Saints Row (Xbox 360) Cheats

Saints Row cheats, Passwords, Achievements, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Mobile Number Passwords
Use your mobile phone to enter these passwords.
PasswordWhat it does
5553765Brown Baggers
5550180174Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
#ShepherdEnables "Give .44 Shepherd"
#12GaugeEnables "Give 12 Gauge"
#AS12RiotEnables "Give AS12 Riot"
#GDHC50Enables "Give GDHC .50"
#GrenadeEnables "Give Hand Grenade"
#KrukovEnables "Give K6 Krukov"
#KnifeEnables "Give Knife"
#MolotovEnables "Give Molotov Cocktail"
#NR4Enables "Give NR4"
#PipebombEnables "Give Pipe Bomb"
#RocketEnables "Give RPG Launcher"
#T3KUrbanEnables "Give T3K Urban"
#TombstoneEnables "Give Tombstone"
#Vice9Enables "Give Vice 9"
5555966Eye for an Eye Voodoo
#10God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly)
5559473Grounds for Divorce
#SPRINTInfinite Sprint
5559467Legal Lee's
5557296On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
5555926On The Rag Clothing
5553493Rim Jobs
#AQUASpawn the Aqua car
5556238The Dead Cow
5554558008TNA Taxi Service
#42637867Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat
give helicoptergives you a helicopter
555-6429gives you airplane
55579743467Gives you a UFO
No Cops And No gangs
ress start and go to the cell phone and type these numbers in:
PasswordWhat it does
#662677 or #NOCOPSGets rid of Police notoriety
#6632637 or #NOGANGSGets rid of Gang notoriety
#1973528flying car
Phone Passwords
Go to your phone and input these passwords to get the desired result. Note for those displayed as words input each letter by pressing the associated phone pad key (eg 2 = A,B or C).
PasswordWhat it does
#3373352623Unlocks the best car
#5878423Unlocks Justice in your garage
#AMMO OR #2666Infinite Ammo
1-555-ITS-OVERCalls the suicide hotline
#PIMPCANEGives a Pimp Cane Shotgun
911Calls an ambulance
#MONEYGives you money
#pimpsuitpimp suit
#extremehealthunlimited health
#helicopterGives you a Helicopter
226269Bag Boy (Luggage Carrier)
#3246578Gives you a Tank
#557654343All Weapons
#aqua or #2782Gives you an Aqua Car.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Achievements Videos
Scavenger Achievement (00:00:25)
by SeiferXJ9 May 20 2013
2Getting "Still Addicted To Tha Row" Achievement (00:00:27)
by WavierHalo May 20 2013
Addicted to tha Row Achievement (00:00:16)
by SeiferXJ9 May 20 2013
AchievementHow to unlock
Colombian Made (40)Take over Los Carnales territory.
Regicide (40)Take over Vice Kings territory.
Road Warrior (40)Take over Westside Rollerz territory.
Ruler of Stilwater (160)Help the 3rd Streets Saints take over Stilwater.
Thug (10)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any multiplayer mode.
Killa (20)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any multiplayer mode.
Gangsta (40)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Gangster in any multiplayer mode.
Kingpin (80)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any multiplayer mode.
Penny Pincher (10)Earn $1,000,000 in the city of Stilwater.
Grifter(10)Earn $200,000 in Insurance Fraud.
Shopaholic (10)Acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for your single player wardrobe.
Coupon Clipper (10)Purchase 100 clothing and jewelry items for your multiplayer wardrobe.
Leader of the Pack (10)Acquire all 7 Homies.
Getting Up (10)Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater.
Grease Monkey (10)Own a total of 50 cars.
Racket Lord (160)Complete all activities in Stilwater.
Contract Killer (10)Complete all of the Hitman locations.
Demo Demon (10)Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.
Fast and Furious (10)Complete all of the Hijacking locations and levels.
Fluffer (10)Complete all of the Escort locations and levels.
Pimp (10)Complete all the Snatch locations and levels.
Pusher (10)Complete all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels.
Scavenger (10)Complete all of the Chop Shop locations.
Tuner (10)Complete all of the Racing locations and levels.
Vandal (10)Complete all of the Mayhem locations and levels.
Bulletproof (10)Complete Co-op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty level.
Errand Boy (10)Complete Co-op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level.
Canonized (10)Join the 3rd Street Saints.
Reclamationist (10)Retake Saint's Row.
Secret Achievements-
Audiophile (10)Collected all 60 CD's hidden throughout Stilwater.
Dominator (10)Won 10 ranked matches in a row.
Jumped the Shark (10)Withdrew a total of $200,000 from the Loan Office.
Professional Thief (10)Stole 30 boxes and delivered them successfully.
Scourge of the Air (10)Destroyed 50 helicopters.
Stilwater PD Award (10)Killed 50 Stilwater residents with only melee attacks.
Addicted to tha Row (20)Played Saints Row for a total of 20 hours.
Chain Gang (20)Dropped off a total of 500 chains in the Big Ass Chains multiplayer mode in ranked matches.
Marathon Runner (20)Traveled 26.2 miles on foot
Negotiator (10)Took 50 Hostages.
Tourist (20)Drove 500 miles in the city of Stilwater.
Pimp Killer (20)Killed the Pimp in Protect Tha Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.
Clocktower Camper (20)Head shot and killed a total of 100 enemies with a Sniper Rifle in ranked matches.
Xzibitionist (20)Got your team car to level 4 in the Blinged Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked matches.


