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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Realistic Difficulty (50)Complete single player story on "Realistic" difficulty
Co-op Realistic Difficulty (50)Complete the co-op story on "Realistic" difficulty
Quality Time (20)Invite a friend to join and participate in a co-op story or game mode session
Hunter (10)Complete any 1 map in "Hunter" game mode in co-op
Last Stand (10)Complete any 1 map in "Last Stand" game mode in co-op
Hunter Completionist (20)Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on rookie or normal difficulty
Hunter Master (50)Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on realistic difficulty
Last Stand Completionist (20)Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on rookie or normal difficulty
Last Stand Master (50)Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on realistic difficulty
Face-Off Completionist (20)Complete all maps in "Face-Off" game mode using any connection type
Face Off (10)Win one match in "Face-Off" game mode on any difficulty
Preparation Master (30)Complete all prepare & execute challenges
Stealth Master (30)Complete all vanish challenges
Best Of The Best (30)Complete all Splinter Cell challenges
Well-Rounded (50)Complete all challenges
Weapon Upgraded (10)Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon
Gadget Upgraded (10)Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 gadget
Weapons Expert (20)Purchase all 3 upgrades for all weapons
Gadgets Expert (20)Purchase both upgrades for all gadgets
Weapons Collector (20)Unlock all weapons in the weapon vault
Variety (10)Purchase any 1 uniform
Accessorizing (10)Purchase any 1 accessory for any 1 uniform
Ready For Anything (20)Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms
Fashionable (20)Purchase all 6 texture variants for all uniforms
Perfect Hunter (20)Complete any map in Hunter without ever having been detected on realistic difficulty
Last Man Standing (50)In Last Stand, survive all enemy waves of any map in one session without failing on any difficulty
Revelations (20)Discover Anna Grimsdottir's dark secret
Secret Achievements-
Merchant's Street Market (20)Complete Single Player Story "Merchant's Street Market" on any difficulty
Kobin's Mansion (20)Complete Single Player Story "Kobin's Mansion" on any difficulty
Price Airfield (20)Complete Single Player Story "Price Airfield" on any difficulty
Diwaniya, Iraq (20)Complete Single Player Story "Diwaniya, Iraq" on any difficulty
Washington Monument (20)Complete Single Player Story "Washington Monument" on any difficulty
White Box Laboratories (20)Complete Single Player Story "White Box Laboratories" on any difficulty
Lincoln Memorial (20)Complete Single Player Story "Lincoln Memorial" on any difficulty
Third Echelon HQ (20)Complete Single Player Story "Third Echelon HQ" on any difficulty
Michigan Ave. Reservoir (20)Complete Single Player Story "Michigan Ave. Reservoir" on any difficulty
Downtown District (20)Complete Single Player Story "Downtown District" on any difficulty
White House (20)Complete Single Player Story "White House" on any difficulty
St. Petersburg Banya (20)Complete CO-OP Story "St. Petersburg Banya" on any difficulty
Russian Embassy (20)Complete CO-OP Story "Russian Embassy" on any difficulty
Yastreb Complex (20)Complete CO-OP Story "Yastreb Complex" on any difficulty
Modzok Proving Grounds (20)Complete CO-OP Story "Modzok Proving Grounds" on any difficulty
Judge, Jury and Executioner (10)Take down Tom Reed
Man of Conviction (10)Allow Tom Reed to live
Survivor (10)Battle your CO-OP teammate and survive
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Intoxication on February 28, 2010