Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) Cheats

Sonic Unleashed cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Sonic Unleashed cheat codes.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Still Broken (25G)Save the first continent
Looking Better (25G)Save the second continent
Still a Jigsaw Puzzle (25G)Save the third continent
Picking Up the Pieces (25G)Save the fourth continent
Almost There (25G)Save the fifth continent
One More to Go (25G)Save the sixth continent
World Savior (100G)Complete the game
Partly Cloudy (30G)Collect Sun Medals
Sunny (50G)Collect all of the Sun Medals
Half Moon (30G)Collect Moon Medals
Full Moon (50G)Collect all of the Moon Medals
Blue Streak (30G)Create an unbeatable Hedgehog
Power Overwhelming (30G)Create an unbeatable Werehog
Getting the Hang of Things (15G)Get a high score with Sonic the Hedgehog
Creature of the Night (15G)Get a high score with Sonic the Werehog
Helping Hand (20G)Help someone in need
Lay the Smackdown (10G)Improve your Stomp!
Wall Crawler (10G)Improve your Wall Jump!
Airdevil (10G)Improve your Air Boost!
Hyperdrive (10G)Improve your Lightspeed Dash!
Basher (10G)Get your Werehog level up
Smasher (10G)Get your Werehog level up some more!
Crasher (10G)Get your Werehog level up even higher!
Thrasher (10G)Get your Werehog level way up there!
Social Butterfly (30G)Talk to people around the world
Hungry Hungry Hedgehog (30G)Eat everything in the world
Ace Pilot (20G)Pull off some flawless flying
Day Tripper (20G)Race through all stages
Hard Day's Night (20G)Blast through all stages
Get on the Exorcise Bandwagon (20G)Drive dark spirits away
Gyro with Relish (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Apotos
Pig in a Blanket (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Spagonia
Exotic Toppings (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Mazuri
Sausage Fried Rice (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Chun-nan
Iced Hotdog (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Holoska
Kebab on a Bun (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Shamar
Ketchup and Mustard (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Empire City
Hard Boiled (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Eggmanland
Fried Clam Roll (10G)Eat all the hot dogs in Adabat
First Time Customer (10G)Buy something from Wentos
Oh, You Shouldn't Have! (10G)Give a souvenir to the Professor
That's Enough, Seriously (20G)Give every souvenir to the Professor
Hedgehunk (5G)Talk with people in the pursuit of love
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (5G)Someone is dealing with spectral troubles
BFFs (20G)Become better friends with Chip
Speeding Ticket (20G)Become the fastest thing alive
Combo King (20G)Work on your combos
Ring Leader (20G)Gather Rings from all over the world
Knockout Brawler (20G)Smash, smash, and smash some more


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How to defeat the Dark Gaia Phoenix in about 40 seconds!
The Dark Gaia Phoenix boss is flawed. Unlike other bosses, his health is not capped.
Make sure your Werehog has a reasonably high strength stat (Probably about level 8, or something), also make sure that you can perform the charge-up Y attack.

When the Dark Gaia Phoenix is extinguished, fully charge your Y attack, and hit it. Do this again quickly before you go into a button sequence.
During the button sequence, his health will go down by about two and a half bars. Complete the button sequence to finish him off. You should be able to defeat him in about a minute.
If your Strength stat is at the maximum level, then you should be able to defeat him in 40 seconds, without having to go into a button sequence.


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Boost jumping in town hubs
You need to Air Boost opower-up from Chun-Nan to do this.
Go down a sploe or somewhere to pick up speed, then perform a drift as you would in a stage. You may not have a Ring Energy bar, but it still registers the Ring Energy gained from the drift. You should then be able to do short bost jumps.

Note: If you have Maximum Level Speed, then you will sometimes be able to gain a good speed simply by running normally.
Complete a stage in 0:00:00
First, get close to the goal ring, and Homing Attack it or Air Boost the Goal Ring. Then, just before you hit the rings, pause the game and restart the game. It's risky but, if done you wil finish with 0:00:00.
Rail boost glitch.
Not really useful but when going through a rail booster (the ones already on the rail), jump to a rail next to you as soon as you do. This will cause sonic to fall of the rail, usually to his death.
Through the wall.
You need the Air Boost shoes from Chun-Nan.

Go to Holoska Entrance Stage, and turn around then Air Boost facing left of the sign, and you'll go through the wall.