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Unlockables on Saints Row 1
Just a few of the unlockables on saints row 1
UnlockableHow to unlock
Angelo Lopez's Beach House CribBeat Los Carnales Mission "What Goes Up"
Benjamin King's Penthouse CribBeat Vice Kings Mission "Return Of The King"
Price's Mansion CribBeat Westside Rollerz Mission "Semi-Charmed Life"
Saints Row Loft CribBeat 3rd Street Saints Mission "Back To Basics"
Pimp OutfitBeat Los Carnales Snatch Activity
Pimp ChainBeat Vice Kings Snatch Activity
Pimp CarBeat Westside Rollerz Snatch Activity
Pimp Cane ShotgunBeat All Snatch Activities
Gold Plated GDHC .50Beat Airport Hitman Activity
Platinum AS12 RiotBeat Chinatown Hitman Activity
Platinum T3K-UrbanBeat Projects Hitman Activity
Platinum RPGBeat All Hitman Activities
Zombie LinBeat Westside Rollerz Mission "No Time To Mourn" Then Dial 555-5966
Mr WongBeat Chinatown Hitman Activity
SamanthaBeat Vice Kings Escort Activity
Chicken NedDial 555-2445
LauraBeat Westside Rollerz Drug Trafficking Activity
WillBeat 3rd Street Saints Snatch Activity
Wheel WomanBeat 3rd Street Saints Mission Cannonized
Destruction Derby CarsBeat Westside Rollerz Destruction Derby Activity
Headstone Zoot PantsBeat Airport escort or tubulance escort
Unlockables on SR1
How to unlock some of the best unlockables (IMO)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chicken NedDial 555-2445
Zombie LinComplete Rollerz Mission NO TIME TO MOURN then dial 555-5966
WillComplete 3rd Street Saints Snatch
Wheel WomanComplete 3


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A Note On Cheats
A quick note on cheats:

If you enter them and save with them on, you cannot get achievements on that file again! Play wisely!
Chop Shop Car Locations
Car Name: Peterliner
Location: On the freeways

Car Name: Nightingale
Location: Parked beside a warehouse at the airport

Car Name: Halberd
Location: Anywhere

Car Name: Westbury
Location: Anywhere in the Suburbs District

Car Name: Varsity
Location:Can be found anywhere

Car Name: Raycaster
Location: Either buy it from the car shop or try and find it at Nob Hill

Car Name: Attazione
Location: Near the Derby activity

Car Name: Zenith
Location: Julis has it, drive his around to make it appear more often

Car Name: Reaper
Location: Around the Ultor Dome and the High End Retail District at night

Car Name: Ambulance
Location: Just dial 911

Car Name: Destiny
Location: Either call Wheel Women or find one in the Saints Row District

Car Name: Taxi
Location: Anywhere

Car Name: Slingshot
Location: Saints Row District

Car Name: Bootlegger
Location: Saints Row District or near the factories

Car Name: Compton
Location: Anywhere

Car Name: La Fuerza
Location: In Los Carnales turf

Car Name: Cavallaro
Location: In Los Carnales turf

Car Name: Quota
Location: Mostly in the Downtown District

Car Name: FBI
Location: Get the FBI after you

Car Name: Keystone
Location: Anywhere

Car Name: Nordberg
Location: 3rd Street Saints turf

Car Name: Nelson
Location:3rd Street Saints turf or buy it from the car shop

Car Name: Mag
Location: Vice Kings turf or drive around in Benjamin Kings Mag to make it a more common car

Car Name: Bulldog
Location: 3rd Street Saints turf or drive Victors to make it more common
Chop Shop Car Locations addon
I noticed that for the Zenith that the other Tip said just drive around with the one you from Julis and just drive around. Well i found two places that it spawns when you are in a Zenith. The first is in the Barrio Ezpata area just North East of the Carnarles Mansion. It is in the parking lot next to the dumpster. The other is in the Apartment Sommmerset just South of the Scratch That, between the two buildings. Ity might take a minute to have them respawn but i got about 6 within a few minutes.
Corrupt Save Glitch
If your game save gets corrupted, don't delete it, leave it on your storage device, and load it up instead of starting a new game. Now, you will play as a completely naked Caucasian, who is wearing what could only look like invisible underwear. You do not see his privates, you can see straight through them, so you have his body, a gap which looks like a pair of shorts, and then legs. Everything else works normally.
Easily Clear Samson Surprise Mission
To easily complete this mission start it and when Troy arrives in a zircon, quit the mission. Now take the zircon to a rim jobs to fit a nitrous. Go back and redo the mission. This time, when Troy arrives in another zircon, take the zircon that you fit the nitrous in. With the nitrous, it will be an easy win.
Easy insurance fraud
Get a special car like a cop car and get into a head on collision with a car inside of the redcirclezone to score a crap load of points. My highest was over 400,000$!
Easy Money
Search Stillwater until you find an armored car, jack it and save it in your garage. Once you save your game pull it out(best to do at the Los Carnales crib, although it doesn't matter where), then blow it up. When it blows up, money goes everywhere! If you do it at the Los Carnales crib under the car port, the money won't go far. Once you collect all the money from the ground, wait for the truck to disappear and collect that money. Then go back to your garage and repair the vehicle for $500 and repeat the process! the payoff is usually between $2000 and $10,000.
Easy Way To Get Jumped the Shark Acievment
Walk into the circle and borrow some money walk away and then walk back to it and give them the money back, keep repeating this until you have borrowed £200'000 in total.

