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Thor: God of Thunder cheats, Achievements, and Codes for XBOX360.

Thor: God of Thunder Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
God of Thunder If He Be Worthy & Ejected Achievement Guide RoosterTeeth (00:04:07) May 20 2013
AchievementHow to unlock
Set in Motion (25)Complete Asgard.
Rage of Battle (10)Kill 10 Jötun Invaders within 30 seconds.
Like Father, Like Son (25)Maximize Thor's Odinforce.
If He Be Worthy (25)Defeat a giant enemy without taking any damage.
Reap What You Sow (25)Complete Niflheim.
Slayer (10)Quickly obliterate 30 Frost Giants during the first battle on Niflheim.
Favored Prince (50)Complete all Feats in Asgard.
Golden Apples! (25)Maximize Thor's Health.
Feat Fetish (100)Complete all Feats in the game.
The Mighty Thor (50)Acquire all Valor Upgrades.
Savior of Asgard (100)Complete the game.
Legend of Valhalla (100)Complete the game on Valhallan Difficulty (hardest).
Marvelous (25)Unlock all costumes.
Electric (25)Unlock all Lightning Colors.
Warrior's Madness (15)Kill 4 or more enemies with a single melee attack.
Valorous (5)Acquired an upgrade.
Sharpshooter (5)Destroy the Jötun Ice Bridge.
Snuff Job (10)Extinguish 10 Warlord flames with Wind Powers.
Fire Fighter (50)Complete all Feats in Muspelheim.
Crash Landing (10)Crash the Core Drill within 4 minutes of landing on it.
Into the Void! (10)Knock 30 enemies into abysses on Muspelheim.
Flawless Defense (25)Complete the defense of Asgard with 75% Morale.
Prodigal Son (50)Complete all Feats in Asgard Besieged.
The Bomb (5)Prevent the Scabrite Bomb from detonating without using any tap or charged Elemental Powers.
Resonator (5)Stop the Resonator Beams in the Smelting Room without getting hit by them.
Sins of the Father (25)Complete Vanaheim.
Barge Hauler (10)Complete River Barge area with Mire Giant at 40% Health or better.
Spelunker (10)Open the Cave of Ages within 4 minutes.
Cold Warrior (50)Complete all Feats in Niflheim.
Jungle Runner (50)Complete all Feats in Vanaheim.
Through the Fire (25)Complete Muspelheim.
Volley (5)Reflect 3 of the War Beast projectiles.
Secret Achievements-
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