Two Worlds (Xbox 360) Cheats

Two Worlds cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.

Command codes

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Open the cheat menu in Two Worlds 1 and make sure you pointer is pointed at something alive of this won't work. Type in "kill" and the target will immediately die. This works for the endgame too! You can easily kill the big scary guy in a fell swoop. I don't think it takes away acheivements but you still should look that up. Thank for reading my cheats or command. Remember to go outside, don't play Two Worlds to the point you barf and all you think about is Two Worlds anD golems and stuff like that.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Learned 5 Skills (5)Learn 5 different skills.
Learned 10 Skills (10)Learn 10 different skills.
Learned 20 Skills (20)Learn 20 different skills.
Learned All Skills (50)Learn all the skills in the game.
Reached Skill Level 10 (20)Reach level 10 in one skill.
Reached Character Level 5 (5)Reach character level 5.
Reached Character Level 10 (10)Reach character level 10.
Reached Character Level 20 (10)Reach character level 20.
Reached Character Level 35 (20)Reach character level 35.
Reached Character Level 50 (50)Reach character level 50.
Discovered 10 Locations (10)Discover 10 different locations.
Discovered 20 Locations (10)Discover 20 different locations.
Discovered 50 Locations (20)Discover 50 different locations.
Visited All Black Towers (5)Visit all the Black Towers in the game.
Visited all Graveyards (10)Visit all the graveyards in the game.
Visited 10 Undergrounds (10)Visit 10 different underground locations.
Visited 20 Undergrounds (20)Visit 20 different underground locations.
Visited All Undergrounds (20)Visit all the underground locations in the game.
Visited All Locations (50)Visit all the locations in the game.
Rode a Horse (5)Ride a horse at least once.
Made Successfull Teleportation (5)Make at least one successful teleportation.
Created a Potion (5)Create at least one potion.
Created a Permanent Potion (20)Create at least one permanent potion.
Created a Bomb (10)Create at least one bomb.
Created a Weapon Enchancer (15)Create at least one weapon enchancer.
Created Class 2 Item (5)Create at least one item with quality class 2.
Created Class 10 Item (15)Create at least one item with quality class 10.
Opened Master Lock (10)Open at least one Master Lock.
Killed a Dragon (10)Kill a Dragon.
Killed a Stone Golem (10)Kill a Stone Golem.
Used a Boosted Spell (5)Use a spell enchanced with special booster cards.
Cast Chamber 5 Spell (10)Cast a Chamber 5 spell.
Summoned a Creature (5)Summon at least one creature.
Found the Relic Frame (20)Find the Relic Frame in the main storyline.
Found the Water Element (20)Find the Water Element in the main storyline.
Found the Air Element (20)Find the Air Element in the main storyline.
Found the Fire Element (20)Find the Fire Element in the main storyline.
Found the Earth Element (20)Find the Earth Element in the main storyline.
Delivered the Relic to Qudinar (20)Deliver the assembled Relic to Qudinar in the main storyline.
Destroyed the Great Pentagram (25)Destroy the Great Pentagram in the main storyline.
Defeated the Grand Enemy (370)Defeat the Grand Enemy in the main storyline.


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Always Make Permanent Potions!
Ever get tired of throwin' a bunch of rare, permanent ingredients in that pot and they just come out as some crappy poison attribute? Well, if you throw in a regular potion (Health or Mana works!) into the pot with your permanent ingredients, it stays permanent. The quality is reduced, but you can't use the ingredients without Alchemy anyway, so who cares! Enjoy pwning everything while being too good for your level.
Best Loot Spots for Level 20's to 50's (Some Spoilers Are Included)
Lvl 20's:

Ashos City--After the segment in the main quest when you get the Water Relic Piece from the Serpent Temple (Temple Of Ashos), Ashos get's ransacked by the Orc's and everyone is pwned when you leave the dungeon. So, if your a Master Lockpicker, their loot in their houses is a Smorgusboard! Also you might wanna loot their persons' too. Most of them carry high level Katana's you can sell for a considerable sum.

Black Towers--After the segment in the main questline when Gandohar makes "The Great Pentagon", you will be asked to eliminate 1 Black Tower Keeper. I highly recommend you kill'm all, as they all carry this kick-ass one-handed sword called "Valermos-Sword Of Fire", which on average class 1 does:
Slashing Damage: 850-1000
Fire Damage: 354

Then you can combine them to make them do about 1300-2000 damage for your Dual Blade skill, which you get from Qudinaar or Cathalon. I don't remember what level you have to be to use it, i forgot but I know you can use it before level 40, because that's my level. You can also get a Skeletal Horse from the Black Towers. (The Tower-Keepers won't be there unless you hit the point in the main storyline).

Lvl 35's & Up:

Mystery Island--This is a secret island just south of "Water-Claw Tower", which is a Black Tower. You must swim over here, and the island has unknown Castle Ruins on it, inhabited by about 30-40 Golems, which are barely spread, which makes it hard as you have to defeat groups of 5 at once, but this place is filled to the brink with Master Lock Chests, so it's well worth it. There's also a teleporter on the island near the ruins.