That's how I got it <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy way to get respect
First you need to go to a chop shop to see what cars and what upgrades to get for the car. When yo find out got to your mobile and put in: hash and then the name of the car you need. Then it should say cheat activated. Then go to cheats in your phone and click on the cheat you just put in. Then go to your garage, get the car out and take it to the chop shop. You get alot of respect for it if you do them all.(some cars dont work for example, peter liner and nightingale.
get rid of wanted lvl quick
so you have a wanted level, cant be bothered to go and pay at forgive and forget, well then this is for you:
start a hostage situation, any car, any amount of hostages in the car, successfully complete it and your wanted level will vanish, remember though the higher your wanted level is before you start the hostage situation, the harder it will be....
Getting Big Air!!
Heres a little tip i found out on how to get big air when driving.

Alll you have to do is mod your car with nos and hydraulics.
then once you found a ramp or sloped,
boost the car before the jump and just as you reach the end of the ramp or slope make the car jump. oyu should get some serious air.
Hidden CD Locations
Number: 1
Area: Misty Lane, Suburbs District
Location: On the back patio closest to your crib

Number: 2
Area: Tidal Springs, Suburbs District
Location: On top of the stairs to the apartment near theraised freeway

Number: 3
Area: Tidal Springs, Suburbs District
Location: In a backyard near the burning fire pit

Number: 4
Area: Huntersfield, Suburbs Sistrict
Location: Beside a pool behind a fence next door to brown baggers

Number: 5
Area: Huntersfield, Suburbs District
Location: On the front balcony of the store next to brown baggers

Number: 6
Area: Huntersfield, Suburbs District
Location: At the top of the ramp on top floor of the parking garage

Number: 7
Area: Nob Hill, High End Retail District
Location: At the top of the stairs on the second floor of the outdoor mall

Number: 8
Area: Atlantis Avenu, High End Retail District
Location: Next to a pool through a privacy fence

Number: 9
Area: Nob Hill, High End Retail District
Location: Front of the redveil storefront

Number: 10
Area: Humbolt Park, Museum District
Location: At the base of the monument next to the Stillwater Science Center

Number: 11
Area: Humbolt Park, Museum District
Location: Over the cliff on the narrow rocky shorline

Number: 12
Area: Nob Hill, High End Retail District
Location: Up the south steps of the NNC building

Number: 13
Area: Nob Hill, High End Retail District
Location: In a corner at the bottom of the steps at the south end of the NNC buildings lower walkway

Number: 14
Area: Filmore, Downtown District
Location: In the recessed walkway around the strip of stores, The CD is in front of a store called Roser

Number: 15
Area: Amberbrook, Museum District
Location: In the lot where you find the bulldozer in the main story missions

Number: 16
Area: Brighton, Downtown District
Location: On a ledge behind the irish puband beside the raised freeway on a raised grassy median

Number: 17
Area: Union Square, Downtown District
Location: On the balcony behind the Torin bank next to the bridge

Number: 18
Area: Union Square, Downtown District
Location: Follow the stairs behind the loan office activity down to the large area infront of the Arena Store

Number: 19
Area: Ultor Dome, Arena District
Location: Follow the dirt road between the aqueduct and the freeway to the Water Trearment Facility the CD is in the fence

Number: 20
Area: Union Square, Downtown District
Location: By the many porta-johns at the Ultor Dome

Number: 21
Area: Sunnyvale Gardens, Projects District
Location: Behind the old Uncle Spacle's Tackle Shack on the shoreline

Number: 22
Area: Shivington, Projects District
Location: On the playground near a tagging location

Number: 23
Area: Shivington, Projects District
Location: On the foundation of a destroyed house on the corner

Number: 24
Area: Pleasent View, Projects District
Location: Hop the fence behind Zatros bar, The CD is in the small backyard

Number: 25
Area: Shivington, Projects District
Location: Behind the breakable wooden fence below the raisd train track

Number: 26
Area: Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District
Location: At the Uranus Theater ticket window accessed from the back parking lot

Number: 27
Area: Rebadeaux, Red Light District
Location: On the furthest and lowest end of the small wooden pier

