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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Be a Rookie (10)Win your first race
Transmission Wizard (15)Win a race using manual transmission with opponents at Professional or Real level
Simulation Wizard (15)Win a race in extreme simulation mode with opponents at Professional or Real level
Who Needs Wheels? (10)Perform at least 10 seconds of wheelies and win the race
King of Assen (15)Win a race on Assen with less than a 3 second gap at Professional or Real
Tires are Expensive (10)Win a race with tyre wear activated and with a minimum waste of tires
Back to my First Love (10)Win a race at least at professional difficulty level using Max Biaggi and his Aprilia
Milestone Best Friend (10)Win a race at Misano Adriatico using Luca Scassa
Telemetry Expert (10)Compare two telemetries
Somebody Will Be Quite Angry Now (10)Win a race with a gap of less than 1" from second place
Despite bad luck (10)Win a race with a heavily damaged bike
Impossible Comeback (10)Win a quick race starting from last position at Professional difficulty level
Italy Rules the World (10)Win a race with all the Italian riders
Turnaround (10)Win a race performing at least 2 360's
I'm the Wizard (10)Win a race at Monza using Michel Fabrizio
Dorifuto Kingu (10)Win a race performing at least 10 seconds of skids
The Pirate lands in America (10)Win a race with Biaggi at Salt Lake City
Straight out of the factory (15)Win a race at Imola using a Ducati Xerox
Mr. Crocodile Under the Water (15)Win a rainy race using Troy Corser
Living on the Edge (15)Perform 10 seconds of wheelies and 10 seconds of skids in any game mode
Out of time (10)Win a race with a 10 second gap or more from second place
Someone has to read them now (30)Watch all credits
Teatime (20)Win at least 5 races at Donington
Teamwork (30)Win at least one race with each of the SBK™ teams
Mr. Superpole (20)Achieve at least 10 Superpoles in the same Single Player championship
Pure ruler, out of the box (25)Win on all tracks on-line
Italian Miracle (20)Win a Single Player Championship with Pedercini team
The SBK™ Kamikaze (10)Win at least one race with all the Japanese riders
The Prancing Pony (15)Perform 60 seconds of wheelie and finish at least in fourth position
I'm the Star (20)Win a Single Player championship using the team Suzuki Alstare
Bronze Medal (20)Win at least a bronze medal in every Scenario
Silver Medal (30)Win at least a silver medal in every Scenario
Tight Rope Walker (40)Finish 10 races in a row without falling
The championship is on the line (30)Win an on-line Championship
Winning Streak (30)Win 10 races in a row
Pure Ruler (40)Win on all tracks
Gold Medal (40)Win at least a gold medal in every Scenario
How Cool are my Trophies? (40)Complete the Cups board
The True SBK™ Hero (40)Win at least 3 Single Player championships
Rainbow Decks (50)Win all the cards of the game decks
Style Victory (30)Win a clean race, without falls and shortcuts
Once he was Bayliss (15)Win a Single Player championship using a Ducati Xerox Team bike
A True Rider (35)Win a Single Player championship using the simulation mode
A Perfect Weekend (30)Get pole position and win race 1 and race 2 in the same Event
Victories in 5 continents (20)Win a race at Phillip Island, Losail, Salt Lake City, Kyalami and Monza
Lucky Man (30)Get 7th place three times in the same Single Player championship
I pwn n00bs (15)Perform a 360 burnout and win an on-line quick race
Secret Achievements-
Milk Shake (10)Damage a Team Sterilgarda bike to the retirement
Unlucky Man (25)Lose 13 on-line races
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Krunal on May 09, 2009