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Pure cheats, Achievements, and Codes for XBOX360.

Pure Achievements

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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
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AchievementHow to unlock
1 of a kind (5)Build an ATV from scratch in the garage.
5 in a row (30)Come first in 5 online events in a row.
Comeback Kid (10)Come from last place on the last lap to win a race event in World Tour Mode
Completed Stage 1 (10)Place first in all four events in Stage 1.
Completed Stage 10 (50)Place first in all seven events in Stage 10.
Completed Stage 2 (20)Place first in all four events in Stage 2.
Completed Stage 3 (20)Place first in all four events in Stage 3.
Completed Stage 4 (20)Place first in all four events in Stage 4.
Completed Stage 5 (20)Place first in all five events in Stage 5.
Completed Stage 6 (20)Place first in all five events in Stage 6.
Completed Stage 7 (20)Place first in all five events in Stage 7.
Completed Stage 8 (30)Place first in all six events in Stage 8.
Completed Stage 9 (30)Place first in all six events in Stage 9.
Finished an event (5)Complete an event.
Flawless Event (10)Complete a World Tour event without dismounting.
Flawless Lap (5)Complete a lap of a Race event in World Tour without dismounting.
Freestyler (30)Extend a Freestyle event past the third lap.
Fresh Air (20)Win a competitive Freestyle event with Fresh tricks only.
Full speed ahead. (25)Hold down the accelerator for an entire competitive Race or Sprint event and finish in first place.
Fully Loaded (10)Unlock and then fill all ten ATV slots in the garage.
Grease Monkey (25)Earn a 1st place with every engine type in World Tour Mode
Hang Time (25)Spend 150 seconds in the air and go on to win the event.
Killer Combo! (30)During an event; perform a combo of at least 250,000 points.
Learner Driver (25)Lap another rider during an offline Sprint event.
Mechanic (10)Build five ATVs, each with a different engine.
Nice Combo! (10)During an event; perform a combo of at least 50,000 points.
No Messing (25)Complete World Tour Mode while participating in a maximum of 42 events
No pain, no gain. (25)Crash more than ten times and still win a competitive Race or Sprint event.
Online Champ (30)Come first in a online championship.
Pure perfection (100)Come first in every event in the Pure World Tour
Show Off (20)Win a Race or Sprint event and crossing the line doing a Wheelie on every lap.
Sick Combo! (20)During an event; perform a combo of at least 125,000 points.
Specialised (25)Perform 8 different special tricks in a single World Tour event.
Tricked Out (20)Perform every normal trick in a single World Tour event.
Triple Flip (20)During an event; pull off a 1080 forward or backward rotation in a single jump.
Two time! (25)Perform two special tricks in one jump.
Underdog (30)Use a class D engine to beat an opponent with a class A engine in a ranked match
Unlocked Stage 10 (10)Successfully unlock the 10th Stage.
Unlocked Stage 2 (5)Successfully unlock the 2nd Stage.
Unlocked Stage 3 (5)Successfully unlock the 3rd Stage.
Unlocked Stage 4 (5)Successfully unlock the 4th Stage.
Unlocked Stage 5 (10)Successfully unlock the 5th Stage.
Unlocked Stage 6 (10)Successfully unlock the 6th Stage.
Unlocked Stage 7 (10)Successfully unlock the 7th Stage.
Unlocked Stage 8 (10)Successfully unlock the 8th Stage.
Unlocked Stage 9 (10)Successfully unlock the 9th Stage.
Win Online (10)Come first in an online event.
You reckon? (20)Pull a special trick during a Sprint event.
You're special! (20)During an event; perform every special trick in the game.
Zero to Hero (20)Acquire a special trick within 30 seconds of starting a Race event.
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