Number: 28
Area: Mission Beach, Saints Row District
Location: On the floor of this building that's under construction

Number: 29
Area: Mission Beach, Saints Row District
Location: In a ramshakle cul-de-sac near a dumpster in the street

Number: 30
Area: Pleasent View, Projects District
Location: In the small back yard between the projects row of duplexes and the raised freeway

Number: 31
Area: Prawn Court, Red Light District
Location: In the nook at the front door of the cheetah bus lines

Number: 32
Area: Prawn Court, Red Light District
Location: In the parking lot of the two story brick building with the Pornstar Night posters on the wall

Number: 33
Area: Sommerset, Apartment District
Location: On the third floor balcony of the apartment building

Number: 34
Area: Sommerset, Apartment District
Location: In the picnic area between apartment buildings

Number: 35
Area: Sommerset, Apartment District
Location: Beside the gated pool between the apartmen buildings

Number: 36
Area: Sommerset, Apartment District
Location: Knock the wooden fence down next to Friendly Fire

Number: 37
Area: Chinatown, Chinatown District
Location: Smash through the green chain link privacy fence near the warehouse

Number: 38
Area: Chinatown, Chinatown District
Location: Inside the covered lion-gargoyle gaurded corner entrance to the oriental building where you meet Mr Wong

Number: 39
Area: Copperton, Truck Yard District
Location: Break through the privacy fence around the construction site under the raised freeway by the trailer office

Number: 40
Area: Cooperton, Truck Yard District
Location: In the back behind the green warehouse surrounded by wooden fences

Number: 41
Area: Cooperton, Truck Yard District
Location: Between two blue double-stacked shipping containers behind the the loading dock on the corner

Number: 42
Area: Cooperton, Truck Yard District
Location: In the oriental gazebo in the middle of the Feng Sui Park

Number: 43
Area: Ezpata, Barrio District
Location: Next to the goldfish pond in your mansions gazebo

Number: 44
Area: Wardill airport, Airport District
Location: In the top of the plane hanger

Number: 45
Area: Wardill Airport, Airport District
Location: Behind the chain link fence in the rear of the radar building

Number: 46
Area: Wardill Airport, Airport District
Location: Behind the control tower

Number: 47
Area: Encanto, Barrio District
Location: In an alley west of the Scratch That music store

Number: 48
Area: Encanto, Barrio District
Location: Near the park benches in the small courtyard just off the main road

Number: 49
Area: Cecil Park, Barrio District
Location: On the walkway in the strip mall

Number: 50
Area: Cooperton, Truck Yard District
Location: In the back of the recessed foundation of the power generator towers

Number: 51
Area: The Mills, Factory District
Location: In a corner on the lot within the Summers Manufacturing buildings

Number: 52
Area: Fox drive, Factory District
Location: At the end of the broken rail bridge

Number: 53
Area: Pilsen, Factory District
Location: On the low dirt road beyond the tracks next to an old storage building

Number: 54
Area: Black Bottom, Factory District
Location: On a small island in the murky water below the freeway

Number: 55
Area: Fox Drive, Factory District
Location: Within the smaller tanks on a platform near the small brick building south of the large water tanks

Number: 56
Area: Charlestown, Docks and Warehouse District
Location: Behind the Butter Pole Bar and the Grill building in a nook at the bottom of a couple of steps

Number: 57
Area: Charlestown, Docks and Warehouse District
Location: Across the street from Butter Pole Bar and the Grill at the foot of the green water towers

Number: 58
Area: Stoughton, Docks and Warehouse District
Location: In the southwest corner of the boat junk yard

Number: 59
Area: Poseiden Alley, Docks and Warehouse District
Location: At the end of the only dock on the west end of the pier

Number: 60
Area: Poseiden Alley, Docks and Warehouse District
Location: On the small island in the pond
Hitman Target Locations
Hit Name: Jackie
Location: Call 911 and wait, she should show up as a paramedic

Hit Name: Alan
Location: Hangs out around the movie theatre in the arena district

Hit Name: Jose
Location: Found around the freeway in Black Bottem in a bus

Hit Name:Roxanne
Location: Sidewalk in Misty Lane durring the day

Hit Name: Bucky
Location: Found around the Arena area

Hit Name: Bill
Location: Get your Police notoriety to 5 and keep shooting FBI till you kill him

Hit Name: Julia
Location: Wanders around Barrio and the Bocks area

Hit Name: Thomas
Location: Found on the piers in the docks area

Hit Name: Chris
Location: Found near the airport on the highway in a Mail Truck

Hit Name: Theresa
Location: Found anywhere in Barrio

Hit Name: Tina
Location: Found up in the Suburbs District around Huntersfield

Hit Name:Bill
Location: Factories and around the Docks area

Hit Name:John
Location: He is a SWAT member so get a high enough notoriety then start shooting SWAT in helicopters

Hit Name: Dick
Location: Found Downtown near the Insurence Fraud activity or near the Oriental Bridge in Chinatown

Hit Name: Marty
Location: In the Suburbs area

Hit Name: Richard
Location: Found in the Nob Hill part of the High End Retail District

Hit Name:Henry
Location: Spoted downtown in a Limo. If you drive a Limo or a SUV you are more likely to see him.

