Spider-Man 3 (Xbox 360) Cheats

Spider-Man 3 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Maximum HealthGet 100% in Crime Fighting
black suit spidermanbeat the game
harry ozbornebeat game as black suit spiderman
venombeat game as harry ozborne
sandmanbeat game as venom


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.


Aleksei Sytsevich (30) - Defeat Aleksei Sytsevich.

Arachnophile (10) - Collect all Secret tokens.

Bomb Squad (20) - Get at least Bronze on all bomb tours.

Bronze Finalist (20) - Get at least Bronze on all trick races.

Cold Blooded Super Master (30) - Complete all Connors missions.

Collateral Damage (10) - Destroy 25 objects.

Curtis Connors (30) - Defeat Curtis Connors.

Deputy (30) - Complete all DeWolfe missions.

Eddie Brock (40) - Defeat Eddie Brock.

Fast Swinger (20) - Swing at 200 miles per hour.

Fire Breather (10) - Collect all Order of the Dragon Tail tokens.

Flint Marko (30) - Defeat Flint Marko.

Frequent Flyer (10) - Collect all Skyscraper tokens.

Gold Medal Winner (30) - Get Gold on all trick races.

Harry Osborn (30) - Defeat Harry Osborn.

Hitch Hiker (20) - Ride a car or truck for 5 miles.

Intermediate Racer (20) - Get at least Bronze on all easy and medium trick races.

Luke Carlyle (30) - Defeat Luke Carlyle.

Macdonald Gargan (40) - Rescue Macdonald Gargan.

Mary Jane Thriller (20) - Complete all Mary Jane thrill rides.

Master Tourist (20) - Take a 500-point photograph.

Master Web Swinger (20) - Swing a total of 50 miles.

Mega Tourist (10) - Take a photograph from a great height.

Mega Web Swinger (30) - Swing a total of 200 miles.

Pied Piper (10) - Collect all Subway tokens.

Pole Swinger (10) - Swing on 50 poles.

Police Chief (30) - Complete all combat tours.

Police Corporal (30) - Complete all Petty Theft missions.

Police Detective (30) - Complete 25 random city missions.

Police Officer (30) - Complete all Crime Spree missions.

Police Sergeant (30) - Complete all Bank Robbery missions.

Punk Rocker (10) - Collect all Apocalypse Gang tokens.

Sergei Kravinoff (30) - Defeat Sergei Kravinoff.

Shutterbug (20) - Complete all Daily Bugle photo missions.

Silver Finalist (20) - Get at least Silver on all trick races.

Spider-Man (50) - Complete all missions.

Splat Master 2007 (20) - Splat into the ground 25 times.

Sweet Tooth (10) - Collect all Arsenic Candy tokens.

Trick Novice (20) - Get at least Bronze on all easy trick races.

Web Slinger (20) - Web up 25 enemies.

Web Swinger (20) - Swing a total of 10 miles.

Wilson Fisk (30) - Defeat Wilson Fisk.
Arena Mode
In order to play on arena mode you must complete the game first.
Defeat Enemies A Lot Quicker
When you advance enough to unlock the punch fury move (Y, then tap X)use this on weaker enemies, such as the arsenic candy girls, and use it with a lot of tapping. This should provide a instant kill, and a good combo, filling your special move meter, for more power!

Note: This can also work on bosses.
Defeat Kingpin and Gang Bosses
First, wait until Kingpin gets near you. When he's going to attack you, hold LB to dodge. When it shows the X icon on the screen, counter-attack, but counter-attack with Y instead of X, because if you counter-attack with X, it does nothing and Kingpin will just hit you, knocking you over and making you lose a lot of health. But if you press Y instead of X, you'll kick him hard and it will knock him over. (The strong attack-"Y"-also fills up your rage meter more than a fast attack-"X"). Keep repeating this until your rage meter is full. When it's full, repeatedly press RB to go into rage mode. When in rage mode, don't use any fast attacks or special attacks. They're useless. Use only strong attacks on him. When you do, you'll see his health going down. Use the Y attacks until your rage meter is empty again. Then just repeat all of the above until you beat him.
After you've lowered his health enough, there will be a button sequence. Then you'll have to fight all three gang bosses at once. If you have trouble on this part here's a tip: try defeating one boss at a time. After you defeat one a health heart will appear. Then fight one of the two bosses remaining. Then defeat the last one.
Next you'll have to fight Kingpin again. Do the same thing to beat him the second time.


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Glitch: Play as Peter Parker
Okay, sot here's basically only 2 parts in the game where as you get to control Peter Parker for a short amount of time, Spider man is the only other costume that you get to wear along the game (and an exclusive part where you get to play as Harry/New Goblin). The Glitch requires that you ARE NOT finished with all of Robbie's assignments (Daily Bugle guy).

Step 1: go to the Daily Bugle and talk to Robbie about your next photo assignment.

Step 2: If he says that you're being timed and that you must be there quickly, then that indicates the right mission to do the glitch.

Step 3: You will be sent outside to head to the assignment scene, but instead, head back into the Daily Bugle (it should be behind you as soon as you go outside) Wait aboutt less than a minute, and after you've wasted time, it should say "You ran out of time" and ask you if you want to Retry the mission or do something else

Step 4: Select the "do something else" marker, and then head outside...you should be dressed as Peter Parker!

Note: You can't web sling just yet (jump either). What you must do is go to an edge of the Bugle, and punch a few times, what this does is forces Peter off of the building, and since you can't web swing just yet, peter should splat into the public road. Then select OK, or Continue (it shouldn't say "spiderman was defeated!" Now that you're finished, you should spawn back on the Bugle, so do the same thing again, but this time when you splat, you should only lose half of your life, and get back up. Now you can swing freely, and do as you please!
Unlock Dark Spidey For Permanent Use
Complete the Grand Finale, and then go into the pause menu and go into playable characters, you can now play as the dark powerhouse!