Black Towers--(Read The Level 20's thing, if you havn't already done this)

Oswaroth--You can get a lot of good loot just from the Dead Knights that wander this ruined city, and from the numerous chests scattered about.

Gandohar's Castle--After the long talk with the Grand Enemy (Gandohar), you may choose to fight him or side with him. If you beat him, you may loot him for his stuff, but then you beat the game and are sent back to your last save. If you side with him however, Balor and 4 of his Paladins show up, and you must eliminate them, which is a hell-of-a-lot harder, but if your level 35 and up, you must kill them all for the endgame to come up, and you can just run after killing 4 of the 5 and keep their loot. They all carry "Valermos: Sword Of Fire", which you can combine with the ones from the Black Towers. If you are below lvl 35, however, you need only kill 2 Paladins before endgame, and you then cannot keep their loot.
Getting High Class Weapons Easy
You know when you due something that causes a village to attack you and you find it annoying.Well thiers an a good thing to that thier weapons.Certain weapons appear alot in big castles beacuse of guards take thier weapons and you will have a free high class weapon in no time.Right now I have a leval 35 Curved Saber thanks to this tactic and its just keeps getting bigger!This can be done over and over again
kill dragon in low level!!
run up to his belly and keep attaking but never stop and what should happen is ur attack should always cancel out his,but may take a while. so happy hunting!
Necromancy Trainers
Necromancy, perhaps one of the hardest skills find, has actually 3 Trainers. They are loacted in:

-Rovant Village--Which is just south of Covengor.

-Enclave--Which is pretty secluded, follow the main road (red) on your map just below Hadeborg Castle to the east till you hit the nearest minor road (brown), then head south on it for a while till you eventually find the village.

-Behind The Qudinaar Graveyard--Which is a given. The Graveyard is directly connected to the east city wall on the outside. I don't know if you have to do anything specific for him to appear, or if he's there by default, because i just discovered him while running from the guards. Also there's a Necromancer Merchant right beside him.
Ultimate weapon
When you are a high level take a weapon in that deals at least 400 through 700.Go to Ashos and kill all the gaurds.Collect the Katana sword and combine them.Save your game.Then go somewhere else not far.Go back and kill the gaurds.The Katana sword will be invincible once you combined it.


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Command Codes
All of the codes aside from the bonuscodes will disable achievements and require you to enter "twoworldscheats 1" first. Warning! By entering that code achievements will be permanently disabled!!

ec.dbg addskillpoints - Add skill points

AddGold X - Adds Gold where XXXX is the amount of gold added

AddParamPoints - Adds Param Points, where X is the number of points added

AddSkillPoints X - Adds Skill Points, Where X is the number of skill
points added

AddExperiencePoints XXX - Adds XXX amounts of experience

Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168 - Armor of Darkness

BonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152 - Aziraal's Sword of Fire

Create Lockpick - Creates a lockpick

Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 - Great Shield of Yatolen

ec.dbg levelup - Level Up

ec.dbg skills - Makes all skills available

Create Teleport_Activator - Recover lost teleport activator

ResetFog - Reveal Map

Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 - Spear of Destiny

Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 - The Great Bow of Heaven's Fury

Jump2 - Transports player to where mouse is pointing

PhysX.Door.RemoveAll 1 - Walk through doors and walls

Console Command
Hold down LB + RB and press A. After the text box appears, press X to open the keyboard and enter codes.
To insert codes on your Xbox360, hold down the left and right bumpers and hit the A button while in-game. A small text box will appear on-screen, which you can then type into via an on-screen keyboard. For codes that don't begin with "Bonuscode", first type in "twoworldscheats 1" and then type in the code. If you're looking for achievements, however, you'll want to stray away from these codes. Most of them will disable your ability to get said achievements.

Note: Be sure to replace the "#" with the number of points/gold/et cetera you want.

AddExperiencePoints # - Gives you # experience points
AddGold # - Gives you # gold pieces
AddParamPoints # - Gives you # param. points
AddSkillPoints # - Gives you # skill points
Bonuscode 9144-3879-7593-9224 - Unlocks Spear of Destiny
Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 - Unlocks Great Bow of Heaven's Fury
Bonuscode 9470-4690-1542-1152 - Unlocks Aziraal's Sword of Fire
Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 - Unlocks Great Shield of Yatolen
Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168 - Unlocks Armor of Darkness
Create Lockpick - Created a lockpick
Create Teleport_Activator - Unlocks lost teleport activators
ec.dbg addskillpoints - Adds skill points
ec.dbg levelup - Levels you up
ec.dbg skills - Unlocks all skills
Jump2 - Jumps player to place on screen where mouse cursor points
PhysX.Door.RemoveAll 1 - Allows you to walk through walls/doors
ResetFog - Shows the map