Hit Name: Billy Bob
Location: Found in Nob Hill driving a truck

Hit Name: Don
Location: Found in the Red Light and the Saints Row Districts

Hit Name: Hank
Location: He drives a yellow delivery truck

Hit Name: Louise
Location: He could be anywhere but if you drive a Quota your more likely to see him
How to Acquire All 7 Homies
Here are all seven homies and how you unlock them:

Wheel Woman: This homie is automatically given to you at the start.

Will: Complete the 3rd Street Snatch missions to unlock Will.

Samantha: Complete the Vice Kings Escort missions to unlock Samantha.

Laura: Complete the Westside Rollerz Drug Trafficking missions to unlock Laura.

Mr. Wong: Complete the Wesite Rollerz Hitman missions to unlock Mr. Wong.

Chicken Ned: Dial 555-2445 on your phone to unlock Chicken Ned.

Zombie Lin: After completing the Westside Rollerz mission where Lin dies, you can dial 555-5966 on your phone at any time to unlock Zombie Lin as a homie.
to make loads of money go to the vice kings chop shop and get 5 stars and every time you see a fbi car take it in the blue light and you get $5000 everytime so only do this if you are good at this game or you will be killed,the only thing you need to worry about is wen you make $150-$300 thousand is to go to forgive and forget what is quite near because if you get caught you lose at least 15-90 thosand i lost 90 thousand wen i hav 250 thousand so watch out!!!!!
Hey gamers. The other tips on this site for finding the Zenith are driving the one from julius, and spawn points that only work when you are driving one already. In the "red lights district" behind the "Brown Baggers" there is a Zenith that will spawn regardless of wether or not you already have one! Once you have it you can use the spawn points mentioned in the other tips. The one next to the dumpsters just north of the Carnales mansion works the best, if you have already unlocked the mansion as a krib, because it is a very short drive. To get them both there, drive one of them a short distance ahead of the other, while keeping the camera looking at the nonmoving one, so that it doesn't dissapear and respawn. Then get out and drive the other one a small distance ahead of the first car, while keeping the camera on the nonmoving one. repeate until you get both cars to your garage. (I did this and got 6 withind 15 minutes) Dont forget that you will need one for a "chop shop" activity, so make sure that you get more than one.
important cheat tip
If you use a cheat and then save you will not be able to get achievements on that game
Insurance fraud
The game tells you to pull both triggers to fall over in the way of cars and stuff, but instead get a pretty decent car (police cars work best) then start the activity and go to the scoring zone, then just ram your car into oncoming traffic, you should fly out the window and by doing this you should be able to get the points needed faster

p.s when your car is smoking badly just get any car near you
Insurance Fraud

During insurance fraud, at the start of each level, or whenever you are changing locations, drive as fast as you can, and as soon as you enter into the red zone and the clock starts going down, bail [Y] from your vehicle, and aim to do so just as another car is passing in the opposite direction so you get run over. If done right, it's a quick $20,000 start without having to wait for other vehicles to come along for you to throw yourself in front of. It also helps to keep your vehicle clear of the main intersection, so other vehicles don't need to slow down when it's in the way if you simply stopped at the location and got out.
invincible taxi
throw a hand grenade on the windscreen of a taxi and after about a second press y if done correctly you will be half in the car as the bomb goes off so you wont get hurt but you will still be able to half drive the blown up taxi. because it is already blown up it will not blow up again after that. very useful in the drug trafficking missions =D
Longer Sprint
Insted of holding the right button, tap it rapidly, and your sprint should last longer
Medallion Glitch
What would you say if you can have two of the same medallion. this glitch will give you two medallions of the same type. (example: 2 silver pistol medallions)
All you have to do is set one of the necklaces with the medallion (example: medium silver twisted necklace with silver pistol medallion).
Then you unequip that necklace.
After that equip another necklace with the same medallion (example: long gold flat necklace with gold pistol medallion).
Now just equip the first necklace,
you should now see the same medallion on both necklaces.
This glitch should work on single player and multiplayer.
This glitch is great on multiplayer, because you don't have save any money for another medallion :-)
Misson Cars
For misson cars the are like the worst cars in the game><.><

You may not put nitro on 'em or use them for chop shop missons

><.><srrry but="but" it="it" true="true"><.></srrry>
Need FREE Ammo for a no cheat file
To get free ammo you have to finish all the hit men mini games. The guns will look different too.
You can get four guns when u finish all of 'em.
The 4 are and uzi, a shotgun, a rocket launcher (RPG), and a Hand Gun.

The guns are special the each hold more ammo too
For the free ammo go to a crib and go get the gun unlimited ammo.

Good for a no cheat file to help ya wit things like mission and strongholds.

