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Small Arms cheats, Tips, and Codes for XBOX360.

Small Arms Tips

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The number between the () is the gamescore for each achievement.

Barbaric Recruiter (20) - Host an online match using the Iceberg or Village level

Challenge x15 (10) - Defeat 15 opponents in Challenge Mode

Challenge x50 (20) - Defeat 50 opponents in Challenge Mode

Combo x2 (15) - Kill 2 opponents in rapid succession

Combo x5 (20) - Kill 5 opponents in rapid succession

Complete Mission Mode (20) - Awarded for completing Mission Mode

Completed Training (10) - Complete the Single Player training mode with any character

Honorary Barbarian (15) - Complete Mission Mode playing as Ivar or Gullarp

Marksmanship (25) - Score over 10,000 in the 'Shooting Range'

Played 100 Matches (25) - Play 100 matches either offline or on Xbox LIVE

Six Degrees of Small Arms (0) - Play online to 'catch' this elusive Achievement

Won 10 Matches (10) - Win 10 matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live

Won 100 Matches (25) - Win 100 matches in Mission Mode or Battle Mode

Won 50 Matches (15) - Win 50 matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live
Submitted by: Arcanium on July 23, 2007