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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
MAN OF HIS WORD (5)Let a rider who helped you in an alliance win the stage
STRONG FINISHER (10)Win a flat stage with a non-sprinter arriving in the peloton
FAST AS THE WIND (5)Escape from the peloton, going downhill, and gain a 30 seconds lead
DON'T LET ME DOWN (5)Help a team leader, who has fallen behind, return to the peloton (playing as leader or team-mate)
BACK-TO-BACK (10)Win 2 consecutive stages with the same rider
CLIMB LIKE AN ANGEL (15)Win all the mountain stages of a Tour de France (Tour mode)
KING OF THE MOUNTAINS (15)Win the polka-dot jersey
FAST GUY (15)Win a flat stage with a sprinter
NO PREFERENCES (15)Complete a Tour de France with every team in the game
MASTER MIND (5)Set up an alliance with the peloton and in a breakaway in the same stage and win the stage
IN CONTROL (5)Use each of your riders to lead the peloton
SURPRISING ATTACKER (5)Be the first to attack on a stage
TRAINING COMPLETE (5)Complete the Tutorial
NOT WITHOUT MY HEADSET (5)Use all communication options
JUST FOR FUN (5)Win any stage
I LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS (5)Be first on every mountain sprint during a stage ranked Mountain
AVOID RISKS (5)Win the Tour de France without falling from the bike
TV TIME FOR MY SPONSOR (5)Maintain a solo breakaway for more than 20 km
IF YOU DON'T TRY YOU CAN'T WIN (5)Unleash at least 10 attacks during the last climb of a mountain stage
FROM START TO FINISH (50)Wear the yellow jersey on all the stages of the Tour de France
ALWAYS ON TIME (50)Win all the intermediary sprints of the Tour de France (Tour mode)
NEVER SAY NEVER (25)Win the Tour de France after clawing back a 10 minute deficit with the leader
ALL FOR MY TEAM-MATES (50)Win a stage with a rider you don't control by making him attack
AMONGST THE GODS (50)Win at least 2 Tour de France
SON OF THE CANNIBAL (150)Win the Yellow, Polka-dot and Green jersey on the same edition with the same rider
ABSOLUTE DOMINATION (150)Have your team win all the stages of the Tour de France and all 3 leader jerseys
EXPERIENCED PLAYER (50)Win the Tour de France with a Beginner, Normal, Pro and Expert team
TOUR LEGEND (100)Win at least 5 Tour de France
THE SMALL TEAMS COUNT TOO (25)Finish in the top 10 in the General Ranking with a team of Expert difficulty
NEVER TOO YOUNG FOR YELLOW (15)Win the Tour de France with a rider aged 25 or under
USUAL SUSPECTS (15)Finish in the Top 10 in at least 5 consecutive Tour de France
KING OF THE SPRINTS (15)Win the green jersey
BRITISH PUNCTUALITY (15)Win the Individual Time-Trial and then beat your time the next time you play
FIRST AND LAST (15)Win the first and last stages of the Tour de France in Tour mode
ALLROUNDER (25)Win a stage of each type (Flat, Hills, Mountain, Time-trial) with the same rider
THREE IN A ROW (25)Win 3 consecutive stages with the same rider (Tour mode)
UNDERDOG (15)Win the Tour de France with a rider who is not the best ranked rider in his team
FRENCH SKILLS (15)Win a stage with a team of Expert difficulty
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Intoxication on June 23, 2011