Ya have to buy the guns for the hit men tho =-(

If ya lazy and still read this for the cash cheat put in #MONEY and there is the money cheat
*Note:gives like 1,000 or 10,000 on of 'em
Phone Numbers
These numbers are service numbers, they can be used to contact/use different services in Saints Row like Shops or Taxi services. To use these number open up your cell phone/mobile phone, type in the following codes and press send.

Name: Ambulance
Number: 911
Description: Ambulance Services

Name: Eagleline Yellow
Number: 555-018-0174
Description: Taxi services

Name: TNA Taxi Service
Number: 555-455-8008
Description: Taxi services

Name: Eye For An Eye Voodoo
Number: 555-5966
Description: Voo Doo done services

Name: On The Fence
Number: 555-7296

Name: Lik-a-Chick
Number: 555-3863

Name: The Dead Cow
Number: 555-6238

Name: Rim Jobs
Number: 555-3493
Description: Car modding services

Name: Legal Lee's
Number: 555-9467
Description: Legal services

Name: Grounds For Divorce
Number: 555-9473

Name: Brown Baggers
Number: 555-3765

Name: Stocks
Number: 555-2626

Name: Suicide Hotline
Number: 1-555-ITS-OVER
Description: Suicide services

Name: Chicken Ned
Number: 555-2445

Name: On The Rag Clothing
Number: 555-5926
Description: Clothing services
quick entry
if you want to enter a car as quickly as possible just jump onto the roof of any car and press y and you will be in the car this is good for hyjacking,hostageand getting away from the 5'O.
Quick Hijack
You can jack cars more quickly and easily by pressing X to jump on the bonnet, then tapping Y to morph inside the car, and make the driver exit. If multiple people are in the car; only the driver will get out, and you can easily start a hostage situation.
sprinting decreases slower
hey if you repeditly tap rb u will sprint the same speed as if you hold it down. but the stamina decreases slower
Stolen goods transportation
ok before you go into a store and crack the safe make sure u have a car waiting outside incase you get the box of goods- walk around back of the car press "y" to load the goods into the trunk and zip off to the pawn shop!
The 50 helicopter achievement
Once you've completed the Hitman activities, you will be awarded the platinum rpg with unlimited free ammo at your cribs. Go to the Los Carnales crib once you've gotten enough police stars to make them chase you(2 or 3). Then run in and upstairs to the balcony overlooking the pool. Jump up on the railing, then onto the roof. Shoot the police in the front yard 'til the helicopters come. Use the rpg to blow them up. When you run out of ammo, run back in and reload as fast as possible! Then repeat the process until you get 50 of them! Then run out back and jump into the water and swim toward the Forgive and Forget. Once you get to the shore you should have time to jack a car and get to Forgive and Forget before you're busted or killed.
The Light Blue and Purple Paint Job At Night
Do ya like the color purple? No? Do ya like the color blue? No? what if ya can get it mixed to make an awsome color. Yes!!! Just go to a mecaninc and go to color and put the color purple haze on it.

Purple? Blue? What the ****? Take Both!!!
Srrry dont know what spot exactly it is.

Its K.O. Baby ><.>
Tip: Single Player: Drug Trafficking Activity
Drug Trafficking is a relatively simple and fun activity. Here are a few tips to help you survive all 8 levels:

1) When the dealer is doing their thing, recruit homies to help you out to get the Feds off your tail.

2) Shoot down the helicopter to reduce Police awareness, but you will still the amount of stars you started off with. This just reduces the rate in which the police come after you.

3) Did you know? You don't have to keep the car you start off in. Say, it's smoking and you need a new car. Simply get out, get into another car, and the dealer will drive that car! Note that you shouldn't ever attempt this while the dealer is driving!

Have fun surviving Drug Trafficking!
Tons of money without using a cheat
Go to the Downtown Chop Shop activity location. Talk to the guy to start the activity. One of the vehicles you need is the FBI suv. Go to the street and start killing people to get the cops attention. Then start killing all the cops that come after you. You will start getting lots of shotgun and pistol ammo. After a while the FBI guys will start coming in their vehicles. Before they get out sprint to the back of the building and let them get out. Kill them, then leisurely drive a few feet to turn the suv in for $5,000. The cops will leave you alone as long as youre in the back, because theyre on the highway above you trying to get you. Run back out to the street, wait a few seconds, and the FBI will come again. Again sprint to the back, let them get out, etc. Keep doing til you have as much money as you like. Ive gotten about half a million doing this and have never died during it.
By doing certain activites in Stilwater City you will get rewarded with unlockables. If you complete all of an activity in all the areas/turf then you will unlock things.

