1000 coins, he\'ll open up his own shop! It has loads of interesting items that are totally worth looking at!
The Green Flutterscotch
If you need a Green Flutterscotch, just feed your White Flutterscotch a Water Cress flower, and it will evolve!
The Red Flutterscotch
If you\'re in need of a Red Flutterscotch, just feed your White Flutterscotch a Poppy Flower Head!
The Yellow Flutterscotch
In order to get a Yellow Flutterscotch, just feed your White Flutterscotch a Buttercup Flower Head and he will transform!
Wildcard Eaglair
The Wildcard Eaglair doesn't have a special trait like the other wildcards do.
Yellow Mousemellow
Feed a mousemellow some cheese.