Activity: Tagging
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Unlimeted stamina

Activity: Hijacking
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Race clothing at your crib, jewelry at your crib, special Attrazione in your garage, special Titen in your garage

Activity: Mayhem
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Molotov Cocktails at your crib, Hand Grenades at your crib, Pipe Bombs at your crib, RPG at your crib

Activity: Chop Shop
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Hollywood in your garage, special Stilletto in your garage, pecial Ricochet in your garage, discount on car repairs

Activity: Demolition Derby
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers, 3rd Street Saints
Unlockables: Special derby cars in your garage

Activity: Insurance Fraud
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Less damage from car collisions, less damage from bullets, less damage from explosions, health regenerates faster

Activity: Hitman
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Gold plated GDHC.50 at your crib, platinum plated T3K Urban at your crib, platinum plated AS12 Riot at your crib, Mr Wong becomes a homie, discount on all weapons, platinum RPG at your crib

Activity: Drug Trafficking
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Gang notoriety drops faster, Police notoriety drops faster

Activity: Escort
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Suit outfit at your crib, Samantha as a homie, News Van in your garage, Limo in your garage

Activity: Snatch
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Will as a homie, pimp suit and hat, pimp jewelry, special Baron in your garage, Pimp Cane

Activity: Racing
Areas/Turf: Vice Kings, Los Carnales, Westside Rollers
Unlockables: Discount on car mods

Activity: Collecting Hidden CDs
Areas/Turf: Everywhere
Unlockables: The songs - Dont *bleep* me like im your wife, Man up, Git out my way, Hurry hurry, Shut you down and Saints row
What You got for the pimping missions
Hey Im new and just figured out what you get when you complete the following pimp missions:-

WestSide Rollers Pimping-Pimp Baron Customizeable

Los Carnales- Pimp Suit & Pimp Cane

Vice Kings-...Creats the man Jewlery

3rd Street Saints- Will (a home found on the Mobile)

Once you've done these you also unlock the following Achievement "PIMP" plus 10G (gamerscore)

Add me i do have live i just dont have wireless yet my name is DoItLikeMathuz :P:P:D:D:D


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$1000 In Seconds
Need some cash? Can't buy that ammo? Can't pimp out that car? Whatever the need is, use this cheat to get $1000 at any time:

Pause the game and scroll right until you get to the Cell Phone. Dial this number #66639 - it will give you 10 Grand every time. Note that Achievements are disabled whenever you use a cheat until you quit the current game. If you save with a cheat on, you are permanently done with Achievements for that file.

Use this cheat wisely!


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anykind of car ya need free!
do ya people out there want to get any car free! well press pause the go to your cell phone then go to dial.enter # then enter the name of the car. (ex)#raycaster (#729227837) enjoy! :}
chosse ya car carefully
at night if you decide to rob a store when its closed it will start the theft activity(take the goods and deliver to the pawn shop) if your car has an open boot and you drive like a complete ass the box will fall out and you will have to put the box back in unless you drive carefully its easier jus to pick a car with a normal boot or pick one of the cops car
Clear skies and no cops
I was playing around with the phone and putting things in like #HEALTh and seeing if there was a cheat an dI discovered that if you put in #SUNNY(#78669) Then a cheat for clear skies happens!!!

An dif you want to never have the cops on your ass then do this:

Go to your phone and put in #NOCOPS(#662677).

I discovered these by accident!!!

If you are low on health, call the number 911 and an ambulance will come to your location and give you free healing.

Note:Ambulance may take up to 10 seconds to find you, depending on your location.
Free money
Find a titan put in garage and save. take out and blow it up get $7,000 for it and only repare for $500 do this as Minnie times as you want. Hint 2 grandes or 3 rockets. Have fun with a lot of money!!!
Full health
For instance if your in a gang war and you need health. Don't do what these idiots tell you with the ambulance. I've tried it and got killed. I just put the following code in my phone: #fullhealth. Then whenever your about to diejust go to your phone and then cheats and select Full Health.

*Note If you save codes, you will not be able to achieve achievements on that file. USE CODES WEISELY!!!!
get out of demo wall!
when you play the demo there should be a red wall that says demo on it holding you in the gameplay get out of it do the following: 1.get in a car 2.park the car right next to the demo wall with the drivers door against it 3.get out of the car. now you should be on the other side of the wall. go to the basketball court and on it there should be an ak-47 then go to your cell phone enter #AMMO. now you should have infinite ammo have fun and if you want a fresh car to enter this at your cell phone #Raycaster have fun you demo players!
go to cell phone enter # then the name of the gun (ex)#t3kurban (#83587226)
If you hijack a vehicle, and start driving it before the passengers have a chance to bail, you have the chance to press Y and start a hostage situation. It's best to hijack more expensive cars, as those people usually have more money. In the top left corner of your screen, an amount will be given if you can not let the hostage escape or be caught by the police for a set amount of time. Here is the trick though, before too many police get involved, slow down so the hostage can escape and run off, then run them over and kill them; as they will drop the amount of money they would have paid you if you had of outlasted the timer. You will not earn any respect via this method, but it's a good way to earn cash quickly.
Infinte Sprint/ LOt of $$$$$$$
Hey Hey HEy guys for infinte sprint go to your phone; then dial #sprint. Hey Hey Hey guys for alot of money fast go to your phone: then dial #money. Repeat the money code as much as you want.



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More Vehicles
Alrighty, Here's More Cars You Should Find good:

Baron: #22766
Capshaw: #2277429
Betsy: #23879
Cavallaro: #228225276
Eiswolf: #3479653
Ant: #268
Bootlegger: #2668534427
FBI: #324
BullDog: #2855364
Fer de Lance: #3373352623
Gunslinger: #4867546437
JackRabbit: #5225722248
Quasar: #782727
HalBerd: #4252373
Justice: #5878423
Nelson: #635766
Quota: #78682
HammerHead: #4266374323
KeyStone: #53978663
Rattler: #7288537
Hannibal: #42664225
Komodo: #566636
Raycaster: #726277837
Hollywood: #465599663
La Fuerza: #52383792
Reaper: #732737
Mag: #624
MockingBird: #66254642473
Ricochet: #742624438
Traxx Master: #87299627837
Voxel: #86935
Ruckus(Special Derby Vehicle): #782587
Rampage(Special Derby Vehicle): #7267243
Stiletto: #78453886
Varsity: #8277489
WestBury: #93782879
Shogun: #746486
Vegas: #83427
Zenith: #936484
SlingShot: #754647468
Taxi: #8294
Venom: #83666
Zimos: #94667
Socialite: #762425483
The Job: #843562
Venom Classic: #836662527742
Zircon: #947266
Thorogood: #846764663
Vortex: #867839
Zomkah: #966524
Titan: #84826
Attrazione: #2887294663

Well This is The List of All Non-Police Goverment/Commercial Vehicles In The Game.

If Any of these Cheats Do not Work, Please Let Me Know.



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Newly Discovered cheat
On the Start Menu, Press LB or RB until you reach your cell Phone, then Select Dial and Dial:

#778 (Repairs Your Current Vehicle)

If this Cheat Does Not Work, Please Inform Me
Own Exotic Cars for Free
If you're like me and are tired of using cheats to get everything you want, then here are a few ways you can get some very expensive cars without having to buy them.

Now remember, these places where you can find them vary on different saved games, so don't always expect to find them.

One place you can find a Zenith is if you go to the strip club in the Suburbs District and either just wait until a Zenith appears in the back left parking lot to the side of the strip club, or do the escort activity and get them a lot faster.

There is another Zenith by the Snatch right beside the Strip club in the Red Light District. Way in the back of the parking lot, there sometimes is a Zenith waiting for you there. You can get it faster by doing the snatch.

You can find an Attrazion in the alley way in the High End Retail if you follow the cobblestone road until they meet and go straight a little and look left, and it will be there sometimes. You can get it faster if you do the mayhem activity.

There is another Attrazion you can get if you do the demolition derby and exit it after one level, and sometimes in the parking lot, a Attrazion should be waiting there.

I'll look for more and post later.
Posession with intent mission hint
this mission is a pain, so to make it easier to beat drive the trailer to the closest "Forgive and Forget" and the police will be off your case.
it is worth the $500.00 to make the mission as pain free as possible.
Secret Homie
When you complete all of the missions to do with the Los Carnales gang, you can recruit a new special kind of gang member. his name is Bob and he will be walking around the first gang crib you took over.

This can be a good cheat because if you take him to another gang area they won't attack him.
Spawn PimpCane
On your phone type #pimpcane in to recieve it it will replace your current shotgun.
Hope it helped!
Spray Can Gun (Glitch)
I have seen this before but not tested
This is how it happened. My brother was tagging a spot and he got killed while tagging(had cops and gang on him,if it matters). When he came back and played again he had a Spray can for a gun.

(He could switch and still have the can shoots normal, not sure for the sniper rifle.Mcmanus

Thanks for reading hope it works! =-)
Vehicle Cheats
Need a pimp mobile to win that race? Gangs blowing you up? Simply want to own those streets? Vehicle cheats galore!

Pause the game and scroll right until you get to the Cell phone. Dial these numbers:

Give Anchor - #Anchor

Give Aqua - #aqua

Give Baron - #baron

Give Betsy - #betsy

Give Bulldog - #bulldog

Give Bulldozer - #bulldozer

Give Cavallaro - #cavallaro

Give Compton - #compton

Give FBI - #FBI

Give Fer De Lance - #ferdelance

Give Five-0 - fiveo

Give Gunslinger - #gunslinger

Give Halberd - #halberd

Give Hammerhead - #hammerhead

Give Mag - #mag

Give Newman - #newman

Give Quasar - #quasar

Give Rattler - #rattler

Give Shogun - #shogun

Give Taxi - #taxi

Give Traxxmaster - #traxxmaster

Give Voxel - #voxel

Give Zenith - #zenith

Please note that Achievements are disabled when you use cheats!
Press Start and Go to the cellphone and dial:

BullDog - #2855634
The Job - #843562
Reaper - #732737
Fer de Lance - #3373352623

More Coming Soon
Zombie Lin
After the mission where Lin dies you can revive her and she will be added to your Homies. To do this just call Eye-for-an-Eye,555-5966
She will arrive in a pimped out hearst and will attack people with her own arm.